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All glories to Vishnujana Swami, who forever captures the heart of the devotees! We are pleased to announce a new website dedicated to Vishnujana Swami located at Vishnujana.

com. Now, once again Vishnujana Swami is preaching and singing the glories of Lord Krishna, and his transcendental potency and charm will undoubtedly make new devotees by attracting their heart.

This Vishnujana Swami website is overflowing with vintage audio nectar and pictures, and is designed to be a progressive-website, in that it is ever expanding in external size and internal consciousness. The potent drops of transcendental nectar that Vishnujana Swami has sprinkled are enough to swim in forever. Also, it is progressive in that the pastimes are arranged to occur in order of time, so this first edition only goes so far. As time goes on, the more pastimes will be added. This website has more vintage audio nectar which will be uploaded to the gallery soon, as with the transcriptions, photos, and memories.

We are asking that devotees please contribute in any way they can to this project. So, please feel free to send in anything, including pastimes, pictures, artwork, ideas etc.

, related to this transcendental personality.

There is great significance in the web page coming out in March, the time of the annual Mayapur festival.

It was the month of Vishnujana Swami’s initiation, and the month he left this planet. Now, this March the transcendental potent radiance of his blissful personality again shines in this world, making its way into our hearts…!

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  1. Hare Krishna! I am so pleased that you have written and published this article directing devotees to http://WWW.VISHNUJANA.COM , In 2009 I assembled the website to ensure that the story of HH Vishnujana Swami is kept in the ongoing memory and admiration of ISKCON devotees. Thank you! Jagadisha das

  2. Rukmini says:

    Thank you so much for telling about this website .I really wanted to know more about Vishnujana.

    As for more information, I got some videos in Youtube . I am sorry I depended on Youtube.
    When you type ‘ vishnujana swami ‘ in the search column many related videos and the ones I found good are:

    1. Kirtan being led by Visnujana Swami
    2. Vishnu Jana Swami – Radha Damodara travelling Sankirtana Party
    3. Extended version- The life and Pastimesof Vishnujana swami
    4. VISHNUJANA SWAMI: Jaya Sachinandana
    5. VISHNUJANA SWAMI: Sri Gurvastakam
    6. Vishnujana Swami: Hare Krishna
    and many more……

    Thank You.

  3. paulie297 says:

    Both and are currently defunct. However, you can download over 40 Vishnujana Swami kirtans and bhajans at

    Glories to Vishnujana and the Sri Krishna Sankirtana of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

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