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Indian Press Glorifies Srila Prabhupada

He gradually transformed the hardcore hippies into devotees of Lord Krishna. He did not bring in any designation of caste, creed, religion, sex or faith but said that Krishna consciousness is universal. Thus he formed ISKCON during the July of 1966…

“Swami Prabhupada, one who implanted and nurtured the seeds of Krishna consciousness”

By Dr Kabbinale Vasanth Bharadwaja

“We find here austerity, learning, art, philosophy, scriptural study, music, an expression of love not curtailed by limited boundaries, but besides all these we find underlying current of Krishna consciousness – which pervades everything – this is ISKCON in a nutshell for you.

Srila Prabhupada is the Founder-acarya for such an institution.

  • New Torch Light To LifeIn 1922 Srila Prabhupada met the Acarya for Gaudiya math Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati….“ … Who is ruling India is immaterial. Government, politics cannot give man the ultimate happiness. Life is meant to be dedicated to know one’s relationship with Supreme Lord.”

    This was Bhaktisiddhanta’s reply to Abhay. This influenced him very much and later he accepted him as his spiritual master…

  • Formation of ISKCON1959 Srila Prabhupada accepted the renounced order of life and came to be known as Abhay Charanarvinda Bhaktivedanta Swami. He traveled the world over and preached Krishna consciousness the world over. With an aim to reach Vedanta to the general masses he started publishing the books. Making this as his life and soul he translated Srimad Bhagavata, Bhagvadgita, Chaitanya Charitamrta to English and founded the Bhaktivedanta Book trust, which has now become the largest publisher of Vedic literatures.Srila Prabhupada’s books were well received by the academic community….

    Sumati Morarjee proprietor of Scindia steam shipping company agreed to sponsor his travel to America during the August of 1965. Rs40/- , an old umbrella, a suitcase and Bengali copy of Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita were his only possessions when he landed in America….

    He gradually transformed the hardcore hippies into devotees of Lord Krishna. He did not bring in any designation of caste, creed, religion, sex or faith but said that Krishna consciousness is universal. Thus he formed ISKCON during the July of 1966 in Newyork.

    What happened after was a miracle. In just a span of 11 years he tranvelled to different corners of the world and circled globe 12 times, initiated 10000 disciples into Krishna consciousness, wrote more 70 books, and established 108 temples….”

(Taranga, 5/9/2002)

“Srila Prabhupada The Unparalleled Guru”

By Ishwarachandra

“It was 1965, August 13th, place Calcutta harbour tied to pier was the Jaladuta on board the cargo ship was an unusual passenger, a 70 year old scholarly gentleman and sannyasi. He was all alone. A briefcase, 40/-, and un umbrella were his only possessions. But none had expected that he would grow to great heights and establish Krishna Consciousness all over the world.” (Sudha, 29/8/2002)

“Prabhupada the Ambassador of Bhagavata Tattva To The West”

By GB Harish

“Many many great men have advented in India and have given their lives to spreading great values etc…

Srimad AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Founder of ISKCON was born in such an India. He found a new turn in his life after meeting his Guru Sri Bhakti siddhanta Sararswathi. Even at the ripe age of 70, at which time one generally settles and wants to sport with ones grand children, Sri Prabhupada dedicated himself to preach Krishna consciousness & Bhagavata principles. He spread the light of India’s Spiritualism to the west. It was at a time when west was just recouping after great wars, science and technology had shown there darker side, family structure had completely broken apart, many were rendered “homeless,” respect to dharmic principles, to elders was lost.

It was in such scene that Sri Prabhupada entered the west. To smoke ganja and opium was considered right, by the Hippies into such people’s heart Sri Prabhupada implanted the pure theism of Krishna consciousness and brought about a revolution in their lives.…

Prabhupada stayed amidst these hippies who were addicted to illicit sex, intoxication, drugs, many of whom construed all these sinful items as a means of spiritual realization. Prabhupada corrected them and gave them the real medicine of Sankirtana. He encouraged them and did not disregard them.

He used there liking for singing and dancing and made them sing and dance for Krishna and thus changed their hearts thro’ sankirtana…

Prabhupada opposed the idea of free sex and preached that one has to practice regulated householder life in Krishna consciousness. If at all one wants to progress in spiritual life one has give up the hankering for material life.…” (Karmveera Weekly, 1-8, August 2002)

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