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The little-known secret to Advancement in Krishna Consciousness

hi, my name is Rajesh, i am telling you a true story, i was born in india in hindu family, my whole family used to eat fish, meat and eggs and me too. i was living terrible life but because of young age was unable to understand, when i was 19 years old in 1996, big problems started and began to understand what is going on, i was good in studies good with every good person,my mother advised me to go to temple ,prey god and my problems will end. i started going to temple . second day ,when i came back from temple i thought i should stop eating animals its against our religion, and slowly slowly i stopped eating meat fish and egggs and i stopped drinking alcohal. i started doing prey at home , at temple everyday. always kept in my mind that krishna is supreme lord.i kept doing that up to end 2007, i kept trying to have a good job and make family, after 2007 my karmas were mix of good and bad ,now i am 35+ , still i do prey at home,to make life better i tried everything, still i neither have good job nor wife. feels like now even if i have both , i have almost no feelings to enjoy that, yes what i have, even after been good qualified ,i kept doing manual labour job shit job in australia in hope of everything will be i have money in bank account thats what i got from hindu gods and angles. thank you hindu god and angels you are really kind and forgiveable

» Posted By Rajesh On February 24, 2013 @ 8:48 am

Making the Best Use of a Bad Bargin

Engage us in the service of lord krishna.
But tell me how to come out of issues with loved ones,so much of pain anxiety.Because of this we become very weak.We want to be in service of lord krishna.
Hare Krishna!

» Posted By Rajesh On December 27, 2010 @ 4:26 am

My new film: Giri Govardhana Bathes in the River Yamuna

hare krishna
the deep love,devotion,and spirit is everywhere in this movie. every second of this wonderful movie touches the heart. i congratulate you and the whole team in this beautiful work.
i offer all my services, love to you and present myself as a devotee of lord krishna taking you as my GURU. pls accept me at your feet to serve the LORD KRISHNA.


» Posted By rajesh On July 24, 2009 @ 6:38 am

Human Life is not for working hard like animals

Hare Krishna Madhudvasa dasa

Intelligent topic

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article

» Posted By Rajesh On April 7, 2010 @ 7:20 am

The Spiritual World — And how to get there

Hare Krishna Madhudvida Dasa ji, can you please tell me how will be the life in the abode of the Lord, Goloka. What activities we will be doing there if we go back? will we have a family there? will we be engaged in some occupation there? please describe in detail about Goloka..

» Posted By Rajesh On March 20, 2010 @ 12:40 pm

Dharma? Sanatana Dharma?

The Vedas declare God is One . One is not two .One is not there .
But one is not half either .
So when God is One how can there be a halfgod(demigod)

The Vedas says God is One His names are many
The Vedas never Said God is One the demigods are many !!!!

» Posted By Rajesh On September 8, 2016 @ 12:05 pm

Welcome to Krishna Connect’s Bhagavad Gita Introduction

Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

» Posted By Rajesh On February 9, 2020 @ 10:59 am

High Court Declares ISKCON Bangalore Legally Independent

Dear Mallikarjuna,
Thanks to u for revealing that Krishna is on your side…
and all the pure devotees of IRM, who by hook or crook(Krishna knows the truth) want to push that they are the “REAL ONES” even at the cost of blaspheming VAISHNAVAS (remember Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said: Anyone who chants Krishna even once is a Vaishnava).

I don’t know who is correct but certainly know that If I pray sincerely I’ll be shown the path….

» Posted By Rajesh On June 5, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

Women In Krishna Consciousness–Questions & Answers

Hare Krishna Prabhu,
According to the article written by Gaurasundara das ji above a man and a women should live separately after marriage even though they are newly wed. A man should not eat food prepared by his wife. Prabhu, then in that case there is no meaning to married life. A man after marrige is supposed to live with his wife and take care of her. He needs to act as her spiritual master if the wife is still a neophyte in spiritual life. A husband and wife means there will be some sort of bonding, loving caring relationship. Otherwise there is no meaning to married life. It just feels as if some strangers are living in the same house. Only since the husband shows loving care to the wife, the wife will feel protected and she supports the husband in his spiritual life and also follow him in spiritual path of Krishna consciousness.. In this way both husband and wife can make more and more progress in their devotional path of Krishna consciousness, chanting 16 rounds per day, strictly following the regulative principles, reading spiritual books on Krishna consciousness, preparing prasadam at home and eating only prasadam and not bhoga, listening to lectures of Prabhupad and devotees, association of devotees etc.
Another sentence i would like to ask you from the comments of Gaurasundara das ji- “we see there are so many vaishnavas living together with their wife and performing service unto Lord. wont there be any benefit to them?” Please reply to my questions soon prabhuji… Im in very much need of your answer because im in confusion..

» Posted By Rajesh On July 28, 2010 @ 9:52 am

Is the Hare Krishna Movement a Cult?

People who speak bad about Iskcon know nothing about it. They simply misinterpret things. Iskcon teaches the world Bhagavad Gita and the knowledge of Vedic scriptures which have been authoritative and it stands true for all times. It has got nothing to do with any religion.. It teaches nothing about religion unlike Christian fanatics who have completely modified the Bible according to their convenience and teach the world religion and emphasise to become christian. Bhagavad Gita teaches nothing of that sort. No mention of any religion is given. It purely teaches love of God and how to reach God. This information is given to the mankind as a whole. In no other religious scriptures such a rich information is given like in Bhagavad Gita..

» Posted By Rajesh On April 14, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

The Indian Caste System

May I know Avunuri surname belongs to which.Caste?

» Posted By rajesh On May 12, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

Just What is the Bhagavad Gita?

Respected shri Madhudvisa Dasa;

I am reading Bhagwadgita as it is for last 8-9 months (Both Hindi and English version) and have very high respects for such a great Book.Thank you for your spiritual teachings.

My Query : as I extract from Bhagawadgita as it is,I understand that In our body, two souls dwell. one is individual soul and second is part and particle of Lord shri Krishna. am I correct ?

If it is correct,then how can individual soul show characteristics / qualities of Lord krishna (though very minutely) because Lord krishna is only Spectator (seer of our activities)in our body.if individual soul is also part and particle of Lord Krishna, then are these two souls representing Lord krishna ?. it is confusing.

I continue to come across so many confusions which I would write later.


» Posted By Rajesh On July 22, 2009 @ 7:27 am

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6 Responses to Website Statistics

  1. Govind says:

    Hare krishna Prabhuji.,Dandvat Pranaam
    May i know about the author of the book”Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita As It Is” named mukund das prabhu.Had he any personal association with Srila Prabhupada.

    • This book is a compilation of direct quotes from Srila Prabhupada speaking about his own life. The author is Srila Prabhuapda, all Mukunda did was compile the quotes and he did a good job of it. He wrote a bit of rubbish on the last 2 pages but apart from that he did not write a single word in the book. It is a collection of Prabhupada quotes and the author of this book is Srila Prabhuapda.

  2. Vamshi says:

    Prabhu Madhudvisa Dasa.Is Jagannath Krishna himself or is just an expansion of Krishna like Vishnu,Rama etc.In Iskcon lectures I heard that Jagannath is Krishna himself,they have proved this by saying a story from Skanda purana.Is this true or Iskcon lectures are just bogus?I found no video Prabhupad talking aboyt Lord Jagannath.Oh Prabhu kindly answer my doubts.Hare Krishna

    • Yes. Lord Jagannatah is Krishna Himself. It is Jagannatha [Krishna] Balarama and Krishna’s sister Subhadra.

      So Jagannatha is deity form of Krishna. He is representation of Krishna with His brother Balarama and sister Subhadra,

      It is deity manifestation of Krishna, Balarama and Lady Subhadra,

  3. tanu says:

    Jai Govind

    I request you clear my doubts.I understand the complexities of life processes,cellular mechanisms and other natural phenomenon cannot be explained solely by reasoning and scientific theories as somewhere or other our knowledge is limited.I am a science student nd nature lover.After reading the article posted by you regarding the concept of the origin of life,a question arisen in my mind that krishna is all powerful,then, why he designed this universe in this complicated way?,why life originated? why he made all that dna etc matter space?what is his true nature? why are we given these bodies these reasoning abilities?why krishna waited for billions of years and made us take birth here?why prakrati and purush got seperated? who were those dinosaurs etc for souls are eternal were those dinosaurs primitive and other organisms we only? are there any planet lest earth having life?why will happen atlast for we are ultimately destined to reach our eternal govind? why doesn’t he appears now and clear all these doubts for one thing is sure that if even he messages in some ways we will submit to him?why krishna is so naughty why has he made everything complicated?I know these are childlish questions but still worthy to be answered…..

    I am a krishana devotee.I feel as if there is pure love for him deep in my heart.But at the same time I do believe in science.Sometimes i find myself stuck in between science emotions belief and devotion.I want to understand my Govind,I want to understand myself.

    I request my friends to please give answer to these questions.I hope i will get atleast answers of a few questions as i found this site quite appealing.

    Radhe krishna

    • Hare Krishna Jai Govind

      To clear your doubts you have to become Krishna conscious. Because unless you become Krishna conscious you will not be able to understand what Krishna consciousness is and you will remain continually bewildered.

      All these questions are irrelevant. You seem to accept that Govinda exists, that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now you have to just surrender to the idea that you are His servant. And then you need to find out practically how you can engage in the service of Krishna. And to find out how to do this you need to read Srila Prabhupada’s books. And in the process of becoming Krishna conscious all your other questions will automatically be answered.

      The scientists can not understand anything. They only have very fragmental information about everything they study. The information we can gather through our material senses is very limited. There are so many things we can not perceive through our material senses. So they can not understand what they can not perceive.

      So instead of just speculating all these questions and being bewildered like this it is better to just admit that in our conditioned state with our very limited mind and our material senses we can not hope to understand Krishna or even this material world which is created ultimately by Krishna.

      The way to understand these things is to become Krishna conscious. We can not understand without becoming Krishna conscious.

      So you have to learn how to become Krishna conscious… That is the answer to all your questions. And Krishna consciousness is a science and that science is very elaborately presented in the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

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