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Mayapur Bomb Blast Reveals GBC Terrorist Campaign

The world has been in a great state of shock, confusion and grieving since the horrific events that took place in New York on 11th September. Many devotees see these events and the war which has followed as a sign that the only hope for humanity really is Krishna Consciousness, as we approach the precipice of a 3rd world war. However just when you thought things could not get any worse,

One could be forgiven for thinking that extremist violence and murders are currently the monopoly of terrorist outlaws like Osama Bin Laden. But now both the Indian media and police have confirmed that ISKCON Mayapur have themselves been making bombs in the holy dhama! (an activity not recommended in “The Nectar of Devotion”, as far as we are aware). All of the major newspapers in India (Asian Age, Hindustan Times, Times of India and Calcutta Statesman), as well as the Indian police, exposed this illegal activity as having taken place “within the ISKCON Mayapur temple complex itself by disciples of Jayapataka Swami and the head of Mayapur’s security force.” (see full newspaper reports below). Unfortunately for these would-be terrorists, this act of “devotional service” back-fired on them literally. One bomb-maker died, and his two accomplices were injured when the bomb accidentally went off — a clear case of instant karma if ever there was one:

“On Saturday afternoon just at the back of Mayapur temple one person died due to a sudden explosion of bombs which they were making in one of the buildings under construction. The deceased was identified as Babu Ghosh, aged 30. One of his associates named Amit Das, was seriously injured.

The officer-in-charge Mr Sukumar Dutt of Navadeep Police Station stated that the two said persons were security staff of ISKCON. Both were making bombs in a building behind Chandraya Mandir when one of the bombs exploded injuring the said two persons who were immediately admitted to the Sadar Hospital, Krishnanagar, near ISKCON. Babu Ghosh died in the hospital. Nitai Prasad, the ISKCON spokesman, is not prepared to accept the said persons as being ISKCON staff. He said the incident took place on ISKCON property, but stated that the said persons had nothing to do with ISKCON.” (Ananda Patrika Bazzar, 14/10/01)

“A man died and another was injured while making bombs inside a house on the ISKCON compound on Saturday afternoon. The Navadweep Police said, Babu Bose, 30, Amit Das, 28 and their associates were making bombs inside a secluded house on the complex when some of the bombs burst. Police sources also said the two had a past criminal record.The two were admitted to Shaktinagar Hospital. Babu died later in the evening. Nadia Superintendent of Police, Ramphal Power, said he had received several complaints of criminal activities having increased in the area. ‘We have identified some trouble-makers. Such incidents will not be allowed to recur,’ he said. ISKCON sources said the two were not connected to their organization. “The incident took place outside the complex.” an ISKCON spokesman said. But the Police maintained that the blast took place inside the complex. (Asian Age, 14/10/01)

“Bomb Makers Hurt – Babu Ghosh,30, and Amit Das,28, were injuered on Saturday while making bombs inside a partially constructed house near ISKCON Mandir here. They were injured when a bomb exploded, sources said, Police arrested the two.” (The Hindustan Time, 14/10/01)

“One Babu Ghose & his two associates were arrested on Sunday on the charge of a bomb blast near the ISKCON Temple at Mayapur on Saturday afternoon. Police said, Babu was a group D employee of the ISKCON temple.” (The Statesman, 15/10/01)

“Police arrested three persons from ISKCON temple in Mayapur and seized the attendance register, in relation to a blast near the Temple on Saturday which killed a man & injured two brothers. according to Police, Babu Ghose was making crude bombs near the temple compound when one of them went off accidentally killing him on the spot & injuring two others. Initially, the temple authorities had denied any connection with the deceased or the injured but on Sunday admitted that Ghose was a group D staff.” (The Times of India, 15/10/01)

“Nadia district police have interrogated the wounded person who was making bombs at an under construction building under construction at ISKCON Mayapur, in the hospital on Sunday. According to police sources, wounded Amit Das (28) had recovered physically. Higher-ranking district police officials have interrogated him on this day. It is learned that while bombs were being made, one exploded killing one other person. His name is Babu Ghose (30). Babu Ghosh was working as a guard in ISKCON main office, Mayapur. The wounded Amit Das is also a devotee of ISKCON. Police sources revealed that Babu Ghosh was a known terrororist in that area. The district police officials not only questioned Amit Das but ISKCON authorities also. Even though the ISKCON authorities are refusing to accept the responsibility for the incident, the identities of the dead and 2 wounded persons are not unknown to the local people. In the meantime the police have noticed some irregularities in the official papers of the ISKCON main office.” (Ganshakti, 15/10/01)

“One person died in the ISKCON compound due to a bomb explosion in a building under construction at Mayapur. It created panic as the police have captured 4 fresh bombs and other materials from the place. The police are inquiring why they were making bombs in temple compound. The additional superintendent of police said on Sunday morning that one of those making bombs has died and the other is in serious condition and so at this stage we can’t say more. Police have started investigation. […] Dead Babu Ghose was the security guard in ISKCON, his father said. But the ISKCON authorities said, ‘Babu left security job before two and half years ago.” (Sangabad Pratidin, 16/10/2001)

You will notice from the reports how the Mayapur authorities have been trying to squirm out of admitting the obvious, and as usual tried to engage in their usual lies and begin a cover-up. It did not last long since the evidence was so damning that even they had to admit the truth. This comedy of errors was also played out under the full gaze of TV cameras as well as all the main news stations there – E-TV, Akash Bangla and Khas Khabor – reported the news. Intially the Mayapur spokesman Nitai Prasad Das stated on TV that it was a “gas explosion”! Then by the next news report it was admitted that it was bomb explosion, but not on ISKCON property. Then they next admitted on TV that it was on ISKCON property, but those involved were nothing to do with ISKCON. By the final report they had also conceded that those involved were active members of ISKCON Mayapur. Though it will be noted that the Police version of events was accurate from the start. Having been caught red-handed the latest lie they have started circulating was that they were making the bombs for ‘self-defense’! Naturally this yarn has had the local police doubling-up with laughter. We wonder what tale they will spin next.

Naturally with the current tense world situation in regards to bombs and terrorism, the authorities have taken this matter very seriously, and in addition to the local police, both the state C.I.D., and the Intelligence Bureau are at the scene. Following the incident the Police have reported that many of the leaders and managers at Mayapur have fled, while some western ‘devotees’ have fled the country, and there is hardly anyone in a position of authority that can be questioned. This is understandable considering the fact that the Police are treating this matter with the utmost importance.

While the investigations and interrogations are going on, we have learned both from our sources in Mayapur and the Police, that the bombs were being made to be used in a terrorist attack to take over the 22, Gurusadaya Road, property in Calcutta, which is the property developed by the temple for the use of the Calcutta Life members. It is also the property where a marriage hall was mysteriously burned down 2 years ago, as reported by us in Newsletter no. 16 (ISKCON Calcutta Triumphs Following Arson Attack). Though the thugs from Mayapur have made many attempts to try and seize this property by force, they have failed each time due to huge gates and a high perimiter wall with intense security. Unlike the Temple building, it is not open to the public, and thus is virtually impossible to storm. We have been forced to turn it into a fortress. Frustrated at their many previous failures to obtain entry, the plan was to use the bombs to blow the gates and scare all the security guards and devotees inside to flee in panic, thus allowing the Mayapur mob to finally storm the place and claim possession. This account is backed up by the fact that one week before the bomb blast, Babu Ghosh, the chief bomb maker who died in the explosion, came to visit the property with Dayarama Das, the head of Mayapur. They were seen ‘casing the place’, making a survey, and also made threats that they would be soon taking the place over. That this is not simply a story which we are giving after the fact to fit the circumstances is proven by the fact that on the 7th of October, straight after this took place, all the above was registered by us with the local Ballygunj Police Station in an official report, which stated that Dayarama had come here with his guards, and that they had threatened to take possession soon. Of course we had no idea at the time, that they were actually making bombs to assist in their terrible deeds.

*** The fact remains that the head of Mayapur’s security and an initiated disicple of Jayapataka could not have been building a bomb factory on the temple property without the blessings and active planning of the Mayapur authorities. These authorities being Jayapataka Swami, Bhakti Caru Swami and Dayarama Das. ***

Many people have commented on how they have been blown away by the bold preaching of the ISKCON Revival Movement (IRM) to restore Srila Prabhupada in his rightful position as the Diksa Guru of ISKCON. Obviously threatened by our strong preaching activities and worldwide media coverage, the authorities in ISKCON Mayapur (headed by Bhakti Caru Swami and Jayapataka Swami) have decided in turn to try to blow away the IRM – literally.

In Newsletter 46, we detailed the storming of the Calcutta temple in April of this year by Mayapur thugs led by Dayaram das, co-ordinated by the illegal gurus Bhakti Caru Swami, Jayapataka Swami and Gopal Krishna Swami, and we reproduced the various newspaper reports of this ISKCON-instigated violence. Then in the following Newsletter (no. 47), we reproduced parts of Bhakti Caru Swami’s leaked memo where he pledged material support for another violent assault on the IRM:

“. let us find out what Dayaram Prabhu actually needs, man and money wise, and then try to provide that to him.” (Bhakti Caru Swami, May 14th 2001)

Each time we provide more evidence on how the GBC/Guru faction has turned into a crazy violent cult, we always feel that surely they cannot get any worse. Unfortunately they never cease to amaze us. Yet so many motivated persons still continue to support this morally bankrupt leadership as they lead ISKCON into the abyss. How much more death and destruction do they need to see before they wake up to the fact that the current GBC/Guru faction-led part of ISKCON bears absolutely no resemblance to a spiritual movement, and is nothing but an attempt at trying to enjoy the assets and disciples of Srila Prabhupada, whom they have unceremoniously replaced. We only shudder to think what new horrors will continue to unfold. The GBC-Guru cult is determined to turn ISKCON into a war zone in their mad pursuit for power, property and disciples. In this we have to agree with President George W. Bush, that terror has no place in a civilized world, and that it must be and will be defeated. Like the Islamic extremists who use the name of religion to justify their violence and terror, the GBC Gurus and their fanatical disicples also invoke the cause of defeating those who are ‘offenders and blasphemers’ to their Guru to justify their violent and illegal antics. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, Might is NOT right. Rather RIGHT is might. And bombs and terror notwithstanding, truth and righteousness WILL prevail, since the IRM will continue to remain unbowed and undetered in our mission to restore Srila Prabhupada to his rightful position as the spiritual master of ISKCON.

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!

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