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George Harrison’s Assistance in Printing Krsna Book

Sriman George Harrison has certainly done an unique service by contributing $19,000 for publishing my Krsna book. When I was in London, he saw me four times and he was very submissive and devout and he was not at all proud of his very well-to-do material position.

Los Angeles, 8 February, 1970


My Dear Bhagavan das,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 5 February, 1970, and as advised by you I am sending herewith the tape #14. Please transcribe it nicely, edit it, and send one copy to me and the others to Satsvarupa.

The tapes after being transcribed must be sent to me directly otherwise I will be short of the stock of tapes.

Sriman George Harrison has certainly done an unique service by contributing $19,000 for publishing my Krsna book. When I was in London, he saw me four times and he was very submissive and devout and he was not at all proud of his very well-to-do material position. He has a reputation as a first class musician and he is considered to be rich or as they say one of the richest men in the world. Still he was not at all puffed up, but was humble, meek, polite, and devout. So all these qualities and his service to Krishna will certainly help him in his advancement of Krishna Consciousness.

Thus I see that although he is not an initiated disciple, still he has been trying to help us in so many ways.

This change of his heart has been possible by the endeavor of Syamasundara.. Syamasundara. tried to win his friendship by all means and the result obtained thereof was offered to Krishna. In the London Temple the first class Italian marble throne worth about $3,000 was also contributed by George through the service of Syamasundara.. So actually George’s leaning towards Krishna Consciousness has been greatly influenced by Syamasundara.’s endeavor. Srimad-Bhagavatam recommends that we shall employ our life, money, intelligence, and words for the service of the Lord. So Syamasundara. employed his intelligence to bring George Harrison into the service of Krishna Consciousness and thus George’s money has been employed in Krishna’s service. This is the whole process of Krishna Consciousness–First of all one should dedicate his life for Krishna’s service; that is very nice. If he cannot dedicate his whole life, then let him devote his money; if he cannot devote his money, then let him devote his intelligence; and if he cannot devote his intelligence also, then let him devote his voice in Krishna Consciousness by uttering Hare Krishna Mantra. Therefore Hare Krishna Mantra is the greatest common factor for self-realization. Please preach this philosophy whole-heartedly and Krishna will be very much pleased upon you.

The court case is very humorous, happy, and authoritative. The charge was “Chanting God’s Name” for the welfare “of mankind.” So what can be the charges? If a man is chanting God’s Name for the welfare of mankind, how the learned judge can convict him with any charges? So he has done real justice by dismissing the case. This will be great evidence of our sincere activities and you can send copies to all the centers as well as to the editors of BTG for immediate printing. The copy which you have sent me I have redirected to India to the editor of “Kalyana” a very influential religious paper.

Perhaps you know the Gita Press. So you can send me also a few copies more.

This charge against Hare Krishna chanting is not very new. Even during Lord Caitanya’s days a similar charge was brought against Him by Chand Kazi who later on converted to become His devotee. So chant Hare Krishna Mantra sincerely and seriously and Krishna will give you all protection. The house in contemplation appears to be very nice and within our means, so please try to get it as early as possible.

I am very glad that you have sent Jagadisa and his good wife to Toronto to help start a Temple there. By the prayers of all my beloved devotees like you I am keeping good health and I hope this will also meet you in cheerful health in Krishna Consciousness.

Your ever well-wisher,

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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3 Responses to George Harrison’s Assistance in Printing Krsna Book

  1. Shilo says:

    Thank you George for bringing Krishna and The Gita to me. I read the book he gave money to print and it has been very important in my life. Thank you And Hare Krishna

  2. Haribol, I am very thankfull, that I could listen to Sriman George’s music, when I was a kid.Otherwise I may habe not learned to play musicinstruments and chanting the maha mantra.It is a big lost for the world, that he did so young.It is really a pity, that we never crossed our ways to have a talk or to play some tones on our instruments together.Excuse my bad english.Hare Krsna all glories to lord sri krsna,Srila Prabhupada an Sriman George Harrison.My best wishes to Olivia and Dhani.

  3. Naresh says:

    I wish that george harrison was alive today. he was such a wonderful devotee of Krishna even though he was an international figure. his songs about krishna are so meaningful. all glories to george harrison and all glories to prabhpada.

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