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ISKCON Banglaore Peace Proposal


To: B.Charu Maharaj
Cc: Yasomatinandan Prabhu
Cc: Shankadhari Prabhu
Sent: Feb 4, 2009 7:04 PM
Subject: Compromise peace proposal

Maharaj, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please find below a proposal from the members of the governing body of iskcon Bangalore group in pursuance of peaceful co existence under a single GBC.

Your servant
Madhu Pandit Das

Dear Bhakticaru Maharaj,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thanks for calling Madhu Pandit Prabhu several times in your efforts to bring in some settlement of the dispute after your meeting with Sravanananda Prabhu in the USA. Besides your efforts, Yasomatinandan Prabhu and recently Shankabrit Prabhu and Amiya Vilas swami have been desiring that we sit and talk. Also Jagatchandra Prabhu from Cochin whom you know well and one Muralidhar Prabhu from Hubli has been trying to build bridges between the parties at the ground. Two days back Shankdari Prabhu from Madurai also sought a sitting with a few of our governing body members to move in the direction of some settlement.

Madhu Pandit Prabhu had sent you a proposal by email after speaking to you in Bombay for which so far we have not received any response. That proposal did not envisage handing over all the properties under us to the control and ownership of the GBC but was a ‘live and let live’ proposal. Hence in the wake of these several further indications for a compromise we are responding with a second proposal where all properties also will be subordinated to the control of GBC.

The Governing Body Council of the ISKCON Bangalore group of temples/trusts/institutions (hereafter referred to as IB group) which was recently elected as per Srila Prabhupada’s “Direction of Management”, discussed at length and has the following offer to the GBC. This offer is made whether we win or loose in the current court battle for control of Bangalore temple lest it be thought that this offer is made under pressure of losing and is open for minimum 45 days ( only 24 days left for court verdict to come) and maximum as much as and if extended by us at the end of 45 days.


1. We will subordinate our entire group of organizations with all its properties legally under the direct control of GBC Body (not to ISKCON Mumbai) on par with other ISKCON temples around the world or in any manner GBC decides. But the group will continue to maintain managerial, functional and structural independence as it is existing now and the elected body of IB group of temples will manage these trusts/socieites/institutions and its properties. The GBC shall have full freedom to independently Audit the accounts of the IB group. The GBC shall unleash legal control only in case of financial impropriety with regard to the properties managed by the elected body of the IB Group legally under the GBC provided:

a. The GBC rescinds the resolution that system of initiation through officiating acharya system after Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi, as per July 9th,1977 directive issued by Srila Prabhupada, is a deviant doctrine/practice.

b. GBC passes a resolution that the officiating acharya system as per July 9th,1977 doctrine can be practiced by the IB group.

A committee of best lawyers in the country from both sides shall approve the legal effectiveness of its IRREVERSIBILITY and continued ADHERANCE by GBC. (Both these have to be done in a sound manner so that the GBC cannot go back on it after transferring legal control over properties currently held by the IB group.)

c . IB group will expand its preaching through its temples by co-existing with present temples at a respectable distance from each other both, locationally and philosophically. The nomenclature of these temples can be different to distinguish it from existing ISKCON temples. These new temples opened by IB group will work directly under the elected body of the IB group, which in turn will legally subordinate itself to the larger GBC.

d. No criticism in public of each other is permitted. Debates and discussion on mutually accepted topics can be pursued in approved forums with the objective of further narrowing down the differences over a period of time. Jointly pre-approved statements of conviction of each group and differences will alone be stated to the public, by the rank and file devotees of both parties. For the outside world it is only two different groups who think differently on what Srila Prabhupada desired for spiritual succession.

e. Mumbai iskcon and all iskcon temples/projects/trusts/funds in the world should also subordinate themselves legally to the control of GBC in the same manner expected of from IB group. HH Radhanath Swami’s organisation/trusts/ funds also should legally come under the control of GBC.

f.. GBC should perpetuate itself through elections by electing new GBC members from among the temple presidents all over the world every three years as per the “Direction of Management” issued by Srila Prabhupada in 1970.

g.. Elected representatives from among IB group temple presidents should also be given proportionate representation in the GBC based on number of IB group temples approved by the IB group and the GBC. IB group will elect them and fill up those allotted number of the GBC position for IB group.

h. There shall be Guru puja and Vyasa puja only for Srila Prabhupada in all Iskcon temples. All persons who preside over the initiations should be called ‘officiating Acaharya’ in both camps. Then the only difference in two camps are that one camp hold that the new initiates are disciples of person presiding over the initiation, and the other camp hold that the new initiates are Srila Prabhupada’s disciples. For the outside world it is only a different understanding of ‘officiating acarya’. Officiating Acarya was the unambigous nomenclature ordered by Srila Prabhupada for those who were to perform initiation in Iskcon in his conversation on May 28th 1977 when the GBC representatives met Srila prabhupada with a specific question on initiations “particularly when you are no longer with us.”

i. All the leaders of IB group and iskcon should declare their personal assets to the GBC body every three years starting immediately through signed affidavits. (IB group leaders have already done it and even published in leading newspapers of Bangalore.)

j. BBT shall promote original unchanged edition of all Srila Prabhupada’s books that existed before the samadhi of Srila Prabhupada by supply to all their customers who place orders and supply changed versions only on specific request of customers. The current practice is reverse of this. Just a change with regard to which edition BBT will actively promote.

k. All fight ends and in parallel we expand preaching under a single GBC body as Srila Prabhupada wanted.

Looking forward for the GBC response at the earliest. Best wishes,

Your servants in service of Srila Prabhupada /Members of governing body of IB group. Amitasana Das, Chitranga Chaitanya Das, Chanchalapati Das, Jai Chaitanya Das, Madhu Pandit Das, Rajiv Lochan Das, Satya Gourachandra Das, Stoka Krishna Das, Suvyakta Narasimha Das, Vasudev Keshava Das.

The Chairman and Executive Committee Members and GBC members, Mayapur

Dear Maharajs/Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Further to our offer of a peace proposal (attached separately) sent thru HH Bhakticaru Swami on February 4th 2009, we present before you the following explanatory note on the same:

The court case between Iskcon Bangalore and Iskcon Mumbai is coming to a close as the trial is over and case is posted for judgement on 28th February. Regardless of which side wins, the loser will appeal to the next court level. This will go on until it reaches the Supreme Court of India. Who knows how long this whole process will take, how much resources will be drained and how much time wasted. With this in mind, and with the supreme objective of continuing successful preaching for the satisfaction of HDG Srila Prabhupada, the Elected Governing Body of ISKCON Bangalore group of institutions has brought a peace proposal to the table.

This proposal was sent to HH Bhakti Caru Swami for delivery to the rest of the GBC. So far we have only received silence from HH Bhakticaru Swami and the GBC to our offer. And the GBC meetings are getting over in few days. Under these circumstances we are making this offer public along with this Explanatory Note to Chakra, VNN, Sampradaya Sun, Dandavats and other Vaishnava sites hoping it would attract the attention of the GBC members and other Vaishnavas who are closely watching this war between ISKCON Mumbai and ISKCON Bangalore.

Our dispute with the GBC began in 1998 when we came across Srila Prabhupada’s last written directive on initiation in ISKCON, famously known as the July 9th directive.

Year after year, from the early 80s we have heard from the dais of every Annual Ratha Yatra inauguration at Bangalore and every other public program, HH Jayapataka Swami being introduced as one of the eleven successor Acharyas appointed by Srila Prabhupada. Prior to 1998, being isolated in Bangalore and hardly exposed to international issues and being busy with building the temple at Bangalore, we all blindly believed the propaganda that the eleven persons had the sacrosanct appointment by Srila Prabhupada as the successor Acharyas. In fact the title of HH Jayapataka Swami was, Present Acharya. However we were shocked each time one of the eleven Acharyas fell down from grace, and this posed a big disturbing question as to why these persons, if they have been appointed by the pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, are falling down? But the July 9th Directive answered our perpetual doubt about gurus fall down. They were never appointed by Srila Prabhupada but were appointed only as rtviks or Representative of the Acharya. More than anything was the deep pain in us for having become victims of this betrayal of trust.

It is a matter of undisputed evidence that several of the GBC members approached Srila Prabhupada on May 28th 1977 with a set of questions to be asked to him. One such question was, “How first and second initiation would go on particularly when he was no longer with us?” Srila Prabhupada’s immediate reply was, “I will appoint some of you to act as Officiating Acharya.” And to this HH Tamal Krishna Maharaj said, “Rtvik Acarya?” and Srila Prabhupada said, “Yes rtvik”. This is Guru Mukha Padma Vakya.

A great misunderstanding has been perpetrated in ISKCON that the parampara will be lost if we had a rtvik system and in order to maintain parampara we must have living initiating gurus. But Srila Prabhupada says differently on when parampara is lost or stopped:

Devotee: Srila Prabhupada, if the knowledge was handed down by the saintly kings, evam parampara-praptam, how is it that the knowledge was lost?

Prabhupada: “When it was not handed down. Simply understood by speculation. Or if it is not handed down as it is. They might have made some changes. Or they did not hand it down. Suppose I handed it down to you, but if you do not do that, then it is lost. Now the Krishna consciousness movement is going on in my presence. Now after my departure, if you do not do this, then it is lost. If you go on as you are doing now, then it will go on.” (Room conversations, May 9th, 1975, Perth)

Now, here also it is stated, sa kalaneha mahata yogo nasto parantapa: “My dear Arjuna, oh, you are the great hero. Now, that Bhagavad-gita, the instruction which I imparted to the sun-god, was coming by disciplic succession. Now it is lost.” Now, we have to note down this point. Why it is lost? Why it is lost? Do you think that there was no learned man during that time? During Krsna’s time? Oh, there were many learned sages. Not only one, two, there were dozens of learned sages. But still, the Lord said, Krsna said, that “They… That knowledge which I exactly imparted to sun-god is now lost.” How it is lost? There were many scholars, and still, how it is lost? The lost means that the purport of Bhagavad-gita is lost. (Gita lecture New York, July 13th, 1966)

We have dozens of quotes on this subject that shows how and when parampara is lost, which requires a careful study. This is not the parampara of physical arts and crafts like music or massage therapy or wrestling – which requires a physical link of teacher and disciple to keep it going. We are talking of spiritual knowledge whose transmission, as repeatedly taught by Srila Prabhupada, does not depend on physical presence. Srila Prabhupada has set up an institution of preachers who, if they continue to speak what ever Srila Prabhupada has taught as it is, then the parampara will continue.

Another standard objection about rtvik system is that it is historically unprecedented. We have prepared a list of over a dozen things that Srila Prabhupada did that are historically unprecedented and would be considered unacceptable by other Indian Vaishnava traditions. And Srila Prabhupada has said this about an acharya:

“Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu wanted to invent a way to capture the Mayavadis and others who did not take interest in the Krishna consciousness movement. This is the symptom of an Acharya. An Acharya who comes for the service of the Lord cannot be expected to conform to a stereotype, for he must find the ways and means by which Krishna consciousness may be spread.” (CC Adi 7.33)

“So therefore it depends on the acharya how to adjust things. So, my Guru Maharaja, ‘Alright go on preaching on a motorcar, it doesn’t matter.’… This is adjustment. The acharya knows how to adjust things.” (SB class, Auckland, Feb. 20th, 1973)

And the most definitive direction on this subject is found in the purport of the Srimad Bhagavatam:

“One should take initiation from a bona fide spiritual master coming in the disciplic succession, who is authorized by his predecessor spiritual master. This is called diksha-vidhana.” (SB 4.8.54)

And now it is a historically established fact that Srila Prabhupada did not authorize any one to become an initiating spiritual master.

Based on these and several instructions of Srila Prabhupada on this matter the entire Bangalore temple devotees were convinced that the Officiating Acharya system was and is how Srila Prabhupada wanted initiations to carry on for the future of his movement through Rtviks, or Officiators of the Acharya, or persons “acting as Officiating Acharya”. There have been many debates over this July 9th directive which we will not get into here except for stating our stand. We also do not think that the Officiating Acaryas are just brahminical priests as the eleven persons whom Srila Prabhupada named were indeed accomplished leaders who contributed to expand the movement. As far we are concerned over the last eleven years we have taken this directive to our heart and soul and have accepted Srila Prabhupada as our spiritual master.

So we have got everything in writing, in books, in instructions. Our duty is to take them rightly and utilize it properly, advance in Krishna consciousness. (SB class, New Vrindaban, June 25, 1976)

Srila Prabhupada writes in a letter:

“They misunderstand me. Unless it is there from me in writing, there are so many things that ‘Prabhupada said.’”(Letter to Omkara-devi dasi, dated September 2nd 1975,)

So we know that what is written (and signed) by Srila Prabhupada is final.

With this faith in the words of our Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada we have been engaging successfully in expanding his preaching mission by opening several centers all over India, and distributing the Holy Name, Books and Prasadam from these centers to millions of conditioned souls. From when the time the dispute began and we were 60 full time devotees, now we are a community of over 275 full time devotees in 14 locations.

With the assistance of the devotees of ISKCON Bangalore, our congregation, outside supporters, visitors, and all of us together, with the grace of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha Krsna Chandra, have made the temple and all of its preaching efforts a continual success, even in the face of the most vicious adversity. The GBC is very well aware of our recent history of adversity and maligning campaign that we have been facing, were we are called thieves and frauds, perpetrated by our opponents (ISKCON Mumbai) under the authorization of the GBC because of the court case against them. All of this I do not wish to list here to keep the mood positive. We can proudly say that we have tolerated it for a decade without retaliation and can safely say that we have never attacked ISKCON anywhere except a few months back when we brought out a booklet “Struggle for Truth.” (We took this step as agents of ISKCON Mumbai stole the database of 40,000 donors of ISKCON Bangalore from the temple and mailed a booklet titled Fraud of Madhu Pandit Das). We were always careful in spite of all the provocations not to burn the bridges with the GBC with a hope to work some day under a strong united GBC. In spite of our struggle against these obstacles, we have carried out our devotional services to Srila Prabhupada to expand Krishna consciousness movement in India.

We can only imagine what the results of our efforts and resources would have been if we were permitted to expend them all on preaching, and not on defending the maligned attacks on us in the last decade.

Here is additional explanation of our proposal (attached along with) is:

1. We want to work under one single world wide GBC

2. But we should be respectably allowed to practice the Officiating Acharya system within our group.

3. Once we are under the GBC and as long as the law on ban of ritvik doctrine exists, we cannot practice the same under their authority except as hiding fugitives. We did not put up all these struggles to get that compromised status. What we are looking for is GBC permitting to practice the same only within our group, and obviously this cannot happen as long as the GBC is holding that it is a ‘deviant’ doctrine. We do not want to be under a body who does not accept us to have Srila Prabhupada as our spiritual master, both diksha and siksha, as we are practicing now. That cannot happen without them repealing the law on ritvik. This is the crux of the issue. Not the property, at least for us. If they accept clearly, unambiguously and honestly that ritvik system can be practiced in our group of temples, we are prepared to flex in many different manners to bring all the properties under the control of the GBC on par with other ISKCON temples in the world.

There are three letters of Oct and Nov 1974, to show that Srila Prabhupada directed certain devotees to register a separate society in Calcutta by the name “International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Calcutta” under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act , although that instruction was not carried out. HH Jayapataka Swami was named as one of the Trustees too in that document. When the movement had just begun in 1972, Srila Prabhupada naturally considered Bombay as the headquarters and wanted all the funds in India to be sent to Bombay for centralizing and in return all bills to be paid from Bombay. He wrote so in a letter in early 1972. But there is absolutely no evidence of it having functioned in this manner. Srila Prabhupada was so much against centralization as we see in April 1972 when he disbanded the entire GBC when an attempt was made by some of the GBC members to centralize ISKCON management all over the world. (ref series of letters/telegrams that Srila Prabhupada wrote in April 1972).

If all the properties in India were to be controlled by the single trustee group of Mumbai society, i.e., Bureau, then why did Srila Prabhupada in his Will in 1977 not say so? On the contrary, Srila Prabhupada in his Will has appointed separate groups of three or more property trustees for each of the major properties in India. On the other hand, for India Srila Prabhupada could have just said,”…the Bureau is there.”

In addition, in Srila Prabhupada’s Will he even says that if one of them resign or die in any of those three of more trustee groups then the others will co-opt a new person as long as he is an initiated disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Will is not a letter but a legal document. Only if the ritvik system is practiced can there be initiated disciple of Srila Prabhupada, say fifty years from now. Otherwise according to the Will all the properties would have to go to the government control as there will be no more initiated disciples of Srila Prabhupada to act as trustees. How does GBC answer these facts on Srila Prabhupada’s Will satisfactorily? Are they not obligated to honor the Will of Srila Prabhupada? Or at least give an explanation?

Why did Srila Prabhupada appoint separate property trustee groups for the India properties when the Bureau of Bombay Society was existing? We all know many things have happened in ISKCON during and after Srila Prabhupada’s life time, which were not according to his exact written direction. The fact is that these written directions exist today, and we can try to follow it unless the author, Srila Prabhupada, annulled such directions through another written document of equal weight.

Shankabrit Das as President , Ananta Padmanabha Das as Vice President , Amiya Vilas Das (now Amiya Vilas Swami) as Secretary and Poorna Brahma Das as Treasurer and Bhakta Das jointly with two others registered a separate society at Bangalore in 1978 by the name International Society for Krishna Consciousness under the direct instructions of the then HH Hamsadutta Swami , who was the then GBC for South India. Hence it cannot be said that the society has come into existence clandestinely by the collusion of all these people without the knowledge of the GBC. Recently this has been confirmed by Hamsadutta Prabhu through an affidavit given to us for the court case. Several allegations and arguments have been placed before the court by ISKCON Mumbai that Bangalore Society is a bogus imposter Society, etc. etc., and I have committed fraud to make ISKCON Bangalore and its properties independent of ISKCON Mumbai. In any case this is the crux of the case and these things are matters before the court and the court will decide these matters based on the evidence and arguments placed by both parties. (By the way, I joined ISKCON only in 1981, three years after ISKCON-Bangalore society came into existence).

It was H.H. Jayapataka Swami who directed me in the 1980s to approach Shankabrit Prabhu. He told me that he did not have a good relation with Shankabrit and hence I should try it myself and do the needful to formalize the handing over of the management of ISKCON Bangalore society to me. Subsequently I contacted Shankabrit Prabhu in Tirupati as per the above direction of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami and that is how I became the President of Karnataka society after Shankabrit Prabhu resigned. Probably he remembered Srila Prabhupada’s letter regarding his intention to register a separate society in Calcutta and that is why he directed me so without batting an eyelid.

The very first line of Srila Prabhupada’s Will also says, “GBC is the Ultimate Managing Authority”. But ISKCON Bombay took a stand in the court that it only exists for spiritual guidance. I had briefed my lawyers otherwise, during the cross examination. I had told my lawyers that GBC is the ultimate body though legally it has never been tied up properly. Otherwise where and how is the entire movement tied up as one. If they would have taken the right stand that GBC is the ultimate managing authority, we would have agreed to it, and would, of course, say that in this case they are not a party to this suit. And later if a fresh suit were filed by the GBC on the basis of such admission by us, we would have acceded control to it but would have argued that the real GBC would have to be formed by election of Temple Presidents as per Direction of Management. That was our plan if they had admitted the Ultimate Managing Authority of GBC. Obviously for this case such admission by them would have been fatal for them and so they said that GBC has only spiritual overseeing power over the temples.

In other words, we have always been willing to work under the properly elected GBC.

Therefore we want to work under an ISKCON which, at the least puts these things in right perspectives. That is the reason, we say, that we want to subordinate ourselves to the GBC and not to ISKCON Mumbai Bureau. In fact all ISKCON temples and institutions should incorporate amendments to give ultimate control to the GBC body. You can imagine, a body having such huge control over the properties, will be a very powerful body unlike present GBC which is toothless against protecting the properties of the movement. Why not have such a powerful body if that is what a united movement means as long as that body is an elected one which will automatically limit power corruption. Holding ultimate control of properties of the independent legal constituents of the movement by the GBC does not mean centralizing management or the GBC interfering with it.

This idea of election is not a concoction and this was conceived by Srila Prabhupada himself in the year 1970 itself and made into a legal document “Direction of Management.” It is through this document that the GBC was brought into existence by Srila Prabhupada for the first time. In DoM Srila Prabhupada gives directions on how ISKCON should be managed especially after his life time. Further in July 22, 1974 Srila Prabhupada wanted certain amendments to be made to incorporate the concept of GBC appointed as per DoM into “all official registration documents, constitutions, incorporation papers, etc.” on TOPMOST URGENCY basis. Hence we see that Srila Prabhupada wanted the concept of control by an elected GBC body according to DoM to be enshrined into all independent legal constituents of the entire movement.

In the DoM every three years election is suggested from amongst the temple Presidents to make up the GBC body, along with one third old members for continuity’s sake. You cannot talk of institutional control and have a loose institutional control mechanism unable to check everyone at all levels – from the GBC, as a group, to individual GBC members to every single member of the society. Corruption of power can happen at all levels. An organizational structure that will protect the institution from perpetuating such corruption is what Srila Prabhupada has envisioned. Without such control the GBC is fully autocratic. Neither the extremes of autocracy nor the extremes of democracy are good. Srila Prabhupada did not say the GBC has to be elected by all the members of the society, but by the Temple Presidents who are knowledgeable. So it is not fully democratic, yet the essence of democracy wherein responsible and qualified leaders in the movement are allowed to choose who they will be governed by is intact. This keeps the topmost Governing Body from becoming permanently corrupted with favoritism, individualism and autocracy. In this age of Kali whether it is an individual or a group of individuals, total autocracy is not healthy. Yet individual authority and empowerment of Temple Presidents are also to be encouraged with in healthy limits for organizational growth. Today the GBC as a body is a permanent, static and unquestioned authority. And that is why no real reforms can happen. This is the reason why, in our proposal, we want to subordinate all our properties to the control of a GBC which agrees to adopt Srila Prabhupada’s DoM.

In any case, today ISKCON is full of guru groups. Let us not hide this fact: in Mumbai two distinct groups co exists. One is HH Radhanath Swami’s disciples and other is predominantly HH Gopal Krishna Goswami’s disciples and others. And we are asking, let us also be just another group and grow independently but under the GBC with due representation in the GBC for our group.

So you see our proposal is an integrated one involving an organizationally reformed GBC. Of course if rtvik is allowed by the GBC (not Bureau) then the beginning of our integration is done. It is said, something well begun is half done. I request the GBC to evaluate the proposal in the interest of the whole movement. Actually there is no negotiation from our side except for the rtvik issue. We want the intelligent people in the movement to think why each of the conditions have been put forward. That is why our offer was not based on victory or no victory in the court case. We want to work under one worldwide GBC, but a reformed GBC, not the present flawed one with a track record of historically documented excesses, blunders and faults.

We cannot close this out-of-court settlement by patch up negotiation. The conditions I am asking, except for rtvik issue, are all organizational reforms for the good of a united ISKCON. That is why I am insisting that the GBC involve in discussing this proposal. Our proposal is not thrusting Rtvik system on others. But if we have to work under the GBC we have to be whole heartedly accepted. We would also want to be proud of being part of the united ISKCON movement. ISKCON as it stands currently, without election as per DoM, is headed by an autocratic body dominated by gurus. We obviously will not subordinate our institution and properties to such a body.

Regarding financial transparency, we are willing, as a group to subject ourselves to all scrutiny, which anyway GBC will have the authority to when we subordinate ourselves to them. However we would want all temples and institutions of the organization to follow the same level of transparency, starting from international BBT. There cannot be two different standards. We desire even higher standards of professional quality of transparency than what exists now within our group, but want to see that rest of ISKCON also follows the same. This is to make the outside world look at our organization with high degree of credibility. Our group wishes to integrate itself as a healthy creative partner and not that you ask transparency from us as if we are all ‘thieves’. We cannot be approached with the mood that, “We who are in the house are honest and hence need not worry about transparency. Only you ‘thieves’ have to be transparent!”

Can we honorably sit with the GBC and discuss all this? We think this is GBC’s duty. If they shirk, then it is the usual flaw manifested again of a non elected autocratic group as there is no one to question them on this neglect of duty to Srila Prabhupada at the highest organizational level when such an offer is placed before them. Law of Karma will act not only for ones action, but also for inaction. We are crying in wilderness to the GBC, “Please take us under your wings.” But according to GBC our only defect is we are “hard core dedicated disciples of Srila Prabhupada!” What an irony!! But we have shown a way, without rocking their ‘boat of spiritual masters and disciples’ ,by which we can be accommodated as a distinct group so that we can all expand the movement under a united and reformed GBC.

Do not mistake us that we are asking the GBC members to reform individually. That is not within our purview. We are seeking only organizational reform through election as per Srila Prabhupada’s DoM. We preach that Srila Prabhupada built a house where the whole world can live. Let the GBC first demonstrate that by expanding their house a little to accommodate the sincere followers of the very founder of the movement. Till then this ISKCON is not Srila Prabhupada’s house nor the GBC Prabhupada’s GBC, but the houses of the gurus and a GBC body of gurus. The GBC has assumed a right upon themselves to experiment (played around with spiritual and material lives of thousands of souls in the last 30 years) with various theories of gurus: Zonal Acharyas, Maha-bhagavata gurus till found fallen, GBC appointed gurus, voted- in gurus, No-objection gurus, suspended gurus, re initiating gurus – (except acting as Officiating Acharya). Even morally GBC is bound to accommodate us as respectably as you have accommodated the ‘gurus and disciples’ of all the above flawed guru systems according to GBC’s own admissions after each experiment failed.

We are not supposed to experiment in spiritual life. We are supposed to follow the perfect descending process. Let the GBC open their hearts to let us at least follow the clear directive of July 9th 1977, and work under an elected GBC as per Srila Prabhupada’s “Direction of Management.”

We have to write this explanatory note so that the GBC does not think that this is a ‘compromise offer’ to save our skins from fear of losing the court case or being thrown in the streets or jail, as being propagated by the agents of the ISKCON Mumbai. That depends on where Krishna wants to keep us, in jail or street or palaces. They or we have no control over it. Since we are serving Him, we have full faith that He is in direct control of these outcomes which will be known in the next few days. Neither are we doing all this to buy time by being in any illusion that ISKCON Mumbai/GBC is going to lessen any of their efforts to defeat us in the higher courts by all means available just because of this peace proposal. To sum up, it is a straight forward offer of peace to work together under one GBC body.

We request the GBC not to mistake us and think that what we have said above is out of arrogance. We have said so only with the desperate wish to work as part of a united worldwide ISKCON under a progressive GBC. We want the current GBC to see every one of our proposals in that light and respond so that court cases can all be ended. We are awaiting if the GBC body is serious about respectably welcoming our group as faithful Vaishnavas with some conviction, but not as deviant devotees being sheltered ‘mercifully’. The offer is there officially in writing. The demands in the offer are simple to understand.

Thank you Maharajs and Prabhus.

Your servant in service of Srila Prabhupada
Madhu Pandit Das

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  1. Ramesh says:

    Hare Krishna , All Glories to Srila Prapupada

    1. Did Srila Bhakti Sidhanta saraswati Maharaja instruted srila prapupada to accept Deciple? Then why not Srila Prapupad initiated on behalf of Srila Bhakti Sidhanta Saraswati maharaja?

    2. How can I know that I am qualified to become his Grace desciple ? With out his permission how somebdoy can initiate ?

    3.I read one incident srila Prapupad denied to initiate one person as he didnt shave his head – How one person accept desciple for Srila Prapupad ?

    4.Suppose my present job is in Shoe manufacturing factory( Leather ) . I am doing all my Sadhanas properly .You will accept me as Srila Prapupads desciple ? How do i know whether he accepted that or not ?

    5. From Where I can get Gurus instrution Regarding Marriage/ getting a baby / an many situations

    6.How can I reveal all my personal life to a person not qualified to become a Guru ?

    7. If then why there is an officiating acharya ? one can just decide I am his desciple and act as a desciple why not that allowed.

    8. Any one there authorised by srila prapupada to do initiation on his behalf in Banglore temple ?

    9. Why His grace Madhu Pandita Das using the same initiated name given by His holines jayapataka Swami ? If it was a False initiation why didnt he change his name ?

    3.How the Reaction of Karma acts on Srila Prapupad if his disciple offended/fallen ?

    Thease all are my observations

    All Glories to Srila Prapupada
    Hare Krishna


    • Naveen says:

      Hare Krishna Dear Ramesh,

      Here i am going to answer all your questions.

      1 . Did Srila Bhakti Sidhanta saraswati Maharaja instruted srila prapupada to accept Deciple? Then why not Srila Prapupad initiated on behalf of Srila Bhakti Sidhanta Saraswati maharaja?

      Yes, Bhakti SIddanta Saraswathi Thakura Maharaja instructed him in his letter few days before he passed away. At that time Bhakti Siddantha Prahupada was in Radha Kunda .

      2.How can I know that I am qualified to become his Grace disciple ? With out his permission how somebody can initiate ?

      Srila Prabhupada has said us that if we follow his instructions we are already intiated by Him. There is permission and by His own will we are following the intitation ceremony refer the July 9th,1977 letter.

      3.I read one incident srila Prapupad denied to initiate one person as he didnt shave his head – How one person accept desciple for Srila Prapupad ?

      Don’t worry about this , there are senior devotees who are acting like Siksa Guru’s they will instruct you every step and Srila Prabhupada is the real Diksa Guru.

      4.Suppose my present job is in Shoe manufacturing factory( Leather ) . I am doing all my Sadhanas properly .You will accept me as Srila Prapupads desciple ? How do i know whether he accepted that or not ?

      You approach instructing Guru’s for any questions or any queries they shall help you with all these.

      5. From Where I can get Gurus instrution Regarding Marriage/ getting a baby / an many situations

      Instructor Guru’s

      6.How can I reveal all my personal life to a person not qualified to become a Guru ?

      You dont have any personal life everything Krishna knows and a real sadhu already will come to know who are you? what is there in your heart?

      7. If then why there is an officiating acharya ? one can just decide I am his desciple and act as a desciple why not that allowed.

      Officiating Acarya’s are giving Diksa on behalf of Srila Prabhupada. If you follow Srila Prabhupada instructions you are already His disciple you can claim that you are his disciple but there are formalities to be his disciple the first step is receiving initiation, serving , and so on . Initiation is just a formality it is not compulsory. If you are so much determined and full faith in Srila Prabhupada without intiation you will be Prabhupada Disciple.

      8. Any one there authorised by Srila Prabhupada to do initiation on his behalf in Bangalore temple ?

      Srila Prabhupada said , In future for more Ritviks they will be authorised by those 11 Ritviks at GBC mayapura but entire system failed as you know GBC lie, no more Ritviks? No, There has to be someone who is going to fulfill Srila Prabhupada desire and that is Madhu Pandit Prabhu.

      9. Why His grace Madhu Pandita Das using the same initiated name given by His holines jayapataka Swami ? If it was a False initiation why didnt he change his name ?

      Because he is in the line of Parampara with this name from JayaPataka Swami and he is qualified with this name to initiate.

      3.How the Reaction of Karma acts on Srila Prapupad if his disciple offended/fallen ?

      Srila Prabhupada doen’t get anyone’s reaction because a pure devotee doesnt suffer although externally he looks like but Krishna who is very dear to Him guide such pure devotee, help, and care for such a pure devotee every step. No, if a pure devotee’s disciple’s fallen or offended a pure devotee (Srila Prabhupada) doesnt suffer for that all the sins of Pure devotees disciples are abdsorbed by Krishna .

      Thank You
      I hope so all your questions are answered.
      If any questions please contact lotusfeet108@gmail.com

  2. ANJU says:




  3. Kishor says:

    Hare Krishna,
    From the article the case is very clear. it not the bettle for phylosophy or krishna consciousness but to own the control over the property and to find space in the GBC to make decisions. Prabhupada said “Democracy is demoncracy” and the same is the proposal for peace.
    And regarding the person to become guru Nectar of instructions says(Vaco vegam …) very clearly about to become a spiritual master.
    And practically there is no evidence that srila Prabhupada recieved the instructions and permission from srila bhaktisiddhanta saraswati to initiate the desciaples. But it is not important to recieve the instuctions from spiritual master. anyone who qualifies the verse “Vaco vegam….” is eligible to accept the disciples.

    Please forgive me if I offended any one.

    your servent

  4. Bhaktavatsal das says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    No doubt Srila prabhupada is the only Guru for ISKCON. Devotee of Bangalore temple are right way, but still they may be lost their nice efforts due to clash with so called artificial guru of present ISKCON, Because Bangalore temple have not ” sufficient” blessing of Srila Prabhupada due to all service is focus on develope city culture,instead of establish Varnasramadharma, Which was 50% unfinished mission of our beloved Srila Prabhupda.City centered ISKCON’s service not stay long.
    Hare Krishana!
    Bhaktvatsal das,
    Founder & Secretary,
    Indian Society for Cow Protection, ISSCOP

  5. Srila Prabhupada kiii jayaaaaa!! The web site isnt up yet but coming 🙂
    I am so happy to read this article.
    I am so happy that these devotees took the stand to stand for the truth at the risk of losing many things, but ofcourse you can never lose Prabhupada or Krsna 🙂 Iskcon, you should feel ashamed of yourselfs! This bangalore temple and the devotees are working so hard, so many books have gone out, so many peopel are getting Prasadam, even Barak Obama wrote a letter glorifying their service. NO doubt Srila Prabhupada is singing their glouries but instead of encouraging them all you can think of is how to blanket their success,make sure no one hears about them and their wonderful service, and take control of all their laxmi and property. They did it all, with Prabhupada firmly in their hearts and minds so let them be, encorage them!! Lets all work together under our beloved Srila Prabhupada.
    I really dont understand what ıkscon fears? If any man or even the devil came to me and said “I want to be Prabhupada’s disciple, that would be the greatest sound to my ears and if they go on to serve Prabhupada’s instruction, that is the greatest feeling to my heart. Why are so called iskcon gurus and GBC so repulsed and disgusted? I thought deep and long about this and only came up with “fear of losing power and position”. Dear som called Gurus and GBC and all iskcon leaders, maybe you dont see it but since Prabhupada left his body, you have allowed him to be put into the back ground, you have allowed prabhupada to be shadowed by yourselves, you have allowed and are part of the problem that is slowly but surelly killing Prabhupada. Allowning Prabhupada to be forgotten, shadowed or put into the background even a tiny bit means allowing him to be killed by our own desire to be at the front. Once someone said to Prabhupada “Swamiji, can you see God? Prabhupada said “No, because you are standing in the way! Believe me when I sincerely with respect to all of you and all the nice service you have done for Prabhupada’s pleasure that we can not fully see or hear Srila Prabhupada because you are in the way! Your form, your talking so much, your quotes, your books, your tape ministries, your so called disciples talking about you instead of Prabhupada!
    You have allowed this!! I am sick of it. I am so sad in Mayapur when Prabhupada’s Guru Puja is going on during Gurapurnim, at least 70% of devotee are spacing out with something else. No focus on Prabhupada, no life with Prabhupada. Why? Because Prabhupada is dead!! This is there already, within just 30 years, you have done this much damage so where will Prabhupada be in 200 years, But Jayapataka swami, he is living, you should see when they do his Vyasa puja in the temple area, infront of Panca tattva, my Krsna. Everyone is so focused, the energy is so intense, the experience is over whelming. He has conditioned everyone to focus on him so so nicely, leaving Prabhupada to fade into the background. I can assure you, if you don’t reestablish Prabhupada the way he set himself up, to be worshipped in every temple as your guru: We sing every morning to Prabhupada: “He is my Lord birth after birth.”

    1) The lotus feet of our spiritual master are the only way by which we can attain pure devotional service. I bow to his lotus feet with great awe and reverence. By his grace one can cross the ocean of material suffering and obtain the mercy of Krsna.

    2) My only wish is to have my consciousness purified by the words emanating from his lotus mouth. Attachment to his lotus feet is the perfection that fulfills all desires.

    3) He opens my darkened eyes and fills my heart with transcendental knowledge. He is my Lord birth after birth. From him ecstatic prema emanates; by him ignorance is destroyed. The Vedic scriptures sing of his character.

    4) Our spiritual master is the ocean of mercy, the friend of the poor, and the lord and master of the devotees. O master! Be merciful unto me. Give me the shade of your lotus feet. Your fame is spread all over the three worlds.

    This is sung to Prabhupada, no one else. Please do what you can to remove yourself, please stand aside and let us develop and help us develop an ever deepening relationship with our dear spiritual master Srila Prabhupada, The Acarya, our guru for at least the next 10,000 years. Dear so called Gurus by leading us and helping us deepen our relationship with Srila Prabhupada, you will be serving your objective ( to please Prabhupada, he said your duty is to bring all students to his Lotus feet ) we will have so much more respect for you, you will not lose anything. we will serve you so nicely, give you nice facility etc. So please I kindly request you to do what you can to step aside and allow Srila Prabhupada to fully shine through directly into our hearts for life times after life times.

  6. dainyavan says:

    i cant agree with they speculations,sorry
    Not in a name of ISKCON society.
    Hare Krsna

  7. Dave Raum says:

    All Glories to the devotees of Bangalore ! Jai Srila Prabhupada !

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