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The Wonderful World of ISKCON

You saw the Hare Krishnas dancing in the streets…
You met one at a pop festival…
You picked up a book from a friend…
You practice yoga and you’re vegetarian…
You’re interested.
You want to know more…
You visit a Temple…
Everyone is nice to you.
You want to know more.
You stay a weekend…
You want to know more.
You hear some of the philosophy…
You want to know more.
You start to read the books…
You want to know more.
You notice discrepancies between the philosophy and the practical application.
You want to know more.
You voice your concerns…
You are called a trouble maker.
You are made to feel unwelcome.

You want to know more.
You write to the management.
You are banned.
You write to the senior management.
You are ignored.
You want to know more.
You search the Internet.
You are appalled.
You are not alone.
You vote with your feet.


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5 Responses to The Wonderful World of ISKCON

  1. Aman Pandey says:

    You search the Internet (without even knowing what ISKCON is)
    You land on website
    You are told to read Prabhupada’s original books
    You read them and your life becomes sublime!

  2. david says:

    so my question is for those feeling drawn towards krishna consciousness but are somewhat appalled by some of the terrible things that have happened within ISKCON where does one go ? does one simply develop a home practice and avoid iskcon temples etc?

    • You read Prabhupada’s books and follow his instructions. That is the only way to become Krishna conscious. By the mercy of a pure devotee of Krishna. So you have to get the mercy of a pure devotee of Krishna by surrendering to him, serving him and in this way when you get his mercy then you can make some advancement in Krishna consciousness. ISKCON can not help you with this at the current point in time.

  3. Albert says:

    Madhudvisa dasa.

    There is one article here called ‘Disciples Becoming Guru’ where Prabhupada is quoted many times saying that he wishes his disciples to become spiritual masters just like he is.

    710718RC.DET Conversations Prabhupada: Yes. All of them will take over. These students, who are initiated from me, all of them will act as I am doing. Just like I have got many Godbrothers, they are all acting. Similarly, all these disciples which I am making, initiating, they are being trained to become future spiritual masters.

    There are so many examples where Prabhupada is telling his disciples to become gurus after he departs. How is one to understand these instructions from Prabhupada?


    • Hare Krishna Albert

      Yes. Srila Prabhupada wants all his disciples to become qualified gurus and initiate disciples and continue the disciplic succession. But bona fide spiritual master is a qualification that the disciples have to attain. It is not that because Prabhupada wants his disciples to become bona fide spiritual master that some kanistha-adhikari disciple with no realization or spiritual advancement falsely advertises himself as a bona fide spiritual master. That is what has been going on in ISKCON for so many years and that has been proven to be a disaster for both the bogus gurus and their disciples.

      It is impossible for a person to guide another person back home back to Godhead unless he is himself a pure devotee of Krishna. It is like someone who can’t swim trying to teach another person to swim. It is useless. They will both drown. And that is the disaster of ISKCON.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

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