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I’ve never been brainwashed or anything! [Letter from Gurukul Student]

Hare Krisna. I’m a gurukuli raised in Krishna consciousness in France, and am thankfull enough to Srila Prabhupada for having giving me the chance through his preacher to become a devotee myself.

This movement IS to be shared.

My mother became a devotee when I was one year old. Without those missionaries I would be someone else. Raised by some drinking parents, whitout any hope for anything.

I really want to tell whoever is going to read that article that they can never say that Krishna consciousness is a cult.

It’s a religion.

I’ve never been brainwashed or anything.

All I know so far (I’m 18) is that if I didn t have this fullfilling shelter, I would be really desesperate.

Hare Krisna to all.

Govinda devi dasi

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  1. rashmi says:

    Krishna consciousness is a way of perfect life of hindus….most young and old in present day India chant the ‘hare krishna mantra ‘even though they may not have officially joined the movement.Most of the orthodox hindus follow the 4 regulative principals to this day.

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