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Gurudrohi, Offences and Rectifying Them

To the devotee his guru is all and all, more important than God to him. There is no God without guru, No Krishna without His Divine Grace Abhaya Charanaravindadas Bhaktivdanta Swami Prabhupada.

HareKrishna Madhudvisa dasji,

Humble pranams to you. Many many thanks for your kind e mail.

Are you the same Madhudvisa das who I used to see in GG Park in 67,Michaek Morrisey?

[No. I joined in 1986 and took ritvik initiation from Srila Prabhupada through Jaya Dharma Prabhu in 1989 in Australia]

The old fellow named Santa Claus used to speak of you so affectionately. If you are the same person, then Hello Prabhu.

You never would talk to me or even look at me because you were too big a devotee, very important sannyasi with the support of Tamal Krishna Goswami, who used to sit on a throne in Prabhupada’s temple demanding worship and denying food and medicine to those Godbrothers who did not worship him.

Anyway, there is much jal under the Ganga Jhula now and things have changed. Those who mistook arrogance for spiritual advancement have choked upon the bitter lessons of their mistakes, but all this has done more to hurt Shrila Prabhupada than anything else.

Fortunately we still live and breathe which is to say that in the very few moments that we have left we can rectify our errors and offenses to our spiritual master. But for those who have found some sort of Prabhupada substitute of Swami surrogate, then there will never be rectification.

Yesterday I saw a CD by a devotee of Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s songs. There is a picture of the Thakura, and nice words about him. But no mention of how she got to him, the parampara.

Like this many devotees have become gurudrohi, offenders. Shri Manu Samhita states that those who try to bypass their eternal satgurudeva out of ingratitude will become insects of the larger varieties in the next existence. The fool who believes that he can get a cooler guru than the one who has saved his soul is nothing less than a mayavadi.

So many swamis from the Gaudiya Math fishing in the pond of Shrila Prabhupada are actually magnets for mayavadis.

To the devotee his guru is all and all, more important than God to him. There is no God without guru, No Krishna without His Divine Grace Abhaya Charanaravindadas Bhaktivdanta Swami Prabhupada.

Let any horrific fate befall me this instant, but never let me forget this all-important fact.

Yours Humbly in Prabhupada,

Patita Uddharana das Adhikary

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One Response to Gurudrohi, Offences and Rectifying Them

  1. dasanudas says:

    Haribol and dandavads

    The above can only be confirmed and its all true, Srila Prabhupada did say all these things. In the same time when a devotee is on the edge of falling completely away or is totally disillusioned, because so many bad things happened in His spiritual masters movement and a person from the Gaudya Math or Gaudya Vedanta Samiti comes and is able to help him to get back on his feet and back to Srila Prabhupada, then all is good and NO harm done. Srila Prabhupada would be very happy that His disciple is saved.

    I also disagree that Srila Prabhupadas apology during His final hours could have been “an act of politeness” because at that time, such insincere social etiquette would have been the last thing on Srila Prabhupadas mind and I am amazed that Patita Uddharana das could even think Srila Prabhupa was capable of such insincerity and not mean what He said.

    I also think in the present climate where there is so much disillusion and discontent, proper association is incredibly important and I could copy and paste volumes of Srila Prabhupadas quotes from His books, about associating with advanced devotees, (but not about ritvik) However, based on the grave offences committed in both camps Iskcon and ritviks alike against a present prominent pure vaisnava of The Lord, I can not possibly take shelter at either of them. btw i dont mention my name or proper email because I dont want my mailbox to be swampt with countless arguments. Yhs ………das ACBSP 1976

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