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The Four Philosophies: Impersonalism, Yoga, Personalism and Voidism

Haare krishna Madudviadas prabhu: It is an accepted truth as per the Vedic literature The Mhavavishnu took the avatar of Buddha and Lord Shiva took the Avatar of Adi Shankara. They are Gods or demi Gods the highest devotees of Lord Krishna. Why it is they taught Mayavadi philosophy or voidism instead of Vasishtadwaita. They had a purpose in doing so as per your statement. Why is it that Gods coming to earth taking avatars did not teach the correct method of salvation. Even Srila Prabhubada in his writings say that Adishankara is not a Mayavadi.His Bhajagovindam clearly says we have to take the name of Lord Krishna always for a better rebirth. kindly forgive me if I am wrong. Hari bol. manian

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On October 12, 2011 @ 7:49 am

India–From Punya-Bhumi to the Land of Sinners

Hare Krishna Madhuvisa Prabuji.

Pranams. I fully agree with what you say. I am ignorant of what is Mayavadham. Adishankara is known to be the Avatar of Lord Shiva who took birth to revive the values of Vedic Sanatana Dharma at time when Hindu values were decadent due to Budhisim and jainism which preached non existence of a super power and everything at end is a vast Vacuum. Adhi Sankara did sanchara from Kanykumari to Badrinath to defeat this atheism to reestablish Vedic values. In Bhjagovindam he instructs the followers to chant the name of Govind as nothing will come to their help at the time of departing from this world. Though his commentaries in the initial stages looks like Bhudism, He is very clear about the existence God in the form of Lord Govinda. So many saintly followers of Adisankara preached, nama Samrana and nagar Sankirtana. Even tody in South Indian villages during the month Margarirish early morning nagar Sankirtana is done on the streets and ends in the temple. If you take Sourthern India, most of the people of Shaivites and in north India most of the people of Vaishnavas. There were 64 Vaishanava alwaars composed music in Praise of the Lord and 63 shaivite saints composed music on Lord Shiva and other Demigods, and they are still sung in all our temples. Through out the Country Shiva Temple and Krishna temple exisit in large numbers. In my opinion the decadence of character of the Indian culture is due to unwanted increase of material comforts rather than Mayavadis.Adi Shankara and his decedents in our Shankara Mutt are saints and teach Gita way of life for happiness. In our Vedic culture there was a Maharishi known as Charvaka who preached only materialism which is swallowing the Indian Citizens. Forgive me for my ignorance. HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAME HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 4, 2011 @ 12:39 pm

Hare Krishna Prabhuji: I agree with you to some extent. You have generalised the entire Indian population under the category of hypocrites. I am sure you have not visited the South india where still the vedic system is still practiced. There are two villages in India on in Karnatak and another in Madyapradesh where all the population speak in sansrit in conversation and pious. I think you have not visited the Sankarachara mutt, Ragavendra Mutt at Mantralayam, Asharam Bapuji’s mutt at Ahmedabad and their branches all over India where devotees come for spiritual progress. Please visit them and then comment about Indian population as whole. You have generalised that Indians want to look like Ameericans (white skin)by using creams. kindly tell me how many Indians have the money power to buy such creams. Your remarks that Americans are beautiful definitely shows a samll tinge of racism in your writing. I humbly beg not to pass such comments as a matured devotee of Krishna Consciousness. All the Gurus who have preached the vedic system of life abroad have taken Samadhi only in India as this country is Punya Bhoomi as well as Karmabhoomi. America and aother European countries are Boga Bhoomi, and they have take birth in India for their Karmas. I would like you to visit all the Ashrams in South as well as north to find out what is going on there. All the Avatars took place only in India. I agree that Indians of the upperclass imitate the Westerners which is wrong. Though I agree with most of your view that lot of illicit activities are going on India which is regrettable, but it is the case all over the world. Forgive me if I am wrong.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On August 31, 2011 @ 9:07 am

The Spiritual World — And how to get there

Hare Krishna Madudvisa Das Prabhu: I have a small doubt. Is Vaikuntam the aboard of Lord Vishnu, is it different from Goloka of Krishna? Our philosophy teaches, Krsihna is an Avatar Mhavishnu and they are same. If so what is difference between Goloka and Vaikunta.Is Vaikunta impersonal. Please enlighten me. Kamsa was the door attendant of Vaikunta the residence of Mahavishnu he had to take birth in the earth for his refusal to admit Gautama Maharishi without permission. Both the door attendants took birth on the earth and annihilated by the Lord Himself. Hare Krishna.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 11, 2011 @ 4:29 pm

Hare Krishna prabhus:
I have down loaded lot of Temples of Mahavishu, Bhu Devi and Garuda from Vaishnava Cyber.Com. as Website dedicated to Srila Ramanujaar who established Vaishnava philophy of Dwaidism. If it is not offence to this site, i would like upload them with the permission of Sriman Madudvisa Dasa. Hari Bol.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 11, 2011 @ 3:31 pm

Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Devices Really Intelligent?

Pranhuji: From all your mails, I sense that you are very much antagonised against the people doing charity in India. The immense work of charity carried on by temples and organisations relieve the sufferings of the poor though they are suffering the results of their karma. Take for instance yourself: if you see a human meeting with an accident, will you not take him to a hospital or leaving him saying that he suffers his karmic reactions, in which case you will be inviting a karmic reaction. According to Dharma if you turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, you are creating a sin. With anantakoti pranams. manian

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On December 9, 2011 @ 4:35 am

Television Interview With Srila Prabhupada

Indian politicians say they are secular, where as minority communities are being encouraged for vote bank and the politicians are corrupt to the core. They put lot of restrictions on Hindu endowments and see to it that vedic culture do not show its head here. It is really pathetic solution. The only alternative is that Srila Prabhupada takes a reincarnation and stays in India contiguously to bring all the people to Krishna Consciousnesses. We have so many Ashrams in India but they are all engaged in charity work and not converting the citizens to Krishna Conciousnes. I have read the contents of Bhakti Vendanta Swamy’s Interview in the American T.V. Channel and admire him for his conviction in Golaka Vrindavan, which every one will be pleased to go after death.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 6, 2011 @ 11:06 am

Hare Krishna;So many religious leaders from India went to Western Countries for Preaching,but Srila Prabhupada’s Krishna consciousness movement was deep rooted and the people from the western countries are showing their seriousness in being spiritual. If this sort of movement start taking root in all the countries I am sure Lord Krishna Himself with descend on this earth to save us all.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 6, 2011 @ 10:55 am

Ramanujacarya, The Great Vaisnava Acarya

pujya mahavisadas: pranams. I am not able to down load your i pod lecture of Shrimad Bhagavat Gita. Please suggest me what i shall install in my pc. seeking your blessings.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 6, 2011 @ 9:55 am

Dissapearance of Srila Madhavendra Puri–March 15, 2003

Hare Krishna Prabhu:

We have Sri Madhava Mutt all over South India and pujya Ragavendra Swami who took Jiva Samadhi in Mnatralayam,Andhra Pradesh is an important decedent saint of Madhava mutt. Madhava philosophy is more predominant amongst Madhava sect in Karnataka. Gaudiya mutt of Bengal are also the followers of Madhava philosophy of qualified Dwaitham. I am eager to know has Sri Madhava who is said to be an Avatar of Lord Hanuman established Mutt in Bengal. please forgive my ignorance. Your servant.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 4, 2011 @ 4:14 pm

These People are Practicing Yoga?

Hare Krishna: Adhi Shnkara was Saintly incarnation of God Shiva, and I do not understand how his philosophy can be judged as Maya vada. Yogic exercises are essential for well maintenance of the body and KC is essential for the spirit Soul. Adhi Shankara has reindroduced our Vedic system. if one studies all his work, he can understand the nature of the all pervasive God. May be the pseudo gurus of the present day world can be called the personalists. Acharyas of Shankara Mutt all over India preach only impersonalism, i.e. Bhakti cult to attain salvation. For example, Shringeri and Kanchi Mutts are foremost in propagating Bhakti. Bhajagovindam composed by Adhi Shankara clearly tells us to take the name of Govinda only as nothing can help us at the time of death. Swami Ragavendra who spread Dwaita of the Great Madhvaharya, (whom Gowdia Mutt saints follow)during his debate with Advaitins in Madurai, accepts that Lord Hari And Haran (Lord Shiva are same. The ancients Asuras and Rakhshasa did penance to attain boons to attain material gain and they are not advaitins. In today’s circumstances the recent saints like Gneshwar, Tukaram, Purandaradas, Surdas, Tulasidas swami, kanakadasa, Ram das,and other saints took only bhagtiyoga and preached bhakti marg to the people as this is the only salvation for the Kaliyuga. Though these saints are great Vainavas, Iscon does not hilight their examples. One way I appreciate the Iscon’s efforts is that It leads it followers like horses, their eyes covered so that when they are carted, they do no get distracted by outside world, and reach their destination safe

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 29, 2011 @ 9:38 am

Proposal for Hare Krishna World Sanga:

Hare Krsihan Madhuvisa Prabhu:

Anantakoti Namaskarams to the Lots feet of Srila Prabhupada. I have read the introductory mail on DHARMA. i have learnt a lot about Sanatana Dharma and Individual Dharma of service. May Lord Krishna bless you with a long life to propogate KC. I was so far thinking that Srila Prbhupada was critizing Sankara Philosophy and after reading minutely into the concept, Lord’s creation is not MYTHYA as argued and established by great Acharyas like, Prabupada, Madhva, Ramanujachariay, Satguu Ragavendra Thirtha. I pay my obeisance to all these Mahapurshas. Hare Krishna.

» Posted By V.Balasubramanian On September 8, 2011 @ 10:28 am

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  1. Govind says:

    Hare krishna Prabhuji.,Dandvat Pranaam
    May i know about the author of the book”Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita As It Is” named mukund das prabhu.Had he any personal association with Srila Prabhupada.

    • This book is a compilation of direct quotes from Srila Prabhupada speaking about his own life. The author is Srila Prabhuapda, all Mukunda did was compile the quotes and he did a good job of it. He wrote a bit of rubbish on the last 2 pages but apart from that he did not write a single word in the book. It is a collection of Prabhupada quotes and the author of this book is Srila Prabhuapda.

  2. Vamshi says:

    Prabhu Madhudvisa Dasa.Is Jagannath Krishna himself or is just an expansion of Krishna like Vishnu,Rama etc.In Iskcon lectures I heard that Jagannath is Krishna himself,they have proved this by saying a story from Skanda purana.Is this true or Iskcon lectures are just bogus?I found no video Prabhupad talking aboyt Lord Jagannath.Oh Prabhu kindly answer my doubts.Hare Krishna

    • Yes. Lord Jagannatah is Krishna Himself. It is Jagannatha [Krishna] Balarama and Krishna’s sister Subhadra.

      So Jagannatha is deity form of Krishna. He is representation of Krishna with His brother Balarama and sister Subhadra,

      It is deity manifestation of Krishna, Balarama and Lady Subhadra,

  3. tanu says:

    Jai Govind

    I request you clear my doubts.I understand the complexities of life processes,cellular mechanisms and other natural phenomenon cannot be explained solely by reasoning and scientific theories as somewhere or other our knowledge is limited.I am a science student nd nature lover.After reading the article posted by you regarding the concept of the origin of life,a question arisen in my mind that krishna is all powerful,then, why he designed this universe in this complicated way?,why life originated? why he made all that dna etc matter space?what is his true nature? why are we given these bodies these reasoning abilities?why krishna waited for billions of years and made us take birth here?why prakrati and purush got seperated? who were those dinosaurs etc for souls are eternal were those dinosaurs primitive and other organisms we only? are there any planet lest earth having life?why will happen atlast for we are ultimately destined to reach our eternal govind? why doesn’t he appears now and clear all these doubts for one thing is sure that if even he messages in some ways we will submit to him?why krishna is so naughty why has he made everything complicated?I know these are childlish questions but still worthy to be answered…..

    I am a krishana devotee.I feel as if there is pure love for him deep in my heart.But at the same time I do believe in science.Sometimes i find myself stuck in between science emotions belief and devotion.I want to understand my Govind,I want to understand myself.

    I request my friends to please give answer to these questions.I hope i will get atleast answers of a few questions as i found this site quite appealing.

    Radhe krishna

    • Hare Krishna Jai Govind

      To clear your doubts you have to become Krishna conscious. Because unless you become Krishna conscious you will not be able to understand what Krishna consciousness is and you will remain continually bewildered.

      All these questions are irrelevant. You seem to accept that Govinda exists, that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now you have to just surrender to the idea that you are His servant. And then you need to find out practically how you can engage in the service of Krishna. And to find out how to do this you need to read Srila Prabhupada’s books. And in the process of becoming Krishna conscious all your other questions will automatically be answered.

      The scientists can not understand anything. They only have very fragmental information about everything they study. The information we can gather through our material senses is very limited. There are so many things we can not perceive through our material senses. So they can not understand what they can not perceive.

      So instead of just speculating all these questions and being bewildered like this it is better to just admit that in our conditioned state with our very limited mind and our material senses we can not hope to understand Krishna or even this material world which is created ultimately by Krishna.

      The way to understand these things is to become Krishna conscious. We can not understand without becoming Krishna conscious.

      So you have to learn how to become Krishna conscious… That is the answer to all your questions. And Krishna consciousness is a science and that science is very elaborately presented in the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

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