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Published on October 14th, 2022 | by HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


Darwin’s Theory & Life From Chemicals [MP3 Audio Conversation with Psychiatrist]


He does not know. The apartment does not change. The owner of the apartment goes from one apartment to another. That he does not know. Therefore he’s cheating. He does not, he has no perfect knowledge, and he’s cheating. Cheater. He does not know. The soul, from the monkey’s body is coming to human body. That is nice. Not that the monkey’s body is changing into human body.

Prabhupada: There is no history that anyone has produced life from chemicals. What do your, what do you think, that life is a product of chemicals? Do you mean to say?

Dr. Hauser: That is what I’ve been taught. Yes. About the evolution of the earth. And…

Prabhupada: Therefore, if…

Dr. Hauser: …all the different stages of life.

Prabhupada: Do you think that’s a fact…

Dr. Hauser: It’s not a fact. I don’t know whether it’s a fact. I… But that’s…

Prabhupada: Then that means illusioned. You are not confident, but you accept that theory. This is illusion.

Dr. Hauser: But… Yes. But…

Prabhupada: But you should apply your reason, from practical life, whether life is produced from matter, or matter is produced from life. Our proposition is: matter is produced from life, not life is produced from matter. In the Vedanta-sutra it is said: janmady asya yatah. Absolute Truth is that from whom or from which everything emanates. Now that Absolute Truth, whether he’s life or dead stone. So that is discussed: janmady asya yato ‘nvayad itaratas carthesv abhijnah. That Absolute Truth must be cognizant. So as soon as you say cognizant, then He’s alive. Abhijnah. That, that means if I say: “I have produced all these things that is within the room,” then means I must have brain. I must be experienced how to do it. How I can be dead, matter? Has the matter has got such thing? The origin of creation must be a living being.

Dr. Hauser: But somewhere… If I can… But in this, there is also the creation of life, when…

Prabhupada: Where is that evidence, creation of life from matter? Is there any evidence in the history?

Dr. Hauser: No, but as we know, the evolution of life has gone through different stages of… How do you…?

Prabhupada: Darwin’s theory. Do you mean to say, Darwin’s theory?

Dr. Hauser: Yes, yes.

Prabhupada: That is nonsense. Darwin was a number-one nonsense.

Yes. Rascal. He has confused the whole world.

Dr. Hauser: Hmm. Why…?

Prabhupada: Evolution of matter. Matter cannot evolve. That is not possible.

Dr. Hauser: But evolution of life…

Prabhupada: What is that life? That is different from matter. That is a different energy. That I am speaking. Matter is… Life is the origin of matter. The evolution is not of the matter, but of the life. That Darwin does not know. Therefore I say nonsense. He does not know that.

Dr. Hauser: Yes. But I feel in the…

Prabhupada: Just like this is an apartment. So from this apartment, you go to another apartment. So it does not mean that this apartment has evolved to that apartment. I, the person, I create that apartment, or I prefer that apartment. Not that this apartment has evolved into that apartment.

Dr. Hauser: Yes, I can see what you mean. Yes.

Prabhupada: Yes. Darwin’s nonsense is there. He is changing the apartment. Apartment is becoming a different apartment. That is not a fact. Just try to understand. This room cannot develop into another room. But I, the resident of this room, I can go from this apartment to another apartment. Or I can create another apartment. This is evolution.

Dr. Hauser: And I can create a bigger apartment.

Prabhupada: Yes, bigger, smaller, as I like. Not necessarily bigger. That is also another nonsense.

Dr. Hauser: And my intelligence might grow also.

Prabhupada: Intelligence, maybe. But there must be means. You may be very intelligent, but if you have no means to erect another nice apartment, how it will?

Dr. Hauser: Trial and error.

Prabhupada: Eh?

Dr. Hauser: Trial and error.

Prabhupada: Just like you have got the desire to purchase another dress, garment, nicer, but if you have no money, then how you can purchase? You have to purchase something inferior. So these different species of life is the evolution of the living soul according to his karma. That is Vedic instruction. Karmana daiva-netrena. So I am a living entity. If I want to go to better condition of life, then I’ll have to pay for it. Better condition is there already. Not this inferior condition changes into that better condition. That is another thing. Just like the condition in moon planet is different from the condition of this earthly planet. That is already there. You have to transfer yourself from this planet to that planet. So that point is missing in Darwin’s theory.

He says that body is evolving. That is nonsense. The body is evolving, then why the monkey body is not producing a human body at the present moment? Where is the evidence? The monkeys are already there. Where is the evidence in the zoo that a monkey has produced a human being? Do you think it is all right?

Dr. Hauser: Yes, that, that life might have taken different forms, that I’m quite sure of. And that the human being might not have existed for about a hundred thousand years ago.

Prabhupada: No human beings exists eternal. He’s existing. But he accepting, he’s accepting different situation.

Paramahamsa: There’s proof of this in that recently there was a discovery in South America. I think it was in Kenya. Where they discovered a skeletal remains that were over hundreds of thousands of years old that was pre, what is it? Mag… What is it?

Hamsaduta: Cro-magnon.

Paramahamsa: Cro-magnon, and it was the same human body as now, as we have now. They have discovered. And with this discovery, they say, completely all of Darwin’s theories have been destroyed. This is a fact. Immediately see. He overlooked. He says: “I do not see any proof that human beings lived, millions of years ago. Therefore I think apes were existing.” But what proof does he have? And how they have discovered bones and they have proven by tests that Cro-magnon era there was the same human body. It’s a fact. And completely his, all his theories have been destroyed. Because he again, he was working with his illusory senses.

Dr. Hauser: Hmm. But there are the dinosaurs for example. The dinosaurs, yes. Which died and disappeared from the earth. And that is also a kind of evolution that has taken place.

Hamsaduta: He says there are these prehistoric animals like dinosaurs, these big, gigantic animals, they are no longer existing now, but they existed at one time. So there, there was some evolution there.

Dr. Hauser: Yes.

Hamsaduta: But the point is Vedic, Vedic conclusion is…

Prabhupada: No, but, apart from Vedic conclusion, this example, that practically, when I go from this apartment to another apartment, so this apartment does not become another apartment. I go from this apartment to another apartment. He’s missing that “I”. Or “you”. That is his nonsense.

Dr. Hauser: He’s only talking about apartments.

Prabhupada: Yes, that is his rascaldom.

Dr. Hauser: Yes, I can see what you mean.


Dr. Hauser: But some of this cheating, as you call it, must have, have still been a great use to mankind because it has not been proven at the time when this theory has been evoked by some scientist, it has not been proven that he’s right, but he works according to this principle that he has got, and then later…

Prabhupada: Yes. That, that is explained in Bhagavatam that in the jungle one big animal is the leader of other animals. That’s all. But they’re animals. Is it not?

Dr. Hauser: But I don’t really understand.

Prabhupada: In the jungle, in the forest,…

Dr. Hauser: Yes.

Prabhupada: …the lion is considered to be the king of animals. So lion is also animal, only big animal. That’s all.

Dr. Hauser: So you mean the scientist is a big lion.

Prabhupada: Yes. A big rascal. That’s it. A big rascal. A big rascal is eulogized by small rascals. That’s all.

Dr. Hauser: Seducing a small rascal.

Prabhupada: Eh?

Dr. Hauser: Seducing a small rascal.

Prabhupada: Another small rascal. This is the position. Everything is going on like that. Not only in science, philosophy, religion, sociology, politics. The, a big rascal and small rascal. That’s all.

Dr. Hauser: But you must evoke quite a lot of feelings when you say, for example, that Einstein was a very big rascal.

Prabhupada: No. He believed in God. Yes. He believed in God. He was not a rascal. A sane man.

Paramahamsa: Carl Jung also.

Prabhupada: Yes. He believed in God.

Dr. Hauser: Yes.

Prabhupada: He tried to find out the brain of God. So he’s not rascal. He’s sane man. Those who are defying God, they’re rascal, demons. Einstein believed in God. Yes. There are many scientists, they believe in God. Harav abhaktasya kuto… Unless one is God conscious, he’s a rascal. Immediately, take it. We take it like that. As soon as you say godless, atheist, oh, a rascal. That’s all. It may be the understanding of God is not so perfect. But he thinks there is God. That is intelligence. That is intelligence. And the demons will never accept God. Just like in Russia. All set of rascals. They do not believe in God.

Dr. Hauser: But the interest… The religious interest in Russia is, is greater than in any other country in Europe. But not the, the leaders are not…

Prabhupada: I say the leaders. Not only in Russia. Everywhere. The leaders, the rascal leaders spoiling the whole world situation. In India also. In India, by nature, they are aloof from these four principles of sinful life. Eighty percent of the population, by nature. But government, at the present moment, the leaders, they’re inducing them to eat meat, to drink. And gambling also. Introducing. Gambling. Government is issuing that gambling cards. Because government means some rascal just like Nixon has gone to the power. Now he’s proved he’s a rascal. So everywhere the government leaders means all rascals.

Dr. Hauser: Although Nixon says, in every television speech, that he is a God believer.

Prabhupada: Eh?

Dr. Hauser: Nixon says, at least, that he is a God believer.

Prabhupada: That is his politics.

Dr. Hauser: Yeah.

Prabhupada: Maybe God believer, but…

Dr. Hauser: Are you leaving for…

Paramahamsa: Six-ten. We leave in ten, fifteen minutes. Would you care to go?

Dr. Hauser: No, I have to go back to my, to this emergency ward. One of my colleagues was, were ill today, and I had to replace him.

Paramahamsa: As far as Nixon is concerned, we can see from his activities that he may say that he’s a believer in God, but his actions prove contrary. You see, that’s… You see you can judge a person by his activities. With someone like Srila Prabhupada, you can judge that actually he is the only person I have ever met within my short span who is actually… (break)

Dr. Hauser: …I was also thinking that it was a little bit hard for me to get into the language or the Indian words. And I felt that one has to be rather intellectually sharp to be able to go into these matters.

Prabhupada: What is that difficult word?

Dr. Hauser: Intellectually…

Prabhupada: What is that difficult word? You are feeling difficult.

Hamsaduta: The Indian words means Sanskrit words.

Dr. Hauser: Yes.

Prabhupada: No, Sanskrit word we have given English equivalents. So what is the difficulty?

Dr. Hauser: It’s not that, it’s not that… I can understand them but… and I can get the translations and… but then…

Prabhupada: We have given the equivalent of each word.

Dr. Hauser: Hm.

Prabhupada: And then translation and then purport.

Dr. Hauser: No, but what I mean to say is that this is knowledge that can be spread in this way, it must be spread to people who are rather accustomed to reading, to getting…

Prabhupada: No. If he reads he will be accustomed. Reading will make him accustomed.

Dr. Hauser: Well the reading customs, for example, in Sweden are very, you know, very limited to newspapers and television and it will take them…

Prabhupada: That we have explained.

Dr. Hauser: Yeah?

Prabhupada: We have explained. Find out this verse, tad-vag-visargo janatagha-viplavah. Yes, first of all you see the index?

Srutakirti: What this?

Prabhupada: Yes, yellow book, you know.

Srutakirti: First Canto.

Prabhupada: Yes. Tad-vag-visargo janatagha-viplavah.

Srutakirti: (reads verse and translation, S.B. 1.5.11)

Prabhupada: You follow?

Dr. Hauser: Hm.

Prabhupada: Read it again.

Srutakirti: (reads the translation again)

Dr. Hauser: Yes.

Prabhupada: The newspaper is glorification of this mundane world. You have to transfer your consciousness to understand the glorification of the Supreme. This is transcendental literature. So people have got the tendency to read but they’re glorifying this rascal, mundane rascals. So that attitude should be transferred to understand the glorification of the Supreme Lord. That will be (indistinct). That we are presenting. We are presenting a literature exactly like the newspaper.

They are glorifying some Nixon and Dixon. We are glorifying Krsna. That is the difference. That is the difference. If Nixon has glorification, how much glorification is there in reserve of the Supreme Lord?

Dr. Hauser: But these Nixons and Dixons and Hitlers and… They have a rather…

Prabhupada: That is illusion. We are attached to them.

Dr. Hauser: Yes, we are attached to them also because they have power over us. They can persecute us and they can… So it’s very…

Prabhupada: No, the greater power is Krsna. If you take shelter of Krsna, they cannot do anything. Just like Prahlada Maharaja, he was a five years old boy. He took shelter of Krsna and his father was a great demon, very powerful. He wanted to chastise his boy. He could not. This is the proof. So you take shelter. Krsna says, sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja, aham tvam sarva-pape… “I give you protection.” So people have no faith although He’s God. He thinks God is less powerful than Hitler. That is his nonsense. If he takes actually shelter of Krsna, what this rascal, Hitler, can do? But he has no faith in God. He thinks Prabhu Hitler is greater than Lord. Prabhu Hitler. That is the difference between the crows and the swans. The crows think that we have got food in the garbage. And the swans think that we have got food in nice garden, in the clear water. And that is difference even in the birds kingdom. That is explained in the previous verse. Na yad vacas citra-padam harer yaso, jagat-pavitram pragrnita karhicit, tad vayasam tirtham. Read that, previous to this verse.

Srutakirti: (reads verse, S.B. 1.5.10)

Prabhupada: Translation.

Srutakirti: (reads translation)

Prabhupada: It is a question of taste. Just see birds, two kinds of birds, crows and the swans, different taste. Therefore we are trying to create taste for Krsna consciousness. Then these crows’ place, newspaper, we’ll not… We don’t read newspaper. We don’t touch it unless there is some news of ours. We don’t touch it. What is the use of wasting time? They read so big, big bundle of newspaper. But we don’t touch them. Oh, we have got (indistinct) literature here. Why should we waste our time in the crows’ manifestation? The same politics, same Nixon, same Dixon, same Hitler. It is called punah punas carvita-carvananam, chewing the chewed. Things which have already been chewed and thrown away, another person is crying, “Let me see if there’s any juice.” But you have already chewed. What juice you find there? Punah punas carvita-carvananam, again and again, same politics, same new leader, same he’s a rascal. Just like Nixon advertises in news, “America now requires Nixon.” So America accepted him and now America doesn’t want him. Again another Nixon will come. This is going on, punah punah, again and again, chewing the chewed. The people are not disgusted but we have tasted all these rascals. Why another Nixon?

Dr. Hauser: There doesn’t seem to be any accumulation of knowledge.

Prabhupada: They have no brain. The same thing, the crows. So therefore they have to be enlightened to Krsna consciousness then they will be able to find out some big leader, nice leader for them. There are so many things. You are educated. You should try to understand our philosophy. There are so many things to be learned from our… They’re not sentimentally dancers only. They’ve got logic, philosophy, science, everything. Otherwise how we are writing so many books? Just see, ancient word, how they are nicely, these two verses we have read. How full of meaning. Na yad vacas citra-padam harer yaso. Harer, pragrnita karhicit, tad vayasam tirtham, each word has volumes of meanings. There are 18,000 verses in Srimad-Bhagavatam. And each word you’ll find enlivening. Each word. It’s such a nice literature. One verse contains actually sixteen words. So 18,000 multiplied by sixteen, how much?

Dr. Hauser: 18,000…

Prabhupada: 18,000 verses multiplied by sixteen. How many words?

Dr. Hauser: 280,000. Yes.

Prabhupada: 280,000 words and each word you’ll find a new light. That is (indistinct). Each word you’ll find.

Dr. Hauser: Are these going to be translated into Swedish too?

Prabhupada: Yes, if you do. (laughter) We have got the…

Srutakirti: You can do that.

Prabhupada: Some Sanskrit scholar in Swedish language must come forward. Then it can be done. But he must be a good scholar because each word is meaningful. Yes. Just like beginning of the Bhagavata, janmady asya. Janmadi. So this one word has volumes of meaning. Janmadi means beginning from janma. So beginning from janma, but, how many things are there? Generally, birth janmastiti lat(?), birth, then you stay for some time and then you become vanquished. This body. Janmady asya. Asya of this material world. Janma, creation, then situation, then annihilation. Now how many volumes of books you can write on these three words? How this universe was created? How it is being maintained and how it will be annihilated? These three words. How many books you can write?

Dr. Hauser: Infinity.

Prabhupada: (indistinct) Bhagavata verse, janmady asya, asya janmadi (indistinct) concise word but volumes of meanings. Volumes. Each word is like that. Vidya bhagavata-vali(?). Therefore one’s learning is complete when he reads Srimad-Bhagavatam. Otherwise he remains imperfect, in spite of all learning. Janmady asya yatah, from where? Now the creation of this cosmic world, from where? But you do not know from where. This is explained in Bhagavatam. Param satyam dhimahi. That is actually true. In this way simply if you analyze one verse, you’ll find each word is full of volumes of meaning. Janmady asya yatah, anvayat. Like the creation, anvayat, directly and indirectly, itaratas carthesu, in the matter of understanding, abhijnah. Abhijnah means completely cognizant. That is the Absolute Truth. He knows everything–how this universe is created, how it is maintained, how it annihilated, directly and indirectly. Just like, I always, regular, everyday thing, when I am massaged by my student, I see so many veins so I think that I claim, “This is my leg,” but I do not know what are these veins. Directly I know this is my leg, but indirectly I do not know how this leg is working with these veins and nerves and muscles. I do not know. But so far God is concerned, He has created. He knows every veins and everything. That is called abhijnah. In this way you analyze every word, you’ll find volumes of meaning. The next question, “Where you got this experience?” You say He’s abhijnah, He knows everything. To get experience one must have teacher. But the next word is svarat, He’s experienced and self-sufficiency, svarat, independent. He hasn’t got to go anywhere for experiencing. In this way each word is full of meaning. Janmady asya yatah, anvayad itaratas carthesv abhijnah svarat, tene brahma hrda ya adi-kavaye muhyanti yat surayah. We have very shortly described this one verse. I think five, six pages. You’ve got that verse?

Srutakirti: Yes. Right here. (showing book to the psychiatrist) Here’s the translation, the verse.

Prabhupada: That is very short description.

Srutakirti: Short. (laughs) …for the next verse also.

Prabhupada: So it is so meaningful. All learned scholars of the world must read Srimad-Bhagavatam if they want to actually good for themselves and good for the world.

Srutakirti: (indistinct) if we can leave at seven o’clock, Srila Prabhupada.

Prabhupada: As soon as you say, I leave.

Syamasundara: It’s seven o’clock now.

Dr. Hauser: It’s seven now.

Syamasundara: I have five minutes to.

Hamsaduta: Why don’t you come with us.

Dr. Hauser: I can’t. I’m very sorry but I would have very much liked to.

Hamsaduta: Oh, I see.

Srutakirti: Tomorrow morning Srila Prabhupada’s leaving at 8:30, if you’d like to come. He has a morning walk at six o’clock if you’d like to come for that.

Dr. Hauser: Before I leave.

Prabhupada: That is not so important. Nobody can rise at six o’clock.

Dr. Hauser: Well, I can sometimes. It has been a pleasure meeting you.

Prabhupada: All right, thank you very much for your time also.

Dr. Hauser: Thank you. (end)

730910rc.sto Room Conversation with Dr. Christian Hauser, Psychiatrist September 10, 1973, Stockholm

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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2 Responses to Darwin’s Theory & Life From Chemicals [MP3 Audio Conversation with Psychiatrist]

  1. Gaurasundar Das says:

    God is light

    Srila Prabhupada said that the western scientists are not scientist but believers. They believe that there every thing comes from nothing. They believe in the doctrine of the big bang where the cosmologic order comes from a big detonation. They believe that the live comes from the inert matter. They believe that the father of Darwin was a monkey. They believe that the stars of the sky are suns and not moons as the Vedas says. And more even, they believe that the science of the spiritual soul, the science of the reincarnation and the science of God are not science but a believe.

    The science of god is a science as any other. We are scientist don’t sentimentality, that is our light in the darkness in order to achieve a higher light. Scientists claim that the proposition of the knowledge of God escapes any scientific treatment, but they are wrong. The Science of God is a science such as physics, chemistry or others and is also based on experimentation and observation and its results are completely verifiable.

    But science of God is a transcendental science and its experiments are of different nature, since they imply a greater difficulty than the ordinary science experiments, because while the material experiments are performed with external elements in the science of God the object of experimentation is one self and it is not easy to do with us what we commonly do with other elements in scientific experiments.

    In a scientific experiment is taken the element in its natural and pure form and is isolated from everything else. Since nature does not always manifest things in a pure and without mixing form, before it is necessary to isolate the object to study. Once this has been done, certain changes take place in the element to be observed carefully. Under different conditions, the item will react in different ways. That is how are discovered the laws governing the reactions of the element. The body of knowledge on these laws is called “science.”

    The Science of God and of the conscious being is a question regarding the source of their consciousness. The being neither exists in pure form, as it is conditioned by its partnership with the body consisting of five material elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether), the five senses of perception (sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell) are also the five senses of action (speech, walking, grasping, evacuate and urine), and the five objects of the senses. The object of the sight is light, the object of the touch is the texture, the object of hearing the sound, the object of the smell is the fragrance and flavor is the object of taste). There are too the three subtle senses, (the mind, the intelligence and the false ego). The mind is the sense of thinking feeling and desire. The intelligence is the sense of determination to discriminate, and the ego is the sense of the identification with this body. Moreover, the vision of the element experience (the being) is stained by the six enemies of the conditional soul: lust, anger, greed, lewdness, rancor and gluttony.

    So the first condition of a scientific experiment is the isolation and purification of the element to experiment. This is not easy to achieve. We can easily manipulate objects that are outside of us, we can set off a hydrogen bomb, or send a man to the moon, but when it comes to doing something to change the soul from former association with external objects we are in front of something different.

    Human nature has a tendency to ridicule what is difficult to achieve. This partly explains the attitude of the scientists at the science of God. But there are many people who, despite their apparent difficulty, have carried out experiments in theirs self, and the science of God is the result of the generalizations made by them. The detailed treatment, accurate and systematic (scientific) that makes the laws, stages, classes and conditions of the various experiments of the science of God easily convince anyone that takes place that the science of God is, wherever you look, a science.

    There are two questions we need to try to establish if a body of knowledge can be called science: 1 • How extent has come to describe the nature of the object that looks? 2 • How necessary or absolute laws that are discovered?

    Judged in the light of these questions, we conclude that the science of God is the only one can be called truthfully science and is the only science that deserves that name, because is the science that gives us knowledge, the basic science of all sciences and its laws are the only necessary laws.

    Experimental, empirical or expeculative science based on the bind faith, feeds on doubt and holds that the doubt of shadows is what will lead us to light, something that would not survive a rigorous scientific review. The actual science is a failure like ordinary scientific instrument. The development of modern science has led scientists to accept that they are unable to discover the true nature and laws of an object.

    Not surprisingly, therefore, in this age of scientists, will find the science of God as a sign of decline and as an effort to escape from everyday reality. But what strange is that the same scientists who swear by the truth and the wideness of judgment and not accept or reject anything that has not been approved or disapproved scientifically, usually adopt a more anti-scientific position at the science of God and all its postulate without stopping to proof scientifically.

    From the time of Galileo and Newton scientists have “believed” that the world is a great machine governed by purely mechanical laws. Even in the twenty-first century, the human brain has come to be regarded as an intricate machine governed only by mechanical laws of cause and effect. As well, it has destroyed the concept of free will of man, and morality and religion ceased to be meaningful to science. That man was just a machine, and all the interrelationships between man and the world and their peers, were nothing more than a by-product chemical, thus making the man as another zoo specimen over the nature, the homo-sapiens.

    But at the emergence of the electron in the scientific arena, produces a total revolution. Discarded the myth of the mechanical structure of the universe and it became known that the electron-recognized as the last unit the physical world is not ruled by mechanical laws. The electron seemed completely free in their behavior. “The law of chance” a presupposition of science have no meaning for him. If there was any law that governs the behavior of the electron, this was “the law of indeterminacy,” Said professor Heisemberg. The apparent determinism in the events and the uniformity of nature, were illusions created by the operation of a multitude of electrons.

    There is no determinism in the events, but in the smallest piece of matter with which the former may have experienced physical, is when the illusion of determination appears. This apparent determinism in large-scale events is statistical in nature’. “Dirac describes this as follows: “When you notice any atomic system in a state, the result will not be generally determined, for example, if the experiment is repeated several times under identical conditions, it is possible to have several different outcomes. If the experiment is performed many times, you will find that each particular outcome will be achieved only in a fraction of the total number of times. So we can say that there is a probability of obtaining such a result indefinitely every time you perform the experiment. This theory allows us to calculate the possibility. “Thus, the laws of physics are not necessary are not fully determined. Are just laws of probability based on the mathematical law of averages. The ordinary laws of science are illusory.

    Since scientists have reduced all matter to some kind of “unconscious energy.” But is obvious to deduce that the existence of Energy can only be conceived from a “Conscious Start” or that Energy is derived from a Supreme Consciousness, this is supported by great scientists like Einstein, Eddington, James Jeans and JBS Haldene, who has concluded the following: “These material world has been taken as a world of blind mechanism, this material world is actually a spiritual world seen very partial and imperfect … The truth is that neither matter nor force or any physical thing, but Mind-Personality is the central factor of the universe.” In conclusion, the source of Energy is not material, there is no evidence that the Energy comes from an inert element, but conscious.

    While scientists can only conjecture about the existence of The Principle Conscious that sustains this universe, the science of God provides direct, explicit and secure knowledge of this principle. Lighted with the knowledge of that energy, according to physicists, that pervades the universe, is the spiritual energy of which all we are made.

    The principle behind of energy (The Supreme Consciousness) manifests Him Self in the form of this external world and is so subtle that will always remain beyond the physical sciences.

    Only those who have eyes impregnated with ointment of the light can understand this subtle spiritual principle.

    This basic spiritual principle can be proof at science of light as any other scientific principles. Who possess the energy is none other than The Source of that energy.

    We can illustrate this by reference to physics, witch is not only more advanced today, but also has relation with all other basic sciences.

    Consider first, the questions regarding knowledge of the true nature of the object under study and compare, from this point of view, the results obtained in physics and those obtained with the science of light.

    The physicist, trying to discover the true nature of matter, found that the smallest particle of matter -even smallest tip of a pin, – is composed of millions of electrons. Then when try to study the nature of these electrons, is that are “Incorporeal electric charges”

    The energy exists separate from matter. However, while the electrons are charges of incorporeal electricity, sometimes perform like particles and sometimes like waves. Thus Eddington suggested they should be called “wavelets” to indicate its dual nature. But the real source of the “wavelets” and the nature of the electrons seem to be hidden. If are not anything charged with electricity but the electricity in it self, the question remains: What ultimately is energy? The answer: Energy is a process.

    From what process the energy is? What or Who is the keeper of that process? The Energy always belongs to the Energetic or “The keeper of Energy.” A process concern to move a thing, act or do something. And Physicists have been unable to answer these questions and maybe never they possibly will. Since all things have reduced as just “energy” and don’t have anything more where to address these questions. So physicists are unconscious of the true nature of subject matter (Energy), because all can say about it is: “Not knowing what it is.” Eddington said: “Something unknown is doing something we ignore, we are reduced to that theory.”

    The only basis on nescience is the lack of light, yet, the darkness does not offer any resistance in the presence of light. If we situate at the light, then, is there fear of darkness? Why we don’t want to place ourselves in the light? Because fear to loose the enjoyment. When in fact the source may not be lack what bestow. If there is light in the shadows, how much more there will be at light?

    The energy can not be different from energetic. If we see a light bulb, it is because we know that this energy comes from a plant that contains huge amounts of energy. There are beings of light and beings that born grow and live in the darkness and could never conceive the existence of clear days, however this does not mean that there is not light.

    While the people of light don’t doubt because they know that: “The man who doubt is lost.” Light presents itself and relies on blind faith and surrender of will and reason, what makes empirical science and the science of light in two completely different branches.

    The science of light nothing has to do with God and the free man. In the light God and men are linked to love. The God of love is not just the creator that controls and destroys the universe, but the cowherd boy who plays with his associates. The God of Love is who says: “I am not free; I am controlled by my partners at all.” In the kingdom of Light is not God who performs the domain, but Love. To Love is the summum bonum.

    At first sight the science of light does not appear to be in a more advantageous position than any of the physical sciences in terms of its laws, because the man spoke of a loving relationship with God.

    As electrons God and men have freedom of action and therefore, almost impossible the existence of a law applicable to their conduct.

    As much energy as the energetic are full bound by love and the laws of love are fully determined. This is not because the laws of probability or the laws of averages-in-mathematics and illusory erroneously based the physical sciences, but of objective laws and necessary. For example, in love there is a law of attraction and reciprocity comparable to the law of universal gravitation in the physical sciences.

    It is possible that the law of gravity ceases to have effect; modern science can not in any way guarantee the validity of this law. But the law of attraction in love never loses its force, as is guaranteed by the source of all light. Perhaps some day they leave the fruit trees do not fall to the ground, but never bloom love someone without being attracted by the powerful magnet of Divine Love. Light provides the latest science is absolute, since it is the source of all existence.

    Nobody expects to exploit anyone, but is the pure love without passion or selfishness. In full satisfaction, there is nothing more to find, but in love there are never satisfied, that is the great misfortune. Love is an insatiable thirst for more perfection in Love. Love is the negation of every loving satisfaction and creates a vacuum that can only be satisfied with more amounts of love. Therefore love is essentially dynamic, vital and rises as a wave.

    A skilled electrician can convert the energy in both cold and heat. Maybe no one knows anything about electricity, but the electrician says: “Push the button and get light,” I want the electric light and I said “Push the button.” And if I do so, then there will be light, that’s all. So, what is the use of becoming an electrician?

    We in this lower world, behind of the bright reality, perhaps one day will discern a healthy and youthful vision between substance and shadow. Light descends from their domains to release prisoners from darkness. Those who reached the upper world that refuse to get involved in worldly affairs and never come down from this world to prove any of the fruits of the world below. What they can offer the cave? Who is to deceive oneself with illusions after seeing reality?

    Who would like, even dazzled by the light of the Divine contemplate; discuss the shadows of justice or the images they project the shadows? The transition from darkness to light and vice versa affects the vision. The science of light no one is confused because it knows that is our constitutional position and feel compassion for those who are found in the dark.

    The soul of man has the ability to distinguish light, but it is necessary to turn to where the light is to observe it. Search light is in us an innate sense, but is asleep; we can say we have maimed the spiritual meaning of life.

    Isolate the item to test, it means we have to deviate away from the ephemeral world of darkness to see light, to perceive the reality and the glow that illuminates everything, which is the ultimate destination, under the guidance of someone that actually has seen the light of day, who knows the art of seeing light.

    The duty of those who have seen the light make it known to others. As the ignorant act with attachment to the result, those who have seen the light have to act but without attachment to the result. Once you have seen the light of reality, it is necessary to descend to the caverns of the world and work for the good of all and recognize each image for what it is and life is not a dream as if that were the great reward.

    This represents the ascent of the soul from material world to spiritual enlightenment. In the beginning the soul is dazed by darkness and is easy to imagine that if one dazzles with light of fire, the more do you not blind the sunlight?

    This is the evolution of light. But Darwin’s theory says that what the deadly generated the live. At present, the people is found of Darwin’s theory: the stone produces the consciousness, that from the unconsciousness the consciousness came, it created the dead life, that of the inertia generated energy, the body is made of inert material, the body is never really alive, though seemingly alive, what gives life to the body is the soul. The objective of Darwin´s evolution is reject, we detest, yet the ghost of Darwin’s theory has swallowed the whole world. It is difficult to make people understand that consciousness is more valuable the stone, the stone is difficult to produce consciousness, with science is more valuable, and the stone is less valuable. Therefore, a more valuable thing you can produce something less valuable, but it is difficult to explain how a less valuable thing can produce something more valuable.

    Light is the key to knowledge. Let The Truth guide us out of the unreal, lead us from darkness to light, lead us from death to immortality. We must not go to the light to the darkness. Light ideology is the ideology of God, not an ideology limited someone in particular. The formula of the Light of God differs from the standard Vox Populi, the opinion of the masses, who make light of the darkness and darkness light.

    Light a candle being communicated with another candle, but burn separately, are of the same quality. If one remains in the shadows, unable to enjoy the facilities of the light, and if we remains in the light, will not be disturbed by the darkness of the shadow.

    The relative truth is like the heat, because it relies on the strength of the Absolute Truth, as heat builds in the power of fire, more heat is not fire. Not remain in the dark pit. Go outside to light. If we are in darkness, we can speculate and invent ideas about what the sun is. This is a kind of knowledge. However, if you emerge from the darkness and see the sun, if we come to light, our knowledge is complete. We can speculate about the Sun in the darkness, but the best process is to come to the sunlight and see for ourselves.

    By wielding the sword (which is composed of light), the dark era of darkness, is divided and a portal opens in a new age of truth. This is the knowledge of light where darkness has been separated from him. If someone follows this path of knowledge, means he has personally made towards the path of perfection.

    In ordinary life we find a king in a matter or another. This knowledge, however, is sovereign over all other knowledge and the rest is on him. This knowledge is the king of education, is the biggest secret of all secrets, and because it gives direct perception of being a means of illumination, is the perfection of religion. This knowledge is confidential sovereign and pure. This knowledge is also important, this means that this knowledge beyond this world, it is eternal and runs happily. God is light; ignorance is darkness, where there is God there is no ignorance. Associated with the light is to dispel ignorance. Darkness and light are two completely different concepts. There is no communion between light and darkness. Light the darkness and the darkness did not prevail. We are the children of Light. Seeing the Light, we see both the source and all its clarity and the things that were not in the dark. One can not see without light.

    People who have lost their vision due to the darkness of the present age will find the path that light illuminates the heart and the sleeper sees that the light being encountered. It is also a fact that the blossom flowers in a natural way when you get the sunlight it needs. When one comes to the Supreme Light that knows everything, you get perfect knowledge and will see everything clearly.

    Darkness can not produce light: when light comes darkness disappears. Our conscience, the soul is the light within us. When the light comes with it is the understanding of the light. This is light of light, and we must be eternally conscious that above us, our ego in particular, there is another land, the land of understanding, there is our refuge and our unity. We must make this radical change, this level is our refuge, this world is a prison house, and a graphic account of this broad understanding, should be the basis for understanding the land, otherwise there is danger of imitation. We need to cross this “Hindenburg Line.”

    The Light of the world should be scrutinized and analyzed, and found that there exist many units. In a higher sense, light means soul. Spiritual energy is higher than the living entities and the Supreme soul.

    The light of conscience is proof of the power of spiritual soul. We can not see the soul, yet we see the symptoms, we can not see electricity, yet we can see the bulb illuminating, demonstrating the presence of electricity, similarly when we see the symptom awareness of the soul.

    Just as a laser beam can eradicate the cancer of a body, any disease of material existence will lighten from our hearts by the purifying influence of divine rays of light emanating from the Divine, which can be recognized by their own light.

    The Sun, or who shows us all by the Light, the Light, that refulgence, that is God, Who is the cause of creation, maintenance and material dissolution. This “refulgence” is the Soul. The Soul is the one who gives birth to the world, who gives us an understanding of the environment, the world of perception. Every perception is possible only because of the Soul. The word light, which usually means the sun, refers to the soul, which like the sun reveals all.

    Light is reflected in the objects transparent, not opaque in order to give a new light. The highest degree of human civilization consists of spiritual Light.

  2. jayshree says:

    i am very much confused b’cause i can not decide whethere i should chant ganpati mantra which i used to chant from childhood or i should chant hare krishna

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