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Published on January 6th, 2024 | by Madhudvisa dasa


NASA Admits they Did Not go to the Moon

NASA is the first to admit that they are many unresolved issues for future manned flights to the Moon. Our scientific understanding of may things has progressed since the 60’s when the Apollo Lunar Landings were supposed to have taken place. And one area where we now have significant data which we did not have in the 60’s is in regard to the levels of radiation that exists in space and the radiation belts that surround earth. Now it is scientific fact, beyond any question of a doubt, that if someone is traveling in space he is going to be exposed to very high levels of radiation compared with the situation here on earth. This has been measured for example in the International Space Station which is orbiting the earth only about two hundred miles away. But even at this relatively low altitude the levels of radiation on the ISS are considerably elevated above those here on earth.

Of course the position of the ISS is far below the beginning of the Van Allen Belts, which are very highly charged belts of radiation surrounding the entire earth. Today we have many satelites in the Van Allen Belts and accurate measurements of the extent and levels of radiation a space craft would have to pass through to leave earth orbit are known scientific facts.

Although the Van Allen Belts contain extremely high levels of radiation, even in space the level of radiation is very high, compared with here on earth, due to cosmic rays, so even if one could pass through the Van Allen Belts still simply traveling in space without proper shielding from the radiation would be very detrimental to human health.

The biggest challenge, therefor, that NASA and other organizations trying to commence manned space flight is how to shield the astronauts from the lethal radiation, not only during their passing through the Van Allen Belts, which may be only for a period of 1-2 hours, but also they need to be protected from the cosmic radiation and random radiation spikes as a result of sunspots, etc.

Because now the levels of radiation are known in the Van Allen Belts and also we are reasonably sure about the levels of the cosmic radiation one may experience traveling through space the amount of shielding that would be required to protect astronauts from this radiation can be calculated. And it turns out that the best way would be to surround the spaceship with a layer of water as water is an effective shield for radiation. But the problem is the calculations reveal that around two meters of water (more than 6 feet) would be required to surround the spaceship in every direction. But such a large amount of water would be extremely heavy and currently no one can imagine any propulsion system that would be capable of lifting such a huge quantity of water.

Nowadays the levels of radiation in the Van Allen Belts, as I said already, are known, and the level of shielding required for humans to pass through the Van Allen Belts is also known. These are now scientific facts. And NASA also accepts that if they are going to send men out of earth orbit then they are going to have to find some solution to the radiation problem.

There has been a long string of experiments trying to send animals through the Van Allen Belts and return them to earth. But so far, except for a tortoise and maybe some other reptiles, all the animals have died. Certainly all the mammals have died due to exposure to the radiation.

So NASA are now “between a rock and a hard place.” On one hand they are trying to defend the lie that in the 60’s they had six glorious Apollo missions where they send men safely to the moon and returned them home. Of course to do this the Apollo astronauts would have had to pass through the Van Allen Radiation belts twice. But according to our current scientific understanding of the Van Allen Belts this is not possible. Every mammal who has passed through the Van Allen Belts has died. And on the other hand NASA is openly stating that to make manned space flight possible in the future they have to find some way to solve the radiation problem.

The proof is there in NASA’s own Apollo data. The astronauts spacesuits had radiation meters sewn into them. And the readings on these radiation meters show that for a complete Apollo Moon landing mission the astronauts were only exposed to something like .8 rem of radiation. Even if they had just gone to the International Space Station, which is way below the Van Allen belts, they would have experienced more radiation than this. So NASA’s own Apollo data proves scientifically without any question of doubt that the astronauts never left earth orbit. They could not have left earth orbit as they had no radiation shielding and would have been killed simply passing through the Van Allen Belts, even if somehow they got through, they would have been killed by the cosmic radiation.

And these days every thoughtful scientist knows this to be a fact. That NASA’s Apollo missions never went to the moon. And NASA themselves are announcing that “We Never Went to the Moon” when they tell us that “we will not be able to embark on future manned space flight until we can solve the radiation problem.” So the radiation problem was not solved in the 60’s and therefore space flight was not possible in the 60’s. NASA is admitting this openly.

Please listen to the very interesting Truth News Australia radio show interview with Damon Crowe who is a scientist discussing very scientifically the challenge of overcoming the problem of radiation on manned space flights. He proves conclusively that without adequate radiation shielding manned spaceflight is not possible, and he establishes that the Apollo missions did not provide any significant radiation shielding thus proving conclusively that they never left earth orbit.


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23 Responses to NASA Admits they Did Not go to the Moon

  1. Landis Bolden says:

    ALL anyone needs to KNOW is just ONE FACT: and that fact is …. IT IS STILL IMPOSSIBLE TODAY (even with Mankind’s advanced technology) to LAND a human on the Moon “or” even send a human to simply ORBIT the Moon and return to Earth!

    …and lets CONCLUDE that if sending a human to the Moon is STILL impossible today then it was DEFINITELY impossible to land a human on the Moon “OVER” Half of a Century ago!!

    • Yes. Of course. It is obvious. Everyone, including NASA, accepts it is impossible to send men to the moon today…

      What to speak of sending men to the moon. Everyone today, including NASA, agrees it is impossible to send men out of low-earth orbit. So everyone agrees today it is impossible to send men more than 100-200 miles up above the earth…

      They say the moon is about 250,000 miles away. But now it is only possible to send men up about 200 miles?

      So sending men to the moon more than 50 years ago, it is impossible, and every thoughtful person accepts that now.

      Anyone who disagrees and claims NASA sent men to the moon in the 1960’s is a fool.

      Strangely even NASA, there is no one at NASA these days who will come out and say they sent men to the moon in 1969… I tried it. I went to NASA at Houston and spent days there looking for a NASA scientist I could interview about their 1969 moon mission… And none of the dozens of NASA scientists I spoke with would agree to be interviewed by me, but all of them told me they were not convinced that NASA sent men to the moon in the 1960s.

      So they all know, all the NASA scientists, that they did not send men to the moon in the 1960’s. But they fear saying it in front of a camera. So I could not get the recorded interviews, but they all told me this like, off the record…

      So you can know it for absolutely certain, if anyone is saying NASA sent men to the moon, THEY ARE TOTALLY STUPID IDIOTS…

  2. Bill says:

    I understand how some of us feel about the actual moon landings. We should just move forward in our advancements, and keep going.
    If anyone doesn’t believe we went to the moon fine… and anyone who believes we went to the moon that’s fine also.
    By the way, does anyone actually believe that nasa was the only ones tracking the trip to the moon? Thousands of telescopes were tracking, and recording this, where are all of the unofficial
    Recordings of the event?

    • No. Prabhupada does not believe that NASA went to the moon. Therefore anyone who is a follower of Srila Prabhupada, they accept the opinion of Srila Prabhupada. So there is no question. As Prabhupada does not accept any follower of Prabhupada, they also do not accept. Because follower of Prabhupada, he follows Prabhupada.

      So anyone who believes NASA and the scientists and rejects Prabhupada, he is not a follower of Prabhupada and should not be pretending to be a follower of Prabhupada.

      If you don’t believe Prabhupada, then you have to be honest and say you disagree with him and not pretend to be a devotee while disagreeing with Prabhupada.

      It is a very basic point.

      Devotees follow their spiritual master. And clearly Prabhupada does not believe that NASA sent men to the moon. And neither do at least 40% of the population of the world at the moment.

      Anyone with half a brain who looks into it can see very clearly that NASA faked the Apollo manned moon landings, as Prabhupada said quite clearly long before NASA even claimed they went to the moon.

      And NO ONE WAS TRACKING THE APOLLO MISSIONS EXCEPT NASA. That is the point. The only information we have about them is NASA. All anyone else can do is look at the rocket as it goes up in the sky. It disappears, even from the most powerful telescopes, within minutes. From that point no one can track it.

      The only thing is there is a radio link. But even that, NASA were running simulations, so they had a satellite up there to fake the radio transmissions, so they would transmit the simulation feed from their satellite between the moon and earth, so they have the ability to fake the radio feed. So there is no possibility at all for anyone else, except NASA, to know anything about their space expeditions once the rocket is out of sight…

    • Marco Vee says:

      ehm.. sir, tracking Apollo by means of telecopes? I hope you are kidding concidering the insignificant size of the spaceraft used in these missions.

      • Yes. There is no way of tracking the Apollo rockets after they disappear in the sky a few hundred miles up. So that is NASA’s secret. If they can get a rocket to take off and go up a few hundred miles and disappear without exploding when the people can see the explosion, the call that a successful mission and they start the pre recorded mission playback…

  3. Only fools living under rocks could possibly STILL swallow the HOAX of the “moon-landing”. Truly anyone still discussing this is pathetic. Even Buzz Aldrin openly admits: “because we never went there.” ff to 07:11 to hear him answer Zoey:

  4. kcb says:

    There’s a simple test that you can do at home to see for yourself wether or not the Apollo missions went. First get some good old Photographic film stock. Any kind will do 110 35mm whatever. Then take some samples and put them in the oven at 240F. Then put it in Liquid Nitrogen -150F. These are the two temp. extremes on the Moon’s surface. If you can’t get that then use solid CO2 (-75F). See what happens. In the first case the film will melt and in the second it will shatter.
    As the only modifications to the Hasselblad 500EL cameras used during the Apollo missions was the addition of a chest mount, how/where the Moon photos made? Maybe they were made somewhere other than in the vacuum on the surface of the Moon. Perhaps a sound stage in England or in the desert Southwest US.
    This world is Veil of Tears and a Bag of Lies.
    [possible duplication]

  5. Neil Wilkes says:

    What utter ill-informed nonsense.
    The Van Allen belts would have been aproblem if the Apollo craft hadflownthrough them at the Equator,but they didn’t and instead went through the thinnest section, with the vehicle constantly rotating as it travelled, thus getting around the problem.
    The radiation that you are mistaking for the Van Allen belts – the real problematic radiation – would happen on long flights – it took a mere 3 days to get to the Moon, but going to Mars with the publicly acknowledged methods we currently have – would take 9 monthsor more, depending on the flight path, and THAT iswhat needs to be ‘solved’ – and absolutely not the VA belts.

    Apollo was tracked worldwide there & back and to fake this at the time was simply NOT POSSIBLE – weare talking keeping some 200,000 – 500,000 people silent. Pleaase, guys, be serious. There is also a wonderful presentation made by a cinematic ‘special effects’ expert who points out that we simply did not have the video technology to fake this given Apollo 11 was all at 12fps – NTSC frame rates did not happen until later. To fake this would have taken thousands & thousands of feet of film, any frame of which couldget a scratch or similar that would literally give the game away.
    Please see

    I love a good conspiracy theory – but the key word there is ‘good’. All the ‘Moon landings were faked’ claims are not good conspiracy theories, they are lunatic fringe.

    • Yes Neil. It would be so much easier for NASA to go to the moon, than the impossible to fake using 1970’s technology fuzzy black and white television picture they showed us of the astronauts on the moon? Did you ever see “2001: A Space Odyssey,” filmed in 1967, long before it was impossible, according to you, for NASA to fake fuzzy television footage? How did they make that film with 1967 technology? If it was impossible to fake space then?

      What planet do you live on? What sort of fools do you think could possibly believe the rubbish you write.

      And how can you explain, it was so easy for NASA to send multiple successful Apollo missions to the moon and bring the astronauts home safely, but since then NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS EVEN LEFT LOW-EARTH ORBIT. What to speak of going to the moon? Today we can not even send people out of low earth orbit??? NASA have no idea today, how we could send men to the moon and bring them home safely? There are so many problems they have not yet resolved…

      • Neil Wilkes says:

        Yes, Kubrick got reality so accurate in 2001 – NOT!

        • I am not sure what you mean. There is no one now with half a brain who believes NASA sent men to the moon and brought them back home safely in the 1960s. As I have pointed out even NASA scientists don’t believe this these days. No one believes it because it was all fake. We can’t send men to the moon today, more than 50 years later, we can’t even send men out of low earth orbit today. So how can you believe NASA could do it in the 1960s? So many times, and then suddenly we can’t do it anymore??? So you will not find any actual intelligent person who will argue that NASA sent men to the moon, even in NASA. I have tried it. You can try it to. You can go to the NASA facilities and find the NASA scientists and ask them for yourself.

          • Exactamente! This Neil is another “true believer,” who doesn’t think our country could ever have leaders who would lie to us, or kill their own leaders, to import drugs and sell them on our streets, to kill anyone who interfered with official narratives, to conduct a false flag operation which killed 3K of their own citizens, all to concoct a war and reward the friends of the Bushies and the CIA…and the list goes on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

    • Thomas Young says:

      Then why have NASA’s engineers and scientists repeatedly made comments “we RECENTLY developed Space Suits that can handle the harsh conditions on the Moon ” ? RECENTLY ! slip of the tongue ? That statement alone is admitting we never went ! Another comment was” we lost the technology we used to get us to the Moon”? Come on ! “All the Moon Rocks were stolen including the safe they were in ” at NASA Headquarters ? One of the most secure places on Earth and someone took a 5,000 pound safe with the rocks inside and nobody saw a thing ?

    • Thomas Young says:

      What would the rotating do to diminish the amount of radiation ? That doesn’t seem logical ? I am not a rocket scientist but radiation is radiation and I have never heard rotation will diminish or eliminate exposure to it ?

    • Thomas Young says:

      One other thing ! I was 7 years old and I remember the “Moon Landing ” I also remember how hard it was to get reception ! If a neighbor used a vacuum or a blender or many other appliances , there went your picture ! It didnt take much , a plane flying over etc and somehow they televised with a perfectly clear picture from the Moon ? But none of that matters because the comment about the space suits from a NASA engineer said it all ,

      • Jen says:

        I so agree, and if I have 2 cell phones in the same manufactured home and try to call one from the other, THE SIGNAL DOES NOT GET THROUGH. We are expected to believe that the astronauts talked on some kind of wireless technology from 250,000 miles away? (The ISS is only a few thousand miles above earth)Delay or no delay. It’s illogical. Is there some kind of cell tower on the moon and repeaters just hanging out in space. It’s laughable, and the fact that moon landing is believed just shows us who is not running on logic and is easily brainwashed. The fact that point is even argued is utterly and totally ridiculous. So many people in or society just believe whatever they are told. They damn common sense, leave logic on the floor, and have no thing “real” to offer up as proof. If you add up all the columns and look at it logically, it’s utter stupidity.

    • Drew says:

      Just stop. The ludicrously low odds of success were met. 6 times! Anyone that believes THAT needs some serious assistance with their cognitive reasoning.

      • Bob says:

        The Tell-A-Vision cast a spell on them. It’s incredible and terrifying to observe. Human nature tells us that we would have colonized the moon by now and there’d be tourism. Remember them talking about sending tourists to space? Mainstream media articles claimed that some people who wished to remain anonymous put their name on the list. Who would seek anonymity for such an amazing opportunity? None of this makes sense and deep down some of them know it. Like other’s, they are afraid of becoming social outcasts and all of the distressing implications that arise from believing in a hoaxed moon landing. Being willfully ignorant is evil. I was one of them. It was easier and psychologically safer to immediately dismiss them. Our beliefs do not cause harm to people’s liberty, safety and property, yet our belief comes with a high social taboo. Imagine finding work in certain professional fields and holding those beliefs. 2020 the nihilism started creeping in. It’s just so obvious that they want us depopulated and the remaining useful people will be enslaved, or “exploited” as Yuval Harari said. He is a member of the World Economic Forum. Yuval is Klaus Schwab’s advisor. Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum in 1971. Trump attended and spoke at the WEFs 50th anniversary. Ain’t nobody coming to save us. Top-down corruption and evil. I pray that God in His infinite wisdom will have mercy on my compromised soul.

    • kcb says:

      Oh you mean the video recordings that were so precious that NASA has lost them…

      NASA an agency that allegedly is well organized enough to even put a human on the moon “erased” the tapes of one of the most important moments in history?
      Impossible they just don’t want the unwashed messes over them with modern methods and finding the BIG LIE.

      The only Truth exists in the Sprit in your Heart. Monkey mind be damned.

  6. Ron Surovik says:

    They say we do not have the materials available to leave the earth’s atmosphere. If that is the case what did we build the rocket that flew the rover to Mars and land and take pictures is this being faked?

    • They do not say that. They say we have not overcome the problems in manned flights beyond low-earth orbit. NASA says that. That currently they are unable to send people out of low earth orbit. Which means they could not have sent people out of low earth orbit to the moon in the 1960s. Means NASA’s men on the moon story is a lie, fake.

  7. Oldand Dilis says:

    I prove the hammer and feather test was impossible in the Unified field theory I unlocked after solving the double slit experiment. Two objects of the different weights will fall at the same speed in the same gravity BUT they must be the same density. NASA lied. I have tried for months to have it peer reviewed but no journal will touch it. I wonder why? You can read, share, discuss it freely because it’s available on open access CC copyright at

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