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Back to Godhead No. 32 (1970)

London Town Hall Lecture–Srila Prabhupada, London Airport Press Conference–Srila Prabhupada, Prasadam: Food for the Body, Food for the Soul and Food for God–Kirtanananda Swami, The Avataras of God–Nayana Abhiram das Brahmacari, Sri Dham Mayapur The Most Holy Abode–Acutananda das Brahmacary, Lust and Love–Subal das Adhikari, Los Angeles Bliss–Photos by Gargamuni das Adhikari, Love of God, Krsna Lila The Divine Forms and Pastimes–Hayagriva das Adhikari, Isavasya: God-Centered Society–Rupanuga das Adhikari, The Transcendental

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