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Indian Sari’s – Traditional Ladies’ Attire for Temple, Party, or Street

What is a Sari?

Saris, or Sarees, are traditional women’s clothing in India. They have been such for thousands of years. Saris are very beautiful, elegant and fashionable. In modern times, they have become used by people internationally, not just Indians. They have become a very recognized part of Indian culture, and even celebrities in the Western world have made appearances wearing Saris.

A sari is pretty much a strip of cloth, wrapped around the waist, and donned in a particular way so that it covers both the lower and upper parts of the body. It can be colored and have printed patterns or embroidery. It is common for them to have decorations such as sequins or little mirrors.

Indian Sarees – Where to Wear?

Saris are fantastic for the temple, harinams, and for devotional activity. Many ladies around the world wear Saris almost every day. Because of their beauty, grace, and elegance, they can be worn for day to day things such as school and work, and many ladies like to wear them at parties as well.

What Else is Needed?

Saris are usually worn over a petticoat.

A choli is also worn with a sari. A choli is like a blouse which is cut off above the belly.

It is nice to wear a petticoat which matches the base color of the Sari. The choli is also chosen with the color of the sari in consideration.

Styles of Saris

Saris are made from Cotton, Silk, Jute, Synthetic Materials, or a mix these. There are different styles of Saris from different parts of India and the world.

Here are some examples of Saris from South India:

Here’s a picture of some Orissan Saris:

And here’s one of some Saris from Vrindavan, in North India.

Where to get Saris, Cholis, and Petticoats?

KrishnaStore.com has a nice variety of Saris, including the styles shown above. They also have Cholis and Petticoats available.

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    The saree is the most versatile piece of clothing ever, as you have clearly described here. What’s best about them is that they are well-suited for all occasions and can be used alternatively for a formal as well as a casual soirée. Nice post!

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