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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by Bhakta David Lugan


How to type Sanskrit diacritics in Mac OS X


The following instructions make it very easy for you to type Sanskrit diacritical characters on your Mac computer running OS X.

1. Download “DiacWinUnicode.keylayout” at:

2. Move “DiacWinUnicode.keylayout” to “/Library/Keyboard Layouts/

3. Click apple icon in upper-left corner of screen ->
“System Preferences” ->
“Language & Text” ->
“Input Sources”

4. Check “DiacWinUnicode” box

5. Click Input Source icon (i.e. American flag icon for U.S.) near upper-right corner of screen ->
check “DiacWinUnicode

6. Now you can type Sanskrit characters (ā ḷ ṇ ś ḍ ṁ ṛ ṭ ḥ ṅ ṝ ū ī ñ ṣ ḹ):
Opt+a long-a
Opt+l l-dot
Opt+n n-dot
Opt+c s-accent
Opt+d d-dot
Opt+m m-dot
Opt+r r-dot
Opt+t t-dot
Opt+h h-dot
Opt+g n-super-dot
Opt+z long-r-dot
Opt+u long-u
Opt+i long-i
Opt+y n-tilde
Opt+s s-dot
Opt+’ long-l-dot
For CAPITALIZED characters add “Shift” (Ā Ḷ Ṇ Ś Ḍ Ṁ Ṛ Ṭ Ḥ Ṅ Ṝ Ū Ī Ñ Ṣ Ḹ):

For additional help, see “Transliterated Text in Mac OS X.pdf”:



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