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Eternal Guiding Light

An offering to the representative of Srila Vyasadeva — His Divine Grace A.

C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

So many that I meet declare
“There is another way
Don’t remain a neophyte
Come hear what others say”

They speak as though you’ve left us
as though we’re all alone
as though you’re words are relative
as if you’re dead and gone

And so they keep pretending
they know more than they do
They don’t know that they walk thin ice
in making light of you

Now mobs of less than perfect souls
are claiming Divine Grace
But they only take the title
Not one can take your place

The trifling little glowworm
may flicker in the night
But your resplendent words project
eternal guiding light

While other’s ranks are swelling
those loyal, remain few
I beg to stay among those souls
who’s hearts stay true to you


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