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Research Findings Establish Reincarnation as a Scientific Fact

This controversial statement is backed by thirty five years of research by an engineer who focused on assembling physical evidence to verify Plato’s ancient hypothesis by using a scientific approach and the tools furnished by modern technology. It was easy to do and any scientific mind can duplicate my findings, says Joseph R Myers, P.E., a professional engineer with more than 40 years of consulting experience and a W.W.II rank of

“The turning point was finding an hypothesis to use to make an investigation that hinged upon finding physical evidence, rather than examining mythology, religious or superstitious beliefs, children’s stories or hypnotic trances,” according to Myers.

The hypothesis requires the coordination and comparison of a vast number of elements, which could not possibly occur by chance or be produced or duplicated fraudulently.

Possibly the most amazing aspect regarding this reincarnation hypothesis is that it dates around four hundred years B.C., and is very specific. However, it could not be demonstrated conclusively until modern technology brought the development of photography and the ability to draw upon centuries of historical data regarding individual lives.

Very Briefly, the hypothesis simply states that the soul-entity returns in a body similar to its last one and has the same inclinations, natural abilities and talents. Of course, this means that not uncommonly outstanding individuals reappear by reincarnation and distinguish themselves again in the field in which they excel. It is also true that the soul-entity is inclined to re-associate with family members, friends, and others from its past. “I am my own grandpa” is not uncommonly true!

Because he believes his findings convey a wonderfully hopeful understanding of life and provide the incentive on a scientific basis to practice the Golden Rule, he is dedicated to promoting worldwide dissemination of his findings. He has lectured and shown slides to many groups, including universities, clubs, churches, done nationally syndicated TV and radio programs and newspaper interviews for which he often furnishes pictures and handwriting samples of a few case studies. He has the background to do an excellent interview and respond to diverse questions.

The Application of Natural Laws Upon Reincarnation

by Joseph R. Myers. P.E.

    A well-ordered society with deep reverence and concern for the environment, a genuinely democratic One-World Government, a stable population, no war, no poverty, no neglected children, political leadership which represents the highest order of human intelligence, character and dedication to service, an intellectually, morally and spiritually oriented religion which eliminates the concept of death for the individual from the Race Consciousness, no unemployment, the education of its citizens, development of their character and creative talents the highest priority of the land and the virtual elimination of illness; can such a society ever exist on earth and has such ever existed in prehistoric times?

    There is now a logical basis for answering Yes!, to both of these questions. The transformation from primitive means of transportation, communication, farm production and building construction has occurred in a time span that is like the blinking of an eye in comparison with the time span that man is known to have inhabited the earth. Because of this short time span, the ability of man to conceive of and use mathematical formula, learn to use the laws of chemistry and physics, even to create works of art and music that we now have, indicates that such capacities already existed from earlier prehistoric times when highly developed civilizations existed. They are obviously not a “survival of the fittest” product of the last five centuries of man’s evolution. Modern civilization began with the development of the means to preserve knowledge for succeeding generations. It started with the invention of papyrus, the Egyptian paper, then took a giant step forward with the invention of the printing press.

    But the accurate preservation of physical appearances through photography, in combination with the computer’s capacity for storing data and making vast accumulations of records instantly accessible, has introduced an element that must transform human society as drastically as the introduction of written records. Science is based upon probabilities. Computer science provides a basis to examine an hypothesized probability and correlate vast data to establish it as an aspect of Natural Law or to dismiss it. This capacity of the computer has already stimulated previously undreamed of advancement in the physical sciences.
Since the Mind of Man is the source of computer technology, the suggestion that Outer Space is the last frontier appears to be primitive thinking in comparison with the frontier of Inner Space, the Mind and its powers. Evidence of it powers of communication by extrasensory perception, of its capacity to observe physical events at great distances by clairvoyance, to move and even transport physical objects by teleportation, to accomplish healings by touch or at a distance through prayer, to foresee future events, to make medical diagnoses from a trance state, to discover ancient archeological ruins, find lost objects, discover new scientific laws and solve crimes by intuitive means has come to the surface in recent times and from many cultures down through the centuries. The ability of computer science to correlate data associated with the records of such aforementioned phenomena provides a basis to discern patterns and to hypothesize the Natural Laws which govern the development of the talent for such accomplishments.

    However promising and intriguing it may sound that we can expect to learn how to make practical application of Natural Laws governing the phenomena just mentioned, yet the most inspiring and challenging aspect of what computer science can accomplish for our civilization lies in another area.

    Since the most ancient of times, there have been religious leaders and philosophers who have defined individual man as an entity whose consciousness is not confined within the boundaries of Time and Space. Rather is man described as an evolving soul-entity which may reappear again and again in a physical form in this three-dimensional world. A definition of the soul believed to have come down to us from Lost Atlantis illustrates such a concept:

    Soul: An individual entity of infinite potentiality which forever retains its identity through the changelessness of change; constantly evolving a higher and a better manifestation and expression of itself and of itself alone, by, with, in and through matter; eternally operative in the positive and negative, active and passive principles of being and consciousness of its own existence; ever seeking and striving for at-one-ment with the ALL of souls.

    The use of computer technology to verify this concept of the reappearance or reincarnation of the individual soul-entity has staggering implications for the Human Race. The possibility of understanding the Natural Laws which govern the expression of the larger nature of man, man as an eternal being of infinite potentiality, as an energy pattern that exists independently from physical matter, is almost inconceivable to our current science. Our sciences deal with a three dimensional world of the senses and they are threatened by even the suggestion of the existence of dimensionless realities.

    While Plato advanced the hypothesis that individual man reappears with a similar physical body and similar character traits, there has hardly been any possibility of demonstrating its validity until photography came into use. One of the most elaborate works upon the nature of man, a tome of 1,000 pages entitled: “Thinking and Destiny,” written by Harold Waldwin Percival and first published in 1946, provides some refinements to Plato’s hypothesis. In regard to the basis for the similar configurations of the physical body and other characteristics of successive appearances, Percival gives the following:

    “The features and form of the body are true records of the thoughts which made them. Lines, curves and angles in their relation to one another, are like so many written words which the thoughts and actions have formed. Each line is a letter, each feature a word, each organ a sentence, each part a chapter, and all make up a story of the past, fashioned by thinking and expressed in the human body. The lines and features are changed by and with one’s efforts at thinking. The kind of body which is born is the kind the soul-entity had determined as a result of past thoughts.”

    In another place Percival elaborates further on this:
“The form and features of a person change little more from existence to existence than they do at various periods in a life on earth. Thinking changes features gradually during life. Pictures of the average person taken at corresponding periods of two or even several lives would show little difference. The physical parents may or may not be the same, but the features furnished by heredity no matter from what parents, are the same for a string of lives, with the ordinary person.”

    From an entirely different source, the devotional study book, A Search for God, which was generated by a small group guided by the entranced Edgar Cayce, we have the following statement: “Each organ has its individual function and desires, which are in themselves holy. The senses make us conscious of the magnified desires or natures of our physical bodies. These are registered in our physical bodies in such a way that they are stamped upon our very faces. These senses are attuned to the physical, each vibrating according to the training and concentration of the physical forces, seeking expression of the inner self of which our physical bodies are material representations. For not only do the impressions received through the senses show forth that which is magnified in a single appearance or experience, but the whole impressions that have been received through all of our experiences, the registering being in our souls. These are registered in a material way in our physiognomy”……”We are the results not only of the development of the race before us but also of our individual development that has been going on since our creation as individual souls”……”each is a soul endowed with the attributes of God, possessing the power of creation, of being one with the Father, a joint heir with the Son.”

    Now with the aid of computer science, we are about to be catapulted into a new kind of civilization, a civilization in which the current view that it is only the chance assembly of certain genes at conception which provides the basis for the infinite variety of human beings will be discarded. That concept will be replaced by a scientifically validated understanding of individual man as the product of his own free will choices and use of his opportunities in the earth to create his own unique individuality by his thoughts and actions.

    So very much more is involved here than just learning that there is no death for the individuality and that each soul-entity inhabits a body for which it is entirely responsible with regard to all of its characteristics. We have now encountered the proposition that every aspect of the physical expression of an individual has taken on a form that represents and therefore reveals the character of the inner man. This means that it is only a matter of making a systematic approach to recording individual physical characteristics and their associated character traits until we have sufficient data to prepare computer software for character analysis. Such computer programming will enable a technician to work from purely physical data to make a completely impartial in-depth character analysis, including state of health or predisposition to certain illnesses. While graphology, phrenology, cheiromancy and astrology have had their proponents for centuries, until now there was not a basis to develop accurate criteria grounded in scientific disciplines so that they could become genuine sciences. In particular, phrenology has been highly regarded for centuries, even millennia, since Chinese emperors employed it for at least two thousand years to evaluate the character of those who might be selected for positions of trust and responsibility. The shape of the skull and its protuberances are the subject of phrenology, so it is obvious that photography will play an important role in transforming this study into a branch of science. With the recognition that Natural Laws interacting with the creative forces of thought produce identifiable patterns, all of these ancient arts for character analysis will become important sciences to implement democracy and advance civilization.

    This new understanding of life as an opportunity to build character (that is, “to lay up treasure in Heaven”) will transform our sense of values. The means to select the most able leaders in any category and to accurately assess their character, especially political leaders, will make genuinely democratic government a possibility. Since altruism, intelligence, virtue, and ability to lead, have definite physical patterns, as do their opposites, the political leaders elected will reflect the choices of an educated and informed electorate.

    Instead of resentment and rebellion among lesser evolved classes of people, there will be gratitude and appreciation for the care, guidance, education, and discipline of a well ordered society. When an understanding of how each individual is responsible for his own state of development is universally recognized, there will be the same kind of appreciation and respect between the common people and their leaders that good parents enjoy with their children.

    A very crucial factor in the transformation of civilization will come to the fore. This will be learning that highly evolved souls who will come to serve the people and raise the quality of life on earth can be attracted when parents are willing to make suitable preparations in themselves, in their own personal conduct and thinking. There are sources, such as the Edgar Cayce Readings, which make reference to groups that had such understanding and were responsible for very outstanding humanitarian leaders being born. The Pythagoreans were such a group. The Essenes studied their records in order to make the preparations for the birth of Jesus, according to Edgar Cayce’s readings.

    With a new understanding of the Intelligence, divine Intelligence, that is constantly in charge of the functioning of the physical body and marshaling all the events in the life of the individual to enable its evolutionary development or restoration of spiritual-consciousness, there will come a reverence and awe of the privilege of having a life in the earth. The right to become parents will become a privilege that must be earned. In the process, many of the teachings of religious leaders of the past will be recognized as being founded upon such understanding of Life. With this knowledge will come intelligent self-government of the Human Race to maintain a stable population that is at an optimum for the care and development of individuals and for the environment.

    With such knowledge will come a recognition of the interdependence and oneness of all members of the Race. The nationalism that has separated peoples will be a thing of the past. A One-World Government will be the natural choice of a democratic people and an international language will be learned by all. There will be no fear of an oppressive leadership when only altruistic and highly evolved individuals may aspire to be chosen as leaders.

    To sum up the implications for civilization of the establishment by computer science that each soul-entity is a unique and deathless individuality, reappearing again and again, is hardly possible because they are so vast. Such things as euthanasia will be an accepted option but suicide to escape problems will hardly even be considered. For those who are still in a level of evolutionary development that disposes them to a life of crime and violence, there will be constructive and patient ministry but in an environment where they will produce all necessities for their own livelihood, as well as being required to contribute time and energy to the enhancement of their surroundings and education. Such a life of imposed discipline and education will not be termed wasted. To the contrary, it will represent a priceless opportunity for progress of the soul-entity. An intellectually comprehensible understanding of man’s nature as an expression of an infinitely intelligent Creative Force, of individual man as a God-in-the-making, will become the basis for a religion that generates a deep reverence for the God-Self in every man and for all life. The soul-entity who was first to fully reunite with his God-Self, Jesus of Nazareth, will be recognized as having incarnated again and again to bring into being the world’s great religions. Among these previous incarnations, for example, was Gautama Buddha, according to Edgar Cayce Readings. The changes in the world’s consciousness will open the way for Him to again walk among men and provide guidance for the spiritual development of the race.

    While all of the foregoing may sound overdrawn, as the results of overcoming the belief in death, yet its effects may far exceed our most imaginative dreams. Certainly this has been true in the various technologies like printing, communications, transportation, rocketry and computers, in the past one hundred years. In a world where the dismal belief that chance combinations of genes are the source of talent, or its lack, along with its destructive connotation of hereditary injustice, has been discounted, a world where the highest aspiration of outstanding youth will be to serve the best interests of humanity, where the purpose of life is regarded to be the pursuit of the development of a noble character, shall we not expect that mankind’s ancient vision of a Utopian world, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Millennium, will become a Reality?

See the website www.reincarnation2002.com for more details.

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4 Responses to Research Findings Establish Reincarnation as a Scientific Fact

  1. Luke says:

    Reincarnation is actually real coz children’s past lives are Not false here is a good reason why there past lives had been right and actually happened the way that child recalled it Exactly there is more Proof on reincarnation.

  2. dude says:

    Everyone who reincarnated just go on the dag blain news and tell everyone there aren’t even enough stories about it..

  3. Bhakta Emmanuel Tandoh says:

    Hare Krishna Maharaj,
    Please accept my humbIe obeisances. I found the question posted by Vikas Gupta some time back which I have attached (below) to this e-mail very interesting because I have also had the same question every now and then. But unfortunately, probably due to some reasons you have not been able to answer it yet. So please Maharaj, I used this opportunity to ask for answers to this issue. I will also like to know of which parampara systeem Christians also fall under. Thank you very much.
    Hare Krishna.

    Bhakta Emmanuel Tandoh.

    Author: Vikas Gupta very much.
    Hare Krishna

    I received the first newsletter and I have some questions. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes somewhere. As it is clear from what Shri Krishna says that He first gave this knowledge to Sun god, Vivasvan and in due period of time that guru-parampara was broken and now He wants Arjun to again begin this parampara. But what I have find out after reading books from Swami Prabhupada and from the web page on which Swamiji himself has described about four sampradayas http://www.harekrsna.com/philosophy/gss/sadhu/sampradayas/sampradayas.htm

    Which have directly descended
    1- Brahma Sampradaya – from Lord Brahma.
    2- Rudra Sampradaya – from Lord Shiva.
    3- Sri Sampradaya – from Goddess Laxmi.
    4- Kumara Sampradaya- from the four Kumaras( sons of Brahma).

    So I did not find any Sampradaya which have directly descended from Sun God. Hence these two things appear contradictory as in Gita Lord Krishna has Himself declared that he first gave this knowledge to Sun God. So which Sampradaya was He talking about.

    I sincerely offer my apologizes if I have erred anywhere

    Hare Krishna

    • Hare Krishna!

      Christians are supposed to fall under the parampara system Jesus established. It is not one of the standard Vedic sampradayas. But they are not following unfotunately. Even the most basic instrucution, “Thu shalt not kill,” they can not understand and completely reject. Christians run the best slaughterhouses in the world. So I do not see anyone practically following the parampara system Jesus established. It is very hard to find even one real Christian.

      Krishna established the parampara from the Sun god, as he is reestablishing the same parampara with Brahma. In Bhagavad gita Krishna says “Vivasvan manuve prahu imam rajarisi vidu…” He says “I originally spoke this science to the sun god Vivasvan, and it was passed down through the chain of saintly kings, but now that knowledge is lost and I am speaking it again to you, Arjuna, because you are my devotee and my friend.

      Madhudvisa dasa

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