Gurukul Child Abuse

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ISKCON Destroys a Whole Generation of Devotee’s Lives…

I have so much pain in my heart…. So much pain and tears… If you could just see what you have done to us…. All in the name of worshiping Krsna…. Well now Krishna can kiss my suicidal ass! Cause that’s all I think about is just ENDING my miserable life…. Everyday I have to find a reason why I should stay. I have nothing but you and all your

Gurukul Vetren’s article continues below this note:

Readers should be informed that this young lady has already apologized for her strong language against Sri Krsna and Srila Prabhupada (read comments: “Iskcon files for bankruptcy” 11/2/02). [also at the end of this article] She is a victim of ISKCON’s pedophilia protection racket, and should be given our full support.

Had ISKCON made as much noise about the monsters who raped children as they do about plans to protect assets, their concerns would have been self evident.

As it is (even though management has admitted awareness of the crimes), there has never been a single case where ISKCON has prosecuted a predator. Not in the past, nor at this present time. To the contrary, they have given protection, even given office to known offenders.

ISKCON will find very little sympathy (if any) in the public eye. This is the single most concentrated case of child-abuse in the history of man. To believe that material assets will be spotlighted, is just another ISKCON illusion. ISKCON’s accumulation through expansion program may get some air, and its techniques of psychological slavery may be exposed. Other than that, the rape and abuse of its own children will take center stage. (SGd)


The pain you teachers and GBC put me threw……the isolation’s, segregating me from my parents and family……all the times i was molested and then finally raped YOU the devotees and your PHILOSOPHY said it was my fault my karma….at the age of 8 or nine my gurukula teacher told me to thank krsna that this man violated me now and not later, that i was paying for my karma, i must have done the same in my past life to a child and now i must accept what happened as krishnas mercy, tell that to my badly swollen 9 year old hairless vagina! another time at 10 it was my fault cause to many bramacharies had crushes and any Prabhupada said woman are the fire and men are the butter…..believe me there were many molestations and tons of excuses and no ONE PROTECTED ME! NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!

how many of our molesters got found out and just moved around to another temple by the GBC to avoid prosecution….HOW many GBC’s are molesters them selves!

my nightmares and daymares is all I have now… people completely PHUCKED ME! i worshiped the ground my teachers and elders WALKED on and all I got was hit called a prostitute all the time, for like not covering my head or looking at the bramacharis as they danced all around the temple like horny bulls!…..I cant believe the things you people made me do……drinking foot juice from Bhavananda another molester! or when I spilled my food I had to eat it off the floor and my juice or milk to….cause its prasadam, you people treated me like shit and cant even do right by me.

You’v done some evil and just plain Terrorizing things to me and to my godbrothers and sisters. I watched, I witnessed all the abuses……no exaggeration here Anutuma. You are the spokesperson for a bunch of child molesters and control FREAKS.

i have so much pain in my heart….so much pain and tears..

if you could just see what you have done to us….all in the name of worshiping krsna….well now Krishna can kiss my suicidal ass! cause thats all i think about is just ENDING my miserable life…. everyday i have to find a reason why i should stay. i have nothing but you and all your tortures to keep me crazy….

i sit here remembering all that anutama has said, all that ISCKON has done to me. i just want to die.

why did you do this to me.


gurukula vetern.

Thank you for your words… believe it or not i don’t mean at all to be offensive to KRSNA or SRILA PRABHUPADA, but all that I was taught through my abuses was out of this Devotion for Them.

When they punished us or locked me in the dirty kitchen/closets it was Prabhupada’s tape they played behind the door all day till they saw fit to let me out…. Sometimes the girls would slip chapatis under the door for me….

When I tell you that I can not even hear/see or smell anything devotional because I become physically ill, like nausea, cold sweats and crying lots of crying….

Sri Krsna AND Srila Prabhupada has been CRAMMED down my throat and now what ever beauty you all seem to see, i just cant see it…. To much pain….

Whether I was misinformed about the true essence of Vaisnava life or not, I am ruined for life by it….. I am A Survivor no doubt……. and there are many of us out there.

So though I mean not offend you there is the other side that is just so angry. At the misuse of your gods name and of his supposed pure devotees….and the need to sound respectful towards them now….is so hard for me…..confusing…..impossible….

I am a product of all the glorious bull….. If there is a Krsna out there then He knows who I am….. where my heart is and where I came out of…… and I think He is much more merciful then we all think and He would understand my anger even if misguided threw teachings and abuse……

I don’t know anymore who is up there but I know His love was not supposed to be like this…. From my Sad heart to yours I mean no offense…. I just need so badly to be HEARD for things to change and for JUSTICE…..

Thank you for everyones concern, it’s almost surprising…. because I just have read so many negative things writen about us and it comforting to know NOT everyone is blind, that there is compassion among some of the devotees…. Unlike how i was raised. i am just in so much pain and doing all I can to make sense of everything.

Of course there is no sense in it, it was a crazy mans life.

I just want Justice…… now in this lifetime.

Gurukul Vetren

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  1. Renukadevi says:

    My Dear Sister,

    Reading your article late night put my heart in ache, I prayed to Krishna and Krishna’s Pure devotee Srila Prabhupada to relieve your sufferings.
    I haven’t joined iskcon anytime or involved in any activity till now but I follow Krishna teachings through Srila Prabhupada.

    Krishnadasa Kaviraja, who wrote Chaitanya Charitamrita compared himself to a worm in stool and what to speak of me I’m not even eligible to be a stool. Still I’m writing to you with my pea brain in hope to relieve your sufferings one day putting my faith in Krishna and Srila Prabhupada.

    One who commits sin against Krishna can be forgiven but not a devotee unless you repent your mistake and take forgiveness from that devotee. Demonic asura infiltrate such sufferings on a Krishna devotee, he will never be forgiven unless you forgive he will take births repeatedly and suffer mesirably.There is one devotee story where I read in SPlila app where camera man devotee who always filmed Prabhupada noticed that in a video during girls (under 10) performing dance and singing for Prabhupada, Prabhupada never took a direct look at them. In Vedic culture even Dad after girl attains age 8, hereafter he should touch the child head and shoulders only. Demonic asuras who did that unbearable things to you, the moment they got that bad thoughts they should have repented and failing to control their sense gratification they are already fallen. They are finished in this life. Have to take millions of births to suffer all the sins they have committed to you. They failed Prabhupada Teachings. Using Krishna’s name and doing immoral things there is no doubt they will get what they deserve.

    At the same time, “We are the cause of sufferings” means: Yes, the moment we take birth our happiness and sadness are decided according to our past lives. By those sufferings your karma is lessened and who did those sufferings to you their karma is added. Now you shouldn’t add anymore sins in your life by engaging your services with Krishna.

    Also your anger on Krishna is understandable he is so merciful that he will forgive you. There are 4 kinds of devotees who go to him, the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is searching for knowledge of the Absolute according to Gita. you are in distressed state, now go and ask him how to come out of it. He will definitely show his mercy. Ask him why it’s happening to you? Why nobody is doing justice to you? Why are all this things happening? Cry to him and beg his mercy. You have suffered and karma is lessened please don’t do any things to add karma again to take next birth sometimes Krishna accelerates devotees sufferings to aid them in spiritual service. My beautiful child, that demon asuras will get what he deserves you only go to krishna and ask him for all your questions and sufferings. Please hold on to his lotus feet. KRISHNA DEVOTEES WILL NEVER BE VANQUISHED. 🙇‍♀️🙏

    You don’t need to associate with iskcon as it brings bad memories. You can just read Prabhupada books or chant in your home thinking of Krishna or visit temples like Tirupati Tirumala, Jagannath Puri.. please cry to krishna and ask him for help. Only he can relieve you from your sufferings.

    No one can escape from sufferings of material energy except Krishna but he accepts willingly for his devotees. Krishna is omnipotent when he takes birth in world as Rama why he needs to suffer so much? Lakshmi as Sita suffered so much, why? All for reasons to liberate living entities from sufferings. As Krishna in dwarapa yuga he accepted his devotees curses (Krishna takes only devotees order in the form of love) and his whole kingdom destroyed along with his kins and children in the end he died in the hands of hunter. Who can kill Krishna? No one can kill Krishna but here in material world he abides by material laws and Only his devotees get that love by his mercy. Even though he is eternal & no one can kill him He willingly accepts it because of devotees. Maya is so strong, illusionary and no one can escape from it unless Krishna gives mercy to that living entity.


    In the Mahabharata, Draupadi says, “My dear Govinda, Your promise is that Your devotee can never be vanquished. I believe in that statement, and therefore in all kinds of tribulations I simply remember Your promise, and thus I live.”

    The purport is that Draupadi and her five husbands, the Pandavas, were put into severe tribulations by their cousin-brother Duryodhana, as well as by others.

    The tribulations were so severe that even Bhismadeva, as one of 12 mahajans couldn’t do anything when draupadi was shamed. Bhismar who was both a lifelong brahmacari and a great warrior, would sometimes shed tears thinking of them.

    He was always surprised that although the Pandavas were so righteous and Draupadi was practically the goddess of fortune, and although Krsna was their friend, still they had to undergo such severe tribulations.

    Though their tribulations were not ordinary, Draupadi was not discouraged. She knew that because Krishna was their friend, ultimately they would be saved.

    Why I’m saying so much is, because whatever suppose to happen will always happen. Even Krishna’s devotees will never escape from sufferings, if you have observed real devotees who always think of Krishna get all kinda sufferings. He is making you sinless soon by giving all sufferings. Need not spend your energy on that demons, that asura paving his own way for hell.

    So dear pls take Krishna’s lotus feet. I’m truly wishing you child to get out of this pain soon. Oh merciful Krishna, please show correct way for this child. Please show your causeless mercy and only you can save her. 🙇‍♀️🙏

    Hare Krishna 🦚

    • It’s true of course. My personal experience is that. I have been bashed, beaten, blasphemed, thrown down stairs, poisoned, etc, by ISKCON devotees, not because of anything I did, just because I am trying a little bit to, most imperfectly, follow Srila Prabhupada’s instructions…

      So you know, it is never easy for devotees. But devotees never give up. I hear all these people crying and I wonder why. I was never surprised that the demons would get upset if I tried to preach. Rather we have to expect that the demons will get upset when we try to preach. Look at what Hiranyakasipu did to his dear son, Prahlada Maharaja. Why do you think we will be any different than Prahlada if we also try to preach Krishna consciousness among the demons.

      So there is no point in crying, “Oh, the demons attacked me…” What do you expect the demons will do? They attack devotees, that is their nature.

      But the thing is the attacks of the demons against the devotees always fail. Krishna always appears, often at the very last moment…, and kills the demons. So you know, it does not matter. Let the demons get angry, let the demons attack, and see the fun when Krishna kills them.

      What can devotees expect? If we are actually devotees we WILL be attacked by the demons. If we are not being attacked by the demons, then we are doing something very wrong…

      • Renukadevi says:

        Hare Krishna 🦚

        You are such a surrendered soul to a pure devotee of Lord, Srila Prabhupada. Krishna’s devotees are never vanquished.

        Try to accept all sufferings as given by Krishna to elevate you in your spiritual endeavour. Never forgot to follow all instructions from srila Prabhupada. I’m sure we will definitely go to Goloka by the grace of Prabhupada. Please don’t care about those demons and concentrate on elevating yourself. Once you read Prabhupada books many times and becomes confident you can gradually spread to your families, relatives and nearby town’s people.

        I can’t express in words on how fortunate we are to born in this age at this time. Lord Krishna and Lord Chaitanya appears only in each day of Brahma so out of 1000 maha yugas.

        ŚB 8.5.23 (Purport of SP):

        After the Battle of Kurukṣetra, at which Bhagavad-gītā was spoken, Kali-yuga continues for 432,000 years, of which only 5,000 years have passed. Thus there is still a balance of 427,000 years to come. Of these 427,000 years, the 10,000 years of the saṅkīrtana movement inaugurated by Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu 500 years ago provide the opportunity for the fallen souls of Kali-yuga to take to the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement, chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra and thus be delivered from the clutches of material existence and return home, back to Godhead.

        Wow, just imagine we were born in this 10,000 golden age of Kali Yuga which happens only in one Maha yuga out of 1000s. Now after Lord Chaitanya disappearance, 500 years passed still 9500yrs to come (people born during this time and get to know about Sankirtana are blessed). How fortunate we are to know Srila Prabhupada in our lifetime and get his grace mercy to know about Krishna more. You can simply chant everyday 16 rounds and go back to godhead. What an easy way, only fools and demons won’t believe in God and indulge in sense gratification. So please chant everyday and get your soul cleansed then happily spread the glories of Lord Krishna within your ability. Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada will always bless us. As long as you follow his instructions you are his disciple he will take care of you. Don’t worry about anything. Demons got hells and many more births to enjoy. God will never forgive who distressed his devotees.

        So please happily spread more positivity by spreading Lord Chaitanya’s sankirtan by following Prabhupada’s footsteps. Only more positivity can nullify negativity.

        Srila Prabhupada ki Jai 🙏
        Hare Krishna 🦚

        • Yes, you are very correct Mataji:

          “This age of Kali is an ocean of faults, but there is one great benefit, simply by chanting Hare Krishna we can be very easily liberated…”

          So in this sense Kali-yuga is the best of times and the worst of times. It is the worst in the sense that it is so demonic and materialistic and the whole atmosphere is so much against spiritual life but it is the best of times, as you say, because simply by chanting Hare Krishna we can very easily defeat and transcend all the disadvantages of Kali-yuga.

          So we need to restart the Sankirtan Movement… That is the thing. We are supposed to be the Sankirtan movement, but there is no Sankirtan, the streets of the worlds cities are silent. Only the riots and the screaming and bombs and the wars, THERE ARE NO SANKIRTAN PARTIES. So the followers of Srila Prabhupada, they need to restart the Sankirtan movement. It is the only hope for the world, and the only hope for us also…

  2. Oh dear sister it breaks my heart to hear your story but thankyou for making me realise how I have been brainwashed too a few days I talked to one of my friend who is from Iscon and shared the most dreadful experience of my life where I was molested as a 13 year old he replied it happens all the time no big deal and you deserved it because of your karma and guess what I actually believed it and started blaming myself your story opened my eyes to as to how much he had brainwashed me I believe God is there in whatever form you please he is in our hearts the one who knows everything the one you cannot lie to one who is always looking out for you and see when you listened to that God it opened your eyes and gave you the courage to raise your voice I know somethings never heal but i hope you grow stronger and be happy

  3. Niranjan dev says:

    We have been associated with ISKCON as in Mumbai Small Temporary structure was destroyed by police mostly complaint Christian & probably Local Maffia Group. The new temple was started and we will meet Srila Prabhupad during our curious visits. The propaganda was these foreign devotees are CIA Agents of America. But we did not see any such activities on the temple premises. Any new formation will go through many ups & Down. But ISKCON is at its highest glories in the year 2022. The responsibility of building the Bombay temple was on Giri Raj Maharaj. “All Glories To Srila Prabhupada”

  4. Ratna says:

    Our children were not only not protected but they were abused in unimaginable ways.
    This non resolution leads to an understandable mistrust.
    They all need and deserve our love and support so they can get through in anyway and every way we can.
    I am so sorry and shocked this experience happened, The effects of this last a lifetime.
    I am here for you xxx

  5. Acharya Das says:

    Was there no authority? Whether they were sleeping? This is really injustice. There are some so-called leaders, who support such activities. That’s why once some so-called authority asked me, whether I accept the GBCs as the highest authority? I replied, No,
    Those who support such activities, they are not the authorities.There are some animals in the name of devotees and authorities. And inspite of knowing all these things, they do not do anything. What kind of authotities are they? They themselves are culprits. They should have death punishment. That;s why the devotees are finding themselves insecure in this society. Prabhupada must have been very very sad. These animals do not care for that.

  6. Dave says:

    My heart crys for you and all the victims of these so called devotees.

    You were born a devotee and those that persecuted you, were not. They are, as somebody above quoted, ‘demons in dhotis’. Plain and simple!

    Prabhupada warned us, that Demons would be attracted to this movement and as always, he was right. The problem is, no one seems to have the guts for a spiritual revolution, whereby these people should be kicked to the gutter and spat at by dog eaters!

    Why do the good devotees of the movement allow these people to continue to have any association at all with Iskcon? If there is no agenda, why insult the Vedas with home-spun philosophies about why we tolerate rascals, demons, killers, criminals, rapists and paedophiles? Why are they protected and not imprisoned?

    If these abusers had any knowledge or realisation at all about Krishna, they would never have used His words to make someone submit to their gross bodily concept filth! Those arrogant, puffed up molesters/rapists will never see Godhead, Never, because they attack The Lord’s devotees in the worst way…. Their destiny is Hell!

    I understood, a long time ago that as long as you have Prabhupada, Prabhupada’s original, unadulterated books and Lord Krishna, you need little else in life, in terms of your spiritual path… At least with Prabhupada, you associate with a 100% pure devotee of The Lord, guaranteed, who is the only spotless character I have ever encountered in this lifetime. Please keep your faith in Prabhupada and Krishna, the rest, you can live without.

    I wish you all the peace, love, wellness, eventual happiness, healing and real Krishna Conscientiousness, from the bottom of my heart.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
    Hare Krsna!!

  7. It is very sad to see this story. I most certainly do not endorse the monstrous behaviour of those who promote toxicity and use their powers in a negative way. I can at best say that from experience saying inwardly, or outwardly, where one’s circumstances permit, the Krishna mantra can restore that sense of wholesomeness which removes bad feelings. Link this with the observances of the 4 Regulative principles and early rising (as far as is practicable if you are caught up in urban society living conditions and have a job to do which may require going late to bed so changing the natural routine) by 4.00. -4.30 am can produce beneficial results because they also help one in synchronizing with the somatic body’s homeostasis. I do not claim to know all but I have found the foregoing useful since my guru at induction, one named Ananda, was expelled from Jamaica it being rumored that his conduct was not becoming and performing actions reminiscent of your complaints. I quite like Mahadhudvisa dasa’s advice in this chat line and suggest your getting on track with it. Hari Krishna!

  8. Ratna says:

    I Hear You!
    I Love You!!
    I Salute You!!!
    I am so sorry you were hurt with such unforgivable actions!
    How can I support you?

  9. Kyra says:

    Mata Ji, they are not devotees at all. Just by wearing kanthi mala and tilak one does not become a devotee and even Srila Prabhupada says this. The TRUE iskcon devotees and true followers of Srila Prabhupada will never leave your side and will support you always. do not worry ma. the love of krishna will heal you and your scars. You will feel alive again. Actually, its very important to do service becaus ethen we can go back to golok and never have to return to this cruel world again. we will be protected by krsna. Mata Ji, i cannot fanthom how much pain you are in, but one thing i can say is that KRISHNA’S LOVE CAN HEAL ALL KINDS OF PAIN. Listen to pure devotees like Amarendra Prabhu JI. Listen to Srila Prabhupada YOURSELF. Do not listen to those who ‘cram it down your throat’ since that is not the right essence. Srila Prabhupada himself says do not blindly accept, understand first and find logic. EVEN KRISHNA says do what you wish to in the end of Gita. ACTUALLY BHAGWATAM is full of nectar. but just like when milk touches the lips of a serpant it becomes poison, when non devotees and molesters speak, it is better to stay away. Please listen from pure devotees like Amarendra Prabhu ji, and relish the nectar. Go at your own pace. devotional service must come from inside, it cannot be forced. and definitely locking someone in the room is not the answer. its actually AGAINST the true principals of iskcon. please do not blame the entire society. even if its hard, i know you can let go of the painful past. you are a warrior. KRISHNA’S WARRIOR. You cannot let monsters in dress of devotees come in between you and Krishna! come on! have unflinching faith in Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, that u will attain the TRUE ESSENCE and heal. Krsna will supply you with the strength. and NO ONE WILL DARE HURT YOU OR TREAT YOU BADLY for the supreme lord will protect you then!
    please do not get in the words of fake devotees, they do more harm than good. Pure devotees can only help us. because they are COMPASSIONATE. their COMPASSION is why they help us. and if they have COMPASSION then obviously they will not hurt us. but those who are doing it for power will. but those who are doing it as service and oit of mercy will instead heal us.

  10. Parvati says:

    Don’t think too much , go file a complaint against him , put him behind the bars, spit on his face and say now this is what karma is.

    Meet a Psychologist , I feel that you need therapy. See if you suffer from PTSD. And yoga helps in mental health.

  11. I have no idea at all Prabhu, which comment you are talking about. I search for comments by the name you use, by the email address you use to ask me to remove the comment, but never find any matching comment. We have spam filters so 99% of your messages I never see. So if you want me to remove a comment you have to provide me with some exact information, like the name and email address used to post the comment. You know there are tens of thousands of comments on, I really have no idea at all what comment you are talking about. Maybe you can quote the comment. I need some way to find it. If I can’t find it I can’t remove it.

  12. Gadadhar das says:

    mercy is above justice one who knows no animosity is very dear to the Lord.

  13. Gadadhar das says:

    Since all souls emanate from the supreme Lord Our God then the association of our Lord is all we need and his name being identical with himself is all we need besides the Lord our god resides in every entity’s heart I hope you found the god of your heart by chanting Hare Krishna Hare Ram Mahamantra without offence

    • Sometimes mercy comes in the form of killing demons. To sit back and do nothing against demons is foolish considering a devotees duty is to protect
      Other devotees. Especially children. Yes I still chant Hare Krsna and certainly am
      Not offensive to the devotees of the Lord. But I also distinguish between dhoti wearing demons and real devotees. I wish you well. These children that were destroyed were supposed to be leading iskcon now. And they are not because nasty disgusting degenerate souls harmed them. I walked away. I want no part in this horror road to hell.

  14. Cheryl Lombardo Regalbuto says:

    I believe every and all thinks you say❤️ Just know God sees all, and walks with you😇 Stay strong, your life is meaningful, and if hasn’t already your story can save others❤️

  15. Raj Panchal says:

    I hope the culprits die in this covid crisis asap.

  16. Victoria Wittelsbach says:

    Counselors are needed, so especially, children can be protected from abuse. This article is frightening. The spiritual path is meant for happiness. My heart goes out to children who are victims of other’s frustration.

  17. Lucky says:

    Dear Sister I feel your heart and though I don’t know who you are I also know your story from the inside, having grown up in New vrindavan.

    I hope you have received alot of healing and love and that you can continue to heal more….as we all are, slowly but surely.

    We have been given a lifetimes work. Let’s stop the karmic cycle here by forging their dense ignorance releasing then from our auras

  18. Sharad Bihari dasa says:

    Many so called devotees have no understanding of karma tattva. Krishna guarantees to protect us from all sinful reactions when we surrendering to Him .”Have no fear!” Then these bogus devotees come and tell her what she experienced was a result of her past karma like there is a punishing God destructive unmerciful God. If we are adults and we try and practice Krishna consciousness and fall down in our efforts and have illicit sex due to conditioning that is a different story. If we continue committing sinful activities because of Maya’s grip on us, they will go away eventually as we continue to practice Krishna consciousness and recondition our minds for Krishna. This is a descending process where we beg for the mercy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu because we can not eradicate our sinful condition through our own endeavors. The Holy Name will save us by taking shelter of a bona fide Guru. Taking shelter in bogus Guru’s of the GBC resulted in no mercy for spiritual aspirants. Ravindra Svarupa physically assaulted a woman devotee a few years ago. Out of fear she has to leave the temple and yet individuals continue to take shelter in Ravindra Svarupa. It is like us believing Putana breat fed Gopala Krishna out of love when her only motive was to kill Krishna. The GBC are Putana’s trying to destroy Krishna’s love for them. I was exploited by a bogus Pranhupada disciple. I was brainwashed because I was too submissive. Shesha dasa, now a member of GBC made me feel guilty because I did not want to continue working myself to death 70 hours a week in the temple with no morning program. Because I was Sharad Bihari dasa, I wanted to stay and serve Radha Sharad Bihari instead of running away to a new temple. I never visited my mother. I visited her one time I was so consitioned to living in the temple I did not realize it was a mundane holiday. Trains did not run as often. I was going to be late to do deity puja and I called Shesha from the train station. He then threw mw out after 12 years giving laxmi and service in the temple with no means of support. I had to live in the street until I had to face embarrassment asking my mother for shelter. After 12 years living in the temple, I became institutionalized, and forgot how to live outside of temple life. I could not get employment because I had no work history for years. What did I know how to do? Cook a feast for 200 guests, manage a Krishna conscious kitchen, make Mangala Arotika sweets, the daily pastry, and the daily sweet and cook breakfast for 80 devotees every day, I sold Korean paintings and gave thousands of dollars to the temple every month. was arrested 3X because our party leader selling paintings did not follow the law with canvasing permits. I performed deity worship. Now if you visit the Philadelphia temple, it has become an Indian social club. Try to call them on the phone or e mail them, no one will reply. I helped Haryashva open up the first Govinda;’s restaurant in the 1980’s. Then he moved to the other end of South St. and promotes Vegan food that is mostly premade by karmis, like non dairy deserts, mock meat. He was not promoting use of dairy products as if the Cow milk is unhealthy and promoted imitation of meat eating by selling mock meat preps. Why? Money. Then the federal government closed Govinda’s down in 2019 because he believed he was above the law as a devotee and ended up owing the government thousands of dollars. He had a preaching center upstairs there. I called him from China and asked him if I could stay there for a couple weeks. I did not see him in 10 years+ and as an old friend wanted to say hello. He lied to me and told me it was a mistake and I had to go. It cost me $800 to stay in a motel as a result. A friend of mine, who is a true Prabhupada disciple told me Haryashva accused me of using him for a free place to stay behind my back. I had every intention of offering some remuneration for allowing me to stay there. What happened to the hospitality that ISKCON use to offer when all devotees were welcome very nicely? I had written him a letter and asked him what happened to him. I told him I prayed to Krishna to take his restaurant away because all the laxmi he made was putting him on a power trip. Sure enough, Krishna took it away. one year later. This is my war story with the disciples of Kali who continue to destroy Prabhupada’s ISKCON. The meat eating Christian’s have better manners. I got the truth out in the open. My blessings to Ravindra, Shesha dasa and Haryasva is to humiliate them until they receive the gift of humility. You can train a dog and defang a serpent but some people may never have a change of heart and allow themselves to be under Krishna’s control. They must stop deifying themselves by through self adoration.

    • Wow you went through a lot… Hop e your healing will continue I joined in Ireland 78 and I’m still trying to recover from instatutional stuff it’s hard.. I have friends who suffered too some 0f them reject everything.. Throw out the dark stuff and kee the good..

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu

        Yes. 99% of the real devotees left and fell back into maya because we need association. So if we don’t have the association of devotees, then we need to take some association, so we associate with the non-devotees, and quickly become non-devotees ourselves again.

        But you know we can become Krishna conscious anywhere, anytime. The temple is not required, ISKCON is not required, only Prabhupada and his books are required and you can get everything you need to become a pure devotee of Krishna at:

        So do it. You know everything already Prabhu. Read all of Prabhupada’s books again, start getting out of bed before 4:00 AM again and offer Mangal Aroti again and chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra again every day and strictly follow the four regulative principles again and you will again feel that transcendental spiritual bliss that is real Krishna consciousness again and you will again become empowered to spread that spiritual enthusiasm and energy to everyone you meet.

        You know for us devotees who have once tased Krishna consciousness, Krishna consciousness is not very deeply buried. Really we just have to make a very slight effort to get out of bed early in the morning, chant Hare Krishna and read Prabhupada’s books and follow the regulative principles, and very very quickly we are more Krishna conscious than we ever were before again, and more empowered than we ever were before again. It doesn’t matter how fallen or apparently lost and drowning in the ocean of maya we feel, it is so easy for us to transcend all that and once again engage in pure devotional service and feel happy, hopeful and blissful again…

        I know it seems like a bit of an austerity, and it is a bit of an austerity, but it is not very difficult. Realistically the karmis undergo so much more austerity just to make money to get food and pay the rent than the slight austerity we have to undergo to become pure devotees of Krishna. But we don’t want to do it. I often marvel at the austerity of the checkout operators in the supermarket. The stand there all day and all night and smile at the customers just for a few dollars an hour so they can pay their rent. I could never do that. They are so much more austere than me. So the point is the austerity we need to follow to become pure devotees of Krishna is very light. All we have to do is chant Hare Krishna, dance in ecstasy, and accept sumptuous Krishna prasadam…

        So lets all do it again and let’s see that ocean of Srila Prabhupada’s and Lord Caitanya’s mercy flood this morbid planet again…

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Your servant

        Madhudvisa dasa

        • MPd says:

          Wow This is probably the best advice I ever heard a senior devotee tell someone! So encouraging and totally true. Envious people always try to disqualify others in their endeavors whatever they may be. False spiritual leaders always discourage others because their leadership is not based on their qualifications but basically on eliminating any competition to their positions. I have seen this over and over again in ISKCON. This is the exact opposite of how Prabhupada operated. He just saw are absolute spiritual potential and tried to encourage us. That is exactly what Madhudvisa is doing here. Thank you prabhu

          For those of us who Lord Krishna has already revealed Himself, He is always waiting for us to return to our beautiful service. If we give a little sincere try He is just waiting there. To all of you PLEASE dont let envious so-called spiritual leaders in ISKCON discourage you in your eternal devotion which had NOTHING to do with them. They have no pwer over your eternal relationship with God. Plese listen to this wonderful advise from Madhudvisa Prabhu. People like Haryasva, evn though he is sincere in a lot of ways, they are on the take non stop. Their rationale is they are not selfish users but are “using you in the service of Krishna”. No, maybe some service is going to Krishna but the truth is Haryasva fried out countless people for that restaurant which had a bunch of karmis cooking because he got a reputation for cheating devotees. So what service is that? The food is just bhoga because the qualification of prasadam is simple but has to be ccoked by devotees. And Ravindra and his wife basically left that temple a burnt out crater when they were forced to move out so what is that result of “using ” people in Krishnas service? They always say the same thing ” They are just mad at us because theyre spiritual life is a failure and they want to blame us!”. What a crock of crap. Ravindra assaulted some poor helpless lady who by the way more service for that temple than Ravindra, his wife and his “secretary” Sraddha devi combined. In fact, it took all three of them to make the service schedule for the temple and they conveniently didnt put themselves on the schedule becaue they were the “managers”! But whose loss is that, because the nectarean service of the Lord is the real reward. And the helpless mataji that Ravindra attacked, and bullied and belittled long before that, absolutely loved doing service for the deities.

          So dont be discourage Sarad Bihari Prabhu and please dont be discouraged dear Mataji veteran gurukuli. Please listen to Madhudvisa and know that your devotional endeavor is NEVER lost according Krishna in the B.G. The Lord is always there. False leaders in ISKCON have to discourage, humiliate and disqualify people so that they are the only ones left who are “qualified”. Their leadership is based on making everyone subordinates and disempowering them. The real Servant Leaders empowers others to be leaders, just like Srila Prabhupadas perfect and divine example

          Your servant


        • mahasimha says:

          Haribol.🙏🙏🙏 So I am considered a karmi because I have to pay rent and work every day? Devotee does not need to do it than?

          • Actually I am not sure what you are replying to, here I can only see your reply, not exactly what you are replying to. But no, of course not. Devotees have to maintain their families and material bodies. For grhastha devotees especially they have to have income obviously and have a place for their family to live and money to feed and cloth them. So we have to work. Everyone has to work in the material world. But devotees work for Krishna. That is the difference. Devotee may be going to work, earning money and paying rent. But he is working for getting money to serve Krishna, to buy bhoga which his wife will cook and offer to Krishna and then he will accept Krishna prasadam. He is paying rent, not on his house, but on Krishna’s house, because he is using that house to worship Krishna in and to train his family how to worship Krishna. So he is paying rent on Krishna’s house, Krishna’s temple, and he and his family are living there in Krishna’s house as Krishna’s servants.

            So externally a devotee working and paying rent may look similar to a karmi working and paying rent, but the consciousness is completely different.

        • Paul says:

          Thanks for your words, yes I am another of the many victims of current day ISKCON and the bogus homosexual guru we were told to worship.So sad to hear these stories of abuse, Bhavananda who initiated me and my 2 brothers, has perhaps some explaining to do.Again the gurukula kids stories are shocking and I hope that they can go on with their lives and find some peace and happiness. After 35 years of little contact with ISKCON I stumbled across IRM ,which answered alot of questions for me personally and also my brother ,we had revived some of our faith in Krsna and Srila Prabhupada.I am grateful to Srila Prabhupada for coming to the west and especially His books, which I read every day now, just disappointed with what has happened to the movement He started and the corruption that quickly followed after He left.Just to clarify my brothers and I were initiated as young men in the 1980s at Colo Farm near Sydney, and were based at Sydney temple under Pratapana as Temple President. All these “devotees””were overseeing the activities of ISKCON and the ensuing train wreck that followed thereafter in Australia with the insistence that either we worship the practising homosexual as our guru or get out, and get out alot of us did .Any way try and read Prabhupadas books and follow the instructions therein,all glories to His Divine Grace.

          • Hare Krishna Prabhu

            Yes. I joined ISKCON in London in 1986 but am Australian and came back to Australia in 1987, first to Melbourne, then to Sydney, just when they were selling Colo River Farm because North Sydney Temple President wanted the Colo devotees for his temple…

            It was a little crazy. I stayed in both North Sydney and Kings Cross temples. Pratapana was TP in Kings Cross. This was the time just after Bhavanada was exposed. It was a horrible thing. And so many, most of the Australian devotees were lost during this time.

            There is such potential for Krishna Consciousness in Australia but it is just strangled by the remaining leaders, who are all Bhavananda supporters, same mentality persists..

            We have to retain our faith in Srila Prabhupada and Krishna and become sincere devotee ourselves and chant Hare Krishna at least 16 rounds a day, follow the four regulative principles and read Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1 to 2 hours a day…

            It really works, for me, if I do it, but when I slip and don’t do it, I fall back down into maya.

            So it is a war really, and we are in the enemies camp. So the only way we can be victorious is by constant engagement, 24 hours a day, in serving Srila Prabhupada and Krishna.

            So I know, when I do it, I am happy, and when I don’t do it I am in maya and miserable. I would prefer to be happy…

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Your servant
            Madhudvisa dasa

    • Jiva says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience~ Hare Krishna

  19. Anon says:

    I feel that the fact you’re alive and able to cope with the pain is a sign of Krsna’s mercy. What happened to you is HORRIBLE. God doesn’t plan that kids should get raped because of karma. That is a 100% garbage. When Dushasana attempted to molest Draupadi and disrobed her she prayed to Krsna for protection and he did but when she asked him if it was her fault, or karma he said NO. What happened in the end was that Dushasana was killed by Draupadi’s husband extremely brutally. I will pray to Shri Rām to protect you and surround you with positivity. Do listen to Namaste Narasimha and pray for Lord Narasimha to kill these monsters in the same way he killed Hiranyakashipu. YOU DON’T DESERVE ANY OF THIS. NO ONE DESERVES TO GET RAPED THAT ISN’T HOW KARMA WORKS. I sincerely will pray for your well being. Use your anger to help others who suffered what you did. Empower yourself and others. You’re capable of completely changing around your life and doing something great however hard it my seem. Love & peace 🙏

  20. Christopher Lancaster says:

    This not what God wants for you. To tell you that you need to be hurt to burn off your karma is against Gods very nature. Use your sadness to surrender your soul to God.
    They did the same thing to me. But now; 40 years later they are like hurtful babies crying in the woods. I could punish all of them if I want. In fact; I have punished the ones I know about using Yogic weapons. Do the same; target them in your mind and kill them. Demons dont deserve to live. Your power is unlimited. Dont let them fool you into thinking you can do nothing and are weak. I can teach you if you want help. I offer you my help. Annutama is a demon helping these sub human monsters.

  21. acchedya das says:

    dear friends of the lord
    pamro, all glories to srila prabhupada
    dear vetren, by reading this article, i feel like omitting, this is not the iskcon
    srila prabhupada whas dreaming of, this people are the scum of the earth.
    this hole movement is going to the dogs, if the honest devotees don’ t stand up
    and get up for what is right. child molesters should feel the pain they are
    coursing to children and youngsters all all kind. woman who take to krishna
    have to be protected by any means. child molesters have rotten eggs, and a very
    perverted mind, scrambled eggs would be the best, to make them learn a lesson.

    ok. some say, everything is in krishnas control, and we suffer from past karma.
    well then, let them feel the karma that comes from hurting others. my thought was
    while reading your article, start a web side for all to see the many molesters faces
    and with there names and addresses, and hopefully there will be a kshatria one day,
    who is like parashurama and devot’s himself to the service to crush this demons
    in srila prabhupadas movement, to ring out the old…and ring in a new consciousness.
    since devotee should be soft as a flower, and hard and just as a thunderbolt.
    good gracious, this movement needs again badly, a strict discipline and law & order.!
    sorry if that sounds to harsh, but hard times need strong answers.!
    if somebody would do that to my children, i would go and beat the shit out of him,
    even if i have to go to jail for it, better to do what is right by my feelings, then to wait
    for the government ore the police, since they call it a minor offense and forget about it.
    so please don’t hurt your self, it only makes the molesters and control freaks stronger.
    and remember, you are not alone, and only together we are strong.!
    best wishes
    acchedya das

    • gurukuli from nv says:

      thats a really good idea as a start at least to put up a website with all their names and faces so that at least women interacting with them or still probably trusting their children with them can know what they are up against

  22. lynn says:

    I am shamefully sorrowful for your suffering, for all our children who experienced such torture. We ISKCON adults who harmed the children in our care, knowingly or unknowingly, must face it all. I’m so sorry for not protecting my ashram and classroom students , and for not protecting my own children. Please be healed and know that you are divinely loved now and forever.

  23. Sandeep Kalita says:

    Dear Devotees,

    Just take a moment and think this –
    ‘ In the age of Dwapar-Yug, even the kingdom (Dwarka) which was founded by Lord Sri Krishna ji, became corrupt in power and lust, the citizens of Dwarka, after intoxication, fight with each other and finally killed each other.’ Then what we can say about an organisation (ISKCON) which was founded and managed by mere human beings that too in the age of Kali-Yug.
    In the material world, ‘TIME’ is the strongest factor. Nobody can escape from the hands of time. With time, everything gets erode and need to be again properly established with the original principle. That’s why, the Lord will appear in the form of Lord Kalki avatar.
    I hope all of you gets your answer.
    Chant Hare Krishna Hare Ram

    Warm Regards
    Sandeep Kalita

  24. Prof.(Dr) L. Stanley Gordon says:

    The Christian Church is experiencing similar upheavals due to the misconduct of its stewards. Frightful disclosures abound and right here in Jamaica, the land of the most churches, according to the Guiness Book of Records, certain Ministers have been found wanting..and this at the top of the leadership levels of the Moravian Church whic has enjoyed considerable respect for numerous decades. CLEARLY…a SHIFT has taken place that requires us to seek to address our own navigation in a direct fashion by requesting guidance and direction from the Supreme Lord such that we might be enabled to stand on our own two feet when our Guru proves to be trending in Asuran ways.It is not Sri Krishna’s fault but that of our own feeble comprehension of the Dharma, and our Karma, and the influence of the Dhamna on them in our own theatre of interaction in the Maya bound Matrix of our existential reality. We must meditate as often as possible in order to avoid disconnect and aimless wandering. Hari Krishna! Ishwara!

    • Aman says:

      If we accept Srila Prabhupada as our Guru then there will be no question of our Guru’s ‘trending in Asuran ways’. We cannot stand on our own two feet as we are very tiny souls. We need help of Guru and Krishna always.

    • Sashya says:

      Which university are you a professor at Stanley Gordon?

  25. Paul says:

    WOW Thank you for the honesty and sharing. 🙂 I can’t imagine what you are going through and went through……

    Fortunately there are some fantastic devotee shrinks that can help. The ones that helped me, were not brainwashed and were licensed.

  26. Tulasipatidas says:

    Hare Krishna all Prabhu Ji and Mata Ji,
    Event that you described is certainly very unfortunate.

    Let me share with you an unfortunate event that occurred with one of our Hare Krishna community, Jaipur, India ( not ISCKON) devotee Pradyumna Das, who was forcibly abducted by his own family just after his initiation from representative of Srila Prabhupada. Than he was given drug injections to keep him unconscious. His own parents did it to him. Just see. They told doctors he was mentally ill. And kept him under strict supervision so that he couldn’t chant or follow any rules and regulations. And arranged his marriage without his concent although he desired to remain a brahamchari.

    Now at this point he had every reason to blame Krishna for what happened to him. There was nobody to preach him or tell him it was his karma.
    Instead he kept on remembering Prabhupada’s instructions. Not only he got out of that situation and is serving in temple (his wife is not favourable to Krishna Conciousness), also he completed ALL HIS ROUNDS of chanting that he couldn’t do during that time.

    Well there is a devotee. Whenever I face some difficulty in my life and it feels like I’m going to give up on Krishna Conciousness, his devotion inspires me to keep on going.

    Srila Prabhupada said that ‘we are at war with maya.’ Please don’t give up to maya. We are Krishna’s soldiers. Keep on fighting till the end and attain glory. Haribol \0/

  27. Haryasva at Govinda’s restaurant and preaching center in Philadelphia Pa. told me I could visit him from my China preaching center. When I arrived he threw me out. I late heard he believed I was using him for a free place to stay. I did bot sleep much for 3 days because of bad jet lag. He did not discuss the matter with me. My body was ill and I awaited surgery before I returned to China. Shesha dasa who is a renegade among the GBC. He threw me out of Philadelphia 1987 temple with no means of support after I had managed the kitchen for 10 years. It was unjustifiable. now he is a lawyer and part of supporting the broken ISKCON. I will tell all you brothers and sisters. Leave or you will never experience a shadow of love for Krishna. Every time a devotee gets a guru he has to change to another because of their sex with other devotees wives, child molestation and stealing money from ISKCON because of their own selfish greed. many people love to be cheated like one blind following another into a pit of hell

  28. And Ravindra Svarupa continues to be leader in ISKCON after he kicking a good vaishnavi in the ass. She lives in fear and had to leave the Philadelphia temple. Don’t go to Govinda’s reataurant in Philadelphia Pa. Haryasva has become a power monger. I have a preaching center in China and he told me I could stay at his small temple above the restaurant that I helped him open up in 25 years ago. He threw me out saying that I was using him, behind my back, back biting me, for a free place to stay when all I wanted was his association after 10 years of not seeing him. HE FORGOT ABOUT the $90 he owed me for working in his restaurant and I never asked him for it. He is a loyal follower of Ravindra Svarupa. I am ashamed of what they did to ISKCON. Shesha das threw me out of the Philadelphia temple after 10 years of managing the kitchen where I was forced by psychological brainwashing to work 70 hours a week for no pay for 10 years. I was homeless after giving them thousands of dollars selling Korean paintings to karmis. What a blind fool I was. Now Shesha is a lawyer. I only wanted to service the deities and devotees. Shesha dasa is suppose to be a Prabupada disciple and is also part of the renegade GBC which has destroyed ISKCON. How many disciples have to keep changing Guru’s because they are unqualified and are engaging in homosexual acts, stealing money because of their own greed, having sex with other devotees wives murdering each other? Yet maya is so strong that disciples follow a se monger for Guru and make no advancement. They love to be cheated.

  29. gpd says:

    i suggest to get help in the west outside of iskcon and bring these abusers to proper justice, like the christian church ministers are now receving.

  30. gpd says:

    2019 is the year to blow the abusers cover, the world is waking up to abuse and locking offenders up, many of us (including me) have been abused as children or adults inside iskcon before iskcon or after by men women or older children this is the age to bring these abusers down and lock them up, or as some countries are doing chemicaly castrating them, now is the time to call out these abusers in iskcon and get this stuff of our chests.

  31. KS says:

    I am really sorry what you had to go through:(. I just pray to the lord that you always remain happy for the rest of your life. God bless you dear soul…

  32. Dr potdar says:

    I have had horrible experience of this prostitution protection racket of iskcon vrindavan….they start a mudslinging campaign against you that no one will believe your experience.
    Just be careful..

  33. Jayanti says:

    Krishna did not led you to this pain, nor did prahbupada, your life is what you manifest from the hate that lives in your heart, I am a Hare Krishna kid born on the Hare Krishna farm and abandoned by my mother the devotees looked after me for the early years of my life til a lady who posed as a devotee hired by the government took me out of that life and in her care I was sexually, and mentally abused. The times I spent in cared for by devotee is the only thing that kept me alive, now I speak to krishna who touched my heart when I nearly did from electricusion. HARE KRISHNA, JAI SRI kRISHNA! From Jayanti Maloney BRISBANE AUSTRALIA unafrId in exposing my identity proud to be a hard Krishna!!

    • Dr potdar says:

      I am a devotee since i was 5 yrs old ..and i can never leave iskcon or krishna..but when some group of people literally try to destroy your life by following you to your home,clinic and spreading malicious and horrible lies about you and your mother …you have to take a stand ..

  34. Jane says:

    I think these mega-molesters should be executed, for everyone’s benefit.

  35. May the Eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead address their negative behaviour which could imperil the beautiful movement commenced by Sri Prabhupada. We are all imperfect and seeking to move towards ascension to the Mahatma consciousness. These gurus are evidently not true guides AND DO NOT MANIFEST THE CORRECT TRANSFORMATIONAL APPROACH TO THEIR CHELA..The woman has manifested tremendous fortitude despite her experiences and I am glad that she withdrew her commentaries concerning Krishna, and Prabhupada. Both are blameless! It is the interpretation of the Sris’ sublime commentaries that is the problem here and I have seen a similar happening on the island of Jamaica of a self-styled spiritual teacher who assaults and batters his woman friends and manipulates them as Tantric sex slaves. One of these women bowed before me, for some reason unknown to me prior to that, and complained bitterly about the ill-treatment meted out to her despite her complete faithfullness to him who she, nevertheless, has declared to me to be her lord and master and everlasting love of her life.Clearly there are some women who ostensibly despise themselves so much that they actually attach to the type of ‘spiritual teacher’ who metes out this type of treatment to them. Hence they will most probably never be apprehended by civil law of the nation in which this occurs. Although the events I have just disclosed as having occured in our Event Continuum in Jamaica have nothing to do with ISKCON, it is clear that similar issues are occuring under the same pretexts and falsehoods in other parts of our planet. Let us pray that the Supreme Personality of Godhead will bless her and be merciful unto her in view of her seeking His pathway in the development of consciousness.She could try chanting his name and praying earnestly to Him for guidance, and direction.

    • Sankarshana dasa says:

      I agree with your comments. Every jiva has suffered misty in one form or another. This is the nature of taking birth. I could tell you about some of my hellish experiences that almost killed me but what would that accomplish. Krishna tells us to rise above the models and be free from anxiety. If we never experienced misery we would never be motivated to take shelter in RadhaKrishna. I still carry resentments of inhumane treatment I got in Iskcon. The GBC has commited the most abominable crime in the universe. They attempted to kill God and His devotees. They are like Hiranyakashipu and Putana. The thing is Putana and Hiranyakashipu were liberated. These GBC have a special hell to go to. In this world no law enforcement has prosecuted them because of statue of limitations. As a matter of principle I should have sued Iskcon years ago. I was to brain washed by them to think for myself then. When Prabhupada left Satsvarupa and others in GBC began their conspiracy. Devotees were murdered who revealed the truth. Iskconbcame bogus religious cult like Charles Manson. They altered Prabhuoadas translations. They also poisoned Prabhupadato death. There is evidence but those demon GBC got away with it in this world. Krishna has a plan for their hell. I FOUND SHELTER NOW AND AM MAKING ADVANCEMENT. ALL GLORIES TO prabhupada.

  36. J says:

    Oh this is really terrible Don’t know were you are but it seems that when such groups go to America it all gos sour.. India full of this too please Listen this is not the vedas this is sick men, who are control freaks totally anti Dharma anti cosmos Krishna is not a man but a wonderful force, as is Shiva Durga ect, please be strong your part of the cosmic oneness and loved, these people who hurt cause harm are anti dharma anti society, and in maharbarta would have been destroyed! Crime needs jail .. Bloody sad reading sweetheart you move on

  37. Bhakta Wil says:

    Mataji, Please accept my obeisances. You are very brave, and strong. You survive incalculable abuse, yet find it in your heat to try not to offend…after all you’ve been through. That’s true humility, and virtue. To me, that’s the heart of a true Vaisnava. And I bow to you.

    There’s no excuse for what you, and all those children, went through. My heart breaks whenevr another of these incidences are revealed. I can’t imagine the pain you endure.

    I just want to say that I’m sorry. I am of the first generation also, but left the movement after experiencing was a verbal attack by another devotee. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say his words cut deep, and we’re totally unnecessary and mean. I couldn’t abide staying in the movement after that as I could only see the hypocrisy in many of those devotees. Many of whom have fallen. They simply were not real.

    In all those years,nearly 30, I kept to myself. Worshipping from afar, not daring to show my hurt and anger. But eventually, over time, I’ve come to terms with the pain, and have been able to separate the action of one very stupid devotee, from those who are sincere and caring people. It’s helping me heal. It was years later I read of the sexual abuse, and cover up in ISKCON. To this day I can’t understand how we can allow to go unpunished.

    I can’t compare the physical and emotional torture you went through, to my hurt feelings. But I do have a sister who was sexually abused by a relative and understand from the pain from through her perspective. We have always been very close, but she kept her secrets for many years into adulthood. I was shicked to learn of it…and saddened because I couldn’t protect her. She also survived, and is scarred, but she carried her guilt for years and has only recently found a way to forgive herself. And accept that she was the victim.

    That’s what I encourage you to do. You did absolutely nothing wrong. I’m not going to encourage you to expose these monsters, as you might be ready, but just know that they will suffer for their actions. I’m convinced of that. Also know that you are heard, supported, and loved…yes loved…even by this stranger.

    I have returned to the movement though not ISKCON directly because of its past. I’m finally looking for initiation, and hope to be an outspoken devotee for those of us hurt in any way by unworthy devotees.

    You’re doing a great service by expressing the pain from your experience. I urge you to safely continue this journey toward healing. It’s not going to be easy…but it’s obvious by the comments on here that you will be supported by many. Hare Krsna.

    • Filip Ratka says:

      Hare Krishna, prabhu. My obeisances to you. Where to get association of Prabhupada followers? I need support from other people. I am struggling in chanting amd following, so i consider going to ISKCON even there is so much controversy. Hopefully nice devotees stick together somewhere and i will find them. Or else we should make an organization ourselves for this purpose.

      • Yes. I understand your feelings and I feel the same way. We want to serve Srila Prabhupada and Krishna in the association of devotees.

        But the problem is Kali-yuga time is so bad, there are so many demons who immediately take advantage of any group of devotees and exploit that group for there own personal sense gratification. It may be subtle, like the desire for fame, profit, adoration and distinction. So they want to become the leader of the group, give the classes, become the guru, etc. But not for the right reasons, because they want some personal benefit from it. So this has totally spoiled the whole thing.

        So right now become a pure devotee yourself by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day, strictly follow the four regulative principles and read Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1-2 hours a day. And the more you read Srila Prabhupada’s books the more you will find that Prabhupada and Krishna and all the other great souls who appear in Prabhupada’s books ARE LIVING IN THE BOOKS. And you can take advantage of their association by reading Prabhupada’s books. So get all of Prabhupada’s original books AND READ THEM:

        In this way you will gradually become a pure devotee of Krishna and get the potency so when you speak to someone about Krishna they will become Krishna conscious. Then you can speak to everyone you meet about Krishna and sell them Prabhupada’s books and gradually you can form a group of devotees and you can together read Prabhupada’s books, have kirtans, festivals, etc.

        So for the time being, get all of Prabhupada’s books, read them, chant Hare Krishna, become a pure devotee of Krishna yourself and speak about Krishna to everyone you meet. Then everything will develop nicely:

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

      • Mandira ghosh says:

        Hate Krishna..I agree too with you..I myself also don’t know where are true guru and followers..very hard to find..I also want to join you if you make any own organisation with pure thought..

        • Tulasi Pati Das says:

          Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji, we all need devotee association to develop Krishna Conciousness there is very very slim or shall we say no chance to develop love of godhead without devotee association. Srila Prabhupada made Isckon for this purpose only. We can still make small centers where we follow Srila Prabhupada’s instructions. Center should be Prabhupada’s teachings and devotees who strictly follow his instructions. We need to preserve Srila Prabhupada’s original teachings or demoniac forces will do the same as they did to other religions like Christianity, Islam etc. We should preach his original teachings and distribute his original books as much as we can this is only way to defeat these demons.

        • Aman Pandey says:

          True guru is in Prabhupada’s books and we become true followers only if we read his books.

    • Sankarshana dasa says:

      Prabhu: You can feel the sufferings as a vaishnava of evey iva from a worm in stool to the demigods. That is a true vaishnava. Whether it is being sexually molested, exploited beaten up or cheated by bogus gurus, it’s all varieties of misery. If you have not transcendental to these emotional feelings and are in lamentation, and you are certainly wallowing in Maya because you have no shelter under the lotus feet of a true guru. A friend of mine still takes shelter in a GBC guru after Bhagavan was thrown out as a thief and sex monger. He told me his guru takes shelter in Jayapataka Maharaja as a shiksha guru.Krishna says that uttama adikari devotees are rare. The GBC keeps promoting themselves as qualified and Ravindra Svarupa took drug money from New Vrindavan as a payoff for power. I was there and I know it Jayapataka’s disciple in Spain cut Jayapataka’s throat. They claim he contracted Hepatitis C from the wound and it destroyed his live kidneys etc.. It’s a lie because I am a professional that knows one has to have a contaminated syringe from shooting up narcotics to be infected not a knife. The virus can not survive and without blood as its host so a knife can not spread it to another human.

  38. Sarthak says:

    People seem to be a psychopath here…

    Questions are: What is being done with the people who are doing such mischief in the name of Isckon..

    Are they punished or are they still living the same life and following the same thing on others.

  39. Tara says:

    You left me in fears, tears and goosebumps those bastards need to be hanged girl…. Expose them. Ruin them. For sake of yourself and each girl suffering or suffered like you plz!!!!!!! Expose and ruin that devil!!!!

    • Filip Ratka says:

      Yes. they need to be punished. Someone needs to do it to make them understand what they are doing. The Lord won’t let them go with it, but He is waiting for us to take action for Him. He wants us to join His movement and take part in it. This is our chance to make Him proud.

  40. demon says:


    My name is: ‘demon’ im trying to worship Lord Nashrind Dev so one day he may accept me as a devote if i work hard enough for him. i will not fail him. i will never give up/

    As for what you wrote about iskon and pedos and rapists..

    DO NOT FEAR… have no fear in your heart at all…

    If this is all true, its really sad and unfortunate.
    However, either way, its over and you are safe now, if it is all true, you have nothing more to fear. Lord Nashrind Dev will punish them all ten fold for the evil they have committed.
    Hare Krishna, dont lose your faith in the real truth because some demons had some fun with you, stay away from demons and stay close to real devotees.



    Prabhupada has explained the difference between the genuine Guru and the fake Guru. These so called fake Gurus that have joined the Hare Krishna Movement are only doing it for the money and are misusing the teachings of Gaudiya Vishnavism by saying to the population that they cannot get dharshan from Krishna unless they satisfy the Guru. Satisfy does not mean to have illicit sex with the guru and these fake Gurus are exploiting the situation to encouraging this.They are destroying what ISKCON stands for and what Prabhupad teaches us based on Krishna’s teachings. A true Guru is one who shows his unconditional love for God, is devoted to Krishna, who restrains from illicit sex of any nature, who is pure, who does not want money, who is not a business man, who does not gamble, does not eat meat, does not lie and preach the truth. It is hard to find a guru like that in ISKCON today. Only a true Guru is qualified for adoration and satisfaction, and this mean that the disciple shows unconditional love for the Guru and his teachings, it has noting to do with physical and sexual satisfaction.

    I plead to you to continue your devotion to Krishna and accept that Prabhupad is your one and only Guru.

    Hare Krishna.


    You gave me goosebumps. I am a local of mayapur

  42. Pavitra devi dasi says:

    I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. If I could take away the pain, the suffering and the memories I would. My daughter Jahnavi dasi, who passed away in 2008 was a director in Children of Krishna and told me she spend countless hours listening and hearing the nightmare that you have been threw. All of you that were effected. Please do not equate your abuse with Krishna. I would hate too if it happened to me. I was abused by my mother, emotionally not physically. But some of that also. She degraded me, insulted me, compared me to people she didn’t like and was not at all affectionate. Not once did my mother EVER kiss me or hug me. My mother was not a Hare Krishna. There is healing. Don’t let the abuse consume you by means of hate. It will eat you up and leave you to die. Somewhere in your heart you have to come to terms and learn to forgive as painful as that sounds, it will be YOU who will benefit. The abusers will have a time when they have to answer for the crimes. Trust me, that day will come for them. But all of you abused, move on and let it go. I did and I’m finally healing. I love you all. your servent Pavitra dd.

  43. Thomas Kimball says:

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    • Filip Ratka says:

      Nonsense. It depends on the authority. God is the absolute authority and He is never corrupted

  44. Vishnu says:

    Gurukul Vetren, make a police report on those who raped you. That is the only way you will get justice. You will also protect other children in the society from suffering the same. Hope Krishna helps you heal.

  45. ydd says:

    Hare Krishna, dear devotees.

    There are 26 symptoms of a Vaianava and it ma be there are 26 symptoms of a nonVaisnava.

    Psychopats and evil people often present themselves with lies and manipulation.

    when a Vaisnava commits a crime against another Vaisnava by mistake, there is a prescribed process of atonement. this person has no remorse nor empathy, hence he is non different from a rapist in the dark alley.

    it is a responsability of leaders to protect, if there are no true ksatriyas in the society then it is a demoniac society.

    create a better place yourself and help others

    your servent ydd

  46. Adideva Maharaj says:

    My name is Adideva Maharaj and I would first like to say that I am deeply saddened by what has happened to you and others in ISKCON.

    Prabhupada has explained the difference between the genuine Guru and the fake Guru. These so called fake Gurus that have joined the Hare Krishna Movement are only doing it for the money and are misusing the teachings of Gaudiya Vishnavism by saying to the population that they cannot get dharshan from Krishna unless they satisfy the Guru. Satisfy does not mean to have illicit sex with the guru and these fake Gurus are exploiting the situation to encouraging this.They are destroying what ISKCON stands for and what Prabhupad teaches us based on Krishna’s teachings. A true Guru is one who shows his unconditional love for God, is devoted to Krishna, who restrains from illicit sex of any nature, who is pure, who does not want money, who is not a business man, who does not gamble, does not eat meat, does not lie and preach the truth. It is hard to find a guru like that in ISKCON today. Only a true Guru is qualified for adoration and satisfaction, and this mean that the disciple shows unconditional love for the Guru and his teachings, it has noting to do with physical and sexual satisfaction.

    I plead to you to continue your devotion to Krishna and accept that Prabhupad is your one and only Guru.

    Hare Krishna.

  47. Parimal Devnath says:

    It is not easy to follow the path of spirituality in the face of stubborn stance of Maya or the attraction of material world. Anybody would succumb to the almost unassailable allurement of lust (sex) and greed (money). It is not of much use to wear a garb of particular colour etc. But it is a tough challenge to keep the promise that the cloth wants one to keep.
    It demands integrity– oneness among what one thinks, what one speaks and what one does.
    The first girl has suffered very badly in the hands of immature teachers. I feel very bad for her. May the Supreme Lord offer her true solace and a purposeful life.
    But the second lady what entered into a relationship with Adideva has to share the blame as well Indeed Adideva is the prime culprit. But, Why this lady got entangled into physical relationship without marriage? This is not as per Vaishnava cult.
    I feel disappointed with the authority of ISKCON which seems is indifferent.
    However, I feel strongly about two things. SriLa Prabhupada is a grand Master who is a PURE Soul.
    The cult of Vaishnavism is the best among all religions and cults.
    I too follow Vaishnavism but I dont go to ISKCON.

  48. Binni Sharma says:

    You have faced a lot . I cannot even imagine what you have gone through but I can certainly feel your pain because while reading your article I had tears in my eyes . People who destroy others in the name of God certainly have their place in hell .
    I was very mesmerized by your inner strength while reading this article . You are a gifted person because even after you have suffered alot , you have not lost your wisdom . I am lost of words at your strength . There is Krishna and he will surely give you justice . You are an example of a pure person . You have seriously a pure heart .

  49. anonymous says:

    Hare Krishna. I am sorry to hear you went through so much pain and suffering.I pray to Krishna to get you through this tough time. It is with your faith in Krishna you will get through this pain and suffering. Chant 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha mantra every day and read as many Srila Prabhupad books as possible. I assure you your pain and suffering will go away.Krishna will guide you. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama hare Hare.

  50. Aditya says:

    Whatever happened with us is our results of past and present pious and impious activities. Whatever we do we’ll get the results, good or bad. When something good happened then people says “Thank you God/Krishna” and when something bad happened people says “You are not merciful God/Krishna, you did this to me, what i did that you did this to me ?” People are always ready to blame God/Krishna. Whatever…..whatever good or bad results we get are solely our past and present activities. We always desire respect, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada said this is the most difficult desire to give up. We may say “I am very low, I am lowest, I am lower than the lowest or I am lower than the anything lowest possible” but in mind we expect or think “If anyone hear this he/she will think i am very elevated devotee” that is our Rascal nature and STILL we think ourselves very good persons. We never pray to Sri Krishna “Oh Krishna when i serve you, love you without any sense gratification of mine, without my any selfish desires, when i established in my Constituitional Position (Eternal Servant Of Krishna), when i completely surrender to my Gurudeva, when i don’t desire respect but give respects to one and all, when will that day come, when will that day come ?” But we always ready to blame Krishna for our own bad deeds, how Rascals are we and STILL we think we deserve ANY RESPECT from others ? Human beings are “Greatest Shameless beings”. Millions of billions of lifetime we did Sense Gratification STILL we want more Sense Gratification, how Rascals are we and STILL we desire respect.

  51. Subhasri.A says:

    In ISKCON they teach we should satisfy our guru and if we not satisfy our guru we cant get love f krishna in anyways and we should take initiation. Is this all true or not….. If we always pray krishna and following prapupada order is enough ?.

    • Hare Krishna Subhasri

      This instruction, that you must satisfy your guru and that you can’t get love of Krishna if you don’t do this is only true if the guru is a pure devotee of Krishna and the guru has love of Krishna himself… In Kali-yuga there are so many demons who see this position of guru as a great opportunity for personal sense gratification in the form of collecting followers, getting worship, getting fame, profit, adoration and distinction. So most of the gurus now including most of the gurus in ISKCON are like this, they are in the “guru business” for some personal benefit. So this is a demonic mentality, trying to get personal benefit out the “guru business”. And no matter how much you surrender to and serve such a bogus guru you will not get advancement in Krishna consciousness.

      However Srila Prabhupada is not like this, Srila Prabhupada is a pure devotee of Krishna. So if you actually surrender to the basic instructions of Srila Prabhupada (chant the Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day, strictly follow the four regulative principles (no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication) and read Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1-2 hours a day) then you will be directly and personally associating with and hearing from a pure devotee of Krishna. So if you surrender to this process and live your life in that way and when you hear Srila Prabhupada giving you instructions if you follow them, if you actually change your life according to the instructions you get from Srila Prabhupada, then you will become very firmly situated in Krishna consciousness and will make rapid advancement.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  52. Poulomi says:

    Oh my God!!! Did they just misuse the name of God??! Those wretched dogs of satan!!! Krishna Conscious never means that you lose control on your life and body and accept every foolish adversity coming to you as a result of previous life’s Karma. With good Karma in this life you can destroy the evils of previous lives. And moreover, there’s a time a person spends in hell before taking rebirth where he washes of his sins. Thus in a new life it is almost impossible to pay for previous life’s mistakes. They just used you for their selfish means. This article needs to be heard!!! God!!! That’s disgusting!!! You have been abused! Hindu scriptures forbid molesting children, how could they do this to you? You have to file a case dear. This is outright wrong!!! Krishna never would encourage such henious acts. It’s time for Krishna to show up. Listen to your heart, Krishna resides there. Go and file a molestation case!! Tell the world that those bunch of demons are hiding in the disguise of monks!!! Pay them for their Karma!!!!

    • Hema says:

      Run away from any religious person. Real religion is a clean heart. I have also suffered enough before I understood that 99% of ISKON are Satans in religious outfit. I can tell you so much. Its all money, sex n slavery politics.

  53. Thomas Kimball says:

    You will be hearing from me! I am a lawyer with many connections!

  54. Priya says:

    To become god conscious there is no need for kids or anyone else to join iskcon because it was a time in the existence of prabhupad that he created iskcon to bring peace in this world not for pain and suffering but humans are imperfect and now and even when he existed the so called devotees all were misguided and blasfamed krishna, iskcon has become corrupt and full of all bogus gurus this was even admitted my srila prabhupad please leave iskcon and don’t fall in the traps of these so called devotee who themselves have become soo blind by maya that now they themselves are totally contaminated and are upon destroying the lives of innocent souls who really want to become god conscious nd make der lives successful

    • D Agasthyeswar says:

      Some body getting ill treated has got nothing to do with Lord Krishna in a population of 1.2 billion You can’t escape karmic law even if you are a muslim or christian and Hindu DHARMA is Supreme. Do good deeds to get good results For wrong deeds face results in this janma or future janmas
      Punarapi maranam punarapi jananam

      • Rohini says:

        Can you imagine the bad karma such a false criminal guru will accumulate for himself? He and the devotees of such a false guru will all go to hell and I am sure mataji Vetern will receive the mercy of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada our jagad guru the only guru of Iskcon. Please file a case and help us get free from the clutches of such criminals. They destroy everyone around them.
        Dear Mataji. You are a blessing. You are a true servant of Krishna. Please stay strong.

        • Yes. You are correct. Actually Krishna keeps the worst hellish planet especially reserved for these so-called gurus who are actually engaged in the guru business for some personal benefit. So these bogus gurus are in for a terrible surprise at the time of death.

          • Krishna's humble servant says:

            Yes. So now I got it. It is best to remain a humble devotee of Srila Prabhupada and follow the instructions we get from him in our daily life.

  55. Vinod says:

    There is demonic perversion and wrongdoing in every religious/spiritual setting. It doesn’t make Krishna’s message less important or true.

    Remember pedophiles and psychopaths are always gravitating toward groups with easy access to children and women. It happens even in Child protective services where children are being abused by the very people who are hired to help them.

  56. Christophe says:

    this comment I am writing right now, is not aiming at offending anyone, nor the deep work of Prabhupāda. But there is now a long time that I wanted to express my view on his work, as obviously, I do not agree all the time about his purports, that we can find in say the Gita:

    Everything is just one direction with him. It seems that one would reach self realization by renouncing material life, and live like a monk, who will have of course to be careful to don’t enjoy anything coming from this world. This is a bit sad in my opinion. I am a firm believer of a balance in everything. Many other people I know, bless everything they reach, get, and live a life without renouncing success, because they do not sink into excess and compulsion. They are everyday confronted to the world but “flirt” with it, not getting destroyed by it.
    Also, how can sex enjoyment is that dirty? It is not. A couple loving each other, and who share such powerful intimacy is not a deprived life, life as it is really, under the “eye” of the divine. No need to act like a Christian fanatic, who see the evil in everything, only because this person has no self control.

    Everything has turned into a “if you don’t renounce this life and enter a temple, well, you won’t get it”. This is wrong. This is a wonderful thing for those who have chosem this path, and I respect it, but to discourage the rest of the world by proselytizing is wrong.

    • Hare Krishna Christophe

      I am not sure who you have been talking to about Krishna consciousness but you seem to have got the wrong impression. There is no need to move into a temple to become Krishna conscious and sex life within marriage for having Krishna conscious children is certainly permitted. There is nothing sad about Krishna consciousness. In fact quite the opposite. Everyone is sad in the material world but when you take to Krishna consciousness you enter an ever-increasing ocean of transcendental bliss. That is the opposite to sad. Devotees are always happy and their happiness is always increasing.

      However to advance in spiritual life we need to renounce material sense gratification. These two things are opposites and can not exist simultaneously. So we can not be enjoying sense gratification and making spiritual advancement at the the same time. It is not possible.

      So there are regulative principles: no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication. You may think it is difficult to give up these things, but for a devotee it is not difficult. A devotee practicing Krishna consciousness is enjoying a higher pleasure, a higher taste. So if you are enjoying a very great pleasure then you can easily give up things that the materialists accept as pleasurable.

      Actually these things are not pleasurable. Sex is not pleasurable, eating dead animals is not pleasurable, getting drunk and getting stoned is not pleasurable, and gambling is not pleasurable. Because devotees are enjoying a higher spiritual pleasure they have no interest in these lower things. They do not see them as pleasurable and do not feel they are missing anything because they do not engage in them.

      It is something you need to experience yourself to understand. So please read Srila Prabhupada’s books and chant Hare Krishna and try to experience this every increasing ocean of transcendental bliss that is Krishna Consciousness yourself.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Peace says:

        Hello, hare krishna. I am part of iskcon and firstly would like to thank all those who shared views. I would like to express my hearthfelt symphaty and beg to read on my views, in summary, being in iskcon.
        ISKCON really seems to be badly hit by philantrophic interests… the many seminars, meetings, councilling, systems all reflect how leadership had fallen. The generation is stressed in so many cases. There is no devotee care… providing basic life support where devotees can live close to the temple and to each other. Temple presidentssp are scared to deal with resident devotees.
        LWithout this family spirit, many devotees will continue to suffer. Devotees are killed by banditsrapes and no responsibity taken. Please organize kc communities. Behave like leaders aand not sheep. Dont depend on mundane protection. Devotees though are special because they are trying, but sad to say their efforts are barely maintaining their own spirituality. How many new comers stay for 6 months. Movement is not just to creep or crawl, but to be dynamic. I must express my thank you for all that you have done, but please inspire devotees to life resident at the temple. Thats where they are safe and great things can maanifest. These big temples are secondary… use the resources wisely and focus on devotees life….

  57. Nilanjan Chowdhury says:

    Iskon have become the place of buissness, where in the name of GOD they all are making money.
    its my believe. i donot want to force this concept to anyone. please see “OMG” I fell everyone can understand what is “ISKON’ actually is.

    • Nishikanta says:

      Yes.ISKCON is deviating from the principles of Krishna Consciousness.But this OMG is the worst thing to watch.This OMG gives so many misconceptions and makes a joke of everything related to God and is insulting to Krishna and His devotees.To know the philosophy you don’t need to watch OMG.Just read the books of Srila Prabhupada and chant Hare Krishna.

  58. Himavati says:

    Hi. I also want to share my story with you all to prove the dirtiness of ISKCON members and specially A so called devotee Adidev Das from Honolulu temple, Hawai who is from Mumbai (Juhu temple).

    I have spent 16 years of my beautiful life in so called ISKCON. And today I have decided that I am out of it. Indians are right in not liking ISKCON. Prabhupada wanted to bring money to India by preaching it abroad. But it did not only bring money, but dirtiness too. Western and Russian girls are living like prostitutes in Holy Vrindavan. They provide very easy and free sex to indians and so on. So morality is going down day by day. Indian men think that for all women having sex is just a fun and they can use anyone. So I think normal parents should keep their children away from this society.
    In my own experience..I visited Vrindavan many times. And as all devotee women I wanted to have a Krishna Conscious family. When I met a marathi devotee living in Hawaii (Adidev Das). I thought I found an ideal devotee to create a family. When he wanted to kiss me i refused and told him about values in my country and asked him never touch me unless he is sure about the serious relationships. And he promised me. He held Jamuna river and full moon as a witness to his love and promises.He was teaching me BG and i was worshipping him as God. Then he told me to visit India for Gaura Purnima and go to Mayapur with him. And he told he wanted to know me more. When I went there he introduced me to his brothers family and then took to his parents who live in a village in Ratnagiri. All seemed to good enough. So fully trusting him I allowed him to haave sex with me. It was first time for me. I thought we will be together forever and such a man can not cheat me. But after I came back to my country he started avoiding me. Then my one friend from Delhi seeing our tgether photos told me that he is just a jerk and cheated many girls. He gave me his exs names. I found them and asked. He always chose the best virgin girls, use them and then throw. When I asked him about this he got angry, shouted at me GO TO HELL, KILL YOURSELF! I DONT CARE.
    It was a real shock for me. When I asked him, then why did you touch me? I was a virgin. He told it is my life and I can do with my life what I want. It was end of the world for me. I wanted to kill myslef. But could not because of my family.
    This man lived sex life with a Ukrainian girl called Shyamala Gopa Kishori for 8 years. When he wanted he left her and went to others. and when he wanted he came back to her. She was always ready to serve his lust. So this types of bitches teach men such a moral. And then I opened his real face to his all community. Guess what he did? He, just to show that he is a saintly man, went back to that bitch again. And they got married 1 month ago. I know Adidev Das will never change. He married just to prove that he is true person. But he forgets something. The tears of the girls whose lives he spoilt will surely make his life hell!
    I complained about this to GBC and many gurus. Noone cared. All said that it was my fault. It means men are like dogs in ISKCON and can fuck anyone under any bush and still remain pure.
    So I am telling FUCK OFF to ISKCON and all his devotees from today onwards! This is all lie. This society is for money and sex only. So please take your dear ones away from ISKCON. If you need help I can talk to anyone and explain all I have seen.

    • Astha says:

      Hare Krishna !!

      I am just shocked at it… The so called “ISCKON Devotees” could be such demons…

      Now its like my faith in ISCKON is trembling… From last 6 months I have been reading Prabhupada books and really found great solace and an eternal connection with Lord Krishna. I was planning to spend the rest of my life as an ISCKON devotee, in Vrindavan. I am 29 years old.

      I am really moved by what has happened to you…

      Is it like ISCKON just started and ended with Srila Prabhupada in real terms.

      After being getting so much detached to material world , what should I do now?

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu

        Better to stay far away from ISKCON. They have disconnected themselves from Srila Prabhupada and therefore disconnected themselves from Krishna. So they have no power to help you in your quest for spiritual advancement. Srila Prabhupada is living in his books. Read Srila Prabhupada’s books and take advantage of his pure association in this way. This is the secret of success. Avoid ISKCON and take shelter of Srila Prabhupada.

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

        • sri hari ramanuja dasan says:

          You are true but vaisnavam never fails . l can understand because I am an Indian. When my Indians entered iskcon everything started especially advaithas(smarthas) (mayavathis)and always they always they are against vaishnavam.

          • Yes. Many Indians have unfortunately created havoc in ISKCON. The problem is most Indians are not Vaisnavas but many of them like the idea of exploiting an international spiritual movement like ISKCON. So many time they join ISKCON for selfish material purposes. Also many times they are actually mayavadis and do not agree with the Vaisnava philosophy at all and they create havoc preaching their bogus philosophies in the guise of ISKCON devotees.

      • Ddkeot says:

        Astha ji namaskar.I am63 years old pensioner.l went to vrindavan on 25march,16.the widowers from west Bengal and Ukrainians are ina very much distress. The plight of shyamala,Ukrainian girl is heart rendering.if somebody help me ,I will sesend ukrain to her parents.awaiting reply.thanks.

    • Dan says:

      Its always better to file a FIR with all your possible facts and proven records in the nearest police station india where this fellow lives at mayapur or whatever for cheating on the context of marriage and asaulting you mentally and physically. You can also take the help of local women police station & non government organisations for women groups to fight for justice. Radhee

  59. shweta says:

    Dear Krishna lover…always remember devotion & love can never be taught. It is a feeling for someone and if it towards Lord Then it will definitely come in your heart irrespective of if one follow any community like ISKCON or others or you don’t follow any one. I also love Krishna but doesn’t believe in following ISKCON or its teachings which differ from teachings of gita and Purana. I sympathize with you. Don’t stop loving god just pray him that crimes of such nonsense communities who talk of complete surrender to Lord Krishna and then ask to follow teaching of a particular human as if he is vedvyasa himself, such criminals get exposed and punish before they befool the society with their non-logical and discriminating teachings. Like presenting non-devotees, Lord shiva, etc in bad form inspite of knowing that call are forms of Krishna… What all happened to you is extremely bad and they have spoiled their karma by disrespecting a devotee…god will show them their true place one day. You please move ahead in life, be strong and don’t cling to bad part of your life. Love my lovely Lord Krishna but don’t run after societies…

  60. dr A k Singh says:

    Dear sister
    I am devotee of Krishna and am from India, the birth place of Krishna. I am very sad for all these things. Parents of bhagwan Krishna were prisoners and sisters and brothers of Krishna were killed when they were just born.crime was present in past and always persist until nature persists. Main thing is what we learn from life because that will decide your path of life. In bhagwat Gita Krishna killed thousands of demons and bad people and encourage Arjuna to fight against evil people and assure him that he (Arjuna) wii win .greatest lesson of Krishna is to fight against evil people because it will make society peace full. Only by chanting his name and not following his teachings will be meaningless and its proof is in Mahabharat according which Soodama great devotee of Krishna, who was poor and always chants name of Krishna, only gets physical gain like money, palace e.t.c on the other hand Arjuna who was great warrior,honest, morally sound and a protector by nature got all the things from Krishna, also those things that were not even revealed by Krishna to anyone in past, while Arjuna was a friend of Krishna not a devotee. Stop crying fight against crime you will helped by Krishna. Life is full of struggles faith in Krishna does not mean to forget your duty . Following your duties without thinking its result is karma yoga , greatest teaching of Krishna…..

  61. Soumya Prakash Ganguly says:

    I love Krishna very much. Every time I chant his name.

  62. Harinamdas says:

    Dear Mataji, AGTSP Yes its true that whatever we recieve in our lives good or bad are directly or indirectly are the fruits of our karma/action done or attempted in any moment of our present or past lives. Those are the actiones which decides our future lives too. BUT

    This doesnt give a license to anyone specially those people who use this Universal Truth as a sheild to cover up their lustful mentality, their sinful activities and their demonic behavior and unfortunately we have such demons still in the form of ISKCON devotees. They actually arent devotees but just wolves in sheep skin.

    Whatever they did to you and many of other kids of your age couldnt be justified in any way by the words what Krishna Spoke and Srila Prabhupada put forth in front of us. They just made a mockery of the scriptures and this isnt new to the society, this used to be a practice in olden days when such so called Gurujis and Brahmacharis were treated as godsent and since ages Prominent people in ISKCON have been indulged in protecting these culprits of Krishna.

    Dear Mataji, whoever did this to you was a demon, he had nothing to do with Krishna Consciosness seriously. People like them have their lust covered behind their saffron robes BUT i am 100% sure that they will be dealt with the same reaction of their Karmas. Krishna has everything planned for everybody, he is smartest of the smartest. Just to teach a lesson to Hiranyakshap he took a form of Lord Narsimha to whom even these demons feared. These demons will get what fate has decided for them, and KRISHNA is the one who decides. Trust him. He will never let you down. The way he never let me too.

    Now i want you to move ahead in your life, dont waste your precious life thinking about these demons. Let Krishna handle them. Make the best out of the life given to you by Krishna. Krishna Consciousness means doing things for Krishna and keeping Krishna in mind whatever you do. All the rest are just formalities,

    Krishna is Merciful.


  63. Varna das says:

    Dear Gurukul Vetern:
    I really said dear,because I try to send you love within my message.
    I deeply find very sorry what happened to you inside that prison-school.
    I find those shit-people to vomit.I am sorry,but I am angry,too.They must pay for what they did to so many humans,like you and like me.I am sorry,again and again.I apologize for your sufering just to try help you to feel a little better,my dear friend and wonderful devotee.Please,accept
    my sincere intentions to hug you in your desparated mind.Please,accept that perhaps there are many real devotees
    who want justice for waht they did to you,my friend,my brave and
    sensitive devotee.I am sure there is an exit to your situation…an exit to the dark tunnel where you find yourself now.You need help and love…affection from the devotees.I am ready to hear you,to read your messages,like a father,like a good friend…please,accept my openess to a nice friendship.Please,trust me.Only Krishna knows that I just want to give you some love and understanding as a human being.Your heart is still alive,my friend,please fight against bad thoughts of selfdestruction.Please,you are important for many people who need you,even if you don´t feel so.You are important for devotees like me.You are a hero for me,because you are so strong to suffer all of that and dare to share this with us,devotees of Krishna and enemies of
    the new isckon,falsificated after Srila Prabhupada was put away of the original Sankirtan Movement.They are killers,pimps,demons,very bad
    beasts.,and so on…Please,write a message to me,because I am worried about you,dear.I would like to read that you feel a little better and that you don´t feel alone anymore,That some devotees are with you.supporting your suffering and helping you to feel better in your own life…
    Bye,dear princess…God protect you…God bless you…Krishna loves you…many greetings from me and from the community of real devotees…bye,until the next message…please,answer this message from this servant of you…hugs and hugs of calm and human love…

  64. SDC says:

    I am appaled at the horrific treatment that was metted out to you.. Please accept My prayers and deepest condolences.. Do know that not everyone in ISKCON is a predator.. Just like a few bad apples ruin the entire basket,these predators bring a bad name to our beautiful religion,
    There have been pedophiles in the Church too, but that doesnt mean that Christanity is a bad religion or that Lord Jesus Christ is responsible for all this filth..
    You should expose those monsters who disguise themselves as ‘devotees’ and make their names and details public so they can feel the force of justice and pay duly for their inhumane crimes.

    Look my dear sister, stay strong and God will give you the strength to get through this.remember that these Filthy Beasts are only using religion to furthur their vested interests,THEY ARE NOT TRUE DEVOTEES OR GURUS.
    Lord Krishna has never said in the Gita or the Bhagawat that such heinous acts are justifiable… So please do not blame God or ISKCON. We all aren’t like this.
    That being said, you should seek counselling and therapy; it does help. There are lots of beautiful and heart-warming stories in the Bhagwat that Will soothe your soul and help you find the inner peace and courage to fight on!! Hari Bol!

  65. vanshika says:

    Hare Krishna mataji
    If prabhupada would be physically alive, this wouldn’t have happened. Truly, I am very sorry for what you have seen, ISKCON is not trustworthy. But Krishna is watching everyone from inside and out, they’ll be punished, Krishna will do the justice.

  66. umang says:

    The only thing I ould love to share with all u is that Krishna is not a copyright of iskcon people or any of its gurus or prabhus!!!!!1Krishna is all with us evertime even after millions of mistakes he is alwys there to help us …….gita teaches only the message of fearlessnes and self-capablity all based solely on krishna!!!!!!!!1Please don’t take yrself away from krishna b’se of some fool;krishna alwyas shows way to even the most fallen soul.

  67. aman says:

    krishna is not limited to ISKCON please don’t lost fath in god in any form ..

  68. Ananya Misra says:

    dear god sister i am very much in pain hearing your pain i wish i could kiss and hug that little girl inside that girl who is crying day and night ,that girl who has lost faith in lord krishna so i wrote a LETTER TO LORD NARASHIMA DEB OF MAYAPUR DHAM ABOUT ALL THOSE ABUSE THAT THOUSANDS OF U SUFFERD ,I HAV ASKED HIM TO EXPLAIN THE REASONS

  69. RajKun says:

    ISKCON followers are nothing but a group of brainwashwers

    I have had many run-ins with them in the past and all of them left me feeling that this was nothing but forcing people. Though i believe in God and do some sadhana everytime they find a reason to show their SUPERIORITY (according to them). They even claim that their mantra is the “MAHA MANTRA” and everything else is bull.
    Recently my run in with their devotees have left me even biased against them.
    A marriage is going on in our family and my wife’s uncle and aunt are literally getting hold of people and getting them to promise listening to a version of GIta that is narrated by the UNCLE and then forcing us to SELL copies to others and make them listen. And the situation is such that you cannot refuse them without creating a scene. I do not think any scriptures endorses putting us in an awkward position and speaking of things out of turn.
    Today morning the aunt asked me if i do japa. When I said yes she asked me to tell her my mantra. Now the mantra that i have received through diksha from my Guru is not to be shared by laymen, it can only be given to you by a guru. When i told them this they indirectly ridiculed that a mantra cannot be powerful if it is so closely secreted from others.

    Seeing the opulence of the Bangalore ISKCON ashram i do not believe that this was the original plan of Sri Prabhupada.

    I for one will need a lot more convincing to even listen to them again

  70. Rohan says:

    Hare Krishna
    Since i have read in scriptures that ” A sincere soul will never be deceived ”
    And The Lord personally protects His sincere practioners ….
    Practioners may be imperfect ….but the Personal Associates of Supreme Lord(Srila Prabhupada) are always perfect and like Supreme Lord they are All Powerful…..
    So no other option than to cry from the bottom of the heart only and only to Krishna and His Personal Associates for help……

  71. helitra says:

    OMG , I have heared about gurukulis experiences before , but have never read something so sad ,so personal, so brave. I admire u girl. I will not here mention u Krishna or gurus or anything ,but will just tell u that i hope u will find some strength in yourself to heal with time. Please do it ,i am sure you can.
    What they did to u can never be justified ,and must be prosecuted , not in another lifetime ,but in THIS ONE. Those asses who posed as devotees and then abused kids are pure shit of this world. No justification for that. Not by karma nor by maya, nor kali yuga! So dear , please hold on , i know i will remember you for life cuz you are a surviver ,even i dont now who u are.
    Now P.S. for a comment above :
    excuse me dear devotee above my comment , but she dont wanna hear much about chanting and praying. I totally understand her ,and this is not the time nor a place to preach to her. She needs a closure.Support.
    Did u just compared your strict father in raising with her brutal rape and abuse from fucking “saintly” devotees ,all in the name of god ???? Later u got that krishna gave u those parents and u realized thats mercy ….. are u implying that she should realize that its mercy to pay of her karma?
    Or i didnt get u right?
    I presume u didnt have bad intention , but careful please .
    Krishna is the supreme , but he also understands her rage .
    And by the way ,didnt Prabhupada teach children to be taken away to gurukula at age of 3 4 5 ..? For girls to have no education? To be married at reaching puberty???? Why such surprise at abusing young girls , when Srila Prabhupada himself was saying that girls should become sexually active at young age with their older husbands ,and that women enjoy men who are expert at rape. ??!!?
    Im not here to flame prabhupada for all . I do respect him for his mission for bringing GV to the west , bt he did say many things that he shouldnt have siad . He grow up in different culture and didnt have much knowledge on material issues , but he left free way to some psychos and fucking pedophiles to hang on to his few statements and to base their crime on it. Crime against krishna’s children . Damn me ,if i would ever give my baby son to any type of religios school (gurukula especially) .EVER ! How easy is to blind people, to make mass hysteria ,mass slavery , to make parent give their kids away , some of them to believe abusers over their children’e word!!! And by studying beautiful Gaudiya teachings we could have learned how to develop real rasa with the divine couple one day. Institution religion and politic hand by hand fuck it up for many of sincere devotees.
    My deepest respect to them . dandavats.

    • Rasapriya dd says:

      Hare Krishna,
      I am sorry but you wrong about Srila Prabhupada. What happen is proving that this Kali Yuga is really taking place. Please read Srila Prabhupada books, and chant more.

  72. James Manolakis says:

    HARE KRSNA , ALL GLORIES to HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPAD. To my God Sister i’m so sorry for the abuse that you experienced at the hands of the lowest form life{a person who hurts a child}. It makes me so angry when i hear these stories of Devotees who have suffered so much pain. i don’t know what infuriates me more the fact that demonic preditors committed these kinds of offenses or that good men stood bye and let it happen. Its every mans duty too protect women and children not child molesting vermin in the guise of a Devotee. Sister you DID NOT deserve this, anyone who try’s to justify this abomination or place the blame on your karma is a fool. it hurts my heart to think of you in the kind of anguish that you expressed in your first letter. i wish i could take some of your pain but only KRSNA can do that. Please consider the wise advice of our Sister Dasi and chant HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. Why this happened to you i cant possibly imagine. Little Sister i often times question KRSNA’s love probably because i am a novice with no qualification to understand KRSNA’s Yogamaya. All i know from my personal experience is that this world is a brutal place and Srila Prabhupad and KRSNA are the only shelter. i have to have faith that in the end theres a reason for it all. When i was a child i had a very strict and what today would be considered an abusive father. He didn’t believe in sparing the rod or spoiling the child. i hated him for the way that he treated me and for the path that i took in my teens and early adult life. i often questioned why KRSNA gave me the parents that i had. Now after many many years i can see that it was KRSNA’s mercy. My father was training me the best way he knew how even though in an incorrect manner. He was giving me character, teaching me right from wrong and teaching me skills that i needed later on in life. Skills that if i didnt have i wouldn’t had survived. Now He’s in the next life i look back on the time we spent together and i love him. i’ve forgiven him for his shortcomings and i’m grateful. All i’m saying is that i never would have for seen loving my dad and having the understanding i do now by KRSNA’s Grace. i think its in Romans where Pual says{paraphrasing} we’re looking through a glass half full but someday we’ll know,even as we’re known, FULLY. Sister please forgive me if i’ve made any offences against you i just wanted to relate to you a little of my experience and try as pitifully as i can to be supportive. Hang in,there grit your teeth, remember this too shall pass. To all the Vaishnavas please except my fallen obeisances, Sincerely james

  73. Dasi says:

    And though after i left i abandoned my sadhana for a little while, i eventually came back to Prabhupada…i began reading again and developed my relationship with Krsna and Prabhupada on my OWN terms and wasn’t confused by unqualified people dictating scripture and Prabhupada’s divine teachings. They have no right to do so and they have no right to be in positions of trust and i am sorry that you had to suffer because of the ignorance of others. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH KRSNA IS YOUR OWN. Please hear me when i say that when you discover this, you’ll be able to overcome the spiritual block that came from this oppression…and overcome the sadness and anger as well. Please don’t lose faith in the holy name. Please… You were exposed to ISKCON during a very messed up and tragic period of its history… But please, start fresh with your relationship with KRSNA…in a sincere way. The divine love of Krsna is not hostile, it is not condemning…it is not abusive. It is compassionate and merciful beyond anything these unqualified fools comprehend at this point. And if they were good devotees they would have treated you with the same respect and sweetness Prabhupada always treated kids with.
    But don’t let them take the holy name away from you…please chant. Please try to find that love that has always resided in your heart…the holy name will heal you i swear it will.
    You are worth all the love and care in the world. Allow Krsna to show you the best love and care there is… I will be praying for you. May Lord Nityananda shower you in His divine compassion and mercy…May Lord Caitanya show you spiritual triumph…May Lord Nrsimhadeva protect you from all evil thoughts, memories, people and situations…May Lord Krsna deliver you from this darkness…May Radharani show you the beauty of divine love.
    Your anonymous servant,

  74. Dasi says:

    My dear godsister, reading of your experience made me cry.Let me first tell you that you never deserved such treatment, &i am so so sorry for what you suffered…i wish i could take your hurt away,& i wish i could be there for you.Although i am just an online devotee friend, i’ll try my best, & i hope you read this.
    Though you may be skeptical about the existance of Krsna/God i assure you, so many devotees have felt the same way at some point in life…whether before or after they came to the movement.
    I don’t believe it is offensive to honestly address your feelings. I believe it is our life’s purpose as devotees to be true to ourselves, and to be sincere, this includes honesty with our selves in regard to our own pain, suffering, and even doubting of our own faith as a result. You are not a bad person, and i assure you that Krsna is right there with you. Eventually i know you’ll be able to reach out to Him.
    I faced a bad temple experience myself and found myself soured on the Holy Name…it connotated brainwash and hostility.i hated that they did this to me.
    I gave-up everything to become a devotee, & they treated me like garbage knowing full-well that i had no place to go.When i got sick they were only concerned that i wasn’t able to do my services. Though i knew loved Krsna &Prabhupada, i couldn’t understand why i just did not want to hear about them anymore. I couldn’t understand why i was filled with guilt and anger, i couldnt get why being supposedly immersed in Krsna consciousness i was losing my faith.I was told by other women that suffering was necessary because it would make me more humble.
    Where was the compassion?
    I finally left after butting heads with the temple president.They called me an agitator.
    But Krsna knows, hears and feels everything that you do, my dear. He is not represented by unqualified people.This isn’t whatPrabhupada wanted.Krsna will never leave you i promise.Love for Krsna doesn’t have to mean love for ISKCON. It no longer stands for what Prabhupada’s teachings,which is ur compass

    • Lukas Dohnal says:

      Do you realize that what you say is incompatible with gaudīya-vaiṣṇava philosophy?

      According to gaudīya-vaiṣṇava philosophy, she deserved it. According to gaudīya-vaiṣṇava philosophy, we deserve what we get, as what we get is the result of our karma from past lives. By saying that she did not deserve it, you are disowning the teachings of gaudīya-vaiṣṇava sampradāya regarding karma.

      Not that I would criticize you for it. It\’s just that I see many people who consider themselves followers of the gaudīya line, who actually don\’t believe deep down in themselves in those teachings (this with karma and “you don\’t deserve this” idea is just one example).

      You are right in saying that we should be honest with ourselves.

      • Hare Krishna Lukas

        You are correct of course. We all get what we deserve. That is a material thing.

        But when one comes to Krishna consciousness that is no longer a material thing. That is a spiritual thing. So a sincere devotee if they are actually sincere and when they get attacked it is not due to karma and they do not deserve it. So it is actually you who does not understand Gaudiya Philosophy.

        For example Prahlada Maharaja who was born a pure devotee of Krishna to his father, Hiranyakasipu, the King of the demons, was tortured by his father because he was a devotee of Visnu. But Prahlada did not deserve this torture. Prahlada was a pure devotee of Krishna. He was tortured by his demonic father because his father was envious of Lord Visnu. Visnu had killed his brother Hiranyaksa so he considered Lord Visnu his enemy so when his son Prahlada became a devotee of Lord Visnu he could not bear it, so he tortured his son.

        So many envious demons joined ISKCON and tortured the children of sincere devotees of Krishna because they could not bear to see the devotees worshiping and glorifying Krishna. That is what demons do. They torture devotees. But this is NOT the devotees karma. The devotees do not deserve this torture.

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

        • Exdevotee says:

          Devotees believe that they are some kind of special human beings, different from everyone else. But the truth is that they are not. They are regular human beings, no matter what they believe.

          • Hare Krishna

            You are correct. Everyone is the same. It is a question of being in illusion or being free from the illusion. That is all. This whole material world is an illusion, maya. The illusion is we can be happy here without any connection with serving Krishna. But that is not possible. We can only be happy by serving Krishna. But here, in the material world, maya puts up a great illusion that fools us into thinking we can be happy in the material world without Krishna. But we can not. There is only frustration and repeated birth and death in the material world.

            And actual devotee does not think he is a devotee. He is very humble. He thinks he is a regular fallen human being. Read the songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas, you will sense what is the humble mood of an actual devotee and you will see the actual devotees are thinking they are lower than the worms in the stool. Some who thinks they are special, above everyone, a special human being, this is not a devotee…

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

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