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What Movies Have Devotees Appeared in Since 1990?

ITV is planning to update its original Hare Krishna in the Movies video which was released in 1990. We request that if you know of any films which had scenes with devotees or mention of Hare Krishna, please let us know the names of the movies.

If you can’t remember, whatever details, i.

e. stars or plot, please describe. Thanks. Hare Krishna.
[email: nrs (at)]

Throughout the past twenty years, writers and directors of Hollywood have repeatedly used the Hare Krishna’s to add variety and spice of life to their productions.

HARE KRISHNA in the MOVIES offers an overview of our public image. As much as we can be amused by some of the ways we are portrayed, this film should also serve as a clarion call for change in consciousness.

The next twenty years will hopefully show how much better we have been able to convey a timeless message to the moghuls of the movie industry and their captive audiences worldwide. Color, 50 minutes.

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