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Allah is not name. It is not the name. It is just like the idea of God.

But Allah is not the name. That is…Just like the President and Mr. Nixon. The President may be another person.

Not only Nixon, but another person also may be. So President is the general understanding of the post. But still, one who occupies the post, he has got a name.


Jyotirmayi: He said that in Christianity God has no name.

Prabhupada: Hm?

Jyotirmayi: God has no name in Christianity, but the son of God has a name. And before they use for a long time, and everywhere they were saying the name of Jesus Christ.

Prabhupada: But they say that in Christianity there is a name of God. They say. No?

Jyotirmayi: (French)

Prabhupada: But you said that His name be glorified.

Devotee: They say “Hallowed be Thy name.”

Priest: But the name is not said.

Devotee: Yes.

Priest: Never said.

Devotee: Jesus said that “All I have taught you is not the total sum of the knowledge of God,” he says, “but there is more to be told.”

Prabhupada: That’s all right. So if you have no name, then why don’t you take this name, “Krsna”?

Jyotirmayi: (French)

Prabhupada: What is the objection?

Man: (French)

Prabhupada: Caitanya Mahaprabhu says… Caitanya Mahaprabhu says, namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-saktis.

namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-saktis
tatrarpita niyamitah smarane na kalah
etadrsi tava krpa bhagavan mamapi
durdaivam idrsam ihajani nanuragah

Bahudha: God has many names. If you are missing, so you can take one of the name. Krsna is one of the names, so what is the objection? And Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, “In this name, all the potencies of God is there.” Namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-sakti tatrarpita. That name is as powerful as God Himself. There is no difference between the name and God, because He is absolute. Here in the material world there is the difference between name and the person or the thing. If I am thirsty, if I simply chant “water, water, water,” that will not appease my thirstiness. But the spiritual world, absolute, the name and the person is the same. Abhinnatvan nama-naminoh. Under the circumstances, if you are missing some name, so take this name. Why it should not be taken?

Jyotirmayi: (French)

Priest: Yeah, but you can take “Rama,” you can take “Parasurama,” you can take (indistinct).

Prabhupada: Yes, yes, any name, any name.

Priest: Krsna has no special…

Prabhupada: No. Special there is. In this way, it is recommended in the sastra, recommended in the sastra: harer nama. Harer means of God. Harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam [Adi 17.21]. So this is the…We have to chant the name of God. This is the prescription. This is Vaisnava.

Priest: Does it matter…

Prabhupada: Now, there are thousands and thousands of names, that we also admitted. At least we have got sahasra-nama, visnu sahasra. But in another place it is said, other Upanisad, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama…This name is recommended. Just like Agni Purana and Kalisantarana Upanisad, in this Vedic literature, this…

Priest: Yeah, but each Upanisad will recommend its own specific Deity, you know. Rama, as you say, Hare Rama. Or Siva.

Prabhupada: Yes, Rama is all right. Rama we chant. Hare Rama we chant. Hare Krsna and Hare Rama. Rama also we chant.

Priest: Or Siva. I mean, you see, in the Svetasvatara Upanisad.

Devotee: (Sanskrit)

Priest: I mean, what devotees? You have got bhakti also in the Saivite , all the others.

Pusta Krsna: The argument, if you say that it is not special, then you will say that you can chant any name.

Priest: Yes.

Pusta Krsna: We say that God’s name is special, whatever name it is. Not that we eliminate God, saying He’s not special. He is special. Whether you call Him by this authorized name or that authorized name, His name is special because it’s nondifferent from Him. So not that we should just overlook the name of God because we’re overlooking God. We do that, so we have to…

Prabhupada: Harer nama [Adi 17.21]. Harer nama means God’s name.

Priest: You see, for instance, in Christianity for a long time there was a bhakti, and this bhakti was devoted to the name of Jesus. So for a very long time you had that Jesus bhakti. And in your country, in America today, like you have got the Hare Krsna, you have got also the Jesus devotees. Now, this is also present in many places. And the name does not matter. There is no name who has got the…Because then you find again what…

Prabhupada: No. If Jesus is the name of God, then you can chant. If Jesus is the name of God. But Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ, says that he is son of God. Of course, there is no difference between son and the father. That is another thing. But still, if I want the father, how by calling the name of son I can get the father?

That is also another thing.

Priest: Yeah, but I mean, this is another point.

Prabhupada: But if you have got the father’s name, why should you call Him by the son’s name?

Priest: Yeah, but this is another discussion (indistinct). What we mean by father and son, you know, we don’t mean it…

Prabhupada: That everyone’s father and son is the same. If father says something and the son says…Just like in a big family, if the son orders something, it is as good as the father’s order. That is our experience. But still, if you want to call the father, you will not get the father’s response by calling the name of the son.

Priest: Jesus told us, “If you see me, you see the Father, because the Father cannot be seen.” It was a common name. Yoshua was a common Jewish name.

Prabhupada: Yes. Hare Krsna. Now, one thing is that if we are interested in chanting the name of God, if it is available, then why should I chant the name of the son?

Priest: No, it is not that question. The question is…

Devotee: Excuse me for interrupting, but one thing was that you suggested that the name of Krsna is a very common name…

Priest: Yeah.

Devotee: …in the sense that many people may be called Krsna. But the Supreme God is also called Krsna. So if you chant His name, you derive the benefit even if you’re not thinking of Him as the Supreme.

Priest: Yeah, but for the Christian the same. Jesus is a very common name.

Devotee: That’s all right. We’re saying chant. Our spiritual master is teaching “You chant the name of God.” That’s the important thing.

Prabhupada: If you think that Jesus Christ’s name is also, you can chant, we have no objection. We say that you chant the holy name of God, whatever you have got.

That’s all right.

Priest: And for a Muslim you mean to chant Allah.

Prabhupada: Yes.

Priest: Name Krsna, Allah, Jesus, (indistinct), what is the…

Prabhupada: Allah is not name. That is…It is not the name. It is just like the idea of God.

Priest: Yeah.

Priest: Allah means also (indistinct).

Prabhupada: But that is not the name. That is…Just like the President and Mr. Nixon. The President may be another person. Not only Nixon, but another person also may be. So President is the general understanding of the post. But still, one who occupies the post, he has got a name.

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9 Responses to Allah is not name. It is not the name. It is just like the idea of God.

  1. Bhakta Gaspar says:

    Prabhu, how about the name of Jehova ? What can you share about it ?

  2. Iasmin says:

    Salaam, I love your site, it is good to have people showing the real message from Srila Prabhupada, as ISKCON has turned into another organized religion full of empty rituals and fear philosophy, Peace!

  3. Sanjoy Ghose says:

    Patanjali Yoga says, God is within everybody. But, we neither feel its existence within us nor ever try to awake it. But, if one can do it, it leads to purity, then to equality, then to smiriti, then to renunciation, then to liberation and finally to pragya.

    God is what I am. God is infinite or avaykta. Hence, in whatever name you call Him it is immaterial, as ultimate objective is to go beyond this world of Num-rupa to achieve self-annihilation.

  4. Shahul says:

    Bring only one verse from your Bhagvat Geetha or Ramayana that is scientifically proved as true today.

    Of course u can’t bring even a single verse since it is not the word of God , it is handwritten by the hindu poets. Valmiki wrote ramayana.

    Mahabartha :-
    Bhagwan VedVyasji wrote 18 purans and MAHABHARAT is one of them. It was writtenj by GANESHJI and dictated by VYASJI>Ganeshji agreed on one condition that there should not be any discontinuity to which Vyasji agreed.

    First allah revealed zaboor was revealed during Prophet Dawood the followers made him as David. Then torah was revealed during the time of Prophet Moosa, but Moosa became god calles moses. Then at the time of Prophet Isha, injeel was revealed. But he was made as god as jesus. Then at last Quran was revealed by allah to the uneducated Muhammad (SAWS ).

    Since he was uneducated how could he know that a man can go beyond earth ( ie.Travel to Moon )happened in 20th century.

    How can he reveal that there is a Barrier between two seas where a small thing from this sea cannot mix with that sea. It has been proven today there is an barrier between Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

    Like these allah has proven that he is the only god, so dont fall into misconcepptions as per your anchestors because allah wont forgive Shirk. Shirk means what u are doing praying other god than allah.

    Allah is Merciful and merciful as like 70 times of a mother.
    Please come to the True religion, come to Islam. U will go to Paradise otherwise u will go to HEll. This is 100% true.

    Laailaaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah ( Allah is the onle god, and Muhammad (SAWS)is the prophet until the last day.

    Then your choice.
    Come and read the truth see how many times Bible has been changed, Ramayana, Mahabaratham has been updated with new stories,.

    Dont fall into these human creature books, listen to the Lord’s book which is true. There is 100% proof in it


      see my dear friend what ever u are saying taht there is no sentence in ramayana or bhagabt gita that could be scientificaly proofed is wrong,and if u say that how many times the ramayana and gita is updated is also wrong.

      see during the time people become more acquiented to understand the knowledge as for example if some one’s father is able to understand the knowledge by the oriya language his son doesnot and gradually it differs so after generation and generation understaing style becomes changed so to satisfy that understanding different wise man come out to write in the new style of understanding.
      for example ramayana was first written by valmiki rushi and then after long gneration sri tulsi das ji written in hindi.
      so in this process it is not getting updating the same thing has been written once moore in different ways. if u read the ramcharit manas u will get taht tulsi das ji had written that book not to be afamous one but to give the complete understanding of the book

      Yous saying that the events of ramayana can not be proofed scientifically is wrong. see the ram setu is now also present and its stone is also floats if it gets the name rame carved nicely.
      if u say hanuman can not survive for long term until today then u r wrong his photo has been taken originally present all over the india worshiped nicely. and many more….

      I am not all against of one thig that allaha says i am the only God .And by worshiping him we can attain. haven,

      but our aim is not like that we worship krishna to attain him only not haven so those who want haven they can worship allaha.

    • Vikram Shenoy says:

      Now my simple question to you is, what qualification do you have to prove that science cannot prove anything that is in Gita or Ramayana, what qualification you have to know science or use science to prove anything.

  5. Will says:

    The name of God is not an easy thing to describe. Personally I believe God has no name, like God has no gender, although we call God “HE.” We only call HIM whatever we believe or whatever is taught to us, because in reality God is a Spirit. We humans have ideas, interpretations of who God is, thus create religions, theories and beliefs according to our limited capability of reasoning. God is a mystery. The ONLY thing I can strongly say and affirm about God is that God wants us to serve and worship HIM, live our life (which was a precious gift given to us) for God, to be humble and love one another and to do not get caught up with labels and names because that is the pitfall where us humans create in which, separates from each other as HIS creation, as humans, thus creates wars and the body of God (the people) is not fully formed because everyone thinks every else is wrong. Everything in society has a label/name, from Countries, Race, Months, Days, The Time, Cars, Clothes and most of ALL GOD. The main message from ALL spiritual teachers that walked the face of this planet, was to love God with your WHOLE heart and serve God, and help the poor. Remember whatever name you believe that God is, that is the name you can use to call Him, chant to Him, meditate. But if you come across someone that has a different name for God, let them be, and just tell them to love your God with your whole heart and love one another, so we can all come together and worship God with a clean heart.

  6. carolina says:

    People mind is from God,whatever for who you are is just a comment to created e new world for new society…we can created what ever we want but for sure God is not human and God not need to be as figure to show your respect to Him or what so ever….because we just a game for Him…we are nothing,Allah is not the same, please don’t jugde anything before you have the knowledge for it,learn first so you can justify what’s Allah and it is not as an idea of God…there must be a reason to call with that name “Allah” .It is not just a bookstory tale coming just like that…..not even me can described anything about Him…can’t not be saying indistinct …is exist,like you are exist in this world…..too much thing we received,that we even don’t know to recongize really for who we are and what for we here in this world….i don’t think people want to be in the bad place,so get smart to find reallly about it,as long as you still a live.There is a joke…God need a website to show you how strong HE is, how modern…we’ve got it everything from the God…God not need to get influance or anything from what we are doing…find your God in the smart way because God love people who been giving as a normal human being and God will asked you, how you digest about everything to find Him and with your world.We have our own court between we and our God, so i quess everybody want in the right place to be settled..i’m trying also and still learning and i appoligize if it maybe hurt anyone for my comment.

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