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2012 — The End of the World?

Is 2012 going to be the End of the World?There is a great deal of propaganda afoot that something dramatic will happen in 2012 and maybe the world will end…

We have information from the Vedic scriptures about the nature of this material world. Very extensive information is given about the cycles this world goes through over and over again. It is not that we are in uncharted territory. These cycles repeat, just like every year we have the four seasons. The cycle of the seasons repeats over and over again. Similarly the cycle of the four ages or yugas also repeats over and over again. As we know each of the seasons will last for three months and then the next season will start these four ages or yugas also repeat in a very systematic way.

There are four yugas, Satya-yuga – the golden age, lasting 1,728,000 years; Treta-yuga – the silver age, lasting 1,296,000 years; Dvapara-yuga – the bronze age, lasting 864,000 years; and finally Kali-yuga – the iron age of machines and quarrel, lasting 432,000 years.

We are in the final age, Kali-yuga. So in one sense you could call the end of Kali-yuga the “end of the world.” But actually Kali-yuga is no more the end of the world than winter is the end of the seasons. After the winter there will be another spring. At the end of winter everything looks dead. But with the sunshine of spring everything becomes rejuvenated and new life springs up all over the planet. So at the end of this Kali-yuga everything will be very baron and devastated. However that is just like the end of winter. Just like the end of winter means the beginning of a new spring season, there will be another Satya-yuga or golden age and everything in the universe will be rejuvenated again.

There will be some big devastation at the end of the Kali-yuga. But we have just started the Kali-yuga. This age will last for 432,000 years and so far we have only passed 5,000 years of it. So that means that Kali-yuga still has another 427,000 years to run… So please be assured that the world is not going to end in the year 2012… Believe it or not the world will still be going on in the year 429,000. Around this time the current Kali-yuga will end and there will be some devastation and a renewal which will usher in a new Satya-yuga…

So this claim that the “end of the world” is coming in 2012 is complete nonsense. There is no end to the material world. Although everything here in this world — except the living entities (the spirit souls, the atmas) — including the planet and the universe itself, is ultimately a temporary manifestation. Everything has a time of creation and will have a time of destruction.

However, in the bigger picture, the destruction is not actually a destruction. It is simply an exercise in the conservation of energy. Einstein came up with the proposition that both energy and matter cannot be destroyed. They can only be transformed from one form to another. This is the correct understanding.

There is a time when the universe will be destroyed. The universe will exist for one thousand catur-yuga cycles. That is one thousand cycles of the four ages [Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, Dvapara-yuga and Kali-yuga]. Each cycle of four yugas takes 4,300,000 years. Therefore the “life” of the universe is 4,300,000,000 years or 4.3 billion years. We have currently passed through approximately half of that time. So the universe is about 2.15 billion years old at the moment. So in another 2.15 billion years the whole material world — not just our universe — the entire material creation of an unlimited number of universes, will all be destroyed.

However, as I mentioned before, this is not actually a “destruction” but a conservation of matter and energy. All the matter which forms the material elements in the universe will be conserved in the “mahat-tattva.” This means the “unmanifested material energy.” The material world has two possible states. Manifest and unmanifest. Currently it is manifest and we are here in the material world. But after the completion of approximately 2.15 billion years there will really be a complete and total devastation of the whole material existence. That is the ultimate “end of the world” that all the doomsday people are waiting for. I think that devastation will satisfy them. At that time the whole material existence will be “destroyed” and will become unmanifested for another one thousand catur-yuga cycles.

This means for 4.3 billion years there will be no manifest material world. Everything will be conserved, the matter will be conserved within the mahat-tattva and the living entities will all enter into the body of Maha Visnu and will exist there in a state of suspension.

Although the whole material creation will be “destroyed” in about 2.15 billion years time, in reality nothing will actually be destroyed. The matter will be conserved in the mahat-tattva and the living entries will simply sleep for 4.3 billion years in the body of Maha-Visnu. This is not liberation for the living entities. They just sleep. And when the 4.3 billion years is finished the material world will become manifest again and all the same living entities will enter it again and again resume their activities where they left off 4.3 billion years ago.

And it will be the same thing again. There will be the same grass, trees, donkeys, horses, elephants, people… The same sort of planets and sun and moon will be constructed, the whole thing will be again constructed in the same way.

It is just like every year it is hot in summer and cold in winter. There are no surprises.

The new material world will be much the same as the old one because the material world is created out of the desires of the living entities. It will be the same living entities entering the “new world” who left this world. So they will bring into the “new world” the same desires they left this world with. So they will simply continue in the “new world” where they left off in this world. After sleeping for 4.3 billion years.

There are also smaller devastations that happen periodically, but these only happen at the end of the catur-yuga cycles, so if the doomsday people really want a date that something may happen on then let them use the date of the end of this Kali-yuga, something around 429,000, something quite dramatic will happen then for sure. To get the exact date you will need to consult an astrologer. Until then this world will go on, and on, and on, and on

It will get worse of course. That is the nature of time. In the end it will be very bad. But it will go on, and on and on. There will be no “end of the world” until some time around 429,000 and that is, as I said, not really the end of the world. That is a time of renewal. A transition from the dark age of Kali to a new golden age of spiritual enlightenment.

The material world will never end. There will always be spirit souls like us who rebel against our natural position of rendering service to God. So Krishna mercifully creates this material playground for us. Here we can try to “play god.” Here we can try to enjoy separately from God. But this world is constructed in such a way that all our attempts to enjoy separately from God will end in frustration.

After many, many, many births in the material world, and many, many frustrated lives of suffering, an intelligent man comes to the conclusion that there is no happiness in the material world and decides to go back home, back to Godhead.

There is another world, a spiritual world. That is the place we are all hankering for. In the spiritual world we have a spiritual body which is eternally youthful, full of knowledge and full of bliss. That is our natural position.

The position we find ourselves in the material world is quite opposite to our natural position in the spiritual world. Here, in the material world, we are stuck in a material body that is getting old, getting sick, and ultimately dying. We are always suffering from three different types of miseries. Our minds are always giving us problems; nature [the demigods] is always giving problems in the form of too much rain or no rain, too hot or too cold, etc. And other living entities like the mosquitoes bite us when we are trying to sleep and our enemies attack us. In this way we are constantly suffering from many different types of miseries.

Therefore here, in the material world, we are full of anxieties, full of ignorance. The root cause of all these problems is we identify with the material body. Because of this bodily identification we think we are temporary. We think that we will die. We think that we are not permanent.

The reality is this material world is not our home. We can never be happy here. We are not in our natural atmosphere. We belong in the spiritual world, we will be happy in that spiritual atmosphere.

The purpose of our existence in this material world is to frustrate our material desires so that ultimately we give up our rebellious nature of trying to enjoy separately from Krishna. When we give up this rebellious attitude and surrender to Krishna we will naturally remember Krishna at the time of death and our soul will be transferred to the spiritual world, back home, back to Godhead.

But the material world will continue, it will go on, and on and on and on forever… There is no end to the material world. The doomsday people will always be wrong. They will always be frustrated. They want it to end but it will never end…

I have just given a very small introduction to this subject. There is complete scientific information about all these topics available in the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuapda. If you would like more information please research this at where you will find all of Srila Prabhuapda’s books available online in a very easy to read and search format.

Scene from new "End of the World in 2012" Movie...

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

Madhudvisa dasa

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My first contact with a Hare Krishna was a most merciful Mataji in Oxford Street, London who sold me a "Higher Taste" cook book in 1984 while I was on holidays there. I started seriously reading Srila Prabhupada's books in Australia 1985 and by 1986 Srila Prabhupada had convinced me "Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead" and "we should surrender to Krishna." I joined the Hare Krishnas in Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Since then I have been chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, reading and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and preaching as much as I can. That's my life and full-time occupation now really. I like it more than anything I've ever experienced before. Srila Prabhupada's books are so amazing... Even after reading them all many times they're still fresh and new. They are truly transcendental! That's it really. Now I'm just hankering to once again see the world chant Hare Krishna, dance and feast and float away in the ecstasy of Lord Caitanya's Sankirtana movement as it did in Srila Prabhupada's physical presence. Let the whole world drown in the ecstatic flood of love of Krishna!

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  1. sandhya says:

    thnx alot hare krishna

  2. sandhya says:

    hare krishna
    all glories to srila prabhupada
    i m very gratified to knw this truth…thank you a lot
    jai radha damodar ki jaiiiiiii
    hare krishna

  3. shawn says:

    will the spiritual world or lokas be destroyed also at the end of kali yuga?

    • No. The spiritual world is eternal. It is never destroyed.

      Also the material world will not be destroyed at the end of the Kali-yuga. It will be rejuvinated and another Satya-Yuga, or golden age, will start. This cycle of the four yugas goes through a thousand times in only one day of Lord Brahma, at the end of Lord Brahma’s life there is a partial annihilation of all the lower planetary systems, including earth. Everything gets flooded. But everything is uncovered again the next morning of Lord Brahma. So it is not a total devastation. There is a total devastation only at the end of Lord Brahma’s life, and even then everything is conserved. The matter is stored in the mahat-tattva and the spirit souls are stored in a sleeping state in Maha Visnu. Then at the time of the next creation the same matter and the same spirit souls again create the material world.

      These things are fully described in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Please read it.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • A.S.Shivam says:

      No my dear friend, spiritual world never destroy. That is the place from where all spirits came to this world.

  4. krishna says:

    I never believed those future teller , i used to say there could be some destruction in some areas. But there will be great destruction in the world. the reasons are Use of weapons or third world war, Growth of population and climate change or degradation of environment invite epidemic an many people died. Erosion cycle depositing materials in ocean as a result great disturbances will occur between land and water. can we say it end of Kali yoga or not ? Present material development model is inviting destruction.
    Now the question raised, why god manifest/ create world again when all are inside Maha tattwa. The cycle of Four yogas is like season is good logic, but same kind of world and universe with same living things, would repeated after 4.5 billion unmenifested. why god do not create another type of world, system, living things, materials because god is absolute he can create very new type of universe. or he can be sleep fro ever. No need to create or menifestation. why super power compel to create, as we have to get up after sleeping and do same type of things whole day. why he has to create sorrowful earth or create different Lokas as heavens. Who compel to our God to create same things, living entities, materials, sun moon, day night, same faces of living,
    why human beings can not see during night, why he can not fly in next creation. why he can not change this body structure, just take food once do work for a months, and taker air once for one months or more. because there are some animals they eat once and last for many days, then human can pray god for long time at once to please him, etc.

    • Everything is going on under the direction of Krishna.

      There are cycles. And everything is going on according to these cycles. Yes. If He wants to Krishna can do anything He wants to. But He has established the order and everything is going on in accordance with His order. He does not change things whimsically. It just goes on in the regular way repeating. There is no real difference in the newly created universe. It is not exactly the same as the previous universe but very similar. And has all the same species of life, etc. Same cats, dogs, horses, and men. No difference from one creation to the next. These forms are stored on the subtle ethereal platform and carry on from one creation to the next.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  5. akanth ananth says:

    Hare Krsna Hare Rama

    I Would like to thank you for the article I really enjoyed and gained knowledge.
    It is my humble request to Madhudvisa dasa to send an article of the Nature laws relating to know about why some people are born rich and some people are poor please send me the article .I am very much generous and waiting read it
    thank you
    Hare Krsna hare Krsna
    Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare..

    • It does not need an article. It is very simple. We are born according to our past karma, work. So if in the past, previous lives, we have performed many pious activities we will take a wealthy, fortunate birth. If we have impious work in our previous lives then we will not be able to be wealthy in this life.

      A good birth in the material world is only possible if one has performed a lot of pious activities in his previous lives. That does not mean that a person who is born wealthy will be pious in this life. He may use the money and good birth to perform sinful activities and that will cause him to have a very low birth in his next life…

      These are very basic things and if you read Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is very seriously you will automatically understand the reasons for this.

  6. Kaustubh says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    How does modern day science say that the earth is 4.5 billion years old ? Did there not exist a time when there was no human life, just dinosaurs & others ? If so, how come that was a part of Satyuga ? Please elaborate.

    • Hare Krishna Kaustubh

      Modern science does not know anything about the age of the Earth or practically anything else. They depend totally on mental speculation and guessing based on the very limited information they can gather through their limited senses. So they have guessed 4.5 billion years. On the other hand we know exactly everything because we get the knowledge directly from Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who actually knows everything about everything in full.

      If you want to understand the age of the earth and the creation of the universe and the cyclic nature of this you can read Bhagavad-gita As It Is and Srimad-Bhagavatam and everything is described in full detail there.

      4,300,000,000 years is one day of Brahma, one night of Brahma is the same, so 24 hours of Brahma is 8,600,000,000

      So science is totally wrong about the age of the Earth. They have got a figure that is approximately one day of Lord Brahma [that is 4.3 billion years].

      Although at the end of Lord Brahma there is an inundation of the lower and middle planets, they get totally flooded, but they are not destroyed. When Brahma wakes up again the waters recede and Lord Brahma again sets the creation into motion.

      So Brahma is about half way through his life of 100 years at the moment. Which means very roughly he is 50, so 50 * 360 of Lord Brahma’s days have passed since the beginning of this creation, so the earth is very roughly 50 * 360 * 4,300,000,000 = 77,400,000,000,000. So that is like 77.4 trillion years I guess, the approximate age of the earth.

      These dinosaurs are also just the result of the scientists imperfect imagination and some bones they found.

      In previous ages everything was much bigger. As the time goes on we are getting smaller, everything is getting smaller. So people and animals in previous ages may have been gigantic in comparison to what we see today. It is not that things evolve from the simple to the complex. There is no evolution as it is explained by Charles Darwin. There is an evolution of consciousness, the souls are evolving from one body to another depending on their consciousness.

      These things are all throughly explained in Srila Prabhupada’s books and if you read Srila Prabhupada’s books then you will understand everything completely. The subject matter is too large for me to explain it completely here and Prabhupada has already explained it completely in his books. SO PLEASE READ SRILA PRABHUPADA’S BOOKS!!!

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  7. Nailesh Joshi says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ji Dandvat Pranam,

    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Guru & Gauranga.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Why people are affrade of dyeing? When soal can’t die? When we all soal has come from Great soal krishna than I feel we should not be worried of any situation what ever comes in front of us is good for us.. We should only worried of that we should never ever loose contect with Great Soal or Param Purna Parmatma Krishna.

    Thanks Prabhu ji Danadvat pranam..
    @ Service of all Vaisnavas lotus feet who are lotus feet of Krishna.

    • People are afraid of dying because they misidentify the body as the self. They think when the body dies they die. So they are afraid. If one actually realizes that he is not the body but the spirit soul within the body and that only the body, not the soul, dies, then he is not afraid of death.

  8. veeren says:

    the age of the universe is much more than 4 billion years old.

    sat yuga 1 728 000
    dvapara yuga 1 296 000
    treta yuga 864 000
    kali yuga 432 000

    1 mahayuga 4 320 000

    there are 14 mahayugas 6048 0000 = 1 mahavantara

    and 71 mahavantaras 4294080000 = 1 day of brahma

    4294080000 = and 1 night of brahma

    8588160000 = 1 day and night of brahma

    17176320000 = 2 days and 2 nights

    309 173 76 00000 = 1 ahoatra 360 days of brahma

    157678617600000 = we are in brahma year 51
    157 trillion years have passed

    309173760000000 = 100 brahma years = age of universe
    309 trillion earth years

    embrace all religions and beliefs
    be proud to be a Hindu
    understand who you are and where you come from

    we all come from him but are given different births and bodies according to our actions
    therefore do good and be good

    God doesn’t put us into situations that we cannot handle

    we are responsible for our own actions

    think before you speak and and act , but know that Krishna is the supreme controller.

    Teachings of great vedic scholars :
    Sri Swami Sivananda –

    Sri Satya Sai Baba –
    Head of Shankara – wisdom and knowledge – Jnana ad Raja Yoga
    Hands of Janaka – service – Karma Yoga
    Heart of Buddha – compassion – Bhakti yoga

    Hari Om
    Hari Bol

    Veeren Rampersad
    17 september 2014

  9. Rupika chandel says:

    Harey Krishna
    thnks fr sharing the facts those r right there in our religious book…….gud tu know that world is not going to end so soon.

  10. Nailesh Joshi says:

    Here we can try to enjoy separately from God. But this world is constructed in such a way that all our attempts to enjoy separately from God will end in frustration.

    Hare Krishna & Dandvat Pranam Prabhuji.
    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Guru Maharaja.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Would like to understand above sentence that whatever we do it in material world for GOD will fall in to frustration? Why is there any reason? Why we should get frustrated by serving GOD? As Lord Krishna is grate & he always give pleaser to his devotees & also same time whatever Lord Krishna gives devotees will take it as his wish. So, can you elaborate what is meant by frustration over hear.

    Hare Krishna, Dandvat Pranam
    Das Nailesh

    • Hare Krishna

      Serving Krishna is not in the material world and does not lead to frustration. One who is in Krishna consciousness is not actually in the material word and is never frustrated even though externally it may appear that he is suffering in the material world like everyone else.

      It is not that the bodies of devotees don’t get old, sick and die like everyone else’s bodies. And it is not that the devotees are free from the onslaughts of the theefold miseries: adiatmika, adibhautika and adhidevika miseries. It is that the devotees have factually realized they are not their material bodies so even though the body may be put through many suffering conditions which would be frustrating for a non-devotee, these bodily miseries do not touch a devotee.

      So we have to become devotees and factually realize that we are not these material bodies and we will be able to realize what it means to be transcendental to the material world.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy

      Madhudvisa dasa

  11. Anita says:

    Hare Krishna
    Dandavat Pranams
    A very beautiful article regarding doomsday
    Pls send me Article regarding regarding
    Mahayuga , kalpa,and about manus.
    I have already heard and read about this
    In Srila prabhupada’s books.
    I want to ascertain the facts again .

  12. Mihir says:

    Is there any possibility that black holes in our universe can be god or controlled by god as it is said that when black hole will come near to earth it will absorb(destroy) it.after 100 years of brahma this destruction is sure,so could this destruction not take place because of black holes?

    • There is no proof there are black holes in the universe. It is just theory of some physicist. These ideas are all nonsense. Speculation is nonsense. We simply have to submissively hear from a pure devotee of Krishna and repeat that. No nonsense speculation. It is a totally useless waste of time.

    • Dharmesh says:

      Pranam madhudvisa ji

      If there is no proof of blackholes..there is niether a proof of god nor their so called incarcination on earth.It can not be proofed it can only be aasumed like we assume other thoeries.You constantly saying world is a prison and we are prisoners serving our sentence. The person who is dying inpoverty or who is killed to death by others brutally is also serving his sentence and a person who born with a goldenspoon in his mouth having all the luxuries of life is also serving his sentence.why this kind of discrimination. Accoding to mahabharat krishna did not said to arjun that he is serving his sentence rather he said he shoud fight his brothers as it was his dharma to restore the right law and order. He himself said “paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge” he will come again and again to maintain dharma. Why he is doing so if we wre serving our sentence.”yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham” he will come to rescue dharma.

      • Hare Krishna Darmesh

        We are serving our sentence but really the purpose of this material world is to on one hand give us the illusion that we can be happy separately from Krishna, which is not possible actually, that is just illusion, maya, and on the other hand frustrate our every endeavor. So because of this frustration over many births a thoughtful person will realize there is no happiness in the material world and he will surrender to Krishna. Such a great soul is very rare. But that is the purpose of the material world. So if the purpose is to surrender to Krishna then Krishna has to keep on incarnating in the material world and reestablish the dharma. Because it is lost after some time. So it has to be constantly reestablished. That is why Krishna Himself comes and also sends His representatives, His pure devotees. So Krishna is appearing in the material world time and time again to reestablish the religious principles, the dharma, because this gets lost after some time and has to be reestablished…

        These things you can clearly understand simply by reading Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is. He explains it much better than me…

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

  13. Mihir says:

    What is the meaning of maha tattva

    • Hare Krishna Mihir

      Mahat tattva is the reservoir of all the material elements. We know that the spirit soul is eternal and the soul is not destroyed when the body is destroyed. So also, even though this material world is temporary. After some time the whole material world will be destroyed and will no longer be manifest. But nothing is lost actually. The living entities, the spirit souls, enter into the body of Maha-Visnu so they are continuing to exist in a sleeping state, and even the material energy, that is not actually lost, all the material elements enter into and are conserved in the mahat-tattva and when after some time there is another creation the same material elements are used to create it and the new ‘creation’ is populated again with the same living entities. So the mahat-tattva is the store and reservior of the material elements…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  14. Ally says:

    Question, We are living in material world and we will go to the spiritual world, so how will be our appearance? will be like we are today or some thing else? we will die there, get sick, eat or will be like an Angles?

    • Hare Krishna Ally

      In the spiritual world we have a spiritual body which will be like this body in the sense that we will have a head, two arms, two legs, etc. But it will not be made of matter [earth, water, fire, air, ether], it will be a completely spiritual body.

      And the nature of the spiritual world is sat-cit-ananda-vigraha. It means in the spiritual world we have an eternally youthful body that is full of knowledge and full of ever-increasing transcendental bliss. There is no old-age, no death and no sickness in the spiritual world. There is no actual need to eat there but the devotees do prepare very delicious offerings of foodstuffs for Krishna and they do accept the Krishna prasadam, the remnents of the foodstuffs offered to Krishna.

      Generally ‘the angles’ are not from the spiritual world. They are generally from the heavenly planets in the material world which is a different thing…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  15. Balaji says:

    If cycles are getting repeated, there is this question – Will Avatars repeat themselves in the same pattern as they’d come before ..Dasavatarams ? Or at times of need , Godhead will work on HIS own parameters of coming down to material world .My daughter aged 10 asked me this question and I would appreciate your answer to same.


    • Hare Krishna Balaji

      It is a very intelligent question from your daughter.

      Yes. The avataras repeat on schedule. Like Krishna appears once in the day of Lord Brahma, so He will appear again only after a very, very, very long time. So we must take advantage of becoming Krishna conscious now when it is available.

      There are scheduled incarnations and they appear. Of course Krishna is not bound to the schedule, He can do anything, but the schedule is there and it is called nitya-lila. It means that all of Krishna’s pastimes are going on eternally in different universes. So somewhere now Krishna is appearing in some universe. So there is a schedule, a cycle, and Krishna will again appear in this universe, but not for a very, very long time.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  16. bilee says:

    So if we are only into 5000 years of Kali-yuga then how does this play out in relation to the year 2013?

    No offence but theres alot dissillusioned people out there who think we are about to move into the golden age or the fifth dimension right now!

    Does anyone know from the ancient texts that this world will eventually go to hell? I mean look around you now everything is screwed…

    • Hare Krishna Bilee

      This world is always hell. We can never be happy. It is a place of misery and death only. There is a basic incompatibility between our nature as spirit souls and our needs and desires as spirit souls and the reality of this material world. We are completely incompatible with this material world and can never be happy here. It will always be hell for us here.

      We are spirit souls and as spirit souls we are eternal and eternally youthful, full of knowledge and full of ever-increasing transcendental pleasure but this material world and the material bodies we take on here are exactly the opposite, our material bodies are mortal and getting old, full of ignorance and full of anxiety. This is the absolute opposite to our real spiritual nature. We can never be happy here. This world is always going to be hell for us.

      Of course maya is here. Maya is the illusion that we can somehow adjust things in the material world and become happy. But that is an illusion. We can never make this material world a comfortable place.

      We have to realize that this material world is not our home and that we can not be happy here and stop wasting our time and energy on trying to make adjustments in the material world which will never be successful and which will always be frustrated. Instead we should spend our time reawakening our original eternal spiritual consciousness by chanting:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  17. radha says:

    madhudvisa ji I hv mistakingly unsubscribed from the Krishna letters pls start the letters from the process of self control pls pls n sry…………hare Krishna

  18. ram says:

    we have no right to worry about end of world or working of world…lets leave it to god…we have to just love krishna and spread his name…thats all…world will not end but we will die in next 40 50 yrs so it doesnt even matter so just do hare krishna associate with devotee and finish ur journey.

    • Ajay says:

      I would do something good to the society than just chant.
      That’s what the creator(if there is one) would want us to do in this one life that we have.

      Chanting in a temple will not help anyone and sorry to be a wet blanket,but i believe that we are overdoing everything by unnecessarily shouldering the “GOD”.

      • So chant Hare Krishna on the streets so the people can hear the chanting…

        • Krishna says:

          Madhudvisa Ji, I don understand that, now the world situation is very bad, and how the world will be in coming 427,000 years. Pls explain. 10q Ji.

          • It will be much, much, much worse. If you think it is bad now, then you will not like to be here in 400,000 years!!!

            So the best thing is to take Krishna consciousness very, very seriously, surrender to Srila Prabhupada and read all his books and follow all his instructions and become a pure devotee of Krishna in this lifetime and when you leave this material body you can go directly back home, back to Godhead, back to Krishna.

            Otherwise, if we stick around in the material world for hundreds and thousands of more lifetimes we are going to suffer very, very badly here…

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

  19. Ajay says:

    I am glad that world is not coming to an end and even the “spiritually” inclined human beings accept the fact,because we don’t know exactly how the “intelligent” people define “world” and “end”. It shows the kind of imbalance that we forcibly created vis-a-vis “intelligent” versus the “mass”.
    How did we do this? Simple,we created god!

    Idiosyncrasies at its best!

    Scientists arrived at the thought that primordial atom had exploded; the universe has been expanding ever since. For what it’s worth,the atoms,i salute,without which,Without them there would be no water or air or rocks, no
    stars and planets, no distant gassy clouds or swirling nebulae or any of the other things that
    make the universe so usefully material. It’s quite amazing that in less than 10^-30 seconds,universe was transformed from something that you could hold in your hand to 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger! Again the science of arrival. World can come to an end to the mass or transform to the intelligent people..Photons or Microwaves,we have to decide.

    It is a curious feature of our existence that we come from a planet that is very good at promoting life but even better at extinguishing it and we try to refute that world will not come to an end(by definition),which shows that our thoughts are not expanding though the universe went on to.
    We try to believe that the atoms that are clinging to each other and has made us what we are today ala preaching and implying thoughts. Insubstantial in itself the atom is , it makes sense. How do you build an universe?

    I’m not too sure if there is a god,but there is no dearth with mighty-million definitions. Anything that has a place where you suffer eternally for not being on their side isn’t benevolent and that’s not GOD. I am very sure that there is end to once suffering and that’s the end of the world we “know”. Sleeping in the body of maha-vishnu,figuratively speaking,means that atoms that group together to form human beings,oops,living-beings/LIFE , will disperse(for some weird reason) and regroup. Again Science does a better job explaining this to the “masses”.

    I would say Science is for “masses” and Spirituality is for “intelligent” human beings. One shows you the path the other defines path. It’s a personal choice.

  20. Ranjit says:

    Nice Article !!! This is going to happen

  21. BINIT says:

    A very important question I need to ask. As it is said in your article that after 4.32 billion years there would be a complete dissolution of the universe, does only the gross physical universe undergoes dissolution or the spiritual planes/planets are also destroyed?
    1 more question.. What happens to the souls who have already merged with the unmanifest? I mean I know that they are unaffected by the destruction, but as you said that after the dissolution of the universe all living entities will rest in the body of Maha Vishnu. Resting in the body of Maha Vishnu is same as merging with the un-manifest. So there is no difference between the souls who merged before and the souls who merged after the destruction. So, as the new universe is created do the souls(that has merged before destruction) also gets manifested again? If your answer is no, then does that means that these souls are unaffected from the eras or time. I mean can we consider that they would exist in the un-manifest for an endless or infinite period?

    • Hare Krishna

      Only the material planets/ universes are destroyed. The spiritual world / spiritual planets are eternal and are never destroyed.

      The creation and destruction of the universes is cyclical. It is not really destroyed. The living entities enter the body of Maha-Visnu and go to sleep and the material elements are conserved in the mahatattva. And then after some time the same material elements are used again to remanifest the material world and it is repopulated with the same living entities who are sleeping in the body of Maha-Visnu….

      • Raghavan Aravamudhan says:

        Hare Krishna,

        There are different types of pralaya. Any puranam will give you the details. It depends on the type of Pralaya. If Naimittika Pralaya, the first 3 worlds will be destroyed “Bhu:, Bhuvaha:, Suva:”.. If it is a Prakritha Pralaya, the entire 14 worlds will be absorbed into Moola Prakriti and the Prakriti to Bhagavan.. Both chit and achit would be at a sookshma state and only Bhagavan would exist.. Upanishads also state this “eko vai narayana aaseedh…”

  22. deepak das says:

    hare krishna Madhudvisa dasa ji and many many thanks for sending me such valuable emails about lord KRISHNA.i want to know how a living soul came into existence.did the Lord create it or it is a result of something else.and how it was decided that which soul will take which form.i mean which soul will incarnate to a human body and which to an animal body and so on.looking forward for your answer

    • Hare Krishna Deepak

      It is a common question Prabhu. And the answer is somewhat bewildering because we only have experience of this world of duality where everything has a beginning and an end, everything is created at some point and at some point in the future it will cease to exist.

      But there is another world, the spiritual world, the kingdom of God. In that world things are different. There is no duality there, there is no time there–no past, present or future, and there, in the spiritual world, everyone is eternally youthful, full of ever-increasing transcendental bliss and full of knowledge. So in the spiritual world there is no birth and no death. There everyone exists in very beautiful eternally youthful spiritual bodies. So there is no birth and death or old age and disease in the spiritual world.

      The spiritual world is our home, not this material world. So actually we are spiritual entities and we have, by the misuse of or limited independence, come here to this material world to try and enjoy separately from Krishna. To take birth in the material world we have to accept a material body which acts as a covering over our original eternal spiritual body. That material body we accept does take birth, get old, get sixk and die and because we falsely identify with that material body and think of it as our self we think, when our material body is getting old and approaching death, that we are about to die.

      But this is a mistake. We never die, we are the eternal spirit soul who is currently within this material body and when this material body gets old and useless we, the spirit soul, will simply leave this body and take birth in another body or if we are fortunate enough to be Krishna conscious at the time of death, we will go back home, back to Godhead, back to Krishna.

      So actually for us, the eternal spirit soul, our constitutional position is the same here in the material world as it is in the spiritual world. We are eternal. So eternal means there is no beginning and no end. So as Krishna has always existed, we have also always existed. We are the same as Krishna in quality just like a drop of ocean water is the same as the ocean in quality. But in quantity the ocean is vast and the drop is tiny. So it is like that with us and Krishna. Krishna is unlimitedly great and we are unimaginably tiny, but the substance which we are, spirit soul or brahman, is the same as the substance that Krishna is. The only difference is Krishna is great and we are small.

      So, like Krishna, we have no birth and no death. We were never created….

      Now, after explaining all of this, it is also said that everything is ultimately an expansion of Krishna. So if you really want an answer to this question you can say that we are all expansions of Krishna and you can imagine that at some point of time Krishna expanded as all the living entities. These two descriptions may appear to be contradictory to us because we have no real way of perceiving how things are in the spiritual world where everything is eternally present and there is no past or future… This is inconceivable for us so sometimes the answers to some questions are also very difficult or impossible for us to grasp.

      But really it does not matter. We have to realize we have fallen into the material world and currently are in a very bad situation. If you fall into a well and are stuck at the bottom of if the most important thing on your mind is “How did I fall in?”, no, the most important thing is: “How am I going to get out?”. So we should use more energy in trying to get out of the material world and going back home, back to Godhead, than in pondering about how we got here…

      And of course the way out is simple. Chant the Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day, follow the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication] and, most importantly, READ SRILA PRABHUPADA’S BOOKS!!!

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  23. Debasish says:

    Hare Krishna, It’s a great quote and found myself to know a little bit about the manifest world.Keep on writing and help us to grow our knowledge further.Thanxx

  24. SANDIP says:

    thanks for this greatful informetion…

  25. sudhir k says:

    All glories to
    lord krishna.
    just as an hour is made up of minutes,seconds etc.
    each yuga is also made up off smaller measurments of time.
    In one of the puranas lord krishna tells gangadevi about a satya yuga after 5000 years of kaliyuga(brahmavaivarta purana)

    with lots of regards
    sudhir k

  26. sam says:

    yeah, i believe that we will see the end of the world very soon! maybe on 21st december 2012 but not sure!

  27. dharmesh singh says:

    Please answer these doubt. pLease
    1. If, as you believe there is an Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient God, who created the earth or universe, please let me know, first of all, as to why he created this world. This world which is full of woe and grief, and countless miseries, where not even one person lives in peace.

    2. Pray, don’t say it is His law. If He is bound by any law, He is not Omnipotent. Don’t say it is His pleasure. Nero burnt one Rome. He killed a very limited number of people. He caused only a few tragedies, all for his morbid enjoyment. But what is his place in history? By what names do we remember him? All the disparaging epithets are hurled at him. Pages are blackened with invective diatribes condemning Nero: the tyrant, the heartless, the wicked
    One Genghis Khan killed a few thousand people to seek pleasure in it and we hate the very name. Now, how will you justify your all powerful, eternal Nero, who every day, every moment continues his pastime of killing people? How can you support his doings which surpass those of Genghis Khan in cruelty and in misery inflicted upon people? I ask why the Almighty created this world which is nothing but a living hell, a place of constant and bitter unrest. Why did he create man when he had the power not to do so? Have you any answer to these questions? You will say that it is to reward the sufferer and punish the evildoer in the hereafter. Well, well, how far will you justify a man who first of all inflicts injuries on your body and then applies soft and soothing ointment on them? How far the supporters and organizers of Gladiator bouts were justified in throwing men before half starved lions, later to be cared for and looked after well if they escaped this horrible death. That is why I ask: Was the creation of man intended to derive this kind of pleasure?

    • Hare Krishna Dharmesh

      Krishna created this material world as a place of suffering. People are intended to suffer here. Suffering is the purpose of the material world. Everyone in the material world is suffering. There is no way to avoid this except by getting out of the material world and going back home back to Godhead and that is what we are teaching people to do. We are not trying to teach people to be happy here in the material world, that is not possible, it is created as a place of suffering.

      The idea is that the material world is like a prison, it is the place where the rebellious living entities are sent who have rejected the service of the Supreme Lord and who want to become the master, the enjoyer, the lord, themselves… But this is not possible because constitutionally we are all servants of God. We are servants eternally. We can not be the master, the lord…. That is simply a delusion so such deluded living entities are sent to the material world only to have the chance to play out their desires to be the master and to see all the plans and desires destroyed and frustrated one after another. After many, many, many lifetimes of suffering in the material world one thoughtful living entity realizes that he is not the master and he will never be the master and he surrenders to Krishna via Krishna’s pure devotees and he goes back home back to Godhead.

      So that is the purpose of the material world. It is not meant to be a comfortable and happy place and there is no way that it can ever be made a comfortable and happy place. It is meant for suffering and death and all this suffering and death will eventually wake up some of rebellious conditioned souls and a few come to there senses and again surrender to Krishna and go back home back to Godhead.

      So I think now you can clearly understand why Krishna creates this material world as a place of suffering. Because we, the rebellious living entities who have rejected the service of Krishna, need to suffer to prompt us to reawaken our original consciousness.

      The suffering is Krishna’s great mercy on us because we can never be happy if we are not engaged in the service of Krishna. That is our constitutional position. As the natural position for a fish is in the water and the fish can never be happy if he is not in the water, our natural position is to be in the spiritual world engaged in the service of Krishna and if we are not in the spiritual world engaged in the service of Krishna we can never be happy…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  28. Prabha R says:

    Really a motivated article….. Very gently, smoothly & firmly explained topic.. Really awesome to read it.. Thanks a Lot & lot & lot for this…
    Really really good one…. World will not gonna end….

    Prabha R

  29. partha says:

    Hare Krishna

    If this world again be same as it was in the previous years, then the ‘Karma’
    every living entities did previously will be repeated or we can work differently?

    • We can work differently. The world is recreated and the same living entities again take birth and they continue from where they left of in the previous creation.

  30. Sanjeev kumar says:

    if the world get destroyed????????? I feel happy and might be unhappy because if world get destroyed it means the corruptions all over world get finished totally without any judgment and it also destroyed some good people across the world due to that we loose some great people around the world we should prayer for that to the super natural power.

  31. kumar says:

    Really it Will Happen…..? I am Shocked that 2012 is the last day of World.

  32. Sanjeev kumar says:

    i think it’s a meaning less thing that 2012 is the last day of world. i don’t believe it if this thing is true then show me the truth prove.

    Sanjeev kumar

  33. Vidya says:

    Hare Krishna,

    I have a doubt for which would request you to kindly explain as in its told that the soul never dies it gets migrated to a new body once it leaves the existing one but how come there are ghost or may be in other words wondering soul which we call as bhatakti atma.

    Secondly i was worshiping lord ganesha right from my childhood and after reading bhagvad gita i started worshiping lord krishna here i want to know whether all god is one though it is said but in bhagvad gita it is said lord krishna is the supreme god. and also when my wish come true i feel god is there and when not i feel whether really god exists i know i m being selfish but still would like to throw some light on this



    • Hare Krishna Vidya

      The soul is eternal and never dies. A ghost is a soul that has no material body. So the soul is still there. At the time of death if a person is still very attached to the material world and particularly if his death is untimely, like he is killed by an accident or murdered or something, then it is likely that he will remain as a ghost. So the ghost is the soul covered by the subtle body of mind, intelligence and ego. Only the physical body is missing. So ghosts are real and they are the soul. So there is no contradiction here.

      As far as believing in God when He answers your prayers and not having so much faith in Him when He does not answer your prayers you have to realize that it is not the business of God to answer our prayers. It is not that we order and God follows our orders. Rather our natural constitutional position is that we are servants of God. So God should order and we should follow His orders. That is the proper way. So the prayer of a devotee is simply: “Krishna please engage me in Your service.” A devotee never asks Krishna for anything for his own personal benefit. But Krishna is very merciful. He knows the minds of His devotees and He supplies whatever they need to serve Him. A devotees life is simply serving Krishna. He has no other thought, no other activity. So naturally Krishna will provide him with what he needs… He does not have to ask Krishna for his personal needs.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • Parthasarathy says:

      In the Bhagavad Gita conclusion, Lord Krishna has made it very clear:

      sarva-dharman parityajya
      mam ekam saranam vraja
      aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
      moksayisyami ma sucah

      Completely relinquishing all Dharmas, seek Me alone for refuge. I will release you from all sins. Grieve not.

      Here, the word mam ekam (Me alone) is very important. If anyone wants to get released from bondage in this world, Lord Krishna only has to be approached. One has to surrender only to Him.

    • ram says:

      god is not ur order fulfilling ginni…he knows better about ur wellbeing…
      he doesnt give riches,beauty,opulence to his adoordarshi or innocent bhaktas he doe thier ultimate good

  34. guy says:

    dear prabhu
    is it alight to mentally repeat Krishna,Krishna?

    • You have to chant with your tongue and hear with your ears. That is the process HEARING AND CHANTING. You have to CHANT and HEAR:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      So chant the mantra loudly and hear it. That is the process of kirtan. That is what we have to do in Kali-yuga. Mentally repeating Krishna is more-or-less useless in this age. You have to CHANT Hare Krishna…. And HEAR it…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  35. franco says:

    THIS AGE of Kaliyuga has a great blessing of hope
    -The holy name of Krishna….
    This life was made for this – to remember that relation with Bhagavan Krishna-

    we ve have achieved such a rare human body the gift is there for you
    still you remain not serving Yasoda s darling —Sweet Krishna—Bhaktivinoda Thakura-

  36. Dayal says:

    Hare Krishna Guruji,

    A wonderfull journery of our natural earth. Thanks all spritual Gurus who are showing us the map of natural word. Hare Krishna …..

  37. علی says:

    Thanks for article
    i am iranian
    i read and wonderful
    خیلی خوب بود با من در ارتباط باشید

  38. Arti says:

    Hare Krsna,

    Dandvat Pranams Pr ji. All glories to Srila Guru & Gauranga.

    Pr ji i hv a doubt but not from this topic, after reading many articles i get this courage to ask this ques.

    Wenever i use to read about acharayas n their particular App. or disapp. days.i found that they are among the sakis/ manjiris and entered eternally into sevret pastimes of Sri Sri RadhaSyamsundara. I want to knw bout Srila Prabhupada. Who is he exactly. What is his name in Radha Krsna’s Lila in spiritual World. How can i constantly remember and serve Srila Prabhupada. i have never met with him.but i always thought him as my own grandfather.I wana know more about him. Till now i havnt read Srila Prabhupada lilamrta. Can u share articles about him too? im a neophyte..By Krsna’s mercy nd Srila Prabhupada grace fortunately i hv come into KC. But i have decided to follow him sincerely. i need ur blessing/help/instruction. Haribol!


    • Hare Krishna Aarti

      Nice to hear from you. Srila Prabhupada said, “If you want to know me read my books.” So there is not much point in reading Lilamrta. It only discusses very external things and it is just the observations of conditioned souls and conditioned souls actually have no ability to actually understand a pure devotee of Krishna. The reality is that Srila Prabhupada is a pure devotee of Krishna and as such he lives his life exactly according to the teachings of Lord Krishna. Srimad Bhagavatam is the book Bhagavatam and Srila Prabhupada is the person Bhagavatam. So both Srila Prabhupada, the person Bhagavatam and the book Bhagavatam are identical. So if you study the book Bhagavatam you will come to understand Srila Prabhupada, the person Bhagavatam.

      So don’t waste your time reading anything except the books of Srila Prabhupada. He has given us so many books, which he expects his disciples to read. So we have to read all of Prabhupada’s books, and the more we read his books the more we will understand who Srila Prabhupada is. You can constantly remember and serve Srila Prabhupada by reading his books and putting the instructions he gives you while you are reading his books into practice in your life. Of course the most prominent instructions that Srila Prabhupada gives all his disciples are to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and to strictly follow the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling] so obviously we have to follow all these things very seriously. And then reading Prabhupada’s books is essential because that is the way we associate with him and that is the way he will preach to us and give us instructions. And the next most important instruction from Srila Prabhupada to all of his disciples is his request to us to distribute his books. So if you can take up this order of Srila Prabhupada to distribute his books, in whatever way you can, not that you have to be distributing 100’s of books a day, but according to your capacity, Prabhupada will be very pleased with you. And that is actually the secret to success in Krishna consciousness. We have to somehow or other by our service please Srila Prabhupada.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  39. divyat says:

    people who say world will vanish in 2012 dont know that this is not the real world but FAKE FAKE FAKE. they all should engage in krsna consciuoness

  40. mohith says:

    Hare Krsna Prabhu
    i am Very much understood by the Article 2012 The end of the world Thankless Service You are doing prabhu me chanting 16 rounds reading Prabhupada’s books and gita Hare Krsna

    All Glories Srila Prabhupada!!!

  41. S.KUPPAN says:

    the world never end

  42. Hari Bhakt Lalit Kumar says:

    Narayan Narayan,

    From where the world is going to be ended when one last incarnation of Shri Narayan is left that is Kalki.

  43. apeetha says:

    This article has helped me calm down. 🙂 Thank you.

    I was reading through the comments and couldn’t help but notice that you had mentioned that “Philosophy is not for masses”. I am just curious- and found it quite bewildering- because a. It implies that there are classes in the populations. The ones that can only chant (gives the impression of being lower) and the others who can intellectually understand the Krsna Consciousness.
    b. that Philosophy is somehow greater than the other forms of knowing the lord.

    I don’t understand- because you seem to be frustrated about this condition.
    But doesn’t the Gita mention that there are different ways to Know God? Some can understand philosophy and reach god- others even like Meera and Rumi and Jayadeva can sing and chant and be with God.

    I enjoy Philosophy too, I enjoy learning about God and ourselves, but that comment of yours sounded a bit too discriminating and a bit frustrated. And that does not fall in line with the teachings of the Gita.

    I just felt uncomfortable and wanted to ask what that comment meant.

    Love and Light,

    • Hare Krishna Apeetha

      Philosophy is not necessary. What is necessary is to develop love for Krishna and engage in His service. It is the love and the service that is essential. The philosophy is only a means to hopefully elevate one to the platform of faith and from that faith one gets the strength to engage in the process of saddhana-bhakti and through that devotional service he gradually develops the love for Krishna.

      If you already have the faith that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and are already ready to surrender to Krishna and engage in His service then there is no need for philosophy at all. Philosophy is only to bring you to the point where you have the faith to surrender to Krishna.

      The gopis in Vrindavan for example were not philosophers at all. They were village girls, engaged in churning the butter into milk and other household duties. But they fell in love with Krishna, and that is their qualification.

      So the philosophy is not necessary. In Krishna consciousness what is necessary is that we become attached to chanting the Hare Krishna mantra and one who is actually attached to and chanting the Hare Krishna mantra has surpassed all the philosophers, and actually he will through the chanting, get so much spiritual knowledge also.

      It is a fact that understanding philosophy is not possible for everyone because there are classes of people in society. Some are philosophers and some a not. But really being a philosopher and not being a philosopher has not got anything to do with becoming Krishna conscious. Actually being a philosopher can often be a disadvantage because philosophers tend to be attached to mental speculation and concocting so many of their own ideas and philosophies and this is not the mood of bhakti. The mood of bhakti is surrender and service, but a big philosopher may be puffed-up with his great knowledge and not want to surrender to Krishna, and if he can not surrender then Krishna consciousness will not be possible for him.

      So you are very correct when you say there are different ways to understand God and one does not have to be a philosopher to understand God, actually a philosopher can not understand God, only if that philosophy brings him to the point of surrender to Krishna and service to Krishna is his philosophy successful. Otherwise it is a waste of time…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Apeetha Ravi says:

        Thank you so much. 🙂 really. And it is true- when we engage in speculation about what is and what is not, we seem to be moving away from the Divine.
        I shall keep reminding myself to not do this.

        Love and Light,

  44. rama krishna says:

    i have a questions

    1) it was said that golden age will start after the five thousand years of begining of kaliyuga and this will last for 10000 years. is this true? what i think is because of the movement of ISKCON i can say definetely it can be true
    2) see at present we have been suffering from lot of adharma in this kaliyuga. as of today is this not the worst period of kaliyuga?.so why not ending of kaliyuga at this moment only? do you think still much more worser things should happen or what? krishna told that when dharma is loosing its complete grip then i will take the kalki avatar. do you think the dharma has not lost its grip?

  45. Alosious says:

    12-12-2012 No End of the World .

    12-12-2012 Start of the New World.

    god is Come Back

    Marry Matha Is very power Full God .

  46. guddu says:

    Dandvat Pranams
    i was so fascinated abt this doomsday from 5 years back 🙂
    but even i surprised y people was so excited abt this
    well ……………now the truth came into my view after reading this artical
    all the best for the people who are still waiting for “21st dec 2012 ”
    Jai Srila Gurudev
    Jai Srila Paramgurudev
    Jai Srila Prabhupad
    Jai Radhe Shyam

  47. K.V.Rangaswamy says:

    Hare Krishna,

    The article is very interesting. During Guru-Shishya parampara the shisya will accept all the teachings in toto. Belief is very important . Are we not accepting the vedas, upanishads and astrology.


    Thank you,
    Hare Krishna K.V.Rangaswamy

  48. naveen says:

    what is feel is even some people do the bad things, which are not advisable in any religions nor by the nature, like corruption, pollution whatever you take, but how the world moves smoothly because of some good people, and there good attitude, the ratio between good and bad people are stablised, if the time comes when the ratio of good people is zero and bad is 100%, then that time said to be dooms day what you are excepting in dec 21 2012

  49. saumitra says:

    Hare Krushna ! Chant Hare krushna and be free of worries. It really has helped in my life.
    Due to curiosity I have one question. Are the Yugas counted with refence to a planet or universe as a whole. The reason to ask is , in last 50 years man has accelerated the rate of curruption of all kind to such an extent which did not happen over last thusand years. Previously it was the battles and killings and looting etc , now same things have magnified with the help of technology. So will it really require man kind to reach a worse state in 4,27,000 years ? is it not too far to consider when we see man is crossing all limits in just 50 years. ?

    Jai Jai Hari , Vasudev Hari

    • Hare Krishna Saumitra

      The Yugas are counted for the entire universe, not just for this planet. The cycle of the yugas effects the entire universe. And Kali-yuga has just started. It is going to get a lot worse as the time goes on. We do have a window of 10,000 years where the forces of Kali can be held back by the sankirtan movement of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. This Sankirtan movement has the potency to reestablish the conditions of the satya-yuga, the golden age in this Kali-yuga… But there has to be some real world-wide organization of pure devotees who have actually dedicated their lives to performing sankitan [the congregational chanting of:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare]

      Otherwise there is no way of holding back the forces of Kali…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • yeller 21 says:

        This IS Not True I Guess Lol !

      • Issac says:

        Hare Krsna Madhudvisa dasa. Why the number 10,000 years. Can sankirtan not be performed by 10,000 years or what is the deal. And plus at least some people are spiritual or devotees of the lord till the end of Kali Yuga.? Like the parents of Lord Kalki for example. I mean if they are not devotees of the lord then why would Lord Kalki take birth from them. And who does Kalki kill exactly. Who will he kill really because he cannot kill everyone. Otherwise human race will cease to exist and no more population.

        • Hare Krishna Issac

          Sankirtan will not be tolerated after 10,000 years. The people will be too demonic then. But there will still be some devotees who will be persecuted by the demons. But some devotees will still be there. However the atmosphere in the world will be very difficult for devotees and sankirtan will be finished.

          At the end when Kalki is there everyone will be demons, there will be no more devotees then, they will be gone by then, and Kalki will kill everyone. That is all. No more preaching. The people will be all too degraded and too sinful and will not be able to understand any preaching. So Kalki will kill everyone.

          Everyone has to be killed because after the Kali-yuga there will be a new golden age, another satya-yuga. So the kali-yuga people can not go into the satya-yuga. They have to be killed. Everything has to be refreshed and rejuvenated in-between the kali-yuga and the satya-yuga and the world will be populated with a new batch of living entities for the satya-yuga. This is always happening. The material universe is constantly being created and destroyed. So it is no problem to kill everyone and start again with a new batch of living entities.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • Issac says:

            Hare Krsna Madhudvisa dasa prabhuji.

            You said “Everyone has to be killed because after the Kali-yuga there will be a new golden age, another satya-yuga. So the kali-yuga people can not go into the satya-yuga. They have to be killed. Everything has to be refreshed and rejuvenated in-between the kali-yuga and the satya-yuga and the world will be populated with a new batch of living entities for the satya-yuga. This is always happening. The material universe is constantly being created and destroyed. So it is no problem to kill everyone and start again with a new batch of living entities.”

            I remembered reading something somewhere that they are two people hiding in some village who will at the end of kali yuga start the dynasty of the sun and moon.

            I don’t want to offend you or anything. i really do not. I searched “the sun and moon dynasty after kali yuga” on google. The first site came was Canto 12: The Age of Deterioration‎. The section was the “The Symptoms of Kali-yuga”

            This is what i came to read.

            “The chapter ends with a brief description of the future dynasties of the sun and moon coming from Vaivasvata Manu in the next Satya-yuga. Even now two saintly kṣatriyas are living who at the end of this Kali-yuga will reinitiate the pious dynasties of the sun-god, Vivasvān, and the moon-god, Candra. One of these kings is Devāpi, a brother of Mahārāja Śantanu, and the other is Maru, a descendant of Ikṣvāku. They are biding their time incognito in a village named Kalāpa.”

            And i searched the name of the village Kalāpa. And even on the information that i came i looked up Devapi and Maru. The thing is i did not wanted to offend you by ststaing the iskcon version of Srimad Bhagavatam so i am really sorry.

            But from these two kings who are currently in hiding will the new batch of people come and so the two dynasties ruling earth.

          • Hare Krishna Issac

            You have not offended me Prabhu, just educated me. You are obviously much more advanced and intelligent than me so there is no point in you asking me questions.

            I am a fool and all I can do is repeat what Srila Prabhupada has said and in this case I speculated and said something that Srila Prabhupada did not say so it is my fault. It is my mistake.

            Anyhow Prabhu you have to work on your Mayavadi tendencies. It is not all these fine philosophical points actually that matter in the long run. Really what matters is developing a loving personal relationship with Krishna. And your Mayavadi philosophy will not allow you to do that. That is the great disaster of hearing from the Mayavadis. “Mayavadi bhasya sunali haya sarva nasa” and yes I know, it is probably spelt wrong. But I think you get the idea.

            It is through love and service that we can become Krishna conscious. Not philosophy.

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Your servant

            Madhudvisa dasa

          • Raghavan says:

            Hare Krishna

            Refer your reply, at the end of Kali yuga when all the people are killed then what happens to all the people who are killed? do they get liberated and go back to godhead?

            You have mentioned that in Satyuga the same set of people will not inhabit, so coming back to my originial question what happens to all the people killed at the end of Kali yuga?

            Thanks and regards

          • Hare Krishna Raghavan

            You have to realize the spirit souls are eternal. We have the same qualities as Krishna, except Krishna is unlimitedly great and we are very small. The difference is quantity. But as Krishna is eternal and has no birth and no death also we, the spirit souls are eternal and have no birth and no death.

            So no one is ever killed. Only the material body is destroyed. And when the material body is destroyed the soul is carried on to his next body according to the laws of the modes of material nature. Or if he is fortunate enough to think of Krishna at the time of death he can go back home, back to Godhead. So no one is killed at the end of the Kali-yuga. Their bodies are destroyed, that is all. So they will take birth again. There are an unlimited number of planets, an unlimited number of universes, and beyond the material world there is the unlimited spiritual sky. So it does not matter if this particular planet, or even this particular universe, is destroyed. There are unlimited other universes out there where we can also take birth.

            The end of the Kali-yuga is not a total annihilation. Lord Kalki will come and kill the demons, which will be most of the people, and He will usher in a new golden age. So everything will be totally transformed and because of the different conditions that will attract different spirit souls to take birth who are pious. So there is no shortage of spirit souls to inhabit. As soon as there is a suitable environment the souls who are appropriate for that environment will take birth there. It is all the perfect arrangement of Krishna. There is no chance involved in it.

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

  50. nikhil says:

    how can we believe that we have remaining the 4lacs & 27thousandyears

    • Because Krishna says so and we have faith in Krishna.

      Ultimately faith is required. There is no other way of getting knowledge of these things.

      So if you are fortunate and you believe what Krishna says then you can get the real knowledge. Otherwise if you do not believe then you will never know…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

  51. Meetrra says:

    Hari Om. I just start getting information and tell you from bottom of my heart, it’s great. The feelings that awake no words to describe. It really create peace inner the soul. I did reading Bhagavad Gita but enable to understand. Thank you for your continous effort and willing to share.

  52. Mamata Rath says:

    thanks a lot for the important information
    quite helpful to have peace of mind.

  53. rousana says:

    so there’s nothing to worry about bcz iam scared to death and who the hell said that the world will end in 2o12 ? thsnks

  54. suryakumari says:

    My humble obeisanced to the lotus feet of the lord sri krishna,
    My pranams prabuji,
    I ‘m extremely happy to read the aritcles u r mailing me, according to the Maayan scriptures , the world is going to end,in 2012,,as per the calculations, many of their preditions were true, that is what i read and heard, by god grace, let the world be in peace .

  55. franco says:

    The earth has gone many transcitions throu time as we know-idiological geological-climate change -nature s ways we cant stop-many preditions have been told and many thank god didnt pass-

    This maya profecy- conexion with the cosmos-
    change of heart-of mind ? change of earth-
    the Vedas say there still more years ahead-

    FOR its influence with the center galaxy-we dont know the effecton the earth–no one has had this experience -thou it happend before will came-the question is if it will take years gradually–thou we know the shift of the earth is happening with all theses quakes-

    mother earth is moving this money frenetic global society has to create jobs -but these jobs contaminate the earth-lets be objetive- no need to panic-what will be will be-

    -We must learn to live together to be able to see the new sunrise again-

    i m a positive person–but still we must take time to think of all this -what are you doing to make the changes–it starts with our hearts are thoughts are wishes our acts-
    Loyalty to Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada-

    Hare krishna murari …. amigo Madhuvisa-

  56. franco says:

    1. Glory to the Sri Krishna Samkirtanam which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years together and thus the fire of conditional life of repeated birth and death is extinguished. Such Samkirtan movement is the prime benediction for the humanity at large because it spreads rays of the benediction—Moon. It is the life of transcendental knowledge, it increases the ocean of transcendental bliss and it helps to have a taste of the full nectarine for which always anxious we are.
    2. Oh my Lord! Your holy Name can alone render all benediction upon the living being and therefore you have hundreds and millions of Names like Krishna, Govinda etc. In these transcendental Names you have invested all your transcendental potencies and there is no hard and fast rules for chanting these holy Names. Oh my Lord! You have so kindly made easy approach to you by your holy Names but unfortunate as I am, I have no attraction for them.
    3. One can chant the holy Names of the Lord in an humble state of mind thinking himself as lower than the straw on the streets, tolerant more than the tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige and being ready to offer all kinds of respects to others.
    4. Oh the Almighty Lord, I have no desire for accumulating wealth nor I have any desire to enjoy beautiful woman; neither I want any number of followers of mine. What I want only is that I may have your causeless devotional service in my life birth after birth.
    5. Oh the son of Maharaj Nanda, I am your eternal servitor and although I am so, some how or other I have fallen on the ocean of birth and death. Please therefore pick me up from the ocean of death and fix me up as one of the atoms of your lotus feet.
    6. Oh my Lord when shall my eyes be decorated with tears of love flowing incessantly by chanting your holy Name? And when all the holes of hairs on my body will have erruptions by the recitation of your Name?
    7. Oh Govinda, feeling your separation, I am considering a moment as 12 twelve years or more than that and tears flowing down my cheeks like the torrents of rains. I am feeling all vacant in the world without your presence.
    8. I do not know any one except Krishna as my Lord and He shall remain as such even if he handles me roughly by His embrace or He may make me broken hearted by not being present before me. He is completely free to do anything but he is always my worshipful Lord, unconditionally.

  57. franco says:

    “After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare.”
    “Out of many thousands among men, one may endeavor for perfection, and of those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows Me in truth.”
    “Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego—all together these eight constitute My separated material energies.”
    “Besides these, O mighty-armed Arjuna, there is another, superior energy of Mine, which comprises the living entities who are exploiting the resources of this material, inferior nature.
    All created beings have their source in these two natures. Of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world, know for certain that I am both the origin and the dissolution.”
    O son of Kunti, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man.”
    “I am the original fragrance of the earth, and I am the heat in fire. I am the life of all that lives, and I am the penances of all ascetics.”
    “I am the strength of the strong, devoid of passion and desire. I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles, O lord of the Bharatas [Arjuna].”
    Know that all states of being—be they of goodness, passion or ignorance—are manifested by My energy. I am, in one sense, everything, but I am independent. I am not under the modes of material nature, for they, on the contrary, are within Me.”
    “This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.”
    “Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me.”
    “O best among the Bharatas, four kinds of pious men begin to render devotional service unto Me—the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is searching for knowledge of the Absolute.”
    “Of these, the one who is in full knowledge and who is always engaged in pure devotional service is the best. For I am very dear to him, and he is dear to Me.”
    “All these devotees are undoubtedly magnanimous souls, but he who is situated in knowledge of Me I consider to be just like My own self. Being engaged in My transcendental service, he is sure to attain Me, the highest and most perfect goal.”
    “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures.”

  58. franco says:

    Sri Chaitanya’s incarnation was a hidden incarnation, thus He burried references to His appearance deep within the ocean of vedic texts. His desire was that His disguise would not be betrayed, so He made sure these references would remain hidden until after His incarnation was complete. These text’s were always present, but by the inconceivable yoga-maya of the Lord, He covered His true identity even from the Vedic scholars and panditas. Only the pure devotees understood His actual identity.
    In the Ananta Samhita we find this very relevant statement regarding Sri Chaitanya’s incarnation:

  59. adam says:


  60. priya says:

    hare krishna prabhu ji

    Thankyou for enlightening on this very topic the end of world in 2012 .on news channel so much the news was pampered which created so much stress in my mind like even to die later my mind kept on repeating all that rubbish. well here my question lies that in the above news letter you wrote all the living entities will enter maha visnu and will exist there in a state of suspension.(what does this line means?) I would feel great if you highlight this very line.

    hari bol

    • Hare Krishna Priya

      This state of suspension when all the living entities enter the body of Maha-Visnu at the end of Lord Brahma’s life is like sleeping for a very long time.

      Suspension means no activity. So the life force is still there but there is no activity. It is just like sleeping.

      The whole material world becomes unmanifest at the time of Lord Brahma’s death and that is the time that all the living entities enter the body of Maha-Visnu. After some time there will be another material creation [the next outward breath of Maha-Visnu, but that is a long time compared to time as we know it] and the same living entities will again be impregnated within the new material creation by the glance of Maha-Visnu and everything will start again… The living entities will take up from the positions they left at in the previous creation…

  61. Ashwini jangam says:

    Hare krishna Prabhuji , dandavat pranam

    from many days a qstn is arising in my mind that
    what is the meaning of the statement–
    1.simple living and high thinking
    according to the vedic literatures

    • It means living simply with the minimum things only required to maintain the body.

      All these modern material advancements are called anarthas, unnecessary, unwanted things. So a devotee should live very simply and save time for Krishna consciousness.

  62. sathya says:

    hare krishna
    you told in 1000 catur yuga cycles (end of brahma’s day) the lower planetary system will be destroyed including earth.what will the living entities will do at that time.

    • When the whole universe becomes unmanifested at the end of Lord Brahma’s life all the living entities and also the pradhana, the material energy, are conserved within the body of Maha Visnu. So everyone is like sleeping for a very long time until the next creation. So the living entities are not destroyed or killed. They are put into a sort of suspended animation within the body of Maha-Visnu.

      • alka says:

        Hi madhudvisa

        Somehow my comments on this forum has lost. Re writing the comments again.

        Everyone who believes in Bhagvad gita knows that when there will be unlimited sin(ghor paap as we say in hindi) kalyug will end ( God will come down to end ignorance and evil) and satyug will start.

        So my question here is why is this not the right time for kalyug to end.
        We see sins/evil (ghor paap) being committed in every corner of the world.
        If just in 5000 years of kalyug we can see so much of sins/evils(corruption/murders/abuses etc) and many more things that goes against the law of nature, can we even imagine how much of more kalyug will come by the
        end of 427,000 years. It just seems impossible for the material world to balance this.

        I have heard that in kalyug chakra there will 3 parts( out of 4) in mode of ignorance/sins/evil and 1 part will be in the mode of goodness.

        By which pace the ignorance/sins is increasing day by day I don’t think that there will be any goodness left in the world in next 1000 years or so.
        If we see the present/current state of people in this world , I would say the world is just balanced with at least 1 part of goodness left(out of 4) around the world.

        so how can the nature/god wait for like 427,000 years for the kalyug to end when there is no goodness left at all. It just seems impossible.Nature of law is to balance everything.

        So what I want to say is Ghor kalyug is already here so why not this is the right time for a change to new yug.

        And if you think the present age is not ghor kalyug then how do you define “ghor kalyug” (by when as per your calculation the kalyug will end).

        And how can even material world run with no goodness left at all.

        • Hare Krishna Alka

          Kali-yuga gets a lot worse Prabhu. It will be running for the next 427,000 years and getting unimaginably worse and worse. You have not seen anything yet. It will get so bad Prabhu. We do have the next 10,000 years where the Sankirtan movement of Lord Caitanya will be running but after that time it will be very difficult indeed.

          The universal affairs are set up in a very exact way and they are working like clockwork. The sun and the moon and all the other planets and stars are moving on their respective orbits in such an organized and exact way. The sun is rising and setting in such an exact way that it is accurate to thousandths of a second. So if the system is that Kali-yuga is to run 427,000 more years it will run for 427,000 more years. Some hints are given in the twelfth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam as to how bad it will get.

          There will be no food in the mode of goodness. No fruits, no vegetables, no grains. Only meat. And because of the lack of food humans will only live to about 20 years of age and they will be very small. Like not even a meter tall. And there will be a horrible smell coming from them. If one can live to 22-25 he will be considered a grand old man. And you can only imagine how hellish the conditions of life will be then.

          So the real point is Prabhu we should not stick around and wait for this time. We need to become pure devotees of Krishna now and go back home back to Godhead. Otherwise the future for us is very, very, very dark…

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

  63. paddu says:

    hare krishna
    prabhu ji could you please explane me the topic.

    why krsna accepted the women as his wives who were rescued by him????

    • Because they were devotees Prabhu and they wanted Krishna as their Husband.

      Krishna fulfils the desires of His devotees. They wanted Krishna as their husband so Krishna accepted them as His wives.

  64. gustavo says:

    thankyou so much for clearing the doubts of 2012 world end the article was very interesting and informative .

  65. Kelly says:

    I enjoyed reading your article, and of course am somewhat relieved about the world’s fate now!

    We do need to look after our ‘material’ world so much better so we can live harmoniously with nature and with others.

    Thanks again 🙂

  66. vigneshwar says:

    it was nice to read

  67. tanvi chauhan says:

    This article was really very helpful but now i am left with a haunting question…
    after end of kaliyug and start of satyug, will events and history repeat itself? ie will rama and krishna be born again? will there be mahabharat again? Will all these incidents transpire just as we know them now? Or something completely diff shall happen?

    pls reply….Jay Shri Krishna!

  68. yoshna says:

    Hare Krishna Madhudvisa dasa Prabhuji!

    I simply wish to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

    All your newsletters are my boost-ups!

    Hare Krsna!

  69. fred hedhult says:

    What shall die? Shall the Punks in this world thake kontroll over greed? Shall it be pease in irak in the 300 hundred years long war?

    • lou says:

      Everyone shall die. What does it matter 300 years from now… ? The punks are also part of God, and if your desire is to become a ”punk” you will become one. As of now, you are stuck here with us and them ,so deal with it.

  70. Nagender says:

    Hare Krishna prabhuji,,,

    Yes prabhu this is true and im accepting this there is no end for this material nature….

    And my doubt is …….
    If we reach our real home means backto godhead,then after destruction of this material world then krishna again create this nature again right k in that time the souls who are with krishna(who got mukthi by krishna grace) those also again come back ah?
    krishna said my devotee who attain me never come back?

    please reply me prabhuji….
    hare krishna

    your servent..

    • Hare Krishna Nagender

      Thanks for the question Prabhu.

      No. Once the souls are liberated and go back home, back to Godhead they do not come back to this material world.

      What happens is at the time of the destruction of the universe the souls at that time do not get mukti. They do not go back to Godhead. Going back to Godhead is not so easy, it does not happen automatically just because the universe is destroyed.

      Nothing is really destroyed. The material world is sometimes manifest and sometimes not manifest. So when the material world is not manifest all the material elements, the atoms if you like, everything that actually makes up the material part of the material world, is conserved in the mahat-tattva. That is the reservoir of all the material elements. And the living entities do go within the body of Maha-Visnu who is sleeping, lying on the casual ocean. Even though all the universes are in the non-manifest condition Maha-Visnu remains, lying on the casual ocean and actually everything is drawn back within His body. When He breathes out all the universes come out of the pores of His body and when He breathes in all the universes again enter within His body.

      The universes come out in seed form and expand and also contract back to the seed form and reenter His body.

      So for the first half of the universe [we are coming up to the end of the first half] the universe is expanding and for the second half it is contracting. The scientists are making all these expanding universe theories but they do not know that one day the universe will stop expanding and start contracting…

      Anyhow the point is that although all the living entities do enter within the body of Maha Visnu at the time of the non-manifestation of the material world, this is not actually mukti or liberation, it is a state of suspended animation, the matter is conserved in the mahat-tattva and the living entities are conserved within the body of Maha-Visnu and when there is the time for a new creation the universe will be recreated with the same matter from the mahat-tattva and the same living entities who have been in suspended animation within the body of Maha-Visnu will be awakened and they will populate this “new” universe.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  71. Yashodanandan Das says:

    The world is NOT ENDINING in 2012. That is just science-fiction. In other words our so-called modern science is 95% fictitious and has got nothing to do with reality. The defect of modern science is that it only depends on sensual perception while at the same time it confesses that our senses are limited ! So in other words modern science irreconcilably contradicts itself!
    In this universe true knowledge and wisdom can only be found in the Vedic scriptures. SO THE WORLD WILL NOT END IN 2012. It will end after 155.518 TRILLION YEARS as the Vedic Scriptures mention. Guys we have a lot of time for argument till then !
    Do some Krishna-Bhakti people ! Why worry about when the world ends ? For some people the world may end tomorrow ! They may never see 2012 , forget about 155.518 Trillion Years !

  72. Rhamita says:

    The world will end 2012.. I can feel it… not from global warming or anything like that though I think it will end by an unexpected star exploding

  73. Shashika says:

    Hare Krishna. Please would you confirm, when we are writing exams. I hope I have not missed them. Thank you

  74. Shashika says:

    Hare Krishna.
    These news letters are most enspiring. I read them each morning before commencing work. The end of the world? This was a question which my husband asked me about two weeks ago. We were watching a documentary on television about the end of the world in 2012. And. my answer was that I did not believe what had been documented. Reason being that Krishna is our controller of this universe & knowing we are living in Kali-Yuga, there was more devastation to come for a very long time. ANd, only Krishna controls this, not man. I did not beleive what i had seen.

    Being that as it may, I am very pleased to receive these newsletters & have such a thirst for spiritual knowledge. There is so much to learn and apply in our daily life’s. I look forward to the next inspiring newsletter. Thank you for confirming my thoughts about ” the end of the world”. Hare Krishna.

  75. neethi says:

    hare krishna
    Thank you very much for all your newsletters prabhuji. -they are so much filled with devotion and science.keep mailing

  76. punita says:

    jai shri krishna
    thankyou so much for clearing the doubts of 2012 world end the article was very interesting and informative

  77. pulkit says:

    Hare Krsna….

    iam a student and new to KC.though i have started to feel a deep attachemnt to krsna,the supreme personality of GODHEAD,PRAMBHRAMH PRAMATAMA.

    I have read in BTG an interview of Prabhupad that after around 10000 years from now there be no hare krsna.people will move towards ignorance(meat eating etc.).and then after many years our krsna will come in form of kalki and save the fallen souls as they are not concioues about there reson of origion and will be unable to understand KC. but there will be some pious people left who will be transformed to stayug. now my querry is if we the atmas will seelp for 4.2 billion years then what will happen to the pious solues who are eligible to move to the spritula world.

  78. Ranesh Kumar Naha says:

    May GOD bless the world.

    My question is that, as per Ramayana catur-yuga just complete seven cycle (As per Hanuman found seven rings in the sea). But as per your description the life of this universe is 4.3 billion years. And the universe is about 2.15 billion years old at the moment. So what is the real things?

  79. Aparna says:

    ur newsletters are most helpful in involking a keen desire to know the unknown. About the doomsday, i think there has been misinterpretations. Dec 2012 is supposed to bring in a period where man would be instrumental in deciding his own fate in future.Either he continues to devastate nature until his own destruction or realise his folly and correct himself so that he can live. So some natural disaster is prophesised on a mass scale which will make man rethink as to how he is spoiling mother nature. But this would only serve as a warning and so is not the end of the world as is being projected.
    Anyway, end of the world should not invoke any fear in us who are true devotees of god bec it simply means liberation from all miseries. So a doomsday or death prediction should anyway not affect true beleiveres of god in any way!

  80. cesare says:

    I offer you my humble obeisances. I am 44, I’ve been reading Srimad Bhagavatam since the age of 16. I know very well what is being said in this letter. It’s easy to talk to different persons and letting them know that the world it’s not gonna end in 2012, the difficult bit is to get through their ignorance: to them it stays as being the truth,nothing is going to change their minds; they still believe the end is going to be 2012. Nonsense.There, I’ve said it. Jai Krishna jai.

  81. Yashodananadan Das says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji ! Please accept my dandavat pranamas . This insignificant servant of yours would like to bring to your notice the following flaws in the conception of universal timescales in the above article:-

    1. There are two types of dissolutions(annihilations).One is partial and one is complete.The dissolution(destruction) you have mentioned here(every 4.3 billion years)is just the time for partial destruction when Brahama goes to mystic slumber and meditates on Lord Govinda.It is not the total lifespan of the entire universe.The universe will not exist only for 1000 chaturyuga cycles. 1000 chaturyuga cycles=12 hours of Brahma(Daytime).Another 1000= 12 hours of Brahma(Nightime).During the night of Brahma all the lower planetary systems except Brahamaloka are inundated by floods. This is called partial dissolution.But the universe is not destroyed otherwise Brahama will also die.

    2.The Actual lifespan of the Universe is = 100 years of Brahama.
    That is=100 x 360 x 2 x 1 day of Brahama = 311 trillion and 40 billion years. Right now our Brahma is just around 50 years old(that is approximately around 155.522 trillion years) ! So our Universe is 155.522 trillion years old which interestingly is 10000 times the age of our universe as calculated by NASA which only around 15 billion years ! So our Universe will last another 155.518 trillion years (of course there will be partial destructions during each Brahama Night but the universe will remain and only all the types of bodies of the jivas will be destroyed)!

    3.The present period in which we are is 5112 years since the Kaliyuga of the 28th Chaturyuga cycle began , ruled by Vivaswat Manu(who is the 7th Manu out of 14 Manus who appear in a 12 hour day of Brahama), in the the 1st kalpa(day of Brahama) after completing his 50 years.

    I fall down at your feet and plead you to correct the typing mistake above.
    Thank You.
    Your Insignificant eternal servant
    Yashodanandan das

  82. XYZ says:

    Mind blowing information ! Hare Krishna friends !

  83. prashant says:

    respected sir i think the world is not completed. end come after completion for new start. yet lot of people wondering in darkness

  84. anneliese says:

    the world is going to end and its not nonsense !!!!!!!!!! i mean it

  85. amit guleria says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ji, all respectful obeisances unto ur lotus feet. Ur e-mail is a sort of eye opener for all those who r believing that the world will end in 2012. All of ur information is true as it is based on ancient Vedic scriptures. There is no element of doubt in it. Conditioned souls on this planet r busy in numerous things and r manipulating many useless things. We should firmly believe in Lord Krishna’s words in Bhagavad Gita that only taking shelter of His lotus feet is only way to escape from the miseries of this material world. Otherwise we have to take repetitive birth in this material world life after life. Hare Krishna

  86. lijk says:

    the world is going to end so its not complete nonsense

  87. shivam agrawal says:

    hare krishna,

    point 1

    lord brahma is the creator of universe. he was born out of the SUPREME. brahma has 100 years to live. each of his year is 1 cycle of 4 yugas(hope that is correct). in short, even brahma is constanatly changing. only the SUPREME lord is constant.

    M theory of hawking states that there is no vaccum in vaccum. rather, in vaccum there is constant break up and recombination too subtle to detect by todays instruments.

    hawking radiation says that near black hole, when a particle breaks up into say 2, one part is attracted by the supergravity of black hole. while the other particle at the periphery of black hole “hangs” out and gets REAL. lord has said that one should not only avoid a bad company but also practice refrain from unneceaasry groupism/friendships as this world is full of mooh-maya. howvere, practically, indulgence and interactions with humans is necessary as long a sit helps in spiritual development. the measure of how mucha one has developed spiritually is seen in one’s behaviour especially restraint from repeating old “habits”. the world then becomes your ‘secretary’ that keeps reminding you of ur old habits and ur job is just to observe urself and ultimately eradicating those feelings of love and compaasion along with those of hatred and anger.

    point 2

    there is already so much division and hatred @ 500 years WHAT WILL THE WORLD LOOK LIKE AFTER 400000 YEARS AND WHAT WILL HUMAN BODY MADE UP OF?
    surely, all materialistic fiction shown in movies will be reality at least by then.

    to end, i dont know and i dont care abt u but suerely i WILL NOT BE BORN IN ‘THAT’ later kalyug.


    • Yashodanandan das says:

      Dear friend you were born in this world , in which you reside presently. You did not choose your present birth, but you were,are and eternally will be(until you do Krishna-Bhakti) at the mercy of Krishna’s nature(prakriti which is His Bahiranga-Shakti).
      So no one can say ” I will not be born…” . Actually we do not know where we will be born , when and in what form.
      friend’s love and regards
      Hare Krishna

  88. Sekar Mahendran says:

    Hare Krishna Prabu,
    Dandavat Pranams Prabhu,
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Thank you very much for your enlightening mails and articles.I have one small doubt. As the forth coming yuga is satya yuga, is it the transformation of all people into Krishna conscious devotees (vision of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)at the end of this yuga so that there is no need for any big revolution.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      That is a long, long, time in the future.

      In the meantime we still have another 427,000 years of Kali-yuga left, do you really want to continue taking birth after birth in this material world and suffering for the next 427,000 years? Better take to Krishna consciousness seriously now and at the end of this body go back home, back to Godhead.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  89. Franco says:


  90. anjana says:

    Hare krishna Sir ,

    I haven’t recieved any further letters since 5/07/10 .I am keenly reading out your letters sir and i am saving them also.your letters have really helped in taking a step forward towards understanding bhagwad gita . Since understanding bhagwad gita is not a small thing so i am going only step by step taking up one shlok and trying to undaerstand it .So this is my humble request to you to please keep sendig me your valuable letters. waiting for your next letter .

    Rambhakt anjana

  91. amit shyam galagali says:

    My sincere respect to madhudvisa dasa, i was not a spiritual person before but after attending a workshop in ISKCON for mind control i became one. but of late i am not able to concentrate myself on any subject let it be the supreme head himself or my academics. i do not know what is causing this but it has been very disturbing.
    i used to chant maha mantra every day and then all of a sudden i do not know what took me and i am unable to concentrate on that as well.
    this is hurting me a lot and my closed ones. firstly, i want to concentrate on my cet(common entrance test) as it is fast approaching and secondly i want to maintain my relationship with the supreme godhead by constantly chanting the maha mantra.
    please guide me as i am unable to do it myself and i need a guru to guide me. please allow me to take support of your respectable and applaudable knowledge and devotion.
    waiting curiously for your reply.

    hare krishna

  92. shubhangini says:

    Hardik Namaskar prabhuji!
    Shree Krishna sharanam Namaha

    Thnks for this wonderful information I found it interesting & funny. I am actually not worried about it or afraid about it anymore because for each individual for himself/itself it is only a experience of death which the soul has been coming experiencing many time in many yugas. The universe so vast its period is naturally vast. We are so tiny & helpless things/ souls in front of it. It is the kingdom of the Supreme power we are at its mercy. I believe its play is for our betterment and not for destruction. we put ourselves in wrong situations or period(yuga) by our wrong deeds.

  93. Jaya Jagannatha,Hare Krishna Prabhuji, I really enjoyed the article like reading books of Srila Prabhupad . The explanation is so high order. Already Lord Jagannath and Balabhadra are in Kalki Avtar. Both brothers are on black and white horse in Purushottam Dham. They will finish the papis and save devotees. So only chants Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. Thank you Prabhuji. Hare Krishna

  94. Aneal Desaine says:

    Hari bol Prabhuji
    Great info. what a pity though, that the “so-called” educated PPl in society cannot understand or accept it.
    So, what IS going to happen in 2012?

    Aneal Desaine
    (Achala-Dharaka Dasa)

  95. arthi says:

    when vishnu will take avataar?.Iam waiting for him.

    • sarva says:

      You’ll have a very, very long wait. The next sceduled incarnaion is Kalki avatara. He comes in about 400,000 years.

      • Parthasarathy says:

        Hare Krishna Madhudvisa Dasa Prabhu,

        I want to know what the scriptures say about Dasavatara. After Kalki, will the Avataras of Lord Sriman Narayana repeat in the same order Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, ….. ?

        Jai Sriman Narayana

  96. Franco says:

    My dear Madhudvisa—-friend
    thank you for informing me about the relise of the poems of Bhaktivedanta by iskon this a great thing…all followers of his divine grace must be happy as you are in your letter
    i will give this information to other devotees…whom should be interested…
    I pray this could be the begining of being fortunate to recieve all what Prabhupada wrote said
    expressed…my Bhagavan Krishna open there hearts for this attitude opens ours.
    god bless you….LORD GIVE US SERVICE AT THY LOTUS FEET…JAYA Bhaktivedanta…

  97. Franco says:

    Madhudvisa das……..THIS A nice letter from Gauridasa PANDITA to a friend..
    it lets you see the nice service he had for Prabhupada
    Srila Prabhupada Memories ~ ”
    Do Not Change My Words!”

    Srila Prabhupada used to like to sit in his garden in Sri Vrindavan Dham. I served him there in the Spring and Summer of 1977. Srila Prabhupada would usually hear devotees read his books or have Kirtan. He would also hear letters from devotees around the world and respond to them. Most of the time though he would chant japa. He had small, medium and big beads. He usually picked the big beads.

    It was my duty to prepare the garden for Srila Prabhupada. He liked to have the Lord Brahma fountain running. The sound was peaceful. I put clean cloth on his seat and on the carpet where the devotees and guests would sit. I would light a bunch of sticks of his favorite incense, Kesar Chandan, saffron/sandalwood, and stick them in the ground on both sides of his seat. This created a nice atmosphere for meditation on the Lord also. His reading glasses and water were put by his seat. I also made sure the tape recorder was there because we recorded most everything Srila Prabhupada said. The secretary usually handled the tape recorder but sometimes I did also. The secretary would later mail the tapes to the BBT in LA for mass distribution to the devotees all over the world.

    One morning Yasodanandan Prabhu was reading to Srila Prabhupada when he stopped him and asked him to read the last paragraph again. After hearing it again Srila Prabhupada said, “Those are not my words! They are changing my words!” Srila Prabhupada became very upset and continued, “This is the worst thing a disciple can do! Do not become like a leap frog and try to jump over the spiritual master thinking you know better than him.” Turning to his secretary, Tamal Krsna Maharaja, he said, “Tell them immediately do not change my words!”

    Srila Prabhupada was very upset about the changes in his books. I never saw him get so angry any other time. I wouldn’t’ want to be the recipient of that anger of the spiritual master! It would be better not to edit his work after his departure. Before he approved any and all ‘changes’ which were limited to improper spelling or grammatical mistakes, such as improper sentences. Now that he is not here to approve it, all editing of the authorized original writings should be discontinued.

    When Srila Prabhupada was asked by Revatinandan Prabhu if we could read Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati’s books; Srila Prabhupada said we could; but not the ones that were edited. Srila Prabhupada also told Revatinandan Prabhu, that we really couldn’t understand Bhaktisidhanta’s books. He said not even his Godbrothers could understand them. Then Srila Prabhupada said, “Actually, he wrote those books for me.”(Memories of Srila Prabhupada)

    Srila Prabhupada translated what he called the ‘spiritual law books’ for the next 10,000 years, day and night. I used to set up his desk with all his recording equipment every evening on his upper floor outside. Srila Prabhupada would usually come upstairs at sunset and translate for most of the night. He would only sleep for about two hours then wake, bath and come to the garden. He translated constantly despite his busy preaching schedule. He lives on in the books. He said before he left the planet that he had given us everything in his books. He said if we read his books and cooperated together, everything would go on nicely.

    Some of the reasons given to justify the editing are that it is closer to what Srila Prabhupada said on the original tapes. Srila Prabhupada lectured on many verses many times and never said to change them. If he saw a need he would have said it. He authorized about three changes, not the 800+- we have in the new Bhagavad Gita. We need Bhagavad Gita As It Was! There is a nice feeling to the original Srila Prabhupada authorized editions. I’m sure more devotees would be inspired to read and distribute the pure original Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

    When a new book came out in the last days Srila Prabhupada would be in total bliss. I remember when he was so sick he couldn’t walk or hardly sit up. When he heard that the new Srimad Bhagavatam had arrived, he asked to be propped up on his bed. He asked for his glasses and more light. As he marveled over the quality of the book and the excellent printing and artwork, tears came to his eyes. This gave him great encouragement and satisfaction knowing we would all benefit from his books for thousands of years to come.

    Another time when Srila Prabhupada asked Upendra Prabhu to read in the garden, Upendra asked him why he liked to hear his own books so much. Srila Prabhupada said, “I did not write these books. Krishna wrote these books!”

    When Srila Prabhupada came into the room and caught me reading the Srimad Bhagavatam, he smiled nicer than ever and told his secretary, “He’s reading in his spare time; this is very good!” I was surprised to see how happy Srila Prabhupada was because I was reading. Srila Prabhupada put everything into his books and we would be better off to accept them as he left them, perfect and complete. They made so many devotees in the past and will in the future. They are tried and true!

    Another important publication is the ‘Back To Godhead’ magazine. Srila Prabhupada said the BTG and Harinam Sankirtan are ‘the backbone of our movement.’ We still need Harinam and a mass distribution BTG. So many of us became devotees by getting a BTG one way or another. It should be 25 to 50 cents so we can distribute it for a dollar or so. The old BTG’s were great. We could update the calendar and bring back the all-attractive ‘Back To Godhead! So the editers wouldn’t be out of their service, they can produce a regular mass distribution BTG.

    Seeing the charm and great Vaisnava wit of Srila Prabhupada in action even to the last moment was and is my inspiration. You had to be quick, quiet, clean and clever to be one of Srila Prabhupada’s personal servants. Srila Prabhupada was constantly showing us how to do devotional service properly. We need to share this knowledge and help the devotees make advancement on the path of perfection.

    99% of the time, Srila Prabhupada was as gentle as a lamb; but when he rarely got angry he became in the mood of Nasringadeva. We servants would go out of the room if possible when Srila Prabhupada was upset about anything which was usually the improper preaching or practices of the devotees. He would correct the devotees if they would benefit from it, and could assimilate it, it was always ‘constructive criticism.’

    Srila Prabhupada said the disease of the Americans is that we want to change everything. Let’s get rid of this disease and maintain what Srila Prabhupada has worked so hard to give us; without adulteration or change.

    Srila Prabhupada is an ocean of mercy and the most fortunate souls will benefit from his highest ecstacies, his books, for the rest of this Golden Age of Lord Sri CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU.

    Hoping this meets you in best of health and happiness in KC!
    Your friend and servant,
    Gauridasa Pandita Dasa
    Chant Hare KRSNA
    and your life will
    be Sublime!

  98. Tiffany says:

    Happy day & Hare Krsna! Hare Krsna! Krsna! Krsna! Hare Rama! Hare Rama! Rama! Rama! Hare! Hare!

    In the NOW I AM Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance & Smiles 2 Share 😉 😉 😉

    With many gracious thank yous!

  99. Franco says:

    Amigo Madhuvisa das

    Kaliyuga is confirming its presence Prabhupada books are in the middle
    There must be a real analized text by text comparation

    by Many MANY scholars and devotees opinions must be put in place.

    In my country,,,there was an important topic to be analized.
at first the goverment had its only word…but after they open up and this spoke better of them for they aceppted diferent opionions made summary and a better relation was posible.if This had results that was a material thing imagine a spiritual matter.

    Better analized by many to see what was done right what wrong not to judge but reorganize
    for the best…..Expert scholars so many expertees in all subjects… the sum of all these lead us to HAVE A BETTER RESULTS……Krishna understanding.

    Finally relations got better people understood the points others made for the best of all
even if it took time …..if this happens….Spiritual DEMOCRACY…will take place.

    this May be if many devotee a peaceful dialoge with iskon to veiw this matter that very important
 for the future of Krishna understanding may perhaps open the door for dialoge for serious mature devotees.

    It is not to encourage divisions its for the best results Bhaktivedanta showed devotees to be tolarant humble wise understanding i beg lord Krishna to help dialoge to arise devotee to devotee this will bring union that is what is needed.

    i have always have been a peacemaker a bad habit i have devotees must look for direct respectful dialoge with GBC…present a proposal and work together ACTING AS MATURE SERIOUS DEVOTEES i know many have tried but keep knocking…

    But be as one in Krishna understanding.
    ……Sincerly A none qualified person…..everyone s friend…….

    Viva Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada…BHAKTIGURU OF THE WORLD….

  100. Tiffany says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu!

    With many gracious thank yous full of Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance & Smiles 2 Share 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hare Krsna! Hare Krsna! Krsna! Krsna! Hare! Hare! Hare Rama! Hare Rama! Rama! Rama! Hare! Hare!

  101. Mahendra singh bhandari says:

    I am mahendra i want to say that ISKCON temple is a very importent part of our life to learn about religion and god.The human being has always been in pain, suffring, strugguling, tension, decies and misfotunes. But we have to know that all our tension, struggling, decies, pain and misfotuness is based on our “Porwajanam karma”. God have given to us lot of difficulties, these difficulties are our “Purwajanam Karma”. We have to become mentaly strong to face our all next dificulties.
    If we do not want more struggling so we have to Chant “hare Krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare.” regularly and everytime.

  102. GANAPATI M.G. says:

    very good article ontime ondot…


  103. vinita says:

    Hi (for me every greeting is equivalent to Harekrishana),

    I do not have much knowledge about anythink,
    so please forgive me if i hurt anyone’s sentiments.

    I completely do not believe in 2012 story at all.
    Your data 4.3 billion years matches to the age of
    our SUN roughly,
    so your theory might be correct.
    Moreover Physics says that our world is 13.7 billion year old,
    is there any such data in your theory?
    But i do not believe in Satyuga, dwaper………
    that is how can only be good n good in any world,
    what would be the purpose of that world at all?

    “it will be same again after 4.3 billion years”
    So what would be the purpose of all this.
    Einstein says,
    “God does not play dice”,
    but is there any God at all?
    May be all this is beyond reasons.

    And please explain if after 4.3 billion years every thing would be exactly similar or……………

    That is for now.

  104. Vamsi Krishna says:

    Hi Madhudvisa dasa jee,
    Nice article. Thanks for sharing. Now a days bad things are happening in the world like Murders, Rapes,etc..,. But when will be the end for all this things ?
    When can i expect a human helps another with out expecting any thing from him ?
    Why there is no fear about the god ?
    Why god also helps for the bad people not for the good one’s ?

    • Hare Krishna Vamis Krishna Prabhu

      What you are seeing are the symptoms of Kali-Yuga, the age of quarrel and strife. It started about 5000 years ago just after Krishna disappeared form this planet and will go for a total of 432,000 years. So you can see that we have just started in the Kali-Yuga and already it is so bad. It will get much worse Prabhu, not better. This is a very bad time for the world and very difficult for practising spiritual life. Everywhere around us maya is so strong and there are so many distractions from spiritual life. But there is one great benefit of this Kali-yuga: “This Kali-yuga is an ocean of faults, but there is one great boon, simply by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra one can be very easily liberated.”

      Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was aware of the great difficulties we would have in practising spiritual life in this age of Kali. So he has given us this special mercy. Simply by chanting the Hare Krishna maha mantra we can easily become free from all the bad effects of Kali-yuga and if we can chant the name of Krishna at the time of death we will go back home, back to Godhead, and never have to return to this miserable material world again.

      So please very seriously take to the chanting of this Hare Krishna maha mantra Prabhu.

      The bad effects of Kali can be counteracted by the Sankirtan movement for at least the next 10,000 years if we only had Sankirtan devotees going out on the streets of all the worlds great cities performing sankirtan… But unfortunately because of the corruption and incorrect direction that ISKCON has headed in now the sankirtan has practically stopped. So the evils of Kali are increasing without limit.

      The world that you desire can be created by the sankirtan movement. Because ISKCON is no longer a sankirtan society, a new world-wide society is needed to spread the Sankirtan movement of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu to every town and village…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  105. afsaneh says:

    I’ve heard from Islamic books that end of the world is near but nobody knows the time except god,
    but it is said when the world would be full of cruelty some one comes whose name is Emame Zaman then the world would be full of justice for a period of time then …I think in vedas is mentioned also as Kalky.

  106. Khyati says:

    Very nice article,

    Thanks you very much for sending.


  107. vikas chaudhary says:

    Hare Krsna Prabhu ,Thankyou for this enlightening artilce.

  108. Neemai says:

    Jay shri Krishna dear Madhudvisa dasa.
    your article is very nice and elaborate but your statement that ‘the “life” of the universe is 4,300,000,000 years or 4.3 billion years’ actually worried me a bit, mainly because i came across and studied many scientific articles which state that ‘Geologic calculations result in an age for the Earth and meteorites, and hence the Solar System, of 4.54 billion years with an uncertainty of less than 1 percent’ … you would obviously understand my anxiety since if such figures were correct then it would indeed mean that doomsday is behind the door!

    but as i read on i see you writing ‘the universe is about 2.15 billion years old at the moment’ …well its a relief coz this gives us quite some time to mend our ways and get back to Godhead.unless we make our way to vaikunta, we’ll all be dancing around like donkeys..on and off wiz the never-ending cycles.

    but dear guru, though ive read among your answers that you quote your figures and rely solely on the vedas..still a small query lingers in my untamed mind…the krisna consciousness movement has always given scientific explanations about the should i seek 4 a reason about such discrepancy? what is the best attitude to adopt in face of such dilemma.

    shamefully..the heart wants to believe in the vedas but the rebellious mind wants 2 believe in science.can you please shower some peace.
    many thanks..Jay Shri Krishna!

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      Science is faulty because all scientific knowledge is the result of speculations based on observations and experimentation. What the scientists do not realize is the very senses [the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, sense of touch, etc] they use to gather the evidence they use to formulate their “scientific theories” are faulty and inaccurate. So they start with faulty and incomplete information and they speculate it with their faulty brains so the result must always be faulty.

      And this is proven if you study the “evolution” of science throughout the years. If you look at science from 100 years ago it will seem ridiculous from today’s “scientific” viewpoint, if you look at todays science 100 years in the future it will also look rediculous.

      The only way you can get real knowledge is by hearing from an authority who knows. The material scientists can hardly see anything of the workings of the universe so they can never understand how the universe is working. If you want to know how it works you have to get that information from someone who actually knows how it works, not someone who is simply speculating based on faulty observations and experiments.

      The universe is actually much older. This 4,320,000,000 figure is just one day of Brahma. Brahma lives for 100 years, each year has 12 months and each month has 30 days. And his night is also 4,320,000,000 solar years. And he is in his fifties. But at the end of each day of Brahma there is a devastation of all the lower planetary systems. First there is a great fire. The sun burns at 12 times the normal temprature and all the water in the universe evaporates and everything is engulfed in an extremely intense fire. Then there are great rains and everyhting if flooded all the way up to the sun and the sun is extinguished. That is Lord Brahma’s night. During his night [of 4,300,000,000 solar years] the water receeds and in the morning of Brahma the sun starts shining again and Lord Brahma wakes up and starts organizing things in the universe again. So at this time the planets are not actually destroyed. There is a great fire and there a great flood but the planets themselves remain. So the actual age of the earth plant is very, very, very old…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  109. forrest walters says:

    Why, from his own point of view, and apart from general humanitarian considerations, should anyone care about future incarnations, since, if I understand correctly, those are different personalities?

    • Real incarnations of Krishna are not different personalities.

      There is one Supreme Personality of Godhead, He incarnates in different forms and features, but He is the same personality.

  110. krishna bhakt says:

    If once we achieve salvation ,then do we again come into this material world again in another cycle or we do stay with mahavishnu for infinite time???

    • If you go back home, back to Godhead. To Krishna, you do not come back again to the material world. If you get impersonal liberation that is ultimately not satisfying so you will again fall back down to the material world after some time.

  111. manish says:

    Hare Krsna ,

    For the past 2 months I am very worried about the present state of our planet and how are we falling each day.The issues such as Genetic foods specially disturb me I have been reading the blogs by Madhudvisa Dasa and it is great to know more about spiritual awekening.Please show me a way how I can stop worrying on such issues and concentrate on the Lord .

    • Hare Krishna Manish Prabhu

      Things will go on, in the material world the demons will do so many terrible things. Our defense is the Hare Krishna maha mantra. This is the most powerful thing in the universe and it can counteract all the prenicious effects of Kali-yuga — if we chant it!

      So please Prabhu chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra on beads at least 16 rounds a day.

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

  112. Franco says:

    Hello AMIGO Madhudvisa,,das,..hello everyone….

    I would like to coment that it would be well come for ALL the devotees around the world to hear all theses 500 hundred recordings iN what ever cuality they may be… they must be digitalize preserved and benefit the many people that may do…Such as the known videos benefited many people like me to understand in a direct way the knowlegde he left us…..

    Srila Prabhupada complet works must be expposed for he is one of Greatest Writers of all times it is previlige to know his translations…of the old texts of the krishna understanding…. is not easy…..for many may try but many may get it wrong …not only a traslation is needed… but to extract of the scriptures in its the reel meaning hold in Sastras…only he had the pureness to explain it….in a simple way.

    ………….My humble eternal respects to this Humbe Holy Man…………..

    Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada left an important legacy for all future and present generations….for the human race its so important…its not just any information…it is really finding out finally the puzzule…of the world the understanding of hiding things…and where you belong…and all things you ignored ..really finding a beatiful sunrise.

    It is the ticket out of the material world….it is the main knowlege human being needs to really be happy and be wise..all the holy scritures of the world show us the word of god in all his names…not one say stay here be happy we must prepare We must tracend spiritualy

    Were ever there is a temple in the world it is really also a piece of my spiritual master
    for when ever he bath the Deity s with yogurth with all the festivity of the moment.

    Oferings…incence …Sacret fire …Water…Prasadam …Chants …Cartals….Mercy…. Compassion…. Sacrifice ….kirtans… Joy…..Happiness… knowlegde….YOU made every place a place of joy for the lord for he had arrived…
    that is what he give to us pure love of Krishna.

    ….IMAGINE…IF WITH ALL THE KNOW VIDEOS LETTERS AUDIO RECORDINGS TV PROGRAMS ETC had such an influence on young and mature people…
    in all this information in films audios.. anything thats important to show the world the complete view of his work here on earth ….
    its so important to complete all he s work… so every one knows…what he did …what he said….how he said it …how he felt it he may seem in extasis in Sannasi Spirit
    all that and recieveing also all his books…He s many master piece s in the world of liturature…. Bhagavad gita…Sridmad Bhagavatam…..Chaitanya Caritmmrita….AND MANY MORE….

    i hope the wise man in ISKON …will give a positive a answer… may give an impulse to the movent…devotees would be anxios …to recieve extra spiritual information like lighting a candale…..and maybe many more days may devotees join more and work together for the sake of Krishna for the human race for the sake of the spiritual master.
    ………….Finally i pray lord Krishna to give us service at his lotus feet………..
    …..your friend…

  113. gorgis says:

    the world will never and

  114. Mayank Gupta says:

    it has been discussed in the above article that the total age of the universe is 4.3 billion yrs. but the modern scientific data says that the current age of the universe is betweeen 13.5-14 billion yrs. in fact the age of the earth is around 4.54 billion yrs. I am totally confused. Please clarify.

    • Science is always changing its mind about these these things. That means they do not know actually. It is all based on speculation and theories. They have no idea of the actual truth.

      The exact, correct and unchanging facts you can find in the Vedas.

      Very roughly the universe lasts for the lifetime of Lord Brahma. He is born and creates it from the elements supplied by Krishna and he lives for 100 years and then dies. He is about 1/2 way through his life. His day is 1000 catu-yuga cycles of 4,300,000 years. His night is another thousand cycles. So just one day and night for Lord Brahma is 8,600,000,000. So that 4.54 billion years is only one day of Lord Brahma. At the end of Lord Brahma’s days there is a partial devastation of the lower planets in the universe. Basically they are flooded. But the planets remain and everything is fixed up again when Lord Brahma wakes up the next morning.

      So the scientists are very wrong with this 13.5 billion year figure. That is only 1.5 days of Lord Brahma and he lives for 100 years, each year is having 12 months of 30 days. And that is the total duration of the universe and we are about half way through at the moment.

      So the actual age of the universe at the moment [very roughly] is (4,300,000 * 1,000 * 2 * 30 * 12 * 100) / 2 = 103,200,000,000,000

      I don’t know how you would say that number… It is a big number…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Parthasarathy says:

        Here is another report which shows that scientists themselves are thinking unscientifically. They still believe that the Universe was created some 14 billion years ago, even though there is no scientific evidence. These scientists always start with the presumption that there is no God, which they cannot prove at all.

        GENEVA: The world’s largest atom smasher conducted its first experiments at conditions nearing those after the Big Bang, breaking its own record for high-energy collisions with proton beams crashing into each other on Tuesday at 3.5 times more force than ever before.

        In a milestone for the $10-billion Large Hadron Collider’s ambitious bid to reveal details about theoretical particles and microforces, scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, collided the beams and took measurements at a combined energy level of 7 trillion electron volts (TeV).

        “That’s it! They’ve had a collision,” said Oliver Buchmueller from Imperial College in London as people closely watched monitors.

        In a control room, scientists erupted with applause when the first successful collisions were confirmed. Their colleagues from around the world were tuning in by remote links to witness the new record, which surpasses the 2.36 TeV CERN recorded last year.

        Dubbed the world’s largest scientific experiment, researchers hope the machine can approach on a tiny scale what happened in the first split seconds after the Big Bang, which they theorise was the creation of the universe some 14 billion years ago.

        The extra energy in Geneva is expected to reveal even more about the unanswered questions of particle physics, such as the existence of antimatter and the search for the Higgs boson, a hypothetical particle that scientists theorise gives mass to other particles and thus to other objects and creatures in the universe.

        Two beams of protons began 10 days ago to speed at high energy in opposite directions around the tunnel, the coldest place in the universe, at a couple of degrees above absolute zero. CERN used powerful superconducting magnets to force the two beams to cross, creating collisions and showers of particles. “Experiments are collecting their first physics data —historic moment here!” a scientist tweeted on CERN’s official Twitter account.

        “Nature does it all the time with cosmic rays [and with higher energy] but this is the first time this is done in Laboratory!” said another tweet.

        When collisions become routine, the beams will be packed with hundreds of billions of protons, but the particles are so tiny that few will collide at each crossing.

  115. Franco says:


    There was once a humble man of god who came in search of us
    with all the love in his heart to show the world love of Krishna…
    He came with no material opulence fighting for his life on the way to America…

    All by himself helping people out of drugs out of maya in complete
    ignorance…starting with a little place where he could teach pure love of godhead
    showing people to chant Krishna s name…and teaching the lords pastime s..
    and after the years went by printing so many books and opening temple s
    and the hearts of so many all over the world…

    This humble man was really not alone for he always prayed to lord Krishna
    to help him…and Krishna provided his task of translating for us in so little time not sleeping in time s always thinking in our benefit…only a pure devotee could do so…
    helping mankind to grow from animal life to became a spiritual being…

    I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL TO THIS GREAT HUMBLE MAN,,,for his love to human race…for his love to his Spiritual Master Bhaktisiddhanta Swami following his instruction to come to america and to the world and show us what was missing in our hearts…

    Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu s Simplified the process
    to return to godhead and Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
    gave us this precious gift in this difficult age of Kaliyuga…
    Eternal thanks again to again to this Great Humble Soul..


  116. Parthasarathy says:

    Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
    My humble pranams. To clear the doubts of some bhakthas about the yuga cycle, I wish to provide the following information:

    (as per Hindu scriptures, particularly the Srimad-Bhagavatam)

    •The one day is divided into 14 periods. Six such periods are over. We are now in the 7th.
    •Each period is named after the One Ruler who is appointed to rule the entire earthly world during that period. The generic name for such a ruler is Manu. The period is called a Manvantara.
    •The name of the present Manu is Vaivasvata, the son of the Sun-God.
    •How long is the day of Brahma ? (4.32 billion years)
    •What is the present age of this universe ?
    •What is the Hindu concept of Time ?

    Names of the manvantaras of this day of Brahma upto the present seventh.
    (each manvantara is of duration 306,720,000 human years)

    1.Svaayambhuva Beginning of Creation
    Dhruva Episode
    Descent of the Lord as Half-man-half- lion to blessPrahlada
    2.Svaarochisha The Episode of King Suratha

    3. Uttama
    4.Taamasa The Episode of Gajendra, the elephant-devotee
    5. Raivata
    6. Chaakshusha The churning of the Ocean of milk
    7. Vaivasvata PRESENT MANVANTARA

    There are seven more manvantaras to go in the future

    We are in the 7th manvantara .
    Each manvantara is divided into 71 maha-yugas.
    We are in the 28th maha-yuga of this manvantara.
    Each maha-yuga is divided into 4 yugas shown below for the current maha-yuga.
    We are presently in the kaliyuga
    of the 28th maha-yuga
    of the 7th manvantara of Brahma’s day
    (Duration of every kali-yuga = 432,000 years)
    Notation a: = 432,000

    Age of the Universe:

    Portion of Brahma’s day elapsed so far
    (till say, 2000 A.D.) consists of Duration Table
    • 6 manvantara-twilights (6 x 4a)
    • 6 manvantaras completed (6 x71 x10a )
    • 1 manvantara-twilight before the 7th (4a )
    • 27 maha-yugas past in this manvantara (27 x 10a )
    • elapsed yugas in this maha-yuga ((4 + 3 + 2)a )
    • 5102 years in kali-yuga
    This adds up to 4567a + 5102 =
    1,972,949,102 human years
    This is the present (as of 2000A.D.) age of the universe in this day of Brahma Duration of Kali-yuga (a) =
    432,000 (human years)
    Duration of Dvapara-yuga (2a)
    Duration of Treta-yuga (3a)
    Duration of Satya-yuga (4a)
    Duration of maha-yuga:
    (a + 2a + 3a + 4a ) = 10a
    Duration of manvantara: 71 x 10a
    Duration of one manvantra- twilight : 4a
    (one before every manvantara)

    Duration of Brahma’s day:

    One day of Brahma is of duration equivalent to 1000 mahayugas. His night is equally long. At the beginning of every day creation starts. At the end of the day all that was created merge in the Absolute and Brahma ‘sleeps’ as it were. 360 such days and nights make one year of Brahma. According to the Puranas, He has spent 50 years like this and this day is the first day in his fifty-first year!

    One day of Brahma = 14 manvantaras + 15 manvantara twilights
    (because there is an extra manvantara – twilight at the end of all the 14 manvantaras)
    = 14 x 71 mahayugas + 15 x 4 
    = 994 mahayugas + 60 
    = 994 mahayugas + 6 mahayugas
    = 1000 mahayugas
    = 1000 x10  = 4,320,000,000 human years.
    One ‘second’ of Brahma
    = 4,320,000,000 / 12x60x60
    = 100,000 human years

    ‘Back to the future’ Story:

    Names of the remaining seven (future) manvantaras of this day of Brahma
    • 8 Saavarni ———— ——->
    • 9 Daksha-saavarni
    • 10 Brahma-saavarni
    • 11 Dharma-saavarni
    • 12 Rudra-saavarni
    • 13 Deva-saavarni
    • 14 Indra-saavarni
    after which cosmic night will follow The next Manu (i.e., the eighth) will be Saavarni. This promise was made by Mother Goddess to one King Suratha during the second Manvantara. To him (and another) the triple story of Mother Goddess is narrated in the Devi-bhagavatam ( also Chandi or Durg A-saptasati ). The story begins from a mythological event that happened after the end of the last kalpa (= day of Brahma) and ends up by forecasting the feats of Mother Goddess that are yet to happen in this kalpa. One such is the prediction that Suratha will be born as Manu Saavarni.

    (Source: Srimad-Bhagavatam, IX – 3)
    In the mid-satya-yuga of the first maha-yuga of the present manvantara i.e., around 115 million years ago there lived a King of the Solar dynasty, by name Kakudmi, and his beautiful daughter Revati. Not trusting the astrologers of his time, yet believing in the maxim ‘marriages are made in heaven’ Kakudmi took his daughter to the celestial world of Brahma the Creator (Note: in every satya-yuga such journeys are supposed to be possible) in order to ask the Creator Himself as to who would be the right marital match for his daughter. Kakudmi had somebody in his own mind. But Lord Brahma was available to him only after a twenty minutes or so of waiting time (by the standards of that world). When Kakudmi finally had the opportunity to ask Brahma his question, Brahma laughed and said:
    My dear Kakudmi, from the time you came here your earthly world has passed through 27 maha-yugas and so none of whom you have in mind or their descendents are alive now. Right now people are enjoying the avatara (=descent) of Lord Krishna on the Earth. Go back and marry off your daughter to Balarama, the elder brother of Krishna’.
    Thus it was that Kakudmi and Revati travelled ‘back to their future’ — from the 1st mahayuga to the 27th — and Revati was married to Balarama.
    Note: 1 mahayuga = 43.2 ‘seconds’ for Brahma.

    The flow of Time is eternal. Creation and Dissolution are only two events in a long cyclic succession of Cosmic events. There is no beginning in the past and there is no end to the future. Creation is a manifestation in concrete terms of the Absolute. Dissolution is when all the created universe merges in the Absolute. And that is when the period of non-manifestation begins. The periods of manifestation and of non-manifestation alternate. These are the days and nights of Brahma.
    Brahma Himself is a manifestation of the Absolute. He has a life of 100 years in His time.
    Between one kalpa (technical name for Brahma’s day) and the next, the only thing that survive are, Brahma himself (who has to be ‘brought back to memory’, by the Absolute, after his ‘sleep’ !), the vedas in their latent form and the collected aggregate of vaasanaas (imprints of actions and thoughts) of all individual souls. Just as each kalpa is followed by another kalpa with an intervening Cosmic Night, so also one Brahma is followed by another Brahma.

    Jai Sri Krishna

  117. 2012 what the government is doing/planning.
    and why
    on nat’l tv
    watch all 6 parts

    or search YouTube
    conspiracy theory 21012

  118. Greetings dear prabhus & of course please accept my humble obeisances.

    Now there’s a movie ‘2012’ – and I suppose it’s one of those “…had to happen” things. My friends tell me the special-effects are AOK, however they are also telling me the storyline is simply pure nonsense. I managed to watch the previews, and there WAS one thing that got this reporter’s attention (mercifully for you, sans the beret & the airhorn).

    Someone, some “voice” –whether it was purported to be the Voice of God or perhaps some God-inspired government or spiritual leader–stated something to the effect that the “end” of the world would be stopped if people simply pulled together and stopped fighting each another.

    Apparently that statement and the circumstances surrounding it got peoples’ attention (at least in the movie it did); the movie of yore, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ accomplished the very same thing, albeit the circumstances hadn’t deteriorated to the point of “proof-positive” in the movie ‘2012’ i.e., the collective karma of that year now washing ashore.

    So, yeah, prabhus, we’ve got a little time-window here before the firestorms and other uspeakable horrors befall us at Kali’s end. However…many, perhaps all, of the doomsdayers/doomsayers either don’t know this, nor do many if not all of them even care to; for them it may be a case of 2012 being the “end-times to end all end-times”, and one may only surf the internet to read some of their takes on the matter: stockpile weapons, buy gold, plant seeds, yatta-datta–and as vaishnavas we know that completely misses the point. There is, however, a little grain of hope here amidst all the madness and assorted screwballs and fanatics with the “sheep vs the goats” theory (eternal heaven or eternal hell). That grain of hope is that at least some people seem to be getting a handle on an absolute truth of spiritual life: we do indeed reap what we sow–and if we want a better crop, we’ve gotta plant better seeds! So maybe the movie ‘2012’ will accomplish a bit of good–or more, if it gets people to start to think that maybe there’s a better way to live, and we just can’t keep pointing the finger of blame at the supposed bad guys without performing our own individual spiritual house-cleaning.

    on a lighter note…Will Raj the wannabe pseudo-devotee with his flowery words check out this flick?

    ~ehhh…probably wait for it to come out on Blockbusters.

    Be well & God bless, prabhus.


    bhakta raj prabhu Das

  119. Franco says:

    Haribol Haribol…MADHUDVISA DAS..

    May Krishna help mankind cross this kaliyuga wisely..this year 2010 started with a full moon
    krishna s smile a blessing…i wonder could you talk about this topic…if Vyasadev..Vasudeva Parasurama …Lord Siva..meditates …there in the himalayas….how many more ..then at kalki avatar s appearence on earth they will be active in satya yuga….could you coment please.

  120. Gaurasundara Das says:

    Mother Nature’s Atom Bomb
    The death problem is also not solved. None of the scientific knowledge of the human being has solved the death problem. The advancement of material knowledge can simply accelerate the problem of dying; nobody can save a person from the cruel hands of death. The discovery of the atom bomb and similar other great inventions of the fertile brain of the scientist has simply increased the death problem. The foolish scientists do not know that the atom bomb is actually the scheme of Mother Nature, who is sure to kill the demoniac population when it increases disproportionately.
    Modern economists also believe in the laws of nature and confirm that unrestricted birth increases in the human population will certainly result in famine, pestilence, epidemics, and war. So, the so-called civilized states’ plan of killing human beings by atomic and hydrogen bombs is actually the plan of Mother Nature to punish the foolish miscreants.
    Everything is automatically executed by Mother Nature as soon as the human being is in violation of her laws. However, foolish people, out of their undue vanity, think that the plan is made by them. To execute her stringent punishment, Mother Nature dictates to the human brain the ability to invent the atomic bomb. Foolishly, the human being wants to take the credit for such inventions, which are meant only for punishment. We learn this fact from the Bhagavad-gita (3.27), wherein it is said that everything is done by prakrti or Mother Nature. But the foolish living entity, puffed up by the vanity of learning, falsely considers himself the Creator.
    A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

  121. Nikhil Joshi says:

    Jai shree Krishan.

    First of all, I would like to thanks to all of you who has answered my question.

    I hv red in your reply about Lord Vishnu’s Kalki avatar in kali yuga, That’s why you dont beleave in the end of world in 2012. as lord Vishnu’s Kalki avtar had not took placed yet.

    But with all due recpect to your thoughts, If you have gone through the Sikh religion history. There already had been a Kalki Avtar a guru ji (Guru Gobind Singh Ji.)He was a great warrior who has distroyed the nagtive energy from the earth and protect the humanity (for more details you must got through there Literature.)

    With all due respect… YOu beleave that Kalki Atatar had not happen yet so the world cannot end in 2012.. I request you that pls dont take it in wrong way I am just writing what comes in my mind after reading the replies

    • Hare Krishna Nikhil

      Kalki has not come yet. He will not come until the end of the Kali-yuga. And that will not be for another couple of hundred thousand years…

      Dont worry, the world is not ending in 2012…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • bhakt says:

        hari om …..let all be happy do not send any any negative energies passing nonsense comments about the end of the earth.

        Hare Krishna
        Hari Om


  122. franco says:





    • Hare Krishna Franco

      What is described in the Revelations chapter of the bible about God coming on a white horse at the end of time is a descrioption of the Kalki Avatar. Not Jesus Christ.

      Jesus went to India and studied the Vedas in his youth and returned to preach in his early 20s. So Jesus is preaching the Vedic principles in a way they can be understood by the people in his part of the world.

      So he has mentioned the Kalki avatara also.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  123. jason says:

    Namaste.I feel that 2012 should not be overlooked based on other sacred teachings. I dont see it as the end of the world but a birth on consciousness. A chance to get a glimpse of the higher way. Like Jesus said ” many are called bt few are chosen” For the masses this could be an alignment of consciousness universally. There are writings dating back over 20 thousand years ago that speek of time loops repeating and those beings that are stuck in the material illisions will be hars for them to focus on Godhead at the time of this awakening.Thoth in the Emerald Tablets is a great writing that should be looked at. Krishna my Lord has guided me to this info. If anyone out there interested in seeking these understandings based on the Vedic teachings, The Gita and others, please contact because the truth is all i seek and understanding where words get lost in translation. Hare Krishna

    • guddu says:

      Hare Krishna
      dear jason
      wht you are saying…lets see with “time”
      if ur words are true…”TIME” will speak …….lets wait…:)
      also nothing happens automatically……..
      so i feel…unless people are Krishna Conscious there can be no change in consciousness as u and me is expecting
      so i feel with passage of time until a man bcoms krishna conscious …his nature will detoriate more and more………..and as such number of progeny increases on this planet……….the more sufferings will increase
      have a good day 🙂

  124. Karttikeya says:

    “Hare Krishna”

    I believe kali yuga is about to end…because it feels like it. So many bad things are happening and…i believe that 2010-2016 is the transition phase between kali yuga and satya yuga. Which is when I believe all the bad and “good” things will be happening. People say its going to end on a specific date..but i believe It is just a cycle and..2012 is just the peak of the transition phase. When there is corruption and all those things. I believe krishna is coming soon…If hes not coming in a incarnation…i believe krishna conciousness will be awakened within most people in the whole world…and create a huge change. I dont believe this will be the end of the world but..a very bad time coming ahead…But…with the power the universe within u…i think everyone can survive and make a good change. I havn’t traveled to many places..i havent read ancient scriptures or anything…I’ve done basic things…but meditate ofcourse at home daily…Nothing big…But i did look into many things that people have said..and many things that religion has wrote..and put it all together…and then put my own thoughts into it. I believe there is going to be a big change in human conciousness and we will evolve. I believe anything is possible. Open your mind and listen to your heart and think about whats going on in the world. Everything is growing exponentially and changing rapidly. We must try to reach krishna within us. We must tell ourselves that we should be free in this money hungry world. The world is like this because the majority is asking for it. Nothin against the person who wrote this article…but i believe what u wrote is just going to happen sooner thats all…just time difference…If u believe in yourself you can survive through everything..Nothing can be destroyed…We Need Change. The world as it already messed up..the people who live on would not realize it unless we slow it down and think about everything..and know that everything has a reason and has a story. Namaste…Best Wishes to all of you:)…Change might come or it may not..Just be brave and be prepared. Have Krishna in your heart always…keep meditating if you can:).


  125. Rebeca says:

    people, forget about the end of the world. life will not last long… Jesus is coming!

  126. franco says:

    In this first second of kaliyuga since Bhaktivedanta left this world, maya has hit hard devotees Sankirtan has fallen book distribution also world wide presence in media T.v. radio,etc is needed.there is a need of leadership that could reunite,restore,conciliate not divide Prabhupad’s devotional work.
    I hope devotes in charge may have this in heart and soul.

    The Glamurous titles of Bramana,Sannyasis or Spiritual names are just superfual if the spiritual masters desires are not fulfilled that is preaching in an extensive way.I KNOW ECONOMY IS HARD these days but Krishna always provides.

    It is not our spiritual evolution that matters the most…It is HELPING OTHERS to chant Hare KRISHNA. THERE IS NO TIME FOR JUST SITTING MEDITATING in a temple OR THINKING IN Our own BENEFITS…All so called Gurus must meet the world and travel to meet the real devotional service like Prabhupad did.

    THE INSTRUCTION IS CLEAR Chaitanya Mahaprabhu simplified the process for evolution …Mahamantra chanting…Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur pioneer of krishna movement who decended from the spiritual world,he took the task of almost not sleeping to write many books of the absolute truth Bhagavan Krishna..
    blowing away false gurus teachings…In that time till now…

    Srila Bhaktivinoda instructed Srila Gaura kisora Das babaji itimate diciple,and one of twelve Bhaktivinoda’s son..Srila Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati who instructed Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad our spiritual father to come to America to take us out of darkness.

    It is very important to know this chain of love,towards human being.We can not ignore the past because we will have no Srila Prabhupad always said.. JUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND…where things come from.

    I have read the modifications of Prabhupad’s books there are many words missing that complete THE KNOWLEDGE he wanted us to gain.I humble think he’s original translation must be reprinted again.

    It is not my desire to ofend any devotee or to put any one against any one.
    Because we are all part of Godhead,but Bhaktivedadnta’s translations glow in darkness just like little Krishna and Balaram enlighten the dark room looking for yogurth hiding from mother Yasoda.

    Many sages have made mistakes and have fallen but by the grace of Bhagavan Krishna they stand up again…it is human to error but it is also wise to correct and listen to devotes of the world that follow our spiritual father.

    Sincerly i think doing this will unify devotes…Maya is very POWERFUL…
    but devotes together have the power of lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
    kaliyuga has a long way to go 426500 years ahead that is 5000 since krishna came and 500 years since Sri Chaintanya came aprox.that is 10000 years of religion.
    And then kaliyuga will be harder,because demon leaders of the world will rule with their weapons and irreligion…lets give hope to human race as lord Chaitanya predicted that every countryside towns and villeges will chant the holy name of Krishna…..Jaya Gauranga ….Jaya Srila Prabhupad…

  127. Nikhil Joshi says:

    Hare Krishna, Surajit Chatterjee Ji.

    I have seen a documantery of end of world in 2012 on Discovery channel. This is not the entertainment channel, this documantery was made on the basis of the facts which can happen in 2012. They has shown the interview, done with the different sientest on this topic, and non of them has denied from the fact. According to those interview shown in thst documantery, (I) A commet name NUBRU(name given by sientests) is comming toword earth, and the time given by sientest is in 2012, (II) All nine planets of our solar syatem will get in one line in front of the sun. (III) Result to that there are chances of the birth of a big black hole, which can creat a desaster.

    Well, If we think that this is just a channel documantery and it has no relation with reality. Then, why our news channels showing these kind of news.

    If you have heard about Maya Socity, which is disappear thousend of years back. A celander made by them hasbeen recovered (I hv seen this on our hindi news channels) that celander is made till 21 Dec. 2012. According to that celander life on earth will be over after that date.

    There is not 1 or 2 or 3 people talking about the end of the world in 2012. There is a big socity, Like our responsible news channel, our educated sientest. As per them there can be a big desaster in 2012 if all it happens.

    I agree with you, thet life on earth will not end it will go on and on, but the question is that if the desaster happens, then which species will survive and which will not. Will humanity survive, If we will survive, then before that do we have to face desaster?????

    I might be wrong also, I have told you what i have heard/seen…….

  128. Braja Banesvari says:

    Hare Krishna, Prabhus. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Thank you for this valuable discussion putting this temporary material world into perspective in the grand scheme of things.

    Can you please give some further explanation about the Golden Age of Lord Caitanya within this kaliyuga? Is it a certainty that this will occur, or does it depend on how much we propagate the Sankirtan Movement?

    Thank you.
    Jai Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

    • Hare Krishna Braja Banesvari Prabhu

      The Golden Age of Lord Caitanya is now.

      Now we have full access to Srila Prabhuapda and his teachings which gives us complete access to Krishna and Lord Caitanya.

      The extent as to how the Sankirtan movement will spread is up to us. How much we perform the sankirtan yaja. Which means how much we distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books and go out on the streets of the world with Kartals and Mridanga and chant the Hare Krishna mantra. And then it depends if we are chanting purely or not.

      As you know the distribution of Prabhupada’s books and the public sankirtan has practically stopped now. These activities, book distribution and Hari Nama Sankirtan, are no longer a priority in ISKCON temples and now there are very, very few ISKCON devotees who distribute Prabhupada’s books and go out chanting the Hare Krishna mantra publicly daily. In Srila Prabhuapda’s time all ISKCON devotees did this. Everyone was a book distributor and everyone participated in regular Hari Nama Sankirtan. This is Prabhupada’s movement, the SANKIRTAN MOVEMENT. No ISKCON has given up the sankirtan except for a very small show.

      So we can not expect Srila Prabhupada’s and Lord Caitanya’s movement to spread at all without a sankirtan movement. The sankirtan has stopped so the spread of the golden age of Lord Caitanya has also stopped.

      What is needed is a world-wide International Society of Krishna Conscious persons who are dedicated to distributing Srila Prabhuapda’s books and performing Sankirtan. Without this we can not expect Lord Caitanya’s movement to spread at all.

      Since Srila Prabhupada disappeared from our material vision ISKCON have destroyed the sankirtan movement and everything is simply going backwards. Kali is getting a stronger and stronger hold and Lord Caitanya’s golden age is getting farther and farther away…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • suparna says:

        your article was great..i want a clarification on a doubt of mine regarding Lord Vishnu’s Kalki avatar. My grandfather says that Kalki is the personification of destruction, rather than Shri Krishna’s human avatar. Could this be true?
        i am glad i was born in Kali Yuga. This is the best yuga to be born in as Lord Vishnu said that he will appear in the form of a saint to inaugurate the sankirtana movement. People who are blessed are born in the kali yuga. In Kali Yuga, getting moksha is easier than in other yugas.
        Somewhere above, someone had said that what if he died suddenly and could not chant Hari Prabhu’s name. What one should ideally do is keep chanting Prabhu’s name when we are ready to sleep. Once we fall asleep, our mind will continue chanting the name all night. Even when we wake up, we will keep chanting his name unconsciously. This happens with me often. Train your mind to chant Hari’s name. It will become your second nature.May God grant us place in his lotus feet.
        Krishna Prabhu.

      • naveen kumar s says:

        hare krishna prabhuji, thanks for your guidances, i very glad to know the truth behind material world and its life of existence.I have one query about it, how did you find those information, is that any authentic evidence is their, i know the one truth, that even Einstein, has referred vedas and prove the theories of physics, will u please guide me to find my answers.

  129. jenni says:

    nothing will happen lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mahaprabhu jee

    please kindly informed me through my E-mail – what are the main sourse from where you are saying fact by your article “2012 the end of the world”! (The world will still go on and on and on)
    If a person may say that what is the source that you mention strongly about the fact that the world will not going to end.
    I know that you are wright, but I would like to read about the future of world.

    If I insult you from this comment., Please forgive me Mahaprabhu jee.

    Surajit Chatterjee.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      The source is the Srimad-Bhagavatam and other books translated by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

  131. Nikhil Joshi says:

    I hv red the first part. The end of world 2012, But there are still questions that. A commet names Nibru is comming toword earth on 21 dec. 2012, I have also heard that All nine planets will be in one line infront of sun. Result to that A giant black hole will born, and there are chances that the black hole can take earth in it. Even Mayan people also has done preduction on this. They had shown the end of world in Dec 21 2012, in there calender.

    World might end or not but there will be a big desaster. people will die huge counting. Life on earth might not end but it depend on mother nature, which species live and which dies. What will happen to Humanity “GOD KNOWS”?????????

  132. jerome says:

    since this is a universe without end and it’s just goes through different stages like the seasons, by being sons and daughters of krishna how did we fall from grace how did we get in this material universe how did we get so stuck in it and why can’t we talk to god like we talk with each other instead of prayer

    • We come to the material world because we become envious of Krishna’s position. Krishna is the master, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We are all part and parcel of Krishna. So we have the same desires and feelings as Krishna. But He is unlimited and we are very small. So sometimes the very small wants to imitate the great. As soon as we have this desire to become the master we are placed in this material world to suffer over and over again until we eventually realize that we are not the master, rather we are all servants of Krishna, and when we realize this and surrender to Krishna and use all our energy in serving Krishna then at the time of death we will remember Krishna and we will then escape from the sufferings of the material world and go back home, back to Godhead…

      We can talk to God like we can talk to our friend. But that requires qualification. It is not so easy to talk to Krishna like that, face to face. For us it is not so much important to try to directly talk to Krishna, Krishna has sent his pure devotee Srila Prabhuahpda here for us. So if we simply hear from Srila Prabhuapda that is not different from hearing from Krishna directly.

      In the material world this is the process. We have to hear from Krishna’s pure devotee and that is as good as hearing from Krishna directly.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  133. Alma says:

    aw noio i dobt want the world to end hope that will not happend fingers crossed lol……life is life o well 🙁

    • Sonia says:

      I hope that the end of the world won’t happen and anyway people say it’s a myth and if the end of the world will end it will be Gods fault,but eventhough god absolutely loves the world,but even if it happens i wouldn’t know why god would do such a thing so fingers crossed it won’t happen!!!!!!

  134. Karuna - avatara dasa says:

    As many of you obviously have not grasped, we are stepping into the greatest golden age of all time with Sri Chaitanyas Age of Sankirtan and return to the original spiritual varna – ashram system, the only sensible and merciful way to structure human soceity. We are moving from kali yuga into a super satya yuga, and change from kali to satya normally is connected with partial devastation and killing of demons. Read Prabhupadas books closely. We are at war with demons. Our primary weapon is knowledge and information, but Srila Prabhupada did in fact say that there was likelihood of actual confrontation with the demoniac order because they have systematically supressed spiritual knowledge since time immomorial. Be prepared and do not think you know everything if you don’t :-). Partial devastation doesn’t of course mean a destruction / seizure of the material world all together, but mother bhumi (the earth) will together with divine forces rid herself of all unsurendered demons to clean the land for the real new world order. Welcome to lila – bhumi ..

    With love and respect


  135. Gaurasundar Das says:

    Currently at the end of each cycle of time happens a devastation. At the end of Duapara yuga Lord Rama killed all dynasties of demons. At the end of treta yuga Lord Krishna killed all the demons also and expected the same to happen at the end of kali yuga the current age of quarrel. Kali yuga has its ups and downs.

    Of course that the world will not end at 2012, but there are strong indications that the demons are determined to destroy the world. An atom of carbon dioxide can destroy 100,000 ozone molecules. The nitrogen trifluoride (Present in plasma screens) has a harmful effect 17,000 times greater than carbon dioxide on the atmosphere. This gas production increased to 8,000 tons in 2009.

    In the Bible we find a quote that exactly fits with Srila Prabhupada;

    “AND I SAW ANOTHER ANGEL FLY IN THE MIDST OF HEAVEN, HAVING THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL TO PREACH UNTO THEM THAT DWELL ON THE EARTH, AND TO EVERY NATION, AND KINDRED AND TONGUE, AND PEOPLE. and he said with a loud voice, “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.” Rev 14 – 6, 7.

    Its means the Sanatana Dharma (eternal gospel) and Srila Prabhupada always refers to:

    “The atomic bomb is already there, and as
    soon as the next war breaks out, all their
    skyscrapers and everything else will be finished…”

    “So our scientific advancement has created this atomic bomb to kill man, and it will be used. And we have to
    go underground to become again rat. From
    tiger, again rat. That is going to be….”

    “Krsna cannot be killed, neither His movement cannot
    be killed. Rather, those who are attempting
    to kill, they will be killed…”

    “When the American becomes too much luxurious, they’ll not be able to defend their country. Then it will be finished.
    Power hungry politicians are creating havoc everywhere. These rascals create so many difficult situations. The public is very nice but the politicians keep them in ignorance. I have studied the whole world. Human nature is the same everywhere. The mass of people are very good but these rogues create by their personal aggrandizement so many difficulties….”

    [S.P. Letter to: Atreya Rsi Bombay 20 April, 1977]

    “Thus there is a great need for the Krsna consciousness movement for the benefit of innocent people who are being carried away by propaganda of such demons

    In the present age, Kali-yuga, the number of such shameless men, who are agnostics disbelieving in the existence of God, has increased. Trying to defy the authority of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, so-called scientists, philosophers and politicians manufacture plans and schemes for the destruction of the world. They cannot do anything good for the world, and unfortunately, because of Kali-yuga, they have plunged the affairs of the world into mismanagement. Thus there is a great need for the Krsna consciousness movement for the benefit of innocent people who are being carried away by propaganda of such demons. If the present status quo is allowed to continue, people will certainly suffer more and more under the leadership of these demoniac agnostics.

    [S.B. 8.22.20]

    They must be killed by You
    for the protection of the innocent public.

    TRANSLATION: O my Lord, proprietor of all creation, You have now appeared in my house, desiring to protect this world. I am sure that You will kill all the armies that are moving all over the world under the leadership of politicians who are dressed as ksatriya rulers but who are factually demons. They must be killed by You for the protection of the innocent public.

    PURPORT: Krsna appears in this world for two purposes, paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam: to protect the innocent, religious devotees of the Lord and to annihilate all the uneducated, uncultured asuras, who unnecessarily bark like dogs and fight among themselves for political power. It is said, kali-kale nama-rupe krsna avatara. The Hare Krsna movement is also an incarnation of Krsna in the form of the holy name (nama-rupe). Every one of us who is actually afraid of the asuric rulers and politicians must welcome this incarnation of Krsna: Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. Then we will surely be protected from the harassment of asuric rulers. At the present moment these rulers are so powerful that by hook or by crook they capture the highest posts in government and harass countless numbers of people on the plea of national security or some emergency. Then again, one asura defeats another asura, but the public continues to suffer. Therefore the entire world is in a precarious condition, and the only hope is this Hare Krsna movement. Lord Nrsimhadeva appeared when Prahlada was excessively harassed by his asuric father. Because of such asuric fathers–that is, the ruling politicians–it is very difficult to press forward the Hare Krsna movement, but because Krsna has now appeared in His holy name through this movement, we can hope that these asuric fathers will be annihilated and the kingdom of God established all over the world. The entire world is now full of many asuras in the guise of politicians, gurus, sadhus, yogis and incarnations, and they are misleading the general public away from Krsna consciousness, which can offer true benefit to human society.

    [S.B. 10.3.21]

    “So atom, atom bomb is waiting for them.
    Yes. It will be finished. All the demons will be finished.
    So these rascals are going on. So it is very difficult to preach Krsna consciousness. The whole world is overburdened by these rascals and demons. So atom, atom bomb is waiting for them. Yes. It will be finished. All the demons will be finished.
    (Srimad-Bhagavatam Lec. 1.8.34 Los Angeles, April 26, 1973)

    Dear Prabhu’s, pamho. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

  136. Todd says:

    I truly want to know and serve Krishna and become a devotee. I need much more information! Any help is appreciated!

  137. franco says:

    EXELENT WORK ….Madhuvisa das….





    THE MooN…Ucchaihsrava Horse Incarnation….Trancendental Omkara…

    Kapila Muni.. Spring Time Ramachandra….Kamadhuk the Cow….Arjuna… Vyasadeva …Pralada…Vasuki the Shark…Skanda..Yamaraj…The Leon…

    Kuvera… Agni..Airavata…Lord Jesus Cristos…El Señor Brahma…
    Narada Muni..Garuda…The Sun..The Ocean…Lord Visnu…Ananta…Kalki Avatar

    and The Holy Names
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    With all my respects and love to my spiritual master
    Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad BHAKTI GURU OF THE WORLD

  138. Venu says:

    Hare Krishna!!

    Dear Prabhu,

    I’m interested in knowing about kalki avatar of Krishna. Where will He be born and when will He be born? What are the signs of His arrival. I heard that the names of His parents are also mentioned in the scriptures. However I’m not sure. Please enlighten me on His leela as kalki.


    • Hare Krishna Venu

      Kalki will appear towards the end of the Kali Yuga. His parent’s names are given in Srimad-Bhagvatam and the place of his birth. But Kali-yuga will not end for another 427,000 years. So we still have some time to wait. As Kalki he will simply kill the demons and usher in a new satya-yuga, golden age. There will be no preaching then, just killing the demons.

      Madhudvisa dasa

  139. franco says:

    Jaya Syamasundar…AMIGO…MADHUVISA DAS..As you well know Srila Pradhupad was krishna s best friend…HE KNEW WHAT WAS BEST FOR US…his mercy comming to America with three heart attacks crossing the atlantic…alone in New york city

    .AND THE PURE DISIRE OF FULLFILLING LORD Chainya Mahaprabhu profetic wish that every corner of the world will chant the holy name of Krishna…task…he made possible…still Kali yuga advances and many generations must follow…and we generation one must join ..must advance…must be active as you are in your spiritual life….

    one puting this place were devotees speak out there hearts and moods…devotionañ service in its diferent flaviors…taste s…two… in ansering to frinds on line…



  140. SkyZ says:

    only loonies are going around saying 2012 is the “END”

    the theory behind it is that on 2012 there will be a mass awakening of consciousness of some sort

  141. S.K.Das says:

    Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namoh


    Thank you for the article which will definitely reduce some of the anxieties among common people which has been created by media’s exaggeration. But one thing is true and its happening. The nature is reacting fiercely than before. The violent attitude of it as well as of human beings are increasing. Daily you hear about terrorism, natural calamity, war , drought etc.etc. So it appears to me that although Kaliyuga will continue, people will change. I will not be wrong if many people die out of new deseases, hunger, war or by natural calamities. And as a result a sense of utmost fear will make people more inclined to spirituality. That change will take place soon may be from 2012 itself. Lastly thanking you again.

    Your servant
    Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namoh

  142. Sudarshan says:

    I am curious Prabhu -Have you actually studied Jyotish and Prophecy from around the world? It is a very generic answer and preaching approach…Yes it is always good to remind people to chant…but don’t be in denial about the storm!

    As you said -most people do not care for esoteric knowledge -so it is obvious Srila Prabhupada gav the “masses of his simple minded disciples” and in his books
    “simple answers” -as to not distract the ignorant.
    No 2012 is not the end of the world -but it is a time when the Rakshasha races are preparing humanity for a new world order. If you do not believe that Prabupada knew all these things -read your bhagavatam!

    SB 5.14.16: Government men are always like carnivorous demons called Rākṣasas [man-eaters]. Sometimes these government men turn against the conditioned soul and take away all his accumulated wealth. Being bereft of his life’s reserved wealth, the conditioned soul loses all enthusiasm. Indeed, it is as though he loses his life.

  143. sunil says:

    we are very happy to have gone through this article. and now i dare say to every one that there is not yet dooms day by showing this article.

  144. Jaisimha says:

    Madhudvisa dasa,

    I would like to point out the error in your statement
    “the “life” of the universe is 4,300,000,000 years or 4.3 billion years.”

    The above statement refers to pralaya where the lower class planets gets destroyed including Earth and Earth like planets. And the number 4,300,000,000 years is actually equal to one day of Brahma and another same number constitutes one night of Brahma.
    So the universe doesn’t get destroyed during this period as you have mentioned.
    Because the universe will exist along with upper class planets like Muniloka including Brahmaloka.

    But according to you the universe gets destroyed that means Brahma also is destroyed (he being a Jivatma along with Shiva) while it is not the case.

    The universe gets destroyed after 100 years of Brahma. Our universe Brahma is in his 1st day of his 51st year that means the universe will exist 50 x 365 x 4,300,000,000 x 2 (2 for day and night)

    I do not know what you meant by universe. I Apologize if that is not what you meant.

    Universe according to my understanding and what the scripture says, is all the worlds (brahmaloka, muniloka, bhuvarloka, svargaloka, bhooloka, patalaloka ….) and not JUST Earth like planets and other lower planets.

    When the whole universe is destroyed it is termed as Mahapralaya. After every ChaturYuga (or MahaYuga) there will be some period of nothingness. Similar condition exist between every Yugas which is termed as YugaSandhi If my Pronunciation is right.

    Any erros or omissions I apologize.


    • Hare Krishna Jaismha Prabhu

      Thank you for pointing out this.

      I simplified it. Yes. At the end of the 1000 cycles of the catur-yuga it is the end of Lord Brahma’s day and at that time there is a devastation of all the lower planetary systems which will last for another 1000 catur-yuga cycles [Brahma’s night]. I was finding it difficult to explain everything in one short article like this. Your calculations are correct. It is not really true to say the universe is destroyed at the end of Brahma’s day as Brahmaloka is also in the universe and that is not destroyed, only the lower planetary systems are destroyed at this time.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  145. Sahadev says:

    ¡Hare Krishna!

    Madhudvisa dasa: I believe your religion is great, but like all others religions in our world, with all respect, it has truths and lies, and that the lasting of kali yuga in hundreds of thousands of years is one of that lies. Our world maybe already started a new system of things in 1940’s, but nobody knows the way things will go on. thanks for your attention


  146. Satya Krishna das says:

    Hare Krishna! I am really sorry but I have a problem with the following statement by Madhudvisa Prabhu:

    “So the universe is about 2.15 billion years old at the moment. So in another 2.15 billion years the whole material world — not just our universe — the entire material creation of an unlimited number of universes, will all be destroyed.”

    When Lord Brahma’s night comes universes are not destroyed completely and this is if you are talking about the day of Brahma. Material creation is destroyed after Lord Branma’s lifetime of 100 years and his 24 hours is more then 8 billion years. I simply don’t understand why you talking of entire creation only existing for miserly 4 billion years.
    I am sorry for my tone.
    Your servant,
    Satya Krishna das

    • Dear Satya Krishna Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      Yes. Technically it is incorrect. The whole universe will last a lot longer. I was speaking from the perspective of Earth and the middle planetary system will be destroyed at the end of Brahma’s day. Of course at that time the upper planets, like Brahmaloka, where Lord Brahma is living, are not destroyed. So this is not really the destruction of the universe. But from the perspective of Earth it is certainly a destruction.

      All details are described very clearly in Srimad-Bhagavatam and I would encourage anyone who is interested in this to study it at

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  147. Amanda says:

    Hare Krisnna,
    Ive often been in pain wondering why people find krishna consciousness at different times- that we dont collectively find and share the understanding. Maybe your comment above isnt totally correct-maybe all people will find krishna consciousness- only specific to how many lives they have to live- ie,I maybe on my 99th year in materialville- you maybe on 10,0000. You are therefore going to grasps the ideology and blessed truth sooner than myself.
    What you think?
    Hare Krishna, the only words worth speaking.

  148. Divya says:

    Hare Krishna

    I think this email was an eye opener and it erased all my fears about the world going to end soon, although i could tell that its just a hoax like all the previous declarations of the world going to end (If you remember the great deal about the world going to end in 2000, n then later in 2008). Also, id like to say i love the simplicity with which you write your articles. It really makes a college student like me understand the whole picture in an easy language. I was telling this to all my classmates today and i remembered each and every point you were trying to put forward.

    Thanks once again,
    Divya Gslani

  149. excellent article;
    however; it doesn’t mention the same old problem of the world leaders: who only want slaves to serve them: no middle class; just like in Iskcon: no ‘middle class’ devotees: who would tell others about the ritvik philosophy: left by Prabhupad. These world leaders are organizing a huge ‘kill off’ of what they hope to get rid of: 90% of the world’s population, who they feel are using too much energy, etc.; (leaving 5-10% left as slaves: (just like brainwashed cult robot bramacharis: in Iskcon). Through manipulations like controlled earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, nuclear devastations, etc.; these world leaders are arranging these events to take place (possibly simulataneously), approx. on or near 12/21-2012. Such a ‘controlled’ devastation could bring about the ‘golden age’?
    so, 2012 may be a ‘big’ ‘event’.
    thank you again for this excellent article.

  150. Seva Parayan Krishna Das says:

    Hare Krsna Prabu,

    Thanks for your valuable article. I need some clarification on time. You have stated in one of the para that:

    “another 2.15 billion years the whole material world — not just our universe — the entire material creation of an unlimited number of universes, will all be destroyed”.

    another para states that:
    “There will be some big devastation at the end of the Kali-yuga. But we have just started the Kali-yuga. This age will last for 432,000 years and so far we have only passed 5,000 years of it. So that means that Kali-yuga still has another 427,000 years to run…”

    In above two places there are two different time period is indicated for devastation, could you please clarify more on this.

    Thanks for your services.
    Hari Bol!,
    Fallen Soul,
    Seva Parayan Krishna Das

    • Dear Seva Parayan Krishna Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhuapda!

      The universe goes through cycles of the four yugas, one cycle of the four yugas takes 4.3 million years. We are currently five thousand years into the Kali Yuga which will last in total for 432,000 years. So that means there are 427,000 years left in this Kali-yuga. So at that time there will be some sort of devastation. There are one thousand of these catur-yuga [four yuga] cycles within one day of Lord Brahma, and at the end of Lord Brahma’s day there is a more serious devastation which affects all the planets below Lord Brahma’s planet. So this is not a total devastation of the whole universe, because the higher planets remain untouched. But all the lower and middle planetary systems certainly become uninhabitable. And this devastation lasts a long time. Another one thousand catur yuga cycles. So that means 4.3 million * 1000. Or 4.3 billion years. That is the length of Lord Brahma’s night, it is also the length of his day.

      So that devastation, which happens at the end of Lord Brahma’s day, will happen very roughly in 2.15 million years I have said. Assuming that we are currently around about noon time on Lord Brahma’s planet. Someone may be able to give a more accurate time on Brahmaloka so we can give a more accurate figure here… [Perhaps a search on google “current time in Brahmaloka”]

      I have not mentioned in the article that the real total devastation happens at the end of Lord Brahma’s life. Lord Brahma lives for 100 years of 360 days each. So the mathematicians among us can calculate how long that is. And some pundit can tell us how old Lord Brahma is now and in that way we can calculate how long it will be until Lord Brahma dies and the whole material existence becomes un-manifested….

      Everything is in Prabhuapda’s books. Please get them from or read them online at

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  151. Gaurasundara Das says:

    “What Is the Matter with the World?”

    by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    Human civilizations are conducted in two ways. One type of civilization can make every human being as much qualified as God is. And the other type of civilization can make every man no less than a jungle beast and thereby making this world unfit for human habitation.

    Therefore, the perfect answer to the question ‘What is the matter with the world?’ is that Men have become demons by breaking laws of God, and therefore they are being punished by the police action of material nature. That is the verdict of all scriptures and that is our day-to-day life’s experience.

    These troubles are like the forest fire. Fire takes place in the dense forest without any attempt by any living being. Nobody in the forest does want such fire, but it takes place without any demand. When there is fire, the living beings in the forest are put into trouble and sometimes it so happens that most of the forest creatures die in that havoc. There is no fire brigade in the forest or on the top of a forest mountain and there is no hope for of extinguishing the fire by any human attempt. It takes by the natural laws, and it is extinguished by natural laws also, that is, when there is torrent of rains in the forest. That is the natural law and these laws are so rigid and stern that no human brain, however it may be powerful, can solve these problems of natural laws.

    An intelligent person, who has actually developed some finer qualities of human consciousness, can understand that every law is made by an intelligent brain and behind every law there is the lawmaker who makes the law. So for all these natural laws, there is the Supreme Lawmaker, who is the Absolute Personality of Godhead. In the ‘Bhagwat Gita’ we have, therefore, information that natural laws are so stringent that they cannot be overcome by anybody. But whoever surrenders unto the Supreme Lord can overcome them.

    The King is the lawmaker and if he likes he can forgive a lawbreaker by special prerogative of the King – by the ‘King’s mercy,’ but the King can do no wrong even if he sometimes breaks the law. That is, an experience of a common man in the phenomenal world and the same thing is applicable in the matter of Supreme laws also.

    The natural laws are like police actions by the agents of Godhead. Men, who are too much captivated by the glamour of material beauty and tries to enjoy it falsely without acknowledgement of its Creator, are called demons. The stringent natural laws are meant for the criminals but not for the law-abiders.

    In the ‘BHAGWAT GITA’ a vivid description of the law-breaker demoniac men are given in the 16th chapter and such men are punished by the laws of God – are also maintained.

    A human being is called a rational animal. When rationality is destroyed, the human being is left an ordinary animal. The difference between a human being and an animal is based on the strength of human being’s being above the animal propensities. The animal part of a human being necessarily requires food to eat, shelter to live in, protection from fear and gratification of senses. These four principles of life are common both to the man and the animals. But there is another thing which is specially meant for the human being. This is God-consciousness. This God-consciousness is conspicuous by absence in the animal life, while in the human life this God-consciousness is in dormant stage even in the society of the aborigines. This God-consciousness develops in different grades of human civilization in terms of particular place, time and persons. This God-consciousness is called Religion or Culture of Life without which no civilization can stand.

    The present day civilization is trying to avoid this God-consciousness of human life by artificial method of material science and forcible atheism. It is learnt from reliable sources that in an atheistic state, the village people were called in a meeting and were asked to pray in the Church for daily bread. The innocent villagers prayed in the Church for daily bread, and when the prayer was over the state officers asked them whether breads were supplied. The village men replied that there was no bread. The atheist politicians asked them again to pray for bread from them (the statesmen) and bread was at once supplied. And by this method the innocent villagers were made victims of propaganda by atheistic politicians with the result that all the villagers became gradually faithless in God, because wrongly they accepted that the bread was supplied by the politicians and not by God.

    The poor victims of such propaganda did not understand that the breads supplied by the politicians were not made by the father of the politicians but actually they were sent by God. No politician can manufacture bread without wheat. No wheat is produced without sun rays or rains from the sky. No rains are possible without obedience to God. No atheist can live and decry God without eating bread.

    And therefore whoever eats bread without acknowledging in gratitude of his indebtedness to God is certainly a demon and for such demons the stringent natural laws are meant for punishment. A time is nearing when there will be no wheat paddy in the field and no politician will be able to make a quick supply of bread. The food problem is already acute.

    The atheistic civilization is to be troubled more and more with the progress of materialism. We have such foretellings in the pages of Srimad Bhagwat Gita. The more the people are turning to the atheistic, the more things of disturbing elements do appear before us. And that is the thing which matters at present. This is a wrong type of civilization.

    A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

  152. Radha M. says:

    Thank you for all your efforts on your websites 

    You are correct in saying that the world will not end in 2012, nor does the Mayan calendar say this either. The current Mayan calendar time cycle period, ending 2012, talks about a major change of life on the planet, not that it will be the physical end of the world, but of the “world” as we know it now. This is what I believe most people also understand about the calendar.

    Although Kali Yuga may last for 432,000 years, that does not mean that there will not be periods of destruction and renewal within those years, as there have been in the past. It is evidenced that approximately every 10,000 years, the Earth floods, and that it is currently due for another major earth flood.

    There are also other changes that occur cyclically as well, Ice Ages being another significant one. The Earth cleanses and renews itself all the time, wiping out and regenerating societies and landscapes to varying degrees, and in various ways.

    Whether it happens on a specific date, or not, is somewhat irrelevant at this point – the facts remain as they are; Mother Bhumi, Earth, is over-burdened and being destroyed in ways that will now take thousands of years to cleanse, renew, and regenerate – and not in just one stratum of the ecosphere, but in every single one. Like an all-out attack on it, human society has rightly been proclaimed as a cancer on this Earth.

    If we look at the evidence and facts as they stand now, we are due for a major shake-down. The world as we know it now will not, and cannot, go on as it is, and who alone can, and will, change this but the all-devouring hands of time. Perhaps something major will happen on 2012, or perhaps not. Either way, the Earth is due for a major change, and the stage is now set.

  153. Mahesh says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa Ji,
    I have a question in my mind.
    I want to know that there are some cases that a person dies suddenly due to an attack, accident, etc. then how can he remember Krishna at the time of his death? He doesn’t get any time to remember Krishna.
    What should be done then?
    Please let me know the answer to my question.

    • Bhakta Harry says:


      You ask, “I want to know that there are some cases that a person dies suddenly due to an attack, accident, etc. then how can he remember Krishna at the time of his death? He doesn’t get any time to remember Krishna.
      What should be done then?”

      There is NO such thing as instantanious death. This is something conjoured up by the maya masters of Bollywood/Hollywood. Time to remember Krishna is there for the sincere, always.

  154. Brian says:

    Hare Krishna
    Not that I believed the date 2012 meant that the world was ending, I was just pleased to receive your posting. When I see Madhudvisa das come up on my email I get an immediate lift.They seem to arrive at the right time.
    Warm regards

  155. Vinod says:

    Jai Sri Krishna,

    In your email in the end you said “Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!”
    Dear Brother, The answer is in this line Chant Hare Krishna, that is enough for all worries.

    Infact Lord Krishna has said, WITHOUT MY WILL EVEN A LEAF WILL NOT SHAKE. Then Dear Brother why bother about the world coming to an end, what ever Our Krishna wants will happen. SO Lets us All Chant KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA. . .

  156. Ravishankar G. says:

    Excellent and very lucid article. Thank you very much!

    I had a couple of questions for you:

    1) When catur-yuga ends, will the atmas go back to God Head and sleep there for some time till the next catur-yuga starts?

    2) Will the entire universe be destroyed when catur-yuga ends?

    3) If it is not too much trouble, could you please reconcile Brahma’s appearance/disappearance in these cycles?

    Thanks again.

    Ravishankar G.

    • Hare Krishna Ravishankar Prabhu

      When the catur-yuga ends there is a short break only and in this case it is the transition from Kali-yuga to Satya-yuga. So there will be some revival and refreshment of the material world. The sort of thing that we see happen in spring. After the long, cold, bleak winter everything is withering and looking dead. But as soon as the spring comes there are new shoots coming out of the plants everywhere and all the animals are coming back to activity again after the long winter and there is a complete rejuvenation of the earth. So a similar thing will happen at the end of the Kali-yuga but on a grand scale, a universal scale. In Satya-yuga things are very different. The atmosphere is surcharged with the mode of goodness, as opposed to the Kali-yuga where the atmosphere is surcharged with the mode of passion. In the Satya-yuga people can live for up to 100,000 years compared to only 100 years in the Kali-yuga. So it will be a dramatic transformation for sure.

      But the spirit souls do not go back to Godhead to sleep there. They will be somewhere in the material world, according to their Karma. At the end of Lord Brahma’s life the living entities will enter into the body of the Visnu lying on the ocean at the bottom of this universe and sleep. But that is not back to Godhead. They are in a state of suspension simply waiting for the next day of Brahma when they will continue their material activities.

      I have written in another posting today that Lord Brahma lives for 100 years. Each year has 360 days. Each day has 1000 catur-yuga cycles and so does each night. So from this you can understand the birth and death of Brahma and that is also the birth and death of the universe. But of course that is a cycle as well. After the current Brahma dies then there will be a new Brahma born, and the whole material creation will start again…

      Hope it is of some help. Thank you for the nice questions.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  157. Atul Maken says:

    Hare Krishna Guruji ,,

    Thank u very much for this article . It as indeed the real insight about who we are and what is our ultimate destination .
    But Guruji one question always haunts my mind !!!!
    why does krishna leave us in this material world to face all the miseries ,,
    why doesnt he call back all to Godhead ???
    Please reply ASAP ……

    Hare krishna once again …..
    Regards ,
    Atul Maken .

    • Traci says:

      I believe Lord Krishna leaves us here because that is what we want. We are here to work off the karma from the past life, so we have a set time to stay on this earth. However, as long as we do things for ourselves; enjoy the company of friends and family, earn money to buy what we want, get angry at the person that cuts us off in traffic; it is karma we will continue to accumulate. “We” (the soul, not the mind of the body) wants to “feel,” wants to “play god,” and thus Lord Krishna gives us what we want, but it’s to teach us what is really important.

      At least that is how I understand things at this point in my learning.

  158. Vinod says:

    Jai Sri Krishna,

    The end of world is not so soon. In a few years from now, there are some meteroits which are aming towards the earth, these will fall and in one day more then 30% to 40% population of the world will die.

  159. Sunitha says:

    Hare Krishna,

    Very useful article at the right time.

  160. Velan says:

    Hare Krishna,

    We are seeing there is lot problems in the present world. People are getting corrupted to earn money. They are doing anything to get money. Generally people are suffering every day because of these people.
    Will these people who looting poor and ignorant people will face the consequence of their actions.If yes then when will the face so.

  161. M.A.Parthasarathy says:

    Hare Krishna
    Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
    Dear Swamin,

    Please help to clarify my doubt regrading the number of years in each yuga. If Dwapara yuga is 864,000 years, and Kali yuga is 5000 years old, does it mean that Srimad Ramayanam which happened in Treta yuga occurred 869,000 years ago ? Also, is it true that the Ram Setu still exists and has been detected by NASA satellite ?


  162. George Dominguez says:

    Hare Krishna Madhudvisa dasa,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    I very much enjoyed the article. While I was reading I wanted to be reassure that the sleeping living entities are not the once who have already entered into the Vaikuntha planets.

    I am aware that you very clearly indicated “Material” universes and not “Spiritual” universes. Can you please put an end to this doubt.

    Hare Krishna!

  163. Adrian says:

    Thanks for your wonderful clarification. I like you am just trying to find my way home.

    Hare Krishna

  164. Fundamental problems which the most peaceful place for human beings?
    First: The World’s womb for the fetus and the mother of a child?
    Second: The world (earth) that we live in now? or
    Third: the end of the world or the spiritual world.

    In my opinion, what they say about the world today, is the world’s for sure, right there because while we are alive and live.
    While the end of the world, which is shown by religion, is unique and different to today’s world. No need to compare the present world and the spiritual world later.
    If the world today is a combination Soul, Spirit and Body Form, and the spiritual world is only the spirit or soul, both are essential.
    Regardless of the world later, the most important thing right now and our lives here and in the world.
    What do we do with life today?

  165. Jagadisha DAs says:

    The basis of the 2012 panic is the fact that the Ancient Mayan calendar ends on the winter solstice (December 21, 2012). Some of you may have seen photos of the large circular stone calendar of the Mayas.

    The only thing that can be said about this is that in the Mayan tradition a new era commences on December 22, 2012 .. not the earth shaking ‘end times’ that some would have you believe. On the morning of December 22, 2012, the world will simply continue on doing what the world does each morning. Devotees will chant japa, devotees will welcome Shri Shri Radha Krsna in the temples, Prashad will be taken and on and on and on.

    • Sara says:

      I think you speak the truth, people get too worried about things like this. I say too many bad Hollywood disaster films!


  166. Amar Nath says:

    Hare Krishna!

    I would like to say thank you very much for the article. But I again would like to request you to elaborate your article in such a manner so that everyone can understand, more or less I want you to summarise it for the mass people, the article what you have sent is for the classess and not for massess, where as the mass has to be addressed very much.

    Amar Nath

    • Hare Krishna Amar

      The masses can not understand these points actually.

      Philosophy is not for the masses, it is for the intelligent people who can understand it.

      It can not be watered down, it has to be explained properly.

      For the masses we have the chanting of:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      And the distribution of Krishna prasadam.

      Let the masses chant Hare Krishna and dance in ecstasy and then when they are tired feed them with sumptuous Krishna Prasadam. That is Lord Caitanya’s program. And that is what Srila Prabhupada has instructed us to do for the masses. And that is actually the main thing we should be doing.

      Still the philosophy needs to be there but it will not be understood by the masses. We are distributing so many books but actually not everyone can understand these books. We are searching for a few intelligent men who can grasp the sublime transcendental concepts Srila Prabhuapda is presenting as the current link in the disciplic succession coming from Krishna through Lord Caitanya and the disciplic succession to Srila Prabhuapda and then to us.

      Not everyone can understand it. The masses are not interested in philosophy. They are interested in eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Krishna consciousness is not for the masses. It requires surrender and only a few sincere souls will surrender. Without the surrender there is no Krishna consciousness.

      But if there is even a very small percentage of the population who become Krishna conscious and perform the Sankirtan Yajna seriously and engage the masses in chanting Hare Krishna and dancing in ecstasy and distributing sumptuous Krishna Prasadam to the masses, that will transform the world, and it will transform the people also.

      But philosophy will never be for the masses… They are not interested in it. Give them Kirtan, give them sumptuous Prasadam…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  167. Lavananda says:

    The world of material conditioned mind sees and end to something a “doomsday” approaching. We realize through the vedic scriptures that the material conditioned mind can’t realy see anything. Without the Supreme Lord and the parampara the conditioned mind could even see things in an opposite way. They might see an upturn as a “doomsday”. The “rascal”, analyzes the world in selfish ignorant ways. What is truely good for God and all of the world might even be seen by the “rascal” as some sort of bad happening. As you have pointed out Madhudvisa dasa there is no vedic basis for a doomsday in 2012. The vedic scriptures and the parampara do show a basis though for the material conditioned mind to be confused and deliver disinformation full of mistake and illusion.

    “Vedic knowledge is received from transcendental sources, and the first words were spoken by the Lord Himself. The words spoken by the Lord are called apauruseya, meaning that they are different from words spoken by a person of the mundane world who is infected with four defects. A mundaner is
    1) is sure to commit mistakes, 2) is invariably illusioned, 3) has the
    tendency to cheat others and 4) is limited by imperfect senses. With
    these four imperfections, one cannot deliver perfect information of all-pervading knowledge.” (“Bhagavad-gita As It Is” by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)

    Thank you so much Madhudvisa dasa for your devotion and service.

  168. keshab says:

    Thank you

    Even though i study praphupada’s books. I did not have these sorts of knowledge. The post clearly tells me how advanced you are. Please keep writing emails.


  169. Hari Prasad says:

    Namaom vishnu padaya krsna prestaya butale
    srimate bhakti raghava swami iti namine

    namaste gaura sevayam sada nivedit atmane
    yuvadou prabupadardam varnasrama pracharine

    All Glories to Sri Sri Radha-Madhav,
    All Glories to Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and
    All Glories to Srila Prabupada

    Hare Krsna Prabu,

    Please accept my most humble prostrated obeisances.

    The article was really posted at the right time i believe, However there is a propagation taking place extremely with the help of media and its almost prevalent to the entire world. The people who are eagerly waiting for the “End of the world / Dooms Day” 21st December 2012.

    People who are in ignorance and bewildered jubiliating that this day would bring them joy.

    Here in Hyderabad i’ve seen in many places especially on Cars back glass written “Dooms Day” 21st December 2012

    I enjoyed really all the way throughtout the article. But here i have small question that, i did not understand the number 49000, what it refers to and its significance?

    As we know that we are in the 28th Maha-yuga of “Vaivasvata” 7th Manu. Each Kalpa Comprises of 4.32 billion years(Half day of Brahma).
    The Super-Excellent personality of Godhead Sri Krsna proclaimed in Bhagavad Gita: Chp 9 Text 6-10.

    This article should be published and mail to be sent to all the people who are in thirst of devastation. So they would know what is truth.

    Dasanu dasanu dasa,
    Hari Prasad.

    • Dear Hari Prasad Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      I made a mistake with that 49000 figure. I was trying to add 2000 to 427,000 [432,000 (time Kali-yuga will last for) – 5,000 (the approx time that has passed in Kali-yuga up to the year 2000]. Of course this actually comes to 429,000. The approximate year that this Kali-yuga will end. While this is just the end of an ordinary Kali-yuga, still something dramatic will happen around that time.

      Thank you very much for pointing this out.

      Your servant

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • samya says:

        i m very gratified to knw this truth…thank you a lot …..m a student of science but bit inclined to spirituality..nd dis article was grt to read …thx 4 dis

      • samya says:

        do keep writing such emails dey r really interestin…let me knw about incarnations etc also …thxxx..

      • Balaji says:

        Thank you very much for all your newsletters prabhuji. -they are so much filled with devotion and science. . To painstakingly enlighten fallen ignorant souls like me.. Thank you very much. . I’m compiling all your articles with great enthusiasm. . Hari bol. ..jaya Prabhupada..!

        • prashant says:

          Yes its god who controls all these activities he can when he wishes end it all or continue it HARE KRISHNA IS THE GREATEST POWER IN THE UNIVERSE…hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare…

          • ramprabu says:

            At the end of movement , i will enjoy my self.
            happen w b happen nobody can stop any think…………..

    • saurab says:

      i think that u should first consult brahma-vaivarat purana and consider the dialogue between krishna and ganga…

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