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Do I have to give up my occupation to serve Krishna?

Krishna does not suggest anything impractical

So Krishna is not advising Arjuna to simply remember Him and give up his occupation. No. Krishna never suggests anything impractical. In this material world, in order to maintain the body, one has to work.

Human society is divided into four divisions of social order: brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra. The brahmana class, or intelligent class, is working in one way, the ksatriya class or administrative class is working in another way and the mercantile class and laborers are all tending to their specific duties.

In human society, whether one is a laborer, merchant, warrior, administrator or farmer, or even if one belongs to the highest class and is a literary man, a scientist or a theologian, he has to work in order to maintain his existence.

Krishna advises Arjuna not to give up his occupation

Krishna, therefore tells Arjuna that he need not give up his occupation, but while he is engaged in his occupation, he should remember Krishna. If he doesn’t practice remembering Krishna when he is struggling for existence, then it will not be possible for him to remember Krishna at the time of death.

Lord Caitanya also advises this. He says that one should practice remembering the Lord by chanting the names of the Lord always. The names of the Lord and the Lord are nondifferent. So Lord Krishna’s instruction to Arjuna to “remember Me” and Lord Caitanya’s injunction to always “chant the names of Lord Krishna” are the same instruction. There is no difference, because Krishna and Krishna’s name are nondifferent.

Remembering Krishna while working

Therefore we have to practice remembering Krishna always, twenty-four hours a day, by chanting His names and moulding our life’s activities in such a way that we can remember Him always.

How is this possible? The acharyas give the following example. If a married woman is attached to another man, or if a man has an attachment for a women other than his wife, then the attachment is to be considered very strong. One with such an attachment is always thinking of the loved one. The wife who is thinking of her lover is always thinking of meeting him, even while she is carrying out her household chores. In fact she carries out her household work even more carefully so her husband will not suspect her attachment.

In the same way as the married woman who is attached to another man is remembering her lover constantly but she is still carrying out her duties in her husband’s house, we should constantly remember the supreme lover, Sri Krishna, and at the same time perform our material duties very nicely.

A strong sense of love is required here. If we have a strong sense of love for the Supreme Lord then we can discharge our duty and at the same time remember Him. But we have to develop that sense of love for Krishna.

Arjuna, for instance, was always thinking of Krishna; he was the constant companion of Krishna, and at the same time he was a warrior. Krishna did not advise Arjuna to go to the forest and meditate.

When Lord Krishna explained the meditational yoga system to Arjuna he says that the practice of this system is not possible for him.

“Arjuna said, O Madhusudana, the system of yoga which you have summarized appears impracticle and unendurable to me.

For the mind is restless and unsteady.

” (Bhagavad Gita 6.33)

The best yogi

However, Krishna replies to Arjuna, encouraging him:

“Of all yogis, he who abides in Me with great faith, worshipping Me in transcendental loving service, is most intimatily united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all.” (Bhagavad Gita 6.47)

So one who is always thinking of the Supreme Lord, Krishna, is the greatest yogi, the supermost jnani and the greatest devotee at the same time.

Krishna goes on to tell Arjuna that, as a ksatriya, he can not give up fighting, but that if he fights remembering Krishna, then he will be able to remember Krishna at the time of  death. However to do this one must be completely surrendered to Krishna in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.

We actually work with our mind and intelligence, not with our body.  So if our intelligence and mind is always engaged in the thoughts of the Supreme Lord, Krishna then naturally the senses are also engaged in His service.

Superficially it may appear that the activities of our senses remain the same performing devotional service to our activities in sense gratification, however the consciousness is changed. The Bhagavad Gita teaches us how we can absorb our minds and intelligence in the thought of Krishna. Such absorbtion will enable one to transfer himself to the kingdom of the Lord. If the mind is engaged in Krishna’s service, then the senses are automatically engaged in His service. This is the art, and this is also the secret of Bhagavad Gita: total absorbtion in the thought of Sri Krishna.

Try to advance spiritually

Modern man has struggled very hard to reach the moon, but he has not tried very hard to elevate himself spiritually. If one has fifty years of life ahead of him, he should engage that brief time in cultivating this practice of remembering the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

The easiest way

The easiest way to remember Krishna is hearing Bhagavad Gita from the realized person, this will turn one’s thoughts to the Supreme Being. This will lead toremembering the Supreme Lord, and will enable one, upon leaving the body, to attain a spiritual body which is just fit for association with Krishna in the spiritual world. Krishna says:

“By practising this remembering, without being deviated, thinking ever of the Supreme Godhead, one is sure to achieve the planet of the Divine, the Supreme Personality, O son of Kunti.” (Bhagavad Gita 8.8)
This is not a very difficult process. However, one must learn it from an experienced person, from one who is already in the practice. The mind is always flying to this and that, but one must always practice concentrating the mind on the form of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna or on the sound of His name.

Controlling the restless mind

The mind is naturally restless, going hither and thither, but it can rest in the sound vibration of Krishna. One must thus meditate onthe Supreme Person; and thus attain Him. The ways and the means for ultimate realization, ultimate attainment, are stated in the Bhagavad Gita, and the doors of this knowledge are open for everyone. No one is barred out. Everyone can approach Krishna by thinking of Him, for hearing and thinking of Him is possible for everyone.

Even human beings in the lower statuses of life can attain the Supreme. One does not need highly developed intelligence. The point is that anyone who accepts the principle of bhakti-yoga and accepts the Supreme Lord as the summum bonum of life, as the highest target, the ultimate goal, can approach the Lord in the spiritual sky. If one adopts the principles enunciated in Bhagavad Gita, he can make his life perfect and make a perfect solution to all the problems of life which arise out of the transient nature of material existence. This is the sum and substance of the entire Bhagavad Gita.


In conclusion, Bhagavad Gita is a transcendental literature which one should read very carefully. It is capable of saving one from all fear.
“In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear.” (Bg. 2.40) If one reads Bhagavad Gita sincerely and seriously, then all of the reactions of his past misdeeds will not react upon him. In the last portion of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Sri Krishna proclaims:
“Give up all varieties of religiousness, and just surrender unto Me; and in return I shall protect you from all sinful reactions. Therefore, you have nothing to fear.” (Bg. 18.66) Thus the Lord takes all responsibility for one who surrenders unto Him, and He indemnifies all the reactions of sin.

We are very busy… Reading Gita is enough…

One cleanses himself daily by taking a bath in water, but one who takes his bath only once in the sacred Ganges water of the Bhagavad Gita cleanses away all the dirt of material life. Because Bhagavad Gita is spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one need not read any other Vedic literature. One need only attentively and regularly hear and read Bhagavad Gita. In the present age, mankind is so absorbed with mundane activities that it is not possible to read all of the Vedic literatures. But this is not necessary. This one book, Bhagavad-gita, will suffice because it is the essence of all Vedic literatures and because it is spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Bhagavad Gita — More important than the Ganges river

It is said that one who drinks the water of the Ganges certainly gets salvation, but what to speak of one who drinks the waters of Bhagavad Gita? Gita is the very nectar of the Mahabharata spoken by Visnu Himself, for Lord Krishna is the original Visnu. It is nectar emanating from the mouth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the Ganges is said to be emanating from the lotus feet of the Lord. Of course there is no difference between the mouth and the feet of the Supreme Lord, but in our position we can appreciate that the Bhagavad Gita is even more important than the Ganges.

The Bhagavad Gita is just like a cow, and Lord Krishna, who is a cowherd boy, is milking this cow. The milk is the essence of the Vedas, and Arjuna is just like a calf. The wise men, the great sages and pure devotees, are to drink the nectarean milk of Bhagavad Gita.

One Scripture, One God, One Religion

In this present day, man is very eager to have one scripture, one God, one religion, and one occupation. So let there be one common scripture for the whole world-Bhagavad Gita. And let there be one God only for the whole world-Sri Krishna. And one mantra only-Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. And let there be one work only–the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Thank you for reading this newsletter. The next one will be called “The importance of the Disciplic Succession.”

First exam is coming!

Following that we will be having a little exam on “Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita“. So please read the newsletters carefully and if you have not read any of them please go back and read. I think you will enjoy the “exam,” I hope you will look forward to it and try your best to get the highest marks!

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My first contact with a Hare Krishna was a most merciful Mataji in Oxford Street, London who sold me a "Higher Taste" cook book in 1984 while I was on holidays there. I started seriously reading Srila Prabhupada's books in Australia 1985 and by 1986 Srila Prabhupada had convinced me "Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead" and "we should surrender to Krishna." I joined the Hare Krishnas in Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Since then I have been chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, reading and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and preaching as much as I can. That's my life and full-time occupation now really. I like it more than anything I've ever experienced before. Srila Prabhupada's books are so amazing... Even after reading them all many times they're still fresh and new. They are truly transcendental! That's it really. Now I'm just hankering to once again see the world chant Hare Krishna, dance and feast and float away in the ecstasy of Lord Caitanya's Sankirtana movement as it did in Srila Prabhupada's physical presence. Let the whole world drown in the ecstatic flood of love of Krishna!

284 Responses to Do I have to give up my occupation to serve Krishna?

  1. Harish says:

    Hare Krishna

    My question is that I am a good cook as vegetarian chef and difficult to get job abroad only as Vegetarian chef and they force to cook meat as there is no much alternative for vegetarian chef to be occupied fully and they expect to do other jobs like cleaning meat or sometimes cooking.I am confused as should I continue the work or leave the work as it incurs bad karma and other hand if I leave the job then there is guilt feeling of not doing your occupational duty.Please advise

    • Hare Krishna Harish

      Yes. Of course. All the Indians do that. They go to the western countries and give up their culture and accept the culture of the melechas and yavanas. So if you want to do that what can I say?

      That is what the Indians generally do. They come to the west to make money by any means possible.

      I think the only Indian who every came to the West with the idea of spreading Lord Caitanya’s movement all over the world is His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. All Indians should follow in his footsteps. That is the desire of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu: bharata bhumi hail manusa… The Indians they should become perfect in Krishna consciousness first and then spread it all over the world. That is the Indian business, spreading Krishna consciousness all over the world, not becoming melechas and yavanas in search of more and more money…

  2. Prashant Maheshwari says:

    Hare krishna prabhu

    Long time!!
    One confirmation, can i still give some donation for Srila Prabhupada’s book distribution to you, via Paypal?

  3. Nick says:

    Hare Krsna , the introduction to BG as it is by Srila Prabhupada really summarizes the whole process perfectly doesn’t it ?
    To remember Krsna always but at same time continue one’s occupation ,How easy !
    My question or dilemma is that my occupation, like many peoples in this age is very demanding and stressful with long hours and I find myself very much absorbed in the day to day mundane requirements of my job not to mention the mundane association I have and therefore fail to remember Krsna ! Second simply on a practical level I feel I m lack the time to do 16 rounds a day and read an hour or two a day as you suggest.
    Am I just making excuses or being lazy it’s hard to know, should I change my occupation I’ve not wanted to do that so far as Krsna advises Arjuna not to quit . What is your suggestion please ?

    • Hare Krishna Nick

      Yes. Today’s world is not very conducive to making spiritual advancement. But yes, certainly if we can’t find time to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra every day and read Srila Prabhupada’s books for at least an hour a day then we are never going to become Krishna conscious. Chanting Hare Krishna and reading Prabhuapda’s books, it is like breathing for devotees. So there is no question, we have to breathe, if we don’t breathe we are dead. So it is the same with chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra and reading Prabhupada’s books every day, if we don’t do it, we are dead, spiritually.

      So there is no alternative. We have to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra every day and read Srila Prabhupada’s books every day. Otherwise there is no hope for us to become Krishna conscious and our lives are pointless. So, yes, you have to adjust. Really it is not difficult to chant 16 rounds and read Prabhupada’s books for an hour a day. So yes, if we are not doing it, we are lazy, and dead spiritually and useless for ourselves and unable to help anyone else advance spiritually.

      The reality is it is very difficult to become Krishna conscious without the association of devotees. That is what ISKCON was supposed to be. A place where sincere people who want to seriously practice Krishna consciousness could go to and live in the association of devotees and together serve Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, there is strength in numbers. Unfortunately ISKCON has transformed into a mundane religion, a Hindu church, with services on Sundays and very little else. So they can not help us these days generally.

      So the time is very difficult. If I know the answer I would let you know, but I don’t know the answer for you. But the answer is to follow read Srila Prabhupada’s books and to follow the instructions Srila Prabhupada gives you when you read his books. That is what I do, so I know what is the answer for me. And as far as I can I am trying to follow the instructions Srila Prabhupada gives me as I read his books, so you can do the same thing. Krishna and Prabhupada will let you know what they want you to do. But we will never hear them if you don’t chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra, strictly follow the four regulative principles, and read Srila Prabhupada’s books every day at least 1-2 hours.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Nick says:

        Thanks for answering Prabhu . It is my goal this year to get up to 16 rounds per day , follow the 4 regs and read 1-2 hrs Gita each day.
        My problem has always been consistency and persistency so I am trying to build up slowly week by week month by month and one day I pray I’ll get there . AGTSP Hare Krsna

  4. Aman Pandey says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu

    Will there be any exam in future on Bhagavad-gita? It will be very interesting if you conduct it. Maybe on next Gita Jayanti if you think it right like many organizations conduct on that day.

    • Hare Krishna Aman

      Exam is conducted by some institution for the members of that institution. Exam is not for the general public. There is no exam like that. If you want to sit for an exam first you have to undergo the course of study in and organized, structured way. If you want to sit for the law exam, for example, first you have to attend the law school and study the books and hear from the qualified lawyers for five years. It is like that. Exam is only available for the students. So first there has to be an organization, they have to organize to teach the students the subject matter, then they can test the students.

      Main Krishna conscious exam is to see that all the students are getting out of bed before 4:00 AM, attending Managal-Aroti, chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra every day and strictly following the four regulative principles and going out daily with the Sankirtan party distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books and chanting Hare Krishna. That has to be there first. Without that there is no question of Krishna consciousness or exam.

      Krishna consciousness is not book knowledge. People can learn the philosophy of Krishna consciousness and repeat it very accurately but it will not have any positive effect on the hearers, even if they repeat it perfectly, if they themselves are not engaged in pure devotional service.

      It is a very mystical thing, the transmission of Krishna consciousness, it is not book knowledge, it is not an academic thing, Krishna consciousness is passed on from the bonafide spiritual master to the bonafide disciple only on the basis of submissive service and surrender. Only by getting the mercy of the bonafide spiritual master can one get the mercy of Krishna, and only by getting the mercy of Krishna can one understand Krishna consciousness.

      So it is not book knowledge.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  5. Aman says:

    Hare Krishna Madhudvisa Prabhu!
    Should one avoid occupations related to news, sports and cinema that increase sense gratification in the world?

    • Of course best occupation is serving Krishna. But if some other occupation has to be accepted for earning one’s livelihood, maintaining the family, etc, then that has to be done. But it is best to be simple honest occupation that is not overly stressing and overly demanding on your time because our main business is Krishna consciousness. There will be some imperfections in any occupational duty but because there are some imperfections that does not mean we should give it up.

      So you have to use your own common sense in this regard. We do not want to be engaged in some occupation that will distract us from Krishna consciousness.

      • Aman says:

        Hare Krishna Prabhuji!
        I want to serve Krishna whole-heartedly but Maya tells me I have many responsibilities and it pushes me back so I will have to engage in some occupation for the time being. So I will do something so that I can earn enough to maintain myself and my family after giving up 50% for Krishna. But I hope to become a full time servant of Srila Prabhupada very soon.

  6. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Hare Krishna,

    I have to give my whole life to krishna.

    • Yes. That is the proper thing to do. We are all eternal servants of Krishna, our lives belong to Krishna actually, we can only be happy by giving our whole life to Krishna. But we can not give directly. We have to find a pure devotee of Krishna, a bona fide spiritual master, to whom we can surrender and serve, who can guide us how to give our lives to Krishna. That is what Krishna orders in the Bhagavad-gita in Chapter 4 Verse 34, look it up.

  7. Sasi says:

    Hare Krishna

    Dear prabhu, I can’t see anywhere to give some money for this website or in . I want to give some money to sincere followers of the Acharya who are pushing the movement still. Do u know someone or some organization which are printing still original books like that? At present I found only this website is truly an ‘online original BTG’. I can tell to others also prabhu…

    • Hare Krishna Sasi

      Yes. We are the only ones (with KBI, Krishna Books Inc) pushing on the printing and distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s original books. Certainly we are spending so much on the printing and you can contribute to this by sending a donation to:

      Let us know it is for book printing and we will use it only for paying the printers for printing Prabhupada’s original books.

      All glories to your service.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Sasi says:

        Thanks for taking ur time in replying prabhu!

        Another question I wanted to ask,I went to iskcon chennai recently.There I saw a photo of someone placed next to the disciple succession photos after His Divine Grace Swami Prabhupada below the Altar. Isn’t it wrong to keep it next to him?Of course,Swamiji wished each and every of his disciple to become pure devotee but it requires a qualification to be attained.

        Secondly,Vyasa Puja should be done to the acaryas in disciple succession.Without getting qualified how can the temple perform puja to some guru?THey have given as ‘Vyasa Puja to …….’

        • Hare Krishna Sasi

          Yes. Envious neophyte devotees like to imagine they are mahabhagavata’s but actually there are symptoms for a real pure devotee of Krishna, and we do not see those symptoms in the ISKCON gurus. Even the GBC recognize this and they have forbidden any ISKCON temple from putting anyone else’s photo before Srila Prabhupada on the alter and have forbidden the Vyasa Puja of anyone else in Prabhupada’s temples. So in this case the Chennai temple has gone against the express rules of the GBC.

  8. Bhupen Kumar Acharya says:

    What is really mean service to Lord Krishna ? What type , to whom and how the services are ?

  9. An Ole Bhakta says:

    Yes! what and how is one to determine ones occupation? Ive done many things “occupations” in this life. I want to know my eternal occupation. And yes I do know that to serve Krishna is my eternal occupation but doing what? Is there something that can tell us?

  10. Jaya Shelan says:

    Dear guru, Hare Krishna. My name is Jaya Shelan. I would like to know whether “Can a Krishna conscious person have an ambition( eg. Doctor, Police, Lawyer and etc) with the intention to serve others?

    • Hare Krishna Jaya

      The only ambition a Krishna conscious person has is to serve Krishna. He has no other ambition. We have to choose between serving Krishna and serving others. If we serve Krishna automatically others will benefit. If you read Srila Prabhupada’s Nectar of Devotion you will find he says that Krishna consciousness is the one switch that when you turn it on it illuminates everything everywhere. So practicing Krishna consciousness is the best welfare activity.

      Doctors, police, lawyers, etc, can not do anything to help people at all. We are all coming to this world with previous karma. It is predestined because of this how much we will suffer and how much we will enjoy. So no doctor, lawyer or policeman can help anyone avoid even a moment of suffering they are destined to endure due to their sinful activities in the past.

      But a pure devotee, simply by chanting Hare Krishna, can free that person from all the reactions to his past sinful activities. So only the pure devotee is capable of doing any real beneficial work for others.

      So become a pure devotee of Krishna, that should be our only ambition, to surrender to Srila Prabhupada and by his mercy get the mercy of Krishna.

      A devotee never does anything for himself, for his family or for the people in general. His only occupation is to serve Krishna, but through his service to Krishna he himself, his family and the people in general get the most valuable service from him.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • MANAS RANJAN PATRA says:

        If KC is the best occupation then becoming a doctor, only Bhakti makes one perfect then think about Jayapataka Maharaj as a pure devotee why he suffering, He secrifice whole life to lord Krishna but why he suffering so much,

  11. Gaurav K says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ,
    I want to ask ,in this current age why we are not taking help of Sankirtana.Infact it is very limited.


    • This is because there are no devotees. It is only the devotees that have any interest in Sankirtan.

      All so-called spiritual organizations like Gaudiya Matha, ISKCON, ISKCON Bangalore, etc, etc, are taken over by Mayavadis who hate Sankirtan, so they have stopped it. So the world is going to hell.

      We need to become pure devotees of Krishna and attract others to pure devotional service and create sankirtan parties and start the sankirtan [which means the congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna maha mantra AND the distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books]

  12. bakosi. says:

    Hare krishna prabhuji. Thanks for the newsletter that says do I have to give up my occupation to serve at here the llaborer man earns little money from his work. thou the nature of his work is. not good and he is unhappy and krishna spoke to arjuna direct. not to give up his occupation how can you reconcile this two people to serve krshna

    • Yes. It is not necessary to give up one’s occupation to serve Krishna. There are many examples of very poor men who have been very great devotees of Krishna. We do not have much need. We need four chapatis and a six foot space to lie down and take rest. Otherwise we don’t really need anything else. We can sit down and chant Hare Krishna and read Srila Prabhupada’s books anywhere. The point is we are in some position in the material world due to our karma, it does not matter what position we are in, there is no need to change it, we can just become Krishna conscious wherever we happen to be. So just add Krishna consciousness to your life by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra at least 16 rounds a day and read Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1-2 hours a day and strictly follow the four regulative principles: no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication. Then gradually as you become more and more Krishna conscious Krishna will make whatever adjustments He thinks are necessary in your life. We do not need to bother about it, Krishna is in our hearts, He knows everything, He knows what we need to serve Srila Prabhupada and he will carry it to us personally.

  13. SAMIR ROY says:



  14. karan kantharia says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ,
    I am 21 years old and preparing for Indian administrative services .
    I chant 16 rounds and read books .
    Now I feel bewildered that why I am reading all this history and all it is all useless and I should give up everything and join the temple of iskon Bangalore.

    I am not mentally prepared but have that knowledge .

    Prabgupada says that everything can be dovetailed for Krishna , if I become a district collector i may do it very well by the mercy of prabhupada .I want to go back home to godhead in this life only . Will Prabhupada take his initiated disciples also .
    Prabhu you are very dear to Prabhupada, kindly tell me what should I do ?
    Please help me, I would be very much thankful to you.
    Hare Krishna

    • Hare Krishna Karan

      I can not tell you what to do. But generally speaking temple life is not working very well at the moment due to a lack of proper leadership. The general instruction of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabu to the devotees who wanted to give up their jobs and join Him was ‘amara ajna guru hana tara ei desh yare….’ He said: “No. You stay where you are and in that place you become a pure devotee of Krishna, become the guru of that place and deliver the people of that place.” So His mood is stay where you are and become Krishna conscious there and preach to the people around you, become the guru for the people around you.

      This is better than joining a temple and being mislead by a bogus guru…

      So I do not know what you should do in your case. However at the current time it is more likely that you can become Krishna conscious in family life with your wife and children than in the temples which are existing at the present moment.

      There are so many cheaters in the temples and there is a good chance if you join the temple they will train you up to be a cheater also. That is useless. Better to be a simple Krishna conscious householder and preach to the people around you, become the guru for the people around you. Show the general population how it is possible to be a pure devotee of Krishna while you are holding down a job and supporting a family and raising Krishna conscious children.

      That is very practical service. If you can raise Krishna conscious children and set the example for Krishna conscious grhastha life.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • karan kantharia says:

        Thanks a lot Prabhu for your kind guidance . Kindly pray for me to prabhupada, so as to give me strength to work like that .
        Hare Krishna

  15. Mandy BAKER says:

    Thank you Madhudvisa dasa, for the emails with your kind explanations about Krsna Consciousness by way of the Bhagavad Gita, and Srila Prabhupada’s translations. I appreciate them very much, and wish to show my grattitude.

  16. Rajendra Yadav says:

    Hare Krishna !!!
    Dandvata Pranam Prabhu jee,

    Your every Krsna Connect Newsletter is very inspiring. I enjoy it very much.

    Your servant’s servant Rajendra Yadav

  17. shikha says:

    pranam guruji,

    thank you very much for the newsletter and your regular mails . I learned a lot from it
    can you please tell me how should i surrender completely to the almighty , every time i try but the fear (what will happen if i do this ,what will be the result,and about the future things) is always there in my mind. i read bhagwad geeta and yes it calms me but then again after some time it get back the old me.
    krishna says ” karm karo fal fal ki chinta mat karo” but most of the time whatever task we are performing is due to the reason, for example if i am preparing for a competitive exam is due to reason i want results from it , i want to crack it, then how should i not expect from it, i am working hard for it . i want to know the the way so that i can just concentrate on my duty not on the result ,the way to throw out the fear from mind and feel like everything will be good because my krishna is always with me.

    • We have to work for Krishna. That is the only solution. Then even there is competition to serve Krishna best that is good. So the point is to put Krishna in the center and do everything for Krishna then it is all good.

  18. Ramesh says:

    Respected gurus

    I just want to know if I can copy the contents of Bhagavadgita as it is to a Facebook pages dedicated for Bhagavadgita which I have created for propagating Gita in English and Telugu so that my friends and friends of friends will try and read it.

    I just want to propagate Hinduism and its greatness. Can i

    Where ever, however and whenever possible let us move forward to preach Gita for peace.

    I feel lack of awareness of ones religion has caused the displeasure for religion during crisis times and hence cause for disbelief.

    Hope you got my point

    Thank you

    • Bhagavad-gita is not Hinduism.

      This Hinduism is not great.

      It is a great disaster. A great hodgepodge.

      Hinduism is very confused and in so many ways conflicts with the original Vedic texts like the Bhagavad-gita.

      What Indians today accept as Hinduism is a collection of things, some correct things, and a lot of bogus things also. Some of the ideas come from the Vedas, but many of them have been perverted and distorted by bogus preachers like Vivikananda and Dr.Rama Krishna, etc. These people actually had no idea of the real message of Krishna in the Gita.

      So really you should forget Hinduism. The real eternal religion, sanatana-dharama, that you will find in Srila Prabhupada’s books. It is very great, it is not Hinduism. It is not limited to India, it is not just for Indians, it is for the whole world, the whole universe.

      So firstly you should read and understand Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is yourself and also Srila Prabhupada’s other books. The thing is if we want to preach then we have to become qualified to preach first. We have to learn the subject matter. We have to undergo the course of study. We have to follow the process.

      That is Lord Caitanya’s suggestion also, particularly for those born in India like your good self. He suggests first you become perfect in Krishna consciousness yourself then you become a guru and teach it to everyone around you. But we have to learn it properly ourselves first and be practicing it ourselves before we will become empowered to teach it.

  19. satish merchant says:

    Hare krishna I read your news letter daily and it is very interesting and refreshing my mind I read bhagavad gita as it is book almost daily in the morning.

    Thanking you,


    Satish Merchant

  20. Hi , the present Census report about Muslim population growth in Nadia a border district where MAYAPUR
    IS LOCATED is bad news. After 20 or 30 years we could be living in an INTOLERANT MUSLIM DOMINATED SOCIETY if we do not take action now. Krishna does not preach non violence in all situations . We have to find a solution violent or non violent before the enemy becomes the majority and drives us out as has happened in E and W pakistan and is happening in the kashmir valley.

    • Hare Krishna

      The idea is to preach. Convince them to become devotees of Krishna. They were originally Hindus and were converted into Muslims by Muslim preachers and by the intolerance of the Indian caste brahmanas.

      So if you become a pure devotee of Krishna then Krishna will give you the intelligence and potency how you can awaken their dormant Krishna consciousness. This is particularly possible in the Land of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

      What you say about violence is of course correct. However Lord Caitanya’s movement is not violent. The problem is these days more-or-less everyone is a demon. So if we were to take up this business of demon killing then we would have to kill practically everyone. Which is not practical and we do not have the strength for that.

      So Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is so very merciful. He is distributing Krishna consciousness freely to everyone without any consideration of the qualification of the person. So Krishna consciousness is equally open to the Muslims as it is to everyone else.

      Of course the Vedic principle is aggressors can be killed. So if the Muslims attack then they can be killed. But can you kill them? As far as I have seen Muslims tend to be big and strong and Hindus tend to be not big and not strong. Hindus have become very sinful and lost all strength and potency. Every sinful activity is going on in Hindu society as bad or worse than in the Western countries. At least the Muslims, in theory, still have some religious principles.

      I think it would be much better to just get them to chant Hare Krishna.

      At the moment the Russians are killing the IS terrorists. Which is fine. They are obviously aggressors. And aggressors can be killed. So if they are actually aggressors and if you can actually kill them then it is OK…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  21. Stephen says:

    All I can say for now is,may Krishna help you to continue this wonderful work for the benefit of humanity. Hare Krishna

  22. Harekrishna dear prabhu dandavat prana to your lotus feet . Kindly send me news letters on regular basis . Though me reading Bhagavatgita as it is , of our Jagadguru A.C.Bhakti Vedantnta Pabhu Padji, , still not able to digest its deeper meaning as me one of the low intelliget&a fallen soul. It will be a your blessings in disguise in realizing Bhagavatgita slokas with some extra explanation. This is my humble request . kindly enlighten me more to advance in spiritual life and do some sincere service to Shrila Guru Dev and to Shrila A.CBhaktivedanta Prabhu Padji in spreading Krishna conscious movement. Hare krishna.
    your’s sincierly.

    Rukmaya. G.P.

  23. venkatarao m says:

    I’m 55 and gone away from home a year ago unable to bear the family members who need only money. I’m sending them money according to their needs. i pray lord KRISHNA to relieve me from family.
    continue sending me your messages on GITA.

  24. Deepak says:

    Thanks for the news letter . I have few questions

    Why we loose interest while chanting hare Krishna mantra? Why we are so much attracted to material world after knowingly that it is if no use. How we can get out of this.

  25. Omprakash Labana says:

    Hare Krishna,
    Thank u so much for such important topics.
    I would like ask u, as Lord Vishnu is creator of world then why we are focus only on lord Krishna, why we are not go with Lord Rama.

  26. Shyam prasad k says:

    Jai sree Krishna ,

    Thank u very much for your mailing.



  27. ajit apte says:

    Many thanks for such divine reminders.
    Devotee Arjuna was a an excellent Archer (warrior).
    Were there any BLESSINGS / TEACHINGS from LORD Krishna to Arjuna towards this achievement?

    Most people in Grahasta stage need to Excel in their Professional Performance.

  28. minnie says:

    Excellent tutorials on how to connect to the supereme lord sri krishna continuing our routine chores. Thnx prabhu for enlightening our spirits. Always luk forward to your newsletters. Hari bol.

  29. Manu Khanna says:

    Hare Krishna,

    I have one thing that is going on in my mind for long but I’m unable to understand. Krishna loves us all equally, but then we did HE seperate us all from himself? Why did he create this world, when the ultimate goal of all of us is to be with him?

    Please guide me.


    • Hare Krishna Manu

      Krishna did not separate Himself from us. We separated ourselves from Krishna. Actually we are not even really separated from Krishna. Krishna is with us all the time. We can not even take a breath without the mercy of Krisha. It is not possible to be separated from Krishna and it is not possible to exist without the mercy of Krishna.

      So we are not separated from Krishna. The illusion that we are separated from Krishna is maya.

      Krishna created this illusion because we wanted to be separated from Him. We want to become Krishna. Krishna is the enjoyer, Krishna is the master, but we want to be the enjoyer, we want to be the master. But that is not possible. So out of His great mercy Krishna created this material world and the illusion that we could be separated from Him…

      So it is all Krishna’s mercy. Krishna is not happy to see us suffering like this. That is why He comes into this world Himself and why he sends his pure devotees here, to guide us, how to get out, how to go back home, back to Godhead.

      So it is all Krishna’s mercy. Krishna did not want us to come here and Krishna wants us to come back home back to Godhead. We are here not because Krishna sent us here but because we wanted to come here… So we are suffering here because we have misused our little independence.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  30. Shimon says:

    Best advice I read was to remember Krishna all day. That is the only way to fight the evil of this world. And there is so much–and getting worse each day. Also it was said that all we need is the Gita. What about the Sri Caitanya set or the Srimad? Or is this for more advanced individuals?

    • Hare Krishna Shimon

      It is possible to understand all the main points by reading the Gita. But today realistically it is not so easy. Because in the Gita Krishna demands surrender. And we don’t want to Surrender. Lord Caitanya is Krishna but He is more merciful than Krishna. Lord Caitanya is distributing Love of God freely, He does not demand surrender. So it is easier to become Krishna conscious by the mercy of Lord Caitanya.

      Actually Bhagavad-gita is just the A-B-C, the introduction to spiritual life. Serious students will want to read Srimad-Bhagavatam and Sri Caitanya-caritamrta to understand the subject matter in more detail.

      That is our enjoyment. Krishna katha. Hearing about Krishna. And that is what Srimad-Bhagavatam and Sri Caitanya-caritamrta are. Krishna katha. Both books are unlimited oceans of transcendental nectar. Devotees love reading Srimad-Bhagavatam and Sri Caitanya-caritamrta.

      So do not stop at the Bhagavad-gita. Keep on reading all of Srila Prabhupada’s books. That is necessary if you actually want to become Krishna conscious.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  31. Seema Sharma says:

    Hare Krishna!

    Thank-you brother for your reply, thanks a lot. I have been reading Srila Prabhupada’s book, I do not call myself a bhakt, as I am far away to reach that big position but I love Kanhaji and want to
    do nothing that would make him unhappy because of my any deed. Yes I don’t like to discuss problems as those are material situations. Thank you for your Krishna Conscious newsletter.

  32. Seema Sharma says:

    I am single, but I don’t earn, due to some problems I had to stay at home, am I doing right or wrong.

    Hare Krishna!

    • How would I know? I do not know anything about your situation. I suggest you read Srila Prabhupada’s books. If you are staying at home then you have plenty of time to read. And as you read Srila Prabhupada’s books you will find all the answers will come to you and what you need to do will be very clear to you.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  33. Bhakta John Richards says:

    Hare krishna! These talks have been very helpful and enlightening, thanks. I offer my humble obeisances unto you, srila Prabhupada and Krishna. I think I will enjoy the exam. I accidentally deleted the other lessons/talks. Could you please send them to me again as I wish to be well informed for the exam, and to sincerely and seriously meditate on them. Thanks. Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Bhakta John

      Thank you very much for reading the talks. Unfortunatly I have not had the time to organize the exam and that is not likely to happen for quite some time now. But in the meantime please seriously study Srila Prabhupada’s books. All I am trying to encourage people to do with these newsletters is to get them interested in reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. It is there, in Srila Prabhupada’s books, that you will find everything you are looking for, all your answers, and so much more.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  34. kanchan says:

    thanx for this valuable information. i got answers to many of my unanswered question through this article

  35. Amritansh Lohit says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    It’s been quite a few days since i joined this site and it has been a blissful experience for me. And i need to know about one thing as of now. As i am new to this spirituality mission about god and know little but want to know more.

    So i want to ask you that i am having little knowledge about the Krishna consciousness and learning more day by day but when i die and if i get another human form once again then will i be Krishna conscious in my next human life from the start or i forget everything?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Hare Krishna

    • Hare Krishna Amritansh

      Krishna consciousness is so nice that whatever spiritual advancement we make in this life is our permanent asset, we will never loose it.

      So if we die without becoming 100% Krishna conscious we will get at least birth in a human body and will will be put into favorable circumstances where we will be able to continue our spiritual advancement.

      Most likely we will not be able to remember anything of this life or our Krishna consciousness in this life, but Krishna will make some arrangement and we will come into contact with the devotees in our next life and, because of our Krishna consciousness in this life, we will be naturally interested in and attracted to Krishna consciousness in our next life. That is how it works.

      But this is not a very good idea. It is dangerous. It may not be immediate. Although we will never loose our advancement in Krishna consciousness it can be covered over. And it can be covered over for a very long time also. So it may actually be many births before we are able to again come in contact with Krishna consciousness, or many millions of births. There is no guarantee that it will happen immediately.

      It is a very rare opportunity to be able to come into contact with a pure devotee of Krishna like Srila Prabhupada. Most times we are not able to associate with such a pure devotee of Krishna and without the association of a pure devotee of Krishna it is impossible to develop Krishna consciousness.

      So we should not be thinking like this, taking birth again and continuing our Krishna consciousness in the next life. No. We should be taking full advantage of our association with Srila Prabhupada in this life and make our life perfect by becoming completely Krishna conscious now and ensure that at the time of death we remember Krishna then Krishna promises that: “Whoever remembers Me at the time of death will come to Me.”

      So we need to take this rare human form of life and this rare chance of associating with a pure devotee of Krishna very seriously and become perfectly Krishna conscious in this life. If we think we can do a little in this life and continue it in the next then that may not be possible. It may be hundreds or thousands or millions of births before we get the chance to continue our Krishna consciousness again, and in the meantime we will suffer terribly.

      So we should take Krishna consciousness very seriously, become a pure devotee of Krishna now, and go back home, back to Godhead at the end of this material body.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  36. raju kalita says:

    necter and partical words of Sri Krishna. Always inspire me to become srevant of Lords.



  38. aditya says:

    Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.

  39. Melissa says:

    “And let there be one God only for the whole world-Sri Krishna.” I thought that Hindus worshiped several gods and believed that Krishna recieves all of the devotion. And I thought that before eating Hare Krishna’s rung a bell, calling on other gods to bless there food? So what does this mean, ‘let there be only one God for the whole world Sri Krishna?’

    • Hindus are very confused people. They have no idea what is described in their own scriptures. They have listened to so many bogus gurus and bogus preachers over the years and the result is that Hindus, as a group, are totally confused and have no idea at all what is presented in their own scriptures.

      In reality there is only one God, Krishna. Krishna does expand into many Visnu-tattva forms. So these Visnu-tattva forms are also Krishna, also God. So for example Varaha, Nrsimha, Kurma, Visnu, Balaram, etc, these are all Visnu-tattva, all expansions of Krishna. So there is one God, Krishna, but He can appear in many different forms.

      The Hindus are confused when it comes to the demigods. There are many demigods in this universe who are ordinary living entities like yourself or myself who have become elevated and very qualified and due to their qualifications have been promoted to positions of great responsibility and power within the universe. This universe is not going on automatically. It is like any big company or enterprise. There is a system of management and managers. So the demigods are entrusted with the management of the various departments of universal management. So they have power within the area of their department only.

      So this is where the Hindus get their idea of 33 million gods and each god has a particular area so the Hindus, depending on what they want, select an appropriate ‘god’ and pray to him for some material benefit which is within the department that that particular ‘god’ has got authority over.

      But in the Bhagavad-gita such worship of demigods is discouraged and it is stated there that only fools worship the demigods. So the Hindus are clearly declared as fools in their own scripture, Bhagavad-gita. But they do not know. They don’t read it…

      It is foolish to worship demigods because the demigods are not god, they are themselves trapped within the material world. They themselves have material bodies, they are themselves getting old, getting sick and will ultimately die also. It is just that they are living in higher planets, they have a much better standard of life than we do, they live for a very, very long time compared to our lifetimes, so in every way they are so much more advanced than us. But still they have material bodies, they are themselves trapped in the material world. So the demigods can only give material benefits. They can not help us escape from the prison of the material world because they themselves are also in the prison.

      So it is foolish for a prisoner to pray to the prison guards for some special treatment in the prison. It is intelligent for the prisoner to want to get free from the prison entirely.

      So fools worship the demigods for material benedictions within the material world. Devotees worship Krishna and through that worship transcend the material world and enter into the spiritual world, the Kingdom of God. That is our real goal. To go back home, back to Godhead.

      So the Hindus are unintelligent fools who worship the demigods for some temporary benefit in the material world and generally they can not tell the difference between demigods and Krishna, God. So let there be only one God for the whole world Sri Krishna. There is only one God for the whole world–Sri Krishna.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  40. bakosi says:

    thank you prabhu for the newsletter it is intresting one. but the four human society of division under whom do they take guidiance

  41. ananya misra says:

    FATHER DANDAVATS PLS GUIDE ME – I AM A STUDNT OF ANIMATION ao i hav to watch a lot of fillms is it ok?? is that breaking the rules?? also father can i dedicate, whatever work lik animation or drawing i do to krishn ??can that be called as devotional work ??can that clear my karma?? pls tell if not then what can ?? also father can i give whatever merits i earn by reading srila prabhupada books lik bhgavat gita to someone ??is this also possible in the case of fasting??

    • Your animation is maya. If you look at the subject matter of the animation you are producing you will find it is full of materialistic message and sense gratification and sinful activities and when people watch your animation they will simply become more and more in the bodily concept of life, they will forget Krishna even more by watching your animation. So making people more forgetful of Krishna is not service to Krishna and can not be offered to Krishna.

      What you are really doing the animation for is to make money. So if, instead of using that money for yourself, you use that money for Krishna, then that you can offer to Krishna. You can offer your money to Krishna. That is something practical you can offer to Krishna.

      And you can not give what you get from reading Prabhupada’s books to someone else. What you have to do is convince the other people how nice and wonderful and important Srila Prabhupada’s books are and convince them to read Prabhupada’s books as well. That is the way we can help other people. By selling them Srila Prabhupada’s books and convincing them to read them. That is the greatest welfare work, the greatest benefit we can give to another person.

  42. Mehra says:

    Hare Krsna prabhuji. I have a question to ask you regarding occupation. Prabhuji are they some occupations or some type of occupations which a devotee or person aspiring to be a devotee should avoid no matter what? Let me give you an example. There seems to be a job or occupation where you get paid if you make the people interested to buy and use products of the company. And these products are materialistic including the food. So i will be doing things that are not Krsna Conscious at all. So what to do. This job is not a typical job as it offers a lot of money depending on how much time you spend in it.

    I won’t say anything more.

    • Hare Krishna Mehra

      A devotee has to do some work to maintain his body and soul together. And these days most work is not very honest and has many faults from the spiritual point of view. So you will probably not find any work that is really free of some sort of fault.

      But still some work has to be there. So the point is to use the money that you make from the work to serve Krishna. That will transfer otherwise sinful work into Krishna consciousness. You go to work to make money, so if you use that money for Krishna, then that purifies the work.

      There are jobs that a devotee would not do, generally. I think you will not find many devotee butchers for example… Killing cows is so sinful and so much against Krishna consciousness that you will not find devotees doing this. But because of the strange ways of the material world often devotees will find themselves working at something that is not really Krishna conscious at all. There are many businessmen who are devotees for example. And you know that realistically a very honest person does not make a very good businessman generally speaking. So because there is some dishonesty involved in doing his business this does not mean that a businessman can not be a devotee and it does not mean that he has to give up his business to become a devotee…

      These things are all discussed very nicely and very clearly by Srila Prabhupada in Bhagavad-gita As It Is. So if you just read it then you will understand all these points in a much better way than I can explain…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • Mehra says:

      Hare Krsna Madhudvisa dasa prabhuji. I got clear about the occupation issue regarding Krsna Consciousness which is to use the money no matter what job you do for Krsna. But now the the second issue or secondary issue is Greed. I don’t feel like i have looked into the topic of greed or that it has mattered much in my life. At least never thought of it for like sometime. Or that in this site they has been much talk of Greed as far as i know or remember. I did mention “This job is not a typical job as it offers a lot of money depending on how much time you spend in it.”

      It seems very attractive as it offers a lot of money that i don’t have to worry about money or anything and can always practice devotional service without much almost any or almost any worry of money. Do you have any advice as to how not to be a victim of the quality of Greed as it is one of the three gates to Hell. Anger, Lust and Greed.

  43. Vishwanath Bote says:

    After very long time I read about krishna. I m feeling very good. Ilike it. thank u so much for this

  44. Manish Chakraborty says:

    Bhaja Nitai Gaura Radhe Shyam Japa Hare Krishna Hare Ram ! All glories to the supreme Lord Krishna. All glories to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. All glories to HG Srila Prabhuapada…

  45. karthi tapovan says:

    Hare krishna Madhudvida dasaji,

    One greatest mystery what I am introspecting is that man was growing blindfolded with agnyana ( ignorance) as it was once again a maya of almighty to keep him on toes to chase his desires, besides, Krishna has gifted this wisdom, which in my experience, if man reads one verse of any of these 18 chapters, all his Mala (kama, krodha), Vipeksha (distraction) will be just formatted from his system and he becomes that bliss which he no longer needs to look at externally.

    Pranams to you!

    Thy own goodself!

    Kaarthi thabho

  46. Manisha Krsnabhakta says:

    Hare Krsna!!!!!!!!!

  47. sarvesh says:

    Hare Krishna prabhuji
    First of all thanks of everything that ur doing for everyone
    My question is ,it possible that damigod can take birth in family of humans ?

    • Hare Krishna Sarvesh

      There is no difference between a demigod and human from the point of view of the soul. The soul of a demigod is more evolved in the mode of goodness so he takes birth as a demigod on the planets of the demigods. A soul who is not so evolved takes birth on earth as a human being. So the bodies of the demigods and the bodies of the human beings are different but there is no difference in the soul of a demigod and the soul of a human being.

      So this means if a human being raises his consciousness in the mode of goodness then he can take birth in the planets of the demigods in his next birth and if a demigod lowers his consciousness by becoming addicted to the modes of passion and ignorance then he can take birth on the earth as a human being in his next birth. Or he can take birth as a hog or a dog even.

      So the material world is like that. On the human or demigod platform we are responsible for our actions so a human by his good actions can elevate himself to the planets of the demigods in his next birth and a demigod can be degraded to birth as a human being on earth by performing bad activities.

      Of course it is said that the demigods are queuing up to take birth on the Earth at the present time as they want to take part in Lord Caitanya’s sankirtan movement which is underway here on earth. So it happens, and it is happening. Demigods do take birth on earth. Particularly when Lord Krishna and His incarnations appear many demigods also take birth on earth. So yes. Demigods can and do take birth on earth as human beings sometimes…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  48. Kishan Kejriwal says:

    Prabhu, Really after reading this newsletter understanding Gita is very easy ans I am getting interested in reading the Gita.

  49. kartik says:

    Hare Krishna, Prabhu,
    I want to know whether it is necessary to be vegetarian to get the Lord Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Kartik

      You are never going to become a devotee of Krishna just by becoming a vegetarian.

      That is not the way. You have to understand that we should not do anything for ourselves. All our actions should be service to Krishna. So we should not cook for ourselves. We should cook for Krishna. And Krishna only accepts foods made from grains, milk products, fruits and vegetables. So as a devotee will never accept anything that is not first offered to Krishna and as Krishna only accepts grains, milk products, fruits and vegetables, then there is no chance that a devotee will ever accept any non-vegetarian foods. Devotees only accept Krishna prasadam, the remnants of the foodstuffs that have been offered to Krishna, nothing else.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  50. sandhya says:

    hare krishna prabhuji

  51. Uma Sridhar says:

    Hare Krishna!

    Pranam Swamiji!

    Thanks for your kind elaborate & encouraging letter. I & my family celebrated Sri Krishna Janmashtami with devotion and enthusiasm. Here its Government Holiday! We believe, Krishna take birth as a child in each and every home in the universe! we celebrate in this way, in our house child Krishna has taken birth! I hope you also celebrated Krishna’s birthday!

    I thanks once again for your encouraging words and advising me for concentrating in Krishna consciousness.

    Uma Sridhar

    • Hare Krishna Uma

      Thank you very much also for the very nice letter you sent me through the mail.

      I received that and appreaciate that very much.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  52. pankaj says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji. PAMHO. AGTSP. Thank you very much for sending such a beautiful nectar to me. I really need it regularly. Kindly suggest me how can i remember always what i read. I forgot it and not able to meditate on whatever I read.

    Your Aspiring Servant

  53. Dear Madhudvisa prabhuji,
    Pamh AgtSP

    Thank you for replying in such a thought provoking way. I am somewhat startled and confused by your reply. Are you affiliated with ISKCON, Akshaya Patra, IRM or a Gaudiya Math branch or simply out there on your own preaching on behalf of Srila Prabhupada?

    I certainly admire your gaul in openly stating there is hardly anyone left in Srila Prabhupada’s International Society for Krishna Consciousness movement. Which ISKCON are you referring too as there are a few versions about these days? I am not being cynical here, it’s an honest question.

    I have been through many of the ups and downs within this movement since Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance, with two Diksha Guru falldowns and a host of anomalies including my mishaps on the way.

    Even though I sometimes find it difficult to continue within the ISKCON I’m serving with, I somehow remember Srila Prabhupada’s two vital instructions:
    1. Accept the GBC Body as the ultimate ruling authority and
    2. Never leave ISKCON no matter how rough and tough it gets.

    My personal directive and conviction is and has always been to remain within Srila Prabhupada’s movement and by that austerity plus other services I will be able to assist in improving the apparent shortcomings of the society. I am a fairly observant person and often think things through without applying a negative attitude to individuals by suspending my privilege of judgement. That is why I feel a little confident in the integrity of my seminar service which I hope to offer at the feet the thousands of devotees in the world of the ISKCON I am a tiny part of.

    So to help clear things up for you, I can assure you that there is an ongoing increase of the members of the main ISKCON movement which Srila Prabhupada registered in New York City in July 1966. This ISKCON is not decreasing to hardly a soul within it, but is increasing in size and momentum every minute and you must be referring to another branch of the Chaitanya Tree by your description of such dwindling proportions.

    I wholeheartedly applaud your application of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings via your Bhagavad Gita newsletter and your determination to minimize your own words in favour of His Divine Grace. I also appreciate your concerns over just another meaningless seminar that some impure soul has created to help devotees in their application of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. Your point is gratefully received and will be applied to the presentation. I must beg to disagree that there is no point in such presentations as we all have the capacity to help one another so much in spiritual life, but I must agree that we can also interfere and ruin the pure teachings of Srila Prabhupada by watering down or interpretation of his books too.

    It must state the obvious to most people that without the help, support and guidance of senior disciples of His Divine Grace, our understanding would be ambiguous and possibly misleading. As stated by Narrotama Das Thakura and many Acaryas, we need the three lines of authority to assist us in reaching the correct siddhanta – Guru, Sadhu and Shastra. In this regard Srila Prabhupada is certainly the Guru and his books are certainly the Shastra, but Sadhu doesn’t only refer to the historical line of Vaisnava Acaryas, sadhu also refers to the present and future saintly followers of Guru Sadhu and Shastra. If that weren’t the case then Srila Prabhupada and his books will have failed to produce sadhus and pure devotees. Or is it that all the sadhus and pure devotees have left his recognized mission of ISKCON and are now in other organisations or are fighting the good fight alone or in groups of two and three?

    I hope not to offend by these statements which I deem to be the proper attitude, but if I am wrong then don’t hesitate to correct my understanding according to the authorized system of Guru Sadhu and Shastra rather than an individual opinion resulting from frustration due to the failure of others.

    At your feet,

    Sakhyarasa Prema Dasa anudas.

    • Hare Krishna Sakhyarasa Prabhu

      I did not say there is hardly anyone in Prabhupada’s ISKCON. There are plenty of devotees in Prabhupada’s ISKCON Prabhu but the ISKCON you are in is not Prabhupada’s ISKCON and it is also not the legal entity that Srila Prabhupada established in 1966 in New York City.

      Today’s ISKCON has very little in common with Prabhupada’s ISKCON and to be a part of today’s ISKCON you have to surrender to the GBC and follow their philosophy. In today’s ISKCON the GBC are the authority and everyone in today’s ISKCON has to surrender to the GBC and accept the GBC as their guru. Even the so-called gurus in ISKCON must surrender to, serve and follow and preach the philosophy of the GBC. So ISKCON gurus are surrendered to the GBC, they can not be ISKCON gurus if they are surrendered to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. This ensures that every guru in today’s ISKCON is 100% bogus. Surrendered to the GBC means bogus guru. A bona fide guru is surrendered to his bona fide guru and Krishna. No one else. If he is surrendered to someone else he is completely bogus. ISKCON gurus have to agree with the GBC and reject the Deity worship process Prabhupada teaches us and accept something completely different, ISKCON gurus have to agree to reject the original books that Prabhupada himself published and instead accept the constantly changing new versions of the philosophy of Krishna consciousness which are being presented in the constantly changing books published by BBTI. If an ISKCON guru should want to read the original philosophy of Krishna consciousness in Prabhupada’s original books or if, heaven forbid, he even even dreamed of recommending that his disciples read Prabhupada’s original books, oh Prabhu, he would be thrown out of ISKCON so fast… So no bona fide guru would ever put himself in such a compromised position where he is not free to instruct his disciples. ISKCON gurus can not give any instruction to their disciples unless firstly the GBC approves of that instruction and secondly the Temple President must also agree. If either the GBC or TP disagrees with an instruction a guru wants to give to his disciples in ISKCON then he is forbidden to give that instruction to his disciples. This is not bona fide guru Prabhu. This is simply a puppet of the GBC…

      This is NOT Prabhupada’s ISKCON Prabhu. In Prabhupada’s ISKCON we surrender to Srila Prabhupada and serve him and follow his instructions. And because in Prabhupada’s ISKCON we are surrendering to Prabhupada who is a pure devotee of Krishna, the instructions that we get from Srila Prabhupada are just as good as if we were to get them directly from Krishna. In fact Prabhupada is non-different from Krishna, in that Srila Prabhupada is purely representing Krishna. So hearing from Prabhupada is just like hearing from Krishna directly. This is Prabhupada’s ISKCON Prabhu. Surrender to Prabhupada and surrender to Krishna.

      In today’s ISKCON if you are so foolish to surrender to Prabhupada and surrender to Krishna you will be thrown out of ISKCON so very quickly as so many actual followers of Srila Prabhupada have discovered. Following Prabhupada in today’s ISKCON is not tolerated. Unless one is prepared to surrender to the GBC and accept whatever philosophy the GBC happens to be preaching on that particular day then he can not stay in ISKCON.

      If you want to stay in today’s ISKCON you have to reject so much of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings and so much of Krishna’s teachings. You have to reject most of the conclusions of the Vaisnava acharyas.

      Although this compromised preaching of today’s ISKCON is not very attractive to the Western people — they are attracted by purity — so they are not attracted by today’s ISKCON. So in the West you will find the ISKCON temples are empty except for a few Hindus who come on Sundays only. Because you are saying there are a lot of devotees in ISKCON I suspect you must live in India.

      The situation in India and with Indians accepting ISKCON in the Western countries is quite strange. When ISKCON was purely presenting the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, even during the “zonal acharya” days the ISKCON devotees were really still preaching the philosophy Prabhupada has given us in his books, they were speaking the right things generally, but the so-called acharyas were not actually able to come up to the standards required for even a new bhakta who wants to move into a temple in Prabhupada’s ISKCON. The interesting thing is that in those days, when ISKCON was at least still preaching the philosophy from Prabhupada’s books, there were very few Hindus in ISKCON. They did not like it because it was too pure for them, at least they thought it was too pure. Then in the 90’s all the bad press came out and the Indians discovered that the ISKCON gurus were engaged in child molesting and all sorts of sinful things and at the same time, in the 90’s, the GBC decided to change the philosophy, they decided Krishna was wrong in the Bhagavad-gita where He suggests: “You should approach a bona fide spiritual master render service, offer obeisances, inquire from him submissively because such a self-realized person can give you real knowledge because he has seen the truth.”

      But Prabhu the GBC disagree with Krishna!!! According to them you should not approach a self-realized soul who has seen the truth. They preach that it does not matter if the guru is self realized or not and that there is no need for the guru to have seen the truth. According to the GBC and today’s ISKCON philosophy Krishna is speaking rubbish in the Bhagavad-gita and we should not take any notice of Krishna… No. We must worship the GBC, we must surrender to the GBC, we must offer obeisances to the GBC, because if we please the GBC the GBC will feel good… That is the siddhanta of today’s ISKCON. And in today’s ISKCON the GBC claim that a guru does not have to be self realized and does not have to have seen the truth. Rather they say that the position of guru in ISKCON is a ‘service’, a service that any devotee can do. In fact the GBC say every devotee should have some disciples. They do not see that there are any qualifications required actually for a guru, they say everyone should have disciples. Anyone can do it. It is just a ‘service’. Like pot washing. Anyone can wash pots. So in the same way, according to the GBC, becoming a guru is a service just like becoming a pot washer. There are no qualifications required to do it. One just has to be approved by the GBC, surrendered to the GBC, accept the current and constantly changing philosophy of the GBC… Then one can make good advancement in ISKCON.

      So back to the point. This nonsense GBC philosophy is not accepted by the Western people so they have deserted ISKCON and outside India all you will find in practically every ISKCON temple anywhere in the world is a few Hindus on Sundays, any other time you go there it will be completely empty…

      But in India the more ISKCON gets exposed as being corrupt and bogus and sinful, the more they fight with each other in the Supreme Court, the more the Indians flock to the ISKCON temples… This is because Prabhu today’s Indians are not interested in spiritual life actually. India is now the Number 1 sinful country in the world. India has more abortions, more rapes, more homosexuals, bisexuals and they are so materialistic, so much enamored by the American way, they are so much more materialistic than the Americans. So they are attracted by corrupt gurus, bogus gurus, bogus religion. You know it Prabhu. Any bogus person can set himself up as a guru in India and the Indians will flock to him. But if there is actually a bona fide guru like Srila Prabhupada most of the Indians do not want anything to do with him. You know the Indians did not join when Prabhupada was physically present, only a tiny few, and they really did not join in any great numbers also during the zonal acharya days, while ISKCON continued to preach the philosophy from Prabhupada’s books.

      It was only during the 90’s after all ISKCON’s sins got exposed and after the GBC made it clear that they were the authorities and that Prabhupada was dead and gone and that we do not have to follow Prabhupada any more that the Indians started joining in droves. They like the watered-down, materialistic nonsense packaged up as ‘Hindu dharma’. So this is what today’s ISKCON is given them and they love it. But Prabhu this is NOT Prabhupada’s ISKCON.

      Anyhow Prabhu I could write volumes of books on this subject but what is the point. Today’s ISKCON is not Prabhupada’s ISKCON. But Prabhupada’s ISKCON is alive and strong and you can find out about Prabhupada’s ISKCON right here at

      I am surrendered to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, so that makes me part of Prabhupada’s ISKCON Prabhu.

      By the way Prabhu this conversation has absolutely nothing to do with this article “Do I have to give up my occupation to serve Krishna” so generally I simply delete off-topic comments like this. And I will do that with your comments in the future. For spiritual advancement you have to find someone you can trust and submit questions and accept their answers. If you do not have this basic little faith that you can ask a question and accept the answer that you are given then there is no point for you to ask that person a question. It is a waste of your time and a waste of my time. So I do not want to waste any more time like this. You should only ask me a question if you are prepared to accept my answer to the question. You can not ask me a question and then argue with me about the answer. That is a useless waste of time for both of us.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  54. Sakhyarasa Prema Dasa says:

    Dear Madhudvisa prabhu,
    Please accept my respectful obeisances.

    First of all thank you for putting this newsletter together. I like your system, especially since most of the wordings are directly Srila Prabhupada from his books. Bravo! He is Lord Krishna’s postman and we follwers are but his postman and women delivering the same message verbatim without false ego and desires for gain, fame and followers and false prestige and position mongering, (labha, puja and pratistha).

    I believe that the Gita is not studied well enough within our society these days. When I was a new bhakta in the late 70s we had to learn at least 7 shlokas per week with 50% word for word understandings Due to that great culture of learning I managed to learn at least 100 verses and am still learning more to this day. So you’re efforts to help others pick up the essence of the Gita is wonderful and glorious.

    I am about to embark on a specialized seminar dealing with the 81 levels of devotional service showing how we can gauge our factual position within devotional service and will be referring to the 14th and 17th chapter of the Gita and 3rd canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. This seminar is mainly for initiated members to help us understand where we are situated in relation to our fellow devotees for improved relations and better interfacing within the society as a whole. Though I’m sure many non initiates will be interested in the seminar depending on how long they have been practicing bhakti yoga.

    Please kindly extend your blessing upon this endeavor to be free of the unwanted desires for name, fame, adoration, material gain and all the rubbish nonsense that goes with it.

    Many thanks for your service and standing within devotional service.

    Your servant,
    Sakhyarasa Prema Dasa. (JPS)

    • Hare Krishna Sakhyarasa Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      With all due respects Prabhu there is hardly anyone within ISKCON so I do not see much point in making seminars for ISKCON devotees. You are talking to practically no one at all and those tiny number of people you are trying to talk to are generally full of the desires for name, fame, adoration, material gain, and all the other rubbish nonsense you can imagine, and more importantly they generally think they are very advanced devotees and know everything better than anyone else, very puffed-up. So they are not really going to listen to your presentation anyhow, mostly they are thinking they know better than you.

      You know that Srila Prabhupada stressed that preaching is for pure devotees. So there is really no point in preaching like this unless you are a pure devotee of Krishna. It will not have any good effect. Prabhupada you know often laughed at this sort of thing saying “What good is your five minutes of preaching, if they read my books their life will be changed.”

      So Prabhu we have to come down a few steps and have a more realistic understanding our our actual position. Which is generally speaking Prabhu very, very low. And we need to detect from the teachings of Srila Prabhupada what he really wants us to do. Because we can not make spiritual advancement by concocting our own service. That is not service. We have to hear from Prabhupada what he wants us to do and then do that. And you know Prabhu Prabhupada stresses over everything else “If you love me distribute my books.”

      So Prabhu I would humbly suggest it is a compete waste of your time and energy trying to preach to the tiny number of ISKCON devotees like this. Rather you should get a big stock of Prabhupada’s original books and get out there on the streets and distribute Prabhupada’s books.

      All I am doing here on as you have noted is trying in many ways to get the people to read Prabhupada’s books. Even to the extent of sending out sections of Prabhupada’s books disguised as ‘my emails’. I know that I have no ability to give anyone anything. I am just trying to point the people towards Srila Prabhupada. Just trying to get them to chant Hare Krishna and read Srila Prabhupada’s books. So my advice to you would be to follow this formula also.

      People are so inspired Prabhu when they receive ‘my emails’. I get thousands and thousands of people saying how wonderful they are. You know Prabhu that is because they are not my emails. I am simply repeating what Prabhupada says. I am nothing. I have nothing to offer. All I have to offer is what I have heard from Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada is great and I am nothing at all. And if there is any good result from anything I do it is not to my credit. It is to Prabhupada’s credit. For I am simply his puppet. Simply repeating his words.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  55. Arhtur says:

    i don’t know how to be devotional, I just go through the motions.

    • Hare Krishna Arthur

      If you go through the motions of chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and strictly follow the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication] and if you actually read Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1-2 hours a day then in the beginning you may be not devotional and just going through the motions but by following this process you will become devotional, you will reawaken the Krishna consciousness which is dormant within your heart.

      So strictly follow these things and go through the motions very seriously and you will see the wonderful results in your life.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  56. mickey says:

    I am brand new to seeking Krishna conciousness. I have obtained a copy of bhagavad gita as it is, and japa beads. I have been blessed by the newsletter. I do not live near a temple, and am wondering where I may go to hear the bhagavad gita read by a realized devotee.

    • Hare Krishna Mickey

      You can hear from Srila Prabhupada himself at

      and you can get the Prabhupada MP3 set for about $20 at

      The only real pure devotee I know of actually is Srila Prabhupada so it is best to hear from him directly.

      You should also read all of Srila Prabhupada’s books. They are all wonderful and they all contain essential knowledge that we need to advance in Krishna consciousness. You can get the Prabhupada Library at:

      AND READ ALL THE BOOKS. That will help you a lot.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  57. Cher C. says:

    Thank you for your service, Prabhu. I have a question; I am studying to be a Midwife, how can I relate this to Krsna Consciousness?

    Hare Krsna, Prabhu.

  58. Dhruv says:

    Hare Krishna,
    It was so satisfactory to read the articles and many questions and queries were answered. One more question i want to ask, what is the method of penance for the past misdeeds ? I request you Prabhu g to answer this query in detail. Whats to be done attain the pure life back ?

    • Hare Krishna Dhruv

      There is no separate process to atone for past misdeeds. This is automatically achieved by becoming Krishna conscious. So you need to start the process of Krishna consciousness and for that you have to surrender to chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra daily, strictly following the four regulative principles [no illicit sex life, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication] and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1-2 hours a day. This is the minimum commitment for one who wants to become Krishna conscious and this Krishna consciousness is the only way you will be able to actually atone for your past sinful activities and set everything right.

      But it is not a cheap thing. Anything of value requires some effort to achieve, and Krishna consciousness is the most valuable thing so you have to be prepared to expend some serious effort to achieve it.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Dhruv says:

        Hare Krishna Prabhu g
        Thanks a lot for your relieving reply. I will strive hard to attain Krishna conciousness.
        Hare Krishna

  59. Dheera says:

    thanku soooooooooo much for lovely letters……..hare Krishna……lookin forward for exams 🙂 🙂

  60. Cherry C. says:

    Haribol Prabhu!
    I’m wondering what are common occupations held by Devotees that directly or semi-directly serve Krsna and his Devotees? I’m inspired by the work you do here and at, is there anything similar that some Devotees do? I’m studying to become a Midwife, how can I relate this to Krishna Consciousness? Thank you so much for your answers and patience.

    Jai Sri Sri Radha-Krsna!
    Jai Srila Prabhupada!

    • Hare Krishna Cherry

      It doesn’t matter what the occupation is. It matters if you are doing it for Krishna or doing it for maya. If you are doing it for Krishna then it is in Krishna consciousness. Everyone has to exist so they need to eat something and have some shelter and support their families, etc. So Srila Prabhupada, in his books, is teaching us how we can live in the material world but not do anything for ourselves. But do everything for Krishna. When you go to work you are going there to make money. So if you spend the money for Krishna instead of spending it for yourself then that work becomes devotional service.

      And spending the money for Krishna does not mean that you have to starve yourself. You can convert your house into a temple for Krishna and consider that Krishna is the owner of the house. Krishna is the owner of everything, so he is certainly the owner of your house. So if you recognize this and use Krishna’s house to worship Krishna then it becomes Krishna’s temple and you can spend some money to maintain Krishna’s temple. And you have to cook for Krishna so you make nice offerings to Him. So to cook for Krishna you have to go to the store to buy grains and fruits and vegetables and milk products so you can prepare nice offerings for Krishna. And when you have cooked these nice things and offered them to Krishna then you and your family can partake of the delicious Krishna prasadam.

      To understand all the aspects of how you can transform your life and your work so that every action you perform is done for the pleasure of Krishna please read Srila Prabhupada’s books. He explains everything very clearly in a much better way than I could ever do.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  61. Saurabh says:

    Hare krishnaa,

    Seriously thnks a lot for taking so much of pain for us.
    Its a matter of a grt pleasure fr me to rcv krishna connect news letter…
    I luv ur articles keep on writing..

    God bless….jai shri radhe krishna…

  62. aakriti says:

    hare krsna maharaj ji..
    thank you so much, dhandavat pranam..

  63. deepak says:

    thank u very much for your valuable mails,it encourage us to read the geeta.

  64. saroj says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Your mails help me control the restless mind, get answers to my spiritual questions. But for the last few days, I have been deprieved of this spiritual connection. Please continue sending me the mails.


  65. Dr. nisha says:

    your mails bring much relief…

  66. Lokendra says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    I’m very thankful for receiving these good article I always read your article and I’m practicing KC also….
    I like your thought..
    “One Scripture, One God, One Religion
    In this present day, man is very eager to have one scripture, one God, one religion, and one occupation. So let there be one common scripture for the whole world–Bhagavad Gita. And let there be one God only for the whole world-Sri Krishna. And one mantra only-Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. And let there be one work only–the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

    If gradually every mankind follows these principle then all our problems will be solved.

  67. beena says:

    I have no words to express my thanks for your valuable knowledge.
    Awaiting more and more articles from you..

    Sincerely yours

  68. Kumaraswamy Reddy Penubolu says:

    A very good article by e mail.I am doing 16 malas japam vegetarian,no gambling,no alcohal and also I lost my wife 7 years back and I stay nearabout ISKCON center Nellore in Bharath.Because I am a graduate in Engineering I can understand Bhagavad Geetha well whether it is in Telugu or English,but how to follow certain things as told by Lord Sri Krishna.I think Srila Prabhupada ended his life as Yathi,who else has done like that.What is the age at which one should think of such end of life.Please explain.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      We have to abide by the direction of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. So we need to simply keep following the process of Krishna consciousness. Strictly following the four regulative principles and chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and reading Prabhupada’s books very attentively and following the instructions we find Prabhupada giving us as we read his books. Then we need to be open to the direction of Krishna which may come to us in many ways. The more you chant Hare Krishna and become purified the more you will become aware of Krishna and Krishna’s desires. Never feel bewildered or confused because even if you are bewildered or confused if you just keep on chanting Hare Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books your confusion and bewilderment will disappear very soon. That is my personal practical experience. Now I am absolutely completely convinced that any problem I have or difficult situation I may find myself in can be easily solved by simply chanting Hare Krishna and reading Prabhupada’s books.

      We need to become totally immersed in Krishna consciousness. That means Krishna conscious 24 hours a day. We need to avoid the association of non-devotees. Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said that he would rather be locked in a cage with a tiger or a lion rather than have to be living in the association of a non-devotee. Association is so powerful. Even if we are very sincerely trying to become Krishna conscious if we associate with non-devotees then we will become non-devotees…

      So there are so many points but the real problem now is that there is really no devotee association available. It is not that you can leave your family life and go somewhere and find the association of devotees. It is not like that any more. All the ISKCON temples are full of non-devotees dressed up as devotees, all the traditional Indian temples have been long ago taken over by Mayavadis who now have practically all degenerated into total materialists after money, sex and power and the so-called places of pilgrimage like Vrindavan and Mayapur are just full of these materialists pretending to be devotees of Krishna for some personal benefit in the form of money, facilities, fame, position in society, etc…

      So Prabhu today if we really want to become sincere servants of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna we have to be prepared to actually surrender to Srila Prabhupada and be prepared to be Krishna conscious alone with no friend in the world. Srila Prabhupada faced a very similar situation. He saw the Gaudiya Math, Srila Bhaktsiddhanta’s preaching mission, degenerate into a completely materialistic organization and saw his godbrothers fighting in the courts over the properties of the Gaudiya Math. So he did not like to associate with these non-devotees in the dress of devotees. So Prabhupada was alone it appeared. Alone in Vrindavan and then alone in New York for one year. But he never gave up strictly following the orders of his spiritual master and he did not care actually for success or failure. His only concern was to please his spiritual master by following his orders. So we have to develop that mood and really surrender to Srila Prabhupada and really make the mission of Srila Prabhupada our mission in life and just do it.

      You say you can not follow certain things as told by Krishna in the Gita but there is no question of this. We are supposed to be surrendered souls at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and whatever he instructs us we have to do it. There is no question of not doing it.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  69. Kavita Balram says:

    One of the most beautiful article,I’ve ever read.Thanks alot.

  70. Junia Joseph Ali says:

    The material on keeping constant Krishna Consciousness while I do my earthly duties has proven to be very enlightening.It is not a difficult path. I recommend it to everyone.Try it, and you will feel the light of Krishna filling your work space with joy.

  71. rahul says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa ji…

    thanx for providing me spritual knowledge of supreme lord….
    day by day i`m feeling more enthusiastic n more relax…

  72. Deepali says:

    Hare Krishna Madhudvisa Dasa,

    Very enjoyable….


    Hare Krishna

  73. Kalpesh says:

    Hi Ruchika,
    Surrender to Krishna with complete faith and enthusiasm.
    He will take care of everything if you surrender.

    Don’t you know about Mira Bai, Don’t you know about Prahlad maharaj.
    They surrendered 100% and Krishna took care of everything.

    Point is Surrender and Faith.
    Remember this verse all the time.

    sarva-dharmān parityajya
    mām ekaḿ śaraṇaḿ vraja
    ahaḿ tvāḿ sarva-pāpebhyo
    mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ

    Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.

    “Do not fear” – What a power and guarantee Krishna gives here.

    Hari Bol,

  74. ruchika says:

    thank u madhudvisa dasaji,
    i need your help in solving a dichotomy since you are a god realised soul you are the best person to ask this question..i am being very honest here,i have been a krishna devotee since childhood but it has been on and off..for a few months i am totally surrendered to his will and cannot live without taking his name and later due the problems i have been facing in life i get so engrossed in this material world that i forget about him,its always an on and off phenonmenon,kindly help me with this
    the second thing i want to ask is Krishna says that if you surrender on to me i shall take up your responsibility and you shall be away from sinful reactions,at the same time in a few scriptures i have read Him saying that whatever is written in someone’s bhagya is written and even he does not have the power to change it..i am really confused in this regard kindly help…

    • Hare Krishna Ruchika

      At some point you just have to decide to surrender to the process and chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and read Prabhupada’s books daily and strictly follow the four regulative principles no matter whether you feel like doing it or not. That tapasya, or austerity at least is required to become Krishna consciousness. It is easy to chant Hare Krishna when it feels good, but a devotee will chant Hare Krishna in any condition of life, even if he has no taste for the chanting. And that will happen in the beggining. We are so covered by material sinful reactions that we have no attraction for chanting Hare Krishna. But chanting Hare Krishna is the cure for our material disease.. So we have to chant Hare Krishna even though we really have not attraction to chanting…

      As we chant more and more our hearts will be purified and we will develop real love for Krishna and attachment for chanting His holy name. But to get to this stage we have to be prepared to undergo the austerity of chanting Hare Krishna, reading Prabhupada’s books and following the regulative principles when we have no attraction at all for doing these things…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  75. Raghu says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    As told by our guru’s we need not leave the occupation for doing this. we can remember alwys krishna in whole day, every minute, every second and so on in the day to day activities.

    Hare Krishna.

  76. Madhuri Krishna says:

    Hare Krishna,
    thank you for spending time for sending such a nice newsletters for me. It was pleasure to read those news letters. My only request is, “send me the conversation between Shri Krishna and Arjuna during the war time.
    and let those letters be coming to me.

    Yours student


  77. Anand Pherwani says:

    It was a pleasure reading your wise thoughts Prabhu Madhudvisa Dasaji, Thank you and please keep this coming,

    Your attentive Student

    Hare Krishna

  78. Lissa says:

    Hare Krsna Madhudvisa.
    I have read on the way to krsna and beyond birth and death
    and now also have KRSNA the supreme personality of Godhead
    and Bhagavagita . which one should I read first?
    Much Grace

    • You can read both at the same time. Bhagavad gita in the morning and one chapter of Krsna Book before you go to bed at night.

      They are completely different books so you can read Bhagavad-gita for some time and then for a change you can read Krsna book. You can read more than one book at a time.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  79. Kiran says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasji Jai Shri Krishna!
    Thank you for your newsletters.One reason being that as one is supposed to read the Gita everyday..if not all of it,then a chapter,if not that then even a sloka,or even half a sloka….So via your newsletter ,even in the office,we can be with our beloved Krishna in spirit and away, although for a shortwhile,from demanding e mails awaiting replies!So Krishna acts,via yourself, to give us respite as if to say Iam here.I cannot say I look forward to the exams!( I think I have received three newsletters from you so far)I pray for Krishna consciousness for the whole world -especially at this time of the year when so many animal lives will be lost and counsumerism will be rife as we await Christmas. Jai Shri Krishna from Kiran

  80. Guddu Bagchi says:

    Hare Krishna
    Dandvat Pranam
    i m very new to this newsletters and all connected with spiritualism
    Also i m very scared of examinations from my school days and college days… 🙂 🙂
    i used to wake up late nights b4 exam days 🙁 🙁
    but i feel these spiritual exams are very tough….and especially i m a completely a new student for this class
    its nearly 15 days i started reading these newslatters
    plz give some advice on such examinations ….
    how shall it be conducted ? what type of questions etc come for such examinations…..also what we need to study .
    bcoz …if exams come too early…i need to study …
    plz help !!! 🙂 🙂

    • Hare Krishna Guddu

      I have not been able to make the exams yet but do not worry. Just read the emails and also read Srila Prabhupada’s books and very sincerely take to chanting:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      At lest 16 rounds a day…

      And when the exams come you will pass them for sure.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  81. You are wrong.
    Arjuna have to fight, it was not his occupaption, but his duty, A ksttria have to fight/ Thats is in your mind now.He was already falling a warrior who cries when he sees Yuyodhan who make his wife Draupadi to shame, like the others they were there to!, He is not a priest ( that is what Krishna says to him, that is not you Arjuna, you now better. What he Arjuna does is only making confusion! Yes I am a solcher, I dont have to fight its against my religion now, then why you start or join with it, they are all sudras weeping like woman, because he have alreade break his word to Draupadi he promissis to kill asvathama the son of Dronarcarya, she must stand on Asvatham his head by the funeral pyre. to kill him not to bring him back. A kstria this is in the comment of the acarya, have to kill to hurt this is his livestyle. But again but the varna prastha. I dont give you the change to break out. Leaf wife and family and son, mabey a ascociation comes up? Sri Krishna Bhagavad Gita.
    The Narada Bhakti sutra the first verse or two the same message!
    Yes Siva self tolk about it! Get yourself out family live, it is nice but! The most of the time its like flowers, they getting old and hanging down like the interest in the wife, and they want a new vase, a new flower, wife fresh ones.

  82. Dheeraj says:

    I am so much inspired by your news letter.i like to chant mahamantra. I am chanting vishnu sahasra namam daily . I want to drop all my negative thoughts and pessimism , what i can stop this ? Kindly give me the reply.
    Pls accept my garland filled with bhakthi to Lord Krishna…

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    • Hare Krishna Dheeraj

      It depends what your negative thoughts and pessimism are about. It is quite natural to have negative thoughts and pessimism about this material world and the activities within this material world. It is a negative and pessimistic place.

      So the only way to give up our negative and pessimistic thoughts is to transfer ourselves to the spiritual world and this is possible by following the process of Bhakti Yoga as Srila Prabhupada describes it in his books. So the short answer to your question is that by becoming a pure devotee of Krishna you will transfer yourself to the spiritual world and there are only positive thoughts and optimism there. But to get to that point of pure devotional service we need to surrender to Srila Prabhupada and follow the process he is teaching us.

      You can not expect it to all happen in one day and you can not expect me to write a one paragraph answer to a question like this when Prabhupada has written over 80 books to answer the same question. So I can only suggest that you actually read all of Srila Prabhupada’s books and follow the instructions you find in there. And chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and strictly follow the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling, no intoxication]

      Generally people do not do any of these basic things very seriously but still expect to become devotees. But it can not work like that. Devotee means surrender and surrender means obeying the orders of Srila Prabhupada and serving him… That is the secret to success. Surrender to a pure devotee of Krishna and service to a pure devotee of Krishna.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  83. Surya says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu
    Please accept my humble Pranaam
    with your great blessings I am chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra 16 rounds daily.(8 at prabhat samay & Remaining in the evening after reach home)
    Now my goal is only to chant
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
    Maha mantra 16+ rounds daily.
    I am very happy to say that with you
    Really it is wonder after my practice of maha mantra chanting daily 16 rounds my mind is not attracting on any materialistic things.and also i am unable to express my heart feelings(Tanmayatwam)
    I inspired very much to read your letters.
    yours servent

  84. Gail says:

    I have always sought for peace. I have attended many different religious denominations to help reinforce this peace. However, it was a disaster. There is so much hypocrisy in this world that I would lose faith and curl up in despair. I have mostly been a caring soul and tried to focus on my students. Now that I have lost my entire family, I need my Lord to reassure me that I still have a lot to offer. Thank you for your inspirational letters! Hare Krishna!

  85. Babu says:

    Hare Krishna,

    With your continuous letter,I knew something about the spirit of Bhagavat Gita.

    Thanks & pl. send your letters continuously.



  86. Likhita says:

    Hare Krishna Guruji,
    I m very much inspired by your letters (mails). and i very much want to start reading Bhagvad Gita. befor that, i wanted to ask you that, we recently had a death of our far relative. and it is said that for some period of time, the members of the family cannot worship god, or cannot go near him, and cannot chant. is this true?? and can i read bhagvad gita in this period of time? please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Likhita Mahajan

    • Hare Krishna Likhita

      Yes. There is some period of time like this traditionally in India when it is considered that after a death in the family the family members become contaminated. But this is not for far relatives, it is only for the direct members of the family, and it is a traditional thing. These things are not so relevant today. Practically today we are all so fallen and contaminated, none of us are really qualified to worship the Lord. But it is by the mercy of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu who has come in this age of Kali to deliver us, the most fallen souls, with the chanting of the maha-mantra:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      This is the most powerful way of counteracting any sort of contamination or disqualification for worshiping the Lord. So as I said, this thing is not for the death of distant relatives anyhow so it does not effect you, but in any case whatever contamination is there it can be purified and counteracted by the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha mantra. So as long as you continue chanting the Hare Krishna mantra you will be able to worship the Lord. This mantra can be chanted in any situation, there are no restrictions or rules and regulations as to where and when the Hare Krishna mantra can be chanted. And if you are chanting Hare Krishna that will purify you of any contaminations that may be there so you can worship the Lord and read the Bhagavad-gita.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  87. Avinash says:

    Hare krishna, prabhu ji Thank you very much for describing bhagvat Geeta that enlightend.

  88. SURYA says:

    Hare Krishna prabhu
    With the grace of you and the mercy of lord Krishna. I am Reached the
    chanting two rounds to ten rounds with in two days.
    I am very grateful to you prabhu
    If any mistakes fallen in my wordings please forgive me.
    yours servent

    • Hare Krishna Surya

      I am very, very, very happy to hear that you have been able to increase your chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra from two rounds to ten rounds in just two days!!! It is truly wonderful! Thank you very much for trying.

      I am very happy to read your words so please keep posting them and keep on increasing your chanting till you can get to 16 rounds a day and maintain that.

      When we are trying to increase our Krishna consciousness like this maya will always find some way to try to discourage us. But we have to become determined. And just do it… Chant Hare Krishna. And the more we chant the more we will be purified and the more the original Krishna consciousness that is within all our hearts will be revealed.

      So am very, very happy to hear your news!

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  89. SURYA says:


    • Please do not write in capital letters. Normally I will not answer if you write in capital letters.

      Minimum of sixteen rounds is set by Srila Prabhupada and stressed more than practically anything else for his disciples.

      Srila Bhaktsiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, Prabhupada’s spiritual master, had a minimum of 64 rounds. So 16 rounds is not much. It takes only two hours or a bit more once you are practiced and that is very little time out of 24 hours.

      So we can not expect to make any significant advancement in Krishna consciousness unless we are prepared to surrender to the orders of Srila Prabhupada. That is actually the secret of success. Surrendering to, serving and pleasing the bona fide spiritual master.

      Of course in the beginning you may not be able to chant 16 rounds, but chant what you can, still you have to come to the point of chanting at least 16 rounds daily otherwise you are not following the process and you will not get the results…

  90. SURYA says:


    • Hare Krishna Surya

      I am very happy to hear from you and that you are rising early in the morning and taking bath and doing puja and chanting Hare Krishna. As far as the 16 rounds they do not all have to be done in the morning, however if you can do them all in the morning that is nice, but you can spread them out during the day to suit your situation. It takes say ten minutes or less to chant a round, so if you can find 30 minutes at lunch time for example you may be able to chant four rounds, and in the evening you can chant the balance. If you have ten minutes free sometime in the day you can have your beads with you and chant a round. In this way whenever you have some spare time you can chant one or two rounds and maybe you will end up chanting more than 16 rounds. 16 rounds is just the minimum, we can keep chanting Hare Krishna as much as possible.

      But you need to have some beads and also a set of counting beads so you can easily keep track of how many rounds that you have chanted and in the evening before taking rest you can check and make sure you have chanted 16 rounds and if not you can finish chanting them before going to sleep.

      We just have to make this determination that will will chant at least 16 rounds every day and not miss. This system of “numerical strength” in the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra was introduced by Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu who was Himself chanting a fixed number of rounds and instructed all His disciples also to chant like this, a fixed number of rounds.

      In the beginning it is a sort of tapasya, austerity. Because in the beginning we do not have much taste for the chanting of Hare Krishna, but if we become determined to do it and fix up ourselves on this principle of chanting at least 16 rounds daily then gradually we will develop a real taste for the chanting. So soon instead of being tapasya or austerity chanting Hare Krishna will become a great transcendental pleasure for us. The real test to see if we are advancing in Krishna consciousness or not is to see if we actually have any taste for chanting Hare Krishna. As we advance in Krishna consciousness the chanting will become more and more relishable and we will become more and more detached and disinterested in material things and sense gratification…

      So summary is you can spread the chanting of the 16 rounds out over the day to suit your personal schedule but it is important to be engaged in the spiritual activities like you are in the early morning time like you are doing: bathing, doing puja, chanting Hare Krishna, and reading at least something from Srimad-Bhagavatam or Bhagavad-gita. And chanting 16 rounds can be finished during the day.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  91. SURYA says:


    • Hare Krishna Surya

      If you close your eyes while chanting Hare Krishna there is a good chance that you will fall into tamo-guna, sleep…

      While chanting the idea is not to try to artificially think of Krishna. The idea is to hear the transcendental sound vibration:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      This is a vibrational thing. A spiritual vibration that is far above the stages of thinking feeling and willing. It is a transcendental vibration descending from the spiritual world. So the distractions are solved by concentrating on hearing every sylible of the maha-mantra:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      You have to concentrate on HEARING the transcendental vibrations. In the beginning it will naturally be difficult and the mind will be agitated in so many ways but even if the mind is agitated you just keep chanting and hearing and gradually the mind will come under control and there will be no distractions.

      But you can not expect this to happen immediately. To advance in Krishna consciousness requires patience and determination. So we have to be determined to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and be determined to strictly follow the four regulative principles and determined to read all of Srila Prabhupada’s books. And at the same time we have to be patient and tolerate all the disturbances our mind is creating and tolerate the agitation of our senses, and even if we fall down sometimes from the proper standards in the beginning that should not discourage us. We have to pick ourselves up again and remain determined to chant 16 rounds, follow the four regulative principles, read Prabhupada’s books.

      It is not really easy… It is like declaring war on the material energy. There are so many distractions and the whole world is so captivated by the material energy, and we are trying to become captivated by Krishna… You know there is the saying like trying to paddle a boat upstream. It is very easy to go downstream to Hell with everyone else… But if we want to go upstream to Krishna we have to become very determined and very patient…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  92. Saswat Rath says:

    You are doing a real service to mankind by circulating these newsletter. Thank uou Madhudvisa dasa.

    Saswat Rath
    Ahmedabad, India

  93. Bhavani singh says:


    respected swami ji,

    i would like to take sannyas…………….whole life i want to serve the krishna. i don’t want to waste this life. so, plz help me in this

    • Hare Krishna Bhavani

      The whole point of this article is you don’t have to give up your occupation to serve Krishna.

      Best thing is to become a pure devotee of Krishna where you are. Generally speaking sannyasa is not recommended in this age. Only a very exceptional person can follow the principles of sannyass in this kali-yuga. Usually it ends up as a horrible joke.

      In any case sannyasa is the final stage, there are so many stages before sannyasa. So first you have to find a bona fide spiritual master, surrender to him, server him, hear from him, study his books. Spiritual advancement is only possible by this humble submission and service to the bona fide pure devotee spiritual master. Otherwise you can not make any practical spiritual advancement.

      There are so many pretenders who think they are liberated but they are practically all cheaters…

      This is the world of the cheaters and the cheated.

      So do not become yet another cheating sannyasa… We have enough already…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  94. Parth says:

    I have been receiving the news letters for over four weeks and suddenly they stopped, can you please reply with the answer

  95. Manmohan Sharma says:

    Hare Krishna

    Prabhu Ji

    Kindly accept my humble obessainces!

    what is the meaning of raising our hand in front of the diety of Lord Shri Krishna?

    Is this means surrendering…

    and y it is so difficult to surrender…

    when ever my i try to do this my mind resist me..

    please suggest.

    • Hare Krishna Manmohan

      Surrender is a process. We really do not want to surrender to Krishna. We came here to the material world because we want to be the lord and master. That is our rebellious nature. So this rebellious nature has to be cured and then we can surrender.

      The process of surrender is give and taught to us by Srila Prabhupada. If we simply follow the process of saddhana-bhakti, following the orders of the bona fide spiritual master and following all the regulative principles and chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and rising early in the morning before 4:00 AM and offering Mangal-Aroti, etc, etc, etc, then gradually we will come to the point of surrender.

      They mind will always give us trouble, so we have to follow the process even if the mind is not in agreement.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  96. balaji says:

    hare krishna ……..
    my namaskar(respects) to Madhudvisa dasa,srila prabhu padha,and my only lord krishna.
    great service!really you are doing great job and you are now my spritual master!i am exclaimed.madhudvisa dasa i really thank you for accepying me as your studentand taking much more care by conducting exams about sprituality .
    and i am kindly requesting you to tell me how the exam would be conducted before conducting.thank you.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      The idea of the exams is still there but they are a bit delayed. Right now I have too much service Prabhu. Somehow I have to solve this problem. I have enough work for 100 men or more but I am only one man…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  97. D.G Raju says:

    here krsna

    thank you for the mails, I appreciate them a lot

    Krsna is everywhere, but it is up to you if you desire to see Him


    D.G raju

  98. GOLLA RAJU says:

    here krsna

    thank you for the mails, I appreciate them lat.

    golla raju

  99. selvi panneerselvam says:

    I have surrendered unto Krishna
    It is for Him to lead thru my life

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      This is not exactly correct. If we surrender to Krishna that means that we surrender our mind, our intelligence, our energy, everything, and we work for Krishna. Of course if we are surrendered souls Krishna will lead us but it is not exactly that we are just waiting around for Krishna to directly come to us and tell us what to do. No. It is our business to serve and follow the instructions of Krishna’s pure devotee. Actually if we try to please Krishna directly we will fail. We can not approach Krishna directly like that. Krishna wants us to serve His pure devotees. That is the secret, that is the way we can become devotees of Krishna–by serving His pure devotees.

      So it is not that I will just wander around in a daydream thinking that I have surrendered to Krishna and Krishna is guiding me. No. That is not the process at all. The process is Krishna says: “You must approach a bona fide spiritual master, offer obeisances, render service, inquire submissively. Such a self-realized soul can give you real knowledge because he has seen the truth.” This si the process given by Krishna and if we want to become Krishna conscious we have to follow that process. Find a pure devotee of Krishna and surrender to him and serve him and make his orders our life and soul. Not that we can directly approach Krishna…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  100. Jurgen says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa.

    Thank you for your web-site , moreover for the many links, I particularly enjoyed the history of the Hare Krsna movement.( What happened to the Hare Krishnas). This brings me to today’s comment and question :
    Swami Prabhupada mentions , several times in the Bhagavad- Gita as it is , as well as in his book “The science of self….”the only way a devotee can advance is with the help of a REAL Guru….
    Living in a rural Community in Eastern Ontario , and the unfortunate decline of the Krishna movement , moreover the difficulty knowing who is a real Guru , if contact is not in persons, is very difficult…. to say the least.
    I am on chapter 14 in the Gita, have read several of Swami Prabhupada’s writings and feel comfortable
    exploring, Thank you for your candid discussions, it gives me a feeling of warmth , toward your web-site.
    Now my question : Is information available, who of the many “Gurus”, out there , is entirely devoted to the original message as given by Lord CAITANYA , and then carried on by Swami Prabhupada, with no changes , and or , omission to the original text. I realize this is a difficult question to answer , however , the Gita with the many changes , must be authorized by someone. It would help new devotees , to immediately eliminate contacts with these opportunists.

    • Hare Krishna Jurgen

      Thank you for the encouragement and the good questions.

      The reality is that if there was such a qualified guru dedicated to presenting the philosophy of Krishna consciousness exactly as Srila Prabhupada has presented it to us he would have been branded as a demon and driven out of ISKCON long ago. The overpowering mood in ISKCON is to move on, move forward [they think] from what Prabhuapda gave us and do something really quite different. So if anyone suggests following Prabhupada’s instructions strictly they are very much opposed to this.

      So there can really be no guru in ISKCON who is really strictly following Prabhupada or who is preaching the same philosophy as Srila Prabhupada.

      This point that you are making that is found everywhere in the teachings of Srila Prabhupada is that one can only advance in Krishna consciousness with the help of a real guru. And Prabhupada defines the real guru as a pure devotee, a liberated soul, a self realized soul, an uttama-adhikari. And Krishna orders “You must approach a spiritual master, such a self-realized soul can give you real knowledge because he has seen the truth.” It is clear. You are supposed to find a guru who is a self-realized soul who has seen the truth as if he has seen the truth himself he can let you know also what is the truth. This is a really basic thing, Krishna Consciousness-101. But ISKCON completely rejects Krishna’s clear instructions here. They claim Krishna is wrong, they say the guru does not have to be a self-realized soul, he does not have to have seen the truth. According to ISKCON the only qualification of the guru is that he be approved by the GBC…

      If you were a sincere honest devotee actually purely presenting the teachings of Srila Prabhupada ISKCON will not tolerate that. Because if you repeat the teachings of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada’s presentation of this it contradicts what ISKCON is preaching today… As I said ISKCON has moved on from Prabhupada… And they do not like to be reminded of Krishna consciousness 101…

      [actually the real secret of advancing in spiritual life is pleasing the bona fide spiritual master… if you decided instead to move on and do something else… is is a problem.]

      But Prabhu you should not be feeling wanting for the association of a pure devotee of Krishna. You can associate with Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada has given us so many books to read, so many classes to listen to, so many bhajans and kirtans to listen to. You can take advantage of the association now so much better than when Srila Prabhuapda was physically present actually. So we have to realize this that we are not bereft of the association of a real guru. We have Srila Prabhupada and we simply need to take his association by seriously reading his books. Read them aloud if you can because if you read them aloud you can hear them also and that will work better than just reading in your mind…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  101. keshavkannan says:

    Hare krsna prabhu,

    I have one question..

    i am working in software how to think of krsna while i am carrying with my regular to serve him

    Can you please help me?

    senthil kannan

    • Hare Krishna Keshav

      It is a good question Prabhu.

      The thing is you have to think about the software development and the bugs in the system… So you can not really think of Krishna all the time. But you have to think why are you working there. And that is because ultimately they are paying you money. So you are working for the money. You are thinking about the bugs in these computer systems and fixing them because the company will give you money. So you are working for the money. Therefore to spiritualize you work you just have to use the money for Krishna. That is called karma-yoga. It means working but being unattached to the fruits of the work. But when you use the fruits of your work for the service of Krishna then you are working for Krishna. So this is the way to do it. And it does not mean you have to donate the money to a temple. Of course something you can give, but you can organize it in your house that you have a temple of Krishna and everything in your house is cooked for Krishna and offered to Krishna and in the morning and evening in your house you can have aroti and kirtan and read from Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam and offer bhoga to Krishna and in this way you can see it as not being your house but Krishna’s house and then when you are working at work it is not for your family or yourself, you are working for supporting Krishna’s house, buying bhoga for Krishna, paying the power bill for Krishna’s temple. In this way you can spiritualize your whole life, work and home.

      This is a very practical way and will transform your consciousness and save you from all the bad reactions and karma that you would normally get in such a situation…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  102. Tatjana says:

    Hare Krsna!

    Dandavad Pranaams!

    Thank you for the mails, I appreciate them a lot.

    Krsna is everywhere, but it is up to you if you desire to see Him 🙂



  103. Ute says:

    Hare Krishna,

    I just became a devotee about a month ago. So I am still learning the basics, etc. I do have a question regarding the article. I work where I am surrounded by cold cuts and meat. I do not handle the meat, but this has been my job for almost 10 years. My husband lost his job so for now this is our only income. I chant Hare Krishna all day and pray that Krishna will show me a new path. What is my case in terms of the article. In one way I am contributing to the ills of society-correct? Please comment as I am very confused at this point.

    • Hare Krishna Ute

      Krishna says clearly in the Bhagavad-Gita that even if there are some imperfections in your duty you should not give it up.

      Every endeavor in the material world will have some faults. But you need to maintain you body and your famlie’s bodies.

      So it is OK. The perfection of this is to use the income you get from this for serving Krishna. Not that you have to give it to anyone else. You can cook for Krishna in your house and offer to a photo of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna and when you go shopping to purchas the things you need to cook for Krishna you will be spending the money you earnt at your job.

      So this is the way. Every sort of work has some fault but that does not mean we should give it up.

  104. afsaneh says:

    hare Krishna
    the worst happening in my life was divorce of one devotee badly ,but it was the start of going to god passionately and always I had this question of him about that bad happening and generally about marriage that makes so much confusions .
    I have getting conclusion that we have problem in relationships between man and woman because god originally is made of love and when we really feel love to someone ,marriage happens and when we don’t love him or her divorce is happened
    when someone feels depression from her or his relationship its because of not match the rules of the world and rules of god ,and as far as I concern the rules of this material world is different from god’s rules in some extent.

    • Hare Krishna!

      There will always be problems with relationships here in the material world. We have to expect that and simply tolerate it. Try to live together peacefully and serve Krishna together. It will not be any better with anyone else. These relationships will never be satisfying because they are only based on the body and the body is temporary. We have to reestablish our eternal loving relationship with Krishna and simply tolerate the problems in the material relationships in the material world.

  105. Dipak says:

    Hare Krishna To All Vaishnavas and please accept my kind obeisances.

    I have gone through the letter and learned the objective and importance of KARMA, just one confusion about the example given for the attachment in devotional services. Example says: “when a wife has attachment with some other man than her husband.”

    so my question is , is the example misleading in the sense of giving idea about having attachment with other person than spouse ????????

    i believe Aacharya had said this example for other purpose.

    Please forgive me if my question is unusual.

    Hare Krishna.
    Dipak G Maharaj.

    • Hare Krishna Depak

      No, this is the correct example. It is a very bad thing for a women to have a relationship with a man other than her husband. When it is found out basically her whole life is destroyed. The husband will reject her, the family will reject her. So in spite of all this if she still has such a relationship, such a lover, then she must be very attached to him. She will be thinking of him all the time. But still she will be performing her duties at home very nicely so that her real intentions are not discovered.

      This example is given for the devotee who is actually in love with Krishna but still he continues to perform his material duties nicely. This is the best example for this.

      • Dipak says:

        Hare Krishna Prabhu,

        Does that mean if i am doing my devotional service regularly and though i do keep unfair attachment with other woman than my own wife, is that acceptable by Lord Krishna.???????????????

        Dear Prabhu ji , i have got very very very little knowledge of spiritual world and its practice. So you can consider me as a child who is steping up towards the spirituality.

        Hari Bol.

        • Hare Krishna Dipak

          People are getting confused about this analogy. I guess it is a little difficult to understand. It is not saying that it is good for a women to have a relationship with a man other than her husband. It is actually accepting that this is a very bad thing for the women and you know particularly traditionally in the Indian society if a women is doing this sort of thing it is considered a very bad thing and if discovered she would be rejected by the husband and family at once and she would be considered like a prostitute. So the analogy is that if she is having such a relationship, knowing that if she is discovered practically her life is finished, then the feelings she has for her lover must be very strong. And the real point for the analogy is that even though she has very strong loving feelings for her lover still she will perform all her duties at home for her husband very nicely and very carefully. Perhaps even more so that if she was not cheating on him. Because she does not want him to suspect that she has another lover.

          So this analogy is used for the devotee who is actually in love with Krishna but still in his family dealing and dealing with his wife he is still going on and doing his duty and showing affection to his wife and family members. So it is a bit of a subtle point and many seem to be misunderstanding it but I suggest with all these things we have to accept that the analogies given by Srila Prabhupada and the acharyas in the disciplic succession are very good. And if we can not understand it we have to keep chanting Hare Krishna and keep reading Srila Prabhupada’s books and Krishna will give us the intelligence to understand it properly…

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

  106. Nagender says:

    Hare krishna prabhuji,,,,
    Thanks for sending these valuable newsletters to us regarding Srikrishna…..

    ur servent
    Nagender rao

  107. neethi says:

    hare krishnaa madhudvisa dasaji

    thnkxx alot for sending mailss…

  108. ashish says:

    jai shree krishna
    please come and rescue me, i know that i may be asking for just the materialistic things but i am stuck in such a situation that all sides seems like a wall of concrete that are beyond my powers to break. i seek your hand my lord. you are the almighty, the supernatural ultimate power that needs no comparison or proof. grace me my master. bless me now or i shall die with a stain of a looser. there are many responsibilities on my shoulder. help me to carry this weight till the last station of this journey. come my master, i welcome you to my home and office. come lets show the world that even i have a hand over my head. come dear master sooth my soul. share these worries and bless me the powers to exit with pride and a upright head. lets not leave any dues behind my funeral. let me come to you with all dues clear.
    master help me.
    hold my hand
    with me, many are also helped
    i have many mouth to serve
    fill me and the ones attached with me
    now i add you into my family
    come lets share it as a family matter
    as a personal matter
    a family secret
    lets not let anyone laugh on our state
    lets be together
    dear dear krishna
    o dear krishna
    come to this place
    come to my life
    come back home
    in your own homw
    your own family
    krishna krishna
    hare hare

  109. Shrey says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    I think while working one of 5 negative aspects kaam, krodh, moh, lobh and irshya always involve and one has to get away from all of these to attain spirituality and to become true krishna conscious.
    Also in this materialistic world controlling of mind is not possible as we are always distracted by maya in some or the other form and to counter it Lord Krishna says there are two ways of controlling mind either abhyaas or vairagya. If it is not possible by abhyas should we look after vayragya and leave this materialistic world to attain the Supreme personality Lord Shri Krishna?

  110. rahul says:

    hare krishna Madhudvisa Dasaji,
    thanks 4 sending mails.

  111. vijay kumar says:

    hare krishna,
    prabhu ji as krishna say in bhagvatgeeta surrender me without any desire…, but humman nature is that he has some or the other desire, than he will not go back to god head.

  112. amit guleria says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ji. All respectful obeisances unto ur lotus feet. Please keep on showering ur blessing upon me by sending these teachings of Bhagavad-Gita by Srila Prabhupada in the form of e-mails.Waiting eagerly for the examination. HARE-KRISHNA.

  113. Srinivas Challagulla says:

    Namaste Madhudvisa Dasaji,
    I receive newsletters from you.
    I put myself as a inquisitive person.
    I believe in God and i saw some miracles happening in my life.
    from last month i have even started attending Bhagavat Gita discourses in my community.
    i have a couple of questions.
    I work in a software company. I write code and do other activities as part of my job in this software company. I n my mind for at least 5 hours of my daily routine i think of software code and will have to track what other person’s are doing.During this part of the day i don’t think of anything because i will not able to deliver the responsibilities.So i cannot think of Sree Lord Krishna during this part of the day.The thoughts will be related to technology only. but as per your article you say that we have to think of Lord Krishna 24 hrs a day.Basically the thoughts would be different. Please pardon me your HG if i have crossed the limit of questioning.I humbly ask you to please enlighten me as to how to go about this thought process.
    Also the essence of the word transcendental.
    Why is Disciplic succession important.

    Srinivas Challagulla

    • Hare Krishna Srinivas Prabhu

      In the material world we have responsibilities to perform to maintain the body, to support the family, etc. And as you say when you go to work you have to concentrate on the work. But ultimately what you are doing at work is earning money. You only go there because they pay you. So that work can be spiritualised by using the money that you earn at the job for serving Krishna.

      It does not mean that you have to donate that money to someone else. You can make a temple for Krishna in your house and you can, together with the other members in your family, worship Krishna in your house. Actually then it becomes Krishna’s house and then you are going to work to make money to support Krishna’s house. And you are getting money to purchase bhoga to offer to Krishna, and in this way your whole work will become spiritualised.

      When Arjuna was fighting on the battlefield for Krishna he was thinking of the fighting and thinking of the war strategy and thinking of his various generals in the battle, etc. But he was doing all this for Krishna, so that fighting was in Krishna consciousness.

      Similarly you can work in Krishna consciousness developing software by using the money they pay you for it to worship Krishna.

      By the way do you know how to program in Objective C? The language they use for developing iPhone aps? I need some help with Objective C…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  114. Radha says:

    You really present a marvelous description of the Bhagvad Gita’s message in such a short and simple language. Really God never demand us to left this world, the main thing is to be away from the attachment.

    jai Shri RadheKrishna

  115. madhvesh says:

    Dear Madhuduvisa das ji

    Thank you for this newsletter on Krsna Consciousness as it applies to practical dharma concerns. This is important to me as it reminds me to focus on the Lord while taking care of material considerations.
    and also tell me shall we eat onion and garlic or no .

  116. hare krishna money says:



    Thanks ur good mail with lots of info as to how to advance in devotional service and Bhakti Yoga.

    One question. Today we read CC Adi vol 2, sloka 17/253 page 700.
    We are now in the material life Are we brahmanas? We are busy for 8 hours thinking about work and earning money? How to become a real or ure brahmana? How to escape from this material platform? Many devotees are feeling the same situation but unable to get an answer. Are they called Brahmanas or sudras?

    Kindly help us to solve this problem.

    Kali Yuga without material no spirtual life? This is one of the experience in life so far

    Yours humble servant and fallen soul

    hre krishna money

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      We all know “kalu sudra sambava.” In Kali yuga everyone is born a sudra.

      Brahman is possible by guna and karma, qualities and work. So if one has all the qualities of a brahmana [they are listed in the 18th chapter of Bhagavad gita] and if he works as a brahmana then he is a brahmana. What is the work of a brahmana? Paṭhana pāṭhana yajana yājana dāna pratigrahaḥ. Ṣaṭ-karma. Six types of work are there for the brahmanas. Studying the scriptures, he must become a learned scholar so he can make others also learned scholars. Teaching others about the scriptures. They become expert in worshipping the Lord and teach others how to worship the Lord. In this way they become qualified to receive alms from others and they also distribute the wealth in charity.

      So if one doesn’t have the qualities of a brahmana and doesn’t work as a brahmana he is most definitely not a brahmana.

      A very simple thing is a brahmana does not accept service of anyone else. His income is always independent. If he can not work as a brahmana in an emergency he may take the business of kstariya or a vishya. But he will never work like a sudra, accepting some mundane person as his master or “boss.”

      So if we have accepted service, if we do not have the qualities of a brahmana, and if we don’t work as brahmanas then we are not brahmanas.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      We all know “kalu sudra sambava.” In Kali yuga everyone is born a sudra.

      Brahman is possible by guna and karma, qualities and work. So if one has all the qualities of a brahmana [they are listed in the 18th chapter of Bhagavad gita] and if he works as a brahmana then he is a brahmana. What is the work of a brahmana? Paṭhana pāṭhana yajana yājana dāna pratigrahaḥ. Ṣaṭ-karma. Six types of work are there for the brahmanas. Studying the scriptures, he must become a learned scholar so he can make others also learned scholars. Teaching others about the scriptures. They become expert in worshipping the Lord and teach others how to worship the Lord. In this way they become qualified to receive alms from others and they also distribute the wealth in charity.

      So if one doesn’t have the qualities of a brahmana and doesn’t work as a brahmana he is most definitely not a brahmana.

      A very simple thing is a brahmana does not accept service of anyone else. His income is always independent. If he can not work as a brahmana in an emergency he may take the business of kstariya or a vishya. But he will never work like a sudra, accepting some mundane person as his master or “boss.”

      So if we have accepted service, if we do not have the qualities of a brahmana, and if we don’t work as brahmanas then we are not brahmanas.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  117. Sangram Jadhavrao says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying these mails from you. The concepts are thought provoking. I have certain confusion and would kindly request your guidance….
    1. Chanting the Maha Mantra: Please let me know wether the speed of chanting mahamantra matters.Is it OK if recited very fast. Secondly should it be done in one go or i can spread the 16 rounds of Japa mala throughout the day.

    2. Eating Meat: What if one eats meat not for his sence gratification but to maintain his body. For example in many place in nothern part of our earth growing vegetation in not possible due to the weather conditions. Humans in this part of earth depend on other living beings as basic food.

    3.Illicit Sex: I read somewhere in your reply to the comments that sex not having intention of having a child is illicit. Is this practical.Do you want to indicate that sex between two married lovers is wrong.

    4.Intoxication: If drinking alcohol or smoking is a big hindrance for spirtual
    realization I wonder how some great saints were habitual to smoking. Example Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon.

    Sir please guide me…

  118. shubhangini says:

    Hardik Namaskar! Prabhuji
    Shree Krishna Sharanam Namaha.

    Prabhuji ur e-mail always delight me. I am delighted to know that one ordinary person can go to Krishna’s abode even in this modern,busy, political,high-tech world of today just by hearing Bhagavad Gita & remembering Krishna all the time in his activities.

    Prabhuji I hv heard discourses of some religious gurus(astiks)they say about
    Aham Brahmasmi, Chidanandrupa Shivoham, Vasudevakutumbakam
    Prabhuji, though I am from vaishanava sampradaya.I worship from my mind God Shiv & God Vishnu alike. What is difference in these sentences? Which is the supreme or final abode(loka) for any soul? Pl. clear my vision my thoughts.

    Ur student

  119. shubhangini says:

    Hardik Pranam Prabhuji!

    Shree Krishna Sharanam Namaha.

    Thanks for the article of Bhagavad Gita. I enjoy and like to hear Bhagvad Gita
    daily. I hv recently downloaded it from a Web. It is beautifully sung. Some slokas usually half keeps going on in my mind/brain. Prabhuji, though I don’t understand Sanskrit much I have attraction/strong passion for sanskrit slokas and mantras since my childhood.

    You have said in this message that even if one hears Gita daily he/she attains Krishna & it is said by Krishna(Vishnu) himself. I am really pleased with this knowledge.

    Also U hv mentioned about exam I will read ur articles more throughly and make myself ready for the exam.

    Your student

  120. Madan Lal Mitra says:

    I am not comfortable with the explanation of a married woman having an attachment for another man other than her husband , and a man having an attachment for a woman other than his wife. Thinking of the other man or woman, as the case may be,and discharging the daily duties carefully that the husband/wife may not suspect, is not an apt explanation in the indian culture.
    How can we remember the Godhead or Lord Krishna in a better way ? Please give some other example.

  121. Tribhanga Gopala Dasa says:

    Madhudvisa Dasa prabuji

    Hare Krishna ! Dandavat Pranaam at your feet for sending the clases. Please accept my humble obeisances. It is really amazing to read it from your mails. It is as good as attending the classes directly taught by my senior Vaisnavas.
    earlier clauses also I had red all the clauses. Kindly keep sending new classes. All glories to Guru and Gauranga, My respectful obeisances to Srila Prabupad

    My Prannam at your feet
    Tribhanga Gopala dasa

  122. Bharath Patel says:

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji

    Do we have tests after reading this newsletters. This is a surprise prabuji. I am very much beginner and dont know much. Can i skip this test. Because even i dont mind failing the first time, but i always want to give my best everytime.

    Another small obligation prabuji, even i am hesistating to tell u, but cannot resist telling. Please dont address to me as your servant Madhudvisa dasa. Your are much elevated and i am very insignificant fallen soul.

    I am your servant.

    Bharath Patel

  123. Archana Kapani says:

    Hare Krishna,
    All glories to Srila Praphupada

    Thank u so much for sending all these newsletters to me.The letters and the information, I get from you, are very precious to me.
    thank you so much again.
    hare krishna

  124. Sachin Shukla says:

    Hare Krishna Madhuvisa dasa ji,
    Thank You for your emails and a very spiritual and knowledgeable lesson explained in the mail.Before reading this mail because of the tensions and work load i was feeling very tensed but because of your lesson i have got some relief and i am feeling a bit relax.Please do send me the lessons every week and whatever way we have to follow to attain the Krishna Consciousness please give your suggestions.

    Thanks Again

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Hare Hare.

  125. sagar tanwar says:

    hare krishna prabhu…………..
    i always had so many doubts about my progress spiritually like whether i need to stop my practice or whether monastic life is the only option………
    but this article helped me immensely…..
    what i understood is if we can remember krishna in our daily activities and can read bhagvat gita everyday for some time it will be of great help……….
    hare krishna

  126. Rakesh Vanam says:

    Hare Krishna Madhuvisa dasa ji,
    In explaining about Karma yoga Sri Krishna Bhagavan gives the example of Janaka and others. Will you please explain in detail how they followed Karma yoga?
    With sincerity,

  127. kevin says:

    Hare Krishna!
    Dear Madhudvisa Dasa,
    Thank you for the e-mails you have been sending please accept my humble thanks. Your mails inspire and answer many of the things I have been thinking about.
    I’m eternally thankful for the love, and understandings that Krishna has given.
    My humble obeisances to Srila Prabhupada, Hare Krishna Hare Ram!

  128. Dinesh says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Thanks for all these articles and clearing up our thinking.
    Many of these thoughts and practices tally with ideals which we try to excercise and practice on our journey towards Krishna.

    But, somehow I feel the example of a married man/ woman thinking not about his / her spouse but about his/her lover (other than the one married to) and working more carefully so that it is not noticed etc etc is totally out of context and should be removed from this article.

    Its actually preaching a double standard.

    When I started reading that example, I was hoping that maybe the Acharyas are trying to indicate that while a true wife or husband is doing her/his duty while thinking about Krishna is actually going to bring better results in the efforts of a wife or a husband. To my surprise the example went at a tangent and starts justifying a fake relationship of a wife with her husband when the wife is in love with another man. This is not ethical and a good example.

    I hope I have been able to express my observation and understanding.

    See if you are able to see this point in this perspective. If you agree, it will bring in more purity of thoughts if this example is rectified or kindly removed.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Dinesh

      The examples of the acharyas can not be removed. It is your understanding of the example that is faulty. Why should the examples of the acharyas be removed because you are faulty? You need to surrender to the acharyas and try to understand their examples. Not claim to be more intelligent than the acharyas and criticize their examples…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  129. Lal chand says:

    Respected saint,
    Hare Krishna, I am very please and thankful to you holy soul, who taught me about Krishna, in a simple manner, I am in love with krishna. I always in try to remember Krishna, but blessing of saint like you required me to progress in this way, I read Bhagavd Gita many time and daily routine but this is every time give new to me. your commentary also give me new positive thought and day to day progress to improve myself in love with Krishna.
    Touch feet, sastang prnam and wait of your blessing,
    ever your lovingly

  130. Cheryl Golden says:

    Hari Krsna!
    Hari Bol!
    Hari Ram!

    Dear Madhudvisa dasaji,

    Please accept my sincere and humble obeisances! All glories to the Sri Krsna and Radha, Acarya(s) Swamiji Srila Prapupadra and all devotees.

    Thank you for this newsletter on Krsna Consciousness as it applies to practical dharma concerns. This is important to me as it reminds me to focus on the Lord while taking care of material considerations.

    I am delighted that you will be asking questions and providing examination to strengthen the lessons you have provided. That is a good idea and I think beneficial to your readers.

    Last week, I ordered a new Bhagavad Gita which just happened to arrive yesterday, and I was also able to listen to the entire Song of God (all 18 chapters)that morning, over the internet. I delight in the Lord for all of these coincidences, this help, and your attentions to these issues, so thank you very much.

    Love and Light eternal,


  131. julita aromin says:

    hare krishna thanks for your wonderful messages,,do you have a branch here in manila ?i would like to order bhagavadgita ,,im from philippines and my english is not ok

  132. afsaneh says:

    since I found service of god is so good, at least it clear up our bad karma,I have concerned to bring my occupation in such a way not only avoide Karma but also satisfies God..then I found if one put God in the middle can’t be able earn much money can’t be able hurt people and her heart is happy during the work and also she never be workless .and any occupation can be one service to God.

  133. saraswathi says:


    HARI BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Julianne Grovehagen says:

    Hare Krishna!! Please accept my humble obeisances.

    I love the newsletters.
    It motivates me and inspires me.

    from Julianne, 21 years, Norway.

    If someone knows how I could start up a ISKCON youth community here
    in Norway, please let me know, here is my mail:

  135. DEEPAK PANDITA says:



  136. Parivallal says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasaji,

    thanks for sending the bhagavad gita message. i do want to ask a question?
    To survive in this material world , one has to struggle a lot even if he is a good person. moreover the practical situations in life , makes him to speak with anger and sometimes in depressive mood.
    how to take everything in this life soft and calm. practically it is vv difficult.
    sometimes , we used to think GOD Gives us more problems to face.,,,

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      Yes, simply existing in the material world is a great struggle. However we have the human form of life and that is a great benediction. We should not take the struggle for existence in the material world very seriously. We should use this human form of life for finding the answers to the important questions, “Who am I?” “What is the purpose of Life?” and we can use this human form of life to escape from the cycle of birth and death and go back home, back to Godhead. We need to make “the best use of a bad bargain.” Just use your human form of life for serving Srila Prabhuapda and Krishna, for chanting Hare Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, and put into practice in your life what you read, and your life will be transformed into a wonderful spiritual life and you will be empowered by Srila Prabhuapda and Krishna to help guide so many others out of this dark, miserable material world and back home, back to Godhead…

      There is a great benefit in this Kali-yuga, even though it is an ocean of faults, there is one great benefit. Simply by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra one can be very easily liberated…

  137. carmen says:

    Hare Krsna,
    Dear Madhudvisa Dasa,
    Thank you once again for such a wonderful teaching. It will be better when i can get my hands on Bhagaavad Gita which will be soon. So please keep sending me these wonderful e-mails.
    Blessed Be

  138. chathurdevi says:

    hare krsna prbji…pamho…

    Thank you very much for your mails.. its all so wonderful; and also useful. through this mails we can easily study Bhagavad Gita.

    In this news letter u said about exam. so wat we need to prepare for exams. is it we need to go through all the mails u send previously????


  139. Pieter Franciscus says:

    Prabhu I read your letter do I have to give up my occupation, When I read the gita I read give up everything and leave it behind and Krishna takes care of it.But I did that a few years a go, and I go to another country, to serve there and to learn more. And when I go back for sankirtan then I notice that there where a was leaving from, a lot of devotees love me, but they wanted me back also in Radhadesh Belgium, the commander for my service and others because they like me. But the problem is I do Harinama almost every day most of time in the city, and surrounding places or where a I am. My problem is that the message is clear from the gita, but there is not a ashram for people where Krishna talk about here, for leaving son man or woman etc, and the other problem is Sri Krishna Caitanya spoke about preaching or Harinama (sankirtan) in and around the place where you live.Thus what to do? Start a brahmacari ashram and a start collecting for sankirtana van or what? And then what Srila Prabhupada wrote when you dont have the money to go to India, start your own secluded place, make it holy I hope you wil react on my questions thank you in advance your servant Pieter Franciscus

    • Hare Krishna Pieter Prabhu

      Very nice to hear from you Prabhu.

      What the world needs is groups of sincere devotees who actually strictly follow the process of saddhana-bhakti as Srila Prabhuapda established it, rising early in the morning before 4:00 am, offering Mangal-aroti, chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and following the four regulative principles. These are the basic points and they give us our strength.

      It is a difficult time at the moment, even though ISKCON at Radhadesh is orginzed nicely and there are some devotees there and some preaching going on the rest of ISKCON in Europe and rest of the world also is practically devastated. There are so many empty temples. So from this we can understand ISKCON have done something very wrong. The problem is ISKCON is supposed to be Prabhuapda’s movement but if you go to an ISKCON temple they will tell you that you can not be a disciple of Prabhupada, that Prabhuapda is dead and gone, and you have to look for a different guru. And they will tell you that the guru does not have to be a liberated soul. Which is 100% bogus nonsense.

      Prabhuapda is living with us and still completely capable of guiding us and being our spiritual master. And you can never make any spiritual advancement by accepting initiation from a guru who is not a liberated soul. It is a complete waste of time.

      To preach we have to be first very strong ourselves. So if you are not sure what to do you are not strong enough in Krishna consciousness. So you can take shelter in reading all of Srila Prabhuapda’s books, chanting Hare Krishna and trying to perfect your life. And at the same time you can distribute Srila Prabhuapda’s books to the people you meet. Sankirtan, book distribution, is a perfect engagement. It is very pleasing to Srila Prabhupada and it is a great way to meet new people who are interested in Krishna consciousness. And you can invite the people you meet to your home for a kirtan and prasdam evening. That is how everything starts. Sankirtan, book distribution.

      So I would recommend you simply try to read Prabhupada’s books yourself daily and rise early in the morning before 4:00 am, offer the Mangal-Aroti and chant you japa and read from the Bhagavatam and go out on Sankirtan, book distribution. I know it is somewhat difficult to do by yourself, but if you force yourself to do it Krishna will reward you with the knowledge and realziations you need to understand what Krishna wants you to do in the future.

      It is better not to get to too involved in thinking about what to do and making big plans. Better to just go out on sankirtan and distribute Prabhuapda’s books and see what Krishna arranges for you. Ultimately we have to surrender to Krishna’s plan and sankirtan is surely Krishna’s plan.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa


  140. Tanmaya nanda dash says:

    hare krisna swami,
    i m a student of class XII and my board exams r on 3rd feb……..i m into krsna consciousness for a year
    i knew krsna is supreme personality of god head.i also read srila prahupadas’s bhagavat gita.
    but my mind is uncontrolable..i cant concentration in my work even if i always use to chant 101 chants of lord using beads…as prescribed by my frind…………….
    pleazz help me out……….
    what shall i do to get good marks in my boards .i asked krsna……….but he never listend\s to me.i dnt ask him to give me marks.i only ask him to make my mind concentrate………but he………….
    swamiji pleaz help me my goal is to get krsna but there is some duty towarda my parents.pleazzzzzz help me out
    in the name of krsna………….

    tanmaya nanda dash

  141. manjuvani says:

    I need more details abt exams n all if it possible pl give me the details prabhu

    • Exams are postponed for a while until I can organize them. I am sorry. It will probably be at least 6 months until we get this organized. Meanwhile, study Srila Prabhuapda’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is and be ready!

  142. mamta waldia says:



    i know this question may be offending to you as from the point of view of a thethist yes i m a thethist but this question challenges my faith on Lord krishna ….
    all that what modern scientists do say about existance & theory of the origin & life on earth before millions of years ago is nowhere mentioned in Bhagwad gita.,it is not mentioned there that dinosaurs & other prehistoric creatures do existed & Human being appeared later on & he was not born with the consiousness that we Indians had developed later on as per our Spritual advancement.
    so please do address me Guide me & clearify my doubt..
    its really necessary for me………..


    • Hare Krishna Mamta Prabhu

      The “dinosaurs” are there in Krsna Book. All these big demons look exactly like the dinosaurs. Bhakasura the huge bird, Kaliya, the giant multi-hooded serpent, so we have the history in Krsna book of so many “dinosaurs” existing on this planet only 5,000 years ago.

      But it is not that intelligent men were not present with the dinosaurs.

      Intelligent men have been there all along. Western science is completely wrong when it comes to the development of life on this planet. Life did not evolve by random chance from single cell creatures at all. All the different 8,400,000 species of life are eternal and are stored in the ether and they come out at the right time just like they came out in the same way in so many other creations in the past. So the bodies do not evolve from one species to another at all. This is a very great mistake. All the species are fixed. And the spirit souls evolve through the bodies. So there is an evolution of the spirit. Not an evolution of the bodies…

      So the basic answer to your question is that western science is completely wrong when it comes to understanding the development of life on this planet.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  143. Akila says:

    Your posts are great!Thank you for bringing us in to Krishna conscious.Waiting for your next letter.

  144. Bruce says:

    Hello, It is with great happiness that I read the wonderful teaching in your email to me. It seems that this email was meant for me to receive, today.
    I, for the very first time, read the introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, today. I was just sent a copy of the book from a lovely man who is with ISKCON. We had a lot of snow in my area. My boss told me to stay at home, today. So, I read the introduction. Then, I opened your email. What a surprise that you are addressing the same subject.
    I am very happy to be at the start of the Bhagavad Gita. I plan to read more this evening and over the weekend. We may have 30 inches of snow. So, this is a great weekend for me to connect spiritually with the spiritual sky as the sky opens with snow.
    I have many questions about the different sects, groups within the Hindu community. Some talk of one god or another. Some tell me to chant the name of Krishna. Others tell me that all paths are good. I was born a Christian, but am now a member of a Buddhist Vihara (Sri Lankan). However, as I have read today, I am not one to label myself as being one thing and not another.
    I am open to truth with my heart. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Your servant, Bruce

  145. kritika says:

    Thank you so much for sending these wonderful enlightening letters.
    i would be very thankful if you would provide me with correct meaning of the above Mahamanrta. i have gone through two ,three meanings but somehow they seem to be contradictory.


  146. Dear Madhudvisa-Dasaji,

    Thanks a million for spreading the messages and meanings and explanations to the humanity. Your articles, while going through them, are immence sources of energy and inner strength. Each word of the Great Lord Krishna bears meanings that are useful in all the times to come.

    Krishna stood always for the Truth – the Satya – , Justice – Nyaya – and the peaceful co-existance of people.

    He never persuaded anyone to fight unless fight was the only way out to establish Nyaya- the justice. In other words, He always went to any extremity to establish truth and peace on earth.

    Awaiting more and more articles from you,

    Sincerely yours,

    Sankara Narayanan

  147. Natalia Kuzmina says:

    Dear Madhudvisa Dasji,

    Thank you for your letters, for they give me all the answers for my questions.
    The letters and the information, I get from you, are very precious to me.

    Sincerely yours


  148. afsaneh says:

    I see bhagavad gita as good as Koran and also I see veda as good as Islam,I won’t forgive myself if I make difference between the ways Of god and his pure devotees.

  149. rajrsharma44 says:

    hare krishna ali bhai,
    krishna , the big supreme godhaead who sent the individual in this world, wants that all the individual believe firmly in him and do what krisna wants… he is the creator he is destroyer..he wants all the souls do believe in it is… every thing which is happening in this materialistic world do not belong to him…this is materialistic world every thing will destroy with time… but the soul will not…ATMA AJAR AMAR HAI… it can not be burn by fire not destroy by time.. it will always remain pure..PAVITER ATMA as we called ..will do the rightfull deeds according to the will of god.. and after death they will meet the supreem GODHEAD KRISHNA.
    chan harkrishna and be happy

  150. Ali says:

    Hare Krishna,

    In Bhagavad Gita introduction, it is said that anyone who is trying to understand Bhagavad Gita without reference to the will of Krishna is making a big mistake. Could you explain what Krishna expects and wants from conditioned souls like us?


    • Ganesh says:

      Hare Krishna Ali,

      I am quoting from the same text ( Bhagavad Gita As It Is ) from a paragraph that follows shortly after the one that you mentioned:

      [CODE]But in the present status of our life, we have not only forgotten the Supreme Lord, but we have forgotten our eternal relationship with the Lord. Every living being, out of many, many billions and trillions of living beings, has a particular relationship with the Lord eternally. That is called svarupa. By the process of devotional service, one can revive that svarupa, and that stage is called svarupa-siddhi–perfection of one’s constitutional position.[/CODE]

      Hence Krishna expects us to revive our relationship with Him.


  151. Ganesh says:

    Hare Krishna,

    If you do want to go back home, back to Godhead, then you will automatically think of Krishna wherever you are – in hell or heaven.

    Warm Regards,

  152. rajrsharma44 says:

    hari bol.humble namaskar to you madhu bhai
    i have read all the article sent by you many times with full dedication , i am reading bhagwat gita from my college time, only for sake of gita, but not thinking so deeply… this is a marvalous job you are doing to man kind. though i read gita.. writen their you do karm and the fruit is not in your hand… leave in the hand of god… but holy prabhu i want to ask you one question.. i am trying hard to forget what i done to my children….caring..making them independent..all are well settle.. but no body care for me.. i live alone in the house.. all my children are abroad..
    let me tell you i am widow, my husband died 25 years back.. at that time my all children were dependent on me… but when they become independent they all left me in a miserable condition…. what bhagwat GITA said about this… KARMO KA FALL…., YES WHAT I HAVE DONE IN PREVIOUS LIFE . but i just want to have peace of mind.. in this vary life.. i want you tell me how? i can attain this.. i am 65 years old women living in india… i am full devotee of SHIV.. I CHANT OM NAMO SHIYA DAILY…. BUT MIND IS NOT IN CONTROL…. HELP ME PRABHU… HARI OM … HARI OM..

    • Hare Krishna Mrs. Sharma

      It is in one sense fortunate that your family has left you now, while you still have time in your life to come closer to Krishna.

      Family is a very temporary thing. Even if your family is with you and looking after you right up to the point of death, still at death you are separated from them. And if you are still very much attached to the family members at the time of death that attachment will force you to take birth again in the material world and suffer more and more.

      So it is actually essential for anyone serious about spiritual life to break the family attachment before the time of death. So this has happened in your life, by Krishna’s mercy. Although you do not yet know this is Krishna’s great mercy upon you.

      You can live a simple life and of course Lord Shiva is a great devotee of Vishnu also. And in this age the recommended method to control the mind is the chanting of:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      This is called the “Maha Mantra” or the great mantra for the deliverance of the mind. So this is the special boon of Kali-yuga. Simply by chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra we can very easily become liberated from the material world and return back home back to Godhead to our original spiritual position in the spiritual world.

      So you seem to be a very educated lady and my humble request is that you seriously take to the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha mantra, at least 16 rounds a day, and make a serious study of the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuapda, starting with Bhagavad-gita As It Is, then books like Nectar of Devotion, Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Science of Self Realization, Beyond Birth and Death, Perfection of Yoga, King of Knowldege, then the Srimad-Bhagavatam and then the Sri Caitanya-caritamrta.

      If you can read all these books and chant Hare Krishna that will be wonderful. But also if you can not read all these books that is OK. The main thing is chanting the Hare Krishna mantra and if you do it in a humble mood as a prayer, “Please Krishna engage me in Your service,” then you will get great benefit from it.

      I guarantee this is the way for you to forget the problems and pain your family members have caused you and to raise your consciousness to a higher platform where the things of the material world will become insignificant to you and you will simply be interested in serving Krishna, in chanting Hare Krishna.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  153. BPunitha says:

    Dear Madhudvisa Dasji,

    I have read your article on “Do I have to give up my occupation to serve kirishna”. From this article you have mentioned that to remember the Lord, we have hear the bhagavad gita from an experience person. Inother words, this means listening from a senior krishna consciousness devotee. However, what would be the situation if we can’t find this kind of person to listen the bhagavad gita?? How else can we listen the bhagavad gita?

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      You can hear from Srila Prabhuapda!

      Srila Prabhuapda is guaranteed to be the most advanced Krishna devotee for sure. Prabhuapda is present in his Bhagavad-gita As It Is in the form of his Bhaktivedanta Purports. So when you read Srila Prabhuapada’s purports you are hearing from the most experienced Krishna devotee.

      Also we have more than 1200 hours of recorded classes, lectures, conversations, morning walks, press conferences, interviews, etc, of Srila Prabhupada. You can hear these. You can get all this on the Prabhuapda MP3 set at:

      So the short answer to your question is hear from Srila Prabhupada. In that way you are guaranteed to be hearing from a pure devotee of Krishna. We have seen it from the history in ISKCON that so many who are not actually very advanced devotees of Krishna at all advertise themselves as great devotees and gurus and they unfortunately are not capable of properly instructing their disciples and followers and both the guru and the followers end up being mislead and fall from the path of Krishna consciousness.

      So the safe and secure path for making advancement in spiritual life is to hear from a pure devotee of Krishna. And really the only guaranteed pure devotee of Krishna we have to hear from is Srila Prabhuapda. So it is better to hear from him, rather than risking your spiritual life by hearing from others who may not be pure devotees of Krishna and may simply mislead you.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  154. kamal gulati says:

    hare krishna,
    dear madhudvisa dasji
    very well said….we can remember our krishna while doing our work easily by chanting his divine and powerful names.As lord gourang used to say chant his names always no matter where u r who u r and in what condition u r….i really like your mails..and im always wating for them..thankyou for ur wonderful mails

  155. Vijay says:

    Respectful Pranams Madhudvisa dasaji,

    The lessons are extremely thought provoking and sincere thanks for the insights. I have also attempted to read a few works of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and I have been inspired, mainly by the work “Krsna”.

    But there are a few unresolved questions which I humbly request consent to raise here:

    1. In most of the literature there is a clear prescription to accept Krsna as the Supreme Godhead, which is easily understandable as a Krsna devotee.
    But there is also a clear prescription to avoid praying to other “Demigods”, because these will only result in certain specific material benefits and will not elevate to Supreme Godhead. This gives an impression that there are actually many different “Gods” each capable of doing something specific and not anything else. This is rather confusing since my understanding has been that as per our Vedic Principles there is really only one Supreme Authority, manifest in everything, who creates, controls and performs everything. We are taught that the Supreme Authority has no beginning or end; no definitions and hence no names. Each person according to his spiritual inclinations may call this Supreme Authority by any name, but they all relate to the same Supremeness.
    So who are we actually referring to as “Krsna” here? Artists or poets may have given Krsna a particular physical form and features, but I am sure the real concept of Krsna is far more, since we are taught that everything is Krsna. If that is so what is wrong in saying that Krsna is also Shiva or any other name and if Krsna is Shiva, then is not Shiva also Krsna? So would it be incorrect to think that these are only different names or different forms which people have assigned for that one Supremeness and really there is no difference between any body’s faiths. I raise this question because many people who are great devotees worship the Lord in different forms and different scriptures dedicated to that particular form state that form to be Supreme.

    Not to be critical of religions, but does not this thinking seem to align with other religions who advocate that “their” God or Messenger is the only “real” one and others are not so. I have always thought that Hindu philosophy is much higher, particularly the concept of a common unified OM.

    2. Eating meat has been equated with illict sex, drinking liquor and gambling. Is it not the law of nature that human beings must eat some life form, be they animals, fish, animal products (like milk) or plants. There is so much confusion about “Sattvic” foods -some say eating fish is Ok, while other say drinking milk or eating butter and ghee is not.
    Does what you eat really stand in the way of spiritual progress? Is it not really about giving up too much importance for food itself and learning to like and eat whatever is available?

    3. When will you feel that you have actually found out what work Krsna wanted one to actually do? Many times people end up feeling hopelessly out of place at their work and want to do something else. In western thinking it may be called” Uncovering your Passion” etc. We see people doing all kinds of things with their career. Some throw away big positions to do Social Work, other to pursue spiritual realization etc. What is the right approach?

    I have asked so many questions. I will be deeply gratified if your Holiness will find time to answer my queries.


    • Hare Krishna Vijay

      Firstly eating meat will put your consciousness in the mode of ignorance and you will not be able to grasp the subtle points of spirituality. So a first step for you has to be giving up eating meat. Yes, it is true, the Vedas say that every living entity exists by eating another living entity. However Krishna has given the guidelines for human beings in the mode of goodness, what they should eat. And that is grains, milk products, fruits and vegetables. These are foods in the mode of goodness and eating such foods will gradually elevate your consciousness to the platform of goodness and only in that consciousness can you hope to understand spiritual subject matters.

      So yes, it is very important to your spiritual life, what you eat.

      A more important point, if we want to make spiritual advancement, we need to be eating prasadam, food offered to the Lord. And Krishna only accepts foods in the mode of goodness. So you can not offer meat to Krishna, so if you eat something that is not offered to the Lord that is eating only sin.

      You have misunderstood demigods and Krishna. There are many demigods who are generally ordinary living entities like yourself or myself who, by performance of great penances and austerities and sacrifices have become elevated to higher planets in this universe and who have been given positions of responsibility for the management of various aspects of the material world. Lord Indra for example is the king of heaven and is in charge of the rain. There are so many demigods and each has control over a particular aspect of the material world. So if you want some material benefit you can worship the appropriate demigod and get it, however this is less intelligent, because Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He is the Lord of the Demigods also, so anything you can get from worshiping the demigods you can also get from worshiping Krishna. So it is better to worship Krishna.

      But the demigods exist, and Krishna exists. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the demigods are generally ordinary living entities like you and me who have been elevated to high posts of authority within the universe.

      The OM you mention is the primordial vibration, and that OM is also emanating from Krishna. So Krishna is the source of the OM also.

      You can find what Krishna wants you to do by finding Krishna’s pure devotee and surrendering to him and he will guide you, what Krishna wants you to do.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  156. Joshua says:

    These lessons have been very beneficial and thorough.

    I thought it was interesting and unexpected to see the use of an adulterous circumstance to illustrate how we are to keep Krishna in our thoughts even as we go about our daily existence.

    Surely such a lesson is worthy of a more wholesome example?

  157. Prabhakar says:

    Sir, Thank you very much for such wonderful letters. I came to the conclusion that suffering because of previous birth sins. But how to overcome sufferings arising because of previous birth sins. Please mail me with answer.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhakar

      Yes. We are all suffering because of the sins in our previous births and also in this birth. That is the problem of being in the material world as a human being. The only way to overcome the reactions of these sinful activities is to very sincerely follow the process of Krishna consciousness as it is taught by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in his books. You can purchase the books at:

      or read them online at:

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  158. Kirankumar says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa
    love to read the articles sent by you. these are very informative and help as guide to understand the Gita in right way
    thank you so much

  159. gary clarke says:

    hi,thanks once again for sending me recent study. i enjoyed it very much. please can you explain to me why krishna is not opposed to violence ? god is love and he asks us to love each other so why is he asking arjuna to fight.i am opposed to war because it is obvious to anyone that its orchestrated organised crime and the world is weary of wars.yet krishna seems to endorse it.please help me understand because i struggle with this.respect to you.gary

    • Hare Krishna Garry

      Sometimes in this material world war is necessary. In politics sometimes it can not be avoided. In the case of the Bhagavad Gita the war at Kuruksettra was necessary. Krishna wanted it. That is the point. The point of serving Krishna is to do what Krishna wants. So if Krishna wants us to fight in a war then we fight in a war for Krishna. That is our duty.

      That is the point of the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna did not want to fight. He could not see that there would be any good outcome from this war. But Krishna wanted the fight. So that is the point. A devotee does what Krishna wants him to do.

      Krishna does many things that you may not think He should do. But it is not up to you to say what God should or should not do. It is up to you to surrender to Him and serve Him.

      God may ask us to love each other, but we fight with each other. We do not obey God. All over the world people are fighting with each other. It is very hard to find love anywhere. So if an evil force like the Kurus attacks a good force like the Pandavas, and if Krishna wants the leader of the Pandavas, Maharaja Yudhistair, to be the King of the world, and He wants His devotee Arjuna to fight this war so the righteous King Yudhistair can be installed on the throne of the Earth planet, then it is Arjuna’s duty to fight this war, even if he thinks that for him the outcome may be bad.

      Violence and war have their place in politics. You can not avoid it. There will be criminals and criminals need to be punished. For the government to kill a murderer is the best thing for all parties concerned. The people are then protected from him, other potential murderers are warned of the consequences and most will restrain from the sinful act as a result and the murderer is freed from the sins of the murder because of being executed like this. So it is good for everyone.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • gary clarke says:

        hi,thankyou for your reply and hard work.this is a difficult one.countless people have been killed because they believe its gods will.the earth is drenched in blood because of it not time we at least who are trying to know god should stop fighting? there will be violence and fighting i know but leave it to the murderers in power.i hold to the point that god is love and tells us to love each other.we may well fight at times but it dosent have to result in bloodshed.

        • Ganesh says:

          Hi Gary,

          The people who were killed in the war, were promoted to heavenly planets. Those who died seeing Krishna were promoted to the kingdom of God. Thus it was an act of mercy of Krishna.

          But we don’t have the authority to kill somebody thinking it to be an act of kindness. As Madhudvisa dasa says the order to kill can only be given by God (Krishna) or His true representatives.

          Warm Regards,

  160. Raju Gautam says:

    Respetable Guruji,
    Please accept my humble obeisances. I have been receiving and reading the newsletter regularly for past few days and the content is really uplifting.
    In this newsletter, you mentioned thinking of lord Krishna while performing our material activities. I completely agree with this statement if one is performing physical work, but how do you suggest the same to a person working mentally, say a researcher writing a research paper or thinking of new research opportunities? How can he focus his mind onto lord as well as to his work which requires mental attention at the same time?
    Hoping to receive your suggestion.

    your servant

    • Hare Krishna Raju

      Thank you very much for the nice question.

      The trick is to transfer our working for Krishna. We should not be working for anyone except Krishna. So far as scientific research is concerned a thoughtful man can study any aspect of the universe and come to the conclusion as a result of his studies that “Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

      So if you can prove like this through your research that “Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead,” that will be great service.

      Or you can prove the existence of consciousness. Right now science is very childish. They only accept 4 of the 5 material elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. And, according to the childish ideas of science, everything is going on in this word through a random mixture of these four elements. And, according to them, there is no intelligent direction behind the working of nature. It is so crazy, so idiotic, so childish. So if you can “blow the lid” on science and expose these rascals that would be a great service to Krishna.

      The thing is sometimes we are doing a service for Krishna and we may not be directly meditating on Krishna while doing that service. For example Krishna instructed Arjuna to fight in the Battle of Kuruksettra. So at the time Arjuna was fighting he was meditating on defeating the enemy, he was not thinking directly of Krishna. But because he was fighting on the order of Krishna, then this is what Krishna wants him to do, this is his service to Krishna.

      We are sometimes working on the computers. Like I made that website. So at times I was simply meditating on the bugs I had in my php scripts. That is not really meditating on Krishna, but the purpose of those scripts is to enable people to read and search in Srila Prabhuapda’s books online. So in that case meditating on the php bugs is also service to Krishna. But if I was working for some big company and meditating on their computer bugs that would be a different thing.

      The idea is we have to transfer our activities from service to maya to service to Krishna.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • ananya says:

        pranam prabhuji,

        ALL glories to our spiritual master HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C BHAKTIBEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA
        Father is all the sport personalities wasting this precious time in their lives by engaging in entertainment and fitness activities, because once Srila prahbupada said that we are working hard how to reduce time on material things and these ppl are increasing that,pls give our opinion,how can they engage in devotional service??

        • Hare Krishna Ananya

          Yes. Actually this unnecessary sporting is breaking the regulative principles. It is a very serious deviation for a devotee to engage in this unnecessary sporting. It is as you say a total waste of time and a devotee does not waste even a second. He wants to use every second in the service of Krishna. The original regulative principle was “No gambling or unnecessary sporting.” But somehow over time the devotees have deleted out the “no unnecessary sporting”…

          The way to engage in devotional service, that is a great science and that science is elaborately described in Srila Prabhupada’s books. So the first thing is to read Srila Prabhupada’s books so we can learn the science of Krishna consciousness. So instead of wasting time with unnecessary sporting we can read Srila Prabhupada’s books, chant Hare Krishna and engage in devotional service in the ways that Srila Prabhupada will teach us as we read his books.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • Aman says:

            Hare Krishna Prabhu

            Please accept my humble obeisances

            All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

            I want to ask a question on unnecessary sporting regulative principle. Pls forgive me if there is any offense in this. I want to know why the word ‘unnecessary’ is used in the above mentioned regulative principle of no gambling or unnecessary sporting’…. Is there ‘necessary’ sporting as well? Is it because some people are making living also by sports, cinema etc which are generally for sense gratification?

          • Hare Krishna Aman

            There is no such thing as necessary sporting. The idea is that everything we do should be in the service of Krishna. Of course we need some exercise for keeping our material bodies fit, but generally that exercise should be able to be had by going out with the sankirtan party and chanting Hare Krishna and dancing in the streets and by working to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books to the general public. So these things are 100% devotional service and at the same time very good exercise for our bodies. And we can go on japa walks, etc, chanting Hare Krishna and at the same time getting good exercise.

            For people who make money out of these things, that is another thing, Arjuna was a fighter so Krishna engaged Arjuna in fighting for Him. So you know these things you have to see the actual situation. But the general principle is for those people who are doing business or whatever that they not give up their duty but give up the fruits of the activities. They should keep working and give the profit to Krishna.

            But don’t worry, sporting is not necessary, always remembering Krishna and never forgetting Krishna is necessary.

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

  161. hari says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu.

    B.G is true know ledge for me that is instruction for spiritual life.

    Hari bol

  162. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Dear Master,
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.

    I am grat ful about and thanked by heart your great job to lord. Thanks of artical and i am regularly fellow all instrustion about spritulaty.
    Best Regard
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

  163. George says:

    Hary Bol,

    First, I find your newsletter inspiring and refreshing; so Thanks you!!

    Quick question:
    The mind is restless and difficult to control. In knowing this, what happens if one’s tongue is engaged in chanting the hare krishna Maha Mantra but the mind wonders away and at this precise moment, while chanting and the mind aloof, death comes knocking?

    • Hare Krishna George

      We have to train the mind so it does not wander away from Krishna.

      There is the example of Jada Bharata in the Bhagavatam. He was a very fixed-up brahmana practicing spiritual life including meditation and yoga in the Himalayan mountains. But one day there was a female deer grazing on the grass in front of him and a tiger came out of the jungle and the deer, in fright ran and jumped over the river. She was pregnant and prematurely delivered the baby deer. So the tiger went running after the mother deer and the baby was left there in front of Jada Bharata. So he started caring for the poor helpless deer. And gradually he became very attached to the deer.

      When he was performing his meditation and yoga instead of concentrating on the Supreme Lord he was concentrating on the deer…

      So at the time of death, instead of thinking of Krishna he thought of the deer. Therefore he had to take his next birth in the body of a deer.

      So we have to train ourselves in such a way that we can always think of Krishna.

      Of course in the beginning naturally our mind will be distracted to other things when we chant Hare Krishna, but we simply have to pull the mind back and concentrate on hearing the mantra:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      And if we actually do follow the vow of chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha mantra daily and strictly follow the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication] and keep our mind engaged in hearing about Krishna by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books and hearing his classes and if we keep our senses engaged in practical service for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, then gradually our mind will become peaceful and will only think of Krishna.

      This Krishna consciousness is a scientific process and we need to follow the process of saddhana-bhakti as it is described by Srila Prabhupada and then we can hope that the mind will become peaceful and we will always be thinking of Krishna, so naturally we will think of Krishna at the time of death.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  164. diana says:

    Hare Krishna!
    i really like this newsletter… it has given me some valuable insights in understanding the essence of B.Gita….

  165. Hari says:

    Hare krishna prabhu,

    It was a very inspiring article and i really enjoyed reading it. Especially, the reasons for reading Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.
    I just wanted to know, if there be any other example other than a man and a woman having relationships outside marriage on how to remember Krishna. My wife gave an example, Can it be substituted by a Mother thinking about her child, while she is at work.

    Hare krishna,

  166. shanker says:

    Dear Gurudev,

    Please accept my humble obeisances
    All Glories To Srila Prabhupada
    All GloriesTo Sree Guru And Gauranga

    1)Krishna and Krishna’s name are nondifferent.
    2)Absolute World & Material World (The differences)

    Can you please explain in detail how to understand the 2 subjects as mentioned
    above.Please provide some practical example I am quite confused in this subject.


    Your servant.

  167. Seema says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    Thank you so much for sending me these wonderfull newsletter. i really appreciate them because they have changed my life and im looking forward for more.
    Thank you
    Your Servant

  168. Sanjay Kumar Lanjewar says:

    Hare Krishna,
    First of all my sincere thanks for your mails.A great work is being done by you.Definately Iam trying to understand all the points, which are very nice and without krishna there is no happyness in life so first of all everyone must surrender unto the Supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna.

  169. raghunath rai says:

    Hare Krishna Hare Rama to all the readers,
    Thanks alot for sending such beautiful extract of BhagvatGita.
    Not able to understand that when He is the supreme power and I am in His shelter then what should I do and why?. I am doing my job by reciting his name and totally devoted to Him. I think that there is some misconceptions which we r not able to understand.
    Anyhow plz continue sending mails, since I am devoted to Him this I know.
    Thanks and Regards.

    Raghunath Rai

  170. Athidena Krishna Dasa says:

    Hare Krishna,
    First of all my sincere thanks for your mails.A great work is being done by you.
    I just want to mention one thing about the example of a wife having illicit relation and the bond is compared to a very holy activity of remembering Krishna while doing our duties or work. Somehow this appears to be giving a negative example for a positive activity. If you ask me a better example would be : The person who wants to win a gold medal in the Olympics, let us say, will be thinking day in and day out about the ways and means to achieve it, though he is also employed but is to participate in the event. Similarly, a child who has extreme desire to get first in the class, he/she would be constantly thinking about how best it can be achieved even while playing or eating.
    Kindly excuse me for my above comments if I am wrong.

  171. Nicole says:

    this is the answer to my questions, great newsletter today. Many thanks!

  172. Rajni Kapoor says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa Ji,

    Hare Krishna,

    I am regulary receveing and reading emails sent by you. My heart is enlightened with Krishna love. I felt krishna in surrounding everywhere. Krishna has stolen my heart and mind. Your words are very chanting and touching. I foung my self nowhere. Hey Krishna….

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

  173. Josh says:

    Dear Prabhu,

    Thank you very much for your nice studies. I have purchased the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is with the accompanying gifts and it is a beautiful book, I am reading along while studying the newsletters. Looking forward to the newsletter and thank you for assisting conditioned souls in the transcendental service of Lord Krsna.

    Best Wishes,


  174. Darren says:

    Thanks Krishna you are a great friend actually the best friend
    say hello to Arjuna for me and thank u for the orange wheel ring u left me on the side of the road when I felt absolute despair and asked 4 a sign it was the best and funniest sign u as God have given me yet
    it actually put the world in its true perspective. Bhagavad Gita is really Light reading thanks again oh and Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Hare Rama /Hare Hare.

  175. Ishwar says:

    Hare Krishna To all the members.
    Sir i m not able to control the restless mind & it takes me only towards lust. GOD has said he can’t bear lust. Should i still take his holy name as i think indulging in l;ust & taking his name im doing insult to HIM & is doing vice so what should I do. shOULD I stop taking his name. How should i control my mind.
    This is crime to krisna but i m feeling helpless only i haave to take control of myself but how?? is it possible.Pls suggest me on my mail my mail id is

    • Athidena Krishna Dasa says:

      Please accept my greetings. Yes the mind of any human being is always restless. I have one suggestion, from which I myself gained a lot, that is : 1. First of all surrender to Krishna and tell him that You are helpless and in a condition which only Krishna can help. 2. Ask Him to show the ways to control mind and bring it to the feet of Krishna.
      May be many many times with sincere heart we need to utter the above.
      A day will come when you realize that, suddenly things are changed and your mind is attracted to Krishna and Krishna only.And happiness without any reason will be experienced within you. That is the beginning of Real Enjoyment of mind.
      I hope and wish the day is very near when you are happy within and Krishna shows you the path.

  176. vasudama says:

    Haribol prabhu,

    Thank you for your newsletters – much appreciated.

    I was a devotee many years ago and am no longer practicing but I still appreciate the Gita very much (and you have helped rekindle my dormant affection for the Lord).

    Just a point about this section. You cite the example of the husband/wife that constantly meditate on their lover. If the acharyas cite this as an example, I am not trying to critisize but I do find it a little immoral – after all it is subtly condoning adultery.

    I would appreciate your thoughts/clarification on the matter.

    Vasudama das.

    • Athidena Krishna Dasa says:

      Hare Krishna,
      My hearty obeisances to you.First of all I felt happy that you happend to be devotee for many years but I felt sad that you are no more practicing.
      Basically Krishna, the Creater of the Universe, Creater of Everything practically is very kind to anybody who calls him for help. He will give problems only to bring people close to him so that they start moving towards upliftment in the spiritual life. The Chanting makes the man slowly reduce the material attachments and bringdown the desires. Kindly once again surrender to Krishna and tell him to show his kindness even for a moment, then the heaps of sins accumulated within us will vanish and leaving everything to Him will bring extreme peace within.
      Kindly try and inform me.
      May Krishna give us more opportunities to communicate and exchange feelings.

  177. loyiso says:

    great day sir,i’m bit confused about Krishna, I want to know who is Krishna, with no other complaints thank you for your inspireable messages.HARE GOD,HARE CHRIST

  178. santosh ghadi says:

    Hare Krishna Maharaj,
    i am very happy to read your letters.i am learning lot of abouut spiritual .i getting good realisation becoming more krishna concious.I work for call center. iget good salary by krishna mercy. most i use in krishna service buying prabhupads books,dvds,.i have radha shyamsundar deity i worship them with decorations with flowers.offering food.singing vaishanav songs chanting on beads in front of deity.i have tulasi plant i do tulasi aarti.
    but sometime due to work pressure i feel that i should only remain at home n worship deity chant rounds go to temple also preach. when pressure comes which is three fold miseries. i simply pray to krishna and depend on him completely.krishna makes good arrangement some time there is downtime and i get to chant in free time in office i started preaching my office collegues. i put tilak when i got to office i an wearing kanti mala around my neck. igot inspiritation from the lord who is siiting in my heart.ten i feel complete satisfaction and fearless.i dont want to lose this mood of krishna conciousness.mahraj i need more guidance to be consistent in devotional service please reply my comment waiting eagerly

  179. Vikraman says:

    Krishna Krishha Hare Hare………….
    Thank u so much for sending all these newsletters to me. I am ineed greatful to you for guiding me through the contents to achieve the greatest pleasure of my life..

  180. Radhika dasi says:

    Respectful Madhudvisa dasa Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances! Thanks for your every emails which are all spiritual nector.

    I am a Chinese and my English is not good. But I am interested by your email and feel grateful. Because your email make me feel that I have been made a registiation at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna!

    I pray frequently for getting the devotee’s mercy at the lotus feet of Lord, now you are giving me. Thank you !

    your humble servant, Radhika dasi

  181. yogita desai says:

    Hare Krishna,
    Thank u so much for sending all these newsletters to me.They have been of great help as i was constantly trying to understand how i should balance my spiritual and material life.Looking forward for the test.Thank u once again.

  182. Rocanadeva dasa says:

    Thank you for writing these nice essays I am looking forward to you next installment of Bhagavad Gita. I do some art work in the entertainment industry. My clientele are Producers, Artists, Actors, Rock Stars, and the usual groupie.I can take some time out to draw and paint Krsna. Sri Kanta has a drawing of Srila Prabhupada That I drew in 1990 it was for Prabhupada day, Sri Kanta at the time was seeking memorabilia for the occasion. follow the four regs and Chant Hare Krsna. I give my friends my best vegetarian recipes and lo0ok at all the karma and health risks are avoided if one follows these supreme religious principals and if ypou think about its just plain common sense and the world will be peaceful if one knows that Krsna is the supreme lord, owner of all planets and universes and the source and best wisher of all living entitys. Hare Krsna!!!

  183. Dear Madhudvisa dasaji,

    I have no words to express my thanks for your valuable knowledged imparted to me vide your previous mails. I’m indeed excited!! Awaiting to hear from you more and more.

  184. kunaldutt says:

    hare krishna Madhudvisa dasaji,i am looking forward for the exam. it would be such a wonderful thing to happen if the entire chapters of Bhagavat gita could be podcasted.thank you once again.HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE/HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE

  185. Yvonne says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa,

    Thank you for this lesson. It was inspiring as all your lessons are. I had just finished reading that chapter of the Bhagavad Gita yesterday, and through Lord Krishna’s love you have explained it thoroughly for me.

    Many blessings,


  186. JAYASANKAR says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasaji,





  187. Wayne says:

    Dear Madhudvisa dasa

    Thanks for the latest edition, a thought provoking paper and a clear understanding of human weakness from the Acharyas, that benefits the relationship between ourselves and Lord Krishna



    • ashish says:

      jai shree krishna
      i dont have words to describe the power your words from bhagwat geeta has given me. it seems as there is a new turn in my life. i feel coolness in my heart and i wish to be a follower of lord krishna. i have tried everything before but all in vain. now this mail gives me a new ray of hope. i pray to lord krishna to hold my hand and take me to the right path and keep fuiding me on the way.
      i beg you to accept me as i am
      hold me krishna
      grace me with powers to survive in this materialistic world
      shree krishnaay namah
      jai shree krishna
      jai shree ram
      krishna krishna hare hare
      krishna come to me
      i love you krishna

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
      Thanks for the latest news letter regarding occupations.It is very nicely explain with a simple examples given by our acharya’s.Hope to get such wonderfull new letter in future to enlighten ourself.
      I would like to join regular Bhagavat Geeta classes in future as it is very interesting to me listen some of your great Acharya’s at Iskcon temples.
      With warm regards,

    • Hare Krishna,
      No words coming infront of me,I am begging u Lord Krishna take me as ur devotee and guide me to lead in material life without any failure so much suffering from 4_5years,oh lord save me from all sins.thanks hare Krishna

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