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Questions From A Muslim With Answers From Khan

I downloaded Bhagvad Geeta from your site and read it. I am extremely impressed and moved by the teachings of Krishana Ji. But being a Muslim, some questions arose in my mind. If you could help me to finding their answers, I will be grateful to you.

Dear sir,
I downloaded Bhagvad Geeta from your site and read it.

I am extremely impressed and moved by the teachings of Krishana Ji. But being a Muslim, some questions arose in my mind.

If you could help me to finding their answers, I will be grateful to you.

1. Why different religions, and I am refering specially to Islam and Hinduism, in contradiction to each other? Is it that some are really from God and others not?

2. If you are of opinion that all religions are from God, then would you please like to explain the reason of contradictions between the religions.

3. Is there any way to act upon the teachings of Krishana Ji, without compromising on the teachings of Islam. For example, being a Muslim I cannot meditate, visualising the image of Krishana Ji.

Thank you very much.



Lahore, Pakistan

Dear Muhammed

Asalaamulakum and Hare Krishna

My name is Khan and I have visited Pakistan. My parents are both muslims. And they like good muslim parents encouraged me in the islamic way of life. I had a firm belief in God and feared the day of judgement so tried to be good. But sometimes I would fail. Other times I would speculate more about what Allah was like and what heaven is like. But when I asked my elder Muslim brothers and fathers they would often tell me not to think of these things and just take what the Quran and hadith say, full stop.

At this stage in my life I was of the thinking that only Islam, Christianity and Jeudaism were authentic religions since they were all memtioned in the Quran but the Jewish and Christian scriptures had been changed whilst the Quran had stayed the same. But I thought all the other religions were man made idol worship concotions. My muslim upbringing had showed me that Islam was the last and final religion and that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was the last Prophet.

But at the age of 17 I, as are you, was most fortunate to come in contact with the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is and Srila Prabhupada’s books. As I read the BHagvad-Gita and many other smaller books I began to realise that all the religions were actually linked. Each religion would come due to time place and circumstance to elevate those particular people to the level of human beings who would begin to engage their minds on God.

“Hinduism” is the oldest then Budhism then Judaism then Christianity then Islam then Sikhism and then Lord CAitanya came. Each had their purpose. You can research each if you want. But when you compare the scriptures of each you will begin to see that there is a common link. Each believes in ONE ultimate God/Reality and each gives processes on how to reach this final goal/reality.

You said in your enquiring message:

1. Why different religions, and I am refering specially to Islam and Hinduism,are in contradiction to each other? Is it that some are really from God and others not?

2. If you are of opinion that all religions are from God, then would you please like to explain the reason of contradictions between the religions.

Well some contradictions that I originally thought of between Hinduism(specifically Bhakti Yoga) and Islam:

1)Reincarnation- I always had a strong inclination that reincarnation occurs even before I came in contact with Krishna consciousness. But Muslims believe that after this life one is judged by God to go into heaven or hell to enjoy or suffer forever onwards. Whereas the Vedic literatures teach us that indeed at the time of death one is judged according to the deeds one has done in that life(ie Karma) and given appropriate next life in either heavenly or hellish body based on qualifications and deire. In fact it is some dear servants of God that look after this process not God directly. Why because in doing so they please God in their service. So if you act righteously and do good deeds and desire to go to heven, after death your soul will be transfered to heaven and you will be born into a heavenly planet. There are different levels of heavenly planets ==7different levels== same as the Islam teaches us in Quran and HAdith that there are 7 levels of heaven. But the real difference in spiritual life of the vedic literatures is that God does not live in the heavenly planets. Even the Quran says that God created the Earth and the Heavens which means that He existed before the Heavens and therfore these are not His eternal abode. So not only do the Vedic LIteratures explain about what the heavenly planets are and how to get there it also explains about Gods abode and how to get there. This is the SPIRITUAL WORLD. In fact there is a HAdith that explains that when Prophet Muhammed ascended to God he penatrated all 7 layers of Heaven. So in fact the aim of life in both religions is to get to God and help serve Him, not simply a paradise were you can enjoy your senses more.

The issue of reincarnation is about realisation really. If you come to the understanding that you are not the body that is constantly changing but rather you are pure spirit soul covered in the materialism then this is a start. (concept of soul is in Islam). But the next stage is to realise that the soul is not the same as the body. It is eternal. But then you may argue that only God is eternal. But God is the eternal master (allah hu akbar) and we are the eternal servants. How can you be a master if there is noone to master over. So the real understanding I have gained is that the soul was not created, we are part and parcel of God. But simultaneously different.

2)Vegetarianism- Now many Muslims almost think that it is faraz(a must) to eat meat to be a muslim.

This is simply wrong. At that time remeber the civilisation was quite degraded and the majority of the people would be eating meat, intoxicating on alcohol and gambling and so many other corrupt things. If you study the Quran it will show in the earlier time that the Prophet allowed alcohol in moderation, but later verses do not allow. This is due to at that time place and circumstance to slowly raise the level of the people.

Similarly although meat eating is allowed it is not necesarry. In Islam when you kill an animal the halal you must look the animal in the eye and recite Quranic verse and offer 6/7ths of the animal to the poor and eat the rest with your family. Who does this now? In England they have big slaughterhouses. Even Muslim ones and they have a tape player of an Imam saying the payers that recirculates agian and again while the animals are killed one by one in a profit business fashion. I am vegetarian and would only eat meat if necesarry.

Muslims would even ask me about Eid and HAjj, shouldnt you eat meat then? But lets look at the story behind this. When Prophet Abraham was about to sacrife his son due to God asking him in dreams God stopped him and allowed him to sacrifice a sheep instead. But does this really mean that every muslim to celebrate this day should kill a sheep and enjoy and laugh and have party and dress in new fashionable clothes? Or is the moral of the story that on this day we should be prepared to sacrifice something that we are attached too much to(like TV or pop music or so on)?

3)Deity worship- In Prophet Muhammeds time there was an ancient Vedic culture in ancien arabia. But this had become corrupted. And instead of worshipping God people were woshipping stones for some material benefit. MAny idols of many so-called Gods were present. THe general society was degraded—women and men dancing naked around the Kaba and alcohol drinking and gambling and so many other degrading acts.

So at that time place and circumstance a system needed to be introduced to change this society into more of human civilsation. So the Prophet came with Quran and began to win many followers and destroy all these idols and degraded society. Islam would preach no Idol Worshipping, drinking and gave a social structure where women would be honoured.

But Diety worship is not the same as idol worship. Dieties are the authentic forms of God. Just as in the Quran there are many different names of God (for to Him belong all the beutiful names) at least 99 showing His different attributes. So similarly in the VEdic scriptures there are many different forms of God. No one says that since the muslims call Allah by so many different names then they believe in so many different Gods. So if you begin to see Hinduism in this light then you will realise that even the Hindus believe in only one God.

You also asked:

3. Is there any way to act upon the teachings of Krishana Ji, without compromising on the teachings of Islam. For example, being a Muslim I cannot meditate, visualising the image of Krishana Ji.

For me personally it helps me to think of Krishna better when I can see a picture of Him rather than reading a name like Allah or Krishna. But remeber even the names are so spiritually powerful. Because Allah is absolute that means His name, form and voice are non-different. Remember often in the Quran it says that prophets heard God say this or that. So if you can hear God what is the difficulty in seeing God. God is on the absolute platform. So if you can keep the beutiul names of Allah on your lips all the time then you will be spiritually successful.

Even in the Quran there are references of God’s personmal features. These I can give you. Where it mentions that God has eyes,hands, face etc. Remember this is not a material limited body like ours. When a devotee sees a picture of Krishna the picture acts as a spiritual tool because straight away he is reminded of God. So I recommend that you continue to remeber God in the best way you can. If this means keeping His names on your lips then this is also very perfect.

PLease keep reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. They are not ordinary books. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. So many people are converting. But those who convert from Islam, it takes something really powerful to do this. For me I have found this in the Vedic literatures. But remeber you don’t have to give up or throw away anything. You can still pray 5 times a day, go to Masjid and celebrate Eid. But if you want to increase your spirtual life even further then please my Muslim brother take advantage of the knowledge in these books. And distribute it to as many people as you can. After all Muslim means one who submits to the will of Allah.

Please let me know if there are more confusions. Remeber spiritual life is a process of realisation. It may not happen overnight.

Please take care and thank you very much.

Khud Hafiz and Hare Krishna


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  1. Abeer says:

    hare krishna and Asalaamulakum. My name is Abeer.I am an aspiring krsna devotee. sir i am extremely influence by your answer. can you help me out, my beloved is a muslim and like you know that all religions are just so called bodily designations, kindly help me out in this matter because i really love her alot and want to marry her. Her main concern is that she cant marry a non muslim. i gave her few hadidts that prophet himself said that those whose religion is good and a good man, you can marry your daughter to him. and also, i want to make her understand the eternity of soul but she never accepts this out of her ignorance.

  2. Sulalita says:

    I am a Hindu and I am into Krishn’a consciousness but I am in love with a boy who is Muslim and who respects my religion too and he wants to marry me is it wrong if I maintain my religion and still marry him and still be a good devotee . Will that effect or break any rule being a Krishn’a devotee ? Please tell me

    • It is not wrong, but the main point should be to become pure devotee of Krishna and go back home, back to Godhead, that is the purpose of our life and we should work in such a way. I suggest you seriously read Srila Prabhupada’s books, chant the Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day and follow the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication]. That way you will get more knowledge about Krishna consciousness and will be able to understand what is the best decision to make. These external distinctions like Muslim and Hindu are not important. Many of Lord Caitanya’s main devotees were previously Muslims or intimately connected with Muslims. So being Muslim is no disqualification from becoming Krishna conscious. It is the same thing that Muhammad is teaching, he is also teaching Krishna consciousness, in a way that is suitable for the time and place in which he was preaching.

      So you can understand this with your Muslim friend, that you are both believing in the same God, in different countries the same God is referred to by different names, that is all. Like we call the sun in the sky by different names in different countries but we are all talking about the same sun.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • anirudh says:

      No you should marry a muslim guy. It is his taqiya or love jihaad. Be in your religion and marry with anyone but not to muslim. Remember one thing according to their quran you are just sex slave.

  3. Steve Benton says:

    Somebody is having 5,130th birthday soon?

    Can you guess who?

    Hint. Hari Krishna

  4. Nirupam says:

    Namaskar, I am 23 yes old & I have in confusion from the age of 20 onwards regarding victimization of animals be it cattle,pet,birds or wild ones. My confusion started when I actually recognized about the consumption of animals by us(human beings). Those were I came to know that non veg means not only fish & chicken but also dogs ,cows,birds,even monkeys etc ..etc..I never knew until my 20th of age these animals are also in the dish of human dining…Even I didn’t knew the brutal killing mechanism generally used to kill or eat alive animals…By the way ,leave apart the this as I can’t bear such deadly facts…Now let me ask you Sir/Brother/Sister why animals are the part of major victims in today’s generation which in Hindu called as “Kalyuga” , which in Mahabharata said as:”Kalyug started on the day that man discovered he could his fellow creatures….. “…Why I & some of the people are too tender to accept these unbearable truth as fact & others not.. Why human being don’t even feel or emotions while killing the soft hearted animals for his dish…As himfu myth days that our deeds depends the next life after our death..so to satisfy my mind I just sometime assume that those animals being brutally killed were once human in their previous lives but due to their worse deeds they were sent to earth as animal in this birth & now they are facing those punishments linked to their deeds of early life….But then I think why after the life & why not the punishments are given to the person in his present life instead of victimizing him in the next life by sending him to earth in the materialistic form of animals…Plz explain me the fact..& help me to understand the cause brutal murdering of poor animals in kalyuga only to benefit our own interests……Thank you…

  5. anas says:

    Allah give you a Promise ,Devil also give promise . you follow devil.
    indeed devil cant fulfill his promise .

    Repent to Allah he is all knowing and ever living

  6. Arya Goswami says:

    I am 17 and have occupied myself in the higher truths of life. The ultimate secret to taste the nectar of life in simple terms is “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” By praising the beauty of this universe one can know the truth of God, or vice versa. Beholding the entire volume of Srimad-Bhagavad Gita amidst wandering senses of confusion occupied in despair and misery, is for me the most divine dwelling in the depths of spiritual insights and self-realization. The opulences of this beautiful universe elevates to the point where one can realize the truth given. I am verging on the path of self-realization, with a bit of clear research. I started reading The Quran, The Bible, and The Srimad-Bhagavad Gita all together simultaneously to discern the origin of the universe and to deduce the ‘version’ of God, wherein I have most probably succeeded in advanced terms. All the three volumes are magnificent, and they all related and almost similar though in different ways. Yet, being The Quran and The Bible almost similarly inclined, they raise some differential disputes along in relation with Srimad-Bhagavatam. I have some small questions which are constraining my quest for confirmation:-

    1 – The story of creation on earth is the same in The Bible and The Quran, whereas almost different yet more specific and mystical in Srimad Bhagavatam. Please throw some light.

    2 – Jesus according to The Bible is the Son of God, whereas according to The Quran a prophet and Messenger of God. There is no question in this as the two terms can be compromised for a while because both specify the Gospels commonly. The common assumption could be thus that Jesus is ‘related’ to God or Allah. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, all the incarnations of Lord Krishna are mentioned including Buddha. Clearly, Jesus cannot be assumed as the Son of Krishna. Nor can he be considered an incarnation of Krishna. Because Buddha was mentioned to be the final incarnation. So, what relation could be considered for Jesus with Krishna?

    3 – Jesus according to The Bible and The Quran is undoubtedly and very strongly related to God or Allah whether as Son or Messiah. Both share the same Gospels and Jesus is also worshiped well by both. Thus, in light of the above question, for Jesus it does not seems much to do with Krishna. Hinduism includes the concept of Trimurti. Brahma – Vishnu – Shiva. So, the final question is, can “God” in Christianity and “Allah” in Islam (both sharing relation to Jesus) can be considered in relation with Brahma in terms of Hinduism? Or, can “God” (Christianity) or Allah (Islam) can refer to Brahma in Hinduism?

    It would be of utmost grateful regards if my illusion of doubt can be dispelled. Above all, I strongly believe in self-realization and spiritualism.


  7. Steve Benton says:

    The way you speak it is clear you are on a path to enlightenment.

    What you describe is a difference based on the concept that Alllah has no form, no picture. Ramakrishna teaches that we can worship a God whith form or a God without form. And we can choose our favorite deity.
    But still love them all.

    Have you explored Sufism?

    Keep Allah in your heart. But open up to Krishna.

    In my opinion they are the same, but just by a different name.

    One certainly can find God in Allah.

    The GitaS Best parts focus on an individual path of the enlightenment. These are the aspects of the Gita that you should focus on.

    The 4 cornerstones of yoga as set forth in the Gita.

    Bkati yoga, karma yoga, Raja yoga and Yana yoga.

    Bhakti yoga is the worship of God as you see Him. You got that one.

    Raja yoga equals meditation.

    Several times a year I like to think of Allah as my God. I like my mind not being clutered with pictures.

    Salaam shalom shanti

    Just different words for the same thing.

    Swami Vivekananda said it is not important that there are millions of sects out there, but how that understanding brings you closer to God.

    PS it’s hard to imagine spiritual progress when one is ending the life of another animal when that is not necessary. We need life in our hearts for spiritual progress.
    Nonviolence is the greatest act of charity.

    Keep the faith my friend. Based on my experience, I rather suspect that your exploring of other religions will bring you closer to God as you personally know him.

  8. gembilly says:

    dear sir
    who the author or collector Bhagvad Geeta?
    In general I see the archeology or ancient heritage has been looted, and some time has returned and I know it was used for the sake of some political elites of the world wants us to oscillate seek divinity

    • Hare Krishna

      Author of Bhagavad-gita is actually Krishna and Arjuna. It is a conversation between them on the battlefield before the great fight at Kuruksettra about 5,000 years ago. It was narrated to King Dhrtrarastra by his secretary Sanjaya in his palace while it was happening. It was actually written down as one chapter of the great epic Mahabharata, which means the History of Greater India. That was also around 5,000 years ago and the compiler of the Mahabharata was Vedavyasa, Srila Vyasadeva. His is known as the literary incarnation of Krishna.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  9. subu says:

    my question is y ALLAH gives everything shakal surat kismat pesa to some people and gives nothing to other ye dffrnc q h kisi k pas sb kch or kisi k pas kch b ni esa q haii…

    • Hare Krishna Subu

      Allah means Krishna and Krishna means Allah. It is like in different languages they have different words that mean the sun. But even though the word for the sun is different in different countries they are still talking about the same sun.

      So your quote from Allah is correct of course. Why God gives everything to some and nothing to others? Actually of course everything is given by God. But there is karma. The translation of karma is work. So everyone is performing some work. There are different types of work. There is good work and bad work. So there are reactions to work. Those who perform good work get good reactions in the future and those who perform bad work get bad reactions in the future.

      So what people get now is dependent on their karma, or the work they have performed in the past. If they have done bad things the past then they will not be fortunate now and if they did good work in the past they will be experiencing difficulties at present.

      So our present sufferings and enjoyments are a result of our past good or bad actions.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  10. Jankee says:

    God’s name “krsna” is so powerful that any soul will be attracted to upon hearing it. We all were once seperated from the lord just like a petal seperating from a rose flower. In this age, people will be continuously attracted to the holy names although illusion is blindfolding our eyes with all the possible forces but can it be more powerful than love? The original Big Boss of Everything has made his divine step in our everyday routine life. We are soo lucky, nothing will be lifeless now, God is addicted to the love we have for him, he will never let us down, he is soooo merciful and always smiling. Nothing will be black and white and boring anymore because colour in person has appeared. Love is in the air, love is a very dangerous disease, trust me the immune system can’t fight love, no one will be able to escape once your love is activated again for krsna and this time there won’t be any seperation again. <3

  11. shafi says:

    yes i accept it is a mathmetics first standard has maths second standard has maths fifth and sixth also has maths but sixth standard maths wont have in first standard like wise islam is present in all previous scriptures little bits after followed to by other scriptures and its completed only in quran . now you turn to stop in first standard maths is enough its not my fault .

    • Santosh says:

      So , dear safi.
      Do u want to say that maths standard is stoped growing ?

      No .

      Isnt it?

      So if u r saying quaran is like math’s highest and last standard , it is absolutly not.
      But u know maths is growing it means aftet quran there will be more higher standard maths!

      Isnt it?

      and on that time will u stop reding quaran? And start reading new standard?


      Because u r still think tht islam is the one other religions are inferior.

      Dear safi i think u didnt grasp what a brilliont reply mr. Khan has given to the questioner from pakistan.

      He explained very deeply and linked the all religion.

      But after all that ,
      What have u learnt?

      Brother please read ‘Shri MadBhagwad Geeta’ recited by Krishna to Arjuna and also read ‘Satyarth Prakash’ written by Dayanand Sarswati ji.

  12. Vaishnavi says:

    Hare krishna,

    Is it a sin for a hindu to convert to other religion according to vedas or bhagavad gita?

    • Hindu is bogus. It is a Muslim name. It means the people who live on the other side of the Sindu river. Hindu is never mentioned in any Vedic scripture at all. It is totally bogus.

      Sanatana dharma is the eternal occupation of the soul. It can not be changed. That is the real religion. Sanatana dharma. And it is the same for everyone.

      That is what we are teaching. It is not religion, it is science. It is like mathematics. 1 + 1 = 2 for Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Athiests, Everyone. 1 + 1 = 2 is not Christian mathematics. It is mathematics. So we are teaching the fundamental spiritual principles that are valid for everyone everywhere…

      So just read Srila Prabhupada’s books and try to understand who you are and what is your relationship with Krishna and act in that relationship as a servant of Krishna.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  13. Snehansu Pan says:

    All my brothers and sisters of pakistan and bangladesh please realise that we all are same. The diffenence is created by foreign forces ( arab and vertican ) to nake us slave ( golam ) and to extract money.
    Know these forces , isolate them.
    Come back to your past. Respect your forefathers.
    We ( hindus) will be very happy to get you back.

    • Actually everyone is the same, we are all brothers, we are not the material bodies, we are the eternal spirit souls within the bodies. And on the spiritual platform we are all the same, all brothers.

  14. Rizwan Khan says:

    May Allah SWT Guide us to straight Path.

  15. Deepak says:

    It is awesome reply. I have ever heard till now.

  16. Shiva krishna says:

    Hello sir my name Shiva Krishna. Many Muslim people want to convert Hindus to Islam but how you accept Hinduism. Really it’s very strange. The way u explained it’s so gr8 tnk u so much 4 giving such knowledge

  17. balakrishna says:

    harekrishna prabhu,

    Once i met one muslim, he is saying that all are prophets of god,,krishna is one of them….nd still they are converting hindu into muslim and so many like this….i don’t know why.If they are saying all are prophets then they should allow people to follow one prophet perfectly….then they will reach supreme,,,,,,i never saw a krishna conscious person trying or forcibly converting the other person into KC.But our friends muslims they catch a person and bewilder him about his religion which he is following, normally a normal follower can’t answer the questions of a preacher of any religion…so normal people get bewildered and get converted….they will not try to enquire with the other religion preachers whetehr the statement made by the opp religion priest is correct or not….But our KC devotees as an etiquette and for our good there is a thing that “A vaishnava always consults, no individual opinion’s”

    • Hare Krishna Balakrishna

      Yes. It is true of course. All the so-called religions are bogus today. The followers do not actually follow them. It is a political thing, a social thing, not a spiritual thing.

      So we Krishna conscious people do not take it very seriously. We go on with our business. We try to wake people up to their original consciousness, which is Krishna consciousness. We do not care about these bogus religions.

      Krishna consciousness is there in everyone’s heart. It is in the Muslim’s heart, the Christian’s heart, everyone’s heart… So we have to first awaken pure love of God in our own hearts and then we will have some potency to help others also awaken love of God in their hearts. It does not matter what external religion people are following. Krishna consciousness is for everyone.

      • balakrishna says:

        Thank you so much prabhu. In fact I think I’l not get that much purity to preach the society about KC.But I’m trying for myself first……After arguing or discussing with the opp religion for some days, I thought that it’s waste of time….But one thng is that when i showd a sloka from BG that krishna is supreme, “mattah parataram naanyath”, there is no reply from other person…..And i said if krishna is also one among the 1,24,000 prophets, prophet will not say that he is supreme…..but jesus and allah both of them said that there is one supreme being……………………That is none other than KRISHNA

        • Hare Krishna Balakrishna

          Yes. There is no point in preaching to the faithless. That is one of the ten offenses actually. We can only preach to those who have a little faith in what we are saying. If that little faith is not there we should not try to preach to them directly. But we can try to develop that little faith by giving them Krishna prasadam, letting them hear the Hare Krishna mantra, and most importantly convincing them to read Srila Prabhupada’s books.

          There are many people who are interested in hearing about Krishna, even among the Muslims, so we should first find someone who is a little interested to hear and then we can talk to him about Krishna.

          Of course we have to be Krishna conscious ourselves, chanting at least 16 rounds, strictly following the four regulative principles, reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, otherwise our preaching will have very little effect anyhow. Purity is the force. If we want to preach first we have to be pure ourselves.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

  18. kshitiz khadka says:

    sir i have been searching in religions and read lots of things and finally i decided not to take any more pressure and i started being engaged in hinduism coz my family are…by all research all i believe is paganism and hinduism but which is true who is our creator i cannever understand..and all the preachers and prophets are for real or what?…jesus and mohammad and moses…they are made up stories or they were there who could really contact to god?

    • Hare Krishna

      All the main religions are based on the truth. They all have the same basic ideas but have developed a bit differently because of being explained a bit differently by different prophets in different countries and different languages.

      The original ideas you will find in the Vedas from India. That is the original source. 5000 years ago there was only one King of the whole world and he was situated somewhere near New Delhi in India, from there he ruled the whole world. At that time there was only one culture, the Vedic culture, spread all over the world. But since then it is all separated and the knowledge is lost to a large extent now.

      Even the Hindus today are very confused and don’t have much idea generally.

      But the knowledge is there in the Vedas and the best way to access that knowledge is by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. So please do this and all your questions will be answered and you will be able to understand things as they are.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  19. Sujatha says:

    I want to know more about srikrishna consciousness.I am Hindu and devotee of god.please send more articles.

    • balakrishna says:

      harekrishna mataji,

      you just mail me to bhargavk0512@gmail.com. I reply you there…becoz all these people they interpret the god’s message….interpretation is the extreme problem for our religious quarrels….they don’t read 9thc class T.B and ask questions like why in tenth class T.B it is written like this….and assume them selves as they found new question for all spiritualist’s……all the questions are answered by lord krishna before 5000 years to arjuna.Nothing is remaining…….every thing is clear…..Don’t get bewildered by the question of an Islamic brother or Christian sister…..patienly listen and then post it to me…but one thing is u have to be patient in this research and faith should be there…..

  20. follower of islam says:

    Islam means to submit his/her free will to ALLAH,
    meaning to do everything that is written in Quran,
    And when Allah says to halal meat, then who we are to judge whether it is right or wrong. And if we feel it is wrong then it is surely a tactic of “shaitan”,in short what ever Quran says is right and what ever it says is wrong is wrong
    , and what ever the feeling we have about this world,if that feelings match w.r.t Quran then its right but if it doesn’t matches w.r.t Quran then we ate wrong.

  21. alok sharma says:


    I read ur entire answer & am pleased to hear that all gods are actually one however every1 calls him by different names….this has even been told by swami Vivekananda…just wish the entire human race if understands dis msg then there will be peace on earth

    • Hare Krishna Alok

      I did not say that all Gods are one. In India they have many demigods like Indra, Shiva, Brahma, etc. and these are not one with Krishna. Not the same as Krishna. God is one. But many of the ‘gods’ accepted by the Indians [and Vivekananda…] are not gods at all, they are just like us, jiva souls. Only they are far more elevated than us.

      So there is a difference between the atma and the paramatma, the jiva and the jivatama. Vivekananda did not understand this at all and has very severely mislead so many Indians. So you need to study Srila Prabhupada’s books to clear up your confusion on this subject matter.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  22. Rajagopalan says:

    Simply superb explanation… so let’s remember that we are all one first. Then gof is one ! Simple !

  23. Waqar Altaf says:

    Quran it says that prophets heard God say this or that.

    above line Mr khan mentioned in his comment. I want any verse with reference in Quran Muhammad PBUH , said I heard Allah say this …. and that ….. Please dont try to deceive people …. If you dont know any thing about Quran dont mention it.

    You said 99 name of Allah,
    If you are working in a office and your are posted on Manager post… your boss call you by the name … Dear Manager listen to me……. But remember your name is Khan… not manager… is your boss is wrong ? or you are stupid who has forgotten his original name and reply yes Sir we are coming…
    Actually manager is your skills…..
    hope Mr khan you got it.

    About marriage of 6 year old girl……. that is your wrong information. improve you knowledge . she was 9 year old. if you are followed hadis… some says 13, and some 14, For your kin information. now a days If I do that or any Muslim do that he will not kicked out from his family not his society .
    The term of marriage is.. Girl should be at the age of puberty . otherwise you are not allowed to marry…
    Let me draw your attention into the world rape crime. In USA which is 3 largest rapist country in the world. mostly girls are being raped at the age of 12,13, Oh lets talk about India, In your religion … 5th largest rapist state of the world . minimum age where girls are being raped 10 to 14. what the hell is this …. Im sorry I m bit aggressive .. I should be aggressive when people lies or try to deceive people.
    lets have a look number 2nd rapist state Sweden, 1 over 3 girl was raped minimum age is 9 to 14.
    Now Mr khan tell me is that good thing to rape young girl or marry with them ? which act would you like to chose for your daughter ? please dont reply like one indian old man says…… rape is better because we have medicine to cure from pregnancy.

    I am sorry about your father and mother, they could not save his child from the hell….. I hope every parent read and understand quran so they would not say read quran and hadis… thats all.. Even I wont believe on you statement ….. because I did not see such weak Muslims parents in my life.

    The whole universe is created by Allah .. only and only one Allah. Allah is so powerful so if he want to destroy you Allah dont need to come on the earth and fight with you… a small mosquito is enough to kill you. when you will be suffered by Dingi virus. Allah is not weak like your gods, who could no kill Rawan, therefore god came in the form of baby and grow up and fight with rawan and killed him…. it seems your god has no power ….. and human body is more power then your so called gods.

    Mr Khan is your own believe … Mostly Muslim believe Meat is compulsory for Muslim… may be it was only you on the face earth who think like that when you were muslim. but no Muslims believe it is mean is compulsory for Muslims.

    Well above all…
    you tried nicely to fool the people… You know what … if you review the world report , now Pakistani are the only nation who dislike reading mostly . Im wonder Mr Muhammad havent read Quran, even his schooling books but he is reading Hindu scripture … 🙂

    • Prashant -china says:

      Islam is observed by over a billion people. Yes.
      Islam has the very UN peaceful and violent DEATH PENALTY for anyone who ceases to be a Muslim. This helps secure observance.
      Not a day goes without some Islamist terrorist bombing and killing innocent’s killing or butchering in some part of the world.
      Pakistan Vs Afghanistan ,Iran VS Iraq, Kuwait Vs Iraq, Syria Shias vs Syria Sunnis, Syria Vs Iraq, Syria vs Lebanon ,Yemen Vs Saudi, Somalia Vs Sudan, all Muslim countries against each other.
      Recently 15Th April 2015, 150 people were killed in Kenya in a university college by Islamist for not being Muslims! 2000 + were massacred in Nigeria by Boko Haram in January 2015.
      2014 More than 10,000 were killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria
      The Tunisia killing of 41 People in June 2015 , Kuwait Mosque bombing killed 45 people, 30th May 2015 Saudi Mosque bombing killed 21 people , According to UN, ISIS has killed 15,000 people in Iraq alone (as on 14/7/2015)
      18/7/2015 on Eid day ,ISIS slaughtered 150 Iraqi’s in a Bomb blast these are just a few , yet Islam is a religion of Peace !
      The genocide carried out by West Pakistan led to the extermination of close to 3 million( 30 Lakhs) people, along with the forced rape of a quarter of a million (2.5 Lakhs) young girls and women.
      you want to talk about rape in EU countries , India ,US etc these are countries where facts/truth is not not suppressed , whereas most of the Muslim countries the women will not report rape because they are jailed and oppressed under a burqa inside 4 corners of their house. Women are treated worse than animals so forget them lodging any complaint . Hence the stats of rape you have concocted above are far from truth

      Prophet mohammad was illiterate and Arabic script didn’t exist in 700AD. Quran itself wasn’t written by prophet, it was written by his companions who took 200 years to bring Quran in text format. Quran has many scripts copied from Hindu, Zoroastrian, jew, Christian scripts except terror and killing innocent people in the name of religion.
      This is exclusive to Islam and because Islam has nothing new to add in the religion they need to eliminate people of other faiths so as to survive as a religion.

      • S.Sangameshwar says:

        The Spiritual life and religious life are totally different. For a spiritual man it does not matter what religion one follows or what his name is. He need to take a saatwick food and can choose to be a Karma yogi or a bhakthi yogi. In karma yoga one need to do work dedicating to lord supreme and here we need to do “Niskama karma”, duty without attachment to the fruit of action and in Bhakthi yoga one need to have “Chitta sudhi” (pure thoughts). This will lead to removal of “Agnana” and real “Gnana” will dawn.The supreme is “Pure consciousness” or “cosmic consciousness” in which individuality is lost. This can be said easily and bookish knowledge cannot help to reach that state.Great religious leaders never read all sastras or books to reach that state. They had the natural vasana (trait) to do sadhana (Practice) and acquired that exalted position. Then whatever they said became sastras. This is also revelation. Sandhana starts with chanting “Bhagavat naama” and then thinking him all the time and pondering over his gunas. The spritual life has nothing to do to with “Lowkik” life or worldly life. Worldly pleasure or sorrow is as per our “Karmic record” and spiritual person do not bother about this and takes both in same attitude (equanimity of mind).

  24. Sandhan says:

    A really deep intellectual article.

  25. Santhosh kumar B (SCND) says:

    Hare Krishna prabhu wonderful explanation, I have never heard before about Muslim and quran I understand now. This is very useful to me because I meet Muslim people in trine we’ll distributing Srila Prabhupada Books everyday and some Muslim people also buy book’s like PQPA, SSR, LCFL, BID, so from next time I can share some of your explanation to people.

    Thank you so much prabhu
    Your servant..
    Sachi Nandan Dasa

    • Yes Prabhu.

      We have to get off the bodily platform and stop seeing people as Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc. And just see them as spirit souls. We also should not identify as “Hindus”. We are not “Hindus”. These are all bodily concepts and we are not the body.

      Krishna consciousness is just as relevant to the Muslims as it is to anyone else. Krishna consciousness is the science of God. It is non-sectarian. It is like gold is gold, there is no Muslim gold and Christian gold. No. Gold is gold. So Krishna consciousness is the science of God. It is relevant to everyone and it is NOT Hinduism and it is no-sectarian. The science of God. We do not care what religion people are. We are simply teaching the science of God. And this science of God is relevant for everyone, no matter what religion they may follow.

  26. Rupesh Adhikari says:

    Salam Waalaikum or Pranam

    I am not Hindu Or Islam but I feel good Conversation between both of you….

    I believe that Final Imam Mahdi or Niskalank Kalki Avatar has already arrived.

    If u read The Holy Quran and then u have to read The Bhagavad Geeta, Puranas,etc..

    Finally u have to read THE TARTAM SAGAR (Swaroop Saheb) to find final Imam Mahdi….

    I respect you Islam, Christian and Hindu both.

  27. Bholanath Bhattacharya says:

    I read both composition but I will tell that both are thinking absurd. As a Hindu I have to admit that Krishna is to be regarded as God. Similarly from the view point of Muslim Allah will be regarded as God. Teachings in the Gita and in the Quran have a lot of plus points but due to our faith we do not see the minus points. None is scientific. At an age when one of my feet is already in the graveyard and another foot is half lifted I have written a book An odyssey into other realms of thought. It is written with a sole purpose to realize what truth is.

  28. sanjay kumar says:

    thanks, Khan sahib!

    not that this is the first time, but its actually enlightening to read that many of the questions you have answered so nicely. I am a Hindu and also read the Holy Qur’aan not because its a Muslims’ Holy Book, but because it is the sayings and teaching of the Holy Prophet and teaches how to reach god by following the path mentioned in the Holy Book.

    I have high regard for a Muslim who is understanding and respects other religions, including mine and doesnt support the violent ways the religion is, so unfortunately, linked to.

    I hope I get enlightened by your wonderful writings for all the religions known to the mankind!

  29. A very good explanation. I\’m and Advait Vedanta master. Nice to see your views.

  30. Braham says:

    there is no such thing as religion.It is made by mankind not by God.

    • Hare Krishna Braham

      You are mistaken. We are made to serve. We can do nothing but serve. Just look around you. Study anyone. Work out what they are doing. And you will find everyone is serving someone else. That is our religion. Service. We all do it. We all have to do it. The wife serves the husband, the husband serves his boss at the office. The boss serves his superior. Everyone is serving someone else. So this is the ‘religion’ or dharma of the living entity. Service. We are servants. There is no way to get out of this. And that service is our religion.

      But all this service in the material world is not satisfying. It is temporary. We are eternal and we can only be satisfied by eternal service. That is called sanatana dharma, our eternal religion. And that santana dharma is serving God. That is our eternal religion. Serving god.

      So you can not escape religion. Religion is service. And you must serve. You have no alternative. You are a servant. You are made to serve. And that is your religion. It becomes perfected when you serve God.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  31. Richard says:

    That is in fact a wrong statement. In Buddhism there is no teaching of God, their is only nirvana which is a release from everything, once you die and have reached enlightenment. Also in Christianity their is only one God. Where in Hinduism it is taught that their is three major gods. Their is no way that all the religions in the world are connected. They all contradict each other way to much.

    • jeevikaMI says:

      Krishna said .. I am Bramhma , I am Shiva and I am Vishnu. There is only one God, Krishna. Krishna is supreme. Jesus never said, I am God, he said I am son of God. Md. Propphet never said I am God, he said, I am pagammber of God. But he is only Krishna, who said I am Supreme God. Vaidic Dharm is the oldest and righteous things.. All are just another way of living life.

  32. shreya says:

    Hy shreya here, thats nice to here that there is someone who thinks like me…

    I want to say that we all are made up of 5 things water,earth,fire,sand,sky… whether it is hindu or muslim.
    We all came here to complete our cycle which we left or stoped in our past life…
    We take birth we die… To live we need water nad food and air again whether it is muslim or hindu…

    There is no prove that god came and told that yes you should pray me in geeta it is tolded by shri krishna that whoever came to me with and who want to workship me in which ever form i will accept it….
    Thus when mahabharat had happend there was no cast every one were same..
    In kaliyug this division is created…we have created this and this all is material…
    Alla ,shri krishna every thing is one … alla means god shri krishna means god… so whats the different….

    And according to geeta no one is hindu and no one is muslim we all are soul who has came in this body which is not permanant…
    So to leave this all thing you should only workship god nothing else…
    Help others … be good to others…
    Everything will be gone after death there is no division is heaven.. everything is one we all are one when our god is one just name is different

    Hope this will help all to understand who we are and what is this all…

    • Aman says:

      Hare Krishna! First of all you need to understand yourself then you can make others understand. Nothing will be gone after the death except the body. You will continue to suffer or enjoy in this material world according to your past karma in different bodies. And as far as helping and being good to others is concerned, it is only illusion that you are helping and bring good to others unless you are Krishna conscious yourself. Read Srila Prabhupada’s books and chant Hare Krishna to understand more.

  33. people said that muslim are devil because they rats meat so this is wrong hinfus said these words but mostly all hindus are eating meat bengalis tamilians and all cast of hindus accept brhmans so ir they also given bali of animals for god this is not wrong hmm in islam thre are mamy reasons to eat mest plz srch in net or in quran

    • datta says:

      Non vegetarian eating & Scriptures…

      Once, a devotee asked Mohammed for the way to please the God. The first thing mentioned by Mohammed (Sallam) to please God was not to kill any innocent living being like bird and animal. He told that if you kill one living being it is equal to killing the entire humanity.

      You cannot justify killing the animals for the purpose of eating protein-flesh because God, the capable administrator who created this humanity, already served the purpose by creating protein rich oils. Hence, your killing of animals is without cause and is not acceptable to the concept of Mohammed.

      Jesus is seen with love on a lamb in His hands and this indicates the love on animals.

      Buddha started the revolution by opposing the killing of animals and He is the embodiment of love and kindness to animals and birds. He left the home on seeing a bird wounded by arrow.

      Veda says to kill the animal nature present in yourself but not the actual animal in yajna (Manyuh pashuh…).

      Even the modern medical education recommends the natural proteins in vegetables to be better for health than the synthesized proteins in the animal flesh. Science is the principle of nature, which indicates the will of God because nature is creation of God only.

      Hindu Manusmruti says that the greatest justice is not to kill any living being (Ahimsaa paramodharmah…).

      The tsunami in the sea and the quakes in the earth are only the anger of God in killing the life in water and the life on the land respectively. The sea with its wave-hands is always warning the people not to kill the poor harmless aquatic creatures like fish etc., for the sake of food. God created lot of vegetable food, which is the best even according to present science of health. The sea represents the Lord and finally kills the sinners with his own wave-hands. Goddess earth kills the sinners through quakes since these sinners kill the innocent creatures on the earth.

      Tsunami is the result of combined anger of father-sea and mother-earth. These innocent creatures have no advocate and even cannot file a criminal case in our courts. Such formalities are not necessary for His all-pervading court. One sees the punishment only and not the sin, which is the cause.

      One sympathizes the human beings affected in other countries also since all human beings are one. But one should broaden his mind and should feel that all the living beings are one and sympathize every living being. The natural calamities will then disappear.

  34. Bec says:

    Really interesting article. Thank you. I am a convert to Islam however I am more drawn to the inner dimension of the faith (Sufism). Several months ago I had a really powerful dream and I saw the face of Krishna, can you please tell me what this means?

    • Hare Krishna Bec

      Krishna means “the all-attractive person”. Krishna is the perfect name of God. So Krishna is the same person that the Muslims refer to as Allah. Krishna consciousness is non-sectarian. It is for everyone. It does not matter what religion one professes, if he wants to go deeply into understanding God then that deep understanding is there in Krishna consciousness.

      So if you want to understand God and spirituality in greater depth then read the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada starting with Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  35. datta says:

    1) How different religions formed …

    The Lord is universal but the human beings in the universe differ in their attitudes. The same single Lord adopts a different procedure in a different region and such a different procedure appears as a different religion. A few people criticize the Lord of other religions. You do not criticize the Lord of your own religion.

    The external behavior of the Lord differs due to different internal and external behaviors of the human beings in this universe. The external form, dress, language, food habits and culture of human beings differ from one region to the other.

    Accordingly the external form, dress, food habits, language and culture of the Lord also differ to suit that particular region. The internal Lord and the internal essence of the same Lord is one and the same in His different human incarnations, which have come in different regions or religions.

  36. Namesake says:

    Hare krishna everyone.
    I was searching for a article where srila prabhupada was speaking on islam and i found it:

    Hopefully i am not committing any offense to anyone and neither do i have any intention of spamming any website here.

  37. Shikha says:

    I have many questions about prophet Mohammad. He interpreted his dreams to something which may not b possible. Like,he had a dream of Gabriel who asked him read. Anyone can have that type of dream. About the girl who was 6years old..he dreamt about her..and he interpreted this dreams as Allah wants him to marry him. He did some very good things. But how can you justify all these acts of his. Islam is a religion of peace. Every religion is peaceful . No religion teaches to fight or violate things. But Islam has jihad,which is important in Quran. And many people use it for wrong. I don’t understand why all this is written in a Holly book. Why people can’t just learn good things from book. Not only Islam .may be other religions also use their holly book in wrong way. But Islam tops all of them.

    My question is why is this happening? Why people cant just accept good things and not do wrong things like killing people in the name of jihad?

    I m sure that Allah dnt want its children to be killed in the of it. No god wants to hurt its people. Then how those Muslims who interpret quran wrong can justify their act ?

  38. Manab Mitra says:

    The way you answered is excellent. But my dear friend, it is my suggestion to you that next when will explain anything please mention the Scripture(ie- chapter number, verse etc…)…. God bless you…

  39. Rahul Tripathy says:

    Dear Khan Bhai,

    I have tried my best to answer your questions , just consider them my view.

    1. Why different religions, and I am refering specially to Islam and Hinduism, in contradiction to each other? Is it that some are really from God and others not?

    Islam and Hinduism are just two different ways , the the destination is one and only God. Unless one opts a path , walks on it till he reaches the destination he can not make correct decisions about the path or paths in general. Half knowledge is always leads to catasthrophic results.

    2. If you are of opinion that all religions are from God, then would you please like to explain the reason of contradictions between the religions.

    Religion is preached by preachers and not God himself. Trying to understand infinity with finite mind and lifetime does not appear feasible.

    Ref CH-16:66 Gita :

    Sarba Dharman parityajya mamekam saranam braja , Aham twam sarva papebhyah mokshaishyami ma suchah.

    Believe in god , and not in method or path . Destination is God and not path.

    3.3. Is there any way to act upon the teachings of Krishana Ji, without compromising on the teachings of Islam. For example, being a Muslim I cannot meditate, visualising the image of Krishana Ji.

    There are no portraits of lord krishna available , all are man-drawn and hence based on a picture of a random man. Lord krishna teaches of the ways (Karma/Gyana/Bhakti) who lead to salvation . The only requirements are unslefish and desireless actions.

    Hope these help.

    A learner

  40. alpesh says:

    I have a simple answer
    I am a die hard manchester united fan
    my friend is a die hard liverpool fan
    it doesnt matter how hard I try to make him support manchester united he will not do it, the same with me, I will never support liverpool.
    this is human nature he will only do what he wants or liKe, you can not convince him to do anything.
    but for me and my friend we may be supporting different teams but the common thing here is that we are both supporting a team that plays soccer…so it doesnt matter if we both are supporting different clubs, we are actually supporting on common thing SOCCER.

  41. Biru thapa says:

    I went through your clearification regarding the quries.Thank you so much.Being a Hindu,I really appreciate your deep unbiased answers. Would you please make it more clear about ” confrontation or say misunderstanding between Islam and hinduism”

  42. D D Sharma says:

    what is god is nothing but only an exuse because it has been created by our religeos leaders or politicians just to rule us otherwise god is only our parents who have brought us on this earth i may be wrong but have we saw any person feeding us sxpect mother I say that there is no god

    • Hrishikesh says:

      Hare Krsna DD Sharma,
      These things are said by people who think everything is very cheap. Is God attending orderly that He may be present at our command? He is not our paid servant. Our senses are so imperfect that we cannot even see our own hands when the light goes off.
      First repair your eyes with the love of God then if He desires He may reveal unto you.

      • Rabinarayan says:

        Hi Hrishikesh,

        Good say Sir, “First repair your eyes with the love of God then if He desires He may reveal unto you.”
        Mr DD please do not feel awkward, its our culture we need to be little brushed off to be part of it. We need to develop the love for God in side us. Please lets celebrate the togetherness of so many vedic hearts here.

        Lets fall in love for God and his universe and the mantra he has given to live a peace life.
        Lets celebrate his existence in us and let proud to be his children ans spread the words spoken by Load in many forms and incarnations …


  43. Olivia says:

    What is the contradiction in Iqbal’s father’s description of the “blessed land” and the way Iqbal’s family lives?

  44. rushabh says:

    dear muhammad

    quran, bible, bhagavad gita all of them says same thing like, no violance, responsibility towards humanity etc

    now when you call allah and when you read namaz…..well thats your meditation….defination of meditation is sacrifies your self to god or allah what you name adress them doesnt really matter…….i go to masjid because i am free from all this things….

    now why different religion
    we are from different countries, different cities, districs,area, casts,surname,different name just for our identity…..imagine if there was no differences how you will identify some one without adress or belongs from which country and all…..most of people still dont know their religion i feel sad for them….!!!
    thank you

    • REKHA CHAVAN says:

      God is one,God exists,God is the super power,He has a spiritual self illuminated body.If he can give us a form ,can’t he be in that form.he can be in any form as per his wish.He can be fish ,tiger anything……..all the other thoughts are because this is KALIYUG(PHASE OF IGNORANCE AND FIGHTS IN THE NAME OF RELIGION).5000 and few hundred years back there was no religion,and once again after few lacs of years there will not be religion.what ever disputes are is due to KALIYUG.The span of Kaliyug is 4,32,000 years.out of which 5200 approximate years are already passed away,so remaining yrs around 4,27,000 are still ,remaining which will be still worst as anybody will come and say he is god etc………

  45. Mamta says:

    To know origin of Islam Religion Please go to this site there is nothing to offend my all Muslim brothers and sisters but to awaken them from shackles of slumber.


  46. Rabinarayan says:

    Hi Amit/Mamtha,

    Love you dears for ur contribution. It’s sure now that we will rebuilt our scholars who will be spreading the love, kindness, truth and respectful attitude towards each human and creation of Suprim Power Lord Krishna. these small small contribution and dedication will be a world class university of Hinduism one day.

    Thanks a lot.

  47. Mamta says:

    Hare Krishna,
    I am really glad and overwhelmed that you understood and also making others understand the sanatan dharma but brother I have a sincere request to you brother if you could preach your other muslim brothers to do not forcefully convert people of other religions into islam after all all religions preach same things may be in different ways.

    Hare Krishna

  48. Amit says:

    Hi to all.

    Veda is the world’s oldest religious text still in use. Those who says that quran or bible is oldest then guys do some research on it.

    If you want proof then here you go to wikipedia link

    Read History of religious texts in above wiki post.

    It is clear that First book was Vedas.

    Here is written dates of books. (All sources are from Wiki)

    Vedas – 1700 BCE(Started) – 1100 BCE (Ended)
    Torah – 450 BCE (Creation Date 900 – 500 BCE)
    Bhagwat Gita – 5th – 2nd BCE
    Moderan Bible (After jesus died) – 2nd – 3 rd Centurye CE(Commom Era)
    Quran – 6th Century CE(Common Era)

    So it is clear that Vedas Are Oldest one and no one can argue about this thing.


  49. Sach says:


  50. dhanush says:

    dear friends…
    Hinduism s oldest religion of earth ….i be leave becoz no other books explaine me the evolution of life before charls darwin come up wid…as a hindu i to read quran but it s written wid ego by mohammad pigambar (whose uncle ws a priest in shiva temple) i beleave hinduism becoz f religious connection wid science and no other religion s….and (khan mean king ) if we go to eygept v can see krishna status …i think he s a psychologist n a grt scientist at that age n no one can beat him in technique aspects …..n friends search in youtube and google about this ..pls come to good conclusion

    • Rabinarayan says:

      Hi Everyone,

      Thank you Dhanushji and love you too for your comments with well research.

      I am 30 year old and I was thinking about current generation attitude and behave towards our tradition and religion. It looks they are going away from our culture. But happy to see the love towards our culture in this page.

      Now I am sure we can challenge any corner of this world because we are not only old cultured people we are the best and symbol of science. We can beat any script with our valuable Bhagbad Geetha and many more.

      We request all here to please spread your love and understanding about Hindu Culture in day to day life. Let’s start this work with our family.

      Please let’s have together to put a full stop on world’s doubt regarding strength of Lord Krishna.


      Hare Krishna Hare Ram… Ram Ram Hare Hare ( The most lovely and descent and powerful chant on this world )

  51. riya says:

    donno how I came here
    not a believer in god
    but certainly admired the way the relationship between two communities are growing fruitfully.
    well the world is actually becoming a better place in some sense though.

  52. Sam says:

    Krishna prefaced that Jeev Hatya is necessary to establish Dharma. M’hmad preached Jihad is necessary to establish religion. Is there a parallel here?

    • Rabinarayan says:

      Hi Sam,

      Krishna, directed to destroy the person/creature who behave and act like Demons, who kills the humanity. Saving humanity, peace, friendly environment and safety for each one from cruelty is know as the Dharma and Holy Karma.

      Krishna has never guided to do “Sampraday banane ke lia jeev hatya karo ye Kishna ne bola nahi hai”

      Thanks and regards,

  53. Nida says:

    Dear Mr. Khan,

    Beautiful explanation! I’ve had so many questions as being muslim was afraid to look deeper into vedic culture, even it’s so fascinating and inviting… Mostly muslim people puts fear in you, that if you follow something else – you will go to hell. Why people have this wrong mind? God is one!!! Vedic culture is more authentic than all religions put together. Vegetarianism speaks for itself… If all people would embrace vegetarian diet, after 6-9 months their eyes would open up and enlightenment would lit… That’s what happened to me. When I became vegetarian, after sometime this huge urge of knowledge came upon me and I am so happy that finally I found what I was looking for, because I know that it’s still not too late to come closer to GOD/ALLAH/KRISHNA etc. (God has many names).

    Thank you very much Mr. Khan!

    I will share this beautiful letter with other people who still in darkness.

    May God bless you!


    United Kingdom.

  54. sukhdev singh says:

    Do not study too man y holy books concentrate on yours you will reach at destiny but you should have faith on your s and respect for others-.

  55. Samir says:

    Iam a Ismaili Muslim,please read about Ismailis,it very much reflects your thoughts, and the beauty of the Tariqa is present living imam,who teaches and guides according to the times,with meditation on the names of Allah which is central to its teaching,I would love to know your thoughts on this subject,you come across as a person who involves his intellectual the search of truth.

  56. nehakrishna seeker says:

    dear khan sir,
    i ve been seeking krishna lately searching for him everywhere.i know he existed for the fact that he left a big impact on the society.i dont know how to find him.is he is an active celestial energy,omnipotent or just a spiritually evolved human bieng who just died.and i have heard of sri chaitanya as his reincarnation ,i just want to prove his existence to myself for the sake of faith and to understand the truth.

    • You will find Krishna by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books like Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Srimad-Bhagavatam, etc, and putting the things you read into practice in your life.

      The only way you can find Krishna is by the mercy of a pure devotee of Krishna. That is the only way Krishna is available. It is not possible to find Krishna on your own strength, by independent study of the Vedas, by meditation or by philosophy. No. The only way is by getting the mercy of a pure devotee by pleasing him.

      So you have to read Srila Prabhupada’s books, and from that understand what he wants you to do, then you have to surrender to Srila Prabhupada and make his mission your mission in life. That is the only way. Otherwise it will not be possible for you to understand Krishna.

      • Das says:

        Read books translated by pure devotee, ok sure. Then you will understand what to do for him? How? This is on mental platform, how does conditioned soul know what to do??

        Your servant

        • Pure devotees are not conditioned souls. That is why you have to accept a pure devotee, a liberated soul, as your spiritual master. Because a pure devotee is not on the mental platform and because he is constantly seeing Krishna face to face and talking with Krishna he can instruct you what to do…

    • Rabi says:

      Hi Neha,

      Love to see someone searching for krishna. we dont need to travel whole world, Krishna will come to us.
      U will get him. he has given words i am everywhere, even he is in us. we need to surrender near him which mean the word of krishna(ready for dharma, love ever hurt never with kindness, respect the glory of truth,do the needful for peace and healthy world). we need to follow the lessons from his each activity he had performed.

      Krishna will show you the path…:)

  57. Bhavna R Khatri says:

    Dear Khan,
    You are too great..
    i just loved your thoughts… and so much of your interests in relegions.
    I wish there were few more people in the world as you are. And yes i will definately pass on your message to as many people i can.
    Thank you sooo much.

  58. chirag vaishnav says:

    Proof of Lord Krishna As God From The Koran

    1. Where is God?

    The Muslim scholars say Allah is present in only one place above the 7 heavens. Allah is not present everywhere, thus Allah is not omnipresent. They justify this based on the following verses from the Koran.

    “Every good saying goes up to Him.” (Koran 35.10)

    “Those who fear their Lord who is above them.” (Koran 16:50)

    All the main news in the country goes up to the President. Does this mean the President is situated in some high building?

    The Vedic knowledge is eternally existing and comes from Lord Krishna (God) who delivered it in person and also compiled it into scriptures in person (as Ved Vasya). The non-Vedic knowledge is recently created and thus not eternal, and is based on man made ideologies. This is the main difference between the teachings of Sanatan-Dharma (The Eternal Religion) and the recently man founded religions like Islam. The founder of Islam is a man named Muhammad, and thus Islam is based on the understandings and ideologies of one man. Because man cannot be present in more than one place at the same time, their teaching is that God is also limited to being present only in one place, thus God is not omnipresent,

    Just because we can only be present in one place, does this mean that God is also limited to one place?

    “The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is greater than all, is attainable by unalloyed devotion. Although He is present in His abode, He is all-pervading, and everything is situated within Him.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 8.22)

    Lord Krishna is omnipresent, meaning He is present everywhere.

    Lord Krishna is always present on His own spiritual planet called Goloka, which is the topmost planet in the spiritual creation called Vaikuntha. But He is also present everywhere on this and millions of other planets, in millions of universes.

    Someone who is present everywhere (omnipresent) is greater than someone who is not present everywhere (not omnipresent) and thus if one believes God is great, then one must accept that God is omnipresent and thus Lord Krishna is the one true God.

    All the news of the good and bad actions taken by humans everywhere go up to Lord Krishna.

    2. Who is The God who can see and hear everything everywhere?

    “There is nothing like Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer” (Koran 42:11)

    “So wherever you turn, there is the face of Allah.” (Koran 2:115)

    It is Lord Krishna who states that He hears and sees everything, with His ears, eyes, and faces everywhere.

    “Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes, heads and faces, and He has ears everywhere. In this way the Supersoul exists, pervading everything.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 13.14)

    “Yet in this body there is another, a transcendental enjoyer, who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 13.23)

    Wherever you turn, there is the face of Lord Krishna, but only those who are qualified can see Him.

    3. Is God A Person With A Human Like Form?

    “Allah created Adam in His Image.. ” – Prophet Muhammad (Al-Bukhari, 6227; Muslim, 2841)

    [ Allah ] said, “O Iblees, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with My hands? Were you arrogant [then], or were you [already] among the haughty?” (Koran 38.75)

    “..under My eye.” (Koran 20.39)

    “And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor.” (Koran 55.27)

    The Koran and Hadith tell us of certain attributes of God, such as Hearing, Seeing, having a Face, Two Hands etc, but they are not like ours. The Muslims cannot describe God, and thus for them God is unseen, unknown and just a name in a book. Only the Vedic scriptures describe God and in complete. This is because only God made scriptures can give knowledge about Him to us and not any man made scriptures. A full description of Lord Krishna (God) can be found in the Vedic scripture called Srimad Bhagavatam. This also gives detailed pastimes of God dating back to billions of years. There is no such thing as the pastimes of God in any non-Vedic scriptures.

    “Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature as the Supreme Lord of all that be.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 9.11)

    The foolish cannot understand that God is a person with a human like form and He descends to this and other planets to perform His transcendental pastimes.

    Is there any King who never visits his citizens? Is there any President who never visits his cities/towns? Is there any property owner who never visits his properties? Is there any father who never sees/visits his children?

    Lord Krishna descends for many reasons including satisfying His devotees desire to see Him.

    As mentioned in the Koran and Hadith, God is a person with 2 hands, face, ears, and eyes. Thus God is human like. That Supreme person is Lord Krishna, who has appeared more than 18,000 times in His original form and millions of times in His other forms, and each time He appeared. Many demonic people challenged Him, and He very easily defeated them all. They also got liberation, because anyone who is destroyed by Lord Krishna or in the presence of Him, gets liberation. This is how merciful Lord Krishna (God) is. The Koran mentions many times that Allah is most merciful, and Lord Krishna proves it.

    4. Is God Superior To His Creations?

    “Nor is there to Him any equivalent.” (Koran 112:4)

    The definition of God is that He is a person who is superior to His creations. There is nobody equal to Him nor above Him.

    The greatest sportsman can say there is nobody equaivalent to him. Does this mean he is formless, because we are with a form? No. It just means that he can play a sports better than anyone else. Nobody is equivalent to him in this sense.

    It is Lord Krishna who has actually appeared millions of times and each time proved that He is the greatest. In His every appearance, the demonic challenge Him and Lord Krishna very easily defeats them all. Lord Krishna is the only proven God.

    “O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread. O son of Kunti, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable Om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man. I am the original fragrance of the earth, and I am the heat in fire. I am the life of all that lives, and I am the penances of all ascetics. O son of Patha, know that I am the original seed of all existences, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.7-10)

    I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.8)

    “Furthermore, O Arjuna. I am the generating seed of all existences. There is no being — moving or nonmoving — that can exist without Me.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.39)

    The above and other statements in the Vedic scriptures were first made by Lord Krishna, 155.522 trillion years ago in this universe and millions of times in millions of other universes. The Koran has only been spoken once and only on this planet less than 0.0000000014 trillion years ago. Lord Krishna Has appeared and proved millions of times before Islam that He is the one true God. He also appeared 500 years ago as Lord Caitanya and He once again proved that He is the one true God.

    Lord Krishna claims to be the origin of everything; no other person on the planet existing now or in the past has claimed to be the origin of everything. This is because only Lord Krishna is the origin of everything.

    5. Has God Been Seen?

    The Koran admits that some will see God someday (Koran 75:22-23).

    “Some faces that day will beam looking towards their Lord.” (Koran 75.22-23)

    The Muslims believe that nobody has seen God so far. They should speak for themselves and not for everyone. Just because you have not seen Japan, does this mean that nobody has seen Japan?

    “But you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give you divine eyes. Behold My mystic opulence!” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 11.8)

    We cannot see God (Lord Krishna) with our blunt eyes, we need special divine vision and Arjuna was give this and he was able to see Lord Krishna in his universal form which was more effulgent than a thousand suns all rising at the same time.

    “My dear Arjuna, only by undivided devotional service can I be understood as I am, standing before you, and can thus be seen directly. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of My understanding.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 11.54)

    We cannot see God by ordering him, only by undivided devotional service, one can see Lord Krishna face to face. So far millions of people have seen Lord Krishna, face to face, right here on this planet.

    By following the blind, one will not see anything. By following those who have not seen God, for them God will also be unseen and unknown.

    6. Who Is The God Between A Man And His Heart?

    “And We are closer to Him than his jugular vein.” (Koran 50.16)

    “Be aware that Allah comes between a man and his heart.” (Koran 8.24)

    It is Lord Krishna who is present within your heart, mine, and in the heart of all living beings. The individual soul is next to the super soul (Lord Krishna) in the heart.

    “I am the Super soul, seated in the hearts of all living entities..” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.20)

    “I am in everyone’s heart as the Supersoul..” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.21)

    “I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge ..” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 15.15)

    “The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 18.61)

    It is very clear that Lord Krishna is the God who comes between a man and his heart.

    Even Jesus, believed that God was within his body.

    “The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.” (John 14.10)

    “And they tempted God in their heart..” (Psalm 78.18)

    It is Lord Krishna who is in the heart of all living beings and it is He who is giving us knowledge, ability, and directing us based on our desires.

    “He knows even the most innermost thoughts of man.” (Muslim Scholars)

    Lord Krishna is in the heart and thus He knows the inner thoughts of man.

    7. Who Is The God Who Is Operating Within Every Single Particle?

    “His ability operate within every single particle of the universe.” (Muslim Scholars)

    How can God operate within every single particle unless He is present within every single particle?

    “I exist within everything, and I am therefore the essence of the atomic constituents of material elements.” (Lord Krishna, Srimad Bhagavatam 11.15.12)

    It is Lord Krishna who is present in every atom and by His potency, every single particle is operating. Atoms combine to form molecules by the potency of Lord Krishna who is inside every atom.

    “Know that all opulent, beautiful and glorious creations spring from but a spark of My splendor. But what need is there, Arjuna, for all this detailed knowledge? With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.41-42)

    From a single spark of Krishna, millions of universes are created and maintained by Him. Can you imagine how great Krishna (God) is?

    8. How Can Nothing Escape Without God Knowing?

    “He is knowing of all things” (Koran 2:29)

    “Nothing escape God’s knowing.” (Muslim Scholars)

    Unless God is a witness to all our actions, we cannot say nothing can escape without God knowing.

    “I am the goal, the sustainer, the master, the witness, the abode, the refuge, and the most dear friend. I am the creation and the annihilation, the basis of everything, the resting place and the eternal seed.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 9.18)

    It is Lord Krishna who is the witness to all our actions and thus nothing can escape His knowing.

    “He is aware of all that happens in the universe.” (Muslim Scholars)

    “O Arjuna, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all things that are yet to come. I also know all living entities; but Me no one knows.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.26)

    It is Lord Krishna who is aware of everything that has happened in the past, all which is happening in the present, and all that will happen in the future.

    9. God is Most Just, Most Loving, and Most Merciful

    “The living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal fragmental parts. Due to conditioned life, they are struggling very hard with the six senses, which include the mind.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 15.7)

    Lord Krishna is most loving. He cares for all living beings, because we are all His eternal parts. He has an infallible system of justice called the law of Karma. For every action one takes, he/she will be rewarded or punished accordingly and He gives us unlimited chances and not just one (reincarnation). We are all eternal, we existed before this life, just as we exist now, and we will continue to exist after this life.

    “For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.20)

    Lord Krishna does not rely on middle men for witnessing all our actions. He is the witness himself to all our activities in person. Eventually every single soul will go back to the spiritual creation where there is no old age, no disease, no death, and no misery.

    “One who is not envious but is a kind friend to all living entities, who does not think himself a proprietor and is free from false ego, who is equal in both happiness and distress, who is tolerant, always satisfied, self-controlled, and engaged in devotional service with determination, his mind and intelligence fixed on Me-such a devotee of Mine is very dear to Me.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 12.13-14)

    Everyone in Vaikuntha, the spiritual creation lives eternally in the same body which is completely beautiful, full of bliss and love, and full of knowledge. There is no jihad, no hatred, no envy ness nor violence in Vaikuntha. One can qualify to go back to Vaikuntha at the end of this short life, simply by loving all living beings (no hatred/envy ness), no violence against any living being (vegetarianism) and accepting that Lord Krishna is the real proven God.

    “That supreme abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by fire or electricity. Those who reach it never return to this material world.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 15.6)

    The abode of Lord Krishna is not like this planet, it’s spiritual and supreme. There is no need for the sun or electricity, it’s self-effulgent. More details can be found in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

    10. God is One

    “We believe in that which has been revealed unto us and revealed unto you; our God and your God is One, and unto Him we surrender.” (Koran 29:46)

    “O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.7)

    “Furthermore, O Arjuna, I am the generating seed of all existences. There is no being – moving or nonmoving – that can exist without Me.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.39)

    Lord Krishna is the source of everything and thus the proven God who has appeared many times and each time He proved He was the one true God.

    “I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.8)

    11. Krishna is Allah

    “Of letters I am the letter A” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.33)

    Of the alphabet letters, Lord Krishna is ‘A’. The Islamic name of God starts with ‘A’, this signifies Lord Krishna.

    The reason why Muslim men wear turbans is not due to the weather, but due to Lord Krishna, who wears turbans of various colors and decorations. The Muslims have forgetten thier Vedic origins, but still follow many Vedic customs in complete ignorance. The reason why Kings wear turbans/crowns is due to the Supreme King, Lord Krishna, who wears turbans/crowns.

    12. Krishna is the Name and Person God

    Based on the Koran, Hadith, and learned Muslim scholars. Allah is a person with a human like form with 2 hands, 2 legs and so on. However no Muslim can describe Him. In the billions of years that the universe has existed, so far only one real person has stepped forward and declared Himself and proved that He is the one and only God, that person is Lord Krishna.

    Allah is just a name in a book, the Koran, which was delivered in a cave over a period of 23 years. Krishna is also a name in a book but He has actually been seen by millions, He has appeared more than 18,000 times in His original form and millions of times in His other forms, and each time proved He was the one and only God. The Bhagavad-Gita with 700 verses was spoken by Lord Krishna in 45 minutes in front of thousands of men. He also spoke the Uddhava Gita with 937 verses within two hours, and He performed many transcendental pastimes in the 125 years that He appeared, 5000 years ago. He also appeared again just 500 years ago in the form of Lord Caitanya. He once again proved He was the only God.

    Why should God hide in a cave and deliver His message. Why should God take years to deliver His message? Why should God appear only once and that also billions of years after creation? Why should God deliver His message to only one person?

    Based on the deeds (actions taken) and desires by humans in this life and previous life times. People develop a particular mentality which enables them to know God in different ways. For some, God will be known as a name in a book, and for some God will be known as a real person with historical facts known about Him dating back to billions of years.

    “That is Allah, your Lord; there is no deity except Him, the creator of all things, so worship Him. And He is the Disposer of all things.” (Koran 6:102)

    The above statement makes no sense, because Allah is just a name in the book and not a real proven person. The only person who has actually appeared and proved that He is God is Lord Krishna. The seen and proven God, who has appeared not just once in a book, but He has appeared millions of times in person and each time, He proved himself as the only God. It is common in every Kali Yuga, the age of ignorance and irreligion, for people to be very easily fooled.

    If someone declares himself as the greatest swimmer, then that person must appear and swim with other competitors and prove it. If someone states that a character in a book is the greatest swimmer, only the most foolish and least intelligent people would gave that character in a book the title of greatest swimmer.

    If someone declares himself as the fastest runner, then he must appear and compete with other runners and prove it. Only the most foolish and least intelligent class of people would give a character in a book the title of the fastest runner with ZERO evidence.

    “Those who are devotees of other gods and who worship them with faith actually worship only Me, O son of Kunti, but they do so in a wrong way. I am the only enjoyer and master of all sacrifices. Therefore, those who do not recognize My true transcendental nature fall down.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 9.22-23)

    “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 18.66)

    The Koran was spoken just once, 1400 years ago on this planet only and thus not eternal nor universal.

    The Bhagavad-Gita was last spoken 5000 years by Lord Krishna to Arjuna, and before that it was spoken by Lord Krishna to Vivasvan, the person who maintains the sun planet, some 120 million 533 thousand years ago. Before that it was spoken by Lord Krishna when He appeared in the previous daytime of Brahma. In this way, Lord Krishna has spoken the Bhagavad-Gita at least 18,000 times right here on this planet and it has also been spoken millions of times in other universes. Thus the Bhagavad-Gita is eternal and universal.

    Lord Krishna has been known for billions of years by zillions of humans on this and millions of other universes. Thus Lord Krishna is eternal and universal. The word ‘Allah’ and the Koran NEVER existed before 1400 years ago. This word cannot be found in the original Christian and Jewish scriptures which existed before 1400 years ago. And this word cannot be found in the Vedic scriptures, which are accepted by historians as the oldest scriptures on the planet. There are more than 810,000 verses in the Vedic scriptures written more than 5000 years ago, and only 6236 verses in the Koran, written less than 1400 years ago. This very clearly shows that the Vedic knowledge is the words of God and not man made. Anyone can create a book with a few thousand verses by copying from the Vedic scriptures and modifying. Only God could have created scriptures with more than 810,000 verses, 5000 years ago.

    Allah is a concept of God and Krishna is the real person God. Lord Krishna is very eager to take all the souls back to the spiritual creation where everyone lives in the same body that is completely beautiful, full of bliss, full of knowledge, eternal, with no trace of misery. The Muslims are also welcome and can very quickly become qualified to go to the abode of God (Lord Krishna).

    “That is the way of the spiritual and godly life, after attaining which a man is not bewildered. If one is thus situated even at the hour of death, one can enter into the kingdom of God.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.72)

    Lord Krishna is so merciful that even if one surrenders unto him in the last hour before death, one will enter into the kingdom of God. The Koran is full of statements stating Allah is very merciful and Lord Krishna proves it, because Lord Krishna is the one true God.

  59. Ravi B says:

    Gosh! This is a long post but much needed. In my experience most Hindu / Muslim dialogue consists of Slander. I propose we ask questions of ourselves as self reflection.

    1. What if there is no religion in heaven?
    2. Has the god I worship been hijacked to promote a political ideology?
    3. What is the difference between politics and religion?
    4. Has my religion historically been involved in a political role?
    5. Can my religion be classified a club, party or gang?
    6. How is my leaving my religion different to a member of the mafia leaving?
    7. Why does the whole world spread lies about my religion is there something I have missed?
    8. Why is there a discrepancy between most practitioners of my religion and it’s actual true teachings?
    9. Has anyone ever understood and followed the ‘True’ teachings of my religion?
    10. Along with the rest, does my religion also claim that it is the only ‘True’ religion?
    11. Has the God of my religion ever been made to say that only the ‘members’ my religion will be saved?
    12. Can God ever be partisan?
    13. Can God practice discrimination on his own creation?
    14. According to my understanding of my religion we believe in tolerance of other faiths. Are we really only tolerating ie putting up with the ‘wrong’ notions of other faiths. If so is that really tolerance?
    15. To what degree does my religion accept the spiritual wealth of those that ‘don’t belong’ to my religion?
    16. How narrow minded am I?
    17. Has my religion made me narrow minded?
    18. Is being narrow minded virtuous?
    19. Does my religion have thought police?
    20. Does my religion show me how to think or tell what to think?
    21. Does my religion promote independence of Thought to arrive at different conclusions without fear of loss of life?
    21. Does my religion ever say that other religions are the work of the devil?

  60. Indrani Gillette says:

    A real devotee of Lord does not have the feeling of discrimination of religions. He simply want to know who is ‘God’ and how to love Him. That is the reason the devotee always search for these answers from any scripture till he is not satisfied with his questions. One who looks for another devotees associations are called real Vaishnava. (The worshiper of Supreme Personality of Godhead Vishnu). Vedic literature is the oldest scripture in this world and the detail spiritual information are only available in this scripture, no where else. Veda means ‘Knowledge’, and this knowledge is unchangeable, eternal. It doesn’t mean that other scriptures and religions are valueless , discriminated . No, all the scriptures are connected with Vedas.

    • Avi says:

      But, what if the others are saying that you as a Vaishnava will burn in hell for your beliefs, unless you accept their belief system?

  61. Jeetendra R Verma says:

    I wish to gift a Hare Krishna book to a Muslim friend. What would be the most appropriate book? Is there a book which explains using Quranic verses and connecting all religions?

    • All of Srila Prabhupada’s books are good. You can get them at http://www.KrishnaStore.com

      We have no interest in the Koran or in presenting Krishna consciousness through the Koran or through anyone else’s philosophy. That is not the way. Krishna consciousness is the absolute truth and it appeals to everyone, no matter what is there religious or philosophical position.

      Krishna consciousness is not a religion. It is not like any religion. Krishna consciousness is within everyone. It is our original consciousness. It is not something that we learn. It is something that is already within us all that simply has to be awakened. It is not a religion. It is sanatana dharma, our eternal natural constitutional position.

  62. jsyedshafi@yahoo.com says:

    foolish judgement so only at last he send down the Quran not to live in magical stories be all in practical life

    • Ashwin says:

      The Biblical and Islamic concept of God is not wrong. Its perfect and flawless for a certain level of intellect. For example, if one has to explain to a child who created the world, it is perhaps simpler to simply state that God made it. And then when the child asks where is God, it is more relieving to say that He is on top of sky than explain why he cannot see Him. And when the child asks pointing to sky, where is God in sky, it is simplest to answer that He is above the 4th or 7th sky and hence we cannot see Him. When someone asks what happens after death, easiest answer to incentivize him to good actions is that there is a Paradise in some location and God will send us there if we do good deeds.
      P.S. there’s nothing called last scripture and last religion..God’s incarnations and prophets are infinite..But yes since Mohammed said he is the last prophet, he could be the last prophet of the kali yuga in this cycle

    • rabinarayan says:


      I will like to give you one hint.
      U do knee down for Allah(the supreme power as per u) because he has created the life in this universe.
      Then why u have been restricted from doing same in from of your parents(who is holding the similar power to give you life)
      Respect parents as ur 1st Khudda then the rest Khudda. Is it permitted for you by your book? build-up a religion is different than a life. judge yourself and find the path to truth. Krishna may bless u peace..

  63. Amit says:

    Islam is the fastest growing religion because there are too many fools in this world and you can cheat them easily and also it is becoming a booming business in the world(next thing after internet ) a way to earn money and live a lavish lifestyle

  64. Amit says:

    If God does not have a form ,I don’t need God at all,what I would do with God that can give forms but can’t take forms ,I have tons of things to discuss with God face to face,i am eager to meet with him ,I have this desire,I have a desire to play with him ,friend with him etc. etc. ,I would better die here again and again and live in hell of birth ,death,old age and disease forever ..If kuran says God does not have a form and formless ,I don’t need that God ,what I would do with him ..a formless God …I would go even to hell forever if someone says krishna lives in hell …I would never go to some formless God at all …

    • Avi says:

      Yes indeed. God is formless, he cannot be born a man they say. Instead they would like us to believe that God came to earth a a bush (flora and fauna). Dont believe me? google ‘Moses and burning bush.’

  65. Kshama Shashidhar says:

    I really loved the way Mr. Khan set to rest the confusions that arose in the mind of Mr. Muhammad from Lahore, Pakistan. I wish almost all the Muslims who can have access to the Bhagavad Gita would have the tolerance to read it impartially without any pre-conceived motions of Hinduism, especially when it is seen in a bad light! It will definitely turn them into good tolerant human beings. The problem here is who will bell the cat? Most Muslims believe that it is a sin to even touch the Hindu holy books!
    Kshama Shashidhar
    Udupi, India

  66. AG says:

    sohail bhai,

    tell me something. what is the point of being god if your emotions are just like that of a normal human. for eg. “either you agree with me or burn in hell”. what is this? if we need to get scared of god then what is the difference between god and devil?

    please do not judge Hitler for killing Jews. if you read history you will see the reason why a platform was created for such a mass murder. everything that has happened is because of an action or reaction to an action from the past. Why worry about what will happen when anyone dies, will he be punished or awarded? Basically, both heaven and hell is right here in this earth. You have only one life, it is right here in this very earth and so lead it will happiness… #AG

  67. Balaji Mahesh Krishnan says:

    All the religious texts are the same.they preach one thing very simple discipline in living life as human being. if we believe in rules, procedures and process all the religious texts serve as guideline. We pray to god in different ways hinduism sees god in human form, islam does not see it in form of human being etc.But a better god in modern day is another human being.

    Remember the supreme master GOD had taken various forms in this universe and in accordance with the religion to instill one thing the discipline in life.Just visit a place called shirdi sri Satya sai baba who existed between late l9th century and famous line were SAB Ka Malik Ek.

    We all as human beings need to control the number 5, 7, 15 which is EGO. which prevents us from understanding one another better in all walks of life.

    My friend if you want to understand the commentary on Bhakti yoga my simple request is to download the commentary on Bhaja Govindam by C Rajagopalachari in on Vishnu sahasarnama. Further one has to understand that all the events happening in this earth is due to the karma of human being.if one is able to control lust anger greed he becomes a master of life and is able to lead a contented one. that is the reason one needs to exercise discipline in life.

    Also remember you get live life as human being just once we do not know when is next.that is reason the supreme master wants us to exercise love and respect for each other and stay away from 3 evils lust anger and ego.

    Also remember till the time we are alive we are called as human being by name as it comprises of 5 tatva like fire air water etc after that we are mortal remains but still of use within 2 hours after dead harvesting of eyes, heart kidney, liver we give scope of life to another human being.

    • Avikam says:

      Prabhuji Hinduism is a hodgepodge thing. So Hinduism is not really Vedic reigion. I mean it is not sanathana dharama. santana dharma is for every living entity whether on the material covering they are hindu christian muslim.

      • Avikam says:

        sanathama dharma says we are part and parcel and servants of god. so our constitutional position to serve Krishna(God) as being part and parcel and servant of him.

      • Ritvi soni says:

        Marriage as prearranged by God, is the legalized blending of a man and women that is completely based on the mutual approval of both partner’s.

  68. SANAT says:

    Our Religious Books(Bhagvad Gita,Bible,Quran,etc) are the ONLY TRUTH in our present world about the only God though god have many names.Lets see WHAT AND WHO IS GOD IN THOSE BOOKS:-

    Christianity is a one-man religion. Jesus Christ being the founder.Jesus declared himself as the son of God and not God.Jesus was free from sex and violence and he preached peace and non-violence. But he never said who God was. The result of this is that his followers worship and serve him as God and neglect the real God. The Bible states that man is made in the image of God. This means that God is a person like us with 2 hands, 2 legs and so on. But the Christians have no idea who that human like person, God is.
    Most Christians claim that Jesus was God himself, but Jesus never declared nor proved himself as God.
    “My Father is greater than I” (John 14:28).WHO IS FATHER THAN???
    “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone” (Mark 10.8)
    Jesus wanted his followers to follow his way of life and instructions of ‘thou shall not kill’ (no meat), no adultery (no elicit sex), simple living (no lust and no desires), no bad habits (no gambling) and always be in control of the mind (no intoxications). But the so-called followers of Jesus simply ignore the real message of Jesus and concoct their own beliefs. They worship Jesus as God and neglect the real God.
    SO GOD IS UNKNOWN HERE???????????
    Jesus clearly stated that there were many things he wanted to tell his audience but he couldn’t because they were not qualified and thus would not understand. There many other teachings can be learnt from a Vedic Guru, but again only the qualified will be taught and only they most piuos and sincere humans will understand and not anyone. For most humans, God will remain unknown and invisible, because God is not so cheap.

    600 years after Jesus, Prophet Muhammad appeared and produced the Koran; he claimed the Koran was a revelation by God in some cave, and thus Islam is a one-man made religion. Prophet Muhammad declared himself as the last prophet of God. It is very important to understand the actions of Prophet Muhammad to understand the Islamic mentality.
    Who exactly is God -simply says ALLAH his name BUT, address, description, and history is mystery?AND MUSLIMS ARE FORBIDDEN TO INQUIRE AND HEAR ABOUT GOD FROM OTHER NON MUSLIM.
    The Koran states this is the only life and after this life we are buried and on the day of judgment, Allah sends us to hell or heaven forever. The Koran also says Allah is all-merciful. How can Allah be merciful to those who are sent to hell forever after only one chance (one life)?WHEN ALLAH WILL BE MERCIFUL?When is the day of judgment? Absolutely no idea.Allah is the invisible/unknown God of Islam. When we die we are buried and in our grave we wait for the day of judgment on which day Allah decides whether we go to hell forever or heaven forever. Thus there is no second chance for the sinners, they are sent to hell forever.

    The Islamic scriptures do not mention the age of the Universe nor man but they accept the authority of the Christian scriptures. Thus Adam, Eve, and this World were created by Allah, 6000 years ago.

    “I am the Super soul, seated in the hearts of all living entities. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.20)

    “It should be understood that all species of life, O son of Kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed-giving father.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 14.4)

    “I am the generating seed of all existences. There is no being-moving or nonmoving-that can exist without Me.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.39)

    “Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature as the Supreme Lord of all that be. (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 9.11)

    “Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kin
    gs; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be. As the embodied soul continuously passes, in the body from childhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.12-13)
    “As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.22)

    “One who has taken his birth is sure to die, and after death one is sure to take birth again. Therefore, in the unavoidable discharge of your duty, you should not lament.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.27)

    The truth is that which has always existed.
    2+2=4 is true today, it was true 5000 years ago, it was true 5 trillion years ago, and it will be true in 5 trillion years time. Thus that which is existing today but did not exist 5000 years ago cannot be the truth. Sanatan Dharma is existing today, it existed 5000 years ago, it existed 5 trillion years ago and it will exist in 5 trillion years time. Sanatan Dharma is the trutH.


  69. mohdAbdulKalam says:

    I feel inclined to write something on your misleading answer.
    1. “Dieties are the authentic forms of God …. Hindus believe in only one God.”
    Well Allah, ArRahman, etc points to the same God. Whereas Shiva, Krisna, Durga etc point to different Gods. Some godesses are even wives of other gods which unambiguously implies they are different. So your explanation/concept is incorrect.
    2. “How can you be a master if there is no-one to master over… ”
    -Well Allahus Samad( means The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks, and HE IS NOT DEPENDANT ON OTHERS, (by Muhsin Khan Translation)). Which means He created the souls, we are not His part. Our soul, our body- all are his Creation.
    3. “For me personally it helps me to think of Krishna better when I can see a picture of Him” ….
    – Islam is a continuation of the teaching of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and Mosaic law states that ” Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”(the third commandment) . It is Anti-Islamic to make an image of God.
    4. ” …if you can hear God what is the difficulty in seeing God.”
    – Only Moses heard the voice of and spoke directly to God in. And no prophet were given the power to see Him (may be except Adam, when he was in heaven). Others were communicated with by angels. No prophet saw God, you cannot see God- that’s it!. After all, God has no form comprehensible by us, how can you see Him? So making a picture of God is not a spiritual tool, it is blasphemy, and direct violation of Gods words through Moses.

    5. Lastly- Khuda(in todays sense, which means Allah) and Krisna are incompatible. So saying “Khuda Hafiz and Hare Krishna” is hypocrisy.


    • Ashwin says:

      Hare Krishna..
      I’ll rectify your misconceptions

      1) Yes Deities are authetic forms of God and Satanan Dharma is monotheistic. Actually all demi-Gods and female Goddess(shaktis) are the expansions of his energies..Krishna(Govinda) is the adi-pursa..Govinda is ādi-puruṣa. So ādi-puruṣa means the original person. This is confirmed in the Brahma-Samhita..

      2) Krishna is the master. He is the Supreme Person He is like the Warden of a jail who can do both come in and get out of jail anytime, he is free to do anything..Allah is his impersonal aspect similar to Brahaman. God is a personal..not a ghost.Yes he is independent but due to his mercy he appears/incarnates to deliver us. The Spirit Soul are made of his Original Spiritual energy…Neither Prophet Mohammed nor jesus Christ described about God’s energies because the people were not spiritually elevated..so in order to avoid confusion they taught only the sufficient..

      3) The third commandment was made at the time and men who haven’t seen God. So to prevent misconception of God’s form they told their folks to worship in Spirit. But since we’re known him and his pastimes no offense in representing him in a deity form.

      4) We can see God’s form..1)Anytime if we have divya drishti (divine vision) 2) When he incarnates…
      We have access to only three dimensions…however, there are 64 dimensions..for more: http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/archive/index.php?t-45125.html

      5) Krishna is his personal name…Allah(God) is his post..


      • Rabinarayan says:

        Hi Ashwin,

        I am agree with you and like to support your explanation with a simple example: As per Physics energy is always forming different different structure.
        Being in life is like faith in god, having/looking for food is like searching/worshiping god. but the food… it has many structure according to the places and habits of humans belongs to there. After there are many kind of of food, but all these food meant only for life. Similarly god can be in many forms as per our wisdom and practice to see/feel him. So god is taking forms like he is Shiva when we need relief from poor health, like Laxmi when we need wealth, like Bishnu when we need peace. He is our father&Mother: Parents are angry today, they r so cool today, they r lovely today, they are my dear parents, they are my super hero, they are so rude, they are very intelligent, they are poor, they r so kind etc…

  70. Sameerjaan says:

    I Love Shri Krishan, May God bless every body with teachings of Lord Shri krishna to bring peace, love and happiness on the earth. Jai Shri Krishna.

    Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!
    Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!!

  71. praveen yadav says:

    A idiot can only spread idiotism. only a master (guru) Can give ppl real wisdom.as i see many idiots trying to be guru here and telling the things to follow according to there religion before even following them self.

    religion is just a tool to attain god. do not fight like idiots with the same tool. what i belive that as the education level will increase and ppl see the whole world not like a frog in the well. ppl of the world have difference it is the same god who created all if you can ‘t respect each other you can never or you are not lieable to respect the creater “ppl the (younger generation) fights by giving good or bad example of there elders. These idiots don ‘t know to what surrounding and circumstances their elders were.

    more than 90 percent people in the world follow the religion what their parents followed. Yes there is a affection that is unbreakable between u and your parents everyone would agree on this. But the creator and way to attain him is your choice. i know u can ‘t create a religion of your own but yes as you will grow in life a free mind will surely attarct you to correct path.

    if you are lazy an idiot a loose temper and are not even ready to put effort to understand god and his ways by reading all religious books and then listen to your heart.

    The “time ” is not to fight but to stand on what you belive and follow sincerely which only few do, thus it is said in thousand only one will “come “.

    what is worng these days is instead to teaching the people of there own religion. people are trying to force there religion on others.
    *”let the acceptance of a religion by a person bring the tears of joy in there eyes not the tears of pain and remours.”

    Every line i worte in this comment is from my heart.:))

    keep smiling keep reading and again before writing or teaching any thing first YOURSELF go deep in that topic don ‘t just bubble on the surface.

    i love krishna because remembring him and following gita has bring me only” tear of joy “.and makes me feel every day that i am on right path and i must not fail to serve him.

    see peole trying to make every body same as they are and are trying to make earth a comfortable place like home as if they are never going to die.
    take less, learn best, serve rest.

    this one is from a unbiased heart a good heart will understand.

    ***HARI OM***.

  72. SIDDHARTHA says:

    The christianity and islam says that only they are the real one’s……But actually only sanatan dharm also named as hinduism later is the true form of worshipping and coming closer to god. “Sanatan dharm” is not a religion as religions are created by only human beings not by god himself. To prove that only sanatan dharm-hinduism is the only pure form of coming close to god can be well understand easily with the word ‘reincarnation’. Both Islam and christianity doesn’t believes in reincarnation and they reject it because their religions are just directed by any man rather than by the god himself. The theory of reincarnation is been proved now and several cases of reincarnation is been reported and it’s only sanatan dharm -hinduism has mentioned about reincarnation in bhagvat geeta…..only sanatan dharm-hinduism and the true form and it can be easily proved through by reincarnation theory. Rest all religions are false and the people who are following christianity and islam are on the wrong side.As far as islam is considered it was demon tripurasura who reincarnated in the form of mahmada by the blessings of lord shiva to estabilish a demoniac religion to destroy dharm…..but lord shiva said that the period of that new religion will just strongly lasts for 1400 years. After 1400 yrs that religion will start coming to an end and will completely comes to an end.

    • Hare Krishna Siddharta

      Sanatana Dharma is the true eternal occupation of everyone. But Hinduism has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with sanatana dharma. Hinduism is not eternal. Hinduism is not even a Sanskrit word. You will never find the term “Hindu” in any of the Vedic literature. So how can Hinduism be sanatana, eternal, if it is not eternal? If it is not even mentioned in the Vedas?

      Actually the term “Hindu” is a Mohammedan term. The Muslims coined the term “hindus” to describe the people who lived on the other side of the Sindhu river. They can not say “S” properly, they pronounce it as “H”, so they called those people on the other side of the river “hindus…”

      So Hinduism is absolutely not sanatana dharma. It is a Muslim term which they use to describe the people of India. And the people of India have very diverse spiritual and atheistic beliefs. And the term ‘Hindu’ lumps all these people with a huge diversity of beliefs together. So it is impossible to say what a Hindu is or what the philosophy of Hinduism is because the term “Hindu” includes so many groups of people who have such a wide range of conflicting philosophies that it is impossible.

      So the concept of “Hinduism” has absolutely nothing to do with sanatana dharma, it has nothing to do with spirituality or religion, it simply describes the people who were living in India at that time.

      So there is nothing bona fide about Hinduism. And your concept that Hinduism is the only bona-fide religion is complete nonsense. Hinduism is not even a religion at all. It has nothing to do with religion. And you disagree with Krishna who says in the Bhagavad-gita that He incarnates Himself time and time again and sends His pure devotees time and time again to “reestablish the principles of religion and to destroy the demons.” So this is an ongoing process not just in India but everywhere. So Mohammad and Jesus were both empowered representatives of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and they both preached and reestablished religious principles according to the time and the place. The preaching has to be according to what the audience is able to accept. So both Christianity and the Muslim religion are established by actual representatives of God, Krishna, and are bona-fide. Of course today the Christians and the Muslims are not following. That is the problem.

      Of course there is more advanced spiritual knowledge available in the Vedas but that does not mean that the Bible and Koran also do not contain spiritual knowledge that can uplift the consciousness of the readers and bring them closer to God.

      So in summary you have written a whole lot of rubbish here and it is embarrassing to see what fools today’s Indian’s have become…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  73. Avi says:

    Hinduism as a religion is open source.
    Whatever works for people. But the basic premise is the same Karma will affect you .
    In the Geeta, we are told that those who worship the ancestors, will go to the ancestors, those who worship the. Elements Will. Go to the elements. Therefore those who worship Jesus, Shiva, Allah etc will indeed go to one of those. God will give you what you seek. And those who worship Krsna will go to him.
    Therefore the devotees at the numerous temples are not wring. Afterall none of us has the monopoly on God. And no one should be. Claiming theirs is the true path and the rest of us will burn in hell.

    • Akshay Malhotra says:

      Thing is we Hindus never force anyone that Hinduism is the only way of life and if you don’t follow Hinduism you will burn in hell!!

      Its Christians and Muslims that claim such nonsense and force people to follow it in Muslim dominated areas !!

    • saurabh gupta says:

      Radhe Radhe

      I dont understand why you guys make god a fearing element god loves us its all and expects love in behalf .Weater its Allaha,Jesus or Krishna every thing is one there is no need to prove which religion is right or wrong.

      When we talk of satya sanatan dharam we say that the basic principle of this dharam is to give respect to all other belives.

      One should love krishna not be afraid of him .We should alwas try to devlop the gopi bhav in us and love god without any expectations or deamands.

      Radhe Radhe

      • avi says:

        A little knowledge is a dangerous thing as the saying goes. I suggest you read their scriptures before deciding. We are happy for everyone to follow their own path to God. However, we have to draw the line with people who say ‘mine is the only way, and you will burn in hell for your false religion.’

        • saurabh gupta says:

          Radhe Radhe

          It may be true that i have not gone through their scripts and what is written in it but i strongly believe that god is one weather its Jesus Allaha or Krishna.Its diferent names for one .

  74. saurabh gupta says:

    Radhe Radhe

    Plz let us know what ISKON does for widows in vridavan and the sufferings faced by them.

    • Hare Krishna Saurabh

      Widows in Vrindavan are very fortunate and are not suffering very much. In Vrindavan everyone is engaged in feeding and clothing and housing the widows in Vrindavan so their situation is quite nice really. They are not suffering. They are worshiping Krishna. They are engaged in seva and bhajan and they celebrated all the festivals glorifying the pastimes of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

      In Vrindavan life is not very difficult. Everyone finds somewhere to live and there are over 5,000 temples and every temple is distributing prasadam so everyone is getting nice prasadam and has full facility to worship Krishna…

      So the widows in Vrindavan are very fortunate indeed…

      As far as ISKCON, they are feeding the widows in Vrindavan like every other temple in Vrindavan is feeding the widows in Vrindavan…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • saurabh gupta says:

        Dear Madhudvisa Dasa
        Radhe Radhe

        I myself being a brajwasi am aware of the conditions and the hardships that widows in vrindavan go through. Do you think that giving food and clothes is enough for living what about the emotional support. I am very sorry to say that no Organizations or Temples give the proper treatment to widows there. The temples and NGO get huge donations from the devotees but i dont feel that those donations are utilized in the way which krishna would feel happy about.

        Being a brajwasi i know what krishna is and his teachings are .I am extermly sorry about the hardships that widws in vrindavan go through.Even supremecourt investigations proofs the sufferings of these widows.These widows dont even recive a proper barrier ceremony after their death. This is the truth in Vrindavan the land of my god shri thakurji. According to me giving food and clothes is not he only solution these widows should be treated witht care and respect as the are the beloved of shri takurji. So i would like to request everyone to please help me in making vrindavan as it was during the time of kanha.

        Radhe Radhe

        • Hare Krishna Saurabh

          The problem is Vrindavan is now full of materialists, not devotees. So everything there is becoming very, very degraded and the real Vrindavan, the spiritual world, is being buried under the ever-expanding materialism. The only way to bring Vrindvan back to the way it was when Krishna was present is to make the residents of Vrindavan Krishna conscious again.

          As far as the widows of Vrindavan really they are the most fortunate women in the world.

          You can not do anything worthwhile unless you become a pure devotee of Krishna first. That is the only way you will have any potency to do anything to help anyone so first help yourself by becoming a pure devotee of Krishna yourself and then you will be able to see things clearly and you will understand how you can help and you will understand what Krishna wants you to do which is the actual point. Our business is to surrender to Krishna and serve Krishna. To find out what Krishna wants us to do and then to do that for Krishna.

          And how to find out what Krishna wants you to do. You need a bona fide spiritual master and you have to surrender to him and serve him and he can instruct you how to serve Krishna. Srila Prabhupada is such a bona fide spiritual master. Please read his books and chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and strictly follow the four regulative principles: no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication. Until you are very firmly fixed in Krishna consciousness you can not understand what should be done, what Krishna wants you to do, so you can not help anyone.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • saurabh gupta says:

            Radhe Radhe

            Dear Madhudvisa dasa

            I still did not got my answer regarding the condition of widows sufferring in vrindavan.You said that vrindavan is full of materialists,I dont undestand ho can u be so judgemental and calling the brijwasi materialists,they are the one whom krishna loves and its the fact no one can change it. The brigwasis love for krishna is unconditional and u are calling them materialists.

            plz dont make false comments by saying the wisows in vrindavan are the most fortunate women in the world and have u ever gone to them to enquire about their fortune or misfortune.Do u actully feel the pain they are going through.

            And who are u to tell me that i cant do anything for them.I would rather prefer to be a true Human Being than becoming a fake devotee

            And I dont know how can u tell weather a devotee is a pure devotee or not who are u to tell god never discriminates between his devotees and how can u do it so easily. You had never seen me so how can u say that weather i am a pure devotee or not .

            Mind u that vrindavan is not filled with materialists, instead there are some commercial temples that are full with materialistic things.

            Radhe Radhe

          • Hare Krishna Prabhu

            Vrindavan is the spiritual world and it is only visable to pure devotees. You can not enter Vrindavan simply by purchasing a ticket to Vrindavan and traveling there on the train or bus or airplane. Without the pure consciousness one can not enter into Vrindavan. So those who have actually entered into Vrindvan, of course they are pure devotees, and they are in Vrindavan, and they are there with Krishna.

            Certainly the widows in Vrindavan are the most fortunate women in the world. They are living in Vrindavan, that is the best place to live, it is not in the material world, it is in the spiritual world, they have the chance there to engage in pure devotional service. They are there in Vrindvan with Krishna.

            If you saw the gopis you would be making the same complaints. The gopis appeared to be in a much worse condition than today’s widows in Vrindavan.

            Actually over the past 10 years I have been living in Vrindavan for at lest half of that time. And I know that many of the residents of Vrindavan are actually residents of Vrindavan. But Prabhu it is becoming more and more full with materialists. And the real spiritual Vrindavan, at least from our mundane vision, is being burred under all this materialism.

            I have been visiting Vrindavan now since 1986, that is over twenty-five years now, and it has transformed from a quiet village where the only people who went there were sadhus and devotees and the only people who lived there were sadhus and devotees to today’s ‘Vrindavan’ where there are now mundane colleges and universities teaching technology and engineering and it is really becoming just an extension of Delhi. It is becoming more and more like Delhi as the days go by and after some time everything will be burred under this modern ‘up-to-date’ materialistic city.

            Of course Vrindavan will always be there. Actually Vrindavan is anywhere there is a pure devotee of Krishna engaged in pure devotional service. Such a pure devotee can create Vrindvan anywhere. Vrindavan is a state of mind, it is a consciousness, it is not a place actually.

            Of course the Vrindavan in India is the actual place where Krishna appeared and performed His pastimes 5000 years ago, but you probably know that was lost and 500 years ago when Lord Caitanya was preaching he rediscovered the places of Krishna’s pastimes at Vrindavan. Before 500 years there was no Vrindavan, no one was living there, Radha-Kunda and Shama-Kunda were just two puddles in some fields… Everything had been forgotten, everything had been lost. That is the way of time, in time everything is lost and everything is forgotten. So that is happening in Vrindavan now. It is becoming completely full of materalistic people whose aim in life is not at all surrender to Krishna and serving Krishna, they have so many material aspirations. That is not Vrindavan.

            Of course many of the widows in Vrindavan are actually very pure devotees of Krishna and they are actually in Vrindavan and they are the most fortunate women in the world.

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

  75. saurabh gupta says:

    Radhe Radhe to all,

    the thing that i would like to say is that instead of fighting among Islam , Hinduism or Christianity one should focus on the goal that we need to archive that is salvation or moksha which can be achieved only by bhakti that is devotion towards god. These religion are the medium by which be can attain salvation so instead of fighting we should focus on the teachings. No religion is greater or smaller they all are equal.

    There are many muslium bhagats of shri krishna who had spend their entire life in the bhakti of shri thakurji. One of the example is Raskhan who was a great devotee of krishna and in his bhakti had written beutiful pads of shri thakurji.Krishna gave sakshatkar to raskhan. We should also not forget about Great King Akbar who was a great beliver of the teachings of meerabai and shri swani haridas.There are numerous such examples of muslium believes in krishna.

    The ultimate goal of human life is to gain salvation but when we talk about bhakti margh we only want to be with god. AnanyaBhakti is by which we can find god ananyabhati is the condition when a devotee is so much in devotion that all the difference between the god and the bhakth vanishes………both the bhagat and bhagvan become equal…..this was the bhakti done by great bhagats like braj gopies, meerabai, shri surdas ,shri haridas .

    To conclude i would like to say that weather i say allah, jesus ,krishna or any other names my prayers reaches to the same pesonality the supream is one.As said in ramcharitmanas that the god gives darshan to his devotees in the form he prays to him.

    Love God ………:)
    Radhe Radhe

    • avi says:

      That would be nice in a utopian world. Unfortunately others are quick to point out that ‘theirs is the only way’ and the rest of us will burn in hell.
      And this is included within their scriptures.

      • saurabh gupta says:

        Radhe Radhe

        Why are you pointing fingers on others. Its their believe andone should respect those. I dont know what is written in their scripts but have strong believe that nothing wrong would be written in any scripts belonging to any religion. what religion teaches is love and humanity and it is we humans that take out different meanings from these scripts.

        It is the same God who has created the entire univese an every creatures in this universe so who are we to differentiate amoung the creatures created by him.

        I would like to ask a question from u that did krishna ever differentiated amoung a hindu or muslium bhakth.
        It is we that differentiate not god .I would like to tell you an incident when Raskan went to the foothills of shri govardhan to take the darshan of shrinathji and the priest of the temple did not allowed as he was a muslium. Raskhan felt very sad and waited outside the temple and cried. Lord was not able to see the sufferings of his devotee and came outside the temple to give darshan to his bhakth raskhan.
        Saints like meerabai,surdas,tulsidas,narsimehta,kanakdas,rskhan,haridas,tukaram are the pillars of bhakti sampradaye and we should learn from their teachings how to love god and his creation.

        Radhe Radhe

  76. Ajay Shandal says:

    The original question, which triggered reactions by various people from different religious background, was to know why there are different religions in the world when there is only one God. It is a very basic question which haunts our mind. But, most of the answers that I read deviated from the central point.
    It is very natural for us to be attached with our own values and religious backgrounds because we have inherited them. We take pride in what we have. And here is my answer based on my understanding of my Hindu religion. Whatever knowledge I have gained over the past several years is mainly through reading of Praphupad’s books. He was one of the greatest Vaishanavs who loved Krishna dearly.
    Lord Krishna revealed his identity to Arjuna as the Absolute Truth. Krishna clearly explained to us the concept of one God. He is the origin, the creator and proprietor of everything. He is the source. He gave us options not mandates to choose various religious paths. Krishna also introduced true secularism which I am not aware if exists in other religions. Krishna clearly stated in Bhagvad Gita that all gods and goddesses depend on Him. Despite of that He did not force us to worship Him only. Krishna said as many rivers ultimately reach the same ocean similarly people of all religious backgrounds ultimately reach Me.
    He also gave the direct path to reach Him and it can be practically seen in the daily lives of Krishna’s devotees. They do not eat meat (who would give it up in this world of Kali), No illicit sex ( no offense it is effecting all communities) No Gambling (it has become one of the most common past times of Kali), No intoxication (not even tea or coffee). I am a Hindu but even for me, it is hard to follow these rules. So I cannot call myself a Vashnava.
    The purpose of the religion is not mass conversions or distributing identities to people. Its true purpose is to change the consciousness. Its purpose it to elevate our thinking so that we may realize things beyond our identities and gross bodies and attain higher consciousness and unite with Him by serving Him.
    By the way Krishna was born more than 5000 years ago and Vashnavism is much older than that. Therefore, there is no doubt in my mind that Hinduism has influenced all major religions of this world. All the intellectuals accept the fact that Sanskrit has influenced all major languages of the world and Hinduism must have been the reason. The purpose of Krishna coming down on this earth plain was to teach us how to love Him and reach His Kingdom.
    The symptoms of devotion are the same no matter what your religious background is. What are the symptoms: Gopis always absorbed their consciousness in Krishna, they fulfilled their duties and were always happy. Check yourself how devoted are you to your God. If your religion restricts you to learn about God and who He is, it is not doing any justice to you. There is no harm to learn from each other when the goal is the same.

  77. Chitrakarthek says:

    Hi KHAN Sir, I was really impressed of seeing your answers. There is only one thing say WATER. We call it as NEER, Hindi people call it as PANI i think so. In English it was again water. Other peoples call it in their own mother tongue. Similarly GOD is ONE. We call it Lord MURGA, SHIVA, KRISHNA, AMMA etc. U call him as ALLAH, CHrist brothers call him as YESUA. I love all my dear ISLAMIC, CHRISTIAN brothers & sisters & peoples belonging to all part of the world. WE NEED PEACE. WE NEED LOVE. THEN ALL WILL COME BY ITSELF DUE 2 GODS GRACE.

  78. Shashi says:

    I want the matter in Hindi

  79. Amol says:

    I really admire your efforts Mr Khan. I an glad to see people talking about all religion as one. This should happen more offen, people should talk it our rather chatting on facebook or whats app. And I really hate people who are faces of perticular religion on mass media, it may be from Hindu also they talk to much wrong I just hate them. Why cant people use their head to analys things? “Koi kuch bhi ketha hai aur log sunte to hai aur follow bhi karte hai.” The movie Oh my god has given a beutiful message, changed thinking of people saying that, God is not my father he is my friend n I believe so.

  80. imaanwala says:

    Lots of misconceptions on all sides. The ones committing intolerance in name of Islam are biggest kafirs, the Holy Prophet (sallahu alaihi wasallam) had predicted the rise of these khawarij at the end of days. Islam is an open door and daily millions leave it and enter it because this is Allah’s wish. Apostasy punishments we hear of from places like Pakistan, we need to ask are these more caused by our deen or by old tribalistic customs of subcontinent/central-Asia area? We as Muslims can only make dua for those who had benefit of being exposed to Islam from early age, why they left it and inshallah one day they may see the errors in their judgements and return to Allah’s path. I am willing to read and learn the beliefs of the Vaishnavas but I cannot help but think that the whole Chaitanya and later Srila Prabhupad movements are heavily Islam-influenced. Upon seeing how many Hindus were receptive to the message of tawheed and Islam (including my own ancestors), some of the Hindus needed to react in order to not lose demographics.
    Islam is universal for all geographical places and all time contexts starting from 1400 years ago till Judgement Day. The literalists aka khawarij are giving wrong interpretations and making it seem like Islam is antiquated religion. While we can give great respects to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupad like we can give to Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, we cannot accord them a place in jannat as they did their service for the duniya and not in name of Allah. Moreover these later Hindu reformers are Islamically-influenced, meaning the Vaishnav tradition was improved by Islam…while Islam in itself is perfect and does not need reform (although we do need proper interpretation as Rasulullah would want and reject the extremist khawarij).

    • Amelia says:

      Unfortunaterly people mistaken the Prophet, the Qur’an, Allah/God and Islam with the bad attitudes of people who call themselves Muslims. As you said, many people nowadays are acting in accord to tribal costumes of land’s traditions, and the media is exposing these people saying “look what Islam is!” and ignorant people believe.

      Their leader Prabhupada himself sai that Muhammad was a Vaishnava (these are his words) and these people who claim to follow Prabhupada call the Prophet a demon in another incarnation or a trouble maker. Try to understand, they don’t even agree with the words of their leader and think they can criticize Muslims who fail to abide to the rules of Islam…

      • Gopika says:

        Actually Prabhupad did not say prof Mo was a Vaishnav. He was supposed to be Quarayshi Brahmin. However he could not have even been that because he lived by the sword. True Brahmins are peace abiding intelligent beings, not murderers, plunderers and female oppressors. However if you Amelia are a woman and enjoy being treated as a slave on beck and call without rights and privileges, then perhaps you are in the correct position of exploitation: what could be better for you than Islam? Your limited knowledge and hatefulness like many muslims and christians is apparent. If you really Love God, by now you would have seen some enlightenment and moved beyond discrimination. Have you?

  81. jAy says:

    Everyone stop fighting for religion. Iam a muslim and i love
    My prophet muhammad pbah. I also love lord shiv , lord ram
    And prabu krishna. Let me tell u why because they all came for
    The same reason. They tried to teach us some of us learnt and most
    Of us fighting and ignoring there teaching. Read and think they all are
    The same showing us the same path but we dont learn. Who ever
    Learnt they are the eternal and we are just creatures.
    Think u are a muslim because u was born muslim.
    Think u are hindu because u was born hindu.
    God gave us brain to use but we dont.
    To understand the fact of all religion and why we are here
    Then take the path of finding god.
    Ignore what who says and believe in yourself truly u will
    Find muhammad pbah, lord shiv, ram and krishna in your heart
    In one form.

  82. kapil kumar says:

    Hare Krishna,
    all glories to srila prabhupada…..
    KRISHNA is the supreme personality of godhead and wen he incarnates on tis earth he is not an ordinary person but a person who is in ignorance he think tat KRISHNA is an ordinary person.when he is on earth is not under control of the three modes of nature because the three modes of nature is under the control of LORD SHRI KRISHNA.wen he divides himself then his power will nt become less,he is 100% powerfull.he can divide hw mch he wantd to divide nd his pwr remain the same.a person who is in ignorance(tammo guna) can never understand KRISHNA and HIS SPIRITUAL PWR and ACTIVITIES.SO be in goodness(satva guna).and plz read the books of srila prabhupada continuously and hve conct wth the pure devotees.

  83. Sunil says:

    radhe krishna,
    as lord shree krishna explained in his talks in Bhagvatgeeta that all that we thinks we do we perform depends on three type of gun sattogun,rajogun & tamogun here it is clearly explaind that in sattogun a person clearly understands what is true for ex he says Lord Shree Krishna is the Supreme Personlity of the godhead because he knew that krishna has himself explained in Bhagvatgeeta that im the source of all living and non living being,next is Rajogun in this catagory a person always thinks of gaining something such as filmstars,they are always doing makeups to become beautiful but they ll having that much knowledge that this is temporary and third one is Tammogun in this categories people are called as rascals(moorkh) by lord shree krishna because they never do good for themselves and not for others for ex. Some people sees the reality eventhought their illusion dont wants to accepts this reality they just goes on argueing that krishna is robber because he always used to steals the butter , he steals clothes of gopis
    My dear peoples part and parcels of lord shree krishna if u beleive that lord krishna steals butter,clothes then why dont u beleive that lord krishna lifted mountain Govardhana and why dont u beleive whatever he explained in Bhagvat geeta is true this is nothing but the effects of tammoguna so simply by fighting my religion your religiong just try to understand what is religion just like prabhupada said religion is to understand god and to love him and that is perfect knowledge.
    $$$ SUNIL KUMAR $$$

  84. Zaina says:

    Plus der has to b sumtng in d widest spreadin religion(Islam) in d world specialy in d west whr ppl r highly intelignt n literate..isnt it??
    Just b true to ur hearts!

  85. Zaina says:

    Salaam brothers n sisters
    Peace be upon u ol

    Aftr reading d abv comments i wud lyk to point out certain tngs:

    1.One should have a neutral approach with an open heart while understandin about other religions widout being partial about owns..We should have d ability to accept wot is beautiful in a religion rather dan criticisin some lame issues wich 1 has no knowledge about

    2.Before believing certain quotes n interpretations dat ppl hav made above one should go back to the scriptures and check der authenticity n den try to understand in wot cöntext hav dey been said..

    3.Regarding Islam,i would like to say dat its not only a religion but a complete way of life..it teaches you how to deal wid d smallest of issues n is a complete blessing 4 humankind..Since i myself m a revert to Islam i can clearly c d differnce betwn Hinduism n Islam..But as d Quran says ders no compulsion in religion..so v hav r brains n v hav r scriptures..no intermediary reqd vo can just go n apply r common sense dats it!!

    May Allahs blessings be upon u all

  86. Alfieadam says:

    Regarding the 7 layers of Heaven, there are 7 heavens, depending on your deeds and piety will depend on which heaven you will go to, you are not born again because the soul does not cease to exist. Therefore this interpretation is wrong. In Islam god resides on above heaven ‘And He is Allaah above the heaven and on the earth He knows your private and public affairs. And He knows what you achieve’ which befits the Vedic Beliefs and your comment. Islam is clear on singular mortal life and then everlasting bliss or torment. The concept of reincarnation does not exist. Ultimately our salvation is to Prayer, Charity, Righteous deeds, etc we will gain reward for it.
    Regarding the master issue. In the Quran God makes it clear that he does not need mankind, he does not need to master over yet he still is and will the everlasting omnipotent king. Also the soul was created by God in Islam which again contradicts the Vedic literature.

    The Abraham story is kind of correct; however it is the teaching of the prophet to sacrifice an animal and to you and meet and enjoy your family. The sacrifice you mentioned bit is more relevant to fasting. EID is actually a day of celebration. ‘Feast of Sacrifice’.

    99 names of his attribute not versions!! Islam forbids idolatry and intermediary which contradicts your religions. God does not have intercessor nor does he have an image (Also stated in Christianity and Judaism.) If god is divine and unlimited then he cannot be comprehended, so a man image is not sufficed and you are inherently limiting god.

    in Surat ash-Shura, ayah 11: “There is nothing like Him and He is endowed with hearing seeing.”

    “He who believes that Allah filled the heavens and earth or that He is a body sitting above the Throne, is a kafir.” Allah the Most High says in the Noble Qur’an (Maryam, 93) :
    The Verses makes clear the difference from the universe and god and that he does not exist which human like features or anything we can comprehend.
    You do miss the obvious contradiction between these religions, and there is within the Hari Krisna theology absurdity and hypocrisy.
    I would warn people to stay away. It is ultimately nonsensical gibberish.

  87. sheng pa says:

    dear all,

    I am a china based Indologist. Please forgive me for wrong english . for I am good at mandarin. To the quetion posted above I can say that you dont need to learn the differences of religion. As far as hinduism and teachings of Gita is considered , hinduism is not a religuon it is just a way of life at absorbs all the religious views into it. that means you can still be a muslim being a hindu , or christian being a hindu or even like me an atheist being a hindu. what hinduism says is that only God is real and the world we see around which includes materialistic sysyem, are all illusion caused by our senses. there is no good and no bad, no virtues and hence no sin no heaven and no hell . only thing is we are manifestation ofBramh and one day merge into it. If you happen to study Physics and biolgy in details you will agree to the “illusion part “. For more reading on founding principle of hinduism dont just read Gita or vedas or puranas……read yog sutras , upanishads, bramh sutra, Sankhya karika. To get a clue just clik on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_philosophy and read in detail each link further, you will realise you dont need to shun your religion for being an hindu or following tha path of hinduism.

  88. Pulkit says:

    Hare Krsna!

    All glories to Srila Prabhupadha

    I would like to mention one thing here, Srila prabhupadha said that his Guru Maharaj Srila Bhaktisidhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupadha accepted Christ and Hajrat Mahomad as saktaya avatar(a jeva tatva specially empowered by Krishna)

    So i dont think we have any thing to discuss about the Position of Hazrat Mahomamd, As Sarasvati thakur accepted them as representative of God,

    We can only discuss there teachings

    Hare Krishna

  89. Manash De says:

    Hare Krishna !
    This site is designed just wonderfully enough to satisfy the reader in all articles about Bhakti and also with the truths of modern science…
    I have found this site extremely useful for my daily study schedule…
    All glories to Vaishnavas, who have worked hard to make this site !
    All glories to the saviour of the whole world… Jagatguru Srila Prabhupada !

  90. ANURAG KUMAR says:

    Hare Krishna,


    Thanks & Regards:
    Anurag Kumar

  91. Ram Naresh says:

    Why majority of muslims are becoming terrorists?

  92. Sun says:

    Our Prophet’s Great Attachment to His Birth Religion

    by Ayesha Ahmed

    01 May, 2007

    Our great prophet picked something from every great religion so that all practicing Muslims can get blessings from every major God. Since he himself was a born idols praying Hindu/pagan, needless to say that Hinduism was closest to his heart. That is the reason he chose Hindu Moon God Allah as Islamic deity and moon as as the universal Islamic symbol.
    “Hindus have been referring their Deity moon goddess Durga as “Allah” in Sankrit in their chants since early period of Hinduism”; Ref: Kaaba a Hindu temple
    He also chose Hindu God Lord Siva’s temple “Kaaba” (built by King Vikramaditya* for Moon God Siva) as Islam’s holiest place and required all Muslims to pray and bow towards it. In addition he picked Hindu pilgrimage Haj as the highest form of worship and the only worship which washes all the sins away. He made black stone (Hajar Aswad ,the symbolic lingum (private part ) of Lord Siva , which was made a part of Siva temple Kabah by King Vikramaditya), as the most revered stone of of Islam , to be touched and kissed by all pilgrims.
    King Vikramaditya inscription was found in the Kaaba in Mecca proving beyond doubt that the Arabian Peninsula formed a part of his Indian Empire and that he, who highly revered Lord Siva, built the Siva temple called Kabah.. The text of the crucial Vikramaditya inscription, found inscribed on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, is found recorded on page 315 of a volume known as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ treasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey. Rendered in free English the inscription says: “Fortunate are those who were born (and lived) during king Vikram’s reign. He was a noble, generous dutiful ruler, devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time we Arabs, oblivious of God, were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting and torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped our country. Like the lamb struggling for her life in the cruel paws of a wolf we Arabs were caught up in ignorance. The entire country was enveloped in a darkness so intense as on a new moon night. But the present dawn and pleasant sunshine of education is the result of the favour of the noble king Vikramaditya whose benevolent supervision did not lose sight of us- foreigners as we were. He spread his sacred religion amongst us and sent scholars whose brilliance shone like that of the sun from his country to ours. These scholars and preceptors through whose benevolence we were once again made cognizant of the presence of God, introduced to His sacred existence and put on the road of Truth, had come to our country to preach their religion and impart education at king Vikramaditya’s behest.”

    Many Kabah stones have Sanskrit words inscribed from pagan days, however the black curtain covers these inscriptions.
    The hajar-e-Aswad is an oval black stone , about seven inches in diameter 2 feet 6 inches long in the shape of a male private part. Kissing and praying to this stone representing Lord Siva’s lingum is for libido and fertility . It was the practice of arab pagans including Prophet Mo to kiss Hajar-e-Aswad, and pray for shakti (hindi word for strength) to men’s sexual strength and women’s fertility.
    Sahih Bukhari ,page 396, No. 808
    `Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) came near the Black Stone and kissed it and said, ” Had I not seen Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) kissing you, I would not have kissed you”

    Editor MA Khan’s book (Feb 2009). Learn
    more here | Paperback: $ 24.95 | Kindle ed:
    $ 7.96 | E.Book: $ 6:00
    It is a well known fact that most of the healthy and well fed non Muslim men hardly manage to impregnate their wives once or twice in their life time. The result is that their populations are dwindling.. On the other hand thanks to the baraka of black stone touching and kissing Muslim men grow up with a very high libido. That is why they are allowed four wives and unlimited number of slave girls, enabling them to multiply like rabbits( Ask the French, they know, from almost a nonexistent Muslim population just a few years back France will become a Muslim majority country within next 20 years. If this is not the irrefutable proof of Islam’s truth, then what is? (Dr. Zaheer and Dr. Ghamdi can use this in their debates in FFI)
    Another Hindu tradition our great prophet maintained from his Hindu days is that of the sacred water concept* during Hindu pilgrimage and worship. According to the Hindu tradition sacred water (of Ganga) is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, sacred water must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fountain exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded representing Ganga water since pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water). Muslim pilgrims who go to the Kaaba for Haj regard this Zam-Zam water with reverence and take some bottled water with them as sacred water. (like Hindus take Ganga water home from pilgrimage). Many Muslims soak their shrouds with the sacred zam zam water, a religious tradition from their Hindu ancestry of pouring sacred Ganga water on their dead.
    Prophet Mo also kept the Hindu religious tenet of circumambulating seven times in their religious ceremonies. Our prophet ordered Muslims to go around kabah seven times as part of Haj which was part of Hindu worship prior to capture of Mecca..
    Another great tenet our prophet carried on from Hinduism is the concept of washing of all of one’s sins through pilgrimage to Hindu temples at Ganga river and by taking a dip in Ganga water.. Prophet said you wash all your sins by going to pilgrimage to Kaaba and drinking sacred Zam Zam water. This Haj worship concept is a win win situation for all concerned.. God Siva is happy that millions come and circumambulate his temple and kiss his symbolic private part, pilgrims including killers, pedophiles, adulterers, robbers and rapists are happy that their sins of lifetime get washed just by walking seven times around Kaaba and the local businesses and Muallims (prayer leaders) are happy that they can laugh all the way to the bank all year round.

    Prophet Mo also maintained the word Eid from Hinduism to celebrate the completion of Haj worship at the Siva temple of Kabah. Eid in Sanskrit means worship. The Islamic word Eid for festive days, signifying days of worship, is a pure Sanskrit word.

    Hindus also practice all night worship of moon Goddess Durga (Allah) on certain nights called “Jagratta” and believe that by doing that their worship is worth a lot more blessings.. Prophet Mo did not want Muslims to lose out on that count and thus included three “Jagratas” in Islam, shab-e-Qadar, Shab-e-Barat and Shab-e-Meraj when Muslim salats are worth a lot more than average salat. Practising Muslims pray like crazy during these nights to gain extra blessings ( mostly out of shape Muslims can hardly walk next day from all night of sit ups)
    In summary our great prophet incorporated the following Hindu religious rituals and concepts to ensure that Muslims also get blessed by Hindu Gods Siva and Hindu Goddess Allah ( Durga) (along with Yahweh, the God of Abraham and Ahuramazda the God of Zoroastrians whose religious tenets he also incorporated in our beloved religion of Al Islam).

    1. Adopting Hindu deity moon God Allah as the deity of Islam

    2. Making Hindu Moon God Siva’s temple Kaaba as the holiest place of Islam

    3. Making the black stone as the most holy stone of Islam and making touching and kissing of it as a a blissful act of Sunnah.

    5. Adopting the Hindu pilgrimages Haj and Umra as the highest worship in Islam.

    6. Shaving the heads as Hindus do for pilgrimages

    7. Circumambulating the Siva temple Kabah 7 times as Hindus did.

    8. Adopting the Hindu concept of washing all the sins by making the holy pilgrimage.

    9. Collecting holy water representing Ganga Jal (zam zam water) as Hindus do to take holy blessings home.

    10. Wearing White seamless cloth during pilgrimage as Hindus wear during their religious ceremonies and pilgrimages.

    11. Celebrating the completion of worship of Siva temple Kabah by giving it the Hindu Sanskrit name of EidEid.

    12. Including all night worships of moon God Allah (Durga) called Jagratta as part of Islam.
    Jazakallah Khair and namaste.


    * This article us a satire

  93. Zero says:

    Nice to see intellectual discussions taking place and people trying to explain their religions to each other. A few points for us to ponder:-
    1. Religion is written in a language and every language is inherently not a form of absolute communication.
    2. All languages are handicapped by context to their origins and times.
    3. All languages in which religions are written are subject to interpretation by humans.
    4. Human interpretation is again subject to birth, culture, understanding, intelligence, environment, period in time, biases, egos, etc.
    5. Most religious texts have been tampered with by individuals or groups to further their own ends in various stages of history.
    6. It can never be proven if the words spoken by the originators of the religions and what was written by the scribes or altered/inserted/deleted later was the same.
    7. Empirical evidence will never be available for religion and therefore the scientific community relying on logic will never be convinced. In reverse religion is a matter of faith and has no logic to it. Therefore the conflict in ideology will always be between science and religion as their very starting points are different.

  94. Durgadas says:

    Namaskaar and Hari Krishna!

    What a fantastic argeument set forth about Islam, and the differences between Hinduism and Islam, being narrowed down.

    In our Hindu path – we must remember that there are various levels of avatars and also Rishis who come for various purposes. For example – Buddha preached atheism, but came at a time to do so when Hinduism had become corrupt. But, that is not to say all Hindus today should misinterpret ahimsa, as Krishna himself states we should take up arms to defends dharma if required (but not unnecessarily kill for eating food or invade other nations for the sake of it).

    We also note Dayanand Saraswati the founder of Arya Samaj came when Islam and Christianity were threatening Hinduism, and created the Vedic beleif system and thereby restored Vedic rituals and chanting of Gayatri etc.

    Gobind Singh of Sikhs also created a movement whereby Sikhs gained greater powers of the Kshatriya or warrior caste to fight invaders, and wore various turban, bangle, beard etc. (“five k’s”), which were relevant at that time in history but not valid today, as Buddha’s doctrine and Arya Samaj.

    Likewise, Muhammad appears to have come at such a time of decline in Arabia and likewise preached a doctrine to bring people back to their senses.

    Unfortunately, the words of such people are misinterpreted if taken too literally and not in a yogic or metaphoric or symbolic manner at times also. Some verses also applied to wars required at his time (like Mahabharata war served a purpose, but doesn’t mean we should invade the world).

    Revelations of St. John is one such texts misinterpreted literally, when it should be yogically. Muhammad and Jesus etc. came into contact with Yoga and Vedic teachings – but remember, they understood them, but taught to masses of ignorant people not versed in these sciences of yoga, bhakti etc, nor their intended symbolism!

    Ila means ” to worship / revere” in the Vedas of India, and the name of the daughter of the current 7th protogenitor of mankind (Manu). India was named after her (Ilavarta), and she was also connected to Goddess Saraswati – who connects to the Vedas and the divine Sanskrit language and their revelation, the power behind her husband, Brahma.

    Ila and Allah are hence related terms.

    We also note Saraswati and Brahma are similar to Sarah and Abrahman of the Judeo-Christian traditions.

    May all faiths unite!

    HARI OM!

  95. Gaurav dogra says:

    Hare Krishna,

    As i have read the last paragraph from may 25 2010 reply from PEACE, I would like to shred little bit knowledge which i gained from ShriPrabhupada.
    Brother as you have said about contradictions in religions or words of god or Krishna, some points are below-

    1.According to Srimad Bhagvat, Vedas and Purans,there are three forms of god.one is Nirakaar form which means no particular image.It is like the light of Sun.But here Nirakaar form which is also called Nirakaar Joyti or light which is divine,eternal and spiritual.

    2. Second form is Parmaatma form which is a localized personality of god that is in heart of every living entity, smallest particle of earth which ever it may be in the world.By this form god can enter smallest of all things to biggest form like universe.

    3.third is Krishna form which has all qualities at one time.It is the spiritual light which naturally comes out from Krishna body like sun spreads its light,lights up the entire spiritual and material world.Please note this carefully this Spirtual light or Joyti is Nirakaar form of KRISHNA which i mentioned above (point-1).in Islam where they worship Allah as god without any form is the Niraakar light or form and which is eternal.

    So one may worship Krishna or god different forms like Niraakar or formless or god residing in heart in Parmaatma form or Shri Krishna form which has all spiritual qualities in him as he is source of everything.He is the origin of of a smallest particle to biggest in the universe.

    Now dear brother i would like to shed light on the confusion which was about contradictions in Krishna words where he says he has form at one place and in another place that he as no Swaroopa or personality or he is without image.

    As described above Nirakaar form or without image form also is part of Krishna so if god says that he has no form is absolutely right.divine light has no form but it is coming out from Krishna body naturally like sun rays comes out from sun which is formless but Sun itself is a form which we can see.if we read Shri Prabhupadas as is it Bhagdvat Gita or Shrimad Bhadvatam it can be understood.

    In India there are many followers of a saint Shri Sankracharya who worship nirakaar form of god and want to become formless after merging of their soul.if you see Islam they also say that Allah is divine noor which means light.so you will find people with different beliefs.

    the conclusion is Bhagvatgita or other Purans may seem contradictory in some cases but they are not as their are reasons for that which we can understand by a pure Devoote like Sirla prabhupada books.

    In the end dear brother i would say some more lines.Bhagvad Gita or Srimad Bhagvatam and Purans say that if we worship Nirakaar form god or Imageleess god we will not get the whole bliss of god so if we want full bliss and want serve god as a servant forever should avoid Sankracharya path which gives end fruit to be one with god as Imageless personalty.rather worship krishna which is origin of every other form of him.krishna says this message in Gita.

    Jai Sirla Prabhupad
    hare krishna.

    • gopi says:

      hari bol… srila prabhupad ki jay!!!!

    • Varna says:

      …most of the so called muslims worship a lot of material things…most of the so called hindus worship a lot material things…the same for the so called jews ,for the so called christians,mormons,jainists,bhudists,…and for the tousends of so
      called religious sects.People,in general don´t follow any religion.They just say that they do,but they don´t.Even the so called vaishnavas,most of them,they don´t follow Srila Prabhupada,nor his teachings.Most of muslims don´t follow the Quran.
      And the same for all religions and sects.Even millions and millions of so called religious peope never read their sacred scriptures.First of all,we should accept
      this before we talk about religions,for most of people are not representatives of their own religions.Who really follow the Prophet Muhammad?…Who really follow Jesus instructions and love as he did?…Who is ready to stop worshiping all the own hobbies related with demoniac tendencies and sins?.Who is not able to do anything for money?…Who cares for moral,loyalty to God and for all the divine qualities to be developed by human beings who claim to have the truth trying to destroy the others who are not from his religious group,it does not matter if it is according to what God wants from them?.I am sorry,but
      this is what is going on in the world.There are only a few muslims,a few number of christians,too…and a few amount of follower who really take this seriously.They hate each others even for what they don´t know,because they don´t have any knowledge about the other religions…and many of them don´t
      know even the theological basis of their own religion…and a lot of them are able to kill the so called religious “enemy” without having faith in God…I saw that so many times…There are a lot of so called devotees who don´t believe in Krishna as God,and are envious from Srila Prabhupada,but they continue worshiping them as if they were idols,not Deities.Demons are inside all kind of religions,preaching without God about God…

  96. Peace says:

    I appreciate the explanation given by Khan.However,he has not been able to answer what Muhammed’s basic question was. If all religions are from God then why are there contradictions? Why does God clearly say in one book that there’s no image of Him and attributing any image to him is a majour sin..but in the other book He says He is Kirshna and he has an image and not only that there are so many aunthentic forms of him(dieties) each one with a different physical image. Why does God give contradicting message to his servants? No wonder Hinduism is far older than Islam.But in Qura’n God has clearly said,this is my last and final message and with this your religion is complete. Then isnt it necessary that we follow what is written in Quran?(if there are contradictions with previous scriptures)
    It is not appropriate to compare 99 names of Allah with the concept of different forms of God.The 99 names of God are only describing God’s chareters.For exp Ar Rehman is one name of God that means Most merciful.And all these names are used in order to praise the one almighty God alone.But no matter which name we call him we are worshipping that one Lord alone. We are not setting partners with him Where as when we say God has different forms and each form has a different image..we are going against the basic teaching of God there’s no image of him.And moreover we are not only attributing one image to him but multiple images. Worshiping these forms of God and praying to them to fulfil our needs,isnt it setting partner to the ONE LORD?
    However,in which part of Bhagwad geeta, the image of Sri Krishna has been described? The image of Sri Krishna that is worshipped by his followers,from where was that image obtained? And in which scripture and which verses the different forms of God and their appeanrance has been mentioned? How many such authentic forms are there? which are all those? where have they been mentioned?
    If Sri Krishna is the one God and if Hinduism according to Hindu scriptures also there’s one God..then why are there so mnay temples with so many differnt Gods like lord Ganesha,Shiva,Vishnu,Sarswati and so on??

    Kindly help me understand this

    • Bhakta says:

      This is because the people have lost the true meaning of religion and are starting to make up their own rules for their own benefit. Krishna or Allah they are the same God with different name. Its just us foolish humans who think we are the only right people and others are wrong.

  97. Raghavan says:

    I will answer point wise each questions asked by Shaik above

    1) Islam was preached by Prophet Mohammed during the time when there was lot of human killings and injustice in the middle east and so he gave various rules to lead a pious life which were appropriate to those people at that point of time. They were very sinful and degraded people that they couldnt follow any austerities. They couldnt control their sexual desires. So Prophet allowed polygamy in the religion and the right to have sexual relationships with many women.

    2)Killing animals and killing plants are not one and the same. There is a difference. Animals are at a higher level of ‘consciousness’ than plants and more evolved in terms of perception of sensation. No wonder killing any life is sinful, but as we know in this material world one organism is food for another and Lord Krishna tells what kind of food that humans have to consume. In Bhagavad Gita (9.26) Lord says “If you offer Me a fruit, flower or leaf with devotion I will accept it.” Any food before consumption should be offered to the Lord and then we have to eat the remnants of it which is called Prasadam. Otherwise we will get the karma of the food. But eating meat amounts to higher level of crime than even eating vegetarian food without offering to the Lord. Meat eating is for animal life, not human life.

    3) Love all animals means obviously not harming them and allowing them to live peacefully. This statement of yours carries no meaning. For that matter if you believe in Islam that we should love all humans doesnt mean you accomodate all people of this world or your town in your home. I can still explain you more things about this but there is no space here to.

    4) We the Hare Krishnas have read all the Holy books. Quaran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita and everything. We dont say other holy books are wrong. Everything is correct. Its just the level of understanding of God which differs in each. The Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita gives highest information about God than any other scriptures because it was spoken by God Himself unlike the messengers of God in any other scriptures.

    5) Ofcourse the Holy book teaches right things but people go in a wrong way because they do not have complete knowledge. As rightly said half knowledge is always dangerous..

    • baal says:

      killing the animal is not same as eating vegeterian, infact it doesnt mean killing plant, see the coconut tree, every year it will give coconut,humans using only the products.

  98. Rkings says:

    Srila Prabhupada mentioned that you’re on the right path if you are serving and loving God. Nevertheless,he stressed you must obey the religious principles. I read he mentioned Christians can’t even follow one of their commandments: Thou shall not kill, breaking this rule by meat eating and supporting slaughter houses. Now, suppose you are a Muslim and you follow the Holy Qur’an. The Qur’an list what is permissible and what is forbidden. Some types of meat are listed as being permissible for humans to eat. Say a pious Muslim follows all his religious rules with a true, honest heart, and takes the Holy Qur’an as the word of God. From a Krsna Conscious point of view, is this considered a true devotee of God?
    Can a Muslim return back to Godhead after this lifetime?

    • Jim p says:

      Lol, ten commandments apply to jews and Christians, thou shall not kill is not in reference to animals but related to to Jews in the desert who use to kill each other over small matters. Read it in context. The laws were given to the Jews, within the Jewish faith, they are pescribed what meats are permissible and those that are not.

  99. bull khao says:

    well now mullahs are bringing down the buildings and causing terror everywhere-wat is their religion saying about this and its followers now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • riz says:

      Look as far as I can see after reading many comments are that majority of you here aren’t actually here to learn anything about religion you are more interested in making enemies this time spent insulting a fellow human being could have been spent battering ourselves and doing something more productive correct me if I’m wrong but time is precious every breath gone is a breath that will never return.

  100. kanu says:

    Hare Krishna,

    This is amazing reply. Thank you very much. The questions asked by Muhammad were there in my mind also, from last few days as I had conversation with a muslim friend of mine.

  101. aman says:

    hare krsna.
    hello khan….. why dont u write books on these topics to open the eyes of people who are in dark, prabhupad ji will be very happy . this is a devotee request ,please move forward and write more,

  102. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Hare Krishna


    As (trying my best to be) a pure Vaisnava, having left Islam, let me point out exactly what brought me to Sanatana Dharma:
    1. Killing of my ego
    2. Love of all living beings which have soul (human beings, animals, birds… plants do not have soul)
    3. Agreeing to bear ANY physical, social, moral or emotional hardship / sacrifice to embrace WHATEVER the truth be (Sanatana Dharma)

    In this course, I realized that as a Muslim I was committing so many sins that I should have controlled had I thought more deeply. And in Islam, they were “not sins”!!! Such as illicit sex with slave girls (I didn’t commit this one), killing animals and eating meat, funding and morally supporting apostate killers (an apostate, as I am now, is also a human being).

    I do not offer NAMAZ any longer, because if I do, it will be equivalent to advertising the ideology of clear sins and hatered i.e. “Islam”.

    Jai Shree Krishna

    Rajesh Kumar Ksatriya

    • shaik says:

      Rajesh Kumar

      1.llicit sex with slave girls is a sin in islam also .its not correct to say that islam is wrong because some of the muslims are doing that.
      2.killing animals ,u said that plants have soul then dont u eat vegetarian food,do know that cow feel pain when we collect milk ,dont u drink milk.
      3.u said that u love all living beings then why dont u bing stray dogs ,cows that are on roads in our country,and snaks etc.
      4.u gave up islam because u dont understood it ,i suggest u to reed holly quran. i am not telling u to give up u r hindu religion.
      5.finally if u want to know a eligion dont see what the people of that religion are doing ,i suggest u what actually they are said to do through the holy books.

      i will pray for u ,so that u can find the right path again u left
      may allah forgive all u r sins

      like to hear from u

      • Akshay Malhotra says:

        killing animals ,u said that plants have soul then dont u eat vegetarian food,do know that cow feel pain when we collect milk ,dont u drink milk.

        Even mother feeds milk to a born child feels pain…wats the point??
        Thats Y in Hinduism,COW is designated place of a MOther.

        And plants dont have a nervous system,if u know anything abut that..??

        • Azeem says:


          ‘Such as illicit sex with slave girls’ – Where does it say this explicitly in the Quran? Illicit sex is forbidden.

          ‘Namaz’ is actually callled Salat or Salah. Prove to me in one way how this is ‘equivalent to advertising the ideology of clear sins and hatered i.e. “Islam”.’

          What truth have you come to? The fact you seemingly accept many religions as truths yet innately contradict each other and reject your theology!
          For example bible entices that salvation can only be through Christ. The Old Testament forbids idolatry and claims this to be the work of Satan. Islam associates idolatry as an innovation and states all innovations are from Satan.

          You want truths, I’ll tell you one. The Vedas states the Moon is 800,000 miles furtherer then the sun? I find that hard to believe.

          • Bhakta says:

            Brothers we are not here to fight we are here to discuss about our religions in a respectful manner please respect other religion whether you are a devotee of Krishna or Allah.

          • Amit says:

            Vedic literatures also says that SUN ,MOON are heavenly planets and species live there but they are higher category than humans and they are called demigods (almost God but not God,God is only one ) ,u must need brain to understand ,get out of your sucking religion ,it has nothing left ,all ur books are heavily edited by fraudsters ,cheaters …SUN,MOON etc. gives life on planet earth ,without them no one will survive on earth ,so how can only earth has human beings or species ..this looks weird …u r simply fool ,,get out of your brainwashed religion that spreads killing ,hatred because u guys have nothing left ..all muslim books are heavily edited and already finished 1000 yrs ago ..get out or remain confused

          • sumit raizada says:

            and this veda says god is one..is it hard to believe??? vedas is not known to anybody except god. god cant be understood by human mind if it will try it will get confused thts why islam prohibts questioning allah or nirankar(formless god).

      • Ranjan says:

        One of my friend asked that trees have also life. How you can eat trees.
        my dear friend. God says try to minimize the harm, if you have no other way. So eating trees is less harmful as compared to killing animals.

        • No one eats trees. People eat the fruit off the trees and to take the fruit does not harm the tree. You do not kill the tree when you eat the fruit of the tree.

          But yes. Everyone is living by eating some other living entity. That is natural. That is the way in the material world.

          The point is that we should do everything for Krishna, for God. So Krishna says he likes to eat foods in the mode of goodness made from grains, fruits, vegetables and milk products. So we prepare very nice offerings of food for the pleasure of Krishna and offer them to Him and we accept the remnants of the food offered to Krishna. A devotee never eats anything except Krishna prasadam and because Krishna only accepts foods in the mode of goodness [fruits, vegetables, grains and milk products] naturally a devotee never eats any meat, fish, eggs, etc.

          The point is to cook nice things for the pleasure of Krishna and only accept the remnants of what was offered to Krishna.

      • Krunal says:

        the Holy Qur’an, very clear instructions are given about what is intended as human food:

        “And We (Allah) said: O Adam! Dwell, you and your wife in the garden, and eat freely of the fruits thereof where you will.” (2.35)
        “And give glad tidings (O Muhammad) unto those who believe and do good works, that theirs are gardens underneath which rivers flow; as often as they are regaled with food of the fruit thereof.” (2.25)
        “Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth, and caused the water to descend from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you.” (14.32)

        From these three ayats of the Qur’an, it is obvious that when Allah created Adam and Eve, He gave them the fruits for food. And when the pious go to paradise, they will have fruits as their food. Then, when Allah created the earth He “produced fruits as food for mankind.” Also, from the very life of the Prophet of Islam, we can see that His daily food was bread, milk and palm-dates. Hazrat Muhammad often mentioned that Islam means to treat every living entity as equal to oneself. One of the first statements Hazrat Muhammad made on regaining Mecca was: “No one shall mistreat another. No one shall kill any animal; not even the cutting of a tree shall be allowed in Mecca.”

    • Abby says:

      Rajesh Kumar,

      even an amoeba has a soul.. Plants have soul.. who said they dont??? You betrayed one religion to be blind in the new as you were in your previous!

    • wajid says:

      Dear Mr. Rajesh,
      I think u r telling lie that you were muslim. Actully u were not muslim. if were muslim, u must knew sex with out nikah is sin and it carry pushment as death sentense.
      Sencondly, for eating meat, I would like tell that :
      1. Human teeth are designed for eating meat. all the animal eat meat have sharp poited teeth as human have.
      2. Every vegetable is live being has proof science. so if kill one baffolow then we kill one live being and cosume somany people but one man consume many vegetable for eating
      3.According some hindus eating fish is fish they called sea fodd. some if we kill animal consume that is not sin.
      4. Meat is subsitute of food from acceint time.
      5. According myths some hindu’s god also consume meat.

      • Yogesh says:

        Brother Wajid,
        Hindu’s Goddess Kalka drinks blood and consumes meat of DEMONS … not of innocent animals

      • Sameerjaan says:

        Human teeth are made to crack fruit and nuts, not hunt animals and eat raw meat however, non vegetarian animals have hunting teeth and they eat meat without cooking. Human eat cooked meat (after invent of fire). If cut hair and died nails there will not be pain. Killing an animal is cruel just like killing human. There was news that in Pakistan some people arrested for eating meat of dead body people human teeth can be used for cooked any meat even human. Vegetables have unconscious form of life and many have only 6 months life after they die. There human shall have vegetarian food.

      • Amit says:

        you got this info from Zakir naik that teeth thing ..lol..rofl ..what a explanation to justify killing..u will be killed in same way ,please wait and watch ..Law of karma will do same justice for you

        • Tahirul says:

          Big bang is mentioned in quran bt not in othr religious book.

          • Big bang is nonsense. If you want to understand the creation of the whole universe scientifically then read Srimad-Bhagavatam. There is more in the Bhagavatam just about the creation of the universe then the whole tiny Koran…

      • Heaven place says:

        you tell teeth are giving by Bhagaban Krishna only for meat eating that’s wrong.Because our teeth only used by fruit eating ,vegetable eating purpose & chewing the vegetable,fruit.But you say when u kill only one cow to eat lots of people.Your concept is totally wrong when u cut the leaf &branches of a
        plant then the plant not to die but animal must be die.A plant is also regenerate by asexual reproduction but plant not do that.In our canien teeth not used to chewing meat & meat is also eat by meateater animals such as tiger,fox.etc.And u say some hindus to eat fish but muslim eat sometimes pig in foreign country.All muslim donot say 5 times prayer daily.In Sreemodhagavad Gita Bhagaban says 18/66,7/7,1/3/28 suloka Bhagavad Gita as it is you read.Only one lord Krishna in Bramhasongita says Krishna is Supreme power of the fwhole universe..5/1 suloka.

      • Munendra says:

        If u like sacrifice meat,it’s better u eat ur father in the name of allaha.stupid fellow

      • ranjan says:

        We have to eat something to survive.
        so try to do less harm to other for your survival.
        of course trees have life.
        But eat trees is less harmful as compared to kill any animal.

        Did you read any where kill tree? You must read cut tree. Why so. This is the difference.
        But you must read kill animals.

    • Jim p says:

      I’m not sure where you got the elicit sex with slave girls from exactly but i know what your referring too, this is also seen in Christianity and Judaism, the word is concubine. Is not elicit since its allowed in all abrahamic religions. Also you should rethink what you have said, it’s not very logical? Let me give you a hint, what you consider a sin is not necessary what I consider a sin?

  103. Amaresh says:

    Thanks Dear Khan to give such article

    Hare krishna

  104. Satyabrata Pattanaik says:

    U r the one whom I am looking for to minimize the gap between Hindisim & Islam.Trust,me I am a follower of Srila Pravupada.From my side I am trying to understand islam by reading quoran.But my mission cannot get success without u.So pls keep contact me thruogh my mail.Trust me we can do a lot to the society & we have to.Otherwise there will be nothing remain by some peoples.

    Hare krishna.

  105. Iyer says:

    Hello Muhammad

    Hare Krishna. It was nice to read that you read Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavat Geeta.

    Srila Prabhupada’s books have answers to all the questions. Even the questions you have asked. As Prabhupada quoted, actually there is no contradictions in religions. But we see such differences because our capacity to see, understand, etc. is very limited.

    Please keep reading more books of Srila Prabhupada and you will get answers to all your questions.

    Hare Krishna

  106. Aryavratt says:

    Hare Krishna brother Khan

    All glories be to Srila Prabhupada!

    I have a question which is relevant to the article. The thing is that Islam as faith has given nothing good to the world. Ever since its inception, 1400 years ago, Islam has breed a creed of fanatics and killers.
    Forgive me for being direct as a devotee of Sri Krishna I feel it is my duty to differentiate between good and evil. While the Koran might have a few good things written in it, on the whole it is full of hatred for those who don’t call themselves as Muslims and don’t submit to the Islamic faith.
    Cults like Islam were prohecised in the Shreemad Bhagwatam and false prophets like Muhammad are the ones were should try to be aware of.
    Hence aren’t we as devotees of the Supersoul, being not being completely truthful about the nature of Islam being hypocritical?

    Forgive my question if it sounds hurtful, but I believe that it is genuine never the less.

    • Bhakta says:

      Your concept of Islam is wrong. Its only the people who are giving bad reputation not the religion itself. Prophet mohammed himself said to respect other religions.

  107. India says:

    There are many names for god but we all believe in god so lets not fight over whos right or wrong!Just have believe!

  108. Devi says:

    Dearest brother Khan,

    My heart melted upon reading your beautiful explanation. For the past several weeks I have been struggling to explain to a muslim sister about Vedanta and Hinduism. I have been trying to explain that we should not tell others that they will be condemned in the hereafter for not believing in a God and that in Vedanta embraces all and teaches that we are all parts and parcels of God… for some reason, we just keep debating the nature of God even though I am trying to show that God is LOVE and loves all equally, the muslim, the hindu, the jew, and yes, even the atheist… I think i will steer them toward your comment.

    Thank you again.

    • ismail says:

      dear sister devi,
      i know its hard to digest when some one questions about our long practicing ideologies but let me bring this to ur knowledge that out of all the major religions, islam is the only one religion which speaks about one god for the whole of humanity. if u read surah al ikhlas it says that the god we worship is one. today its a sad thing that the religion that once propagated the teachings of one god for the whole of universe and beyond is being thought the same thing. its all because this religion is under negative publicity, and a lot of ignorance of muslims towards media that makes these things to overshadow the beauty of islam. hope u got my point sister islam is the only religion that speaks about the one god who is most benificient and merciful.
      may almighty bless u
      allah hafiz.

      • Janak says:

        Brother ismail, I respect your belief towards islam. However, I tend to disagree that “islam is the only religion …. “, as I have been told many times by many other muslim brothers. My muslim brothers have a tendency not to read other scriptures and make a belief based on whatever they have read in quaran, hadith, and whatever they are told by their religious scholars. I should tell you that holy scriptures of other religions have very beautiful and enriching contents. I am sure if you read and understand vedic literatures, mahabharata, Ramayana and so…, I am sure your viewpoint about “islam is the only religion … ” will change.

        Another question that arises is, if Quaran is the last and final words of Allah for the people, why people in the Islamic countries are going through so much trouble and so much problems. Look at Egypt, Lybia, Siriya, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and so on. Quaran and hadith should have solved these problems.

        • riz says:

          The reason why so many people are going through difficulties within these countries is because the shariah law is not being practised in these countries simple. Saudi Arabia has implemented the shariah law and it remains the most blessed land in the entire world not simply because of the shariah law but because our beloved prophet’s pbuh walked there it is said our lord Allah swt will test those whom he loves most. You see those who strive in the way of our lord, Allah swt loves them the most. I’m sure there are many hari krishnas out there who are facing difficulties does that mean that your beliefs are wrong? Is that a explanation as to why they are facing difficulties ?

          • Ashwin says:

            Saudi Arabia is also a part of the material world ..so its not free from miseries..but i appreciate their Non-secular Government..wish India was like that too..

            Hare Krishna

          • Mamta Samant says:

            Dear Riz,
            Hare Krishna,
            The reason why Hare Krishna people are facing problems because of the effect of kali whose presence is in the entire world and every body is effected by it no one is spard by it.And this explanation is already given in all Hindu Scriptures and thats why Hare Krishna people face problems because also they forget their status that they are servants and not masters.

            Hare Krishna

          • Sear says:

            You are nuts. Saudi Arabia is no paradise. It is just an oil rich dictatorship, with no creative endeavours, freedoms or contribution to human civilization today.

          • muslim?... says:

            Saudi Arabia?…a muslim country?…Sharia?…jajaja
            Dear ignorant: You don´t have any idea of it.The Royal family,who is the highest muslim authority in that country(which name was added according to it, whimsically by their name SAUD).This usurpers there use to exploit all the slaves working there from Pakistan,Philippines,Bangladesh,etc.under hellish conditions…while they
            live a degraded life full of western and eastern decadenz…yes,even if their slaves are muslim brothers…hahaha…sad and “saud”but the thruth…
            … many more things can be told about these very bad people,dictators who show to hate what they do themselves everyday…they go,for example to Marbella(Spain)every summer to have sex there with prostitutes,drinking alcohol all the time,the whole family…more than 300 members of it…luxury and excesses…drugs…discos…and all you can imagine together…What an example for the pilgrimers of Meca,from the owners of Meca!!!thousands of these truths are available for all those who think and believe that Saudi Arabia is a muslim country ruled by real muslims…NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS A MUSLIM COUNTRY !!!…Hypocresy,business,money,
            power,war,terrorism,…but without following the Holly Prophet of the real muslims…only individuals,but no country as a whole…What a pity !
            …what a shame !!!

    • Preity says:

      Dear Mr Khan,

      I was impressed at your explanation and if all people of different faith will think the same way you do then i guess we would all live happily. As far as I know, all religions teaches us that there is only one God-without form. Prophets and god reincarnation beings(Krishna, Rama, Jesus…) came into this world to lead us to HIM and show us how to live our life in a correct way. All religions teaches to be good and do good to human being and animals.

      Now i have few questions:
      1. What does Islam say about Hindu-Muslim marriage?
      2. What if the hindu(woman) does not want to convert to muslim (man), can they still marry?
      3. What does islam say about relationship between a woman(elder) to the man(younger in age)


      • Hare Krishna Preity

        We have to get off this platform of thinking “What does Islam say…” The question should be “What does God say.” God is one and His laws are one. So here, at Krishna.org, we are not promoting any sectarian religion like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. We are simply discussing the science of God and what God says. And Krishna [God] in the beginning of the Bhagavad-gita spends a considerable amount of time convincing Arjuna that he is not the body but the spirit soul within the body. So we are not Hindus, Muslims or Christians. We are all eternal servants of God, Krishna…

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

        • Mamta Samant says:

          Hare Krishna,

          thats really true and it should be the final words and we all should not argue further like Madhudvisa Dasa Ji said chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

          Hare Krishna

    • Varna says:

      Dear Devi…,of course we should tell others that they will be condemned in the hereafter for not believing in God(not in “a” God,as you wrote)…and there is only one God,above all perceptions and human opinions…and He loves every living entity,but only his loving servants can approach to Him full of love…
      There is not democracy and other man made nonsenses in the spiritual world,such as equality,defense of only rights and without obligations,feminism,comunism,speech freedom without the responsability of our own words when we are wrong,etc…Haribol…Krishna hu akbar!!!…Hare Allah!!!

  109. Iqbal says:

    I read Muhammad’s advent is mentioned in hindu scriptures like Vedas, Purans, etc

    • Aryavratt says:

      It is not mentioned in the Vedas anywhere and the whole premise of Muhammad being predicted in the Vedas has already been demolished by many scholars. However there is a mention of Muhammad in the Bhavishya Purana. It is written there that, Muhammad was demon by some other name in his previous birth and he had told Raja Bhoj that he could take rebirth and bring forth a clan of terrible people who would do exactly opposite to Dharma.

      • arma kazic says:

        I find it hard to swallow some of the things Khan had explained.Look,7 layers of heaven is the extra terrestrial entity and the highest point ever reached by a man was Prophet Mohammad.In Islam,there is a demarcation to the extent of exposition of “revealed text”.In short,we cannot go in excess in explaining Mohammad heavenward ascension beyond the perimeter of the Hadith..Arbitrary explanation is sinful and discourage.
        Our friend Khan says”So if you can hear God what is the difficulty in seeing God” put him in the danger zone.It is obvious that he is not acquainted with the Cardinal Doctrine of Unity of God in Islam.Desist,and withdraw your statement for you have encroached the established revealed truth about God.Everyone agrees that none have seen God during this physical life.Certain men like Prophets had dealt with God only by His permission.The greatest liars is one who promote the belief that God had descended to earth in the person of human and take away human sins that we all inherited from Adam.All these are pseudo religions far astray.I should remind the readers to refer to Jesus Christ Holy Gospel and look for the first of all the commandment.You also can refer Holy Koran on chapter 112 on this Unity of God.

        • sumit raizada says:

          we say god is powerful, he can do anything. he is the creator and he is the destroyer and then we say that he cant take birth. total irony. if god wants he can take birth and can teach human by becoming human to be human without showing his supernatural power. if u say he cant do anything then u r actually challening his autority and supremeness.

      • Melia says:

        I know about this, but having inquired in the matter I found that it is a trick of Britishers to make Hindu-Muslim fight, they changed whole literature.

        Britishers were doing many things to divide Indians…

      • Krishna Das says:

        Hare Krishna Prabhu to one and all,

        I would like to submit the fact that DR Zakir kazi and others islamic people are blindly misguiding the people by Misinterpreting the verses Of Bhavishya Purana Prati sarga shlok 3 and other chapters .It can be clearly written that Mallech means people who do gambling, illicit sex,meat eating including the henious crime of killing Animals etc. Those people will spread evil and it is specifically written in Bhavishya purana that after deafeat of kaurava and later on after the end of the Prithvi raj singh chouhan then muslim rulers(like mohammad gori and all) will create turmoil and hence called as malecha and will try to prove their henious activites as pious.

        According to Srimad bhagavat gita : all the living entities/Creatures(AATMA) of the world, WEATHER he is intelligent kazi or dog,priest brahmin or Honourable Dr Zakir naik are the part and parcel inseperable entity lord krishna(Parmatma).

        So in this connection i am not able to understand why we kill Any creature weather it is man or animal .Instead we should have Love and affection for all the creatures of God.
        One thing which is common to Both Religion is one who is born inspecific date must have to die on a specific date and to will go to heaven or hell. Who can dare to thik that Killing infants and childrens of god (weather man or animal) and doing illicit sex can give heaven to devils??

        Srila vyas deva has already written everything about the kaliyuga and mallecha later on called as musalmanas ot mahamud in bhavishya purana and their role in creating AADHARMA in society.Reference are there from chaitanya chartamrita when chaitanya mahaprabhu expelled the doubt of kazi.
        Mughal King checked the Power of harinama (Hare Krishna Mahamantra) as We should not forget that Namacharya Haridas Thakur was beaten in 22 markets BY JALLADAS to check weather THERE IS DIVINE POWER IN HARINAMA OR NOT but Ultimetly he bent the knees before haridas thakur and power of Krishna’s Divine Blessing of Haridas thakur.

        NASA Scients Proved that today as well there is Long Bridge connectinng the Indian and srilanka submerged under the sea. Even from Nepal (Janakpuri where rama was married) to Srilanka there is proven and accepted concept of Lord rama, Hanumana(as AANJANEYAYA),Sita,Vibhishan anD rAVANA ACCORDING TO lOCAL pEOPLE their ancecstors living
        THERE FOR 100 of years.
        They also do HArinam sankirtan(Taking the Holy names of the Lord).

        Basic thing is that there will be many demons who will be try to misguide us in name of their religion. But think, how many religions you will change??

        While beaten harshly by Jallads to accept islam Haridas thakur said i know there is only god and if it has several names then why can’t be Krishna as he is the Supreme Personality of God Head not only revealed in Bhagvat gita but in Bramhvaivart purana, vishnudharmottar pyuran ,harivash puran,bramh sanhita,pADMAPURANA ETC..Indee the summary of all VEDAS,SHASHTRAS AND UPANISHAD the one and Only “SRIMAD BHAGVAT MAHAPURAN”.

        See we in world we have 5 different religIONS(CHRISTANITY,ISLAM,HINDUISM,BUDDHISM ETC) which includes buddhism as well and Lord bUDDHA whICh meditated in BOdhitree near Bodhgaya bihar from where buddhism originated is also Incarnation of Lord Vishnu ot Krishna on his 24th Incarnation.

        MY HEART FELT WITH THE GREAT AGONY but not anger as i am a Devotee to my Lord Krishna with Firm determination WHEN I HEARD THAT ISLAMIC PEOPLE ARE GIVING FALSE Misinterpretations OF hOLY SCIPTURES LIKE Bhavishyapurana Vedas and Upanishads.

        May krishna give right directions to them.

        Hare Krishna

      • Arya Goswami says:

        This cannot be possible. For Muhammad was born in between some 5th and 6th century, the so-mentioned allusion to Muhammad creates lots of factual disputes. To understand them clearly, visit the following link:

    • oneyedsleepinganimal says:

      Have you noticed in armagedon in the Bible it says Christ will appear on a white horese bradishing a sword with which to destroy the demons and save the holy ones. Oddly enough in the Srimad Bagavatam at the end of the age of Kali Yuga which we are in now, which basically means the age of quarral, decline, hypocrisy ets Krsna will apear as Kalki on a white horse with a sword to kill the demons and save the holy and to start the new age! coincidence? I dont think so!!! Why can’t we all get on, why does some one or some group have to be right, if anything the chanting of the Holy name is the only way for benediction in this age according to Lord Caitanya, as we are so fallen!

      Hare Krsna

    • Iasmin says:

      it’s imam mahdi the one who is mentioned (sri kalki avtar). salaam.

  110. Emily says:

    why do muslim have so many names for there god

    • Taniah says:

      Those are names that describe Allah.
      For example, saying that He is the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving, The All Seeing. These are all names that refer to the SAME GOD – Allah. They’re just different ways of describing our Creator (and it makes Him happy when we refer to him using these different names in our prayers…because we’re saying that All Praise is to Allah – the All Merciful, the Most Forgiving, etc. The names are just descriptions/characteristics of Allah).

      • Waqar Altaf says:

        Quran it says that prophets heard God say this or that.

        above line Mr khan mentioned in his comment. I want any verse with reference in Quran Muhammad PBUH , said I heard Allah say this …. and that ….. Please dont try to deceive people …. If you dont know any thing about Quran dont mention it.

        You said 99 name of Allah,
        If you are working in a office and your are posted on Manager post… your boss call you by the name … Dear Manager listen to me……. But remember your name is Khan… not manager… is your boss is wrong ? or you are stupid who has forgotten his original name and reply yes Sir we are coming…
        Actually manager is your skills…..
        hope Mr khan you got it.

        About marriage of 6 year old girl……. that is your wrong information. improve you knowledge . she was 9 year old. if you are followed hadis… some says 13, and some 14, For your kin information. now a days If I do that or any Muslim do that he will not kicked out from his family not his society .
        The term of marriage is.. Girl should be at the age of puberty . otherwise you are not allowed to marry…
        Let me draw your attention into the world rape crime. In USA which is 3 largest rapist country in the world. mostly girls are being raped at the age of 12,13, Oh lets talk about India, In your religion … 5th largest rapist state of the world . minimum age where girls are being raped 10 to 14. what the hell is this …. Im sorry I m bit aggressive .. I should be aggressive when people lies or try to deceive people.
        lets have a look number 2nd rapist state Sweden, 1 over 3 girl was raped minimum age is 9 to 14.
        Now Mr khan tell me is that good thing to rape young girl or marry with them ? which act would you like to chose for your daughter ? please dont reply like one indian old man says…… rape is better because we have medicine to cure from pregnancy.

        I am sorry about your father and mother, they could not save his child from the hell….. I hope every parent read and understand quran so they would not say read quran and hadis… thats all.. Even I wont believe on you statement ….. because I did not see such weak Muslims parents in my life.

        The whole universe is created by Allah .. only and only one Allah. Allah is so powerful so if he want to destroy you Allah dont need to come on the earth and fight with you… a small mosquito is enough to kill you. when you will be suffered by Dingi virus. Allah is not weak like your gods, who could no kill Rawan, therefore god came in the form of baby and grow up and fight with rawan and killed him…. it seems your god has no power ….. and human body is more power then your so called gods.

        Mr Khan is your own believe … Mostly Muslim believe Meat is compulsory for Muslim… may be it was only you on the face earth who think like that when you were muslim. but no Muslims believe it is mean is compulsory for Muslims.

        Well above all…
        you tried nicely to fool the people… You know what … if you review the world report , now Pakistani are the only nation who dislike reading mostly . Im wonder Mr Muhammad havent read Quran, even his schooling books but he is reading Hindu scripture … 🙂

        • Anand Kumar says:

          First of all i am quoting your words “If you don’t know any thing about Quran don’t mention it.”

          I don’t know about Quran . So i have no right to tell anything about Quran . But how can you say this

          ” like your gods, who could no kill Rawan, therefore god came in the form of baby and grow up and fight with rawan and killed him…. it seems your god has no power ….. and human body is more power then your so called gods.”

          So i am repeating your words “If you don’t know any thing about Ram don’t mention it.”

      • Waqar Altaf says:

        this mesg was not for you tania. It was for Mr khan. But I could not send to him. becuase when I try to send him I always found an error.

    • Ravi says:

      I’d really love to say because they had nothing better to do but I shan’t. The other answer could be they copied it from Kafir traditions such as the Hindu Sahasranamas ie thousand names of…..

      In the Noble, but nevertheless Kafir mind you, Hindu traditions the thousand names indicate that all the different gods are but manifestations of the same transcendental reality. It has led to an appreciation and respect of all gods to all the peoples who inhabit this planet.

      In Islam a recitation of a variety of epithets of Allah has not seemed to have led to any such acceptance. Allah remains the sole deity in a perpetual state of enmity with the false gods of others. This has led to animosity by Muslims to their own non Islamic history. Animosity towards the Ancient gods which adorned the Kaaba, Iconoclasm; animosity towards non-muslims. What more can be said? I can suddenly hear a reader stating Islam believes in peace, tolerance etc..Oh you have not read or understood the True Teachings of Koran; those that did it were not true Muslims; Oh you have been reading anti Islamic propaganda! Yeah I’ve heard all the insidious retorts. But what my question is ‘why does truth become the first victim when religious emotion is aroused?

      Here’s an example:
      Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6 and he was 49. He had sex with a 9 year old prepubescent Aisha when he was 52. In the present day that would be classed paedophilia. If you did the same you would be kicked out of your family and friend circles. Right?

      Reaction: The hadith is not authentic.
      Reply: Actually it’s in many authentic ahadis Aisha says so herself.
      Reaction2: it was common in Arabic culture he did the norm for that culture and time.
      Reply: He said Pre Islamic culture was the age of Jahilya dark ignorance. He was starting a new religion and as the seal of the prophets should have set a nobler precedent.

      Comment: When religious passions are stirred truth is the first victim. We are set up to defend what is wrong because it is a part of my religion.

    • sumit raizada says:

      if i call u emily , timly , shimly, xyzxc, or give u any othername yet u remain one unique, so why god cant have many names?? its will of his lovers/followers to call him by different names

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