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Changing the Face of the Earth



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His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
Founder-Acarya of the
Hare Krishna Movement

The Changing the Face of the Earth campaign is a world-wide program to bring about a solution to the problems currently faced by this planet and her inhabitants.

The campaign aims to educate the governments and the people of the world in the practical application of the timeless teachings of the Vedas, India's storehouse of transcendental knowledge, as presented in the translations and commentaries by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

The Campaign aims to create public support for action to solve the world's current environmental and economic crisis in line with this timeless knowledge. Specifically:

  • Develop projects supporting environmentally sound self-sufficient communities at all levels.
  • Encourage vegetarianism and cow protection.
  • Establish Plain Living and High Thinking farm communities to demonstrate self-sufficient rural living is a viable alternative lifestyle.
  • Recognize the spiritual aspect of humanity and its importance to society, and its interrelationship with global problems.
  • Work towards the establishment of the perfect social system, Varnasrama dharma

Campaign Issues

  • Economic development and the environment
    The ability of this planet to support us is being reduced as a result of the intensive exploitation of her resources to support ever increasing economic development. To save the environment radical changes must be made in the way we approach trade and development issues. We can't expect to save the environment without changing our lifestyles!

  • Karma and consciousness
    Karma is the science of action and reaction. The law of karma states activities we perform now will cause a reaction in the future. Karma effects us as individuals, on a collective level as nations and ultimately the whole planet. The current environmental and economic crisis is a karmic reaction. This bad karma is a result of our sinful activities. There is no question of a solution until we reduce our sinful activities.

  • Vegetarianism and cow protection.
    The whole planet is now suffering as a result of the enormous burden of karma created by massive slaughterhouses killing large numbers of innocent animals, particularly the cow. For peace and prosperity in the world this animal killing must be curtailed. If animal killing continues global war will be the inevitable result.

  • Plain Living and High Thinking
    Life need not be complicated. If we have some land, cows and food grains, life can be very peaceful and simple. Such a lifestyle affords ample time for the practice of spiritual activities. There should be provisions made to enable people to choose this lifestyle as an alternative to hectic city life.

  • Varnasrama Social System
    This social system is a natural system which recognizes that different people have different propensities and should therefore be engaged in work suitable to their qualities.The governments should recognize the different qualities of their citizens and engage them accordingly. People will be happy if they are working at tasks compatible with their nature.

  • The Golden Age
    The current age is Kali-yuga, or the iron age of quarrel, however the timeless Vedic Scriptures of India describe this iron age can be transformed into a golden age of prosperity and spiritual reawakening. The world can be transformed if the leaders of the principal governments encourage the Sankirtana movement.

  • The Science of mantra Meditation
    In this age the most practical and effective form of meditation is chanting the Hare Krishna maha mantra. It can solve all the problems we are currently facing and enable us to leave this material world and go back home, back to Godhead after we leave this body.

We ask the governments of the world to help establish the golden age by implementing the advice given in this document. The result will be a transformation of the planet and an end to the problems we are currently facing: environmental, social and economic.

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Changing the Face of the Earth
The Changing the Face of the Earth campaign is a world-wide program to bring about a solution to the problems currently faced by this planet and her inhabitants.

The Environment and Economic Development
In this age of rapidly increasing technology and automation the impression is we have made great advanced and are now in a far better position than the "primitive" civilisations of the past.

Karma and Consciousness
The law of karma describes the universe as an interconnected network in which every action causes a reaction to occur in the future. Material scientists understand the gross manifestation of this law in the form of physics, however, they have no idea of the workings of the same law on a more subtle platform.

Vegetarianism and Cow Protection
People are generally unaware of the importance of cows. Cows produce, in large quantities, the miracle food, milk. Milk is produced from the blood of the cow, however she is happy to give her blood transformed in a peaceful, non-violent way in the form of milk.

Plain Living and High Thinking
It is possible to live a comfortable, simple life in harmony with nature. All that is required is some land, cows and food grains. With these three necessities we can obtain everything required for a simple life.

The Varnasrama Social System
There is a natural system of social organisation which can bring about a peaceful society where everyone is happy. This system is described in the timeless Vedic literature of India and it is called Varnasrama dharma.

The Golden Age
This age is called Kali-yuga, or the dark iron age of quarrel and hypocrisy. It is considered a very unfortunate age as spiritual knowledge is covered and almost the entire population of the planet is performing inunlimited sinful activities.

The Science of Mantra Meditation
Sparks are beautiful as long as they are in the fire. Similarly, we have to remain in the association of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and always engage in devotional service, for then we shall always be brilliant and illuminating.