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Man On The Moon–A Colossal Hoax that Cost Billions of Dollars

Although many believe man first reached the moon in July, 1969, we have information from a very reliable source, the Sanskrit Vedic scriptures, that the astronauts never actually went to the moon. The manned moon landing was a colossal hoax.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, the spiritual master of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, once described materialistic civilization as “a society of the-cheaters and the cheated.” Looking at our modern world, we can easily see why: massive advertising campaigns for cigarettes and liquor that promise pleasure but deliver disease; widespread gambling rackets of all kinds, some government-sponsored, that bilk the public of billions each year; high level corruption of many leaders in industry and government that reveals a nearly total disregard for the public’s welfare. From all this, and, much more, the only conclusion to draw is that the vast majority of people, out of ignorance of a meaningful goal of life, actually desire to be cheated-actually feel the need for the false promises and outright lies of the hucksters to provide some hope of happiness from day to day. Thus a few clever, aggressive professionals take advantage of the ignorant masses and engage in large-scale cheating for their own selfish interests.

While cheating goes on in all fields of endeavor, one of the most outstanding is modern science. Scientists can make useful contributions to material life, but they become cheaters when they claim that science is (or someday will be) independent of the laws of nature. Theories such as “Life originates from matter and can be created in the laboratory,” or “Since there is no supreme intelligence directing the universe, we [the scientists] are the only ones who can explain existence,” are all bluffs perpetrated without a shred of scientific proof. Their only purpose is to advance the prestige of the scientists and net them billion-dollar government grants for endless research. Recent efforts to travel to the moon provide a prime example of this kind of lucrative mass “brainwashing,” which is still succeeding with a large portion of the gullible public. (*Twenty-eight percent of all Americans, according to a Gallup poll cited in the Los Angeles Times on October 13, 1976, have seen through the sham and now believe the moon landing to be a fake). Despite the tremendous volume of propaganda proclaiming the “conquest of outer space,” we have information from a very reliable source, the Sanskrit Vedic scriptures, that the so-called “astronauts” never actually went to the moon. Although most people hold it as an article of absolute faith that man first reached the moon in July, 1969, the manned moon landing is actually a colossal hoax.

We realize that this is very difficult for you to accept, since it directly contradicts your established beliefs. But since you yourself have not actually gone to the moon, you owe it to yourself to consider why you are so confident that the astronauts actually have gone there. Why do you accept the popular version of the manned moon landing? Because you believe the authority of the scientists, the journalists, and the politicians who propagate that version. When we cite the Vedic scriptures, which state that the “astronauts” could not have gone to the moon, we are simply favoring another authority.

In both cases, it is a matter of accepting an authority and believing what it says.

Now, why do we believe the Vedic scriptures rather than the material scientists? Because the Vedic scriptures differ from the conclusions of material science in that they are not based on imperfect sensory investigation, but are apaurusa i.e., they emanate from God, who is beyond the material world. In other words, Vedic evidence stands above the defects of conditioned souls within the material world. Thus, when it comes to real scientific knowledge, the standard of Vedic authority is perfect because it originates directly from the all-perfect, omniscient Personality of Godhead.

The Vedic account of our planetary system is already researched, concluded, and perfect. The Vedas state that the moon is 800,000 miles farther from the earth than the sun. Therefore, even if we accept the modern calculation of 93 million miles as the distance from the earth to the sun, how could the “astronauts” have traveled to the moon–a distance of almost 94 million miles–in only 91 hours (the alleged elapsed time of the Apollo 11 moon trip)? This would require an average speed of more than one million miles per hour for the spacecraft, a patently impossible feat by even the space scientists’ calculations.

Another important reason why the manned moon landing must be a hoax is that, according to the Vedas, each planet has its particular standard of living and atmosphere, and no one can transfer from one planet to another without becoming properly qualified. This means that if someone wants to go to Mars, for instance, he has to give up his present gross material body and acquire another one suitable for life on that particular planet. Vedic knowledge teaches that the living being doesn’t die with the death of the body, but that he is an eternal spirit soul. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, “As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death” (Bhagavad-gita, 2.13). At the time of death the human being transfers to another material body according to the desires he cultivated and the work he performed during his lifetime. Therefore, since the moon has a particular standard of life and atmosphere, if one wants to travel there he has to adapt his material body to the conditions of that planet.

Even on the earth planet these restrictions hold true. For example, a human being cannot possibly live in the water nor can a fish live on land. These are the rigid conditions of life, and any attempt to defy them is artificial and will fail. Similarly, just as you have to change your dress if you want to go from India to Europe, where the climatic conditions are different, so you also have to change your physical “dress” if you want to go to the specialized atmosphere of the moon. In other words, if you want to go to the moon or the sun or any other higher planet, you can keep your finer dress of mind, intelligence, and ego, but you have to leave behind your gross dress (your physical body) made of earth, water, fire, and other material elements, and acquire a body suitable for your destination.

Of course, none of this will help you solve the real problem of life–entrapment in the vicious cycle of birth and death. As Krsna states in the Bhagavad-gita, even if one transfers in his next life to a very elevated position in the highest planet in the universe, Brahmaloka, he will still have to experience birth and death. The goal of human life is to free the soul from its continuous transmigration among different species of life on various planets, and to transfer to the spiritual planets, where life is eternal. To reach these planets, a complete change of both gross and subtle bodies is necessary, for one can reach the spiritual sky only in a spiritual form. We will elaborate on this a little later, but our point here is that you cannot simply force yourself onto another planet without the proper qualification.

Just as in the United States there are laws controlling the entry of foreigners through the issuance of visas, so in the universe there are also laws controlling the movement of all living beings–even astronauts and scientists–and unless one’s karma is such that he deserves to take birth on the moon or the sun or the earth or wherever, he cannot defy the laws of nature and go there by force. The scientists are always claiming they are independent of nature’s law, but even they have to submit to death and rebirth; they cannot check them. Similarly, they cannot go to the moon planet, which the Vedas describe not as a lifeless desert but as a heavenly planet of extraordinary material pleasures. Where the astronauts actually went, or how this fabrication of lunar visitation will one day be exposed to people in general, are not part of our present discussion. But the Vedic teachings warn us that the manned moon landing is certainly an empty bluff.

When we contradict the revered scientists like this and warn people that, through the use of brainwashing propaganda, they are being cheated out of billions of hard-earned tax dollars–we ourselves are accused of brainwashing. But which is better: a sober warning or a colossal multi-billion-dollar hoax?

Furthermore, even if, for argument’s sake, we accept, that the “astronauts” did go to the moon, our main contention still holds: the moon excursion is a hoax, a mass brainwashing job.

Why? Because it has no value. Even the scientists now admit its uselessness, and their interest in going to the moon has subsided. After many years of concentrated effort and billions of dollars of public money spent, the scientists have concluded that the moon is uninhabitable and have stopped trying to go there. But the public is encouraged to regard this failure as a wonderful achievement! “Just see! They have come back with some moon dust!” Long ago the Vedic literatures said the moon was uninhabitable by man, before going there the scientists themselves predicted they could not live in that atmosphere, and upon reaching the moon they discovered the same thing–that they could not live there. So what is the value of this kind of billion-dollar excursion, which has produced only a few rocks?

The scientists’ stubbornness is like that of a boy who is repeatedly warned by his father not to stick his finger in the revolving blades of a fan, but who goes ahead and does it anyway, and is hurt. The scientists insisted that a lunar landing would prove the United States to be the most advanced nation. Never mind that it cost billions, which could have been spent on worthwhile projects, such as feeding the starving. The brainwashing was so extreme that at one point Pan American Airlines was even selling tickets to the moon, and there was talk of colonizing it, although everyone acknowledged that it is impossible to live there. And yet if we speak out strongly against this nonsense, people say we are brainwashed–for not believing in the bluff of the moon excursion. Now, having squeezed as much prestige as possible out of their great “success” in reaching the moon, the scientists have become disappointed and set their sights on Mars and the huge expenditure of public funds goes on.

Again, we do not say that man should neglect science, but rather that he should practice science according to the authorized knowledge of the laws of nature. The scientists should not attempt to defy the laws of nature, or those of God, but should work humbly in harmony with the real purpose of human life–liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Despite all scientific theorizing, research, and technology, the scientists do not even know the nature of the life within the body, how life enters the body, and where life goes after death. Not being able to produce even the smallest living creature, and being unable to stop death, the modern scientists should not consider themselves the all-in-all.

If we desire to praise someone for scientific achievements, let us praise the Great Brain who is actually controlling all living beings by directing His material energy, and who regulates the immense machinery of the universe. Let us follow Lord Brahma, who sings in the Vedic scripture Brahma-samhita (5.52): “I worship Govinda [Krishna], the primeval Lord, by whose order the sun assumes immense power and heat and traverses its orbit.” The sun is a creation of God; it is not a creation of the scientists. So also are the oceans and the great mountains, the resources of nature, and outer space–all are works of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As for machine-making, the material energy of Krishna, the Supreme Energetic, has expertly fashioned male and female forms that go on reproducing themselves without further assistance from Him. And this happens over and over in millions of species. Can the scientists create such replicating machines? Can they create a sun and keep it floating perpetually in space? Can they create the oceans, the brain of a great scientist like Einstein, or even an ant or an amoeba? No. All these scientific achievements are the works of God. And when God Himself speaks throughauthorized scriptures like the Bhagavad-gita, He explicitly says, “Do not waste your time trying to go to the Moon; that is not your place.” If the godless human scientists defy this Supreme Scientist and Supreme Controller, then disaster will befall them and whoever follows them. Therefore we are protesting a godless science that defies God’s laws.

In Easy Journey to Other Planets,

written back in 1959, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada warned us that attempting to reach the moon by materialistic methods is a waste of time. In a speech ten years later he further explained:

If we go to live on the moon–assuming that it is possible even with an oxygen mask, how long could we stay? Furthermore, even if we had the opportunity to stay there, what would we gain? We might gain a little longer life perhaps, but we could not live there forever. That is impossible. And what would we gain by a longer life? …Near San Francisco I have seen a forest where there is a tree 7,000 years old. But what is the benefit? If one is proud of standing in one place for 7,000 years, that is not a very great credit.

Of course, scientists, journalists, and politicians are not known for considering things in the philosophical light of transcendental knowledge, but a sober fact to consider is this: if, even after all the scientists’ achievements, we must still die and suffer the miseries of repeated birth and death, then what is the benefit of that science? Krsna tells us not to waste our valuable time with things that are only temporary and do not lead to liberation from birth and death. “Don’t waste your time going from this planet to that planet,” He says in the Bhagavad-gita. “Your material miseries will only follow you.” So the moon excursion is a hoax in yet another, all-important sense: the scientists are leading people to believe they will be happy if they go to the moon, but when considered in the context of the eternal soul’s welfare, going to the moon and living there for many, many years still won’t solve the problems of life. It is a hoax to claim that the endeavor to travel to other planets will bring happiness. A person can be happy only if he receives information from authorized scriptures about the nature of the soul and the method of liberating the soul from his suffering condition. This liberation is the goal of Krishna consciousness.

And yet, when we warn people not to waste their lives in temporary achievements, when we warn them not to engage in sinful activities that will force them to transmigrate to lower planets and lower forms of life–they accuse us of being duped and spreading false propaganda. But we will not be quieted by their accusations. As devotees of Krishna, we must go on repeating His instructions for everyone’s benefit. As Krishna tells us in His incarnation as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, “Instruct everyone to follow the teachings of Lord Sri Krsna as they are given in the Bhagavad-gita and the Srimad-Bhagavatam. In this way become a spiritual master and try to liberate everyone in the world

So you have to decide who is actually cheating: the materialist, who promises happiness in the context of temporary advancement and enjoyment, and who thereby ignores the eternal soul, or the spiritualist, the Krishna conscious person, who says, “Always think of Krishna and become His devotee. Worship Him and bow down before Him. If you practice in this way, at the end of life you will certainly return to the supreme spiritual planet, which is eternal and free from all miseries, because of your full absorption in and devotion to the Lord.”

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167 Responses to Man On The Moon–A Colossal Hoax that Cost Billions of Dollars

  1. Vivienne Mercier says:

    This is incredible information! I started questioning the globe Earth model several years ago, and finally gave it up altogether about five years ago. I don’t know how I ever fell for it in the first place. Now that I’ve been looking more closely at the moon landings, the ISS, satellites, and other space-related things, it all looks incredibly fake.

  2. I’ve heard this before that the moon flights were staged. This article was very interesting.

  3. Michael Ming says:

    Why are there still so much ignorance on this matter when there has already been 6 moon landings by NASA where the moon landing stations are observable from earth by using ordinary telescopes?

    • The moon landing sites are absolutely not visible from earth using ordinary telescopes, or any telescopes at all for that matter. The supposed photos of the moon landing sites came from NASA’s ‘Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’ which was something they put in orbit around the moon. The actual photos you can see on NASA’s website at:

      Now you look at google earth, see the detailed photos we can get from satellites, and compare that to what NASA has given us of their landing sites on the moon. These photos are rubbish. They have a satellite a hundred miles or so above the moon, so no need to look from telescopes on earth, and all they can give us from very close to the moon is these photos that show what they tell us is a shadow caused by the lunar module. Which is just a few dark pixels on the photo… And there is a little bit of a mark on the ground and that they tell us is the astronauts footprints…

      So the point is there are no photos of the moon landing stations except these few hopeless ones which show only a few dark pixels and nothing else. And they are made by NASA, so if NASA faked the moon landings then they are going to fake pictures of the lunar modules on the moon also. But I think NASA knows now that every thoughtful person, even including their employees, knows that the moon landings were faked. So they have not made a very serious effort of giving us fake photos of the landing sites. They could have given us wonderful photos. But they are afraid that later on, when it is totally exposed that they faked the moon landings, these new fake photos would get them into even more trouble… So they have just given us this rubbish so later on they can say, well, it wasn’t the landing sites after all…

      So the whole thing is faked and the proof it is faked is now we can not go to the moon. Now, more than fifty years later, no one has any idea how to send men to the moon. With our technology today, which in many ways is thousands of times better than the technology they had in the 1960s, it is not possible to send men to the moon and bring them home safely. They are hoping to be able to do this in maybe 2025, perhaps in 2050. But they have no idea because there are so many problems that make it currently impossible to send men to the moon.

      So if it is impossible to send men to the moon now, in 2018, then it was impossible to send men to the moon in 1969. So the Apollo manned moon missions were faked for political reasons, every thoughtful person who has actually investigated the subject knows this now.

    • Sam Colby says:

      Oh Boy. What planet you on? Jupiter by the look of it with a comment like that. Get it into that thick skull of yours that those Moon landings were 100% fake, and have been proven to be fake for over 25 years now.

  4. Jip says:

    The moon is only 400000 kilometers from earth. Not 94 million miles. If the moon was 94 million miles away it would be far larger than earth. It isn’t it’s far smaller. Also if the moon was further away than the sun then how is a total eclipse of the sun possible? (total eclipse: when the moon blocks the view of the sun from earth)

    I don’t believe that the moon landings actually happened. I believe in the truth. Your article is predominantly made up nonsense

  5. David R says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier simply to ask God (or Krishna, whatever floats your boat) to reveal all this information to you himself and for you to write it down and present it here? It’s about time someone got some up to date revelation. I know you will say it has already been revealed but you would have to give me fresh info.

  6. rage says:

    man on the moon is a hoax? i pray every day that kalki will come tomorrow to wipe this planet clean of these fools that have made a mockery of sanatana dharma.

  7. Zabed says:


  8. SAM says:

    The CIA forced NASA to fake the Moon landings for the US Government.
    It’s all here at the bottom of this webpage:-

  9. Alexander Cooke says:

    Lunar phases.
    If the Moon-Earth distance was the same as the Moon Sun distance, then when it’s halfway between being on the same side as the Sun and the opposite side of the sun, 3/4 of it would appear lit.

    Also, the many space agencies would have noticed this.
    Are you saying their all in a conspiracy.
    Nasa aren’t the only ones to have sent probes far out into the solar system.

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  11. […] Moon landing a hoax Although many believe man first reached the moon in July, 1969, we have information from a very reliable source, the Sanskrit Vedic scriptures, that the astronauts never actually went to the moon. The manned moon landing was a colossal hoax. Now, why do we believe the Vedic scriptures rather than the material scientists? Because the Vedic scriptures differ from the conclusions of material science in that they are not based on imperfect sensory investigation, but are apaurusa i.e., they emanate from God, who is beyond the material world. In other words, Vedic evidence stands above the defects of conditioned souls within the material world. Thus, when it comes to real scientific knowledge, the standard of Vedic authority is perfect because it originates directly from the all-perfect, omniscient Personality of Godhead. The Vedic account of our planetary system is already researched, concluded, and perfect. The Vedas state that the moon is 800,000 miles farther from the earth than the sun. Therefore, even if we accept the modern calculation of 93 million miles as the distance from the earth to the sun, how could the “astronauts” have traveled to the moon–a distance of almost 94 million miles–in only 91 hours (the alleged elapsed time of the Apollo 11 moon trip)? This would require an average speed of more than one million miles per hour for the spacecraft, a patently impossible feat by even the space scientists’ calculations.Man On The Moon–A Colossal Hoax that Cost Billions of Dollars | Hare Krishna Community […]

    • L Newall says:

      you have no physical evidence therefore you’re Hypothesis is only than and will be disregarded. as far as science is concerned spirituality and scripture only matters in anthropology not astronomy or physics in general. you will never be taken seriously and you will be ignored. id say quit while you’re ahead… but clearly you should just quit… you never were or will be ahead

  12. John says:

    Neil Armstrong passed away, a man of honor and a great American hero
    as the first man to walk on the moon.

  13. Shubhrojjwal Saha says:

    America presently the most powerfull nation in the world though Gtreat China is surely going to over take USA in near future.even if china goes upper hand than usa- one thing is the fact that overall well being of avarage amricans is comparatively much better than avarage chinese.same situation was there during COLD WAR between USA and USSR. to be superior than USSR, USA completely cheated the whole world by staging the FAKE MOON landing. it never happened.not only that usa cleverly played in such away that they broke down USSR in to several it was all long term planned operation of USA – 1) fake moon landing to humiliate USSR.2) help terrorists to break agreat nation USSR ( still uSA dioing this for other countries just to sell war weapons)3) in olympics to be in top in medal list ( if not possible at your own capasity, then supress other – still if u count the medal tally of all countries that evolved from former USSR , in total they are above the USA. one day there will be fall of USA also- its inevitable – its a cycle.

    • John says:

      No, Shubhrojjwal Saha, we did better than that. We accomplished a real moon landing.You will just have to get used to it.


      • How do you know that John???

        The whole point of this article is there is no proof whatsoever that man has ever walked on the moon. All we have is the words of NASA and if you suspect that NASA may have some reason to falsify the moon landing story then you have absolutely nothing at all. No proof, no proof, no proof.

        And still, all these years later, no one is able to present any proof that we ever went to the moon and no on can go there now. Even though the technology has improved 1000 times since the 60’s–still we can’t send men to the moon now. So that is one of the strongest proofs that we did no send men to the moon in the 60’s for if we actually knew how to do it in the 60’s not only would we still know how to do it today, space travel would have become commonplace today. But today NASA has absolutely no capacity for space travel at all. They can only launch satellites in near-earth orbit and shoot out a few probes with rockets. No man has ever left earth orbit since the supposed moon missions of the 60’s and 70’s. Don’t you find that to be somewhat strange? If we could do it way back then we should be able to do it even better today…

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

        • leaford says:

          Madhudvisa, the “whole point of this article” is a demonstration of willfully self-imposed ignorance. In order to cling on to your anti-scientific belief, you are willfully ignoring or denying all the freely and widely available evidence.

          How about the lunar reflectors? The Apollo 11, 14, and 15 missions each left laser reflectors on the moon, which independant scientists from around the world still use today to bounce back laser signals to measure the distance to the moon.

          How about the 22 kilograms of lunar rock samples brought back by Apollo 11? These rocks are still available for independant scientists around the world to study and analyse.

          How about the pictures taken by the recent Lunar Reconnaise Orbiter, which show one of the lunar landers and other scientific instruments left behind, and even a set of footprints left by astronauts!

          All these are evidence available today, not even including all the evidence available at the time the missions were taking place such as radio signals that were monitored by professionals and amateurs worldwide and easily triangulated to prove the position of origin.

          You’re denying reality, Madhudvisa. Free yourself from your self-imposed ignorance and learn some of the facts about the universe. It is much grander and more magnificent than your ancient fairy tales.

          • Hi Leaford

            I do not know if you have read it but I have done extensive research into the Luna-Lazer-Ranging experiment. I have spent some days with the only people who do this experiment on a regular basis and they are in a mobile trailer attached to an observatory in Texas using a one foot [diameter lens] optical teliscope shooting a big green lazer up into the sky which looks very impressive at night… And in the telescope they have a detector and if it senses green light at the exact moment when they expect a return from the moon they call that a hit.

            But unlike the folklore among the moon mission believers it is very difficult if not impossible to get any conclusive results from this experiment. Sometimes they can get returns but they can also go for weeks or months not getting any returns and they do not have any explanation for this. And you are sending a laser up a quarter of a million miles… Aiming at a reflector which is only one foot square… That lazer has expanded out to hundreds of square miles by the time it gets to the moon… So you can imaging how little light actually falls on that one foot square reflector on the moon… Most of it gets lost in the earth’s atmosphere anyhow… Then that tiny insignificiant amount of light is supposed to reflect off that one square foot reflector on the moon and of course by the time it gets back to earth it will also have expanded and spread itself out over a few hundred square miles. And even if there was some reflection, if the laser was really strong enough to get to the moon even, the reflection would be so weak and would have to travel a quarter of a million miles through space and then through the earth’s atmosphere and then it is diluted so much because the tiny reflection is now spread out over hundreds of square miles, how much of that reflected light is going to enter the one foot diameter lens of the telescope? You are expecting to get a reflection from a one foot square reflector on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away, to come back into a one foot round telescope…

            I don’t know how good your powers of reason and logic are but this is a very unlikely scenario.

            And they way the perform this experiment is not how you would imagine. You would think they could just fire the laser and wait for the reflection and measure it… But no. That is not possible. They never get any reflection that way… What they do is fire the laser in pulses a few pulses a minute. So it is flashing all the time. And you would think that well they could just be always having the detector open and see the returns from the moon. But no, that does not work either… So the ‘rigged’ experiment they have come up is they pulse the laser like this a few times a minute and their computer calculates, assuming they know the distance of the moon already very accurately, the exact moment when they expect they should get a reflection from the moon, and they open up the detector for a few milliseconds, and if there happens to be a bit of green light hitting the detector at that moment they call this a hit…

            They are fairly convinced they are getting returns from the detectors on the moon but that is their job and that is what they get funded from NASA for. And if they are not finding the right thing then like most ‘science’ their funding will be cut off.

            This experiment used to also be carried out at the Siding Springs observatory in Australia and I spoke to the scientist in charge of it and he quite frankly told me that in Australia we are in the best location in the world to do it and they did it with a very good telescope but were completely unable to either conclusively prove or deny that the reflectors were on the moon.

            I do not know if you have noticed but the moon is reflective itself. So even if you can fire a laser at the moon and get a reflection it does not necessary mean that the reflection is coming from a one foot reflector put there by the Apollo mission. The light from your laser is hitting hundreds of square miles of reflective moon surface and the amount of light reflecting off hundreds of square miles of reflective moon surface is so much greater than you could possibly expect to reflect off a one foot square reflector. The special quality of this reflector is it is made of prisms that reflect the light back in exactly the same direction as it comes from, but still you are only talking about one square foot of the laser’s light compared to hundreds of square miles of light reflecting off the moons surface. So there is a very good chance if you can detect a ‘return’ it is coming from a reflection off the moon’s surface, not the one foot square reflector.

            So the summary is that Luna-Laser-Ranging experiment is not conclusive and does not mean that men were on the moon. Anyhow the Russians put one of these reflectors on the moon and they have never had men on the moon so they can be put there by unmanned missions also.

            And the moon rocks look suspiciously like the rocks we find in asteroids that fall to the earth. 22 Kg of rock is not much. They can find that many asteroids and smash them up and call it moon rock and who can say they didn’t do this?

            And the joke you make about the photos from the LRO!!!! In this age when you can practically read number plates from the google earth satellite pictures they give as a black dot made of about 5 pixals and tell us that is one of the Apollo landers or something. You can’t see anything at all in those photos!!! You know they have the technology to take very clear and very detailed photos from satellites far above earth. Of course they could also take very clear photos of the moon if they have their orbiter up there. They can make a Google moon, why not? Same resoluton we have on earth. But instead they give us five black pixals and say that is Apollo 12 or something. It is a joke.

            And this is all the evidence. And that is what I am saying, there is no evidence there. Luna-Laser-Ranging which is not conclusive proof of anything at all, moon rocks that are practically identical to the asteroid rocks which are already readily available here on earth and five black pixels that the ‘moon mission believers’ imagine is Apollo 12 or something…

            So you have made my point and proved for everyone that truly there is no proof that man ever walked on the moon.

        • John says:

          Dear Madhudvisa dasa,

          What you are saying is that “there is no evidence that *you*
          will accept that the US landed men on the moon”. That
          is your problem, not ours.

          First and foremost, the problem with any conspiracy theory is
          how to do you get the people involved to go along with the alleged
          hoax? That problem is multiplied by the number of people involved.
          In the case of the moon landings, literally tens of thousands
          of people would all have to fall in line and go with such
          an alleged hoax. This is not just NASA, but all of the observing stations
          around the world that provided telemetry to Mission Control
          in Houston. This is impossible. This fact alone shoots a major
          hole in any conspiracy theory. You would also have to agree
          that the Russians were in on your alleged hoax, because they,
          too, recorded the telemetry from the Moon missions.

          Is there more? Sure. Consider for example, the Lunar Orbiter
          images of the Moon landing site. Here is one, there are many

          Remember that the Moon landings happened in 1969, and much
          of what was seen in the Moon landings was simply impossible
          to fake by Hollywood style special effects of that era.

          So, now, you will say that the image is fake. Again, you are
          faced with the question of how to you keep your alleged “hoax”
          going? How do you keep all of the thousands of people, many of
          whom work for private companies from revealing the alleged hoax?
          The answer is again: It is ridiculous to assume that all of
          that is fake.

          So, basically, it is your own willful ignorance, the bankruptcy of your viewpoint, the outright silliness of your claim that is

          • Hare Krishna John

            You are mistaken. I have asked so many times for some evidence that we have actually been to the moon and no one can present any evidence at all. They present 3 things. “Moon rocks” that are practically identical to astroids that are easily available on earth anyhow. Luna Laser Ranging which I have discussed elaborately in other places and which is not at all proof and one other thing which slips my mind at the moment.

            And as far as the so-called photos of the landing sites it is ridiculous. Current technology allows very high resolution images from satellites far away from earth. Just look at google earth. If they had their moon orbiter they can provide us with lunar images of at least the resolution of google earth. But they give us five black pixals and say that is Apollo-whatever… It is insane. And people accept this as proof?

            As far as many people knowing about this that is not at all required. The whole ‘show’ comes through one data feed only. All you have to do is run a simulation and feed it into that datafeed and no on can tell where the data is coming from. There is no way for 99.999% of NASA’s employees to know if the data is coming from the moon or somewhere else. It all comes through one data feed.

            And yes. It was picked up from radio telescopes in Australia for example, but they only point the telescope at the moon and look for a signal. As long as the signal can be transmitted from the same direction as the moon they do not know if it is coming from the moon or from a satellite or plane or something else between the moon and the telescope.

            And NASA already had the simulations they would feed through the system for training and they already had a satellite up there for the specific purpose of transmitting simulate data feeds of the moon missions for training, etc.

            So the fact of the matter is that if for some reason NASA wanted to fake the moon missions it would be very, very easy for them to do this and no one in NASA would be able to detect if the data stream was actually coming from the moon or if it was a simulation being transmitted from a satellite somewhere between the moon and the earth.

            So all of your arguments are nonsense. There is no proof. As I have pointed out the real proof we did not have the technology to send men safely to the moon, to allow them to park their spaceship in moon orbit and board their trusty ‘luna lander’ and fly in that down to the moons surface and jump around and transmit live television back to earth… And hop into that trusty Lunar lander again and fly back up to there space ship orbiting the moon and take off and safely travel the 1/4 of a million miles back to earth. And amazing achievement isn’t it? But if we could actually do this in the 1960’s then that technology would have developed and by now space travel and interplanetary travel would be a common thing. But you know we can not travel in space anywhere now in 2012? No man has ever left earth orbit since NASA’s so called moon missions. Why is that do you think? Why has no one been able to leave earth orbit since the amazing achievements of the so-called moon mission. The only logical explanation is that we did not know how to do it then and NASA faked it for political or financial reasons. This is the only logical explanation. Even if you do not like to believe this you have to admit that it is a very strong possibility that man never walked on the moon…

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

    • Sam Colby says:

      @ John

      Answers to ALL the questions that you pro Apollo believers keep spouting all the time can be found at the bottom of the webpage:-

      marked below APOLLO Q & A

      The Moon landings were clearly faked, so make sure the information contained on that website, penetrates that thick skull of yours. I dunno what stuff you are smoking to give you such delusional thoughts that men from Earth walked on the surface of the Moon. If you are not smoking any illegal substance, then I suggest you need pyschiatric help ASAP.

  14. Gopinath Dasa says:

    Srila Prabhupada said it was impossible by Vedic calculations. But they could have landed on another planetary body. It could have been rahu/ketu, considered lifeless bodies. the moon (candra mandala) is far too complex to appear as a plain & barren rock.

    Anyway even if they went to the moon, what’s the use? You still gotta solve the problems of birth, old age, disease & death. Instead of debating moon landing real or fake, think about solving the clear & present problems of humanity.

  15. Dock says:

    If the moon was 94 million miles from the earth then it has to be around 1.1-1.4 million km in diameter, that’s utterly absurd since the moon is made up of rock with a fairly large density; it will be the size of the sun, just impossible. Though I agree that there is something fishy about the Apollo missions.

    • Actually we are not really saying the moon is 94 million miles away. Sometimes we accept the scientists number on 93 million miles for the distance of the sun but actually it is closer than than. Anyhow I am not completely clear on all the details of the Vedic Universe but I know enough about it to feel that there is also something fishy about our modern scientific understanding of the universe. I can confidently say that it is wrong in so many ways but at this point in time I have not sufficiently realized the details of the Vedic Universe to present a compelling model and illustrate all the things like the changing of the seasons, the movements of the stars and the planets, and every other aspect that we observe in the universe. At least for the western model of the universe we can say it is a fairly good predictive model and it does explain for the most part what we experience. So at this point in time I do not have a good predictive model like this of the universe as it is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam so the scientists are not going to take us seriously unless we can present such a compelling predictive model that does explain everything we observe at least as well as the model they already have. But still I am convinced that things are not actually the way the scientists imagine them to be in the universe…

  16. rohan says:

    ok all believing the moon is larger and distant than the sun how do u prove eclipses ? the sun switches itself of ? huh! i know u want us to think in another perspective but give us a reason to do so instead of just shooting in the dark!

  17. divyat says:

    i have been deeply influenced by all the science we study in school colege has only 3 months since i have started reading bhagwad gita and i never challange the authority of vedas. reading above comments i came to know that model of universe we study is purely wrong as compared to veads. obviously i was so shocked and amazed that i would ever read such a thing in my life. but i never challange vedas and simply accept they are.
    i always wanted to become a scientist and wanted to explore lord through science but never got interested in all applied science departments but i know that real science is pure and basic research that is based on discoveries and not on inventions. the thing that i ask is can madhudivasan my lord can you please tell me how many more basic theories like universe view are wrong and i might be still finding them right.

    can you please tell me some branch of physics which has no controversy with vedas so i can do research in that. thought about becoming astrophysist but now i wont as universe we study is wrong and so how can i find lord by that.

    are thoughts about electrons,protons,etc similar in vedas and today science also? is quantam mechanics the field where views of vedas and science become similar. or if not then please tell me some branch of physics which is similar. if there is no such field in physics then shall i try to become mathematician or is todays maths also wrong as compared to vedas.

    please please tell if there is some branch of mathematics or physics which is absolutely similar to vedas. i am in great shock my master please help me.

    • Hare Krishna Divyat

      The process of modern science, all branches of it, is really completely different from the Vedas although ultimately the conclusion may be the same.

      Science is based on observation and experimentation. It is based on the premise that by our intellectual speculation and by studying the data that we can acquire through our senses we can, on our own strength, come to understand the universe around us. This is called the ascending process. It means trying to acquire knowledge on your own strength. The problem with this approach is that the source of the scientists knowledge is ultimately their senses and all the senses are faulty. So any knowledge we acquire through our senses will also be faulty and incomplete. Scientist also heavily rely on the work that has been done by other scientists before them and every person has four defects: they have the tendency to cheat, they are illusioned, they make mistakes and they have imperfect senses. So all scientific knowledge is flawed because of these faults…

      The Vedic process of acquiring knowledge is completely different. That is the descending system. It means that we get the knowledge from a higher authority who knows and simply accept it. For example Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita that there is that ‘atma’, the soul within every body and it is actually this soul that is the living entity and that is the seat of all energy within the body and when the soul leaves the body then all that is left is a pile of rotting flesh and bones… So the Vedic process of acquiring knowledge is just or read the Bhagavad-gita and hear from Krishna the knowledge and believe Him…

      So my suggestion to you would be to study Srila Prabhupada’s books and understand Krishna consciousness in more depth and pray to Krishna to guide you as to what you should study and how you should progress. Krishna is with us, He is present within our hearts, but because we are so much covered by the material energy, by maya, we can not perceive the presence of Krishna within us. But if we take to Krishna consciousness and sincerely chant:

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      then gradually we will reestablish our lost relationship with Krishna and we will be able to hear His guidance more clearly…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Subhabrata says:

        “The problem with this approach is that the source of the scientists knowledge is ultimately their senses and all the senses are faulty. So any knowledge we acquire through our senses will also be faulty and incomplete. Scientist also heavily rely on the work that has been done by other scientists before them and every person has four defects: they have the tendency to cheat, they are illusioned, they make mistakes and they have imperfect senses. So all scientific knowledge is flawed because of these faults…” prove it!

        • It is not difficult to prove that everyone makes mistakes, everyone has imperfect senses, everyone has the tendency to cheat and everyone is illusioned [they accept some things to be truth although in reality they are false]. That you can very easily prove of yourself and of others including the scientists. So if everyone has these four faults, including the scientists, then all the knowledge gathered by the scientists who all possess these four faults will be naturally tainted by these faults. That is proven. If you accept everyone has these faults, and if you are honest and consider it carefully you must accept this, and the scientists also have these faults, then the knowledge of the scientists must be faulty because of these faults…

          • John says:

            The scientific community has a high standard of ethics, but we don’t just rely on that, we rely on the scientific method and peer review to find and correct mistakes. We trust the results of science, because we *can* trust those results.

            As far as scientists relying on the work of others, the way that science operates is by testing previous results in actual use.

            For something as basic and well-known as planetary motion, these results can be trusted because this is old ground that has gone over time and time before.

            You have to apply your same standard to knowledge that you believe that you derive from the Vedas.

            It’s interesting that you have been asked repeatedly to give us the exact places in the Vedas where it says that the Moon is bigger than the Sun, but you refuse to do it.

            To me that says you are dishonest and have something to hide.

            In contrast, science is open to everybody that cares to study it.

          • Hare Krishna David

            The moon is described as being bigger and farther away than the sun in the Fifth Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam so please study it for your self and consider the information presented there.

            And again I see you have provided absolutely no proof whatsoever that man has ever walked on the moon. Just a waffle about how wonderful scientists are. But that has nothing to do with the fact that no scientist has any way of proving or disproving the claims of NASA. They may have faked the moon missions. No scientist has the ability to say that he knows they did not fake them.

            So, basically you are trying to divert us to every other direction than the issue at question. And that is “WHAT IS THE PROOF THAT MEN HAVE EVER WALKED ON THE MOON?”

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

          • John says:

            Incidentally, did you catch the annular eclipse of
            the Sun last week. That was the Moon passing in
            front of the sun. So, obvous that the Moon is closer
            than the Sun.

          • The eclipses are not caused by the moon passing in front of the sun. They are caused by a dark planet, Rahu, passing in front of the sun. Rahu hides in the moon’s shadow so as the moon passes behind the sun Rahu passes in front of the sun and causes the eclipses. So it is an illusion that the moon is passing in front of the sun…

  18. Alexander Cooke says:

    All of, Nasa (USA), RFSA (Russia), CNSA (China), ESA (Europe), ISRO (India), ISAS (Japan) have sent probes to the Moon. You think they’re all in the conspiracy.

    • This thread is about men walking on the moon. Not sending probes to the moon.

      • Tushar says:

        Hare Krishna Madhudvisa dasa ji,

        How can they send a probe to the moon without knowing the correct distance? If the moon is farther away from the earth than sun, then how can scientist send probes to the moon. If they can send unmanned probes to the moon that indirectly means they know the distance from earth to the moon which they claim is around 238,000 miles. I don’t believe man has walked on moon yet, but it could be done. In Vedas there are stories where asuras have reached heavenly planets through artificial means. I know you are making your point based on the Vedas (Srimad Bhagavatam, 5th Canto), but the evidence is pointing against the Vedic model. I know one should have unflinching faith in the Vedas, but one cannot develop faith with closed eyes.

        Thank you for your time and patience,
        Your servant Tushar.

        • Hare Krishna Tushar

          The description of the universe in the Bhagavatam is correct but we do not understand it very clearly. So I am not able to give the complete answers on this point other than saying in the Bhagavatam the moon is described as being further away from the earth than the sun. There is no proof that they have sent probes to the moon. That is the problem with this moon thing. There is no proof of anything and that is really all I am saying. Everything we know about the moon comes through NASA. Even the Indian Chandranarayana-I was still going through NASA and carrying NASA experiments, etc.

          So there is no proof that we have walked on the moon and there is also no proof that we have sent probes to the moon… That is the problem. If we really went to the moon in the 1960’s then by now space travel should have developed a lot and we should have been back to the moon many times and done things there. It should be obvious by now, more that 50 years later, there should be some proof. But there is nothing…

          So we can not blindly accept what the scientists tell us. We can blindly accept what the Bhagavatam tells us and we will not be wrong, but you are correct we really need to realize it, to comprehend it. But many things that are described in the Vedas may be beyond our comprehension. So having blind faith in the words of Krishna and the words of Krishna’s pure devotees is not a bad thing… But having blind faith in the scientists who are conditioned souls with the four defects [they make mistakes, they are illusioned, they cheat and they have imperfect senses] is really a very bad thing…

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • Tushar says:

            Hare Krishna Madhudvisa dasa ji,

            You are correct about having absolute faith in Lord Krishna and his pure devotees. I think even if they did sent unmanned probes to the moon, it does not make a huge difference. The most important thing is to serve your bonafide spiritual master and Lord Krishna unconditionally and selflessly and then everything else will automatically become clear. Thank you for your great service to Prabhupada ji, Lord Radhakrishna ji and Lord Balarama ji.

            Your humble servant,

  19. Alexander Cooke says:

    In you’re model, the moon would regularly get very near the sun.
    Why doesn’t it’s surface heat up or get many many times brighter.
    It would need a speed of to stay in orbit 11,000km’s speed.
    With earths gravity an object would have an orbital speed of 50m/s at 1AU
    To counteract centrifugal force gravity would have to be over 80g’s at the sun’s orbit.

    • No. In our model the moon and the sun are always far away from each other. You had better read the Srimad-Bhagavatam to understand our model. You have no idea at the moment.

      • Alexander Cooke says:

        So what happens in a Solar eclipse? Their both lined up and roughly the same distance away.

        • Hi Alexander

          According to the Vedic version the solar eclipses are not caused by the moon which is further away than the sun so it can not cover the sun. But there is another planet that we never see called Rahu. It hides in the shadow of the moon and is dark so normally Rahu is invisible. Except when the moon and the sun line up as in a Solar eclipse. Because Rahu is closer to us than the sun, and it is hiding in the shadow of the moon, when the moon moves behind the sun rahu moves in front of the sun and that is what causes the solar eclipse. It appears to be the moon but actually the moon moves behind the sun and rahu moves in front of it. By the arrangement of the Supreme Lord you know that the moon and the sun appear to be the same size, of course they are not, because the distances are different, but rahu also appears to be the same size as the moon and sun, so it can eclipse the sun or the moon…

          • Alexander Cooke says:

            Except in this model the moon is always around 1,000,000 kilometers further from the earth then the sun.
            Also Rahu really should be heated up a lot by getting near to the sun.
            Meaning it should then start giving off a large amount of infrared radiation.

          • Rahu is not near the sun, it is near the earth, somewhere where we think the moon is. So it is not getting hot… It is the closest plane to the earth and generally it is hiding in the shadow of the moon. It black, does not reflect light, so it can not be detected that way… But it will be causing some effects surely that maybe the astronomers will be able to detect one day.

  20. Fertile Moon says:

    Well done Madhudvisa dasa ,I read all 106 comments only because you kept the interest going.Reply to this and you will get the 108 spot ,you deserve it and much more.Hare Krishna.
    All the objectors have to do is chant Hare Krishna if you want the real understanding of life .This will start the process of helping you to see that the Lord Sri Krishna is the absolute truth .
    Krishna is perfect ,where as ,you have imperfect senses and with these senses you speculate and form a bogus notion much like the frog in the story of the frog in the well mentioned by Madhudvisa dasa .So like she says chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

  21. seeker says:

    moon was a hoax,not only because of the Vedas,but modern science confirms it too,check the radiation levels

    • Alexander Cooke says:

      No it doesn’t.
      The astronauts have significant radiation shielding.
      Plus, the radiation belts are donut shaped, the trajectories were set so the worst of the belts would be avoided.
      In total, they only received 10 mSV of radiation, equivalent of 3 year of natural background radiation, or the maximum allowed for a nuclear power plant worker in a year.

  22. Alexander Cooke says:

    What evidence is there for the VEDAS.
    You’re conspiracy would have to be massive.
    Almost every major scientist in the world.
    Science has become more and more impressive, so many experiments have worked.

  23. No rocks on Mars have zap pits like those on “moon rocks”. I have studied images of rocks found on Mars for many years. The images came from Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity and Mars Lander Phoenix. JPL has numerous microscopic images of Mars rocks. One site:
    Look for Microscopic Images, which can display objects as small as 300 microns across.

  24. Mary Fletcher says:

    No one here has been willing to share the Specific Veda scriptures saying tat (years later) there would be a hoax about the moon. I have a Bagavad Gita, so tell us verse that you see this. Or I will ask my Hare Krishna monk son, if he knows.

  25. Martin says:

    Why waist your time and thoughts with such trivial matters?
    Read, chant, make offerings, devote your thoughts always on Krishna.
    Appreciate – Appreciate – Appreciate – Appreciate everything that He has given you. Show gratitude. Love Love Love, The Infinite Fantastic. The Almighty Everlasting Inexhaustible Unborn. The First and the Last. The Eternal Lord of all beings.
    Our Father Our Friend Our Mother Our dearest Loved One. Our Most Worshipable Creator. Krishna.
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama,
    Rama Rama Hare Hare.
    And when you finally realize there is nothing above, beyond, below or outside of Krishna. There is nothing that is not Krishna. When you finally come to understand your true position. Just surrender.

    Blessed be all on your paths to knowledge and understanding.


  26. KL says:

    The moon is 93 million miles away……….VERY FUNNY!

    You do realise that the the Moon is a satellite of Earth……..and therefore cannot be 93 million miles away……….unless you actually think that the Earth has as much gravitational pull as the Sun……..but then again you probably think that too!

    And we though Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate lot were loony!

    • Hare Krishna

      You can take this as a mental exercise that is suppose to open up your mind to considering possibilities beyond what you have been brainwashed into believing. You have no actual practical experience of what you are saying here. Knowingly or unknowingly you are just repeating what you have been told. You have come to believe that what you have been told is factual just because you have heard it over and over again and all the people around you believe it is true. So you believe it is true. But it may not be true. You have to accept that possibility.

      As far as you have experienced the sun and the moon move around in the sky in a very similar way. Only the moon moves much faster. It travels around the earth in 28 days while the sun travels around the earth in about 365 days. But from our observations the sun and the moon are doing much the same thing in the sky. So I think you can imagine if the moon was much bigger than we think it is and much further away it could also be moving in a similar arrangement as the sun appears to be moving to us.

      So what we are discussing here is another way of looking at the universe. A different model.

      What you have heard from the Western scientists is they have described to you their predictive model of how the universe is. They have looked in the sky and pondered how the moon is moving and how the sun is moving and how the stars are moving and they have come up with a model that does a fairly good job of predicting and estimating the movements of the heavenly bodies. But they really do not know if their model is correct or not. All they can say is that it does a fairly good job of explaining what we observe in the sky.

      We are challenging that they could not go to the moon because according to the model of the universe that is presented in the Vedas the moon is not where they think it is. So they could not have gone to the moon actually. There is another planet, a dark planet, that maybe somewhere near where they think the moon is.

      But anyhow that is not really the point. The point is you do not really know what the moon is doing or where it is. You just believe what you have been told however the reality may be quite different.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  27. DURGESH says:

    See First of all a human being cannot reach any other planet with this human body.Second if science is so much advanced why they can’t solve the mystery of DEATH.Third Moon landing was a joke slapped on mankind which many fools celebrate with joy.Fourth If we indeed landed on Moon then why not a American colony is set over there because there will be scarcity of space.Fifth why science is not able to track EARTHQUAKES.

    Any of you who love modern science so much and think it is highly advanced then vedas.Then please Reply.If you have dare and guts.

    • John says:

      Durgesh wrote:
      See First of all a human being cannot reach any other planet with this human body.

      Yep. That is why they had to use rockets, space capsules, landing modules,
      and space suits.

      Durgesh wrote:
      Second if science is so much advanced why they can’t solve the mystery of DEATH

      The body is a chemical machine. The machine stops. You are dead meat. What’s
      the big mystery?

      Durgesh wrote:
      Third Moon landing was a joke slapped on mankind which many fools celebrate with joy.Fourth If we indeed landed on Moon then why not a American colony is set over there because there will be scarcity of space.

      It’s really expensive and technically difficult to go to the Moon. It would be a hard sell to justify the massive amounts of money needed to undertake such an project of colonizing the moon. Look at the difficulties in
      getting funds for manned space flight right now? We just don’t have the
      money or the justification for putting the money together.

      Durgesh wrote:
      Fifth why science is not able to track EARTHQUAKES.

      As a seismologist, I found this comment howlingly funny. Of course
      scientists “track”, which is to say record, locate and study
      earthquakes. Earthquakes are cause by the elastic rebound of rock
      due to failure along a fault. The ultimate cause of earthquakes is
      the motion of the crustal plates. All of this stuff is pretty basic.

      While it is not as exciting as the supernatural explanations that ancient
      authors tried to invoke
      a prosaic answer which is based on physical measurement and scientific principles is preferable.

      Durgesh wrote:
      Any of you who love modern science so much and think it is highly advanced then vedas.Then please Reply.If you have dare and guts.

      So, what scientific value you to place on the Vedas? Are the Vedas
      even about issues that are relevant to science? Apparently not, if
      they can’t even get the orbital mechanics of the solar system right,
      then of what use are these documents, scientifically speaking? Now
      of course, I am not saying that the Vedas are of no value intrinsically
      as spiritual documents, but as documents about the properties of the
      physical world, they fail.


      • Aman says:

        Why hasn’t even one body been brought back to life once it has stopped, like other machines?
        And why hasn’t science been able to prove even one point written in Vedas wrong?

  28. manmath nayak says:

    I cannot deny the fact that man has landed on moon unless I see any physical evidence otherwise. This does not mean I agree with every thing modern scince says.

  29. Priya says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the Van Allen belts. As far as I am concerned that is the smoking gun for a massive hoax. The Van Allen belts are about 1000 miles out. Since the so-called “moon landing” NASA has not sent any manned space flight more than 400 miles up. Why?

    • Brian P. Rabbit says:

      The Van Allen radiation belts extend from about 600 miles up to more than 40,000 miles from Earth with the region of highest radiation intensity being between around 2,000 miles and 12,000 miles above Earth. The Astronaut’s exposure to those radiation belts is brief (less than 4 hours total – They begin Their time in this region while traveling at 25,000 MPH and pass through it twice, once outbound, and again on Their return. They spend less than an hour in the densest part of the belt.) and They are well protected in Their spacecraft.

      Also, the belt is toroidal in shape (like a donut) and the trajectories of the Apollo spacecraft were designed to avoid the worst part of the Van Allen belts. Even the discoverer of the Van Allen belts, Professor James A. Van Allen, has noted the belts would not have been dangerous to the Apollo Astronauts given their trajectories and the spacecraft.

      As I said, the spacecraft moved through the belts in about four hours, and the Astronauts were protected from the ionizing radiation by the aluminum hulls of the spacecraft. Furthermore, the orbital transfer trajectory from Earth to the Moon through the belts was chosen to lessen radiation exposure.

      Dr. Philip C. Plait of has cited an average dose for the Astronauts of less than 1 rem (10 mSv), which is equivalent to the ambient radiation received by living at sea level for three years. The spacecraft passed through the intense inner belt and the low-energy outer belt and gave a total radiation received on the trip was about the same as allowed for Workers in the nuclear energy field for a year. (See W. David Woods’s 2008 book, “How Apollo Flew to the Moon”, for more information.) The standard for a lethal dose is designated LD 50/30, defined as the short-term exposure (i.e., over a period of a few hours or less) which would kill 50% of the human population within 30 days and is around 350-400 rems (3.5-4.0 Sv). (Source: Radiation Safety Office, “Radiation Safety Handbook”, Columbia University, s.d.) Therefore, U.S. federal regulations are quite cautious in their allowance of exposure for Workers to radiation since the lethal dose is hundreds of times the amount of radiation allowed for such Workers. So, the amount of exposure to the Astronauts would not have been dangerous at all.

      The radiation curiously provides actual evidence the Astronauts went to the Moon. Irene Schneider, on the November 20, 2005, episode of The Space Show (, reports 33 of the 36 Apollo Astronauts involved in the nine Apollo missions to leave Earth orbit have developed early stage cataracts which have been shown to be caused by radiation exposure to cosmic rays during Their trip. Meanwhile, Barry Patrick reports at least 39 former Astronauts have developed cataracts; 36 of Those were involved in high-radiation missions such as the Apollo missions. (Source:

      As far as “why no more trips to the moon”, sending People to the moon is expensive and around the time of the last landing Americans became increasingly concerned about the budget. Consequently, NASA’s budget has come under strict scrutiny over the last 30-40 years and certain programs, like moon landings, have been delayed and/or canceled altogether.

  30. Kaylyn says:

    Which came first, the problem or the slotiuon? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  31. sufi says:

    stop fighting u all fools brainwash dumbs,n wt typ of sceintfic advncmnt u r talking about???????????in sanskrit science means vigyanam [that which cannot be changed{ for example sun was raising from d east it is raising n it wil alwys raise from d east, bt your science changes in every second only biggest fools will hv trust on ur stupid science…… n if ur sooooooo advance than why dnt u people or ur so called scientists have gutts to stop the biggest law of supreme dats BIRTH OLDAGE DESIESAE N DEATH specialy(DEATH) leave aside d fools question who went to moon n who nt? u al dnt wnt to die nor ur scientists nor ME bt still we r must to die,so wts d use on arguing on foolish talks……..n if u all r inteligent thn talk on realy inteligent topics dnt waste tym on these typ of talks hope u all understand. AAMEN>.

  32. kishore gupta says:

    I have been looking into iskcon for a while and i love many aspects of it but lately i have read some things that really bother me. In regards to the moon landings i personally believe the happened but even if they didnt happen all those years ago, in the modern era there are probes that have been sent there. also there are probes on mars, ie the mars rover and they have sent probes to Saturn and Jupiter and there moons with pictures sent back. so when prabhupad says that we cannot get there with mechanical methods, this is false. unless all of nasa, the russian and indian and china space program are all one conspiracy! also how can the moon be further away than the sun from the earth. this is a ridiculous claim, that is apparently said in the srimad bhagvatam. these kind of claims remind me of christian creationist where they believe the universe is only 6000 years old. you both are taking the scriptures so literally and when science goes against it then there are some outrageous claims made.
    This is the same with iskcon believing that humans have been on this earth for billions of years and lived with dinosaurs. i really hoped that we didnt have a christian type creationists within hinduism but it seems that we have and that really is not good for our belief system.

  33. Ken says:

    These people are mentally ill who don’t believe we landed on the moon. They’re Modern day Flat-Earthers.

    • Ha? Where is the proof we had men walking on the moon Ken. Something, one little thing. Can you give any proof at all? NO. NOTHING…

      Tom we supposedly went to the moon with many successful manned missions over a few years in the 60’s. We have never been back. We can not go back. Just a few years ago George Bush announced that we would go back to the Moon. What happened. Project canceled. It is not possible…

      So there is no proof Tom. Of men walking on the moon.

      Landing on the moon they have one experiment the lunar-lazer-ranging. But that is not a very conclusive experiment. And even if the reflectors they claim are on the moon are there they could have been put there by unmanned missions.

      It is now more than forty years since those we had so many so-called successful manned missions to the moon. And we have not traveled ANYWHERE AT ALL since then.. All they have done is put up satellites in earth orbit and put up a space station and space telescope floating in orbit around the earth a few dozen miles about our heads… That’s all. They maybe can go up a hundred miles. And they have been no further than that since the wonderfully successful half a million mile round-trips to the moon they took in the 60’s.

      So we could travel easily half a million miles in space in the sixties but today even can not reliably get a space shuttle up less than a hundred miles and back down safely? And our technology has truly advanced so much since the sixties.

      So Ken if you can not see there is a problem here then I do not know what to say…

      • Brian P. Rabbit says:

        Actually, the moon landing is one of the most well-documented events in the 20th century. Google is Your Friend for such information. Unless You want to claim the documentation has been falsified, in which case, as Claimant, the burden of proof generally falls on You.

  34. Tom says:

    The sun rises and sets everyday; but the moon only completes its cycle in one month; therefore the apparent distances is that the moon is much further away than the sun.

  35. helitra says:

    The spacecrafts were definitely launched by NASA, which is difficult to fake.
    Second the Apollo crafts could NOT have orbited the Earth for 8 days as some of the conspiracy theorists have claimed. If NASA had of done that they would have been caught on their lie, especially if they did it six times.
    The Russians tracked the Apollo missions very closely and they knew for a fact that none of the missions were faked. If they only had the slightest clue that the Moon Landing was faked it would have been the ultimate propaganda weapon for use against the US and to Capitalism.
    The flag waves because it was planted in the soil and Armstrong twisted the poles. This is obvious because in other footage you can see the flag is not moving when he walks past it.
    Also the reason there is no blast crater beneath Apollo 11 is because when the craft landed it reduced speed upon landing on the Moon’s surface, so all that it did was blow away dust. The same is with driving into a car park because you don’t drive in at 30 miles an hour.
    Over 3 quarters of a million people were working on the project in total. It would have been impossible for every 1 of them to keep a secret.
    Even filming the landing would have been MORE DIFFICULT than landing on the Moon itself. Think about the number of people they would have needed to shoot the Moon landing in a film studio.
    Lastly if the Moon Landing was faked, we would have found out years ago. These things don’t last over 40 years without an answer.

  36. Maybe they went to the moon – This universe has been created and destroyed so many times that the earth, sun and moon location is now shifted

  37. Sam again says:

    Why are you people still debating this Moonlanding issue. All Apollo moon missions were faked, get over it, get a life, and stop watching BS video’s of men walking on the Moon.

  38. gemcyn says:

    moon is actually considered as a higher planetary system according to the vedas. if one does good karma in the present life then he may get his next life on the moon. otherwise its not possible to go there by rocket or space ship.

    • Brian L. says:

      When you get there in your next life, send me a postcard please.

      • ujjwal says:

        i liked your comment…this is the iternal mystery of life which fascinates me…there is a secrecy or unsolved equation about life after death…all we are really rootless and going no-where…all we know is we are alive now…argument..counter-argument…i feel amused and helpless and curious hence susceptible…

  39. Mary Fletcher says:

    Stupidity to a whole new level – I agree! The real scriptures (in the Bible) don’t mention a moon landing being a hoax. I would question how the Vedic scriptures (written before the Bible, even) would know about something to happen in the future being a hoax. You all make me laugh (in your consciousness malarky)

  40. Neil Armstrong says:

    This takes stupidity to a whole new level

    • gemcyn says:

      well neil armstrong, stupidity arises from stupid people like you who are just like demons and atheists with no faith in the scriptures and believe all the nonsense hypothesis which the scientists put forward.

  41. gemcyn says:

    well Mr.Greg rowczeino, fools and rascals of first order like you believe everything what scientists say and have no faith in the scriptures. this is the symptom of kali yuga, the dark age of kali.

    • Anon says:

      you reject ideas that are logically proven, and you embrace ignorance to the highest level. History is defined by the biggest conspiracy of that time (JFK, Moon Landing, hell even bigfoot). And your still hung up on a conspiracy invented eons ago by someone no one knows about and is only survived the years because of pathetic people who want to believe that something else controls their lives so they don’t have to admit that its their fault they are miserable.

  42. bill perd says:

    I suppose all the stuff that was left on the moon by Apollo and the photographs showing that human made stuff lying around amid the astronaut footsteps, there are photographs from LRO, taken this year, are also part of the hoax, get a life knuckleheads.

  43. Sam says:

    Are you people telling me that this piece of junk landed on the Moon, and then took off again?

  44. Ken says:

    Michael said: “The fact that a popular TV show (Mythbusters) was able to tackle all these myths and destroy them is pretty good evidence to me that they at least landed on the physical moon.”

    Actually, that was one of the saddest days in Mythbusters TV because they made an INCREDIBLE argument FOR conspiracy with their half hearted attempts to debunk, which, their final answer should have been “PLAUSIBLE”. Let me explain, for starters, it should be noted that the “mythbusters” are buddies with pro apollo nut, Phil Plait, who couldn’t even keep an arguement going against comedian Joe Rogan. Here this guy is supposed to be a scientist, and knuckle head Joe Rogan is devouring him on live radio. It’s people like Mr. Plait and the Mythbusters who usually FAIL when going one on one because they have a pre-disposed answer (IE: we went there) and they make their science fit and relay it in a controlled venue (IE: a taped and scripted TV show) SO now to the “Mythbusters” and their pre-determined result. For starters, they show you that you CAN reproduce the video and movements on Earth using cables. They even did practice jumps. Obviously, realizing that this isn’t GOOD for their pre-determined outcome, they say, why don’t we go up in an airplane, dip the nose to get 1/6 G and see what we get. OK, so they do and the dude waffles back and forth (but no jumps) WHY??? Because with the suit on, his head is right against the fusalage of the plane. Why is this significant? Because IF he had any room to jump, he’d be able to jump MUCH, MUCH higher than the reported 19 inch jump salute. Look, the suits weighed less than 75 pounds on EARTH, and using a fit, Apollo Astronaut size, Conservatvely say 180 pounds on Earth(they were probably much smaller), 180+75=255 255 pounds on Earth, 1/6 of that = 42.5 pounds on the Moon. THAT IS ALL THEY WEIGHED, yet the highest jump was 19 inches. They should have jumped, much, much higher. And the Mythbusters know this, yet they say that is proof enough and bust it. They also went to a laser and supposidly shot it off the retro reflector, however, in 1962 we bounced a laser off the moons surface. YOU DON’T NEED A RETRO REFLECTOR!!!! But, they have the lady point it in some random area, (a dark area I might add) and “they say” no reflection, but if you actually LOOK at the data their OWN FREAKIN CAMERA SHOWS, a PULSE PATTERN SPIKE TOO!!!! I stopped watching “Mythbusters” after that because they show that it was “PLAUSIBLE” to hoax it, yet conclude it busted, which ONLY means they had a pre-determined result and their airplane test was so full of holes, man, it’s LAUGHABLE. They should stick to blowing up hotwheels. Oh, and if any Pro Apollo Nut trys to come back with “suit pressure” crap to try to disprove the jump theory, I got sorry news for you, those suits were not under alot of pressure, as the Astronauts had to walk, bend down, move fingers etc. In fact, it was a very low PSI.

  45. amazing person says:

    wow! (:

  46. David says:

    I always thought that the Krishnas were a group of well intentioned, blissful, easy-going, spiritualists.

    Having read this article, I seems to be just another brain-washing cult determined to de-educate its adherents, keep them ignorant of reality and subservient to superstition.

    Know I know where the saying “Ignorance is bliss” comes from.

    • It is NASA who are doing the brainwashing and de-education David. There is no proof whatsoever that man has walked on the moon.

      Supposedly they did it in the 60’s but have never done it since and now, even though President Bush gave NASA so much money to do it again, they were not able to do it. The can not go to the moon now. And they have no hope of going to the moon at any time in the foreseeable future.

      How can you believe they were able to go to the moon many times with manned missions and no loss of life with the very primitave technology of the 60’s and now, 50 years later, when technology has advanced so much, they have no idea at all how to go to the moon. They can not go now? And they have no idea when they will be able to go?

      So wake up David. You have been brainwashed by NASA. We never went to the moon, it was physiological propaganda only to try and prove that USA was more advanced than Russia…

      • Mary Fletcher says:

        Why would Hare Krishna’s be “de-educating” their people except to make them all not trust the rest of the world – to make Americans look stupid, like idiots! Unbelievable! I pray that God will set this straight, so you will come back to reality and release others.

  47. Gadadhara das says:

    Here’s why I incline toward “fake landing” party.

    What do the scientists do after they discover anything of value? They boast about it very loudly. Now, they supposedly carried some rocks back from Moon. Hmmm… I would expect that they analysed them very thoroughly and built up theories about Moon’s structure, origins, etc., etc.

    How is it that I’ve never heard or read a single word about these rocks? Could anybody refer to some publications? Or, did they really go there just like mountain climbers, ‘Yes we did it’? And come back proud of another enormous waste of money and resources?

  48. stan_in_usa says:

    In a way, does it have any meaning in our lives whether or not the moon landing was for real, or a colossal hoax? It doesn’t put food on my table, or pay my rent. In closing, even if the astronauts were in fact on the moon and they barely jumped up, perhaps that’s because they may have felt if they jumped too high, they wind up leaving the moon and float in space forever.

  49. John Stockwell says:

    Dear satsvarupa-dasa-goswami,

    Please quote exactly, given chapter and verse of the Vedas
    so that interested parties may read for themselves what the Vedas
    say regarding the structure of the solar system. Particularly the parts
    about the distance to the Sun and Moon.


  50. Kritika says:

    I, personally do not doubt the ancient scriptures ’cause I believe it holds meaning beyond our casual intellect. However, I am not so sure of the ways it is interpreted by people who claim to understand the vedas.
    My only question with regards to this article is… why didn’t the vedic scholars raise questions or doubts on this issue back then? Why is it being rasied now? If the vedic scholars understand that the vedas so clearly disregard any attempt like this, then this issue of man landing on the moon should have been raised back in 1969.

  51. N says:

    Is it not possible planetary orbits have changed throughout time?

  52. Draegur says:

    I really love how the “evidence” you are deriving your conclusion on is an irrelevant block of gibberish written before the advent of projectile kinematics.
    It fascinates me how someone can lie to themselves so blatantly.
    Gee, wouldn’t you think that if it were so easy for bronze age farmers to discern the mechanics of astrophysics and the capabilities thereof, that they would’ve used their doubtless IMMENSE intellectual prowess to, i don’t know, NOT die in obscure poverty and be completely forgotten of by history until some lunatic conveniently needs them to disprove something that I can confirm with a telescope ON MY OWN?

    • Hare Krishna Draegur

      Modern science is not very advanced. There are so many aspects of science that are not yet discovered by the Western scientists. You think that knowledge is recent and five thousand years ago humanity lived in caves and had no knowledge.

      This is a great misconception and a symptom of your ignorance and the ignorance of “modern science.”

      Mankind had scientific knowledge far, far beyond anything that today’s scientists could imagine hundreds of thousands, even millions and hundreds of millions and billions of years ago.

      We are so puffed-up with the small scientific knowledge we have discovered over the past 100 years or so and do not realize this is nothing compared to the knowledge the ancients had.

      You have no idea of the vast intellectual powers of the ancient scientists compared to our practically non-existent intelligence today. Today we are so dull and so unintelligent because of our way of life.

      Do not underestimate the value of the knowledge in the ancient books of knowledge left for us by the great thinkers of the past…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • John Stockwell says:

        Dear Madhudvisa dasa,

        Again, I would ask if you would quote chapter and verse the
        passages from the Vedas that you claim give the structure
        of the solar system, particularly the part about the moon being
        farther from the earth than the sun.


      • Brian L. says:

        He said bronze age…that’s not a hundred years ago… Besides, who is saying that all our scientific knowledge was discovered in the last 100 years? You must be kidding right?

        So we were much more advanced billions of years ago. Proof please.

        (I also find it interesting you’re assuming we’re all “western” scientists…)

  53. Arial says:

    there is a video on YouTube called “Hindu Cosmology- Bhagavatam- mysteries of The Universe in a five part series….its by Richard Thompson…..
    i think it is worth watching, it gives a good detail description on the Vedic Perspective on this topic….

    have fun…

  54. JIm says:

    Anyone that doesn’t believe that they landed on the moon is an IDIOT!!! It took them countless years to get a rocket to get to outer space. Then one year, they did it. Got man on the moon and left the USA Flag up there. I’m sure they had a special one made for the moon, with some metal inside the flag to hold it in place. And the WHOLE world saw it. Even the Astronauts had a ball up there. Kicking a rock around, like it was a soccer ball. After they were done up there, got back in the ship and blasted off back to Earth. With stuffs they got from the moon. Even the old clippings that I saw proves it. I saw everthing at the NASA Space Center and planning to go back there again. Even right now, they are working on the space station up there.

  55. Peter Ross says:

    So the Lunar Retroreflector array, just… grew there?
    If you don’t know what it is (and clearly, you have NO clue) then I suggest you look here;

    It has been in constant use since Neil Armstrong placed it along with the other Lunar surface experiments (the Retroreflector is the only one still working) and is used by more than a dozen observatories on a daily basis.
    I would be VERY interested in hearing your explanation for it’s existence there.

    • This I have explained many times.

      Firstly I have studied the experiment in great depth and the experiment itself is not very conclusive that the reflectors are actually there.

      Secondly some of the apparent reflectors were placed on the moon by non-manned missions and if they are in fact there they could have all been placed by non-manned missions.

      Thirdly I have discussed in detail, even in a perfect situation, how much of the light from a laser fired through a telescope from earth going through the atmosphere and traveling 1/4 million can actually hit a 1 foot square reflector on the moon? By the time the laser light gets to the moon it is spread out over 100 square miles. It is practically nothing. And then this practically non-existent reflection has to travel back to the earth another 1/4 million miles and it will be spread out over 100 square miles. How much of that almost non-existent reflection can fall on the mirror of an 18″ telescope???

      This experiment is more theoretical than practical. Sure in theory it seems OK. But get yourself a telescope and a laser and try it for your self. It is almost impossible even if you have the best equipment.

      And, finally, if you haven’t noticed, the moon is a reflector. So it may well be possible to bounce the reflection off the surface of the moon. You have got millions of times more laser light falling on the moon’s surface than on the 1 foot square reflector…

      If you just think a little cool-headedly about this. You are trying to point a light at a 1 foot square reflector 1/4 of a million miles away and expect to be able to detect the reflection…

      So the bottom line is this experiment is not proof that there are reflectors on the moon put there by us, the moon itself is a reflector… And even if there are reflectors there they could have been put by non-manned missions…

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Brian says:

        Did you even click that link?

        The reflectors are used daily by astronomers. They can hit them pretty reliably. They’re not just being reflected by the moon itself, the moon isn’t reflective in that sense. Now you’ll argue about how it reflects light, etc. Did you know there’s such thing as “earth shine”? Since we’re such a large planet, and we have an atmosphere, it’s actually much brighter than the moon’s glow on us. From the moon’s point of view, there earth goes through phases just like the moon does from ours. A night on the moon with a “full earth” would actually illuminate the surface quite a bit, while a “new earth” would leave it pitch black.

        • Hare Krishna Brian

          I know what the astronomers are doing. I spent quite some time with the only group who are doing this experiment full time in Texas. They have a dedicated telescope and laser and detector and are doing this experiment practically every night since the 70’s, maybe 60’s.

          These reflectors are very difficult to hit and it is then very difficult to get the reflection back onto the detector. I have written so much about this that obviously you have not read.

          It is the same old story this group of four men who are performing this experiment [one old scientist plus 3 lab technicians] get funded by NASA to get the results and prove that the reflectors are on the moon and obviously if they do not produce these results NASA will cancel the experiment and they will have no more jobs. This is a very strong motivation to produce results.

          But if you actually go there and look at what they are doing and study the experiment and the equipment they are doing it with you will be surprised. The “hits” they are getting could be caused by so many other things.

          Point is that this experiment is not conclusive and even if there are reflectors on the moon they could have been put there by unmanned missions. The only point I am making is that the reflector experiment in no way proves man ever walked on the moon.

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • John Stockwell says:

            The structure of the solar system is such basic and routinely verifiable
            scientific results, that to make such a claim that we don’t know the position
            of moon, is just insane. With ordinary parallax measurements, anybody with
            a surveying instrument
            can calculate the distance to the moon, to with a few 100s of miles.

            The laser reflectors that were left by the astronauts are used routinely
            be astronomers to measure the distance of the moon to within a centimeter.

            I would be interested if you would post “chapter and verse” the passages
            from the Vedas which claim that the Moon is further from the Sun from the
            earth, so that we can read for ourselves and determine how much of
            your claims are a particular
            interpretation of the Vedas, rather than an actual quote.

            If you do not want to make the Hari Krishna movement, and Vedic
            traditions look ridiculous, then perhaps you should not be trying to
            do bad science with them.

  56. Kevin says:

    During a solar eclipse the moon can be clearly seen to cross in front of the sun. There is nothing “very meticulos and super-time-consuming” about it.

    • That is what appears to you to be happening. But everything is not always as it seems. This is actually an illusion… There is another dark planet who hides in the shadow of the moon that passes in front of the sun as the moon passes behind it…

      • Brian says:

        Ok, you just proved your own answer wrong. Try and picture this with me. This is what you’re describing.
        Earth —- Dark Planet —- Sun —- Moon

        Well, you say it “hides in the shadow of the moon”. Well, if the above model is true, the shadow of the moon would be extending out away from the earth since the sun is closer. In fact, the dark planet would have a shadow that covers the earth as it passes the sun (like the moon does, when there’s a solar eclipse). Your explanation is impossible, because you would see this dark planet instead of the moon before and after an eclipse, but that’s not the case.

        Also, for the sizes of the bodies we can observe on earth to be true with your model, the moon would have to be immense, many thousands of times larger than the earth, and a number of times larger than the sun. Thanks to our knowledge of orbits, that would mean we’d have a moon-centric solar system.

        • According to the Vedas the moon is very, very large, much larger than the sun. You are not understanding the model so you can not understand where the shadow of the moon is or how rahu is hiding in it. It is a completely different “predictive model” to the one we currently accept. It does work. It does predict everything we see happening in the sky. But it’s assumptions as to the positions of the heavenly bodies and how they are moving are different.

          We have an earth-centered universe actually. The reality is so far away from what we have speculated. And we are so committed to our perception of the universe around us that we can not even consider such basic fundamental beliefs that we hold like the positions of the planets and the movements of the heavenly bodies could be wrong. But they are wrong…

          To consider these possibilities means starting from scratch and considering that the things we observe could be explained in a different way to the current explanation we accept as “fact.”

          • John says:

            Dear Madhudvisa-dasa,

            You claim that the Vedas say that the “Moon is very large
            much larger than the Sun”. You have ignored all requests for
            chapter and verse so that we may read what the Vedas say.

            The geocentric model that you claim the Vedas promote is
            long disproven by mainstream science. You may not accept
            that, but that is the fact. In particular it is so easy
            to measure the distance and size of the Moon that just
            about anybody can do this by triangulation.

            If you really insist on this sort of “science” then you
            merely make a laughing stock of the Vedas, and of the
            Krishna Consciousness movement in its entirety.

          • You misunderstand the point John. I think you should read my post again.

            The point I am making is that western science have a predictive model and that is working quite nicely to describe the activities of the heavenly bodies. But it may not be correct. Just because their model predicts what we see in the sky to a fairly reasonably accurate degree does not prove that the model of the universe they have is actually how the universe is organized and structured.

            This is not about the details about how big the moon is or whatever. The point I am trying to explain is that it may well be that the universe may actually be different from the predictive model of the universe that the scientists have given us. You have to try and understand the difference between their model and the actual thing. We really do not know very much about the actual workings of the universe or the origins of the universe and any honest scientist will admit that. We can see so very little of the universe — if you can only see a tiny piece of something how can you expect to understand the whole thing correctly. Srila Prabhupada gives the example of the frog in the well. The frog has been in his well for his whole life and has seen the universe through the three foot wide hole at the top of his well. And he has made so much philosophy and built so many models to explain what he sees out through the top of his well. But what can he understand really about the world outside of his well? There is a story of another frog coming to visit him and this other frog has seen the Atlantic ocean. He tries to explain the vastness of the Atlantic ocean to his frog in the well friend but he can only conceive of it in terms of his well which for him is his universe. So he is thinking that the Atlantic ocean is maybe two time the size of my well? Three times the size? In this way he can never conceive of the Atlantic ocean actually because he has no experience of such things and can never see such things unless he gets out of his well.

            So we are like the frog in the well when it comes to the universe. All we can see in the sky is like that frogs very limited view out the top of his well and as the frog can not really have any significant understand of how the world outside his well works we also can not have any real understanding of the universe and how it works with our very, very limited powers of observation from this tiny planet…

            So try and understand this point. The actual universe may well be very different from the predictive model that science has give us. That is the point. The details are not important. Try to understand this principle.

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

        • Jon says:

          Thank god for pointing out how ridiculous these beliefs and accusations are

      • Hrishikesh says:

        Hare Krishna
        It is waste of time to convince these atheists.They only believe what they see that too with their imperfect senses.
        From the view of science I donot think that moon can be grey in any means which is generally shown in the photos. Even water which is colourless seems to be blue when viewed from a distance. The moon is still shown as grey when photographed from a distance! Can anyone of you give me an example of a place which is completely grey?

  57. laserfloyd says:

    Short of being placed on the moon in person, will just never believe it happened. It’s that simple. There are too many people on this planet to all agree that something did or did not happen no matter what the evidence.

    The evidence of landing on the Moon is immense. The Moon is not a photo/tv studio. Images look the way they do because it is an alien environment. For every good photo taken there were a handful of unusable ones. Do more research concerning how things behave in a vacuum (near vacuum).

    Nowhere on this planet is there a vacuum chamber large enough to fake the Moon walks. When you watch how the soil reacts when kicked around you’ll see it is behaving in an airless fashion. No air to suspend the dust means it just travels in the direction it was sent in and falls back according to gravity.

    I won’t even get into the other debunks. It’s out there if you want to believe it. If you don’t, then just remain ignorant until we eventually go back and revisit the old sites. They’ll be there for eons.

  58. Nemo says:

    Therefore, since the moon has a particular standard of life and atmosphere, if one wants to travel there he has to adapt his material body to the conditions of that planet.

    It’s like you guys never heard of space suits…

    • Brian says:

      seriously. The article states that you can’t survive in water. Right, that’s why we have SCUBA gear, old diving suits, and submarines. Water is actually very much like space, in terms of our ability to survive in it. That’s why astronauts train in water on earth first. A dive suit is to water as a space suit is to space. A submarine is to water as a spacecraft is to space. You can’t deny that there are astronauts on the ISS as we speak. What changes if they were to go from empty space to the surface of a celestial body with no atmosphere such as the moon? absolutely nothing.

      • You are correct of course. We can put on a diving suit and swim under the water for a while and certainly there are astronauts in ISS and even we can fly in an airplane for some time. So maybe it is possible to go to the moon and walk around in a space suit for a few hours. Even perhaps you can build a house there and produce some artificial atmosphere that you can stay for a few months. But the point being made in this article is that really if you want to live on the moon you need a different type of body. It will never be very practical for us to live on the moon in the bodies that we have been born with on earth.

        There is a much more practical way of traveling to the moon. According to the Vedas we understand that we are all eternal living entities. We are not killed when the body dies. The soul continues on. And there is a scientific process that one can practice to determine where he will be in the next body. Bhagavad-gita states that whatever one thinks of at the time of death he will attain that state. So if one can think of the moon at the time of death his soul will travel to the moon and take birth there in a body suited to living on the moon. In this way he can live there comfortably for his whole life.

        Of course the moon is relatively close. One day it may be possible for us to go there by some mechanical arrangement. But this system of meditating on your intended destination at the time of death will work for any location in the universe and beyond. Even in the spiritual world. So this is a practically instant way of traveling to any place anywhere in the material or spiritual worlds. And the advantage is when you get to your destination you will have a body suited to the atmosphere of the planet you are born on. So you will be able to live your whole life there comfortably without any space suit. Compared to hopping around the moon for an hour or so in a spacesuit I think you can see this is a much better alternative.

  59. Tony Lloyd says:

    “Why do you accept the popular version of the manned moon landing? Because you believe the authority of the scientists, the journalists, and the politicians who propagate that version. When we cite the Vedic scriptures, which state that the “astronauts” could not have gone to the moon, we are simply favoring another authority.”

    There is another way apart from a choice of “authority”. That is to accept that certain things are shown to be false. If the Vedic scriptures were true then certain other things would be true (parralax measurements for example). As they are not I can reject Vedic scripture without having to rely on an “authority”. In the cited example I can reject the Vedic denial of the moon landings and I can reject the “secular” conspiracy theories that the moonlandings were faked without invoking an authority. The only cogent theory available to me ends up being that the moonlandings took place. Thus I can conclude that the moonlandings took place without invoking an authority, without starting from the premise of belief in scientists and journalists (the belief in what they say is a conclusion, not a premise).

  60. […] Krishnas took offense at this because, according to their Vedic scriptures, the moon landing was a hoax. Specifically it says that the moon is further away than the sun, and that in order for a human to […]

  61. rawraj says:

    I knew this, when I was a kid it all seemed so fake. Especially the moonwalk. In low gravity simulation also you will see that a man will rise higher when he was hopping around like the astranauts on the moon.
    But the astronauts stay very low to the ground. It is obvious that they made the astronauts hop and then played it in slowmotion.(If any idiot is talking about a spacesuit being heavy, then the astronauts would not be able to move while on earth if the suits were that heavy)
    And about mythbusting americans are experts.
    The typical myth busting stratergy is you take just a few ambigious statements from the conspiracy theory and you “bust” it(even though it can be argued and sometimes in over zealousness, conspiracy theorist tend to jump to wrong conclusions about certain things, not all or the gist of the theory always is right)
    And then they make up 10 other “theories and bust. These theories would either have been created by the mythbusters themselves or would be created by a “misinformist”. “Misinformists” are created to give the real conspiracy theorists a bad name. Sometimes “misinformist” also mislead the “real” conspiracy theorists. They do that by convincing them with “doctored” evidence that something(false) is true and influence them to add it to their theory, thus destroying the reliability of the theory.
    This is how such theories are rebuked. Also these mythbuster latch to one mistake in the theory which is actually irrelevant and make all the “fools” concentrate on that and thus convince people the theory is false.
    What the rebuttal of the moon landing never talks about is. Why photos of the sky was never taken.(since the photos of the surface and astronauts showed a black sky to which the excuse given was the aperture of the camera was not adjusted so the sky would not appear, which I accept as on earth too this would happen). You really believe them when they tell you that they took a camera which did not have an adjustment features. They took 2(or 3) moon mobiles which cost thousands of dollars(which was nothing more than a sand mobile) and did not even think of fitting even one camera which could click the sky. When they knew that every astronomer on earth was waiting to see something new. Well my friend it was the astronomers that made NASA afraid as they knew that they would have to be really accurate or else any amatuer astromoner would have called out their bluff. They did not have an astronomer on board who was willing to do the calculations and and project how the sky would look and also maybe they were not able to re-create the sky during those days
    Ok coming to the point.
    I only keep asking one question that no one asks if the moon landing was a hoax, then WTF is India doing????
    The Chandrayan is a hoax too then.
    I truly believe the NASA is lying. Sometimes my theory is that NASA did go to the moon, because common you are talking about NASA here. Don’t you think they would have not know that when the moon vessel landed it would create a burnt hole(which we do see in the pictures) in the ground.
    Maybe they were too over confident so that is why they never bothered.
    They thought we are too foolish(and they could be right considering the opposition you have faced here)
    But I also think they are hiding what they say on the moon if they indeed when to the moon. This controversy that we are in. We are only fighting did we go to the moon or did we not.
    No one even for a moment thinks that maybe NASA went to the moon found something else and is not telling us because they want to exploit and keep it for themselves.
    So they created this entire fake landing and kept it deliberately fake so that we would only be arguing about a “fake” controversy and never get to the bottom of the truth.
    So many people believe the moon landing is fake even in India but not one bloody Idiot had the guts to question the Chandrayan.(mission of India to the moon)
    I am sure that Indian scientist would know of the fact that we cannot travel in this form to the moon or any planet for that matter.
    I still believe that theories of “rifts” “wormholes” and “star gates” are the only way to travel in space. Even Einstien speaks of wormholes.
    So this has to be a hoax.
    Why is not the ISKON community question the Indian space mission. Since it is unmanned I think we should see the truth.
    The sad part is today Computer graphics is so advanced that anything can be created to look original so we will never know if the Indians are also telling the truth.

    • jr says:

      astronauts are not able to walk around in spacesuit on the earth. They wear flight suits while on earth and in the shuttle flight etc. Space walk suits are considerable heavier. While wear the spacewalk suits on earth the astronauts have to be forklifted in an out a pools for their pratice walks.

      It’s insane to me to just ignore proven scientific fact that have been proven by countless observations. And none of the math and physics with oribit and celestial bodies is that complex. It’s the expanding universe or bodies out of orbit, traveling through space being affected by larger bodies were the calculation get complex.

      The counter argument is just made up fluff without any supporting data. Lighting still means the gods are angry right?

    • Brian L. says:

      Cite evidence please. With links. (A cookie for you if you put it in MLA format…)

  62. David says:

    The Moon is “800,000 miles farther from the earth than the sun” …

    Vedas support a Geocentric Solar System – Earth at the centre of the solar system, around which all other heavenly bodies orbit. The Vedas are saying that Sun circles the Earth at a lower orbit than the Moon, that the Sun is 800,000 miles closer to us than the Moon.

    “Puranic cosmology, … holds a geocentric view of the universe and describes the sun as closer to the earth than the moon, … ” from Hinduism and Science – A Hindu Primer by Shukavak N. Dasa

    I don’t know which is more silly, alleging an Apollo Conspiracy or promoting a Geocentric Solar System.

    • radhanath says:

      vedas never said sun is closer to earth than the moon,or even if it is,who knows???..we never saw it,we are being just fed information from a singular source we call “modern science”& we are supposed to believe things without questioning should be specific while mentioning which vedic literature you are talking about,i mean even the britishers wrote lot of “vedas”,to show that they were worse than savages in front of flat earth theory of christianity……besides’this shukavak.n.das(whoever he is) did not compile the vedas.different people give different interpretation of vedas on the basis of their intentions.

  63. M. says:

    Regardless of whether or not the moon-landing is a hoax, how can the moon be located “800,000 miles farther from the earth than the sun”, when we regularly see the moon pass in front of the sun? This is something that can be observed using no (or very cheap) equipment every time there is a solar eclipse.

    • Narahari Lockhart says:

      All this type of calculation (of planetary placement and so forth) is very meticulos and super-time-consuming to explain with illustrations and mapping and so forth. The original mapping of this subject matter that is understandable to modern society has at this time been lost to obscurity. So how it shall manifest again is a mystery. The positioning of Just the Earth and Sun alone as conjunct and appossed to one another is very intricate and cannot be summed readily. Saying such and such and so far away like this just cannot clarify any vedic conclusion just like that to Their reletivity. There is soooo much more to it. Unfortunately, like I said at present this science has been lost to obscurity.

      • Lisa says:

        Shorter Narahari Lockhart:

        I will use big words that I don’t know what they mean to try and confuse simpletons like me because I have no idea what I’m saying.

      • leaford says:

        Just answer the question, how can an object block your view of another object that is closer to the viewer?

        It can’t. The only way an object can block your vision of another one is if it is BETWEEN you and the other object. To be between you and the other object, it must be CLOSER than the other object. Period. No exceptions. No other possibilities.

        • There is another possibility. It may be that the object that is blocking your view is not the object that is further away. According to the Vedic model there is a dark planet called rahu which is causing the eclipse. So it is rahu, not the moon blocking the sun on a solar eclipse…

          • Brian says:

            So let me get this straight, you can see the moon, which you claim is past the sun, which would mean it would have to be much larger than the sun (since it appears larger than the sun on earth) and you can see it as it approaches the sun before an eclipse. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere this dark planet rahu comes along and matched the exact apparent size, shape and orbit path of the moon only while it’s passing the sun (because remember, you could see the moon before and after, so it’s not blocking it there) and then immediately after the eclipse it’s gone?

            What about lunar eclipses, where you can see the shadow of earth block the sun’s light from the moon? You can’t use the rahu arguement here, for 2 obvious reasons (actually, many obvious reasons but I’ll name 2 here). 1, during a lunar eclipse the moon isn’t completely dark thanks to earth shine (like moon shine but brighter) and other reflected light (off it’s edges) and 2, rahu would have to have an impossible orbit to line up with both solar and lunar eclipses.

          • Rahu has some independent movement. It does not have a fixed orbit like other planets we see. So He can adjust himself to cause both the solar and lunar eclipses. I do not pretend to understand all the details of exactly how this is working. I am just letting you know that another explanation of the way eclipses occur is available and it just may be that things are not all exactly the way we have presumed they are. I would suggest you read the Fifth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam where you can get more details of the Vedic understanding of the universe. It is quite completely different from the way we see the universe. But I will guarantee it is correct. But it is very difficult for us to understand how it could be correct because of our current world view. You can read the Fifth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam online at:


            Try and read it in the mood that it is a correct and ancient description of the universe given by someone who has a completely different perspective of the universe to us. This is not written from the perspective of earth at all…

          • leaford says:

            I think you meant, “This is not written from the perspective of REALITY at all…”

          • Nicolle Stanley says:

            perception is reality

          • espressofrog says:

            ahhahah.. that’s hilarious 🙂

            You got your astronomy wrong and when it’s time for you to explain simple phenomenon such as a solar eclipse you endup making Star Wars like planets.

            Your assertion: >>how could the “astronauts” have traveled to the moon–a distance of almost 94 million miles–in only 91 hours ? <<

            The answer is simple, you have actually provided most of the elements yourself. The moon is just 238,000 miles from Earth. Good thing you’re not in charge of space programs.

          • Key says:

            So this planet can supposedly adjust “his” own orbit? This is ridiculous! You don’t pretend to understand the details because there are no details! Have you looked around lately? Planets do not consciously change their own orbits! For your own sake, please open your eyes.

          • Hare Krishna Key

            I do not think I said planets adjust their own orbits?

            Planets follow the orbits that are given to them by the Supreme Lord. If you look around the planets are not moving around randomly. They are moving in very precise and very defined orbits which can be charted and predicted for hundreds of years into the future.

            Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

            Madhudvisa dasa

          • M. says:

            The problem with postulating a different planet causing the eclipse, is that it must not only match the apparent size of the moon, it must also match the movement of the moon, but _without_ overlapping the moon except when this object also “overlaps” the sun.

            And this is simply not physically possible, except if you wish to suggest that the supposed third object is perfectly transparent (with zero refraction, another physical impossibility), except when it passes in front of the sun, in which case it is completely opaque …

            Additionally, the moon can be photographed as it moves in front of the sun, thanks to the light reflected from the earth, and it is obviously not suddenly replaced by a different object. For examples of such images, see for instance this Index to Eclipse and Astronomy Photographs:

            Here are a few good examples, in which _the moon_ can be seen covering the sun:
            With a photo of the non-eclipsing moon for reference:

            Hence there does not seem to be any reason to think that the moon is further from the earth than the sun, on the contrary!

          • jimyrichardson says:

            I think photos have been taken of the moon as it is passing in front of the sun and certain mountains and valleys have been imposed on the film which can be matched up to the terrain of the moon.

          • Of course if they too the photos on the earth they would have made some scale model of some part of the moon. You don’t have to go to the moon to see what features are there… You can look in a telescope…

          • james says:

            I would love to get proof positive of this case, but alas this is not the case according to the world. If there is more evidence that the moon is not what we think, that truth should be unveiled.

  64. Michael says:

    I saw a documentary that countered the moon landing conspiracy theory documentaries and other ‘evidence.’ The flag waves because in a vacuum there is less friction, and it takes force to shove a flag in the ground. This force jiggles the flag, and it appears to wave, but then stops. We can even see this in the moon landing videos. We can’t see stars in the video because it’s an old camera – even the astronauts aren’t in high resolution. Footprints can be made in a vacuum because of the nature of moon dust – it holds its form without needing moisture. The fact that a popular TV show (Mythbusters) was able to tackle all these myths and destroy them is pretty good evidence to me that they at least landed on the physical moon.

    There are also observatories you can go to yourself and witness very strong evidence for the moon landing. For one, some astronauts have gone there and placed retro-reflectors, that is, a reflector that reflects light directly back to the source of the light, as opposed to a regular reflector which bounces light in a perpendicular fashion. Retro-reflectors are like the lights on the back of a bicycle. Using these retro-reflectors, scientists on earth point and fire high-powered laser beams which bounce back at the speed of light. All you then have to do is time how long it takes for the laser-beam to return to earth to get a measurement of the distance from the earth to the moon. And it’s not as though pointing a laser at any part of the moon does this – they showed this on Mythbusters, too.

    As far as I understand, even if we went to the moon in physical space, the Vedas state there are many different dimensions in the material world. Just as there are bodies suitable to living on the sun planet, there must be some sort of suitable reality which we have no access to that exists on other planets. It also states in the Vedas that only advanced sages could actually see the demigods. This is the only suitable explanation I can think of. That and the possibility we didn’t go to the moon proper – we went somewhere else. But that still doesn’t explain the retro-reflectors.

    • Narahari Lockhart says:

      Just now in the last decade have scientists in general taken under consideration that in different places in the universal physical laws that were formerly considered generally a constant indeed vary in different locations throughout the universe.

      I can see the demigods. You don’t have to be a great sage.

      Remember also Srila Prabhupada was a scientist too. He did say that eventually from this Planet that telephone transmission to the Narayana Lokas (Worlds) will be possible. So that a telephone conversation with a resident of Narayana Loka in the spiritual world and someone here on Earth will be possible.

      hari hari nara hari

      • JustinB says:

        “Just now in the last decade have scientists in general taken under consideration that in different places in the universal physical laws that were formerly considered generally a constant indeed vary in different locations throughout the universe.”

        [citation needed]

      • Samuel Pelegrini says:

        It’s already possible, my friend, IF it’s not fraud, of course. It’s called instrumental transcomunication, you know. Here in Brazil there are some of the great names of such work in the world. Check this site out:

        All the best

  65. Greg Rowczenio says:

    You are utter fools, that the only thing can be said about your completely irrational ideas and a bunch of lies.
    Shame on you.

    • Kaggwa Lubega says:

      Misunderstanding of scripture happens all the time in every religion. Truly only men of realization are qualified to make comments on sciptures and their meanings notwithstanding the intprettations, translations and mistranslations that have been passed down through the ages. There is nothing wrong with a scientific approach to life and its enigmas and in reality there is no contradiction between science and true religion or spirituality. Everything that happens happens by the “Divine Will” otherwise it couldn’t happen. Life is in a state of constant flux, we are living and learning moving forward mostly and sometimes backward but ever onward and upward on the path of Self-Realization.

      There is no reason not to believe that there has been a landing on the moon. This is a world where people make choices. We are not automatons. Everyone cannot fit into the same mold. No one has the right to determine what others should or should not be doing unless it is somehow harmful to society at large. We live, we learn, we discover. No single religion or philosophy is the sole harbinger of truth. Each man must discover for himself what truth is and how to live effectly and attain happiness. Freedom of choice has been given to man for this purpose.

      The vedic scriptures do not state anything about the moon landing being a hoax. The vedic scriptures go way back and were written too long ago. This sounds like someones misinterprettation of scripture. Religion should not be used as a tool to subvert the rational thinking of human beings. Many people make the mistake of misunderstanding scripture and mixing half truths with truth and then making statements that are not fully accurate. Blind belief is not acceptable. Faith includes testing your beliefs scientifically and proving to yourself that they are true. You cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn’t work. If the round hole of your undnerstanding is flawed then, the square peg of reality including scientific truth will never fit.

    • Hardy says:

      You pro apollo nuts can just stick your fingers in your ears and say “Baaaaaa” You are all sheep that believe everything you see on TV. FACT: The highest man has ever flown is 368 miles above the Earth in the Space Shuttle. Everything, from retro reflectors, moon rocks and telementary have been 100% debunked. And of course, when NASA is pressed to provide the original copies of ANYTHING relating to this, they come back with “it’s been misplaced or lost”… Really? The MOST SIGNIFICANT achievement in the HISTORY of MANKIND and you toss around the documentation like it’s a used kleenex. Anyone, with ANY photography experience can look at photos taken on the moon and prove they were staged in a controlled environment on EARTH. I don’t know how many pics from the Moon have “fall-off” which is 100% IMPOSSIBLE with a NON-ATMOSPHERIC, DAY LIT landscape. (they supposidly landed on the day lit side of the moon, not the dark side) Not to mention multiple light sources and men fully lit in shadow. The Apollo nuts always say, “light reflected from the surface”… Well, the surface has the same luminosity as common asphalt here on Earth and try getting those same results out in the street.

      Acceptance is the pathway to happiness Apollo believers. Or you can keep your anger and frustration spilling out on sites like this.

      40 years ago my dad drove a Pontiac Bonneville with drum brakes, carberuated motor, and AM radio… it seems we’ve come along way here on Earth, but have regressed in Space.

      • Dudely says:

        “Well, the surface has the same luminosity as common asphalt here on Earth”

        Ah, so that must be why the moon lights up earth’s night. Because it’s dark as asphalt. That makes perfect sense.

        Every square meter of the moon shine with the light of a 60 watt bulb.

        • jett says:

          The moon shines by reflecting sunlight. Like Earth, half of the moon is always lit by the sun’s direct rays, and the other half is in shadow. You may have seen that the moon does not always look round. Remember when the moon travels around Earth, different parts of its bright side are seen from Earth. Without the sun, there would be no moonlight.

      • RH says:

        ..FACT: The highest man has ever flown is 368 miles above the Earth in the Space Shuttle

        Where did you get this fact?

        …Everything, from retro reflectors, moon rocks and telementary have been 100% debunked
        Again by Who and where, is there a website?

        …Not to mention multiple light sources
        There are no multiple shadows

        …Well, the surface has the same luminosity as common asphalt here on Earth
        How do you know that? Have you studied the surface of the moon and how was it obtained?

      • jfb says:

        FACT: The highest man has ever flown is 368 miles above the Earth in the Space Shuttle.

        Why are you willing to accept this as fact, but not that men landed on the Moon? Unless you personally flew on the Space Shuttle, you’re relying on the exact same sources of information for the two claims. Why not claim that men have never been in space at all? It’s just as reasonable a position as saying they never landed on the moon.

        The article makes a big point of how we would have to adapt our material bodies to survive on other planets, going as far as to say:

        Even on the earth planet these restrictions hold true. For example, a human being cannot possibly live in the water nor can a fish live on land.

        Nor could a human being possibly live in the vacuum of space, right? So, by that reasoning, you could claim that no human being has traveled in space ever because he couldn’t survive the trip? Just like himan beings couldn’t survive being in the water?

        Except that we do live in those environments – we live in the water by traveling in submarines, living in submerged habitats, wearing SCUBA gear, etc. We live in the vacuum of space by traveling in spacecraft, living in space stations, and wearing space suits. We don’t have to adapt our material bodies to the native environment, we build an enclosure that protects us from that environment. We didn’t send people to walk around on the Moon in shorts and T-shirts, we built spacecraft and spacesuits to protect them.

        Everything, from retro reflectors, moon rocks and telementary have been 100% debunked.

        By people who didn’t know what they were talking about. You can shoot a laser beam at the Moon today and hit those reflectors; with the right equipment, you can verify it for yourself.

        And of course, when NASA is pressed to provide the original copies of ANYTHING relating to this, they come back with “it’s been misplaced or lost”

        This is not true; most of the documentation and materials have been preserved. A complete set of Saturn V plans are on file at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Mission reports, photos, etc., are all on file. IINM, some telemetry tapes were lost or overwritten; in a bureaucracy like NASA’s, that’s really not surprising.

        I don’t know how many pics from the Moon have “fall-off” which is 100% IMPOSSIBLE with a NON-ATMOSPHERIC, DAY LIT landscape.

        Light intensity falls off with distance; the horizon is closer; the lunar surface is irregular.

        (they supposidly landed on the day lit side of the moon, not the dark side) Not to mention multiple light sources and men fully lit in shadow.

        Multiple light sources means multiple shadows; in how many pictures do you see multiple shadows being cast by the same object?

        The Apollo nuts always say, “light reflected from the surface”… Well, the surface has the same luminosity as common asphalt here on Earth and try getting those same results out in the street.

        Those nice white spacesuits were a major source of reflection in many of those shots. As was the reflective surface of the LM itself.

        And while the lunar surface may not be more reflective than asphalt, it is reflective enough to fill in shadows in many of those photographs. Think about how bright the moon when viewed from Earth, bright enough to be seen in daylight. You’re looking at something with the same reflectivity as asphalt.

        • Hare Krishna!

          This is a great example of insanity.

          Obviously one can not argue that men have not gone up to the space station. 300 miles above the earth… We can see the space station and there is so much documentation and actual proof of its existence and so many real people have gone there over so many years and so many experiments have been preformed there. This is a real thing. And it is ongoing. And it is not a miracle coming out of nowhere and then suddenly disappearing.

          NASA went from having no space program at all and being terribly embarrassingly behind the Russians to putting men on the moon and bringing them safely home within less than ten years!

          And we are told they did it seven times successfully. Which means, if the story is true, NASA perfected at least the basic principles of manned space flight in the 60’s. But after the final NASA flight this technology for manned space flight mystically disappeared and has never even once been used since? Since the supposed moon missions in the 60’s not a single man has even left earth orbit? And now, although many countries and even private companies are interested in manned space flight, none can do it, none of them, even the USA, have the technology to do it.

          It took less than ten years for NASA in the 60’s to go from no space program at all to seven successful manned moon missions. But nowadays we do not have that technology. Even though our technology today makes the 60’s technology look like cave man standards.

          Now we are thinking, maybe manned space exploration may be possible in 50 years time?

          Back to NASA’s moon mission. Anything can be argued from either position. Winning an argument does not have anything to do with the actual facts. It is to do with the ability of the person presenting his point to present the “facts” in such a way that they support his point of view.

          So in the case of the supposed NASA moon missions there are two sides of the argument and both sides are trying to present the “facts” in such a way that the “facts” support their particular opinion as to what happened…

          So you have to admit we are in a very difficult position here. We have two groups of people involved in this debate. One group is determined to use the “facts” to prove that NASA went to the moon and the other group are determined to use the “facts” to prove that NASA did not send men to the moon and bring them home safely.

          So you notice here that neither side is actually interested in finding out what really happened!!!!

          So this is the problem.

          Both sides have to admit that they really do not know what happened. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that man has ever walked on the moon and there is a huge amount of circumstantial evidence that does point towards the fact that NASA never sent men to the moon. So it is certainly a fact to say that the reality of NASA’s landing men on the moon is certainly not proven and that will be proven only by the use and development of the very advanced technology that would be required for manned space flight. The technology that we clearly do not have now. So this is the real proof that we did not have this technology in the 60’s. We do not have the technology now to send men to the moon and bring them back home safely. So how could we have had that technology in the 60’s?

          This is really factual proof that we did not send men to the moon in the 60’s. We did not have the technology to do it then and we still do not have the technology to do it now.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

    • Katarzyna says:

      I just watched Moon Rising, an independent film showing high definition colored pictures of the moon taken from a top of the line telescope and some from the 1994 clementine space shuttle. It shows structures,light forms, oceans in full COLOR. There are opalescent pinks, purples, blues and greens. When the same pictures from clementine were shown at a conference they were shown in black and white. For some reason, astronomers are pointing out that our gov’t still wants people to believe the moon is grey. They also up the contrast of the pictures to hide the anomalies and depths of the topography. In all it’s splendor the moon is very lush, colorful and beautiful. I think it is possible that the moon is farther away and what apollo landed on was a dwarf planet. Either way, it was a political dick measuring contest and the moon is still uninhabitable by earth humans. So let’s get it together here on earth k?

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