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Rare Photos of Balaji (from Lord Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati)

A collection of very rare photos of Balaji from the famous Lord Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati.

South Indian temple.

The Lord of Tirumala is the all-pervading Lord of the Universe.A large number of devotees–daily 30,000 on an average–visit the sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara to pay their homage to Him.


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207 Responses to Rare Photos of Balaji (from Lord Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati)

  1. Bindumadhav Katti says:

    The first photo is of Lord Venkateshwar temple at Ketkavale village, 40 kms south of Pune

  2. satya prakash says:

    Jai Shri Venkteshwaray


    lord venkateswara ,Let the world be free from COVID19.

  4. Amitesh Sharma says:

    Very special photos for me, nearest to my heart. Thank you so much….

  5. PooramBalaji says:

    God is great. He looks like a child or adult or old person. This is a miracle. Lord Venkateshwara is real God on Tirumala hills. One should visit to experience the divine presence. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. Ok name Venkatesha ya.

  6. Venkatajalapathi says:

    I am waiting for the Lord Balaji darshnam I hope God will keep way for it

  7. Ashok Dalmond says:

    Inspired, wat a spiritual feeling. Amazing, specially after visiting Tirumala in April this year. Thanks for posting.

  8. Debdatta Mukherjee says:

    Waiting eagerly to visit Balaji temple at Tirupati.Hope God will make my trip possible.

  9. Kavitha Annegowda says:

    Lord venkateswara is a powerful good.. Am very happy to get darshanam of God… Am very lucky to see these beautiful pics of Lord… Thank you for posting it…

  10. B Venkat Krishna says:




  12. Derek Wildman says:

    St Augustine of Hippo needed to talk to devotees. The Greeks and the Romans worshipped the Sun God, Surya Narayanna, Zeus/ Jupiter Brhaspati and the zodiac demi Gods. But without a correct understanding. Is one allowed to worship these demi Gods in the Kali Yuga. One must understand the difference between Jiva Tatva and Vishnu Tatva.
    Lourdes, Fatima, the Virgin Mary. They are worshipping the Shakti Tatva, female energy within God. Without a correct understanding??

    • In Kali-yuga the only practical process for spiritual advancement is chanting Hare Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. You will see all these other religious groups are confused, corrupted and impotent at the present time. It is only the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra and Srila Prabhupada’s books that hold hope for the future. So we need to concentrate on chanting Hare Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books and not become diverted by these other systems.

  13. mayank k hathi says:

    Good photos,

  14. Sheetalanga Gauranga Dasa says:

    Respected Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    I humbly wish to point out some factual errors in this page of yours. Here they are:

    1. The first picture of the Utsava murties (with a beautiful title golden helmet) is NOT that of Balaji, though, the deities are from inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Tirupati Balaji temple. This is Lord Rama along with His eternal consort Sita Devi and brother Lakshmana.

    2. The second picture is NOT the Mahadwara (or main entrance) of the Tirupati Balaji temple. It is the Mahadwara of the Narayanapur Balaji temple (on the outskirts of Pune).

    3. The third picture is NOT the original Balaji deity! It is in fact the Balaji deity named Srinivasa Govinda installed and worshipped by ISKCON Bangalore! I have had the good fortune of putting my head to His lotus feet many a times when I was part of ISKCON Bangalore. He is only half the height of the Tirupati Balaji.

    4. The fifth picture is explained under point 1.

    5. The eighth picture is that of the Utsava vigraha of Bhadrachalam temple on the banks of Godavari in Andhra Pradesh, India. They are Sri Rama along with His consort Sita Devi and brother Lakshmana.

    6. The ninth picture, much touted as the bejewelled form of the original Balaji deity in His sanctum sanctorum but it is NOT! The TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) has created a “model temple” and it is a picture of that deity. It is here that the TTD’s official broadcasting network films many sevas offered to Balaji and broadcasts them for the pleasure of the devotees. The picture has been given an ancient look by a process called “sepia toning”.

    Hope these puts everything in the right perspective.

    With respects,

    Vaishnava dasanudasa,
    Sheetalanga Gauranga Dasa.

  15. Naveen Busa says:

    OM Namo Venkateshwara Swamaya Namaha….Govinda Hari Govinda venkata Ramana Govinda… Govinda Hari Govinda Gokula Nandana Govinda….

  16. G.V. Raju says:

    (I wrote a comment but it couldn’t get published)

    The Balaji image isn’t original (https://krishna.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/tirupathi-balaji.jpg), it’s not from Thirupati but from a Chennai temple.

    Kindly correct this incorrect information. Thanks.

  17. Sanjay Jadhav says:

    Dear Team,
    Very Very Nice Photoes,Thanks a lot,last month I gone to Tirumala Temple by walking 13 kms.for 5 hours.The pathway is very clean.

  18. Sanjay Basu says:

    My Pranam to Guruji and thanks a lot for posting wonderful rare photos. I was fortunate to be present at Tirumala on 28th and 29th December 2017 during celebration of Baikuntha Ekadashi when I have had opportunity to see the beautiful procession. I believe there are some photos of the procession. Lord Sree Venkateswara is my dearest God and Tirumala is my most favourite place which is very peaceful. I want to visit this place every year for Darshan of Lord Balaji. May God bless us.

    Om Namo Venkatesaya, Govinda ! Govinda !

  19. Ravindar amboth says:

    Exllent very interested anymore but we will need love you so beautiful that is great for pic it’s me Ravindar amboth

  20. sharada says:

    om venteshaya

  21. Ananda says:

    Om sri balaji

  22. balaraju says:

    Very nice imegas thank you for give this apportunity

  23. mamta balani says:

    when i went to tirupati balaji i felt so relaxed and near to god.

  24. SUDIP DAS says:

    Hey lord Shree Venkateswara swamy listen to my pray and fulfilling my all desires and dreams GOVINDA GOVINDAA GOVINDAAA

  25. Tirupati Bala Ji maharaja …… I can’t explain my feelings can’t…… it’s only….u u only feel my Lord…….. please… please baba ek bar jarur darsan Dena…sakkshat…. please

  26. T.mohan says:

    Om namo venkatesaya my favourite god in my life and tirumal my favourite place

  27. Devaraj says:

    Venkat is my favourite god. Every year want to see him. Whenever I saw him I will get peace full mind and I will forget my self.

  28. S. Deepika says:

    vaikuntandha…. govindaa govindaaaaa!
    please send me the wonderful photos of kaliyuga brahmanda naikudu .

  29. S. Deepika says:

    Om Namo Venkatesaya …. everybody loves balaji . He is the ruler of the world.

  30. ANIL A says:

    Om namo narayanaya…thanks for the best photo in the world .Om namo narayanaya.sree venkadeshwara pranam.

  31. Very nice pic,govinda govinda

  32. P. KALIAMMAH says:

    Its a lovely image of my Lord Tirupathi. HE is my Lord and my life.

  33. surendra says:

    Lord venkateshvara is my favorite god and tirumala is my favorite place in the world

  34. Ramesh mahadev Davadate says:

    OM namo narayanay
    Venkataraman govinda govinda
    really fantastic photo i am very happy
    Thank you very much

  35. PK says:

    Lively pictures. I am visiting Tirupathi on yearly basis, everytime I see HIM, it is always in a different posture.

    I wish could see HIM everyday. Om namo naraya naayah…

  36. Sanjay Basu says:

    My Pranam to Guruji and thanks a lot for posting wonderful images of our beloved Lord Sri Venkateswara. Everybody will be feeling very very happy to see all these nice photos.

    May God bless us.

    Om Namo Venkatesaya, Govinda ! Govinda !

  37. Girish says:

    Omg such a lovely photograph. Amazing

  38. P.A.Rama Rao says:

    Excellent Photos, Very Attractive.
    Lord Balaji’s Vaibhavam is appearing in
    the photos.

  39. gunaseelan.d says:

    very very execellant photos.om namo venkatesaya namaha.

  40. Ambika Menon says:

    On Namo Narayana Superbbb images.May God Bless Us.

  41. Devaraju says:

    Om namo naraya naya

  42. CHINMAYA KUMAR says:


  43. A.Vinod jyothi says:

    Very nice image’s

  44. dalesrinivasulu says:


  45. satyaprakashgupta says:

    Excellent temple of shri venketshwar swamy I heartly pray to GOD

  46. satyaprakashgupta says:

    Jai shri venketeshwar swamy

  47. Tekkam Varadharaju says:

    Excellent Superb photos of Lord Venkataswara to be seen by everyone.
    I am indeed lucky I haven’t missed them.
    Thank you Lord

  48. chitra says:

    lord venkateshwara is loved by everyone in this universe om namo govindayah

  49. Srinivasan Babu says:

    Excellent photographs. Thank you for posting this photographs. Lord Venkateshware is a powerful god. Govinda Govinda

  50. Venkatesh Gupta says:

    Namo venkateswaraya govinda govinda

  51. Fantastic Images Govinda Govinda

  52. v Chandra Sekhar Reddy says:

    Om namo venkatesaya
    Every day and every time

  53. Maroju Venkateshwarlu says:

    Very good phots krishna garu proud of sir thank q Namo Venkatesha Namo Thirumalesha…

  54. Narthu SHANKER says:

    Om namo Venkatesha

  55. N.Vaiyapuri says:

    fantastic photos of LORD

  56. Chandramohan says:

    Very good photos of Lord Krishna.

  57. Vishwanath says:

    I am heartly say tirupati venkateshwara is a most powerful god

  58. P uma maheswar reddy says:

    Om namo narayana

  59. chandra mohan says:

    Lord venkateswara is the powerful god in world wide lac of people’s there will came at tirumala

  60. Padmanabhan Chakravarthy says:

    Lords Srinivasa has on several occasions established a special relationship to his devotees. This I have seen with my revered father when he was alive. On oneooccasion when he was doing his daily Thiruaradhanam ( daily prayers) he felt like going to Thirupathy. Unfortunately he knew he will not be permitted since he was recovering from an eye surgery which had gone wrong and he lost sight in one eye. None of us were also there except my mother. HE was very disturbed and he was subconsciously crying to Lord why was it happening to him. He had not even finished his fervent appeal when his cousin walked in and was waiting for my father to finish his prayers. Since he was living in Perungalathur about 50 km. from Chennai my father politely asked him what brought him to Chennai. He was surprised and told my father that my father had called him very early in the morning and told him to come in his car because he wanted to go to Thirupathy and nobody was available to drive him. My father had also told him that he should bring his wife to give my mother company and she also will not permit to go alone. It was decided that they will start immediately after morning prayers. He said he got the call around 4.30in the morning. According to my mother at 4.30 that day my father was still sleeping and told my mother that he got up late because Lord Srinivasa had appeared in his dream and told him that it is a long time since my father had visited and wanted him to come immediately. The greatest thing was his cousin’s name is SRINIVASA.

    Ohm Sri Srinivasa ya Namha.

  61. Venkatesh says:

    I love my Venkatesha most fowerfull God on earth

  62. kannan says:

    Can anyone tell me what are the important dieties in tirupati?
    How to visit?
    Which one should not be missed in tirupati?

  63. Satish Lakshmi says:

    Om namo venkatesaya

  64. bhuvana govind says:

    Om namo narayana.he is the one and only god.

  65. Satyakala says:

    I am very very happy to seeing this photos and very beautiful om namo narayanaya

  66. sagar says:

    Lord is always kind to his devotees I am praying for my mother-in-law today she is in the hospital. pls bless her for fast recovery in a day or two.

    I always have faith on lord all times he will do the needful to his devotees all the time.

    please bless her

    • Hare Krishan Sagar

      We are all in temporary material bodies. We stay in them for a few days and then have to leave. So the best thing is to make sure your mother-in-law is chanting Hare Krishna and preparing herself to go back home back to Godhead. If she leaves her body chanting Hare Krishna and remembering Krishna she will not have to come back to this horrible material world again. She will go back home back to Godhead to dance with Krishna. So that will be very nice for her instead of suffering in an old body in this hellish material world.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  67. Lallit Goel says:

    Lord Balaji Sri Venkateswara Swami Vaari jee. one of the Most powerfull god on earth.

  68. RAJU CHOUDHURY says:

    Hari govinda. .Sri hari govinda.

  69. Mucherla prakash says:

    I like sri Balaji

  70. Boddu.Srinivasarao says:

    We are very happy to seeing photos sri lord venkateswara Govinda Govinda

  71. hari lakshmi says:

    I love narayana he is all

  72. Rohit is hero says:

    Trirupati Bala ji ki jai hu yes there webside is very nice images …….good

  73. y g rajuy says:

    My lord venkateswara is miracle of lifes.

  74. srinithya says:

    i like god

  75. Harsha says:

    Om namo venkateshwara
    He is the one who among us, always guide us to righteousness path, last month I had been to tirumala to attend my friend wedding later we had darshana of lord venkateswara, special thanks to ttd who made the heaven hill I was like searching him all on the mountains and I thank God for giving me darshana guys I can’t express my feelings. It’s like meeting a friend telling all about ourself and he gives solutions. Boss I m fan of yours…
    Om Namo venkateshwara

  76. G.sri Devi. says:

    One of the main temple
    Govinda Govinda

  77. kothandaraman.p says:

    Thirupathi.temple.is.very.clean.very good.services
    Relaxsplaceses .god.is.true.power.fantastic .temple.iam .going.25.5.2016.

  78. Ravi Gupta says:

    I was reading on line The Science of Self Realization. I want to complete the reading but now I cant access it on the computer. Can you help me locate the book on the computer?

  79. Jitender says:

    jai shri Bala Ji

  80. krishna says:

    God is great

  81. Guru says:

    well for your kind information only the last picture is the photo of original venkatramana idol , the others are utsav moorthi to carry out various sevas , so photo of utsav moorthi can be taken by anyone
    Om namo venkateshaya

  82. Anjali says:

    Jai venkateshwar swamy!

  83. Satish Babu Chintalapudi says:

    I have experienced the miracles of Lord Venkatesha, personally as per my experience “Surrender to the Lord” and you will experience his miracles – Om Namo Venkatesaya… (Satish Babu Chintalapudi – Hyderabad – India)

  84. AMAN ANAND says:


  85. rahul patel says:

    jai bala ji

  86. Ananth says:

    Lord Venkateswara is beutifull

  87. ch.srinivasa rao says:


  88. P. Suresh says:

    Thank you for these rare photos of Lord Venkateswara. The Lord saved my life and lives of my wife and two sons from a terrible road accident during Nov. 2014. Though our car and glasses were broken, nothing happened to any of us not even a scratch on our bodies. That is the greatness of God.

  89. Hema says:

    Hari govinda govinda narayana.

  90. Anoop Chaudhary says:

    Bolo jai bala ji

  91. A.Vimal Raj says:

    I am more inspired to lord venkateshwara , tirupati perumal I like most , om namo narayana namah

  92. Dinesh Prabhu medar says:

    I m try to see allways lord.venkateshwara murti
    In evry time in tiripati temple ……..
    I love venkateshwara I m beleav in God

  93. jana says:

    Thanks a lot for lord picture . god looks great

  94. Dhanaraju says:

    Lord sri venkateswara swamy photos nice wonderful photos

  95. r v naik says:

    Excellent arrangemen made by the managing committee
    but time taken for darsan is very along specially for children

  96. Maddipatla Sreenivasulu naidu says:

    Un belevabul

  97. Narendra says:

    I need real photos lord venkateshwara swamy guruji

  98. Ayyannan.s says:

    I Like very much govinda namam adiya intha jeñmam pothadu”,

  99. durgaprasad says:

    Om tirupati

  100. ashish says:

    hare krishna.. prabhu ji.
    I am confuse pls kindly clear me….when I chant 16 rounds specially in the morning I feel some kind of sweet juice like candy not big so much sweety juicy candy but very very little little …is it true or iam imaging prabhu ji. iam not very advance in devotional activities but I want to know it happens or not if I mistake something pls forgive me.
    hare krishna

    • Hare Krishna Ashish Prabhu

      You are not imagining Prabhu. There is an extremely sweet taste in chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. We can not taste it very much now because we are so materially contaminated. But as you say you are feeling it a little bit sometimes. Also sometimes we can not feel this taste. That is our misfortune. But we have to know Prabhu that the Hare Krishna mantra is an ocean of ever increasing transcendental bliss. We sometimes get a little hint of this and other times chanting the Hare Krishna mantra seems like a difficult task to us.

      But we have to know it for sure that our inability to taste the sweetness of the Hare Krishna maha mantra is a symptom of our diseased condition. Srila Prabhupada often gives the example of a man suffering from the disease of jaundice. This is a common disease in India that destroys a person’s ability to taste sweet things. So when a man who is suffering from jaundice tastes some sugar candy, for example, it tastes bitter to him, he does not like to eat it. But it is not that the sugar candy is not sweet. No the sugar is sweet. But the diseased man can not taste it as sweet. So it is his disease that is causing the sugar to taste bitter. And the thing is the cure for jaundice is to take sweet things. So the jaundice diseased man has to take these sweet things, even though they taste bitter to him, and gradually his disease will be cured and he will again be able to experience the sweet taste of these things.

      So it is exactly like that with us and chanting Hare Krishna. We have a very severe case of the material disease and in that diseased condition we are thinking that material sense gratification is very sweet and chanting Hare Krishna is very bitter, boring, a waste of time, etc. That is the material disease. But the cure for the material disease is chanting Hare Krishna and because of the material disease we have no taste for chanting Hare Krishna.

      This is why it is essential that we chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra every day. Because this chanting of Hare Krishna is the medicine that will cure the material disease. But, because of the material disease, we do not like the taste of the medicine, the Hare Krishna maha mantra. The Hare Krishna mantra is unlimited sweet but because of our disease we can not experience the sweetness.

      So we need to continue chanting Hare Krishna even if we can’t taste the sweetness. And this chanting is the medicine that will cure our material disease. And as the material disease becomes cured more and more, our taste for Chanting Hare Krishna will increase.

      So keep chanting Hare Krishna and gradually you will experience more and more of this sweet taste. And as the taste of chanting Hare Krishna increases for you automatically your attraction to material sense gratification will decrease.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  101. VINOD SHARMA says:






  102. Manikandan N says:

    Govinda Hari Govinda

  103. P.sathi babu says:

    Nice photos

  104. LAKSHMI says:

    very amazing photos for god perumal. i like this

  105. SANJEEV, Belgaum says:

    Very Happy after getting the Darshana of Lord Shri. Venkatesha through the Rare Photo.

  106. P. Satyanarayana says:

    12 August 2015
    Hare Krishna Prabhu
    Dear Sirs:

    I read with interest this newsletter and noted that Krishna remembers everything of His teachings of Bhagavadgita to Vivasana but Arjuna, as a human being in his present life, does not remember about this fact although Arjuna was a contemporarily parallel to Lord Krishna in his previous birth due to change of body.

    Lord Krishna remembers because he does not change His eternal body. Further, spiritually Lord Krishna gathers His devotees in His vision at all times, and takes care of them in their various problems from time to time although devotees cannot physically see Lord Krishna except in their Prayers and devotional Bhajan concentrations in their minds.

    Thank you.

    Hare Krishna Prabhu

    P. Satyanarayana

  107. venkatesan poongavanam says:

    om namo narayana

  108. Asha says:

    Lord please help the peoples who are suffering in their lifes and who r in need of u

  109. joohi shrivastav says:

    Truly, God wallpapers are too much beautiful then actress & actors.
    Jai shree Tirupathi Balaji.

  110. Srinivas Gogu. says:

    Sri Krishna is the only God to univers. His geetha saying to us how to live, and how to live with others.

  111. prasad says:

    I like balaji

  112. Lord venkateshwara ki jai.
    Sri hari nadhuniki jai.
    Yedu kondalavada venkataramana Govinda Govindaa.
    Vaddi kasula vada venkataramana Govinda…Govindaa

  113. Sanjeev kumar says:


  114. Milind Ingale, Kalyan says:

    I have faith in Balaji, I am visiting TTD since last two years. Planning to visit this year also. All my wish are coming to reality…Jay Balaji…Govinda…Govinda.

  115. Kavi says:

    Govinda govinda ne tha pa kapathanum

  116. Nagalingam says:

    I love venky ? ur not in photos or anything ur in my heart

  117. srinivas says:

    nice photo in lord venkateshvara swamy

  118. sureshbalaji says:

    i like all the photo and i need good photo to frame it

  119. Hari Babu says:

    Please do send me rare pictures of lord Krishna

  120. sasikala indluri says:

    Happy to see venkateswara. On govindayanamahaaaaaaaaaa

  121. sasikala indluri says:

    My thanks to TTD for presenting lord balaji pictures happy to see that photos thanks one andall

  122. sowmya c says:

    Namo Narayyanaya ……….

  123. sanjay sahu says:

    I personally wisit Balaji with my family.
    Now I am waiting for my next turn.

  124. sridhar reddy says:

    Very nice pictures of lord venkateswara

  125. m.sivanagendta says:

    I love vekateswaraswami

  126. anil kumar k says:

    Lord venkateswara saved Me in many adverse situation . I ignored him initially , because of ridiculous thoughts , he shown a great path to understand all the mistakes and shown an elegant pathway for my future …

  127. Srinivas.kandagatla says:

    Hare krishna Hare rama

  128. Happy says:

    Balaji will give me blessings for the service of my socity

  129. Happy says:

    Balaji ki jai ho

  130. Rahul singh says:

    Such a great experience and I want to be reached at this great place in 3rd time.it is the very rear photos of balaji. Shred nivasa .Govinda; bankatramna govinda

  131. tejas s pinaki says:

    yen kadaval photo thanks

  132. vijay says:

    Can I get these quality prints photos of Ashtlaxmi -Balaji?
    Pl.tell .I want in 4’×4′ feet size.

  133. vijay says:

    Govinda. ..Govinda. .Govinda.
    Excellent photographs .
    Never Sean before such clear quality.

  134. seshadri says:

    Great pictures of Lord of universe

  135. balaji says:

    i love my govinda

  136. Lucky Naidu says:

    om Namo Narayana

  137. ravi raj khator says:

    jai ho tirupati balaji ki

  138. ranjithaddagatla says:

    Plz add download the photos

  139. baijnath tiwari says:

    Govinda govinda

  140. vennala says:

    super and nice pics every on must want to see

  141. vijayakumar Patibandla says:

    May Lord Venkateswara Swamy, Iam visiting since my childhood days almost once in a year from the age of 14 years. I had a dream in the year 2010 , Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of seshapanpu which was situated near the layout south wall same near to present Laddu ques . under the one meter near to wall and same parallel to SANIDANAM. It was really amazing which is appeared on my dream.

  142. Rajesh kanna says:

    We need some time to see,pray lord venkateswara. We are very excited about it.

  143. Tapan Kumar Paul says:

    Om Nomo Bhagbate Venkatesharayo

  144. sivakumar says:

    i like lord krishna and govinda

  145. binoy banerjee says:

    awesome picture.
    jai balaji….hari om

    i have a vow with my wife to lord balaji.
    we wana shave our head for lord balaji.

    as l m bengali so i need hlp abt this
    cn any 1 hlp us.pls hlp us by email
    we sld b grtfl

    jai balaji
    hari om

  146. ramakrishnan. p says:

    Balaji potos is very wonderful

  147. Pramod kumar says:

    very very nice

  148. Milind Ingale , Kalyan says:

    Our family feel very great after we visit Tirumala, we feel that we got piece and happiness there.

  149. V S KESHAVAMURTHY says:

    Guruji I Want to make 5ft* 6ft Balaji photo so pls send original photo of lord BALAJI. I am trusted & wait for ur reply.

    • I do not have any higher resolution of these photos than what is here on the website unfortunately.

      There is a Photoshop plugin called “Perfect Resize” which takes low resolution images and produces high resolution images from them. It is very good but going from this size image to a 5′ 6″ image may be a bit too much. But you could try it and see.


      They have a free trial so you can try it and see how it works and let me know how you get on with it.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  150. anandha krishnan says:

    Dear krishna please help me from my suffering

    • Hare Krishna Anandha Krishnan

      Krishna does not want you to suffer. We bring the suffering on ourselves. It is us, not Krishna who are causing our suffering. So what do you expect Krishna to do? Krishna has given us all the information how we can stop suffering in Bhagavad-gita and Srila Prabhupada has so nicely explained everything in his Bhagavad-gita As It Is and other books but we don’t read them. We just pray: “Dear Krishna please help me from my suffering.”

      We have to read the books. We have to chant Hare Krishna, that is the way.

      If we read the books we can understand the real nature of this material world is suffering. There is only suffering here in the material world. We can not expect anything but suffering if we remain in the materialistic concept of life. Happiness is only available in Krishna consciousness. So if we want to stop our suffering then we have to read Srila Prabhupada’s books and live our lives according to the instructions of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada.

      Krishna has given us all the instructions, how to live properly in the material world, but we don’t follow or even read those instructions. We just pray: “Dear Krishna please help me from my suffering.” So Krishna will reply to you: “Dear Anandha Krishnanan why don’t you read Srila Prabhupada’s books?”

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  151. kiran says:

    thnx for seeing nd downloading this images.
    this is the powerful medicine for stresing,good behaviour,good thoughts nd all etc in ur life.
    bhagvadgita wil teach us every thing

  152. shalu says:

    Balaji….The supreme Lord. .We are blessed to watch his pictures

  153. Veeravardhan Reddy says:

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  154. Jagadisha Karangal says:

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  155. Santosh says:

    Hai wish happy new year to my Lord govinda

  156. R.Govindasamy says:

    Om venkateshvaraya namaha the all photos are buetifull Ilike you the same

  157. ramakrishna says:

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  158. jayaram says:

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  159. pallavi balasubramanyam says:

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  160. Mahesh kumar says:

    I recently visited the holy land of Lord Venketeswara! very beautiful place and location bless us Lord and give me a job Pls

  161. Ashok Ramchandra Sable says:

    Tirupati Bala ji ki jay ho. Govinda Govinda Govinda

  162. sundarangathan R.S(Ootty,Nilgiris,Tami Nadu) says:

    lord venkateshwara done many good happenings to me in my life he is always with me……….

  163. Ramakrishna says:


  164. vasantha says:

    i am very happy see my Father Srinivasa when ever i called appa he will replay the very same movement
    iam very greatfull to my appa.

  165. HIMAGIRI says:

    Very nice photos

  166. yamuna says:

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  167. Rajendra T says:

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  168. Thiyagarajan says:

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  171. K T ESWARAN IYER says:

    GR8 SITE.

  172. srinivas sivaraju says:

    i love lard venkateswara i experiedced a lot with him he is my friend


    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very for the photos in the net.


  174. N umamaheswara rao says:

    please arrange LORD KRISNA ‘S PHOTOS and storyes

  175. vinil kumar says:


  176. vinil kumar says:

    i really thank full to god, for giving a life to us.


  177. Hrishikesh says:

    Dear Prabhu,
    I can’t find the ‘Brahma Samhita’ neither for free pdf download nor for reading online. Please tell me where can I find it?

  178. raghava r says:

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  182. pradeepa says:

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  185. alaguraj says:

    Krishna is good god

    • Rajkumar says:

      What do u mean Good God ? Are there also bad gods. There is only one God and that is Lord Sri Krishna and he is all the time Good.

  186. vimla mote says:

    thanks for such a beautiful pictures i m finding myself near heaven.

  187. pranaytony says:

    Hare Krsna guruji!

    Happy to see Lord Venkateshwara Swamy’s original photo from the world famous Tirumala Tirupathi temple(gudi)!

    “Govinda Hari Govinda!
    Sri Venkatesha Govinda!”

    I came to know that no photographers are allowed to take a snap of that God.
    Then how you got this guruji!
    Please explain guruji!


    • Rajkumar says:

      There are lot of idiosyncrasies attached to Hinduism and India in general. If photos are not allowed we should respect that instruction. I recently recd thro whatsapp a full video of the Arati performed to Lord venkatesho in Tirupati although the vide is out of the world and I experienced a divine blessing, it was taken in an hidden pen camera. Srinivasa who is another expansion of the Supreme personality and it is said The Lord before appearing in that form decided to be in his most beautiful form. That is why we can never have enough if Thiru venkatava ! Hare Krishna .

  188. Theshilah Devi Appadoo says:

    well..hare krsna to all devotees of the supreme personality of godhead..actually..am very proud to have recognised krsna..and proud as well to be a vaishnav..plz if you could send me some more info abt our lord..i would be very grateful..actually,am in search of new mantras for the lord..can u help out plz..

    • There are no new mantras. Just chant the old ones…

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

      If you are not subscribed to the Krishna Connect mailing list then please subscribe at http://www.Krishna.org and I will send you emails.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  189. Jp says:

    I do agree with Uday. Myself visit the Tirupati temple every year from overseas.

    I don’t find the place where I can do dhyanam and meditate for a while infront of

    a Lord Tirupati even for a minute.

  190. Uday Salvi says:

    I think , we should have an arrangement in the temple so any one like me , can stay in the temple , for limited period of time in a same way as Sanyasi observing the same ritual as sanyasi for ;imited period of time and have the nectar of mentle piece and blessing of Krishna.

    Uday Salvi

    • Rajkumar says:

      It is a pipe dream. Forget it. It is all commercial. The rascals who manage the temples including ISKCON serve Kamsa and not Krishna. With Shrila Prabhupad Krishna also left as it is not krishna conscious any more but Kamsa conscious.

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