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Published on September 4th, 2023 | by Madhudvisa dasa


NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and Sri Lanka

Space images taken by NASA reveal a mysterious ancient bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. The recently discovered bridge currently named as Adam’s Bridge is made of chain of shoals, c.

18 mi (30 km) long.

The bridge’s unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man made. The legends as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the a primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge’s age is also almost equivalent.

This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken place in treta yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago).

In this epic, there is a mentioning about a bridge, which was built between Rameshwaram (India) and Srilankan coast under the supervision of a dynamic and invincible figure called Rama who is supposed to be the incarnation of the supreme.

This information may not be of much importance to the archeologists who are interested in exploring the origins of man, but it is sure to open the spiritual gates of the people of the world to have come to know an ancient history linked to the Indian mythology.

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Two more sources:

Sri Lanka History

The first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the Stone Age, about 1.750.000 million years ago. These people are said to have come from the South of India and reached the Island through a land bridge connecting the Indian subcontinent to Sri Lanka named Adam’s Bridge. This is related so in the epic Hindu book of Ramayana.

Adam’s Bridge

Rama’s Bridge, chain of shoals, c.18 mi (30 km) long, in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. At high tide it is covered by c. 4 ft (1.2 m) of water. A steamer ferry links Rameswaram, India, with Mannar, Sri Lanka. According to Hindu legend, the bridge was built to transport Rama, hero of the Ramayana, to the island to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana.

The Bridge Lord Rama Build between India and Lanka. Sattelite Images.

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506 Responses to NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and Sri Lanka

  1. Derek Wildman says:

    Where is Jesus Christ now. What precisely did Srila Prabhupada day about Jesus. Does he have his own planet in this universe. Or, did he go back to the spiritual world.

    • Yes. As far as I can tell from reading Srila Prabhupada’s books Lord Jesus Christ has a planet in the material world and the Christian Heaven is one of the heavenly planets within this material world. Not that we are very much interested or have very great detail on Jesus. That is not our field of expertise. We can answer questions on Krishna and Krishna consciousness completely authoritatively, Christianity is not our field.

      • Raj Panchal says:

        Hare Krishna Prabhu,
        In this recording Shrila Prabhupada says that Jesus came from the spiritual planets and is the authorised representative of Lord Krishna
        he also says while saying the ten offences that Jesus is a great devotee
        there are many things given in the bible also that “once one is born in the kingdom of God there is no more deadth”, “I have come here to save you from death”, “God created man in his image (Bhagwan realization)”, “I shall not eat meat nor drink wine nor old grape juice until I reach the kingdom of God”, “leave things that are from the world and not from the father the desire for flesh is also from the world and not from the father” so there are things but as per the audience he had to do things like turn water into wine in the beginning in order to gain attention of his audience.
        While of course Shrila Prabhupada has been here very recently and his books are detailed and make more direct sense to us.

  2. Derek Wildman says:

    How does the Kali Yuga progress. Does the movement get the personality of Kali Yuga off the planet Earth for a while. Or, does he always have a testing place on this planet. Can we defeat him permanently through Srila Prabhupada.

    • How Kali-yuga processes, that depends on us. The details are not set in stone. Overall thing, as Kali-yuga progresses things will get worse and worse, that will happen, we know like we know it will be cold in winter, we know the situation in Kali-yuga will get more dark and more miserable as it progresses.

      Lord Caitanya has given us the Sankirtan movement, and that can hold back the progress of Kali-yuga for up to 10,000 years. But the problem is no one is performing Sankirtan. Sankirtan means the congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, and it has to be done also by pure devotees. So there is no Sankirtan, so while there is no Sankirtan there is no hope for holding back the advancement of Kali-yuga.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  3. Shivakumar says:

    Madhuvidasa ji , NASA clearly stated that it was a human made bridge as mentioned in hindu epic ramayana. They said that after scientific analysis the age if rocks is about 7000 yrs ago but ramayana happened in treta yuga about 1.7mn yrs ago. How will u explain this

  4. Thakur says:

    Why adam bridge, its ramsetu

    • Suchitra says:

      Exactly my concern. Why would they name it Adam’s Bridge and try to make it sound like it’s part of Christianity? By naming it Adam’s Bridge they are trying to erase the existence of Shri Ram. IT IS RAM SETU.

      • John Dering says:


        I think people missed my point.

        The remains of this artificial bridge structure is VERY old, nearly 1.7 million years old.

        Hence my simple & innocent comment was;

        IF the dating is accurate… thus, it would have been constructed not in the most recent desending half of the 24,000 year yuga cycle….. it would about 70 complete 24,000 cycles.

  5. Parag Singhal says:

    Pictures are so sharp and beautiful

  6. Aditya says:

    Hare Krishna prabhuji,

    I have a question that if we are never evolving then why in kalki purana it is given that as soon as kali yuga will come to an end the the height of humans will become very smll. I mean is that not evolution?

    yours humbly
    Aditya Singh

    • No. That is not evolving. It is because the food supply will be very restricted in the future. So if there is very little food the people will not be able to grow and develop properly.

  7. Maha Mazda PseudoDas says:

    In response to Jagannath:

    PBS also claimed that the DNA of chimps and humans was ‘98 percent’ similar, and said it’s ‘only a couple of spelling errors.’ While the 98 percent is debatable, claiming a ‘couple’ of differences is outright deception—humans have 3 billion ‘letters’ (base pairs) of DNA information in each cell, so a two percent difference is actually 60 million ‘spelling errors’! Of course, this is not ‘error’ but twenty 500-page books worth of new information that needs to be explained by mutation and selection. Even if we grant 10 million years to the evolutionists, population genetics studies show that animals with human-like generation times of about 20 years could accumulate only about 1,700 mutations—not 60 million—in their genomes in that time frame. W.J. ReMine, The Biotic Message (St. Paul, MN: St. Paul Science, 1993), chapter 8.

    In any case, however, there are substantial biological reasons why ‘ape-men’ could never even have existed. A major one of these reasons is the so-called ‘waiting time problem’. No-one disagrees that to cause all of the anatomical changes required to transform an ape-like creature (the supposed common ancestor of chimps and humans) into a human would take millions of DNA mutations. This is because there are millions of nucleotide (‘DNA letter’) differences between chimps and humans. And in the evolutionary timeline, this is supposed to have happened in six to seven million years. The problem in a nutshell is that calculations show that it would take way too long for these specific mutations to arise and become established within a so-called ‘hominin’ population.

    According to John Sanford, an expert in this area (emphasis on the original): “The selection of 1,000 specific and adjacent mutations (to create a 1,000 letter chain) could not occur in 6 million years because that specific sequence of adjacent mutations never would arise, not even after billions of years. ”

    Even if the genome difference (DNA) between chimpanzees and humans were as small as 1%, as it used to be widely promoted, this still represents about 30 million nucleotide differences. And, therefore, in the line of evolving hominids, there would have to be around 15 million nucleotide changes (see box) compared to the maximum 1,000 changes that could have happened at that time.

    In summary, even with the false idea of ​​only 1% difference, the transition is impossible for mutations in the time available. But the problem of evolution is exacerbated because it is now known that the difference between chimpanzees and humans is not 1%, but that it is probably at least 5% different and probably more.

    So, the obstacle to evolution is even more insurmountable. A five-fold increase in difference now means about 75 million nucleotide changes from the common ancestor imagined!

    The problem is even worse, since in addition to this, the human genome is deteriorating, in a downward spiral towards “mutational collapse.” This is due to the accumulation of genetic mutations, at a rate of about 100 point mutations per person per generation, with natural selection unable to stop it.

  8. Jeffrey88 says:

    Prabhupada didn’t trust NASA. He knew they never went to the moon. And even if they did he said, all we got for all that money was some dust and rocks.

  9. Jaganath says:

    Human beings are scientifically known as Homo sapiens . They probably evolved from homo erectus, a hominid with smaller brain capacity. The earliest known specimen of Homo sapiens is no older than two hundred thousand years, found in Africa .

    • Hare Krishna Jaganatha

      Humans did not evolve from anything.

      All the blueprints for the 8,400,000 species exist in the ether and the various species become manifest when the situation is suitable.

      The idea of evolution, as it is presented by Charles Darwin, is totally incorrect. There is no evolution of the forms. There is evolution of consciousness. The individual spirit soul is evolving through different types of bodies and he is allocated to a particular type of body depending on his consciousness at the time of death.

      So all the different forms exist eternally in the ether. And the same forms are manifest again and again whenever there is a new creation of the material world.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

      • Jaganath says:

        I do not understand the mechanism of this process. I am a unique combination of my parents’ DNA. Plus there could be mutations caused by external factors such as cosmic rays. If the mutations are advantageous to my survival, they will b preserved and passed on to my progeny. What are the forces that affect DNA to imprint pre- existing forms on the genome?

        • Hare Krishna Jagannath

          You have spent too much time listening to the stupid scientists and not enough time reading the Vedic literatures.

          YOUR BODY is a combination of your parents DNA certainly. BUT YOU ARE NOT THE BODY. You are the eternal spirit soul, the atma, who is the life-force present within that body born out of the combination of your parents DNA. Your material body is just a machine, made of earth, water, fire, air and ether, it has no life, no ability to do anything at all, just like any other machine. It is like a motor car, by itself it has no life, no determination, no intelligence, no purpose. The motor car only takes on the symptoms of life and appears to have intelligence, purpose and direction, when there is a driver in it controlling it.

          That is the difference between a living person and a dead body. The driver, the spirit soul, the atma, is present within the living body, but when he leaves then it is a dead body.

          Life is the symptom of the present of the spirit soul within the material body, you are the spirit soul, you are not the material body. And the stupid scientists are completely ignorant of this basic fact.

          So you have nothing to do with your material body, except that you are given a particular type of material body depending on your consciousness at the time of death in your previous material body. So you material body, in that sense, is created, or selected by you, because it is the activities you perform during your life that determine your consciousness at the time of death.

          So you can change your destiny, you can determine your future body, by changing your activities and consciousness during this life. If you change your consciousness to Krishna consciousness by always remembering Krishna and never forgetting Krishna then naturally, at the time of death, you will remember Krishna. And Krishna promises us in the Bhagavad-gita that “Whatever state of consciousness you have at the time of death that you will attain.” So if you are thinking of Krishna at the time of death you will be immediately transferred to the spiritual world, you will not have to take birth in the material world again. And in the spiritual world you will regain your original spiritual body which is sat-cit-ananda-vigraha, it means it is an eternally youthful body full of ever-increasing knowledge and transcendental bliss. So that is the only way we can be happy, by going back home, back to Godhead.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • Nadira says:

            This was well said and explained. I too, understand the scriptures just as you explained. This is how i am living my life too in preparation for the next birth.

      • ROY says:

        Hare Krishna
        Good evening. My name is Roy and reside in Durban South Africa. I totally agree with you. If we have evolved then why has our evolution stopped.

      • Sankarshana dasa says:

        True. Prabhupada stated in a morning walk conversation that different species exist and are created according to the desires of the living entity; therefore, they acquire a particular type of body according to their karma, under the control of the material modes of nature. THE VARIOUS SPECIES ARE NOT A RESULT OF PHYSICAL EVOLUTION. According to their consciousness, the spirit soul evolves in consciousness until it gets to the human form of life where it can transcend the modes of material nature and enter eternal life in the kingdom of Radha Krishna or it will devolve and return to lower species of life.

        • Hare Krishna Prabhu. The species are NOT created according to the desires of the living entities… There are 8,400,000 species available eternally. The species are not created by the desires of the living entities, they exist eternally to be used by the living entities to fulfill their desires. The point is the 8,400,000 species exist eternally, their “DNA”, or the original blueprint of their DNA is stored in a subtle ethereal way, so they can not be modified actually. The original blueprints are always there, even from one creation to the next this blueprint for the 8,400,000 species of life, it is carried on into the next creation and the same species come out again.

          So it is a subtle point. The living entities do not create the 8,400,000 species of life, they are there eternally, and the living entities are allocated a body from one of the 8,400,000 species according to their karma, according to their desires and according to what they deserve.

  10. Ajay Gaur says:

    I believe this thing by birth to till now because we no our GOD and we proud our country also we part of this wonderful achievement which seen our GOD’s impression whole world and now if any other people who don’t believe this thing then go to street way from GOD and reply them because this is KALYUG and now we don’t explain any other person who don’t believe in GOD so we proud this thing JAI SHREE RAM JAI BAJANGBALI KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

  11. Manzoor khan says:

    While Hanuman himself was capable to pick up entire hill on his shoulder, than what was the need of building a bridge.He could take waaner sena on his shoulder too.

    • Bhupendra says:

      Ram was Lord and he desired to engage his devotees in his service if Hanuman wold have taken all monkey army then ,no other is able to serve him .

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        It is not perfect reason/ answer in the matter. when Hanuman used his power in picking up the entire hill, his power was disclosed. Then why he has not used the disclosed power in building the bridge.

        • Homer says:

          A story from Hanuman’s own life answers this question. While Hanuman was hefting huge mountain tops into the sea to build the bridge to Lanka, he noticed a tiny spider brushing small particles of dust into the water with its legs to assist Lord Rama. He was about to brush the spider out of the way of his own serious work, when Ramachandra admonished him, saying, “Give up your pride! This spider’s devotional service is just as satisfying to me as yours. You are serving me according to your capacity, and he is serving Me according to his capacity.”

          Bupendra’s answer is the correct answer. The perfect answer.
          To engage them in Sri Rama’s service.

          “Two powerful lessons emerge here: the first is that whoever we are, we always have something to offer the Lord—and if we serve to our fullest capacity, with all our heart and soul, it will be accepted by Him as first class devotion. The second is that as we strive to do our best for the Lord, and progress in our service, we should never obstruct or belittle another’s devotional service, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to us.”

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        Mr Bhupendra, your comments are not perfect reasons/answer in the matter.When Hanuman picked up the entire hill, his power was disclosed to all.Then why he has not used that power in building the bridge to reach as early as possible to save Sitaji from Ravana.??

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        There was no need to take all monkeys army because only one Hanuman was enough to build the bridge.

    • Prabhat says:

      If lord hanuman carried the whole army there then how u idiots will know the power of HINDUISM. 1000000 years back India was capable of building bridges in sea while the whole world was roaming naked in search of food n animals.

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        The language using by you like “idiot” shows your original “Sanskriti/civilization.”

        • Indu says:

          The sea was made through protective forces by Ravana and it was difficult to cross the sea with huge army. Even Hanaumanji had problems crossing the sea. So please read ramayan and try to find answer.

          Than even that way Sri Ram was a god (Vishnu avtar he could have killed Ravan with his power easily.) But he dint .

          So there are many stories and reasons and depth of concepts. Please ready Ramayan. So that the depth of things can be built.And concepts will be clear.

  12. John P. Dering says:

    We are obviously looking at natural features; that were artificially modified using either mass labor force or heavy machinery or a combination of both. I respectfully suggest that many Indians need to read the introductory, scientific description of the cycle of world ages (the 24,000 year and longer yuga cycles), in the book “The Holy Science”, by Swami Sri Yukteswar in 1894.

    The legend of magic apes, could be an ancient account of primates altered by genetic engineering methods to develop a species of sufficient sentience to work as a labor force.

    Our present world age is a blend or the result of three (3) yuga cycles. There is a 432,000 year and ~8 million year cycles. These 2 long/slow cycles are both in that phase designated Kali-yuga the lowest, most reduced stage of conciousness. However, the “fast yuga cycle” i.e. the 24,000 year cycle is now about 320yrs into the 2400year ascending/advancing dwapara yuga. Dwapara is also a materialistic age, but one of active investigation and application of the forces l9cked inside matter.

    Dwapara is the age of awareness & application of material properties at the bulk-scale, biomolecular, simple-molecular, atomic, nuclear and sub-nuclear levels of matter & energy.

    Remember, as confusing and unstable as world civilization may appear right now, in truth the confusion is because of the rapid progress driven by the changes in consciousness driven by the 24,000 yr cycle [which I’ve named the “fast yuga cycle” because the rate of change in conciousness, knowledge and civilization is fast enough that we perceive the changes occuring. For decades I worked to develop high energy lasers for missile defense (defense against incoming missiles). High energy lasers and other directed energy weapon DEW technoligy for “purely defensive weapons” will greatly calm the tensions between nations. When countries xan defend themselves by directed energy and novel methods of localization of electromagnetic wave energy, we reach Tesla’s ideal. Defense that eventually eliminates the need for offensive destructive weapins. This is exactly what Nikola Tesla was speaking of in his final written paper [A Machine to End War, 1939]. Personal.& national peace, security and happiness must be based upon a foundation of increasing awareness of God. In the higher ages 10,000 years ago the great rushes formulated Krista yoga for awakening and “upgrading” human spiritual evolution. In 1972 I was blessed to learn Kriya Yoga through the Self Realization Fellowship SRF teachings of Paramahansa Yoganada. Those teachings are available to all seekers.

    Om Shanti

  13. Charaka says:

    Palk strait is also called Great Ravana Bridge / Adam’s Bridge. NASA proved this gateway was established more than 5000 years ago(1,750,000 Years Old). May be king Ravana use this bridge as a gateway to his kingdom (controlling areas). You can visit and for learn more about great king Ravana (Language : English). And you can also visit (Language : Sinhala)

  14. Rohit says:

    Some people are saying Ram Setu is a naturally happend bridge but I want to know one thing across the world is any other bridge like this ramsetu which has limestone wood etc etc which connect to other country’s by waters ways to pass to other country did they find any writings and books about the Adams Bridge but we have proof in Ramayana as proof of our god and the great army and dedicated there lives … please show the proof about the Adam bridge so we can believe it’s naturally built nothing happened in the world which happened in Hindu history the scriptures,vedas,traditions,worshipping,yoga all have come from our anciators this is true Hinduism is true Lord Rama lord krishna where there will be there Hare krishna

  15. Geetha Mala says:

    let’s not bring other religion into this finding’s sure if this bridge has been discovered recently that is good Amen to NASA it’s quiet interesting I personally always believed that Hanuman Jee foes
    represent an Archangel with His strength
    saying so let’s not take that another mile and compare Jesus with anyone no one was crucified and rose the third day only Jesus Christ did I give him all the Praise and Glory

  16. Tushar says:

    Current research says it is 7000 years ago , but as the informarion given above its given that it is built laks of year ago. How ???? Which is true ??? How did they identify the age of rocks ??? Is sri ram story true???

  17. niran says:

    It simply tells us that that Hanuman is great and the world will see him again. Jai Shree Hanuman

  18. abdul razzaq says:

    pls tell me about adam bridge
    in sight a solid bridge …yes…or…no
    is it reality that in past time ..adam bridge …yes or no
    pls tell me detail

  19. Adam himself says:

    White people renamed it as Adams bridge.

    Now hindus will hear Adams bridge and believe it’s real.

    If you say Rams bridge then they will doubt it.

    Stupid Hindus – bent upon destroying themselves with secularism , inferiority complex and self depreciation.

    • Gourdas Dasadhikary says:

      Many men ,many idea,but these are all creation of mind.Events that happend or to happen are not by mind but by Energy,that is a constant neither be created nor be destroyed, that is He Who enhanced the Energy to be active.Mind is not enough to realize Him.

  20. Does not matter says:

    It’s incredible how India’s Hindu history has been raped by successive governments since independence.

    If India were like USA, Canada or Australian by now we would be able to take a tour of this monument and possibly scuba dive to go and touch it.

    Even this article calls this bridge a ‘Legend’ implying it is not a fact.

    That’s the problem of Hindus – self depreciating community of idiots who think they are intellectuals and such people have been given awards by successive anti-Hindu governments of India.

    • Rajput says:

      W r not stupids ram setu is real my dears don’t get interrupted in our hindu holies there are many limestones which are in deep of the sea and on them “ram” word have been written.ships couldn’t sail on that bridge. Next time just shut ur mouths while writing these bustered words

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        In which language Ram was written on the stones.?
        At that time, which language was spoken.?
        Whether vanar sena was educated to write on stones.??

    • John P. Dering says:

      You are not looking at the big picture. The Bridge is just one of many ancient mysteries that mainstream archeology refuses to take seriously.

      You forget there are incredibly ancient, sacred sites in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia AND in the continental United States.

      Why do you think Memphis, Tennesee was given the name of an ancient Egyptian city by white settlers of 1780-1820. Do you know why? There was an entire complex of pyramids and OTHER structures there.

      All were torn down and destroyed by settlers it took decades to destroy them. Well who built them? The indigenous peoples only had legends of earlier (ancient) civilizations tgat were ling vanished.

      In other parts of the United States in over 100 reported l8cations the skeletons of giants were found in elaborate tombs, giants 8ft some 10ft and even 12ft.

      The hug a cycle effects/influence are worldwide. The Vedic Texts say in the higher ages Treta & Stays yugas (The magnetic age and golden age) human stature reaches upwards of 12ft.

      So why aren’t American museums filled with remains of these beings? Because out of fear the secular humanists at Smithsonian & other institutions of the 19th century suppressed and destroyed evidence. Why? Because they were largely aetheists, the evidence of giants suggested thst the Christain & Jewish Bible were recording ancient real facts when they say “their were giants in the earth in those days, and men of renown”. Those days is a biblical reference to the lost, worldwide civilizations that have existed in the upper enlightened stages of the great yuga cycle.

      In south America are ruins that simply can not be dated, the modern archeological communities insist they are at most 1500yrs d. But geological evidence suggests more like 12,000 even 20 to 30,000yrs old.

      Take a look, online at the incredible stonework at Puma Pinku in Chile. Modern materials engineering experts have busted and say that these ruins are impossible to have been made by primitives chipping with stone tools. This was clearly a highly evolved civilization destroyed in some ancient cataclysm of a long forgotten age.

      When Pizarro was conquering the Incas he would ask “who built those giant cities far up.into the mountains?” .. the Inca said “No in a in our memory, in the memory of our ancestors, back to the first in a or the people’s before them, has ever seen those cities except as ruins, their builders we were told were called the old-ones, but they were gone l9ng before the flood.”

      In the United States several times advanced technology has been discovered encased in stone. A geode, found near the Dalton Sea contains what is clearly some sort of preccesion electrical device, it looks like a transmission line, slow 1/4 wave helical resonator (radio technology), the geode that encased it took 20 million years to form.

      The ancient texts say mankind has been on this planet, going through the grand and shorter yug a cycles for tens of millions of years. A planetary age is 4.325 Billion years… very close to accepted values in modern geophysics.

      So, the bridge is not the only ancient sacred artifact that has been ignored on purpose.

      In the American southwrst, state of New Mexico is an entire huge Cliffside that some removed dozens of huge trucks worth of stone to form a extremely precise parabolic mirror reflector for sound waves.

      When I heard the legend that goes with this giant sound mirror, unfortunately it paralleled my own work in high/extreme pose sound beams during the 1980s and 1990s. I waa surprised and greatly humbled to learn from an open minded archeol9gist the indigenous people’s Navajo, Hopi & Zuni retain a tradition of what may have been a time of horrible warfare from some long lost epoch.

      All around this world governments, wh8ch tend to deny ancient advanced civilizations have covered up over and over the evidence of lost SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS, out of fear.

  21. Police says:

    You are calling the Ramayana a Hindu “legend.” It is not legend but fact. You have said so yourself by proving the Ram-Setu Bridge to be real.

  22. Flipper says:

    Obviously, since the date is well before the first evidence of human civilization, this land bridge was built by porpoises to prevent raiding of the Andaman Sea along the coast.

  23. vbwanere says:

    Read prabhupada lecture on nasa when the scientists claimed that they went to moon and returned.
    prabhupada had called the scientists as rascals.He also said that people believe on scientists once scientists said something and he called this behavior as disease and here you are believing on rascals for you selfishness.

  24. Pratish says:

    Jai shree ram

  25. Kershal says:

    Why weren’t these images captured before?

    • Vijay says:

      Government not taken any initiative to reserch on RamSetu, because its belong to hinduisum, government have rights to destroy it but dont have rights for save this??? This is our country where our temples destroys thousand time, but we never replyed on them….

  26. Jumpa Bharali says:

    It’s incredible ……. !!! if you believe in god then we can consider to Lord Ram s’ bridge i.e Ram Setu and we believe in science and technology we can say it to be Adam s’ bridge which have proved by NASA…… it ‘s up to us what we think or believe….

  27. Monu sahu says:

    I agree
    Jai Shri Ram ??

  28. gol says:

    Incredible!!! but so is Spirituality and its history. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Gol says:

      Hare Krishna,

      It is up to our generation to keep our in heritage in tact, and I mean not just Hinduism obvious phenomenons but also every bit of it. Governments don’t care about Spirituality and our journey home. They constantly fight for a square more of land, a fistful more of money, etc……How blissful it is to have discoverd and seen this wonder with the material eye! Be Happy

  29. Aman says:

    If Rama is worshiped as god, why god have to fight with other, he don’t have to build a bridge, If he got super powers.

    • Yes. Lord Rama can do anything, but He wanted to show the glories of His devotees. So His devotee Hanuman built the bridge for Lord Rama to cross. Of course Ramachandra could have built it Himself, but He wants His devotees to get the credit.

    • Vijay Chaurasiya says:

      I am sure you never read “Ramayana” if still not read, please read this daily 5-7 dohe only not more, you will get answer of your all questions. before die, please read at list one time in deep, you can understand what we are actually.

      Thank you…

    • G. Ouri says:

      Offcorse Rama is God.. Plz note,rama born as a human (avatar), so he want to be live as human. Like Jesus Christ. He showing his life as a example for Other Human. Each of the avatar having a special mission. So sreerama avatar having power to complete his mission in earth. Just try to read ramayanam.

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        Jesus was not God, he was a passenger of God.

        • Harry Basdeo says:

          Jesus was not a passenger nor a messenger of god, he was the son of god (read the Holy Bible). He was not like Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) who was a messenger of God (read the Holi Koran) but Jesus was the son of God who was sent by his father for a specific reason – to save us from our sins. He was sent as a mortal human being but still used his powers to perform “miracles”. He didn’t have to be crucified but that was his purpose, his ultimate goal to save us from sins – Don’t judge God’s method of sending his son himself for this purpose rather than messengers like profit Mohammed (pbuh), Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Noah, Solomon, etc. – Don’ try to understand or prove the works of the lord but read, look for evidence, believe and accept in All the religions. The history of humans is just not 5 or 10 thousand years old as the Western world wants us to believe (remember they wanted us to believe the earth was flat) but humans existed for millions of years (Ram was here over a million years ago). Why can’t we believe that during this period of millions of years God himself came upon the earth many times. If he sent his son just 2000 years ago why can’t we believe that God himself came within the past million years and also every other million years or so even if there is evidence to show that). Why can’t we believe that Ram, Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, Jah, “I”, etc, are just different names of the same one and only one God. The reason is that we are still ignorant – not knowledgeable enough and full of ego – wanting to believe that “mine” is better than “others”. We should read more and try to accept ALL different faiths. In this way we should be able to help and one another and eventually have peace and love on this very small planet we call Earth.

    • Vimal Kumar says:

      If i ask a same question to you that if in quran it is been said that the shaitaan misleads human beigns then why doesnt allah destroy shaitaan directly instead of testing human beigns as all is also a super power

      • Manzoor Khan says:

        If Ram has born as ordinary man, than why he used super power at the time ,Sitaji’s suyambar by breaking Shiv Dhanush which could not do by other strong men.??
        Why Hanuman used to worship to Ram. Was Hanuman was ‘antaryaami’ that he knows Ram’s secret of being Bhagwan.??

        • 15 year old lol says:

          he didn’t use a superpower, the shiv danish, is only liftable to those with great morality and values. the only people mentioned besides the gods that were able to lift were rama and sita, and they are avatars of lord vishnu and goddess lakshmi

  30. Arjun says:

    When Everything is Proved than why its getting late in making Ram Mandir in Ayodhya..Govt. Should start the work…Why everyone asking for more Proofs.

    • Vijay says:

      Government should take initiative to Re-build Shri Ram Temple. We hope it will start very soon…. Jai Shri Ram

  31. Sandeep Kanodia says:

    This bridge proves that the incidences and places persons including Lord Ram & ma Sita hanumanji etc are true and real characters and not just tales. There was conspiracy done during earlier UPA govt. to break the Ramsetu so that the clear proof of existence of Bhagwan Ram and true story of Ramayana/ Ramcharitmanas may be proved fake. Which despite all efforts they failed . The equipments imported and used to break the bridge called deep in the sea and the Russian Engineer who was deputed for this task got his legs broken. We should {Indian govt.} should develop this bridge as it is very much religious and it would also develop as tourist spot. This bridge as I think is single of its kind in the world.

    • Vijay Chaurasiya says:

      Yes sandeep ji, i totaly agree with you.

    • jai rawat says:

      is it true Indian govt did that its a shame. why the hell they want to erase that holy place. well if somebody know who did that shameful work then aware media and everyone. cuz of these holly spots our generation believes in lord and respect our culture more else we all believe its just a myth. recently nat geo found ghatothgaj skeletal that is really amazing his skeletal is 18 feet long.

    • vs ramarao says:

      That’s why so called UPA doesn’t exist now a days.

    • Prahbha says:

      Why is there not much of scientific publicity and more research into this?
      Where these Humans or God’s or something from other planetary dimensions. ..since the technology then was not advanced. .
      Millions or thousands of years ago. ..there’s a big difference. .mind boggling
      Lots of questions.

  32. madhu mm says:

    it is wonderful jurny of ramayana

  33. This is very interesting facts.

  34. Subrata ghosh says:

    In Satya Treta Drapar yug the katha about krishna was a true fact bridge proved it.

  35. Ray says:

    Pamho, thanx for posting !

    Really amazing, so now Ramayana is not anymore “mythical Indian tale” for nonbelievers :

    The Lanka bridge is r e a l ! One step closer to discover the priceless Vedic heritage for all humanity…

    Greetings from France

  36. Manish Chandra says:

    How did sethu went under water when it was supposed to float.

    • Gyan Lulla says:

      Hare Rama Hare Krsna. Prabhuji, from what I heard once on TV on this subject, after Vibhishan was made the king of lanka, he feared that in future it will be easy for enemies to attack Lanka because of the sethu,therefore Lord Rama asked Laxman to sink it by his arrow,and Laxman did it. Prabhuji, this is a matter of belief in The Lord who can do anything.If you see around in nature you will find many wonderful things happening systematically and these are all for the happiness and comfort of living beings.So Please believe in The Lord and Love,Love,Love him and everyone. Hare Rama Hare Krsna Prabhuji

    • Vijay says:

      Day by day sea level are countinue going up, this can also be a reason.

  37. Vikashini says:

    Its simply awesome I got many information regarding this…thanks fr giving useful information

  38. Raju says:

    Hii all…..this is true according to scientific research…..Rama sethu paalam has been changed ad Adams bridge…..if u go through google maps it initially shows as Adams bridge and when you zoom it shows as Adams bridge.So both are same bridge.In india,the Christians tries to overrule the other religions.Sorry to say.One church father came to me and forced me to change me religion for that sake he offered me capitals and assets.But I didn’t accept.Recently one aged women came in front of me and started reading and was elaborating bible.Yes I respect bible,Quran,Geethai etc., bt I don’t like the peoples who forced me to change.So these things are happening in Tamil nadu.Just I would like to share my feelings with you all.I pray Lord Shiva,Jesus and Allah….Bt the peoples are very different.

    • jai rawat says:

      Hey buddy your right this thing happening now these days they want to change your religion but they doesn’t know our soul belongs to Hinduism. our religion is very powerful. Right now I m in Auckland(NZ). couple of weeks before i saw a group of people shouting Hare Rama and Hare Krishna they all are English now English people are believing in Hinduism. they recognize me m India they fell very happy and invite me in their ashram suddenly a English fella came and talk to me for an hours told me story about Jesus what he did for all of us there is only one god so now believe in Christianity. he approach many English people they all are ignored him and some said bad words as well. But i was there with him for an hour. then I said now you can see I m Hindu you just talk me about your Jesus i gave you my time cuz i respect all culture but for an hour your forced me to convert as a christian but i didn’t cuz my heart and soul always for Hinduism.

  39. saakshi Jain says:

    is it real pic of ram Setu?? big question because this image is not clear but Ramayan is epic this is for sure but yes may be its real ram Setu

  40. Megharupa Krsna Das says:

    Hare krishna Hare krishna krishna krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Lord Krishna is eternal, so all avatar of Lord Sri Krishna is absolute truth.

  41. Vrajananda dasa says:

    Nasa used to state they are connected to the reality with their pictures which are most of the times compound paints made from a serial of photographs taken from a aeroplane.
    Therefore it is illusory to have certitude about a vedic fact by a so called scientific demonstration. If we rely on NASA we can so believe that men went to the moon.
    It is not very reliable to compare sastras with the so called science. We may be severely cheated even if we find sometimes some concordance between both.
    Concerning Sri Lanka , there is not yet a certitude that it is the Lanka of the past. See the demonstration of Shyamasundar Prabhu about its location.

  42. Dinesh says:

    I love this bridge. this is true I can accept god is in world.

  43. salva says:

    Origin of man in sri lanka came from Bharat, Tamil Nadu to be specific. But the stupid sri lanka didn’t want to accept the facts. 99.9% of sri lankans gene came from Tamils.

  44. sube singh says:


  45. lon says:

    Ramayana is not a legend! It is an epic! And according to new studies, it is proved that Rama was born somewhere around 5000 BC!

  46. L. Hanmanth Reddy says:

    The Nala Setu or Rama Setu construction should be considered as one of the marvelous civil engineering tasks of ancient times.

    The bridge is made of wooden logs, boulders and rocks, the Nala Setu exists even today (as shown in NASA photos) but submerged 9 feet deep inside the sea. As per geological simulations, fourteen thousand years ago Sri Lanka was land lacked with South India and why would Vanaras build a bridge to crossover?? Somewhere between 11000BC and 9000BC the plate tectonic shift might have separated the Ceylon from South India. If you calculate the rise of sea level because of the glacier melt down and also take the archaeological & geological sedimentation data into consideration the Ramayana might have occurred somewhere between 5000BC and 7500BC.

  47. lhreddy says:

    The Nala Setu or Rama Setu construction was considered as one of the marvelous civil engineering tasks of ancient times. The bridge is made of wooden logs, boulders and rocks, Nala Setu exists even today (as shown in NASA photos) but submerged 9 feet deep inside the sea.

    As per geological simulations, fourteen thousand years ago Sri Lanka was land lacked with South India and why would Vanaras build a bridge to crossover??

    Somewhere between 11000BC and 9000BC the plate tectonic shift might have separated the Ceylon from South India. If you calculate the rise of sea level because of the glacier melt down and also take the archaeological & geological data into consideration the Ramayana might have occurred somewhere between 5000BC and 7500BC.

  48. prem kumar tiwari says:

    Rama is the greatest god.

  49. Akila says:

    The ultimate power of Lord Hanuma

  50. gopi krishna panta says:

    Ramayana was 100% true scripture

  51. Chetan gowda says:

    Hindu religin rocks INDIA is great we hindus are awesome compare to other religions and we believe in our god, we dont care about wat others say… Jai shri ram, jai seetharam, jai laxman, jai hanuman…. PROUD TO BE HINDU, PROUD TO BE INDIAN.. mera bharath mahaan…….

    • Deanna says:

      So this will sound crazy I’m sure. I’ve been dreaming of a stone bridge and a tradition handed down from the building of that bridge. A leader has approached me and is telling me this beautiful story of all of it. It was meant to make an impression on my life, I haven’t been religiously involved even. This meant something though, I feel it in my soul and can’t figure it out. I know the religion was Hindu of some kind and a stone bridge was significant. I need to know what it means. Has me questioning too much

      • manian says:

        you are fool not to aknowledge Shri Ram as divine. can any human build a bridge in the ocean. The samdra dety gave way to rama to build the bridge with the neel an nala who had the ability to do so as divine engineers.

  52. Venkatesh says:

    It is a human made ? ok i agree, it is wonder becase this is made in under water. i whant a pure history of this place

  53. Kenan Yalcinoglu says:

    That’s isn’t bridge like man made its land mass formed between two countries. This land mass formed from seabed over 1 million years ago. Their is another one but not same shape and size with this land mass. The 2nd biggest continent the Africa attached to Arabia and this land mass must be formed much before this thin land mass. Once North African and South America was attached but long time ago they broke that land mass so two continents not attached anymore. It’s not hard to know all these.

  54. patitapaban Mahapatra says:

    there must the same one which was made by Lord Rama…..Jay Sri Ram

  55. Chan says:

    Blessings to you all n good energy for the excellent work to help others

  56. ram says:

    They are so ooo great , and my question is the bridge is builded rama . But the bridge name is Adam’s bridge . Who is Adam?

    • Bidwattam Sharma says:

      Adam word should be evoluted from aadi maanaba as like in Sanskrit evolution is known to aprabhansha for the sense of word using, similarity now a days name Mahendra changed to Mahender and in same way the word – Sri Tara changed to Sitara and finally in English it changed to only by Star. We know modern time is product of lots of evolution of the word we using currently.

  57. manjula says:

    Jai Sri ram

  58. So great picture of rama setu bridge

  59. vadivelan says:

    om namo bhagavathey vasudevaya

  60. ankur says:

    hi …cool guys course the the true Indian didn’t ready to accept to call it by name of Adam’s bridge but according to tym our nature and people s getting changed yaap it’s possible only in India only bcz of politicians

  61. RosaRed19 says:

    lol im 13 so don’t bother pissing me off but i find this amazing and annoying

    an ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka.
    has records about who’d made it.
    very amazing bridge for us because its proves that hindu mythology isnt a myth
    then NASA had found it…and says


    It’s a true story sri Lanka government found Ravana port

  63. Its the power of Hanuman. Jai Hanuman.

  64. amarjyot says:

    It is a really discovery best news in the world

  65. Rohit says:

    Hare Krsna… Thanks for Krsna’s love…

  66. Aakash K says:

    Jaya Sri Ramachandra!

  67. Billal says:

    …NASA is a hoax you retards…therefore this and the moon landings are fake..why are people so ignorant

    • Sunil says:

      Billal is the name of Mohammad’s apostle, he was I believe his first one. I understand your desperation in posting such comments and trying to misinform us all. I also know quite a bit about your faith and what it stands for.

      So let me put you right with regards to your comments, you said “…NASA is a hoax you retards…therefore this and the moon landings are fake..why are people so ignorant”.

      The previous government of India, had carried our surveys and determined that a sea way has to be opened as an alternative to having to sail around Sri Lanka to get to easter part of India, thus saving time and money for the fuel, as well as providing a defendable sea lane. One of the engineering feat they had to carry out was to cut through the rock that forms Ram Situ. This rock formation runs the course that the images show.

      We know in Islam you are allowed to lie, deceive and use strategies to achieve your end goal of spreading Islam by any means. We are not all fools and we can not all be deceived, because we take shelter of Krishna and He protects us. Kindly take your lies elsewhere and I will add if your “god” is so desperate to be loved that the followers can lie, cheat and force others to love such a “god”, then I say keep your faith to yourself. Thank you for opening our eyes.

      Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

      Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.

      deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.

    • manian says:

      the bridge is built by shri ram. adam bridge is the name given by our Christian brothers to deny it is built bySri Ram.Adam is the original man created by god.

  68. rupesh says:

    The main reason is that western world denies Ram Setu because it have world 36% thorium nd they don’t want India to explore it …. alone this deposit can provide nuclear power electricity for nxt 150years to whole world ….

  69. deepak kumar halwai says:

    Jai sri ram

  70. yash says:

    this is the ramsetu not a adam bridge

  71. Subramanian A says:

    Hindu is not just a religious , this is an ancient culture all of above.But one think is soooo sad to to us ,many of the Hindus are not interesting to know about our historical cultures while compare to to others.this is my point of view , sorry guys if anybody Will hurt from my suggestions.

  72. shahi vikram says:

    Now Ram setu is their or not .

    • manian says:

      moon landing is really a fake. there is a hidden planet rahu which the astronomers landed and not the real moon. it is not possible to reach moon byany human. Only religiously pious people only can reach moon after their departure.

  73. ravi says:

    This bridge exist b/w India & srilanka.Adam is neither an Indian nor a srilankan.He had nothing to do with it.Then why is it called ADAM bridge.
    Adam Teri ma ka saaki naka,BC,MC,D K BOSE…..
    Beech me this gaya salary bey faaltu me.
    This bridge was made by Lord Ram.We’ll call it Ram setu till our last breath…
    Jai shree Ram..
    Jai Bajrang Bali..


    if rama setu appears very clear, then we can educate our children with rama setu images and about ramayana,

  75. shivam meena says:

    simply amazing …. JAI shree RAM !

  76. Gautam kumar says:

    This only be called a Rama bridge not foolish adam bridge

  77. mani says:

    Tried posting several times – not going through. Apologizing if all of it went through!

    Ancient theories – try Wikipedia to read on Kumari Kandam – say that the famous Atlantis that is now under sea was actually Kumari Kandam. There is believed to have been a large area extending beyond India and Sri lanka onto the south Indian ocean a combined region of greenery with very wise people who had technology far better than modern today. This Kandam supposedly all were once part of a larger continental mass… until sea erosion/ rising sea levels submerged the land and then created Sri Lanka to be an island while Kerala landmass rose from the sea! That is why people look the same, cook the same foods and also almost speak similar dialects in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. We have to forget modern day division into “countries” and try to understand what happened 10500 years back – there was flood around Egypt, Gujurat, Kerala, and Tamil nadu sites … there are stories and legends from the fishermen, local people and also ancient excavations that come up after tsunami etc.

    Just recently, the stories by the aborginals in Australia and New Zealand were proved true by satellite/archeology that there were islands that could be walked across in low tide, forest and kangaroos in the islands and then massive floods 10,000 years ago came to submerge all that. The people who escaped told those stories to children through the generations. So there must have been a massive extinction level sea rise from Antarctic snow melt 10,500 years back. Interestingly that is how many years it takes for the earth’s axis 23 degrees tilt to move to one side and then come back to center to the other side. The pyramids were built near each other to match the stars pattern in the sky about 10500 years ago.

    Now we have only digital stories online – to pass onto generations onward!

    • manian says:

      ram sethu is there an it is real built by Shri Ram with the help of neel and nal the divine architect. some stone really flow in the water which is there in danukodi and haridwar.

  78. shanker3439 says:

    This is ramasethu not Adam bridge jesus came to Buddha to learn studies by this bridge

  79. Dadi dhakal says:

    yeah that’s absolutely true

  80. Abhishek says:

    It is only & only Shree Rama’s bridge. If anyone says it is Adam’s bridge, he or she is 1000% wrong. In starting roman calendar there is only 10 months & 304 days, it proves that Christians doesn’t know how long a year in olden times. Christianity doesn’t exist before 10 BC where as our Hindu religion exist 38,93,116 years from today.
    (starting year from Satyuga)

  81. julio says:

    THINK. how did ravana kidnapped and took sita to srilanka ( AH ha he crossed the bridge or flew) than comes the battalion to get sita back from ravana, now they build a bridge or do they. now I am perplexed,gives me a headache any way ……. keep on

    • manian says:

      in ancient time, atlatntis were the rakshsa people with lot of knowledge on material constructions etc. they had magical powers. they were known as asuras. suras were lemurians and oplposit to asuras. they always fought with each other for power. this is like asuras and devas fighting.

    • manian says:

      you head will definitely acke because you think wrong. Seetha was kidnapped and taken by ravan through his pupakaviman which he forcibly took from his brother really some of the vananras like neel nala ad hanuman ca fly but not te entire army. hence the bridge was built by nal and neel with the help of smudra raja who blessed them

  82. Jhari says:

    That is true Hindus bridge

  83. Mahesh Shrestha says:

    Very interesting. Jai Shri Ram

  84. H. H. Hartley says:

    I am a westerner, born in the states. I just finished reading an abridged version of the Ramayana titled “A Tale of Gods and Demons” The amazing artwork was illustrated by B.G.Sharma and the text was written by British born Rancor Prime. In the book there is an illustration of Hanumans’ monkeys building the bridge to Lanka. It blew my mind, because I immediately remembered a t.v. documentary about satellite photos showing an ancient causeway ‘ which is now under water’ connecting the southern tip of India to modern day “Sri” Lanka. There is even more satellite imagery revealing under water cities of the coast of India that coincide with ancient Indian mythologies that go back thousands and thousands of years. I think the west needs to look at these “mythologies”, Indian and others with fresh eyes. Take for instance Heinrich Schliemann, he took a close look at the mythological story of Troy. He must have felt that Homers’ tale was actually historical. He did his research, and actually found and excavated the ancient “mythological” city of Troy. Then he bestowed to his wife and world it beautiful treasures. Now to the point that irks the #%$@& out of me. What the $%&@# is Adams Bridge. Adam, Adam!!! Come on people!! Why does the west always want to put a European tint on everything. The way I see it is this, If Rama existed it was certainly way before Christianities mythological story of Adam and Eve. That may not sit well with many people who believe and want you to believe That Adam and Eve and the rest of mankind started about 6,000 years ago and that the architects of this grand and magnificent venture were perhaps much more intelligent than we are today. With this said, western based history would have you believe that the further back in time you go the more primitive the society. Well then how do you explain this man made link across the sea or the pyramids which are aligned to specific celestial stars, when Copernicus was only a few hundred years ago. Today’s society with all its technological advances can not even conceive a way to quarry, move and cut stones of that magnitude, much less align them in such precise fashion. If you take a deep look into the Vedas as well as Egyptian and other ancient religions/philosophies/histories you begin to understand that mankind goes through grand periods of spiritual, intellectual and scientific highs and lows, known to Indians as Yugas. Well let me stop ranting. I guess what I am trying to get across is this, we need to get to the truth about our past and who we are. The “white” washing of history needs to cease. Adam my ass.

  85. Show Time says:

    This is great. Jai Hanuman.

  86. chandrashekhar says:

    Very nice

  87. Aishwarya says:

    We Should Not Call The King “RAVANA” the “Demon King” he was the Intelligent King Whether he was Bad Or Good, I Praise Lord Rama very much. These all instances take place because of the King Ravana, He Was and is A KING

  88. Yogendra singh rathore says:

    The bridge had been footing between india and sri lanka wan an flot above water or blows water?
    See clear image for prove that it’s is realy flot above water?

  89. Bulbul Thakur says:

    Jai Raddhe Radhe.

  90. Bulbul Thakurt says:

    Radhe Radhe.Hare Krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

  91. ashok says:

    Thanks this website we see ramsetu

  92. ratan says:

    jai shree ram chandra…….

  93. Tieragon says:

    Hello I have been raised belonging to no particular religion, and have been able to choose my own, but I do not see the point in believing blindly in one thing, I personally believe that a god exists somewhere but I do not think that people should fight over these things, which is what this has been turned into. Just believe what you believe and allow others to do the same. Thank you for your time

    • Hare Krishna Tleragon

      You are correct. There is no point in blindly believing in anything. That is not the point at all. Blind faith. That is useless. However, within humanity there is a deep desire to know the truth. So if you can find the truth then that is a very satisfying thing. So Krishna consciousness is not blind faith. It is the absolute truth. And you can directly and very tangibly experience Krishna and Krishna consciousness. So it is not blind faith.

      As far as the bridge between India and Sri Lanka, Lord Rama built such a bridge thousands of years ago, exactly where this bridge is today. So it is a historical thing. Everything in the Vedas is histroy. And gradually in India the Indian Archeology Survey people are rediscovering all the historical places and cities described in the Vedas. They have discovered ancient battlefields where there is evidence of nuclear weapons being detonated, they have discovered elaborate cities underneath the sea. So many wonderful things.

      So I would suggest that you investigate Krishna consciousness more deeply by reading the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada which you can purchase at or read online at

      If you spend a little time to read the books you will find the answers to all your questions and a lot more.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  94. sindhu says:

    r u saying us to belive r not….!

  95. himanshu says:

    radhe radhe

  96. Paj says:

    Adam, for the record, is not western. It has Aryan origins.
    In modern farci, “Ah-Dam,” means mankind or humanity.

    So to call this adam’s bridge,
    It literally means, humanities bridge
    It is symbolic as a symbol of the first signs of humans developing technologies in pre history.

    On a different note, the age cannot be possible. 1.7 million years is pre-human sapien. The ape army notwithstanding, most sources put this at 125 thousand years old, which makes it the oldest known human creation.

    • ROY says:

      Note: India, Indians developing technology but scientists say man is here for only 5000 years. However our scriptures hints at 62 000 000 years

  97. Mitwa says:

    NASA Images Discover

    lol we know this for so many years ago had just asked, we would tell them :)))

    Nasa must read the old books maybe they will discover more things.

    Jay shree Ram.

  98. jalwan says:

    SITA CAME PURE FROM RAVAN PREGNATED &thrown out by ram whose kids were brought up by sudra rishi balmiki and another sudra rishi sambuk was killed by him what greatness how in same period parasram , ram n krisn can be made 6th , 7th , 8th AVTARS RESPECTIVELY . EK RAM DASRATH KA BETA , EK RAM GHAT GHAT BAITHA, EK RAM KA JAGAT PASARA ,EK RAM JAG SE NYARA .TELL ME THE REAL GOD

  99. Common Sense says:

    I was impressed after going through Mr. Ashok Kumar’s narrative – it is written in vivid detail. Also, these facts are recorded in various historical texts, now considered sacred that corroborate the astronomical positions which form an integral part of Indian life even today (think: your ‘janma kundli’)
    As to the ‘Name’ of the bridge, obviously, you cannot expect the NASA to name it Rama Sethu, given the implications it will carry – (A scientific Institution actually supporting a religion – and Hinduism, at that!)
    A rose by any other name is still a rose, guys! So I am happy that these facts have come to light, the name notwithstanding. There are a few more scientific discoveries that support what is written in our sacred texts. Do check out the discovery series on how Mohenjo-daro and Harrappa cities were wiped out at a stroke.

  100. Richard says:

    Based on plate techtonics 1,700,000 years ago India would have been part of Africa. So if this happened it wasn’t that far back in the past.


      10,000 years ago with the end of the last ice age ,this shoal was under fairly deep water. It was above water more than 20,000 years ago. 175,000 years ago humans did not know the use of metals. Ramayan period can not be older than 5,000 years.The shoal is limestone (formed from skeletons of corals) overlying sand beds. The rectangular blocks are due to weathering.Such a man made feature would mean a large quarrying , which is not seen any where with in transportable distance. No hard rock like charnockite or granite is found in the shoal. The composition and the curvature do not indicate that it is man made , rather it shows to be an acretional feature formed by ocean waves and currents. The imageries only show a part of ithe morphology and not structure, chemistry, petrology, mineralogy and sedimentation.This is a geologist’s work and what has been done by GSI favours natural fomation of the shoal.This feature klooks more like a tombolo. It is like an isthumus.It certainly is not made by any humans.Valmiki must have known the geology andgeography of th area well to incorpate this land bridge into his great epic..I am a retired Deputy Director General of GSI and I am stating all this on the basis of scientific data available till date and in spite of my Hindu emotions I can not support your theory of the Setubandh being man made.
      1.7 million years ago India was not part of Australia . It was already with Asia.

    • ROY says:

      Plate tectonics is what the white man says. It’s like who took the picture of Neil Armstrong alighting from the craft

  101. Kavi says:

    I think whether the bridge is man made or not is irrelevant. Hinduism is a symbolic religion and everyone seems to be taking everything they have read and everything that was discovered too literally. But it is as cool as ever that this bridge does exist because it leads to endless debates on religion and philosophy. What are those? Well philosophy is questions that can never be answered and religion is answers that must never be questioned. So go on be religious be philosophical answer questions and question answers.

  102. arjun says:

    what the heck ? how can somebody name our RamaSethu as some adam’s bridge ? who the hell is this Adam ? these americans are bloody job less people.They name things as they like.And how can our government agree to this when its called adam’s bridge ? shame on this sonia gandhi government.

  103. […] : Ancient Bridge between India and Shri-lanka […]

  104. IMRAZ says:

    Hi people my Name is Imraz and I am a muslim who live in Fiji Islands at around 700000 Indians here, I also have hindu friends and I go to ramayan puja at their places since i was young till now, All I can say is that the ramayan is true and I have been telling my friends about this too. the result is out here the RAM BRIDGE but its sad that people take the name and put their own
    it should be called Ram bridge

  105. tomba chongtham says:

    If it is really true, faith and devotion will be multiplied in millions. Not only the Hindus but also other people from different sects will turn to Hinduism.

  106. bhakta harry says:

    “One interesting fact is that in the Fifth Canto, Chapter 19, Text 30, the names of the islands of Bharata-varsa are given. The island of Sri Lanka which you are currently on is mentioned there as Simhala and Lanka where Ravana’s empire was is mentioned. But this Lanka actually is 800 miles to the west of India, as stated in the Ramayana. So Sri Lanka is not the Lanka of Ravana. When Srila Prabhupada heard this, He laughed and said that this is another one of the misconceptions of the scientists smashed.”

    (From: Tamal Krishna – SL_770625_B1)

  107. MAHA VISHNU says:


  108. Shashank says:

    The bridge may be on some other planet in earth planetary system. it may not necessarily be this one in the image.

  109. Kathryne Kent says:

    Thank you for sharing the message from Srila Prabhupada about the ‘peace formula’. Very peaceful!! 🙂

  110. siva says:


    Madhura voyal situated near chennai Godhanda Ramar Temple. That temple was builted with the help of British official (before 1947). The scripture also in the temple. Why he help? Because he challenge the people. If the Ram is true
    I want to see him. He get the Ram and laxman tharishanam. Then only he believe.
    If you have daught you go that temple Mr. Jason. A lot of Ramayan related places is situated in Kanyakumari district also. (Ex 1)Mun chira Means Before prisoned sita Devi in this place. Before means after prisioned Asoka vana.
    (Ex 2) Vibishana get Ram pattabishekam tharishanam in the place is called Thirupathisaram temple in this temple vibishana and ramar pattabishekam we will see there.

  111. allan pellew says:


  112. Hemanta says:

    NASA finds a bridge under water and people are jealous of Hindu. Go to Nepal to find ram’s broken archery Sita’s homeland. Go to Kailash mountain in Tibet. Go to gosai kunda a pond mahadev took bath to chill while in affect of poison from samumdra Manthan . Exactly described in Hindu books and in Vedic era. There are lot of evidence that exist in land from Vedic era.

  113. satya seelam says:


    That is Rama and Hanuman Bridge

    No Adams bridge.

    Satya Seelam
    DBA School

  114. raj kumar says:


  115. Samir Majumder says:

    Give me a reason to tell it as Adam’s Bridge. It’s made by Rama or not that’s not sure but it’s 100% sure that it’s not made by Adam. Who the hell Adam is… ??????

    Please correct me if i am wrong….

    • saakshi Jain says:

      is it real pic of ram Setu?? big question because this image is not clear but Ramayan is epic this is for sure but yes may be its real ram Setu it’s not Adam bridge by the way it’s our ram Setu bridge but shrilanka can’t accept fact

  116. Jobin says:

    I think all humans are same a Christians eye or kidneys where transplantable to a Hindu or Muslim and viceversa . Do you know what iam trying to say we all have the same blood; each human races have there on contribution to science or what ever else they all are helpful to mankind ,spoke love and respect others ;jason said wrong thing but it dosent means all Christians are foolish Jesus taught to love others even the enemy also same as Gandhi did same as Buddha and vivekananda ;suppose if some common enemy comes and attack us from another planet then it is sure that we will stop fighting eachother ; forget the ancient bridge it can’t suppress any poor humans hungry if u can give anybody one time food that’s great

  117. Anonymous says:

    Everyone single one in the world will agree with time that every religion emerged from Hinduism and that is the Rama Setu

  118. Swapan Kar says:

    It is well known fact that western people do not like India because India’s
    history as one of the longest living race in the earth. They like present and happy with that. I do not blame them, because they do not have anything to think about their past history.
    Jai Sri Krishna, Hare, Hare.

  119. shetu says:

    this link between india and sri lanka is NOT ADAMS BRIDGE it is the stone bridge that was made by ram and his army it is called ram setu NOT adams bridge


    175000 years ago hominids lived ,humans came much later,5-20 mya the earth was cooler, then it warmed and again cooled during was cooler 18k yathe so called bridge is made of remains of cora,sand etc and is a marine deposit.

  121. Thiagarajan says:

    Known is a drop, Unknown is the ocean..So, instead of arguing among ourselves, it is better if we could share knowledge and wisdom about our universe and mother earth in order to understand her better..Is it so important now to now about the existence of a bridge instead finding solution for millions of people who actually dying everyday of hunger and war?

    I am Indian origin and I have so many friends across India but there is only one question I always ask them and often they could not answer me. As an Indian Origin, I am always proud of my heritage and history. My Indian friends always proud of their 2020 vision, military technology, scientific and IT advancement…But how many of you actually visited India? Can we count the poor people there? We do have a statistic on Indian migrants in overseas but do we have statistic on the kids begging on street/temple/etc..? Do we have statistic on dying kids due to lack of proper food? Have you guys actually know that India has one of the lowest grade of infrastructure in the world compared to the brains they have?

    Those who actually commenting in the page I guess mostly living a luxury life in overseas (correct me if I am wrong) so you guys have the lavish time to update on this page while sipping your Starbucks coffee but think of those in our motherland.

    Even though I am in overseas too as my grand dad came here for trade long time ago, my dad was born here and me too. But I am in the process of applying a PIO so that one day, I would return back to my motherland because there is where I belong.

    So instead of proving ancient facts, lets try to do something for our brothers and sisters in our mother land. We have lot more serious issue to deal with rather than discussing an entity under water.

    Sorry if I offended anybody but just my view on our mentality….Sai Ram..

    • manian says:

      King ravana was definitely a well learned Brahma rakshsa born to a Brahmin and the a rakshasa hisother.Becuase of his penance to lor shiva he was granted the power of deathless ness from any devas, god etc. but our Narada muni wanted the earlierest extinction to ravana and told him the boons giveby Siva are flase and he can test it by lifting the Kailash mountain. When he tried, he got the curse of lord shiva that his annihilatore will be born soon. Ravana wa one of theDwar Palakas of Lord Vishnu. He did not allow the Maharashis to visit Lord Vishnu who cuursed him to fall down to earth. Ravana wanted to go back to vaikunta early and he deliberately kidnapped Sita devi so that he will be killed directly by Lord Rama himself who is the avatar o mahavishinu

  122. Saba says:

    Could it be the bridge mentioned in this article

  123. Hanuman Bhakt says:


  124. SRIDHARAN.T.S.P. says:

    The pictures of NASA clearly shows the bridge from India to Sri Lanka. It was built by Ramaa and his army. To call it as ADAMS bridge is a farce. However the western world shortly come to know the through the researches of NASA. Thanks for their deep scientific spirit in learning the truth. My truth be published .


    with best wishes for NASA and its scientists

  125. Arumalla soma sekhar says:

    I may or may not believe dis, but one is true, Indian civilization is the most ancient one, since, this is the place where the population density is the most heavy. That is from years and years generations and generations of people are evolved. This increases the probability of my statement that an ancient civilization more nearer to this place is of the most ancient people of the world. Also, India even now bears most dozens of people, than any other country do. You might think China has more population than ours, but China is 2 times more in area and remember that countries are seperated by humans and not gods or nature at the most circumstances, unlike continents. Also, I believe that genetical codes of Indian youngs are of more selfishness than any other country; and hence by the statement of stephen Hawking “Human generations are increasing there genetical codes of selfishness, generations by generations”, it logically gives the answer of the people of our Indus valley civilization are of more years of history than any others do have.

  126. Paul says:

    Dear friends,
    Jesus has come to the world to make us aware of God that being with us.The God is not beyond horizon or behind the clouds.It is among us , realise the facts have better life today,now at this moment.

  127. MHC Shaikh says:

    As earlier I posted on 4th March 2012 editing to say Ancient Adam bridge Constructed 1,75000 years before over sea linked between Sri Lanka and India found by NASA space images.As per Muslim myth, Adam and EVE(Hawwa)[Origin of Human race-father and mother of human]were leaving in heaven very happily and Jealous Satan made them misguided and they disobeyed Allah’s order and Allah angered and throw out both of them from heaven to earth.Adam fall in Sri Lanka and EVE in India’s land.Adam repented over his act and pray to lord for forgiveness for his mistake.At that time the body structure was so made that he had long and strong body with long hand and long legs and was said that their length of tooth brush may be equal to height of coconut tree and there for they could do the things like digging of mountain,making of path and for making farm land by cleaning the jungle by hands.And he tried and constructed the bridge reached India to meet Hawwa(EVE) and after then he finished his life at Sri Lanka and died in Sri Lanka.Ancient grave of Adam is still existed in Sri Lanka and one can enquire.Then after long time Human race of Adam means His generation came existed and spread all over the world with time capsule making history with different cast,race, culture and nation and due to many beliefs and myth many religion came out in the flow of time with conflicting each other, existed with deferential phenomena of God existance.But there is only one God who created the Whole universe in the service of mankind which is best creation among universal .That is why he wants to pray to him by all Adam generation to accept his supremo to get favour of Him.

  128. MHC Shaikh says:

    Ancient Adam bridge Constructed under sea between Sri Lanka and India found by NASA space images still Muslim myth reveals that Adam and EVE(Hawwa)[Origin of Human race]father and mother were leaving in heaven very happily and Satan jealously made them misguided and Allah angered and throw out both of them out side from heaven to earth.Adam fall in Sri Lanka and eve in India.Adam repented and pray to lord for forgiveness for his mistake.At that time Adam had long and strong body structure and could do the things like digging of mountain and cleaning the jungle by hands.And he tried and constructed the bridge to reach India to meet Hawwa(EVE) and after then he finished his life and died in Sri Lanka.Still ancient Adam grave is existed in Sri Lanka.Then after long time race Human race of Adam came existed and spread world wide making history of human culture and many religious came out and now existed with deferential phenomena of God.But there is only one God who created the Whole universe in the service of mankind.That is why he wanted to pray to him by all Adam generation to accept his supreme.

  129. pranav says:

    hiii all

  130. Ashok Kumar from Bangalore, India says:

    Dear Friends,

    I was quite impressed to go through a very vivid discussions, opinions, arguments through various facts, figures, history, Science, statistics but felt a little bad to see some profanity being used which eventually provoked me to scribble amisdt so many comments on the same.

    Please Chant

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare

    Kali Santarana Upanishad

    The author Saroj Bala is in IRS, Commisioner of Income Tax posted at Delhi.

    Story of Ram

    This is not the RAMAYAN STORY, but the facts about Ram and India as the most ancient civilization in the world.

    Good to read and to share with others

    The story of Shri Rams’ life was first narrated by Maharishi Valmiki in the Ramayana, which was written after Shri Ram was crowned as the king of Ayodhya. Maharishi Valmiki was a great astronomer as he has made sequential astronomical references on important dates related to the life of Shri Ram indicating the location of planets vis-a-vis zodiac constellations and the other stars (nakshatras).

    Needless to add that similar position of planets and nakshatras is not repeated in thousands of years. By entering the precise details of the planetary configuration of the important events in the life of Shri Ram as given in the Valmiki Ramayan in the software named “Planetarium,” corresponding exact dates of these events according to the English calendar can be known.

    Mr Pushkar Bhatnagar, of the Indian Revenue Service, had acquired this software from the US. It is used to predict the solar/lunar eclipses and distance and location of other planets from earth. He entered the relevant details about the planetary positions narrated by Maharishi Valmiki and obtained very interesting and convincing results, which almost determine the important dates starting from the birth of Shri Ram to the date of his coming back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

    Maharishi Valmiki has recorded in Bal Kaand sarga 19 and shloka eight and nine (1/18/8,9) that Shri Ram was born on ninth tithi of Chaitra month when the position of different planets vis-a-vis zodiac constellations and nakshatras (visible stars) were:

    i) Sun in Aries; ii) Saturn in Libra; iii) Jupiter in Cancer; iv) Venus in Pisces; v) Mars in Capricorn; vi) Lunar month of Chaitra; vii) Ninth day after no moon; viii) Lagna as Cancer (cancer was rising in the east); ix) Moon on the Punarvasu (Gemini constellation & Pllux star); x) Day time (around noon).

    This data was fed into the software. The results indicated that this was exactly the location of planets/stars in the noon of January 10, 5114 BC. Thus, Shri Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC, 7121 years ago. As per the Indian calendar, it was the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month and the time was around 12 to 1 noon time. This is exactly the time and date when Ram Navmi is celebrated all over India.

    Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya. This fact can be ascertained from several books written by Indian and foreign authors before and after the birth of Christ – Valmiki Ramayan, Tulsi Ramayan, Kalidasas’ Raghuvansam, Baudh and Jain literature, etc. These books have narrated in great detail the location, rich architecture and beauty of Ayodhya which had many palaces and temples built all over the kingdom.

    Ayodhya was located on the banks of the Saryu river with Ganga and Panchal Pradesh on one side and Mithila on the other side. Normally, 7,000 years is a very long period during which earthquakes, storms, floods and foreign invasions change the course of rivers, destroy the towns/buildings and alter the territories. Therefore, the task of unearthing the facts is monumental. The present Ayodhya has shrunk in size and the rivers have changed their course about 40 km north/south.

    Shri Ram went out of Ayodhya in his childhood, 13th year as per Valmiki Ramayan, with Rishi Vishwamitra who lived in Tapovan (Sidhhashram). From there, he went to Mithila, King Janakas’ kingdom. There, he married Sita after breaking Shiv Dhanusha. Researchers have gone along the route adopted by Shri Ram as narrated in the Valmiki Ramayan and found 23 places which have memorials that commemorate the events related to the life of Shri Ram. These include Shringi Ashram, Ramghat, Tadka Van, Sidhhashram, Gautamashram, Janakpur (now in Nepal), Sita Kund, etc. Memorials are built for great men and not for fictitious characters.

    Date of exile of Shri Ram: It is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayans’ Ayodhya Kand (2/4/18) that Dashratha wanted to make Shri Ram the king because Sun, Mars and Rahu had surrounded his nakshatra and, normally, under such planetary configuration, the king dies or becomes a victim of conspiracies.

    Dashratha’s zodiac sign was Pisces and his nakshatra was Rewati. This planetary configuration was prevailing on the January 5, 5089 BC, and it was on this day that Shri Ram left Ayodhya for 14 years of exile. Thus, he was 25 years old at that time (5114-5089). There are several shlokas in Valmiki Ramayan which indicate that Shri Ram was 25-years-old when he left Ayodhya for exile.

    Valmiki Ramayan refers to the solar eclipse at the time of war with Khardushan in later half of 13th year of Shri Rams’ exile. It is also mentioned it was amavasya day and Mars was in the middle. When this data was entered, the software indicated that there was a solar eclipse on October 7, 5077 BC, amavasya day, which could be seen from Panchvati. The planetary configuration was also the same: Mars was in the middle, on one side were Venus and Mercury and on the other side were Sun and Saturn.

    On the basis of planetary configurations described in various other chapters, the date on which Ravana was killed works out to be December 4, 5076 BC, and Shri Ram completed 14 years of exile on January 2, 5075 BC, and that day was also Navami of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. Thus, Shri Ram had come back to Ayodhya at the age of 39 (5114-5075).

    A colleague, Dr Ram Avtar, researched on places visited by Shri Ram during his exile, and, sequentially, moved to the places stated as visited by Shri Ram in the Valmiki Ramayan, starting from Ayodhya he went right upto Rameshwaram. He found 195 places which still have the memorials connected to the events narrated in the Ramayana relating to the life of Shri Ram and Sita. These include Tamsa Tal (Mandah), Shringverpur (Singraur), Bhardwaj Ashram situated near Allahabad, Atri Ashram, Markandaya Ashram (Markundi), Chitrakoot, Pamakuti on banks of Godavari, Panchvati, Sita Sarovar, Ram Kund in Triambakeshwar near Nasik, Shabari Ashram, Kishkindha (village Annagorai), Dhanushkoti and Rameshwar temple.

    In Valmiki Ramayan, it is mentioned that Shri Rams’ army constructed a bridge over the sea between Rameshwaram and Lanka. After crossing this bridge, Shri Rams’ army had defeated Ravana.

    Recently, NASA put pictures on the Internet of a man-made bridge, the ruins of which are lying submerged in Palk Strait between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. Recently the Sri Lankan Government had expressed the desire to develop Sita Vatika as a tourist spot. Sri Lankans believe this was Ashok Vatika where Ravana had kept Sita as a prisoner in 5076 BC.

    Indian history has recorded that Shri Ram belonged to the Suryavansh and he was the 64th ruler of this dynasty. The names and other relevant particulars of previous 63 kings are listed in ‘Ayodhya Ka Itihas’ written about 80 years ago by Rai Bahadur Sita Ram.

    Professor Subhash Kak of Lousiana University, in his book, ‘The Astronomical Code of the Rig Veda,’ has also listed 63 ancestors of Shri Ram who ruled over Ayodhya. Sri Rams’ ancestors have been traced out as: Shri Ram, King Dashratha, King Aja, King Raghu, King Dilip and so on. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Bengal to Gujarat, everywhere people believe in the reality of Shri Rams’ existence, particularly in the tribal areas of Himachal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the North-East.

    Most of the festivals celebrated in these areas revolve around the events in the life of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.

    The events and places related to the life of Shri Ram and Sita are true cultural and social heritage of every Indian irrespective of caste and creed. Therefore, it is a common heritage. After all, Shri Ram belonged to the period when Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ were not born and Muslim or Christian faiths were unknown to the world. The words Hindu – residents of Hindustan – and Indian – resident of India – were synonymous. India was also known as Bharat – land of knowledge – and Aryavarta – where Aryans live – and Hindustan – land of “Hindus” derived from the word Sindhu.

    During Ram Rajya, the evils of caste system based on birth were non-existent. In fact, Maharishi Valmiki is stated to be of shudra class – scheduled caste – still Sita lived with him as his adopted daughter after she was banished from Ayodhya. Luv and Kush grew up in his ashram as his disciples.

    We need to be proud of the fact that Valmiki was perhaps the first great astronomer and that his study of planetary configurations has stood the test of times. Even the latest computer softwares have corroborated his astronomical calculations, which proves that he did not commit any error.

    Shabri is stated to be belonging to the Bheel tribe. Shri Rams’ army, which succeeded in defeating Ravana, was formed by various tribes from Central and South India. The facts, events and all other details relating to the life of Shri Ram, are the common heritage of all the Indians including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, Muslims, Christians, etc.

    Prophet Mohammad was born 1,400 years ago. Jesus Christ was born 2,000 years ago. Gautam Buddha was born 2,600 years ago, whereas Ram was born 7,000 years ago. Hence, discovering the details relating to Shri Rams’ life would be lot more difficult as destruction caused by floods, earthquakes and invasions etc., would be far greater. But, should that stop our quest for learning more about our cultural heritage?

    As Indians, let us all take pride in the fact that the Indian civilisation is the most ancient civilisation today. It is certainly more than 10,000 years old. Therefore, let us reject the story of Aryan invasion in India in 1,500 BC as motivated implantation.

    In fact Max Mueller, who was the creator of this theory, had himself rejected it. Let us admit that during the British Rule, we were educated in the schools based on Macaulay school of thinking which believed that everything Indian was inferior and that entire “Indian literature was not worth even one book rack in England.” If there were similarities in certain features of Indian people and people from Central Europe, then automatic inference drawn was that the Aryans coming from Europe invaded India and settled here.

    No one dared of thinking in any other way. Therefore, there is urgency for the historians and all other intellectuals to stop reducing Indian history to myth. There is need to gather, dig out, search, unearth and analyse all the evidences, which would throw more light on ancient Indian civilisation and culture.

    There is need for the print and the electronic media to take note of these facts and create atmosphere which would motivate our young and educated youth to carry out research and unearth true facts about the ancient Indian civilisation and wisdom and would also encourage them to put across the results of their research before the people fearlessly and with a sense of pride!

    • Shanta Goundar says:

      Well said , I endorse your sentiments wholeheartedly. My one comment is that due to very bad education syystem the Hindus specifically are very poorly educated in their own languages, literature, mythologies, sciences and cultural items. There is a great lack or paucity in teaching texts and manuals. Each linguistic region must ensure the teaching of its own language and culture and then the greater history of Bharat in toto and then of the world . Other languages can be offered. ie Sanskrit as a second language and English . So each child should be conversant with a minimum of three languages if not more.

  131. amanda says:

    love the Ramayana it is so true

  132. Sujith K Soman says:


  133. nicky says:

    thanks,i have been looking to find out about this bridge for so long.i heard about this bridge and also read in indian epics but never knew that it really thanks alot.

  134. SHYAM says:

    Jason, do you know that you, people of Europe, did not know how to count until recently? The church forbid all Christians to learn mathematics saying that it is the teachings of SATAN.

    People like you and your ancestors were dying at the age of 20 for lack of food , shelter and clothing when in the EAST from PERSIA to China people were eating in plates made of gold. Mathematicians and astronomers were measuring the distance from the aerth to the moon. In India we had plastic surgery and so on.

    I live in the UK and I challenge the maths professors to calculate any number of at least five figures with any number of at least two figures and give me the answer on one line. They say that they do not know and whoever knows this is the KING of MATHEMATICIANS on earth and in heaven. I di dit and he blushed crimson. This mathematical technique existed since the time of LORD RAMA ( if not since creation). How can you say that Indians didno/do not know sciences?

    You lack LOGIC in your conscience. You say that nobody can go to God without Jesus!My question is that before Jesus was borne where have all the dead people gone and where was God( the illusory god- father of Jesus)? Was he in hibernation? At least go and learn some meditation you will get your blocked mind opened.

  135. dheeraj gami says:

    jai shree ram …..and nasa ki gand

  136. thanigaivel says:

    yes iam very happy to see this images. those who does not faith in god. it is good example. I am a lord shriram fan.

    • Jagannath tripathy says:

      Their is a rock called pumice. When we throw it into water it floats so i think that it is made up of pumice rock. As it was before millions of years some changes happen to it there fore it scunk inside the sea.

  137. rhubbasri bihari says:


  138. nagaraj says:

    i am really proud to be a indian.we the first culture of the world. that is not the adam bridge this is also called as ramar bridge we have proof and evidence for that bridge

  139. Edwin S says:

    Also be proud that western influence…usa , europe….you guys have heat and hot water and some semblance of democracy and technological advancements which without….you would be closer in time to a 3rd world country india and its surrounding countries still are.

  140. cronos says:

    yaaa u r rite but./………but how cum rocks in a straight line, science has never proved anything as far as i know …..they make their own conspiracy ok ….n wat u r talking about the bridge is also u mind made theory …..u cant bet u can only say that ths would have happen ok……wat about moon who has told that neil armstrong has landed on moon …..its a fake ok a video has been made by ur foolish scienctists ok need to say more about science …..seeee jason science can only tell you that it mite happen they will never give u complete result of any research so first u developed ur mind then tend to clear others……wat about jesus he was just a human bieng who came to help people teach them good things rather all things are conspiracy made by christans ok…..n who have seen that wen the jews killed them he returned to built the temple within 3 days that’s all conspiracy…….actually people are jealous because they cant prove so they tell all these foolish thing …and you are tslking about the boat it is designed to float ok so that not a good example to tell…….n also scientists still have no way to tell the exact thing that how could this bridge can built and they have told that this is natural made by handsn were in the water u see any stones floating around that bridge….watch da vinci to see that jesus was just a normal man srrry lolzzzz……its good to have a debate
    ..never mind apply logic ….!!

  141. Srinivas Voleti says:

    The pictures are really amazing and it took me to ecstasy level when I have gone through this.

    But our misery, as Indians, we feel a shame on our path that we will not realize ourselves about our great and ancient culture in the world until unless somebody says.

    My hearty pranaams to super mighty power to gave me the birth as an Indian, who is a real heir of SriRama.

    Let’s be a real follower and as a true Indian like our leader sriRama at least once in our life time.

  142. Arushka says:

    It troubles me that people feel so strongly about forcing others to accept their religious beliefs or non-beliefs.

    It’s a fascinating finding by NASA and even if you don’t believe the Hindu scriptures, it should probably still be fascinating.
    Seriously, if it didn’t catch your interest, then why spend your time making comments and enforcing your opinion on rightoues Hindus? (that’s specifically for the likes of udaya and those that agree with him/her)

    Oh and also, if NASA says it’s man-made…dude u better believe it’s man made!

  143. thiagu says:

    iam from india according to ramayana rams grandson was living in treata yuga. in that yuga the life span was 10000years. so the kali yuga has not born. next year only it takes birth i mean yuga

  144. lokesh says:

    i trust more than 100% y because a simple logic is there if u knows how the earth is begin with combination of water and soil???????
    if u having answer for these question then just go to the comments about way between rameswaram to srilanka ok,
    i trust god more than my self now a days u having more facilities that can be created by god only.lakhs of queries are araises when we talk about the god.

  145. Safwan says:

    Well nice photos and info. I am not into religion much, but surprising info nonetheless.

  146. C.B.Solapurkar says:

    Photos of the bridge are very very fantastic and proves Ramayana. Dwarka has also been discovered under sea
    water which was said to be intentionally made to sink by Shri Krishna. All these facts prove that the Indian Hindu mythology is not just a book of stories. Have you ever heard of ‘Trishanku’ who was sent in to the space by Vishwamitra, It clearly means India rather I should say Bharatvarsh had space programme at that time a long before ramayana. Have you ever analysed the meaning of Trishanku, actually it means Three(Tri) cones (Shanku)
    now a days we call it three stage rockets which are conical in shape just for the streamlining the atmosphere of earth perhaps Americans have got this idea from our books ramayan, mahabharat & purans etc. It is unfortunate that our own hindus do not want to believe on these books and existance of Shri Rama and Krishna just to show them as if they are modern. These people are not more than a fool. At last “Mera Bharat Mahan” I am proud to be an Indian – Jai hind , Vande Mataram !!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. S.Saravanakumar says:

    So far i had a small eye the comments given be many of asthikars and nasthikars.

    Really I Interested to say something for all.

    Ramayana is not a story, it is really happened before some years. Somebody telling this was happened before 17,00,000 years. Ramayana took place in Thretha Yuga. It is important to know the details of yuga years. As per my knowledge i give some information about all yuga years.

    1728000 Years for Sathya or Kritha Yuga
    1296000 Years for Thretha Yuga
    864000 Years for Dwapra Yuga
    432000 years for Kali Yuga

    Totally it comes 3888000 years. It is simply called as 1 CHATUR Yuga.

    also aware some information about lord BRHAMA
    24hrs = 1 day
    30 days = 1 month
    12 months = 1 year
    1 year to the man = 1 day to the DEVA
    365 days to the DEVA = 1 DEVA year
    12000 DEVA year = 1 CHATUR (Square) Yuga (Details given above)
    1000 CHATUR Yuga = 1 day to Lord BRHAMA

    So i request don’t ignore our hindu ithihasa. We are all living on the basis of information, advice, guidance, etc provided by the Veda, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita.

    it is very sin to hurt the interest of hindu culture and idealogies and mythologies. Be aware about the divinity of HINDUISM before to criticise hindu religion.

    Believe Rama is Always GOD and think he is the best brother
    Beleive Krishna is always GOD and he is the best friend.

    There are seven immortal are living invisibly in out country.


    Sanskrit is world best language, don’t forget.


    • Krishna says:

      Ii is nice to hear………………



    • Manikrit Mittal says:

      it’s not true the Jambavan died at the end
      Jambavan then died, praising Vishnu til the very end
      from “”

  148. Linea Singh says:

    Why are they calling it Adam’s Bridge?!… it states in the Ramayan-the holy book, that this bridge was built for Lord Rama to go to Lanka to save his wife.So my question is “Why,how and where did the name’Adam’s bridge’ come from?”

  149. says:

    “The images reproduced on the websites may well be ours, but their interpretation is certainly not ours (NASA). […] Remote sensing images or photographs from orbit cannot provide direct information about the origin or age of a chain of islands, and certainly cannot determine whether humans were involved in producing any of the patterns seen.”[46]

  150. kare says:

    thanks for this pictures. hare kirushna hare kirushna

  151. vishnu says:

    i do believe that christ in the missing years he wasnt mension was with the monks and preists learnig about the teaching of the ramayan and the indert jall book. Why dont i condemed thatthank you and i apologise if i’ve offened anyone by saying what i said and i will happy to give anyone a little histry about what i said

  152. vishnu says:

    People have their own views, i’ve been reading the comments above and alot of you guys are real nagative when it comes to the bridge. Why do human beings like to down other people believes.I’ve been hearing about this bridge since i was a little boy i’m a roman chatolic and i do support the ramayan becouse of the teaching and its way of life. Today if humanity could do the same the world as we no it will be a better place. So my friend who said it was a joke or something to laugh about or just another epic think about those who belive in it an keep your negative opinion to your self you were not there in the past to be talking about it so shame on those who speak about it in a bad way.

  153. Vince says:

    I work in a hospital and my medical education proves that all humans start life by genetics that are programed to start the heart and life. So what evidence is there that humans even have a soul? I believe in a God but no religion. The earth is overpopulated by 3.5 billion humans. Yet every religion encourages people to reproduce to get more people to represent their religion.
    Why do these religious leaders not encourage people to adopt especially from Haiti or other impoverished nations?
    Why are there not more women in the role of spreading religion? Or women religious leaders?

    Today’s religion is about keeping old men in power for their own self interest.

  154. Vince says:

    I am a Agnostic and I came to this belief after studying every religion. But I believe the Hindu epics of the Ramayan and Marabaratha are classics in which all societies could learn from. Hinduism is the oldest of all the major religions. All cultures built on the knowledge of other cultures. We all came from Africa and established religion and order in India which spread to Ancient Greece and onward to Europe and Asia. Jesus learned about religion in India this is a proven fact and Jesus is buried in Kashmir, Pakistan. The oldest bible does not mention a word of a resurrection. If there is a God He has not said a word all religion is man made and we need to start a new religion for the 21st century to stop the Fascist take over of Christianity and Islam.

  155. Raj says:

    If Ramayana is true, Hanumanji is true. If the story of Rama or the Ramayana is a true story, then the bridge constructed by Hanumanji is also true.

    Lord Hanumanji is real. He is said to be living amongst us. His grace and Divinity could be realised thru Sankat Mochan or Hanuman chalisa. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily and see for yourselves the power behind it. Your personal experience is the best proof.



  156. Viraj says:

    Its quite clear the bridge would have been made by King Rawana! How else did he go back to Sri Lanka with his new misus Sitha? If there was no bridge before that, and if Rawana can travel between Sri Lanka and India without a bridge, Why couldnt Rama do the same? Obviously he was not in a hurry to get Sitha back if he did.. I would like to say that it would be impossible to kidnap a princess from India and take her to Sri Lanka without anyone noticing.. Maybe Sitha left Rama, and went with Rawana because she liked him more?

    • Pravin says:

      Rawan was having his own airoplane, you can find it in Srilanka, now also.
      God has given you Brain for learning and to think on what you have learned and Mouth to speak after thinking……………… gain knowledge first (not by listening to other, listen to them but think and find what is the fact in that).
      And fact is fact no one can change it.
      Let anyone to jump any how any time.
      From next time think whle speaking because we care for our mother, if this is same for you, you would have not wrote this.

  157. pramod says:

    i want to write a paper which shows how our Ramayana and maha Mahabharata are related to science so please help me regarding my article
    i am writing a article name
    how we the science and technology related to our ancient vedic books
    as a master student in electronic tele communication i am keen in interest to write a article how the communication used in earlier days.
    for example
    now a days we are viewing the tv but in mahabharat at the time of the war the king he will be in his place and he will watch the area of the war this is what related to the science
    i need some more suggestions from you that help me research this paper.
    as a student i can take some other article but i want to show the world that india vedics are related to science and technology long far .
    your suggestion are welcome

    • Hare Krishna Pramod

      This is a very good idea Pramod. There is so much scientific knowledge in the Vedas. But mostly Indians are not taking this knowledge very seriously since the time the English were the rulers of India. In that time there was strong propaganda that everything from the Indian culture was primitive and bad and everything British was advanced and scientific and good. And it continues today with Indians trying to become very advanced in the Western so-called scientific knowledge and mostly they do not consider the Vedas as a source of scientific knowledge.

      In Mahabharata you see Arjuna and the other fighters using truly wonderful weapons that are so much more advanced than anything western science has produced. Arjuna could fire a brahmastra which was more powerful than an atomic bomb but it could be very precisely controlled. It could be targeted to a particular person and it would seek out that person and kill him without harming others. That was the situation with the Brahmastra which was fired to kill the embryo of Praiksit Maharaja in the womb.

      So there is a lot in the Mahabharata but there is much more science in Srimad-Bhagavatam. It is full of science.

      The real science that the western world is missing is the science of the soul. They try to explain that everything occurs as a result of chance. They try to say that there is no intelligent control behind anything. That is all happened by chance. This is a very childish explanation, not an explanation at all. It means they are completely ignorant.

      If you see a motor car driving by and you ask someone where it came from and they tell you it was produced by chance from a big bang what will you think? Is that a very reasonable explanation? An even if you manage to establish it was produced by the Ford Motor Company in one of their plants by many engineers and workers [ie: it was produced by intelligent living beings]. Then if you ask your friend, “How is the car moving around. How does it know to turn left of to turn right.” And he starts explaining about the engine and the fuel the steering system and the brakes and all the systems that make up the car. But how is it working? How is it being controlled? And he tries to tell you it is something in the engine, something in the petrol…. He does not realize the car is being controlled by the driver.

      Modern science claim that the human body is simply a combination of chemicals and it is working because of that combination of chemicals. Actually the human body is a machine, just like the car, and like the car it is being controlled, directed by the driver, the spirit soul, the living entity.

      If the western scientists could understand this simple point that would be a great advance in science. A great step forward…

      I suggest you study Srila Prabhupada’s Srimad-Bhagavatam and you will discover so much science. This is more than a paper, it could be a lifetime’s work.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  158. Clifford says:

    It is hard to say a “man made bridge” was built 1.5 million years before the existence of man.

    If man = humans = homo sapiens

    Then the species is about 200,000 years old with virtually all of our known “modern technology” originating in the Holocene epoch, in the last 12,000 years.

    Neanderthal Man would have been somewhere between 30,000 and 600,000 years ago.

    So, 1.7 million years ago would put it contemporary with Homo Erectus and Homo Ergaster.

    Evidence indicates very primitive tools. Probably no wheels or carts. And possibly no significant domestication of animals.

    They had, however, spread throughout Africa, and into South East Asia.

    Forms of writing was likely very primitive if any, and largely symbolic.

    Approximately every 100,000 years, the planet cycles through glacial and interglacial periods which likely involve extreme climactic shifts and the ocean levels naturally rising or falling several feet. So in the last 1.7 million years we would have had about 17 glacial/interglacial cycles.

    Anyway, is is possible that an ancient hominid species attempted to maintain a pathway between India and Sri Lanka during times of flooding because of rising sea levels during interglacial periods. It would be pretty extraordinary if some evidence was to indicate pre-homo sapien construction. However, I doubt any prehistoric accounts dating back over a million years would have any accuracy. And most studies of the bridge seem to indicate most of the human activity on it dates to the most recent 10,000 years, in the middle of the current Holocene Epoch.

  159. Sunil says:

    We should not forget that India is a secular state and we are all ment to forget our culture, faith and history. Even if we can see proof we should call it a myth and we should be greatful to the muslims and the west for civilising us.

    Is this not what is taught in India these days? Progress = Economics, + adopting western and islamic values + castism + anti-“Hindu” tradition + corruption + Nerhu/Gandhi family rule + denial of history … this is the true India and we are very proud of it !!!

    • Pravin says:

      Yes we should.
      After few years we will aslo be proud of saying I am M, I m C.
      Yes Sunil, m I correct.
      Because this the history which proves this and also you can see this live in Goa, Missoram, Sikkim, Kashmir, etc.
      Sp think and we need to get united

  160. Nagender says:

    Hare krishna…..
    this is very glad and great to see these pictures released by NASA. thank you Krishna u r so so so great and thanks for showing these by Nasa. we dnt have any doubt on these and his incarnation as RAMAYYA…. but some people who are in illusory and in the hands of Maya they need these proofs..
    And this is not the factor of India or other country, for him(God,Krsna) all countries and people are equal,, By fortunately he elected our india for his almost all carnations …. by godgrace we are all indians so thank u krsna for giving this life to me in india.. And i think lankans also very fortunate coz Ramayya entered in their land..
    And NASA recently released DWARAKA photos in sea this is aproof for MAHABHARATAM and Krsna incarnation. People who doesnt believe god especially in Krishna open ur eyes and pray our krsna ,he is so kind amd mercy to excuse us…..
    chant Hare krishna and be happy….your future also glorious.
    hare krishna….
    youre servent….

  161. Dharmendra Sharma says:

    Although we can prove the existence of God indirectly by means of scientific observations, but it is very difficult to directly prove his existence by currently available scientific means.

    Because there is a basic fault in the currently available scientific means and instruments, and that is all the scientific knowledge is based on the material aspect of the creation and God is not a material thing. To prove the God with such scientific measures will be like doing an experiment of electricity with purely non conductive materials, and the result will be an inevitable failure.

    There is only one way to prove God scientifically, by using the means alike to God, and that is our soul, our conscious existence. Thousands of rishis and sages have found God through this way. If one can demonstrate something which is supernatural and beyond current material scientific knowledge after practicing a conscious experiment with his own life that must be acceptable as a sufficient scientific proof of God’s existence. and if somebody do not believe on others findings they have to conduct the experiment themselves to believe.

  162. 1,750,000 is a figure I am also not able to clearly understand too as most reader here. As I understood Lord Rama was born somewhere around BC 5010 , please correct me if I am wrong(It is just from my limited knowledge that I gained from other websites). I recently posted an article related to Rama Setu in my website as well but i preferred to keep it as “ancient than 3500” since I am not clear on this exact number of years.

  163. GOD says:

    Every one of you are god…………………….everything exist and dont exist is god…… just have to go find it out withing you…yu will get your answer.

    • If we are god then why have we forgotten that we are god? Is god forgetful. And why do we need you to remind us that we are god?

      There are some truths in what you say. Everything that exists is certainly coming from God and there is nothing that is not part of God. And God is within us as the supersoul. So we can certainly find everything within us. But that everything is God, not us.

      God is within us. But we are not God. We are of course part of God. An expansion of the internal energy of God. We have the same qualities as God. But we are small and God is great. What you are saying is something like saying a drop of water from the ocean is the ocean. That is wrong, that is a mistake. Because the ocean is great and the drop is very small. But if you analyze the drop it contains salt and if you analyze the ocean it also contains salt. But the quantity of salt in the ocean is so great and the quantity of salt in the drop is so small.

      So we are not God. God is within us. And we have the same qualities as God. But He is great and we are small.

      He does not forget. We forget. So if we were God we would not have forgotten that we were God and we would not need you to remind us…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

      • Pravin says:

        Hi Madhudvisa,
        I agree with you. But one thing we have to keep in mind that we are having brain which is diff from all.

  164. anonymous says:

    sorry fellows, couldn’t put the link in my previous post.

    “also another interesting information i came across is about the unmanned aircraft…if u like to know how
    a Sanskrit scholar from Maharashtra was able to fly an unmanned aircraft…perhaps not many people know this.

  165. anonymous says:

    hello friends !
    I just came across this page, after going through from “top” to “bottom” of this page that includes the comments of all our fellows, i came across few links, which i would want to share with you all..Those, who are interested in gaining the information regardless their motives, can check these pages and decide for themselves. I believe in “Karma” and have deep faith in our ancient heritage, may be it mathematical, physics, chemistry, medicinal, astronomical…etc. I do object the offensive remarks on by someone stubborn,rigid,having no respect to people and surely has no ethical values. Seems like Jason has no education and just living in his own world.

    They say “Beggars should not be choosers” so you should not be questioning what you have been given by us, u call is “zero”, “mathematical formulas”, “gravitational theory:Indians Knew the Laws of Gravity 500 Years Before Newton(follow link–”, “arithmetic”, “algebra”, “plane trigonometry”, “spherical trigonometry” “arthshastra:economics”, and many more to name…..
    here are some links for those morons who leap before they think, i recon people should read these and give a serious thought and do their research…A word to the wise is enough.

    3. link is about the fake n conspired theory of Aryan invasion these westerners specially Britishers)

    and it would be appreciated by many of us if people like jason n such could elaborate on any of the links above and especially the link below as they seems to be hell of a science scholars.. (can u explain images)

    also another interesting information i came across is about the unmanned aircraft…if u like to know how a sanskrit scholar from maharashtra was able to fly an unmanned aircraft…

    • MIHIR KANTI ROY says:

      Yes, you are right! i cann’t thing how do they(westerns) referred The Rameshwaram setu as Adam’s bridge.They have to know at first ours culturesin the World we cann’t innovate all things at a time. just an illustration- wheel can be modified through the ages if it is change in shape it is not left or change its name wheel. i thing they want to dominate on us killing our history and coltures. it is impossible. JAI SHREE RAMA!!!!

  166. Krishna Sankar says:

    Jai Ram Shree Ram Jai Jai Ram !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Arvind says:

    I am very sad to say friends that HINDU is not our word and if it is persian word then its meaning is slave.

    Please proof me wrong as this question is making my life hell from last few days

    Please help

    • Pravin says:

      Hi Arvind,

      This type of thinking is only present in us (HINDUS). I know very well that there is only one religion and i.e Manavta (Humanity). But try to understand dear if we will not fight for us then who will. Why they are peeping in this site if they don’t have faith in Shri RAM.
      Read all the conversion in this side you will come to know.

    • anil says:

      oh…. my friend ArvindThe Hindu scriptures, like the Buddhist, dwell … on withdrawal from the realm of pleasure. The spiritually mature man is one who “abandons desires,” who “has lost desires for joys,” who “withdraws, as a tortoise his limbs from all sides, his senses from the objects of sense.” Hence the ideal man as depicted in the Bhagavad Gita: a man of discipline, who acts without worrying about the fruits of his action, a man who is unmoved by acclaim and by criticism…. That Hinduism and Buddhism sound so much alike is not shocking. The Buddha was born a Hindu. But he carried the theme of sensory indifference further, boiling it down to a severe maxim—life is suffering—and placing it in the center of his philosophy.

  168. vidhya says:

    well am a simple hindu from mauritius and i firmly believe that once god and pure souls used to dwell on earth and india is a divine place….therefore i trully believe that rama’s bridge is not fake and some realities are being hidden behind it. i would appreciate if someone could come come forward with more knowledge about it….siyavar ram chandra ki jay.

  169. singh says:

    This bridge is prepared by our god SHRI RAM and the bridge name should be SHRI RAMS BRIDGE. Indians would not accept the name adams bridge at all. English people always do nothing but they are smart in researching what others have done. They claim they are samrt and they say they have discovered this and give their name to that project. But it reflects their irresponsibity and rudeness against the greatest and powerful culture which belongs to INDIA. They are refuge who migrated from different states in America and call themselves an american. But the truth is they are REFUGEES.

  170. Annie says:

    God is one, this i strongly beleive, it’s unfortunate that some people cannot see this and continue to fight for dominance of their religion and belief. To me at the end of the day it only matters if we are good or bad, and since all reglions teaches the lessons and benefits of being a good human being then that’s all that really matters. I believe in the bridge of Sri Rama just like i believe that Jesus walked on water.

  171. Rahul says:

    Jason …Say Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.. Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

    Jason you will have to respect every relgn…if we are looking at basics then u guys nailed u r god and till date he is not released from there …and i havent seen a single church where jesus is free from nails still worshiap the same god who was crusified ….

    First think logically and do not teach u r pop how to f–k

  172. rustaib says:

    the pictures are real but the bloody myth isn’t if he was god why didn’t he walk on water

    • Shreyas says:

      Hi Rustaib
      As far as the myth goes, someone has answered it already before. Rama needed to transport an entire army across the sea, not just himself. So assuming he could walk on water, it still wouldn’t have served his purpose.
      That said, I have to agree with one of the first comments in this thread. If the bridge is indeed an ancient man made construct, it still does not provide conclusive evidence in favour of Prince Rama having built it. But nevertheless, it must have been an extraordinary feat for people of that era to build something like that.

    • Pravin says:

      Why you want to compair dear GOD is GOD he will not show his power unnecessarily if he has source to do same. At that time there was source to make bridge which is a challange for todays technology. Am I correct.
      Think form your mind understant the both the sides and then speak.
      I am doing the same thats the resion I am going sometimes to Church because I see Shri Ram in Jesus.

    • Pravin says:

      Don’t forget you are hurting others.

  173. srikiran says:

    my dear brothers & sisters of this world i mean to say that in vedas God has been kept his ideas ,tricks logics about creation, expansion of this Universe. one of the fourth part is Rig veda in that total science and its key points are mentioned if you able to understand try that .why iam telling means it is proven that almost every principles of science and technology has been came from rig veda,Ramayana, Maha Bharatha, bhagwath geetha and 108 upanishats which is the evergreen treasure of India.
    my dear foreigners we saw the total space without using any telescope, we calculated the astrology without using any instruments but accurately, we created flying soccers, missiles rockets,almost present Advance technology is used in ancient times in Ramayan and Mahabharatha time only you people are directly or indirectly catching that points from various books and inventing modernly which is enough to the present caliber…
    conclusion: so ever underestimate the Indian religions and Indian People. They are very familiar with the technology and mythological aspects.
    :::::::::::::::::;;;;;JAI HIND:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  174. srikiran says:

    India is the Karma bhumi (“the land of Karma”). Indians are more familiar with God and they know the energy and magical powers of God.Why because some Hundreds of evidences are found in India that Only Indians have the power to talk directly with God and also received Gods speech & people also following rules of God according to Vedas and ancient priests in India.
    iam proud to be Indian why because God has been took birth in India more than 10times (Janmas and avathar)describing the avathar dharmas and full filling his tasks.
    my Humble request is that God is a Surpreme Power he doesnt want to Prove how the magics or Natural power is using in order to run the Universe…
    lastly, science is also an integral part of God we cant differ God and science
    we have an evidence that every ascpect of science and its principles are present in Rig veda which is written in Sanskrit.That principles are unable to analyze by the man kind completely so we have a partial knowledge about Universe and science so we should not be over confident about the Science…..

  175. Sunil says:

    Why do we have to have Christian names for everything ? Like Adam’s bridge? Or we have to always justify ourselves in front of Christians, Jews and Muslims (people of the book)?

    We are different and we have not got a faith but far more, it’s a relationship with Krishna.

    • Pravin says:

      You are right dear. This is only because of Interference of other religious in Hindu you can find this from history. But Hindus are different from all those this also you can find out from histroy and that also with many proofs. Other are in rase that how they will make hole world same as them (Making conversion this also you can find in History and now also) But Hindu is great he will not try to do this because we have Sant parampar (GURU) such as Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Tukaram Maharaj, Dnyneshwar Mharaj, Gajanan Maharaj and now Asramji Bappu, Narendra Maharaj. We all Hindu should form unity rather that fighting between Caste. One shoul only say that he or she is Hindu and only Hindu.

  176. what i will say ? if all indian will go to urineal , i think anather big sea will be create and all other country will destroy . what i will say more .that s enough .

  177. marsha says:

    is it true that people or animal use to die when the land bridge about to break?

    • Pravin says:

      It it because it can cause flood in Srilanka and India. Who told you this just don’t listen to anyone first find out what is the truth and then speak.

  178. Pranali says:

    I’ve been there…But had to see it from a distance…Its Beautiful.
    And Yes I take it as miracle,because Science,Physics cannot prove everything.
    Though its not floating now,water levels have increased.So is the Global warming.This could be one of the reason for it.
    And for the people who posted against the History of this Brigde,It’s not matter of Education but of culture and Religion.
    We indians are known for our diversity in culture..and others should respect that because we do!







  180. Raghu says:

    Hey guys… just dont fight with each other… we all see them under google earth also… right?… it is not about religion. If the scientists declare that it is human made, then we all need to be proud of it, that such civilization/technology existed in those days…. I am very proud, aren’t you all??????

  181. madhusudhan says:

    hi everybody

    by seeing all u r discussion and these pictures somebody told that rama not built that bridge they said that naturally formed, we believe that the rama bulit that bridge why means we are believing that rama that who are not believing rama
    for them it wouldn’t looks likes that first tries to believe rama then u may get answer

  182. sumeet says:


  183. Joe says:

    Oh please…how can we trust that these pictures were not faked by NASA? They tried to fool us with the “moon landing”…now they want me to believe these images aren’t computer generated? I don’t think so.

  184. Aasir says:

    The first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the Stone Age, about 1.750.000 million years ago. These people are said to have come from the South of India and reached the Island through a land bridge connecting the Indian subcontinent to Sri Lanka named Adam’s Bridge. This is related so in the epic Hindu book of Ramayana.

    You are conflicting in your words that the first signs of human …. they were came from south of india….

    it mean that there were no Ravana and their ancestors befor this period.


    I hope the Adam’s bridge was built by floating rocks – am i correct??
    hope so (as per hindu history)

    but the bridge you see in the satellite image is under the water and it is developed (attached firly) naturally from the earth.

    hope you know about Danuskodi which was destroyed (submerged) by natural calamity just few decades.
    after 100+ years, people like you will say danuskodi was built by xxxx god for xxx purpose before 1 million years ago and you will show the satellite image like this.

    Million years ago the Sri Lanka island was united with india geographically and seperated due to geo movement by nature.

    please think practically not emotional.

    • Pravin says:

      Tell me about yourself anything your name, hobbies, etc. I will give you answer on the same.

      • Aasir says:

        Reply to Pravin:

        This is my real name
        Hobbies: Internet, Television and hearing to good speaches.
        What is your answer to my question.
        let me know.

  185. SHARADA says:

    God is one there is no doubt in it.Whenever there was a problem on earth,he born on earth and saved the people.’Rama’ is also an avatara of GOD.

  186. saijen says:

    you want to say dat –

    god is an indian??

  187. kande kumara says:

    Please Stop trying to Prove something which is proven already..And Start to try understanding about your self..because you have very little time compare to the huge amount of wonderful things within you..

  188. kande kumara says:

    Don’t forget.., this also proves that the Sri Lanka was an Independent country since the beginning of Indian History.!!

  189. SHARADA says:

    Thanks to nasa.Now we can show our children the evidence of RAMAYANA,who have faith in GOD but ask for the proof.JAI SRI RAM

    • saijen says:

      No other literature describes the existence of Only One God as beautifully as Veda does. Just see here.

      Na dvitityo Na triyaschthurtho naapyuchyate|
      N a panchamo Na shshtah sapthmo naapyuchyate|
      Nashtamo Na navamo dashamo naapyuchyate|
      Yagna yetham devamekavritham veda||
      Sa sarvassai vi pashyathi yachha praanathi yachhana|
      Tamidam nigatam sah sa yesha yeka yekavrideka yeva|
      Ya yetham devamekavritham veda||
      Atharva 13.4[2]19-20

      There is no second God, nor a third, nor is even a fourth spoken of

      There is no fifth God or a sixth nor is even a seventh mentioned.

      There is no eighth God, nor a ninth. Nothing is spoken about a tenth even.

      This unique power is in itself. That Lord is only one, the only omnipresent. It is one and the only one.

      A more categorical, effective, emphatic and impressive refutation of polytheism cannot be imagined. The Vedas reject the multiplicity of Gods in the clearest possible terms and speak about One God, who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient and absolutely and absolutely formless, who is ever unmanifest and who never assumes human forms or never descends on earth in any form- human or otherwise. Rig-Veda says “Vishwarkya vimana advihaya” meaning who he is not entangled by mind, omnipresent Lord is the Creator. He is both sustainer and protector too.

      The God oversees the insensate and conscious world in a unique way. The entire world rests with him. He is “Yeshah yekah” i.e. only one. He is conscious, indivisible. He is Yekah yevah” Only one.

      Where can be more clear assertion of existence of Only One God than this? After reading the description of God in this manner, Sri W.D.Brown writes,

      It [Vedic Religion] recognizes but one God.

      Vedas call upon to offer worship due only to God and no one else; to nothing else. It is clearly stated in Rig-Veda as under.

      Ma chidanyad vishamsata Sakhyo ma rishanyatha|
      Indramit srotha vrishanam sacha suthe
      muhurukhya cha samshata||
      Atharva 20.85.1

      Friends! Do not praise and worship anything else, do not be doomed, praise and worship only the benevolent God Almighty, unitedly in this world, sing his glory, again and again.

      Yeka yeva namasyo vikvidah| Atharva 2.2.1

      Among all the men and women, there is only one. Who is worthy of adoration, and worthy of worship too.

      Na tvaam anyo divyo na parthivo na jato na janishyathe|
      Yajurveda 27.36

      Oh God! There is nobody like you either in this world or the world beyond. No body equal to you is born as yet nor will be born ever in future also.

      There are people who are under illusion that there are many Gods after coming across words like Indra, Agni, and Varuna etc. But these words that signify both God and things other than Gods should not mislead the seeker after truth’ with this purpose in view, the Vedas declare clearly:-

      Indram Mitram varunamagnimaahuratho divyah sa suparno garuthmaan|
      Yekham sadvipra bahudha vadantyagnim yamam maatarishwanamaahuh||
      Rigveda 1.64.46

      The real God is one, the enlightened ones, speak of Him in several ways, God is divine, the supreme protector and graceful sentient, the Universal soul. They call Him Indra, the Almighty, the universal friend [mitra]. Varuna the most acceptable and obliterator of sins, they describe Him as [agnim] the supreme guide of the Universe, {Yaman} the controller of the Universe, and {matarishvanam] the life of all lives.

      So in other words, Indra, Agni, Yama, Suparna, Garuthman and others are different epithets for one and the same God[ though not exclusively, as the same words signify other entities too in different contests]. All doubts about the correctness of the unequivocal statement that the Vedas uphold only monotheism and not Polytheism are set at rest when we consider

      Yo na pitah janitha vidhata dhamani veda bhuvanani vishwa|
      Yo devaanam namadha yeka yeva tam samprashnam bhuvanam yantyanya||
      Rigveda 10.82.3

      All these several worlds, find ultimate refuge, in that curiosity-provoking, thought –arousing Lord who is our father and creator, who is , the maker of sacred injunctions and Knows all the abodes and worlds and finally who is only one assuming the names of different divinities.
      Vedas describe only One God at all places. The advice is He alone should be praised and worshipped. He alone is the emperor of the Universe.
      Yekho Vishwasya bhuvanasya rajah Rig-Veda 6.36.4
      The Lord of the entire universe is one and one only.

  190. Mike says:

    Hi Freinds

    I am canadian but born in england. Its big truth beleive it or not that hinduism is the oldest culture. I am student of history and telling the facts that all the religion come from hindusim.
    I know some people a jelous of this religion. I am also jot hindu. But cannot hide the fact.
    There is reason why british was sitting in india for soo long and we are only wealth only because we rule india.
    I think some people need third eye to understand India and hindu..

  191. ranil says:

    hi Dear Everyone…..
    im from sri lanka . i have red ” ramayanaya ” book & intersested to serch about this anciant story . because there are so many evidencies in my country to prove this story . ( i think historians should give there attension to this story “ramayanaya” )
    recently i could meet some fishermans in mannar area . ( mannar area is the gointed place this bridge to sri lanka ). that fishermans told me they dive in this sea area to see fishing areas. thay have seen this bridge & thay have gone about 1 or 2 mils in this in this bridge . thease fishermans told this bridge is not a natural one & its a made of man. thay told if any historiyans like to observe this bridge , they like to support them.
    secondly there are so many anciant places in sri lanka regarding this ramayanaya story . as singhala peoples we belive king rawana is great empreor & aurwedic specialist . (I WORTE THIS LETTER BECAUSE ANY PERSON LIKE TO OBSERVE THIS ANCIANT STORY WE LIKE TO SUPORT THEM. IF WE CAN OPEN THIS ANCIANT ERA , WE CAN SEE INVISIBLE SIDE OF OUR WORLD)

  192. uppalaiah says:

    These photos are really so great ,I don’t have exact words to describe these extrordinary photos,its really a proudness for us to have seen these marvellous views created in those days when Sri Ramchandraji has stepped on this earth.

  193. Anand says:

    Hi everyone,
    I just realized that we are trying to comprehend something which is beyond our scope. We cannot see the full spectrum of light nor are we capable of hearing the full gamut of sound. Rather we don’t even know what the full spectrum of light or sound is. Based on the stuff we know , we are trying to extrapolate and understand the universe. And extrapolation might not work always. Scientists have been clever in their choice of words. They speak about observable universe :).
    Based on many stuff (eg:the big bang perfectly explains the abundance of helium and other nuclei like deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen) in the universe.), it has been overwhelmingly proved that the big bang is the beginning. However, it just explains the formation of observable universe. How do we know that it accounts for the unknown universe too? Some years later we might discover a compound/phenomena which can’t be explained by the big bang. We would never know till we get a complete picture.

    The endeavors might be an exercise in futility, but it speaks volumes about the human mind.
    ( I don’t know how my comment is related to the topic at hand, I just felt like voicing my thoughts)

  194. G.Siva Kumar says:

    What a picture…..wooow….thats power of god…at last the truth revealed..



  195. chris says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    Hinduism existed only for the past 5000 years but Sanatana dharma has been there since the origin of earth.Hinduism as it is being called now is a very scientific religion.Unfortunately the people couldn’t understand them or the message it tries to convey.Why?Jason, pay attention.If the ages of the bridge is correct scientfclly(1,750,000 years old)that means it had existed long before people learn to write or read using hardware.Can you tell us when paper was found?So,about 2 million years ago,it was impossible to teach people about science.Even now,how many can understand the theory behind the big bang or the black hole?The rishis or the educated people educated the people in the form of stories.The problem with Hindus and others is, they remember the story but they never try to get the message.
    Einsten had mentioned hindu scriptures are the gold mines or the treasures of the scientific world.Why Einsten should say so?He found many things by researching the hindu scriptures.Hindus are lacking here.They don;t care about the message.They only care about the story.Jason, if you read this pls,check the scientific journal of Einsten and many other famous scientists.It will enlighten you.
    I read the story and I try to find the messge behind it.Many Indian scientist must come forward to expose the treasure we have.

  196. Rosen Vlasev says:

    Om Namo Narayanaya!
    I say “Hello” to all of you. I am part of Him and I realize very well my downfalls. Nevertheless, I’ll never give up. The Truth cleanses me. Let’s not judge the religion systems in the world. Let’s not judge ourselves. I write down these sentences now, because of the cooperation with God (whatever name you wish to lable Him with) I exist here and now. We have such abundance in human knowledge. If we don’t use it we will perish. It’s time to heal everything, everywhere – us (as thinking, acting, living) and the place where we all live, this beautiful planet Earth (all of its flora and fauna). To comprehend the meaning and truth about Rama’s bridge I imply we start erecting our own. Let its foundations are God on one side and we on the other!
    God bless all !!!


  197. Aaron Andrews says:

    To all the people on this site, I think you have failed to realize the importance of this finding. Instead, of debating useless point of views about regilion and science. Maybe, you should consider that a bridge that is almost 2 million years old is linked to human history. A human myth states it in their text, and where all other history states that we only have been in this world for a 100,000 years this would make that false. There is really no doubt that this is a man-made bridge, a natural bridge this long would be like the one connecting North and South America together. There is a plain design to the bridge that suggest, a creator other than nature. What, you really should be talking about is that if they do find the hard evidence that this is a creation of humanity. How will that effect our society? Personally, all religions are crunches to the weak, their meaning lost in the vanity that I am better than you are. No religion is immuned to this vanity, so all religion are failures. Yet, all religion basically says the same thing, be a good person and do good. In that all religions are wonderful. I just wanted to point that out to Jason and Saurabh. This should be a debate about the bridge and weather it is natural or man-made. And, if the latter, what will that mean to the human race.

  198. How does some books become “Holy”, some become “Fantasy” and some “Science Fiction” ?- Do We Need Gods says:

    […] are aplenty. The Bridge between India and Sri Lanka Created By Ram and his Monkey Army. ( The same site I quoted this, says […]

    • Pravin says:

      All those who left comment and will left comment understand one thing Hindu Dharma says that there is Only one power i.e is PARMATMA (So we no very well about this) which is preset in each and every thing no matters what is it. But only human being has ability to understand it, feel it. Once Human Being come to know about this power that he is a part of PARMATMA and he (CHAITANYA so called energy) is present in each every thing, in this situation we called it as UDHAR/MUKTI. So we know that you all are same as we.Thats the reasion Hindu is the base of each and every thing in this world. Don’t get angry this is the thing which I have understood. Before leaving any comment please find the truth. And I am not making down any religion. One thing, you will find birth of other religion but not the same about Hindu. Find it, talk when you know rather than listening from other and following it. That is one of the lesson from ny GURU (Mediater between GOD and Human Being) who has great importance in Hindus. And Shri RAM is our Soul do anything you will not able to touch it nor finish it because he is present in each and every thing, in you also.

    • Pravin says:

      All those who left comment and will left comment understand one thing Hindu Dharma says that there is Only one power i.e is PARMATMA (So we no very well about this) which is preset in each and every thing no matters what is it. But only human being has ability to understand it, feel it. Once Human Being come to know about this power that he is a part of PARMATMA and he (CHAITANYA so called energy) is present in each every thing, in this situation we called it as UDHAR/MUKTI. So we know that you all are same as we.Thats the reasion Hindu is the base of each and every thing in this world. Don’t get angry this is the thing which I have understood. Before leaving any comment please find the truth. And I am not making down any religion. One thing, you will find birth of other religion but not the same about Hindu. Find it, talk when you know rather than listening from other and following it. That is one of the lesson from ny GURU (Mediater between GOD and Human Being) who has great importance in Hindus. And Shri RAM is our Soul do anything you will not able to touch it nor finish it because he is present in each and every thing, in you also.

      • Surendra says:

        Hello Guys,

        Here I want to tell you guys that we all are from same GOD, and there is only one religion exist and that is Humaninsm…Think if gods are different then they could have chosen the different space(planets) of living for all the religions in this huge and never ending universe, but he didn’t did that…and the reason for this is that he wants all of us together for ever and ever and ever……Why we people are not seeing his sign’s which I am mentioning below that tells that we all are same:

        * We all will Die one day…Nothing can be changed even if you follow any religion
        * All mothers have to face great pain giving Birth to new baby…Is there any religion who can says that wrong for them?
        *Blood groups,Bones your structure everything is same
        *All religion guys will share the same feelings,senses,emotions…we all feel bad when we loose someone close to us.
        *And now the most important example which tells that we are one ….Think if all the religion’s god are different and they have different characristics….then Why a baby can be borned if the pair is from different religions…will you then say that the new one belongs to different religion….I think no..then why we are thinking of different GOD’S lets leave that side…I think from all the holy books from the different religion the super power only wants us to preach about the unity and love….and sad thing is that we have given him only a failure for all his effort….So guys please please…don’t let him down, love all, even if you think that your god is the only truth then in that case also don’t hate other’s because if you think you are right then your GOD has only created him too.:)……But I personly believe that he is unborn and he send his good peoples to teach us the way of leaving.. and we treated them as a god and make it as a religion and hence only ended up to the failures…SO GUYS OPEN YUOR EYE’S ‘HE is PLAYING A TRICK TO TEST YOU AND THE PEOPLE WHICH HE SEND TO TEACH US A WAY OF LEAVING!!!!!! HA HA HA GOOD LUCK …keep DECODING his PRESENCE HA ! HA ! IT’s Still a Mystery and possible will be, till we open our eye’s…AND DON”T FORGET TO DECODE …


        • Amol says:

          Science Can’t Invent any thing … Science Can Discover the things keep this in mind and believe on our Religion then weare +ve thinkers about religion or any unbelievable facts

          G- Generator – Bramha
          O- Operator – Vishnu
          D- Destroyer – Mahesh

          So Tell me friends what u r thinking ??/

    • Sri vatsa says:

      Mr sheik and others who are trying to tell that the bridge s built by Adam and other stuff just explain if that fellow had built d bridge in search of ewe or who ever who was in India dn wtf he didn’t reach India and meet her even after d bridge is compete and connecting the two countries…..if he had built d bridge from sl to India, dn his grave yard must b in India and not in sl…..derefore All ur stuff s not true Der are more than 1000 evidences dat lord Rama only built d bridge and it is been proved scientifically!

  199. Sanjeev says:

    Let’s look at so called modern science. the body of a monkey changes into a human just like a cottage changes into a skyscraper or perhaps your Ford Fiesta changes into a BMW over night, sorry over millions of years? Is that really believable? A big bang which created the universe? By those measures the bomb over Hiroshima should have created houses, parks,and streets, all in perfect harmony. How laughable! And where did the ingredients from that big bang or cosmic soup come from? Modern so called science has no answers!

    And what about the results of this so called wonderful techno and economic development? Sadly it has devastated this planet and is still doing till the bitter end. What are the benefits? Nil!

    Better place your faith in the revealed scriptures than this so called scientific and economic development which is nothing more than madness. And India is sleep walking into this global Coca Cola culture. It will be a great disaster but they unfortunately do not see it. In any case the global economic system will collapse sooner or later. And so will any so called civilization which is based on money instead on culture.

    Let’s not forget the real purpose of the human form of life. It is not only eating, sleeping, sex and fighting otherwise we are not different to dogs and cats. They also do that and we do it a bit more sophisticated, that’s all. It is animal consciousness, not human intelligence.

    Human intelligence means to find out where we come from, where we go after death, what is the purpose and meaning of life. Sadly, if we so caught up in our scientific and economic development that we have no time asking those questions we are no better than dogs, cats and asses indeed, ready to take our next birth in the animal kingdom again instead of climbing up the evolutionary ladder and develop our spiritual self.

  200. Nalisha says:

    if you can recall the story of the Ramayan, we can all clearly remember it saying that in order for the stones and rocks to float in the water lord Rama had to write his name on every single one… why don’t we then embark on some diving missions to recover random rocks from this bridge to see if lord Rama is written on it ??

  201. suparna says:

    dear all…
    I feel sorry for those of you who do not believe in Hinduism and Lord Ram. Obviously you are not destined to receive Krishna Consciousness. And for those of you who do believe, please do not waste your time trying to convince non believers. Let them rot in ignorance. I know it in my hearts that what i believe is true. That is enough for me, irresepective of other’s opinions. There is no need to give justifications. Ram built that bridge AND THAT’S IT.No second opinions invited, especially from ignorant westerners who dont even understand their own religion in depth. If they did, well….the world’s troubles would have been far less…..God is Great. Love you all.

  202. Sohail says:

    I am Muslim but i do belive in Hinduisum as well as my own religion, i belive since human kind started GOD Sent 124K Prophets to Earth from time to time to teach ppl on earth what is the right path, some became Christn some became Jews(Moses) n some Hindu and muslim, anyway i have read Ramayan, such a Great Book , i think if we wana make sure about this bridge we can just take part of that bridge and get Forensic tests,, to find out if Stones came from someowhere else or they were there ,, simple solution ,,, why we are fighting here for something we really dont know ,, if God did Mircle millions of yrs ago i am sure to prove his mircle he must have left soemthing for us to find out ….

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the peace-making comment, but it is pointless. If prophets from God all disagreed with one another–some preaching Islam, some Christianity, some Hinduism, etc., then they were not all telling the truth. If they came from the same God they would teach the same things about God. Claiming that all religions are true is popular these days, but it is senseless, because all religions disagree with one another. There aren’t many contradictory truths. There is truth, and there are lies. Many lies; one truth. If that was not true, science would be impossible, so the test you mentioned would not work.

      Forensic tests would not prove anything concerning the stones. If they were local or from another part of the planet, it would not prove they formed a bridge or that they were part of some mythical miracle. Rocks that float can travel by water on their own through ocean currents and rivers and floods, etc. Also, even if they formed a bridge, this would prove nothing other than the fact that a bridge existed. This does not prove that some mythical hindu demon-god built it. The Egyptians could say that Horus build the great Pyramid. I could claim that King Kong built the Empire State Building. That doesn’t make it true.

      The argument isn’t over whether a bridge existed or not. But the satellite photo that is shown is a natural occurrence, not a man-made bridge. This article is complete bullshit, including the claimed “1,750,000” year old inhabitants of Sri Lanka, which no scientist would vouch for. But uneducated, brainwashed people who read this garbage do not do their own research. They believe it because they want to believe it, and no common sense can convince them otherwise. That is why they believe that floating rocks are magical and that talking pictures of Sai Baba are miraculous: their primitive, uneducated minds do not understand the concept of buoyancy or computer effects.

      Willful ignorance is their own problem. If they choose to use the brain God gave them, they would figure this stuff out.

      • nicholas says:

        Hi Jason,
        Thoroughly enjoyed your desperate attempts to prove that you are a scientific atheist. N i really believe, u feel all religions are crap.
        I totally don’t believe in mythology, be it indian or christian or islamic.
        Just wanted to make a point which has be stated umpteenth number of times, Hinduism is not a religion, Its WAY OF LIFE. The modern perception of Hinduism has gone astray, but the fact remains, Hinduism is more about ideas, opinion and growth on the inside rather than the world around it.
        I would not comment on authenticity of Ramayan n stuff ( cos it never happened), But ramayan is not about a god who was helped by monkeys to save his wife. Its far more philosophical n teaches lot of virtues in life, Most important of which is tolerance. Something which you totally don’t have towards others opinion. I feel sorry for you, you have been forced to see ramayan and mahabharat as God Stories by your parents or whoever N someone never tried to explain it to you the real meaning of these stories.
        Heres a small difference between religion and belief, I would like to tell you. I bet you will never come across any Hindu (God) mythical deity which says, I am god, follow me or he is god, follow him. Compare that to Christianity ( as it seems to be a popular religion of this post!)
        John 8:58 : Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”
        With Hinduism, if you understand it in its true sense, you are left with a tolerant, clean, non violent and beautiful way of living your life with total control. With others, well you end up believing Jesus is god and he will save you. No one will save you, you have to do that yourself and Hinduism tells you this very thing – Your are responsible and accountable for all your deeds.
        Stop Being a fake atheist dude. Atheist who poke into religions are the biggest loosers on the face of the earth. Atheism is the art of finding true virtues of life without help of religion. Its definitely NOT the annoying habit of telling people their religion/beliefs are wrong.
        You (like me ) take support of science to form your beliefs, while others take support of religion. Both ways you have to find the right way to spend your life. It doesn’t matter which way is correct(scientific) and which way is wrong, cos end of the day if your beliefs helped you live a happy n useful life then, whats the point of this fight anyways? 🙂

        • sheeva says:

          “Whats the point of this fight anyways?” this is what every human being need to learn.simple phrase made me think a lot.

    • tom says:

      Excellent point Sohail. After all science is about proving a theory objectively through observation and testing, or subjectively through rationalitation and logic. I am a firm believer in the Absolute Truth, known to many as many different Holy names. Please correspond, i am interested in your views. Many thanks, tom.

    • R M Murari says:

      A very good point to come out with the truth. I believe in all religions. I have read Bible, Quaran and I do read my religious books.If you see teh mythologies of hindu, christen or muslim. Every one has more or less similar sort of stories of formation of earth or the saving of humans by god. I feel during the years the the situation made them separate, and no religion teaches blood shed or hatred.

  203. R.M.Murari says:

    I have strong belief about the anciant India. The proofs are there to prove the stories of Hindu mythologies. I would request that this should be taken in to the world Heritage and should be protected.

  204. Naresh says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m not here to hurt anybody’s feelings regarding hinduism since i myself being a devoted hindu, i would like to make some valid points. Hinduism has got great spiritual messages which by all means has the power to vanish all the problems we have in life. This may even provoke us to believe that everything happens is because of god. This region ( Tamil Nadu & srilanka ), where just one land during Lemuria phase (atleast 20,000 – 25,000 years before) and has human inhabitants with it. Dravidans were living throughout the country. Even recent archeological findings in harappa reveals that it is pro-tamil scriptures which is found in it. The Invasion and settlement of Aryans from persia, mesopotamia etc pushed dravidians in harappa to far south to join with their existing dravidans in southIndia & srilanka. A great plateau collide happened in central asia and due to that land mass was shrinked and separated due to which western ghates ( especially in kerala) and separation of land mass between Tamil Nadu and srilanka happened. Still the dravidans never really were willing to be separated and constructed a bridge to renunify themselves. The group of peoples are predominantly tamils. This bridge was actually in use for several decades but due to the continious increase of waterflow and sea level led to the sinking of the bridge. May be either Rama would have used the bridge for sea was not known. But one thing was certain. No one would have the time to actually built a bridge, when his wife is being kidnapped by another person on the other side. I’m sure the strengths of hanuman is more than good enough to carry Rama and laxmana and others to srilanka. Which hanuman has actually done it several times. So no reasons infact is good enough to understand that it was done by lord rama. Instead we need to appreciate the dravidan and Tamil culture who had the civilization to construct the bridge to bridge the human relations between their people. This is a proper evidence for all the people to understand that srilanka was actual inhabitant of dravidans and it was part of tamil country for several millenniums and please don’t confuse it with the Indian tea planters who have settled over there few centuries before. Just like wage workers transported between regions, they were also transported which by no means will blow the fact that tamils were the natives of srilanka and it was part of tamil country and so of course it is part of India. Buddhism came in to picture through back door as christianity came to India. All low caste Tamil Hindus were convinced to convert to Buddhism just like christians who did the same to hinduism. all buddhists in srilanka hate hindus (tamils ) at all costs just like christians to hinduism. In srilanka, Hindus and Hindu temples were destroyed. More than 1800 great architectural temples which were old as 2000 to 6000 years were totally destroyed during the recent genocide against hindu tamils. Kindly being a devoted hindu, give your voice against genocide by racial singhala buddhists. Never believe the fact ( even in wikipedia) that buddhism was the actual religion in srilanka. It is sainavism ( Hinduism) which was a predominant religion in srilanka and this land has been referred as favourite land of lord shiva in ancient tamil texts. We have extraordinary temples of Lord shiva which was buit by the Great Cholas in srilanka. Of course most of them were destroyed but still the point is srilanka natural inhabitants were hindu tamils only and not that tamils migrated as Tea planters, which is a disastrous and meaningless thought. It is true that Tamils from India went over there as tea planters but even much more before that, several millieniums before tamils were living there and tamils were the actual and ancient inhabitants in the place. I see lot of hindus making their posts in the forum. I request everybody to voice their concern about the hindu tamils life in srilanka. Morethan 1,00,000 hindu tamils were killed in recent war and srilanka is trying every possible ways to make it as a buddhist country which obviously it is not. It has exercised his influence also in wikipedia to make it’s viewers believe that srilanka is a buddhist country. When Tamil hindus have ruled allover Tamil Nadu, they by no means would have allowed or would have got defeated to leave their land to go under buddhist people. Buddhism came in the land only through conversions through buddhish monks and montesaries. The cholas and pandiyas were hindu rulers of the place and buddhist never had any great ruler for the land. This is a proven evidence that these places were all tamil hindus. Apart from sanskrit, prakrit and pali, Tamil is also a sacred language for Hindus in this part of the country. Again don’t confuse it with Hindi which originated during mughal rules, few centuries back and also remember these regions were not under any msulim influence. Kindly voice the concern for the fellow tamil hindus who were not allowed to celebarate any hindu festivals in srilanka, either diwali or ganesh or Krishan jayanthi. These natives were oppressed by singhala racist biddhist by depriving of jobs, education etc by way of constitutional amendments. Indian way of democracy was nowhere existing here and fighting against constitution racism was the only option for the people. If we don’t raise our voices now, sooner we Indian Hindus will face the same scenario. While most of Indians will be converted to christianity, buddhism ( already 1 lakh converted at a single stage in maharastra by Ambedkar) and day will come where all we Indian hindus will be minorities and by constitutiona amendments will loose all our fundamental rights and will loose rights in Jobs and education. Already we are seeing the symptoms of this in our country. So kindly unify and try to gather further informations via internet r magazines about our Hindu tamils in srilanka . Their history to presenet living pathetic conditions in srilanka. If we don’t raise our voice, remember then no one will do it for them and also no one will raise any voice if the scenarios happened as similar in srilanka in India. Jai Hind

  205. Shastri says:

    For those bashing the Hindu faith with all your science facts and don’t believe in our miracles…. Find me the cure for what we call Junders ( where the skin and eyes gets yellow as you slowly die of the poison killing the body)! No hospital has a cure nor treatment for this…This is where OUR HINDU PREYS COME IN! Its the only cure… Its what we call Jahray! So when your Western science finds where a prey scientific and can provide prof then u can discriminate hindus… The bible was rewritten to white mans version so dont give me no bull s**t bout christ! Oh Yeah! The missing years of christ was in INDIA getting INDIANS prey and knowledge…Ask your priest what they hide from you with your white version crap of faith!

  206. Rob says:

    Hi, When “Europeans” were still living in caves “INDIA” was way ahead of them.When they were stuggling to find that the world was round, Vedic science was already way ahead of them and knew as a fact that the world was round. When the Barbarians from arabia and Europe invaded India they stole everything from us and tried to destroy our culture, that is why so many of our educational, religious institutions were wiped out by these narrow-minded beasts in the name on conquest, gold, slavery, debauchery, prophets of the middle east, their so called God and their so called true religion.
    It is of no surprise today that the children of blood thirsty Arabia and Europe would deny their past sinful act and refuse to admit that Indians were far more advanced civilization than their barbaric ones. The stole even the name of the bridge that Lord Ram constructed into Adam bridge. Their blood, mind, action is filled with sin and corruption down to the last atom and their downfall is near. Remember karma will come and bite you in the bum!

  207. shikha saxena says:

    Interesting to read about all the comments given by you gentlemen & women, only one thing i would like to say that somehow, we all are discovering GOD….

    Is n’t so.

  208. jai says:

    To pranesh.

    Grow up son. look into your own relegion or should i say some one elses. Its a borrow line stories from other text. Now put your legs up and say hhaaaleeeluigia……… idiot.

  209. yeshas says:

    hey jason or who ever u r
    pls have some knowlwdge abt our rich indian culture
    it is not whether its hindu or christ its India and its culture
    u shud pls stop tokin like this abt the hindu community
    we r not fools
    we built a bridge across 2 nations wen the west had not even woken up
    we invented many things tat the west claimed to have done it
    hey and we indians r not foolish or primitive we r way advanced
    tat is y westners r craving for a indian brain
    hey pls mind ur tongue abt india and its people
    if ur not an indian pls cock up and go to your country

  210. Srikanth says:

    Hi guys,

    Read from start to end….

    If u believe that Jesus was seen 3 days after his death which is not scientific. . .u have to believe Rama’s bridge. . .

    People who don’t believe Rama . . . Don’t believe. . .But do not say Hinduism is crap or something. . .

    If u have good sound knowledge on Indian History then talk. . .Don’t talk what media shows…

  211. sheela says:

    hi really great!!! i wanted to check abt the bridge which existed & abt the ramayana… fotos r ze proof thnx a lot 7 plz send me more of them.

  212. Jacob says:


    The bridge exist. Built with regular stones, which float. There is no air inside the stones or anything else that can sustain floating. The stones still float. Scientist of both West and India have cut that floating ones stones to figure it out…. They had and have no idea how to explain it.

  213. The NASA images discover ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka. the NASA was declared the bridge was 17,50,000 years ago, but not built here in between India and Srilanka. the bridge is Rama built. evidence is correct but not proof the bridge in that place.
    I have been Reaearch in the Valmiki Ramayana.

  214. Chasm says:

    Oh sure, now you love NASA when they use their orbiting satellites and scientific instruments to confirm the existence of an ancient bridge. Not so much when they go to the Moon and peer into deep space looking for the earliest light in the Universe. Heh.

  215. Jagannath says:

    I read your mail just. I liked it very much. It increases my faith in Krishna. Please send me more information, photoes about ‘spiritual solutions to material problems’.

    Thank you !

    Your severent,

  216. Jagannath says:

    I very grateful having seen these photo’s from NASA. I can show as a historical proof to those who does not believe in The Supremme Personality Of God Head KRISHNA.

  217. PRANESH says:

    The uneducated should read the Ramayan

  218. mamta says:

    Hello all,

    I myself saw a program in discovery channel which was showing that researcher have found very thick “janjir” made of totally gold, at the sunk place where lanka used to be.
    We all must have read that Lanka city was of gold.

    Any one has to say anything about it.

    Many thanks


    first of all thank you everybody since your comments and the infos above has really helped to increase my knowledge(which is a must for me because am a hinduism student). the whole thing is very interesting but still according to me some more lights should be shed in this matter since i believe that this stuff transcends my understanding….anyone having more info about this issue, specially if you’ve visited this place, do provide me with accurate details….my email add is:

  220. abraham says:

    Jai Shree Raam

  221. Rose says:

    Valmiki wrote the Ramayana and mentioned a bridge between India and Sri Lanka. He did not have satellite or any high technology to foresee this bridge.

    NASA now showed images of a “MYSTERIOUS” bridge “RIGHT THERE”! Why are some of us still arguing about a bridge showing up there? Common sense! I whole heartedly believed that is Lord Rama’s Bridge. The Ramayana was not just written by Valmaki only but the same exact story was retold by many other Great Philosophers; and the bridge was mentioned in all!!
    Thank you NASA!

  222. gaurav says:

    Some of you have commented that this is a made up story.

    I went to the official website of NASA and found this article.

    This is faith and we have to understand that we are not capable enough to analyse what happened even 100 years back, this is a couple of million years ago.

    If you are getting the results of spirituality, meditation or chanting the names of the lord then go ahead and make life better.There is no harm trying something whose power is talked about so much.


  223. Pritam Mhatre says:

    Same bridge is devlop by GOD RAMA with the help of all vanara hanuman, nal,nil,jabubant , sugrav and aganda its clearly mention in Hindus Puran Ramayana

  224. anuj says:

    hare krishna, my name is anuj dayal and i am 18 years old, studying in delhi. while working or while studying i oftenly lose my concentration due to some bad vulgur things that comes in my mind on its own, but i think that these things are natural, i feels it difficult to get rid of this. Also i understand that i want to see myself as a successful, disciplined and a person of with good ideology. Please guide me to live life without any stress and with hard work so that i can make myself and my parent proud on myself.


    • Hare Krishna Anuj

      The secret to controlling the mind is giving the mind something better to be occupied with. If you can become attracted to Krishna who is so beautiful then gradually all the so-called beautiful things of the material world and the so-called pleasures of the material world will seem unimportant to you in comparison to the beauty of Krishna and your relationship with Krishna. So briefly you can achieve what you want to do by becoming Krishna conscious. But to become Krishna consciousness is a process that you need to learn and that is the subject of the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. So please read Srila Prabhupada’s books. You can read online at:

      and you can get the actual hardcopy books at:

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

    • philemon says:

      The Image does not represents any histrorical events or ancient facts… its just a Settlement which is the fact of happening between two islands. so pls dont confuse ur self

  225. Punya Khanna says:

    Congratulations to NASA and our tehnology to get our vision of intelligence widley.These pictures and images realy gave me and the society a lot of information and feed of our curiosity

    Thanks! NASA!

  226. Rishi says:

    I think that it should be called the Ram bridge!

  227. kavir says:


  228. kavir says:

    for you all who say this is a hoax how can it be such a big coincidence that the bridge created by shree ram is in th sam e spot as this discovered bridge coincidence………………..NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Jessica says:

    This story is not being covered by ANY legitimate news organization. NASA does not even have this story, please show me where this can be proven a real story.

    • anil says:

      No body is ready to make to prove…. Go and see that place then you can beleeve without knowing don’t use the words ….

    • Arvind says:

      NASA knw two think
      1) If it is known to NASA then the thing exist
      2)If it is unknown or known by other then the thing doesnot exist

  230. Viswanadhan says:

    The bridge still shows up clearly during the low tides. However, wherther it was built by Lord Rama or they are there from the time of continental drifts is not a serious issue. In India people have a tendency to believe only what they see and rubbishes away all other. The basic theory of life of many Indians relate to the ‘Dasavatara’, the ten incarnations of God on Earth being Matsya (Fish), Kurma (Turtle), Varaha (Boar), Narasimha (the half man half beast), Vamana (the little man/boy), Parasurama (Man (Ram with Parasu) with the the Axe, Sree Ram (the man with a Bow), Sree Krishna (the man with a Flute), Balarama (the man with a Yoke) or Buddha (the enlightened man)and Kalki (you name it). Is there any other theory of evolution of life on earth other than the Dasavatara ? The life which first appears in the Sea (not necessarily in the form of fish – but in the form of any aquatic living thing) evolves in to a turtle which for prolonged periods can live both in water as well as on land. From the turtle, the life evolves in to an animal in the form of a wild boar from which it transforms in to a half man half beast. The half man half beast then becomes a little man (the first man on earth must have been short and not as tall as we are now – thanks for the modern science for our growth). The little man then evolves in to a wild man with an axe and he kills other men (as Parasuram killed the Khshatriyas). It is now the time for Parasuram to go for Bow and Arrow and becomes Sree Ram. After Sree Ram Sree Krishna with a Flute comes. It merely means by this time the man was interested in music, dances and other activities and at the same time Krishna’s brother Balaram has a Yoke and it is defenitely not for fight but to cultivate the land. Buddha is an enlightened man whose name must have been removed from the history and then the Kalki and it is where the life which first appeared in water has now reached. The Dasavatara is the best scientifically justifiable theroy of life. The question is how did the ancient Indians know of this theory ? or was it God’s spontaneous creation of man as believed by some others ? Which theory suits well for science ? I believe what is said in the Epics is true manifestations of gone by historical facts. The Nagastras, Paasupathastras and all those other astras and weapons of mass destruction are now becoming true and a reality. Pasupathastra once set in motion multiplies from one to ten and ten to hundred and home in on the target with cent percent accuracy. The modern missiles with multiple war heads are the modern pasupathastras. Be proud you carry the blood of those great indians who did not really imagines of the eventualities but actually possessed the knowledge and weaponry. That is why and how we the Indians harnessed the most advanced atom technology in 1974 within 27 years from becoming independent. We had and still has the IQ inherent within us to be a great nation.

  231. E.W. Golding says:

    The almost universal estimate among scientists is that homo sapiens appeared (in Africa) about 120,000 to 170,000 years ago. ‘Out of Africa -II’ the migration of humans out of Africa commenced about 80,000 to 100,000 years ago. They reached Australia about 50,000 years ago and passed through South India on the way.
    It is utterly impossible for a MAN MADE BRIDGE to have been created 1.75 million years ago because our species, man, did not exist even 1.5 million years ago. Or is someone suggesting that this was built by Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis a far distant intermediate specis between us and the apes?

    • id says:

      The archeological record does not agree with you. There is a wealth of artefacts that shows ‘modern man’ (Homo Sapiens) has been active on the planet for many, many millions of years and new evidence comes to light often. The arguement usually runs something like – Those finely built polished walls and those exquisite mortars found in 65 million year old strata (under basalt lava flows under Table Mountain) couldn’t possibly have been made by homo sapiens because they didn’t exist then. And those modern human remains in strata older than their supposed ancestors couldn’t possibly be modern human remains because they weren’t around then. Its a case of knowledge filtration (not always intentional) and the blinders of human arrogance.

      • tom says:

        Id many thanks on your comment (jan 7). I have suspected filtration of acheological evidence many times but where can we find the original evidence that has been changed in order to prove to missinformed people the world over the truth’s as they stand? Modern social engineering scheme’s by goverments are no doubt involved, as are scientists who are not open-minded and try to make evidence fit in with their Darwinian belief’s intstead of being open to possibility and then to further research.

        • Dharmendra Sharma says:

          Dear Tom a book written by Michael A Cremo “Forbidden Archeology” is a huge compilation of such archeological findings which were filtered out from the current scintific knowledge.

    • Serge says:

      You are basing your estimate on the narrowness and ignorance of biblical studies. According to the ancient testament the world was created 4004 years ago.HOW WOULD YOUR MIND IMAGINE 1.7 MILLION YEARS AGO?

      • That is rubbish. The universe was created so many billions of years ago. We can calculate the exact number. But this earth is fantastically old. It goes through cycles and there are periodic devastation’s, the flood in the Bible is one of these. But that is not the only flood. There are unlimited floods… It goes on. Actually the cycle of the material world is eternal. It is created and destroyed at intervals, but the cycle goes on eternally. And one cycle is simply one breath of Maha-Visnu and in that one breath there is 100 years of Lord Brahma, and Lord Brahma’s years have 360 days each and in each day of Lord Brahma there are 1000 catur-yuga cycles, each cycle consists of four ages and the total duration of one cycle is 437,000,000 years about. So if you take this number and multiply it by 1000 then you get the length of Lord Brahma’s days. There are devistations between each cycle and a very big devastation and flood at the end of Lord Brahma’s day. And then Lord Brahma’s night is also 1000 catur-yuga cycles. So the whole universe is silent and flooded by water for this whole 1000 years. And then when Lord Brahma wakes again the next day he gets the sun going again and dries up the water and all the same planets and things come out again and he organizes a new creation. But it is still the same old planets coming up from under the water.

        At the end of Lord Brahma’s life there is a much more complete devastation of the universe. At that time the whole universe srinks down to a seed size and it is again drawn back into the body of Maha Visnu. But then when Maha Visnu breathes out the universes come out again and the Brahma’s take birth again and the create again… And the same living entities who were there at the time of the deastation again populate the universe and continue their activities…

        So this universe and this earth are created at the beginning of Lord Brahma’s day and continue to exist for his whole day… That is a lot more than 4004 years….

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

  232. Gabbar says:

    The person who created these images is probably smirking away to glory. Tell me something. India has sattelites. Do you think if this existed BJP would not have found it yet.
    Besides Adams Bridge is too much. If Nasa actually called it that then the christians are giving substance to Hinduisim. Hell no… I dont see that happening.

    Have you ever heard off Adobe Photoshop. I saw a picture that leads to Heaven. Staircase to Heaven. Guess what Hanumanji is sitting on the stairs.

  233. Aruna says:



    • J. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA says:

      hi….. Aruna



      • kamla says:

        look here people jai sri rama and krishana is the same person but juat diffrent from and names so ravan did not bulid the bridge he had powers he could have fly with animal he take site wit something similar like a charriot that fly in the air u guys really need some one to tell u the real story of sri rama and wen ram wanted to find sita he also bulid that bridge because of hunuman if u know bout hunuman story u will understand he was gieven a curse by a sage plz loook and humana as a child and u will surely understand

  234. rafi says:

    What I believe is that the word is in the 21st century, and I”m living in the scientific age. Idont know guys where you were.

    • J. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA says:


      Even though it is scientific age plz can i ask one question??? Is the tree is
      first or seed is first ??? It s not argument that just i want to tell onething its all God creation………..

  235. Swefen says:

    It looks too much like ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo.

  236. nick says:

    sunil u are foolish …dinosaurs aren;t for real …americans can do anything for money and fame so just image how low they would go to create surreal ideads…besides that bridge that was created in the ramayan….it was build for Lord Rama to rescue Sita and destroy Ravana…and that same bridge was destroyed by God himself… just keep in mind the thesis of this discussion my foolish friend….nasa Discover Ancient Bridge between India and Sri Lanka..end of story…

    • ravi kiran says:

      u fool who said u that nasa discovered the bridge?? it was known to Indians all along. u foolish westerns didnt accept the fact. thats it. there are a few more things i would like to mention which shows the sinful nature of the europeans.
      1)recentmost is that INDIA’S CHANDRAYAN found evidence of water on moon n now us says it dscovered water on moon. when the proof of water was submitted to european scientific society it was rejected. n when nasa did the same it was accepted.
      2)nasa never sent any man to moon. (want proof?? just search the net n u will get ample of it.)
      3)we are the ones who taught u what 1+1 is. and u say u taught us. the truth is when british invaded India it twisted and rewrote history the way they wanted.
      4)who the hell gave u permission to name our bridge as ‘adams bridge’??
      5)the INDIAN vedas taught the system of binary without which computers ‘invented by u’ would be non-existent.
      6)Aryabhatta the greatest mathematician ever said earth revolves around the sun, and sun is also not at the center of universe in the 6th century 10 centuries before your galleleo said. he also mentioned about RELATIVE MOTION by givin the example of a man sitting in the boat 16 centuries before Einstein. the truth is that u dont know all this.
      7)Baudhayan stated the theorem in 3rd cent ‘The sq. of the diagonal of a rectangle is equal to the sum of the sqs. of the other two sides’ which u call as’pythagoras thm’.
      8)the value of pi was calculated correctly to 11 digits by 10th cent by an INDIAN when europeans knew it only till 5.
      9)once roman king came to India and he was astonished to see everyone clean and neatly shaven. he wanted ur foolish ancestors to be so clean as well and to do so he had to bribe them by reducing tax.
      10)recently i came across an article which said a british company was trying to get a “patent” for ‘discovering medicinal properties of an ancient herb which was known to INDIANS more than 2500 yrs ago. this shows how hopeless and shameless u europeans are. more than all who the hell gave u dogs the rights to “patent”??
      11)This is just the tip of the gigantic iceberg. u fools do research only for credits but its not the same with us. we study to learn and gain more knowledge.
      This proves that u europeans are inferior to us n not the other way around.
      so next time when u fools comment, please think (of if u have brains!!) before u do so.

      • sarva says:

        Hare Krishna Ravi,
        As a, “foolish westerns” (westerner), that has wholly embraced eastern culture I have a couple of comments. First, thank you for sharing a few of the mostly unknown and unrecognized achievements of Indian culture. As a devotee of Lord Krishna and a disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada since 1973 I can attest to the extraordinary benefit that has accrued to my life from 37 years of sadhana, studying the Vedas, and practicing a life style centered on Vedic wisdom. I would be lost without it, and owe my happiness, knowledge and salvation to what I have learned from eastern thought and practice.
        I also have two small requests for you. First, as you are clearly a learned person, my hope is that you will continue to share your knowledge with others who are less fortunate. Second, we find the sanskrit proverb, ” satyam bruyat, priyam bruyat”, truth should be spoken, but should be done in a palatable, non-offensive way. I think we foolish westerners would be more inclined to hear your message of eastern knowledge if it were presented without the name calling rhetoric. Thanks.

      • rajeev says:

        dear ravi kiran, u r very right, these Europeans are very much afraid of Indians. they think they are master of world bt they forget to thank their teacher for all the matters which they think they had discovered. infact they can use the word discovered, but its us who invented science & all calculative formulas.



        • ravi kiran says:

          Oh I just found a few more things I wold like to add to that list
          12) Trigonometry was created by Aryabhatta. It went to Greece via the arabs and then to europe..
          13) The method of differential elements (Calculus) was invented in INDIA. Richard Feynman has himself accepted this.
          14) Aryabhattiyam the book written by Aryabhatta was translated to Latin in 13th cent. this is said to have Western Astronomers.
          15) The word “Geography” means BHUGOLA SASTRA. The very word “BHUGOLA” is made of two words -BHU meaning earth, -GOLA meaning round. Do u want more proof??
          16) ALBERT EINSTEIN said “We owes a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count through decimal system, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”

  237. Kriban says:

    Just my 2c here, firstly, if you go back in time, you would realize that the entire planet was submerged by water…and around 100 billion years ago earth was massed as one big continent, close to 100 million years ago it split into two which then split again. so by 1.7 million years back, all our continents seen today are very similar at that time. This image seems to be a “man made”, structure. Which stands to reason that although the awesomeness of nature creates amazing objects, the linkage of two land masses with this precision and magnitude is no coincidence. But for those that question the authenticity of this bridge and its origins should make educated guess’s rather than speaking one’s empty and unlearned minds. Who are you to say that this is just a “freak of nature” event? and things like this happen all the time, a i bet you also believe in Nessie and the big foot??? what a joke!!! Scriptures, writings and teachings passed on for thousands of years indicate that this structure has true and valid origins, who are we to question that???
    Secondly who on earth named the bridge???? Adams’s Bridge???
    I think that’s an insult to all Indians, Our culture gets westernized with a name subjected to another religion….I say give credit and appreciation where its deserved!!! DON’T make our religion and triumphs westernized with a name like Adam’s bridge!!!

    Jai Shri Ram!!!

    • kavir says:

      you are absolutely right Adam’s bridge it is Shree Ram’s bridge or Shree Hanuman’s bridge but no way it is Adam’s bridge

      • Heather says:

        I agree with it never having been a man made bridge. Just a natural connection of land. hence the after the fact a Western name of “Adam” as in “Adam’s Rib” from Adam and Eve.

        • shivanand says:

          I am hindu I know what this represents to all hindus.I smiled when I first saw these images.To all who believe keep the faith.Call it what they want it cannot change what it is,evidence RAMA did exist.

      • Krishna Sankar says:

        Exactly True Its unfair to all Hindus and now im even hearing that they want to break the bridge Very Unfair

    • kiran says:

      i agree with all what u hav said kriban…

  238. Sanjay says:

    jai shri ram!

    • Devanand says:

      Completely wrong.What are you saying about?There is no Raman,Sita,Lakshman&Hanuman.

      • Chetana says:

        Please keep your opinions separate from your facts. Telling a man he is “wrong” to believe in his religion is intolerable.

      • Vaibhav Kudtalkar says:

        Helllo dev anand….u got a nice name….where did it come from… u really know the meaning of ur name

  239. Beth T. says:

    Question about the shoal/bridge between India and Sri-Lanka: I wonder why a bridge needed to be built when there was probably a natural land-bridge, and at that time standing above the water. The water in that area may have been one of the shallow seas that Geologists have stated existed so long ago. Also, at 1,700,000 years ago, is there evidence of any peoples having invented rafts or boats? The stated archaeological evidence of human habitation has not been revealed in the news article.

    • sunil says:

      What you are saying is absolutely true…… When there was a land, why one has to build a bridge. If the sea level is going up and in next few years some of the the islands like Maldives wont be seen on the map which are existing today, what has happened in past 1700000 years is that a land has submerged in the water and Idiots think its a bridge.If millions of years old dinosaurs skeleton are found why cant we find the skeletons of those monkeys who build it.After all NASA has not said that the bridge was build with human hands.It was an exaggeration done by Indian Media whose remote is in the hands of BJP, VHP AND BAJRANGDAL.

      • kiran says:

        your name sounds like u r an Indian, im sorry to say this but dont you have shame to speak like that……. there are many evidences to prove the great epic ramayana if you dont know them please go and visit srilanka where you’ll find hundered and ten evidences which you cant even understand and please dont talk like a stupid without knowing anything……..

      • Vaibhav Kudtalkar says:

        Mr Sunil. have u even read anything about India yet.
        I really dont like it when one of my country mates do such a disgrace. Please be a little serious in life …i wish you luck

  240. Taramattie Rampersaud says:

    A devotee of Shree Satya Saiee Baba from Guyana, who is now residing in India, told us a scientist who is also a devotee of Shree Satya Sai were inspired about the bridge, after which the discovery was made.

    It is truly a magnificent site, and it will definitely renewed and rebuilt the confident of Hindus around the world. For too long, our people have been lead astray, not believing in our Spiritual text. Through the bless of our Lord Shree Satya Saiee Baba, this is made possible, of the ancient history of this great Dharma/Religion.

    • Tara says:

      Tara ji, no one leads us astray unless we permit them to always believe in your dharma even though it can’t all be proven in our lifetime just like this is being proven now but our great great grandchildren will read about other findings.

  241. Govind says:

    if the stones were floating at that time, they should float even today, (that is law of physics ) why are they not floating today, why is that they are sunk inside, there is somethng more to be investigated.

    • J. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA says:

      Govind sir stones were floating at that time this time also . I went overthere
      last year this time in ayyappa swamy diksha you to go and see sir…………. You can see it Dwaraka temple is also under the water sir .

    • Jason says:

      Govind, please educate yourself before you speak. There is no law of physics that says “If a stone was floating in the past it must be floating today.” If the hindus interpreted the floating stones as floating magically, then it would be a miracle and thus outside of the laws of science altogether. But if they were floating, as volcanic rocks do because they contain pockets of air, then they may be floating today unless they have filled with water and sunk.

      Why do indians keep trying to sound scientific and logical, as if to legitimize hinduism, when hinduism itself is unscientific and illogical? If you are going to use science then quote an actual scientific law, not one that you invented.

      • Jaman says:

        Hinduism is one of the most scientific and logical religions. Infact i feel it is more logical and scientific than most other religions. Just because you do not have the inclination to study thouroughly what hinduism is all about does not make you an expert on the matter. I try to keep myself informed of all and believe what I feel is right for me. There are things in cristianity, hinduism, islam, buddhism, jainism, shintoism which makes sense. there are somethings which dont. believe what you want to believe. beleieve what you need to believe. But rather than claiming xyz is crap, try to get a firm understanding of what makes sense and what doesnt.

      • SIVAKUMAR says:

        This is not volcanic stone and all. This is floating in the water is just because of lord rama’s power. This is not science and all. One day u will come to know there are more power apart from science. Look up the sky atleast for 5 minutes. There are several things in this world ur science can’t answer.

      • sachin says:

        Is this wat u hav been taught in your religion? be a gud christian first..then,u wont b such a barbarian critic towards time tested philosophies..god is not something to b provd..but to b experiencd..christ walkd on water..there is nothing more unscientific than tat in d whole world of religions..but,a deep study of hinduism can teach u tat, by yogic powers, wat christ did was possible! Dont think tat logic & reasoning is the ultimate measure of truth..reality is beyond all tat..may god bless u with knowledge..

        • Panchajanya says:


          There is a basic difference between Hinduism and other religions. From the time we are born, we are taught to share and coexist. We are never taught ill of other religions but its clearly written in Chritianity that “if you are not a Christian, then you are a sinner (the adam/eve stuff) and the devil(Satan) as consumed you”.

          From the time of their birth, Christians are taught to feel pity on other religions as their souls carry the original sin and this is the basis of conversion and destruction of culture.

          All Hindu rites and rituals are for Loka Kshemam (prosperity to the world) whereas all Christian prayers are for cleansing one’s soul of the sin. The philosophical differnce is that of a mountain and a mole-hill

          It is impossible for other cultures to understand ours even after 100 yrs of life and that according to me is the world’s greatest fallacy.

      • Panchajanya says:

        Just for the heck of it, I can argue like you saying that Western science is never absolute. First someone says Pluto is a planet and all of us read there are 9 planets. Then someone else proves Pluto is not a planet. So why was this not evident earlier, did Pluto shrink?

        Someone in some university called MIT proved that Soya reduces fertility using some stupid lab experiments. How comes the world’s most populous China thrives on Soya? I will tell you the answer. Its because of the Behemoth Monsanto created a stupid variety of genetically modified Soya, which most westerners eat but the weeds and pests dont eat Monsanto Soya because they know that its not ‘food’.

        So your stupid western scientists are feeding you with GM beans and meat washed in Ammonia (yes the dreaded NH4) instead of real food. Why do they have to wash meat with Ammonia? Hell, I will tell you the answer. Its because your screwed up western food system feeds cows with corn and dead chicken instead of grass and hay. This diet led to cows producing a new variety of dirty E-Coli that entered your stupid western food chain. For god’s sake we all know that Cows are herbivores. So why the hell feed them with dead chicken to grow them so fat that they cant even walk. Even the dead chickens in question are genetically modified. Go watch the movie ‘Food Inc’ and take some time off to find out whether you are are also a normal human or genetically engineered?

        So this way I can score more brownies on the west than you can ever imagine scoring against our culture and religion. Now piss off!

        • Katelyn says:

          To all of you, I don’t know much about the Hindu religion but here in the Caribbean, we have a mixture of cultures, races and ethnic groups. I must agree that there is rivalry between the religions which are Christians, Hindus and Muslims but when all the festivals come around that is Christmas, Divali and Eid ul Fitr, we all participate in them. What matters the most is that we must learn to accept everyone, i come from a family where there are all Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Don’t criticise any religion, one day the truth shall be revealed to all believers and non believers so don’t take on this foolish Jason because i happen to be a Christian and am still learning lots about it.

      • qweasd says:

        jason, r u muslam

      • Uma from Sri Lanka says:

        Dear Jason,
        Hindusm and Buddhism are the scientific religions on this world… It is accepted by modern science. Great scientist Einstein accepted lord buddha as the most noblest scientist. So what about others like you. That’s why cristians need to destroy both 2 religions. But they can’t. But dear Indians, please forgive this stupid poor Jason, Chystians don’t know and even can’t understand our asian mind and highness of it. Please forgive him it’is the most noble thing we had studied. Modern science is lack of spiritual knowlege… It only knows what can see what can here what can touch what can they understand from its exist laws, theories. This Science based on mathematics. It always use the language of mathematics… but spiritual knowledge’s place is higher than maths because it cannot count how much love, how much frendship. There are no units of love sadness wrath… So how this science understand this spiritual knowledge. So please forgive him and his disability.

      • Pradeep says:

        Dr. Banerjee has certainly replied to the stupid comment of Jason. I just want to tell him one thing that e may have studied much of boas and floats. But I suggest him to find some good books on Indian history. He may come to know that most of the new inventions of this modern world are already available in the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagwat Geeta. He may come to know that the people of that time used better technology of communication and weapons than today’s modern self guided missiles and dronas (name after Guru Dronacharya). When India got freedom in 1947 the Rulers took with themselves all the gold and information books on which there are researches going on war scale to touch the results of the technology mentioned in those books.
        All must know that the technology researches in Top countries are more on the Indian vedas rather than any other. Never can anybody find a 100% self guided and auto programmed portable missle that destroys the target and come back to its base. No one should take it in as an exaggeration but it is one of the millions of things that we knew and that unfortunately we could not continue due to Kalyug, otherwise that world must have ended a long time before we are born.
        The Sanskrit, the traditional Indian language is the oldest language ever spoken and written. And it is the most correct and absolutely flawless language, scientists are working on it to be the base of the computers.
        Can anybody tell the exact time of the Hinduism culture and and science. … I think no one. But every modern invention is already mentioned in its books. No one knows how old our tradition and religion is but one definitely knows when Jesus Christ is born…. Even Jesus Christ was put on the cross due to some stubborn. A christian is not a born christian, but a Hindu is.

        Last but not the least for those who are very logical and scientific think tanks.. I want to ask them how can they prove the existence of their great grand fathers. I suppose many of them don’t even know their names and tell me if they really know, how would they prove it? Its only the belief and not the seeing is believing kind. And if it actually is then they must believe the 170000 years old bridge and not just the NASA;s new discovery !!!

  242. J. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA says:

    Its great to see the pictures released by NASA. I am thankful to them its a best example who did not beleive god. In world so many scientists are there prove them what is it really ? We are discovered many things what about this ?
    I really saw this place when i am in ayaapa swamy diksha at that time i saw that RAMA STONES that GREAT to watch there weight is like ordinary stone but when it is leaving in to water it is floating. It is really mindblowing to see that types of incidents in my life.

    • J. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA says:

      BE PROUD TO BE INDIAN that it has been proved God stays a long peroid in this place……………………………..

    • Beth T. says:

      Hi Anil!!!!!!!!!!!!
      There are stones that float, they are volcanic, called ‘pumice’…I don’t know if they will float until they absorb water, or not. Yes, they are heavy like a boat is heavy, and some are light in weight, because of differences in density. We know that a boat floats because it displaces water, unless it takes on water and then it usually stops floating. Hopefully near shore if people are on…

      • Deepak Rana says:

        Yes Beth I agreed with you but you did not checked. that time it was many yers ago. no one can understood what is density nor which material will float in we have to accpet this truth.

      • chandra prakash says:

        Mr.Beth, any material in the world will have some period of time to float on water and after that particular period of time material will not be floating, but this RAM-SETU stone is still floating from past 17 lakh years ago and surely it will continue bcoz of the power by LORD RAMA


        try walking on a floating pumice you will fall and sink and nowhere in India we have pumice in such large quantity to build anything

    • Jason says:

      This is yet another example of Hindus trying to prove scientifically that their foolish religion is legitimate. But what is really happening is that the primitive, uneducated Indian people cannot understand how science works so they assume everything is the result of their gods and magic and demons.

      Please, use your head. Think. A BOAT is far heavier than many rocks, yet it FLOATS! WOW! MAGIC! WEIGHT is not what causes a rock to sink. Volcanic rocks have AIR POCKETS. Holding air makes them buoyant. That makes them float. I can do the same thing with the rocks in my garden because they are volcanic.

      Have you ever put a coconut in the water? They must be magical and created by hindu gods because they float as well. So does wood. A giant tree that weighs more than a house will also float, being much heavier than most rocks.

      I beg you to please get an education and learn how to think logically.

      • Jaman says:

        Science, religion and miracles were intertwined in ancient india. Teachers and scholars called it science while others called it miracles. Its the same all over the world. Just because something or someone was called divine did not mean there was no science behind it\them. But it did mean that they were familiar with the scientific properties (maybe not principles behind them) and were able to leverage them. Ancient Indians (and folks generally all over the world) were able to do things which currently could not explained by many folks. The non-rusting iron is a good example which was a mystery for a long time (and has existed for ever) and was explained by scientists this decade. I am not a big believer in miracles but do believe that people had different technology 100s of years back and in some cases it could have been more advanced than the crap we get out today.

        • Dr. R. L. Banerjee, D, Sc, (Sorbonne) says:

          That idiot Jason is a stupid white-head, he does not know the fact that the number of hindus who can teach science to fools like him for decades, is much larger than the whole population of his country whatever it is.

          • vijender says:

            very well said sir ,, now he got a good reply.

            as we know they feel jealous form our ancient culture and wisdom .
            thanks sir..

          • Saratoga says:

            That you Dr. R.L. for your response to Jason, who makes me (a westerner) red in the face with shame for lack of respect and understanding of anything outside his realm of condescension to other nations, beliefs and possibilities. I only learned of this recently and know my consciousness is ready to take major leaps in historical knowledge. I embrace it and will find my copy of the Gita and read it with new eyes. I have an interest is staying current with plans to dredge the sea in this area and hope something can be done to stop what is often called progress covering a face of greed. I look forward to reading all comments but could go no further without thanking you for speaking up to Jason’s big headedness (American slang for a know-it-all ego based person.)

          • Proud hindu says:

            Very good sir… This idiot is saying that we r trying to prove it true…but fact is that they r trying to prove it false… They jealous of us… As u see lots our things based on science… As touching leg saying namaste or worshipping peepal and tulsi… Doing.. .यज्ञ there religion is just 1500 years old… An…

        • sarada says:

          Yes, Jason, Bingo!! knowingly or unknowingly you have proved the whole point, being disscussed here and every where for decades now.
          Yes, the RamaSethu or Adam’s bridge if made by human is an Excelent Engineering marvel especially at that time (as we tend to under estimate most of the ancient theories).Can anyone tell me where did the word Science or SCIENTIST, originated? And then the word GOD originated? Has anybody come from the past or some fictitious place as u call it have come to us defined that this is MIRACLE and this SCIENTIFIC? Untill a thing is proven it always remains Miracle to the mere Human Being. (it very much might be the case that the then human being used to call a scientist -the meaning of the word god or science as miracle; viz. the most basic questions took centuries and 100s of lives –To Prove That The Earth Revolves Around The SUN.)You or me cannot take the credit of being a logical thinking man just because we have read books written by other scientists. Being logical is good and offcourse a necessity too, but being an ignorant and just like that cursing others for something which is yet to be proven will never be accepted by any human being on Earth. The Hair Line difference is between to be PROUD (Garva) and EGOISTIC (Ahankara).
          On top of that this has nothing to do with a RELIGION being Legitimate or Intelligent. The very concept of a religion is beyond this. Eg. To rule a country there is Democracy and also Monarchy both having logical and illogical sides, because the Ministers are never chosen the way the officers at high Administrative posts.

          • Uma from Sri Lanka says:

            The reality is modern science cannot explain everything because the lack of it’s knowledge. In here Sri Lanka has an expression “Sinhalaya Ahasa usata dagab haduve sudda kola athu andina kale” meaning, Sinhala people was made huge tallest pagodas when western foolish white people use plant leaves to hide there naked body, it means they were just trappers. It’s right because we had many kind of scientific knowledge even at that ancient times… and should say India also had those… So be proud of your birth and try to find that hidden knowledge of yours. I’m not telling that surely this is Sri Ram’s bridge but it may possible… And Jason you should understand that asian people not foolish but white mans are foolish. The most intelligent scientists in world first universities are many times asian also indian. And if not white foolish man did not destroy eastern countries by colonialism this bright people will not undemanding their ancient knowledge. And it couldn’t be bible also true it’s also a more and more great myth than others . But it is made of your brilliant white mans. Isn’t it Jason…?

          • veena says:

            I do believe the bridge is real but I will also like to read the book written on behalf of rawan. As you know there is always two sides to a story

      • Saurabh says:

        Who the Hell do you think you are Jason to call Hindu religion as “Foolish Religion”. Your words and language suggest that you are highly influenced by the recently developed western civilization, which 1000 years ago use to be a backward culture. No individual in this world is great enough and big enough to address any religion with these derogative words. Just to let you know dude when people in England use to live in Jungles and hunt for food people in India were using Lavatory and canal system for irrigation. Cities, townships, roads, and brick built houses were common, to say that ancient Indian were having a very developed culture would not be wrong (Please read history to Validate). Now Lets talk about Logic and Science, in India we have 6 dept. of philosophy which are based on Logical Conclusions. We have the most ancient reading on Astrology, Chemistry and Biology. Vedantic Mathematics is as old as Veda itself, which is very advanced and highly respected worldwide. I have gone through other comments and do feel that people don’t have good knowledge about Hinduism. Firstly please do your homework before you start and make comments about any subject or religion. I am a scientific person myself and I do believe in what I see, but that should not mean I become arrogant, judgmental and partial in my view. When Christens came to India and talked about Science they said everything is wrong about Hinduism. While today it’s well know fact how scientific our discipline of medicine and Yoga was and the world is practicing it. We had colleges and Universities in India talking about science and religion even before Christ took birth. The depth and extent of intellectual advancement can be easily understood by the fact that it talks about tolerance, peace and harmony. In India Buddhism & Jainism was tolerated and practiced by people and they had option to choose (6 centuries before the Christ was born). Even recently Zoroastrianism is a religion only practiced in India and Hindus did help them or it would have been vanquished by Islam. Even Islam and Christianity came to India and were accepted. Unlike religions countries practicing Islam and Christianity were you cannot even think about other religion getting practiced just a couple of centuries back!!
        What we have come across is surely a bridge no doubt on that and it’s true that it is mentioned in Ramayana about creation of this bridge. Worldwide Scientists do study these religious books to understand the ancient culture as they are considered records of event during that time. Hinduism is most ancient religion to be practiced currently in the world. Let the research go on and time shall speak for itself as what is right and what is wrong about the bridge. Everything written in scriptures may not necessarily be true and they might not necessarily be false. Religious books have said about this bridge ages back and scientist have found it today, same has been the case with the ancient city of Dwarika, whose ruins are getting excavated on the shores of Gujarat. Again the same was mentioned in another epic called Mahabharata.

        • dee says:

          well said mate the hindu culture is well and the food is very good for body and spirit.

          • in my opinion we should respect every culture….. it doesn’t matter they do or not but we should… and we r not Indians and all. we r good human beings first….i think it is enough that we belive in god who ever they are but we belive in them strongly… that is it

        • Devika says:

          WOW. Beautifully said.

        • sandeep Sagar says:

          I dont want to say much however for me believing in my religion ( Hinduism)is like believing in my existance in this world. You are so right Saurabh, i dont know you but your reply to Jason is perfect.

          Jason, I think u should work on your facts before commenting on any religion because what i feel is that you are too comsumed with your own thoughts that you have started neglecting everyhting else in this world, i would request you to ask this question from people in US and other countries who are already following my religion.
          All religions are important. God bless everyone. OM NAMAH SHIVAY.

        • Tara says:

          Way to go Saurabh, Jason is just another one of those who dosen’t look before he leaps, not educated enough to know that what was found was not by the indian people but by NASA so if he want’s to call some one a liar there he goes, who needs the education now Jason your statement in just showing your prejudice
          against a race of people(indians) who are now being copied for their medical expertises,technological and spiritual knowledge the world over especially US.. without these prejudices the world will be a much more pleasant place to live.

        • Zubin Mehta says:

          totally agree with you Saurabh … Well I am not that good at history but am pround of being an Indian … and this bridge provides proof and emphasizes that myths can transform to history and confirms our beliefs in our origins … btw great reply to Jason … Can’t even figure out if Jason is an indian (by his name) to comment on our culture and religion but would like to say that my parents have embedded me with culture and values, these western cultured people would not even understand nor ever can (some do make an effort though)….and just to let you know, I have stayed abroad for for than 10 years so can definitely judge and make this comment …. Proud to be an Indian and always will 😀

      • Baldev says:

        I am shocked with the wordings Jason has used here against the Hindu religion. You need to use your head (and brain if you have it !!!) to think what will you get out of that dirty comments !

        Learn to respect all religions if you can or better keep your stupid sense for your family and friends. You don’t need to bring it over internet.

      • manu says:

        u fool… THINGS MATTER WHEN UNEXPECTED HAPPENS…ie when a stone floats on water… or when a coconut sinks in water or a tree sinks in water …. [normally a stone dnt float on water.. ] but a tree or a coconut floats on
        water ..
        u dnt know nothing abt that stone which floats i rameshwarm .. first take a look at those and comment on it…

      • manu says:

        u fool… THINGS MATTER WHEN UNEXPECTED HAPPENS…ie when a stone floats on water… or when a coconut sinks in water or a tree sinks in water …. [normally a stone dnt float on water.. ] but a tree or a coconut floats on
        water ..
        u dnt know nothing abt that stone which floats i rameshwaram .. first take a look at those and comment on it…

      • aniket says:

        Our hindu religion is an ancient culture which also believed by great scientists.And our religion is not foolish.Who are you,giving such answers on net .Who know’s you ,what your culture proves ,thinking of ideas also gives invention and in hindus mostly ideas have came true.For your information rockets,aircrafts, plastic surgery,breating of plants, invention of digit [0] zero like.Only some few examples are given which proves us literated through ancient period the ancient period means about when your where roaming nude [clothless] not knowing to speak that time our religion had improved than you much better and forward than you.for your first question I would like to answer you that is you area explaning about floating of wood, ,trees,volcanic rocks-all these things float on water I know very well.but if it was so much easy and we are illatrate than you then why we created such a huge breeze before you peoples and your stupied religion stealing our IDEAS and giving your MOSTLY SYUPIED<FOOLISH names.Your religion is started just two thousand years ago and very stupied thinks are thought in it .Some times I think how so many pepole followed The stupied Christain religion O’I forgot I am sorry it is true clever are very less And stupied all found around the world i.e you will found clever hindus in india And stupied Christains all around the world.But a good fool like you can follow the christianity because it is huge manufacturer of foolish peoples.

        • annesa says:

          Aniket dear i strongly disagree with the way both you and Jason addreses this issue with regards religion. i think its no problem to comment but there is no right given to condemn in such a manner. please think about it both of you!

      • Punita Uttam says:

        hi Jaman,
        thanks u had given a very good answer to Jason

        now hi Jason, i have red ur comment u had said our religion oh i’m sorry all religions[bcoz GOD is one] a “foolish religion” by reading it i got very much sure that u had not ever red RAMAYAN yet &if u had red u had never red it from the bottom of ur heart, the way u read BIBLE but i think i’m wrong ur such type of comment shows that u had not even red BIBLE.Now lets come to the point that, if u ever want to comment our religion please read RAMAYAN first & i’m very much sure that by reading it u will become very much against to the person who ever will show disrespect to our religion.
        “JAI RAM JI”

      • Chuck says:

        Here is another example of backwards western thinking. Who are you to disparage another culture’s beliefs? No wonder Christians around the world are thought of as intolerant and backwards…shame on you! Perhaps you should open your mind and try to understand the beliefs of others.

        • annesa says:

          chuck i agree with you on that opening of your mind to other peoples beliefs and disagreeing with the way jason commented however from readin many comments alot of them are geared towards jason and that he shouln’t express his thoughts in that manner i agree, HE SHOULDN’T, however you all are doing the same thing by speaking of another religion in this case christianity in the way that you did.

      • stevin says:

        mr. jason you were wrong,,,, if you know about this you have rights to speak abt this,,,, but dont speak in a partical way

      • stevin says:

        mr jason,,,,,,,, can u tell me were is noah’s ark located

      • Chetana says:

        “primitive, uneducated Indian people cannot understand how science works”

        Your comment is highly offensive, and I, as an Indian and proud intellectual, am highly disturbed by this.

        Your point about weight not affecting whether and object floats or not is spot on- congratulations, you have at least mastered middle school chemistry. In fact, your comment about “air pockets” suggests just that- a middle school level of understanding. The word is density, my friend. Rocks, especially those near a shore, are MORE dense than water, hence they sink.

        However, you clearly did not do your research. You continue to go on and on about volcanic rocks- but I have scientific research (which you seem very keen on) on my side, telling me that there were no volcanoes, nor was there any possible source for volcanic rock to have arrived at the particular spot at which the bridge was built.

        Also, Hindu mythology says that through the grace of god, the rocks were able to float only once the name “Shree Ram” was inscribed upon it. Please explain to me how a ‘volcanic’ rock can sink one second, then float the next.

        You seem to forget that as a RELIGION, certain things must be taken on faith. I’ll go on a limb here and assume that you are Christian (if I’m wrong, then please forgive this assumption- I don’t mean to offend). Christians believe that Jesus could walk on water, or that he turned water into wine, or that he was resurrected, for crying out loud. Please try to give me a scientific explanation for each of these things. Even if you give me some story about the shoes he was wearing being extra buoyant or something, it doesn’t change the fact that the word RELIGION implies that you must take a certain amount on faith.

        That being said, please try to be more tolerant of other people’s religions. Just because you are not Hindu does not mean that all Hindus are automatically uneducated or whatever derogatory terms you called us. I would not go so far as to make demands, as I’m sure it will go unfulfilled, but I think you owe us all an apology.

        And for your reference, in case you try to label me as uneducated, I am a doctor of medicine, and I live in the USA. I have received 20 years schooling, and I minored in Hindu religion. I know what I’m talking about, and I have my facts straight.

        Your sarcastic tone does not endear you, nor does it help to enforce your point. I suggest that in future, stick to actual facts to prove your point, rather than making opinion-based insults.

        Your reply is awaited with all due eagerness.

        • why demon king ,muslim , british and now more theft our welth and more gold and why muslim destroy our all old hindu temple thats all knows …. , all other country knows we cant fight with hindu bcs they are more powerfull , but they want to defit us emotionally . but that they dont all hindu are kind heart , clean heart , our god also told us in gita we all are son of god , so they are thinking indian are weak , but they dont know our one person equall to there 10 person . hindustam jindabad . lekin nehi kahunga dusra country murdabad bcs hum hamara desh ko maa mante hain sab hindu mante hain maa sabka hi maa hota hain lekin tumhare country main maa ko biwi bhai mante hain this is your culture , hamare maa ko puja karte hain maa keliye jaan bhi de sakte hain aur le bhi sakte hain , aur tum nastik ke ware main kiya main bolu tumhare father 1 hota to tum samjhte but tumhare father 10 hotehain but hamare sirf ek hi father hain he hum unhe ( god ) mante hain lekin tumhare 10000 bap hote hain ish liye tum sab sale saitam ke bete ho . jai hind tumhare samjah main nehi ata to ( pls ush nastik ko samjh main ana chahiye aur ish ko english main translation kar dijiye ) ur name is like indian but ur artitude is like demon .

        • all other country want to defit emotionally so be cautios .

        • Dharmendra Sharma says:

          Chetana Ji,
          your comment is perfect and balanced. i am completely agree with you.
          In my opinion Mr Jason has recieved sufficient treatment, and we must forgive him.
          As far as i understood sanatana dharma, it is very generous and accepts all the views and thoughts even if those are against there basic roots. For example take Chruvak darshan and Brihaspati darshan. These two philosophical streams were purely materialistic and atheist even then we were tolerant to them.
          Jason behaved like a child and already recieved more than required for his act, now we should forgive him. as Sri Krishna says for a true yogi ‘Maan’ and ‘apmaan’ is same.

      • Lay says:

        Primitive, uneducated?

        Wow, really?

        I think you’re forgetting that 90% of the smart, achieving people in the US are Indian and Asian. Yeah, those primitive, uneducated Indian people are topping the country.

      • Panchajanya says:

        Dear Jason,

        Go get a life!

        I think Hindus and Hinduism has been far more receptive to science than any other religion. Galileo and other stalwarts were threatened to life by the Church for saying obvious things like the earth is not flat:)

        Einstein and Oppenheimer spoke Sanskrit. Oppenheimer knew Bhagvad Gita so well that he chanted verse 10.20 when the power of destruction was unleashed. He even has told that the explosion witnessed was the first nuclear explosion known to ‘this’ mankind, clearly indicating that he believed Arjuna indeed unleashed the Brahmastra during the Mahabharata war.

        In his lectures, Carl Sagan, the legendary cosmologist, speaks that only Hinduism of all cultures, offers the timescales (measured in Yugas) suitable for calculating the time since big-bang. He used the analogy of ‘Cosmic dance of Shiva’, to explain the continuous cycle of Big Bang and big crunch.

        The Hindu calendar (Panchangam) is more accurate than the gregorian calendar and offers finer units of measurement than the gregorian calendar. Any household lady in India will tell you how minute the timescales can be.

        Mahabharata is the only real ‘epic’. Its more than 10 times bigger than Illyad and Odyssey put together. Homer is indeed modest when pitted against Vyasa.

        Everybody knows Aryabhatta is the father of the modern day algebra by inventing a new number system and the zero. Infact, he went on to explain that there are 2 kinds of zeros. One is ‘Poojyam’ and other is ‘Shoonyam’. Poojyam is a nothing created by algebraic subtraction like 2-2 = 0. Shoonyam is the ‘absolute nothing’.

        So I dont know what you are trying to talk. You can embrace Hinduism not just for religious purpose but for knowledge also.

      • Srinath says:

        Stupid Jason your dads dads dad is a Hindu who believed in this truth. So don’t blabber about Hinduism because you yourself is one Hindu. Calling yourself mad and illogical is very stupid yar. NASA is anyway not stupid like you…thats for sure !!! Jesus gave sight to blind 2000years ago, any ordinary hospital can provide the same today in 15 minutes. does that mean jesus is nothing but an ordinary guy. Science cannot prove many things. If there is a structure photographed by NASA and the same is mentioned in a story written 10000 years before, there is truth in that. Give me one scientific evidence of at least one instance that jesus had done in bible??
        Not even your great grand dad can do that fucking fellow…

      • kiranjay says:

        i agree with you. One should get proper education than just believing.

      • Sense says:

        Jason, No Hindu is attributing the floating rock as God’s miracle… All these people are happy to have found the traits of an ancient man-made bridge..And hello!! we know porous rock floats..This ancient bridge was built with porous rock for the king and his followers to walk to Srilanka.

        When other continents languished with no civilisation, we had toilets and drinage systems in Mohenjadaro… Well now unfortunately, the white world is the first-world country, and we have become third-world. If you dont like something stay away, we dont need your stupid mockery and enlightenment..

      • sunny says:

        Mr jason my friend please read this its not written by me its written by catholic or wt yu say fucking christian scientist put the comments here
        From Hugh Joseph

        Hi Jeff…

        I read the story headlined above with great interest. This is a story of major significance, as understanding its implications will turn the entire world of Science and History on its head. This bridge, according to accounts in the Ramayana and the Srimad-Bhagavatam, was constructed in the age know as Treta, over 2 million years ago.

        How did the writers without super space-ranging satellites know about the existence of this bridge? In these ancient accounts, written over 5,000 years ago, we find discussions of, among other things, space travel, inter planetary travel, what we call UFOs and what we mistakenly call ETs. This is not only the History of the planet Earth, but also of this Universe, (a mediocre universe among many millions of universes.)

        Here one can also learn the real undisguised and uncontaminated truth about God. Our man-made religions are of little or no value when compared to the stunning and breathtaking revelations found in the pages of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Ramayan, Bhagavad-gita, etc.

        I hope you will publish this comment for the benefit of your readers.
        Thank you for the great work you are doing.

        Hugh Joseph

        For your readers, here is the way the “Srimad Bhagavatam” describes the event:

        Text 22
        nara-devatvam apannah
        cakre viryany atah param


        “In the eighteenth incarnation (of Lord Krishna), the Lord appeared as King Rama. In order to perform some pleasing work for the demigods, He exhibited superhuman powers by controlling the Indian Ocean and then killing the atheist King Ravana, who was on the other side of the sea”.

        (by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)

        The Personality of Godhead Sri Rama assumed the form of a human being and appeared on the earth for the purpose of doing some pleasing work for the demigods, or the administrative personalities, to maintain the order of the universe. Sometimes great demons and atheists like Ravana and Hiranyakasipu and many others become very famous due to advancing material civilization by the help of material science and other activities, with a spirit of challenging the established order of the Lord. For example, the attempt to fly to other planets by material means is a challenge to the established order. The conditions of each and every planet are different, and different classes of human beings are accommodated there for particular purposes mentioned in the codes of the Lord. But, puffed up by tiny success in material advancement, sometimes the godless materialists challenge the existence of God. Ravana was one of them, and he wanted to deport ordinary men to the planet of Indra (heaven) by material means without consideration of the necessary qualifications. He wanted a staircase to be built up directly reaching the heavenly planet so that people might not be required to undergo the routine of pious work necessary to enter that planet. He also wanted to perform other acts against the established rule of the Lord. He even challenged the authority of Sri Rama, the Personality of Godhead, and kidnapped His wife, Sita. Of course Lord Rama came to chastise this atheist, answering the prayer and desire of the demigods. He therefore took up the challenge of Ravana, and the complete activity is the subject matter of the “Ramayana”. Because Lord Ramachandra was the Personality of Godhead, He exhibited superhuman activities which no human being, including the materially advanced Ravana, could perform. Lord Ramacandra prepared a royal road on the Indian Ocean with stones that floated on the water. The modern scientists have done research in the area of weightlessness, but it is not possible to bring in weightlessness anywhere and everywhere. But because weightlessness is the creation of the Lord by which He can make the gigantic planets fly and float in the air, He made the stones even within this earth to be weightless and prepared a stone bridge on the sea without any supporting pillar. That is the display of the power of God.

        (Srimad-Bhagavatam First Canto, Chapter 3, text 24, 1972)

        Here’s the account from the “Ramayana” of Sage Valmiki:

        “At Rama’s command, those lions among the monkeys entered the mighty forest with alacrity in hundreds and thousands on every side and those leaders on the simian tribes, tearing up the rocks, which in size they resembled, and the trees also dragged them to the sea and they covered the ocean with Sala, Ashvararna, (list of tree names).Those foremost monkeys transported those trees, with or without roots, bearing them like so many standards of Indra (the king of heaven) and they heaped (list of tree names) here and there. With the aid of mechanical devices, those powerful colossi dug up stones as big as elephants and rocks, and the water suddenly spouted into the air only to fall instantly. Thereafter those monkeys churned up the sea by rushing into it on all sides pulling on the chains.

        “That immense causeway constructed by Nala in the bosom of the sea was built by the arms of those monkeys of formidable exploits and it extended over a hundred leagues.

        “Some brought trunks of trees and others set them up; it was by hundreds and thousands that those monkeys, like unto giants, made use of reeds, logs and blossoming trees to construct that bridge, rushing hither and thither with blocks of stone resembling mountains or the peaks of crags, which, flung into the sea, fell with a resounding crash.

        “The first day those monkeys resembling elephants, or immense energy, full of high spirits and exceedingly merry, erected fourteen leagues of masonry. The second day, those highly active monkeys of formidable stature set up twenty leagues. Bestirring themselves, those giants threw twenty-one leagues of structure over the ocean on the third day and on the fourth, working feverishly, they built up twenty-two leagues in extent. The fifth day, those monkeys, industrious workers, reached to twenty-three leagues distance from the further shore.

        “That fortunate and valiant son of Vishvakarma (architect of the demigods), leader of the monkeys, constructed a causeway worthy of his sire over the ocean and that bridge erected by Nala over the sea, the haunt of whales, dazzling in its perfection and splendor, was like the constellation of Svati in space.

        “Then the gods, Gandharvas, Siddhas (living beings superior to humans) and supreme Rishis (great sages) assembled in the sky, eager to see that masterpiece, and the gods and Gandharvas gazed on that causeway, so difficult of construction, that was ten leagues in width and a hundred in length built by Nala.

        “Those monkeys thereafter dived, swam and shouted at the sight of that unimaginable marvel that was almost inconceivable and caused one to tremble! And all beings beheld that causeway thrown over the ocean and by hundreds and thousands of kotis (millions), those monkeys, full of valor, having built that bridge over the immense repository of waters, reached the opposite shore.

        “Vast, well-constructed, magnificent with its wonderful paved floor, solidly cemented, that great causeway like unto a line traced on the waves, resembled the parting of a woman’s hair.

        “Meanwhile Bibishana (brother of Ravana who joined Rama), mace (club) in hand, held himself ready at his post with his companions in case of an enemy attack. Thereafter Sugriva addressed Rama, who was valiant by nature, saying “Mount on the shoulders of Hanuman and Laxmana (brother of Rama) on those of Angada. O Hero, vast is this ocean, the abode of whales; those two monkeys who freely range the sky will transport you both.”

        “Then the fortunate Rama and Laxmana advanced thus and that magnanimous archer was accompanied by Surgriva. Some monkeys strode forward in the center, some threw themselves into the waves, some sprang into the sky, others marched on the bridge, some ranged through space like birds, and the terrific tumult of the trampling of that formidable army of monkeys drowned the roar of the ocean.

        “When those simian troops had passed over the sea by the grace of Nala’s causeway, the king ordered them to camp on the shore which abounded in roots, fruits and water.

        At the sight of that masterpiece that had materialized under the command of Raghava (another name of Lord Rama), despite the difficulties, the gods, who had drawn near with the Siddhas and Charanas as also the great Rishis, anointed Rama in secret there, with water form the sea, and said: “Mayest thou be victorious over thy foes, O Thou, who are a God among men! Do Thou rule over the earth and the sea eternally!”

        Thus in various auspicious words, did they acclaim Rama in the midst of the homage offered to him by the Brahmins.”

        (The Ramayana of Valmiki, Yuddha Kanda)

        Note: Lord Krsna’s incarnation Rama, appeared as a human being because only a human being could kill Ravana, due to certain benedictions that he had been given.

        Note: The monkeys mentioned here as comprising Rama’s army, were not ordinary monkeys. They were in fact greatly powerful demigods who appeared on this earth to assist the Lord in his pastime of subduing this atheistic demon, Ravana.

        Note: There are 4 ages, or yugas, rotating through time like the 4 seasons: Satya, 1,800,000 yeas long; Dvarapa, 1,200,000 years long, Treta, 800,000 years long and Kali, 432,000 years long. In this most recent yuga cycle, the Dvarapara and Treta yugas were reversed. This event took place about 2 million years ago.

        Comments welcome

      • varun says:

        dear Jason,
        I think u hv forgotten dat we Indians taught d world how to count bcoz v invent ‘0’, after dat ur science started calculations and our Indian Vedic culture is so rich dat u nd evn ur science cant think of it.
        Last bt not d least, ur science is originated 4m our Vedas nd it’s(science) is very tiny part of it.
        Hope this is enough 4 u nd may God bless u with d power so dat u cn feel n understand His mercy.

      • Jake says:

        Hey Jason, I tink its not ryt of You to condemn the religion. Coz the science you have learnt is was mentioned way much earlier in the vedas. In which the vedas were scriptured way before Human became educated.

      • Raj says:

        Idiot!! It was mentioned in the Ramayana way before your ass was born. Nasa discovered it recently. Our belief was not based on NASA’s discovery or our holy book did not appear after the discovery. Get your facts straight and concentrate schooling your foolish ass.

      • Dianna says:

        On the contrary Jason, it is YOU who needs an education and perhaps a lesson on ignorance. It is because of people like yourself that diminishes the human spirit.

        The Hindu culture and religion is one of the oldest there are in the world. If you even had half a brain, you would realize that Indians are one of the very many races who have advanced science and technology. That is more than I can say about a pea brain like yourself.

        • Jack says:

          Very correct Dianna, India is one of the most rapidly advancing countires in the world, with population and especially with science and technology

      • Nilanchal says:

        Some idiots think that they can understand science better. But idiots do not know that before 17000 years a belive on god was there & fore fathers of idiots also belving in god. today we may call it science but can anybody say why so many volcanic rocks (as described by idiots) are assembled to use a bridge. the population of that time was not too much that they were looking for a new place or food. Some thing was there that they made that bridge & the the story not written in aday or two after nasa flashes the news. The same belive is existing since thousand of years & if the ame is going to prove today, some foolish & idiots renaming the same as science. If so then we can say the people of that time were a gretest scientists who discovered the way forming of a bridge & made an example for modern science. We proud of our fore fathers great scientists of there times who discovered “Puspak” the ancient version of Modern airtranport system,etc………… But some idiots think……………….

      • Gautam says:

        hi Jason…

        I think you forget the power of god. once upon a time science can not belive in soul…after few research science belive in soul…u r such a fool person in the earth.

      • santhu says:

        hello Mr.jason
        we are not foolish. Just we are trying to say how much intelligent peoples are there at the time 17lakh yrs old… just imagine in that time how many countries find such type of stones… we are written ramayana mahabharatham… at lakhs yrs old we are already proved my brains… just now you people traying to say we are genious but real genious are indians.. we learnt so many countries how to leave like humans… we people find science already without books, and now a day equipments,… if you want to think about indians..just read ramayana, mahabarata.. you will know indian brain… Till now nasa also didn,t find some miracles but so many yrs old indians found… we given so many good peoples like budha to other countries. you in nasa scientist 13% people are indians… Before comment on indians just study indians….

      • suleman says:

        Jason! Where does LOGIC comes from? Read the RAMAYANA and you will come across JABALI a savant in the court of the King Dasratha.
        You do not understand what is science yet you in the West you talk about science.

        The Abrahamic religions are based on superstition, crimes,tortures,etc..
        You know full well that when the HINDU NUMERALS reached Europe through the Arabs, the catholic church said that these numerals were the inventions of SATAN and whoever used them to count or keep records were punished. The eclipse was thought to be a sign of the end of the world by the Mohameddans and so on.

        When you were in utter darkness India and its neighbour Persia had universities. How can you misjudge the Indians? It it were not India, the West would still be in absolute backwardness.

        At least ponder on the way that you pray god( which is imaginary):OUR FATHER THOU ART IN HEAVEN, PARDON OUR SINS, GIVE US OUR DAILY BREAD,etc.. There is nothing as laughable as that prayer.

        Go and enlighten yourself, imbecile!

      • ARjun says:

        Hey stupid jason,
        wat do you know about hinduism, do you know several ancient tamil writing are still existing undergroung in the vatican archieves have been pilaged from various cultures and transported to rome by order of various popes. bible is even pilaged from our vedas and the teachings of our hinduism.





      • Adit says:

        ‘You see the world not as it is, but as you are’

        Maybe it is time for Jason to honestly look at how he views himself. There have existed many wonderful men in this world, and all of them has had to deal with the skeptical mind Jason embodies now. The eyes cannot see reality, as we as human beings cannot perceive 90% of all matter. So what if there is a reality, or an infinitude of realities that go beyond what our mind can comprehend? Also, Jason, Indian scholar, be they Hindu or Vedic have been renown for their knowledge and intellectual ability. You may want to check your facts before speaking my friend, even if it is on a site many ‘brown’ people frequent.

      • TheMonkeyStan says:

        Perhaps, before calling Indians uneducated, you should look into their history and not post comments blindly, stupid. They were the ones that created the numbers from 0-9. They created plastic surgery. They created the toilet system. They knew about gravity before Newton. They knew about electricity and what it can do. They predicted that in the future there would be flying-machines (airplanes) and they even drew the structure of a modern-day airplane. They created a 30km bridge using SHOAL. Are barking mad!! How can you call them uneducated!? They created meditation – that’s how they became smart. If you are Athiest, why target us? If you’re Christian (no offense to Christians) then how can a man walk on water and turn a bread and fish into multiple bread and fish.

        I am smarter than you, yet you are older than me. I am 11.

        Learn how to back-up your comments before blindly spitting out rubbish.

      • Claire says:

        Look sir,

        The Hindu religion is not foolish. You simply just do not understand its complexity. The story says that Rama’s name was inscribed onto the rocks making them float. Now as you point out they were probably volcanic. The Hindu religion mixes legend and magic with science… I’m quite sure the people in the ancient times were aware of the scientific properties of the rocks allowing hem to float. They were very advanced in sciences and maths, coming up with concepts like zero and I believe there is a description of the world being round in the Vedas….

        People all over the world mix folklore and legend with fact. This is true in almost every civilization.

        I’n not Hindu myself (I’m Christian), but I do believe their religion is legitimate and certainly has some facts about human origin and sciences since it is one of the oldest religions around today. We just have to separate fiction and facts and I’m certain most of it is fact.

      • bharti says:

        the description of this bridge had already been described in Ramayana .. n if u do not believe in .. u could have find it elsewhere not in mid of India and Srilanka.. n what you r describing about Stones and .. its a “Bidge” not a single Stone !!!!!….do you ever got this kind of bridge anywhere in the World.. that too even have a existence years before .. so better first go n find why we HINDUS n Indian believe in this Rama Setu… like Everyone believe in Science .. same way we do .. because we have proof

      • viva says:

        you are a big goof we are the first human being in entire world you write negative comment for indians so i tell u mr.gofy we are talented people in the world we are best in any sectors.

  243. udaya says:

    for all we know it could be science fiction too. like the mention of the atom, or the anu in tamil by thiruvalluvar. the author of the ramayana must have heard the legends of the place which must have included mention of a bridge linking lanka and india, perhaps there was a real bridge earlier which sunk when the sea rose, but the legend stayed on. the author could have used this story to provide a setting for his story. it happens all the time, authors being far ahead of their times, where logically it is possible.

    I would have been convinced had valmiki wrote that there would be a material that is semiconducting and used in electronics, but such things cannot be guessed, while a laser or an aeroplane can be guessed by even a child.

    The primary theme of the day was that of spirit, and it is perhaps proper that a legend arose around the spiritual realm.

    one should understand that by then india was a agrarian economy, settled into ints ways with liesure for its people, a lot of people did have the food and facility to go into spirituality research and by all accounts they did

    just because the bridge is mentioned does not improve the ramayana which is itself a good epic….

    and probably nothing more

    • Govindarajan says:

      This is of course, based on your own assumption that the Ramayana is a myth. However, I seriously do not consider that viewpoint. Valmiki clearly states that whatever he has recorded is history, and not an allegory.

      Why should we believe that? Because, by analysing the text, one can glean many philosophical truths of an extremely high order. For instance,

      – Sita in Lanka represents the Jivatma in Samsara.

      – The Rakshasis who tortured Her represent the dangers of Samsara.

      – Ravana represents the material body that the samsaric Jiva is associated with (the 10 heads refer to te indriyas). One should yearn for release from this body.

      – Hanuman represents the acharya sent by the Lord to free us from samsara.

      – The ring that Sita gave to Hanuman represents the guru parampara that a jivatma should follow. For instance, in Ramanuja parampara, we follow Sri Manavala Mahamuni, whose acharya is Pillai Lokacharya, who in turn is a sishya of Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai, and so on….this parampara ultimately leads to the ‘mula’ acharya Sri Ramanuja. Similarly, Hanuman is the first acharya whom the guru parampara leads us to.

      – Sri Rama is the Lord who then liberates us by destroying our body, just as He destroyed Ravana to save Sita.

      Many more truths exist in this text. Now, people may be inclined to take all this as allegory and not history. But by reading all this, one comes to the conclusion that Valmiki was a jnani. And he claims that this is history. By logic, one accepts that a jnani does not lie.

      So, in my humble opinion, the Ramayana is a historical account of Lord Rama’s descent, where He demonstrated the philosophical truths of the Veda, using the killing of Ravana as an excuse. One cannot ‘appreciate’ the epic and call it ‘good’ without accepting the words of a jnani, that it is a historical work.



      • i am agree with you , thank you very much .

      • Pravin says:

        I am also agree with you, thanks from heart to u and Somiya for leaving comment.

      • Jayesh Sarswat says:

        Dude you might have a read a lot about mythology, but just think logically for a moment, these things happened about how many years back ? mahabharat is dated back to 5000 years back, that is during the kuru or kaurava dynasty period, which is also called vedic period, accordingly, a yuga earlier that is about 4.7 million years earlier, there wasn’t any human life form on this planet, in sri lanka itself, first human race started about 1.75 million years ago. I mean all this is just to popularise the religion, just like the church did once, and it still does, like the bible was crafted out by vote and not just fallen from heaven, just read about the time each yuga goes on for, read about what a kalp and a maha-kalp is, i’am sure you will laugh at all these myths after that, atleast i do…

        • Mahendra says:

          If Shiva came on this earth about 7000 years ago(according to some calculations) and Krishna about 3500/5000 years ago, how is it possible that the Ramayan is about 1700.000 years old. In the Ramayan Shiva is mentioned…and in the Mahabharat story Ram is mentioned….That means the epic Ramayan is written between the era of Shiva and the era of Krishna. Don’t believe anything blindly…Our mind and brains are more capable then that…

          • Abhishek Anand says:

            Who says you, Lord Shiva comes on earth 7,000 years ago? Lord Shiva is eternal & marry Sati more than 80,00,000 years ago. Shri Rama born 17,50,000 years ago & Lord Hanuman, Sugriv are homo erectus. In Treta yuga modern humans lived with homo erectus-s.

      • Jayesh Sarswat says:

        And for the record, there are rocks which float on water, pumice, or volcanic rocks, i’am sure you are aware that the earth was a giant mass of land and water, when all the continents were joined, later due to continental drift the land masses drifted away. This bridge could be a result of such a drift, if it wasn’t for continental drift we couldv’e walked to australia. When the first humans in sri lanka ever, used this bridge to reach there, it cannot be created by some one else.

        • Gaurav_Khattri Punjabi says:

          Mr. Jayesh Sarswat,

          I think your argument and of all the nay-sayers flies in your face. Do you realize that it is a shoal’s bridge which is a man made construction as exemplified and verified by NASA and also by ASI. So it is NOT a result of any tectonic drift.

          Request you to hold your perception when you are not completely aware of all the facts. I am not saying that Ramsetu once existed or not. That is not the point here. But some silly INDIANS just make up their mind even before all facts are out. Thats the reason for the failure of the nation becomes of you Indians.

          Even one of the starting verses in Rg veda says: He who in the highest heaven is the ruler of this universe, He knows, or He does not

          • nilesh says:

            yes i totally agree with you Mr. Gaurav_Khattri. some people don’t believe it because they are atheist. 2 proof says that it is in the era of treta yuga.

      • gem says:

        jai shrii ramma

      • Gayathri Aime says:

        Thank you for posting this comment..Jai sree ram jai..

    • Mukesh says:

      True UDAY

      • Pravin says:

        Sant kahate ahe ki fastest than light is mind.
        And this is not soch dear this is truth which was mention in Ramayan years ago and now NASA find it.

    • neetu pokra says:

      this is a ridicule comment by udaya. if he is not beleiving ramayana then he should also not beleive the existence of his parents. pathetic.

    • sourabh nigam says:

      iam totally unagree with you udaya…..infact it’s not for all those people who don’t just thurst god.

  244. Kareena says:

    These photos are really so great ,I don’t have exact words to describe these extrordinary photos,its really a proudness for us to have seen these marvellous views created in those days when Sri Ramchandraji has stepped on this earth.

    • Person From Sri Lanka says:

      Hi Dear,
      I went through all the comments… But I see that Western people try to say Asians (specially Indians) are foolish. And answering Indians to that highly offensive statements. Weather this is Sri Ram’s bridge or natural bridge but no way to be Adam’s bridge, we should not fight. Because if Sri Ramchandra exist or not Sri Ramayan is exist. I meant weather it is true story or epic, Sri Ramchandra is the incarnate of rightness (Dharma). He is the best brother, An ideal son, perfect man who teach us how to live. And sri RamChandra also dwells in our hearts as the incarnate of Lord Vishnu. Don’t fight for the existance of Sri Ramchandra, Lakhan Kumar , Sitha devi or others. But try to follow it’s learning. Then all beings will find the real answer.

      • Sakthi Ram says:

        How can they call it as Adam’s bridge……Are we calling Statue of Liberty with any other name….Rama’s bridge should be called as Rama’s bridge NOT ANY OTHER…

        • Abhishek says:

          yes you are right mr. sakti ram.. how they called adams bridge… if this is a adams bridge then the name of srilanka is ravan ki lanka… now accept the name… i dont know why we indians alwayz back…

          • Vijay Kumar Parmar says:

            My Brothers.
            you are right, but one thing , The only mention of fact in our holy book Ramayan. Shri Ramchanderji had made a bridge from India to sri lanka​​.that is a fact, and all Hindu’s believe.

        • Ram says:

          Rightly said, it is RAMA’s bridge but not adams bridge. The teachings of RAMA should be followed at the same time identify should not be compromised. NO WAY adams BRIDGE ONLY RAMA’S BRIDGE.

          • r n padhi says:

            Why call it by names which have one or other religious connotation. Why not name it ‘SETUBANDHAM’ MEANING A LAND BRIDGE ACROSS SEA WHICH IT REALLY IS.Homo erectus who lived 1,75 million years ago was not an engineer.Homo sapiens sapien came much later.Rama ,as per literature lived 5000-7000 years ago.Historically we have yet to get evidence of human habitation of periods supposedly of Mahabharata or Ramayana times

        • Kartik says:

          Totally agree

          • yogen rajyaguru says:

            yes u r right but kind for information only brige contraction by rama nor import stonr anywhere ston avilable their & u say its natural but alrady avilble in ramayna this brige thats not incident its true this a rama brige for transportaion for lanka

          • yogen rajyaguru says:

            nothing only this brige many avidance in lanka & his stone period similer this period but stone alrady avilable but now dna report of finger print pruv this this rama brige & hanuman gada also avilabe in lanka

          • E Kiran Kumar says:

            Rama is not hindu. The name ‘hindu’ is an artificial word and not mentioned in vedic scriptures. So Rama is lord of everyone irrespective of religion or artifical manmade group or sect or caste. Jai sri ram. Jai rama sethu.

        • Maarten says:

          As Shakespear once so rightly asked.

          Whats in a name ?

          Who cares what other people call it? I for one could care less and am interested in the knowledge of history, and the knowledge both ancient literature and modern science has to offer us.

          I find it strange that followers of any religion are mostly bussy proving their religion is better then others and debating many differences. I simply search truth, and find such in many religions and also in science and see mostly you have to search for deeper meaning in texts rather then take them literaly.

          I have read some vedic texts, but not all of them yet. But from what I have read I find it to be much about spiritual matters and nowhere do I find the importance of names other people give to something who do not agree with you. Find truth within, and worry about what you have in your controll, your thoughts and your actions, the rest is better to accept, coz worrying about things out of your control is just a self destructive activity 😉

          Am I worried about you worrying one might ask…. no … just trying to vibrate some positive vibes 😀 its the message that counts not the words 😉

          • vinit says:

            hi maarten,

            calling it adams bridge is 10000% wrong,

            however, you are 10000% correct in saying that getting the information is what matters the most.


          • rekha singh says:

            Hi the same Ramayan mentions about “viman” now called AEROPLANE and the same hindu myth/mythology MAHABHARTA mentions about Doordarsn THE TELEVISION. The same vedas mention about earth revolving around sun, about GALAXY…. GITA mentioning anu the atoms from which even great scientisit like EINSTEIN draw inspiration….dont believe it please read his autobiography… WHAT is a myth and WHAT is a realty only time tells. As Aeroplane, and Television …utter and would have been considered mad 200 years before. science for us is what we know till today BUT WHAT WE KNOW TODAY MAY NOT BE THE ONLY OR ‘THE’ TRUTH. shiv upnisad mentions about delivery of baby without wombs WHO KNOWS IT MAY BE A REALTY TOMMOROW atleast we have test tube babies currently

        • Sunil says:

          They can call it anything they like, because we gave away our rights and let them dominate us and accepted their version of history and also are happy to call ourselves “Hindus” when no such name existed. We have no pride at all.

        • E Kiran Kumar says:

          True..Jai sri ram.. Victory to Rama’s bridge.

      • Sri Nithya Saguna says:

        Dear Brother,

        I agree with your great explaination.

        Any scientifical advancement is ment for better living standard for living comforts of present and future generation. Hence by learning ancient ethics for better living the Rama story is ever welcoming lession to the present and future generation.

        But stoping construction of bridge at that place is makeing no meaning. It only explains that we have not understood or sometime we do not want understand “the Krishna Upanishad”. i.e. Things which is now called yours will go to others hand and then next like on. Hence change will happen and we have to learn to live with good moral path.

        Human community can take decision and live to suit with nature, but without any basic reason one need not hinder the passage of growth.
        We can say it is an evolutionary process. We may stop today keeping the reason to witness ancient idendity, but there are strong possibilities for existing seabed geological change by a turbulant sea flow. Already it has lost its identity by merging into sea.

        Meanwhile we can think of and build a parralel bridge with sea route using latest technology. The ancient monument can also be maintained as it there.

        “Ohm Ram Nam Sathye hey”

        I would like to pray RaMaji to come again to build the bridge, because we are not confident about ourselves and only likes the myths….,

      • nilesh says:

        yes the western people will say like that. thanks god we have a holy book names gita mentioning the bridge created by that time. almost 1,750,000 years ago. don’t come to those western people because they are themselves foolish. it doesn’t matter for me if they believe or not. our proof is bhagwat gita. i wonder if the western people will say that they have built that. 1 more proof is that the rocks is floating in the name of SRI RAM. not the western name. western people eats shit i must say.

      • Kartik says:

        Well said

      • Sri lankan says:

        they used the name adams to the Shripadaya… where the load Buddha food print was placed for all gods. no one cant change our history. we have written history. this brig cant be adams brig…

      • a person says:

        it is not good to say bad about indians

    • Jennie Walsh says:

      Krishna, the Eternal Divine Father, the Divine Creator of universes, the “I AM THAT I AM”, is NOW incarnated on planet earth. He comes to earth when the wicked get too powerful. He comes to earth protect the theists from the atheist, to protect the godly from the ungodly. Pray that you will recognize Him when you see Him. Namaste’
      My understanding is that Rama’s bridge was made of floating rocks, but the rocks must have sunk or something. I will pray for the correct answer.

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