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Published on February 27th, 2009 | by Madhudvisa dasa


Life Size Prabhupada Murtis

Bhima Prabhu is offering beautiful life-size murtis of Srila Prabhupada, made by a devotee in Malaysia, to promote the worship of Srila Prabhupada as widely as possible. This means that devotees who are opening small centers or conducting programs in their own homes can afford to install the murti of Srila Prabhupada.

Please contact Bhima at daschan@streamyx.com

The deity is made from fiberglass. Height: 32in; Width 26in; Depth: 24in.

Cost: USD9 (not including packing and shipping).

Will ship to anywhere in the world, via air freight, sea freight or FedEx, or devotees can come in person to collect (welcome to visit us in Malaysia).


About the Author

My first contact with a Hare Krishna was a most merciful Mataji in Oxford Street, London who sold me a "Higher Taste" cook book in 1984 while I was on holidays there. I started seriously reading Srila Prabhupada's books in Australia 1985 and by 1986 Srila Prabhupada had convinced me "Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead" and "we should surrender to Krishna." I joined the Hare Krishnas in Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Since then I have been chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, reading and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and preaching as much as I can. That's my life and full-time occupation now really. I like it more than anything I've ever experienced before. Srila Prabhupada's books are so amazing... Even after reading them all many times they're still fresh and new. They are truly transcendental! That's it really. Now I'm just hankering to once again see the world chant Hare Krishna, dance and feast and float away in the ecstasy of Lord Caitanya's Sankirtana movement as it did in Srila Prabhupada's physical presence. Let the whole world drown in the ecstatic flood of love of Krishna!

14 Responses to Life Size Prabhupada Murtis

  1. Jitendra says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

    We need a live size deity of HDG Srila Prabhu for Berlin (Radha Govinda temple), Germany

    Let me know Prabhu if you have the deity available.


    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      You will need to make it yourself. Or if you have money you might be able to convince Jitarati Prabhu to make it for you. There are none available unless you can find some devotee with second-hand.

      We do not have. In any case very very difficult and costly to ship to Germany and good chance that it would break anyhow…

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Your servant

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • Yasoda Dulal das says:

      Dear Jitendra,
      please accept my humble obeissances, all glories to our dear Srila Prabhupada !

      Yes I got a lifesize deity of Srila Prabhupada last year from Ujjain ISKCON temple.
      And they shipped it for us to Europe without problem. The Deity is very beautiful and arrived in perfect state without any damage in the travel.

      Please contact Tarunkanti Krishna das : +91 98061 04919
      and Deva Krishna Prabhu : +91 98298 93334

      They are the two devotees who manage this service and helped me organize everything.


      your humble servant
      Yasoda Dulal das

  2. adelaide felix says:

    good night, i live in Brazil and would like to purchase a murti from Srila Prabhupada that i will offer to Ecovila Govardan located in sao paulo. I would like your mercy as it is a new center where there is a lot of love involved. I look forward to your reply.

    boa noite, moro no Brasil e gostaria de adquirir uma murti de Srila Prabhupada que oferecerei a Ecovila Govardan localizada em sao paulo. Gostaria da sua misericórdia pois é um centro novo onde existe muito amor envolvido. Aguardo ansiosa pela sua resposta.

  3. Yasoda Dulal das says:

    Dear Vaisnavas
    Are these life size deities of Prabhupada presently available ?
    I would be interested…

    your humble servant
    Yasoda Dulal das

  4. Anthony Masouras says:

    I’m sorry but if this Srila Prabhupada Murti BECOMES available in the future please be in touch. Also if anyone would like dedicated space for his Divine Grace murti one is being built
    Hare Krishna

  5. Manoharini dd says:

    Prabhu, AGTSP!
    Could you please yell us the cost of shipping to Vancouver Canada

  6. Maha Purusha das says:

    HareKrishna. Pamho, agt HDG Srila Prabhupada!

    Prabhu, nice site, and congrats on the speedy success! Putting Srila Prabhupada as the center by sincere followers, means sublime results!

    Perhaps its is by design, but there is no specific button for contacting the admin. or a place to publish an article for possible post-or is leave a comment fulfilling that need? In any case, it is now 🙂

    I’m living in ISKCON Bangalore, and we have been attacked by the IBDA, backed by the GBC and bogus guru linneage for some months now. We recently placed a mole into their IBDA camp, and got huge results! I will leave the article written by one of the FOLK boys below. I hope you can post it. Pranams.

    How persons behind IBDA were exposed!!
    In BDA, ISKCON Bangalore, madhu pandit on March 4, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    An article by: Veerabhadra

    Devotees, friends…there has been a remarkable turning point in the course of ISKCON Bangalore being victimized by a spate of defamation by IBDA! By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna, the culprits involved in this devious strategy were identified and they have confessed their involvement. The demoniac lie that meat and liquor was served on Hare Krishna Hill has been admitted by “77” to be a plot hatched by Varada Krishna Das and written on his personal instigation in order to bring disrepute to the temple management and shake the faith of the supporters. Code words “77” and “Yamaraj” have been cracked. And behind these words have surfaced misled, derailed individuals who have lost their way on the path of Srila Prabhupada’s service.
    The saying, “The man who raiseth the sword shall be killed by the sword,” is the most apt in this context. The malicious game players of the IBDA have now got a taste of their own medicine.
    Swaggering with pride and overconfidence of their efforts to “extricate” devotees from ISKCON, Bangalore- they fell prey to their own pranks. Thus they got exposed./
    Who are the articulate perpetrators?/ Were they influenced by some horrendous rogues in the garb of devotees who have no allegiance to Srila Prabhupada? /What was their strategy?/ …How wicked is VKD? How diabolic is DRD? What does the FOLK community of ISKCON Bangalore think about this?


    The IBDA has been systematically and viciously poisoning the minds of some of ISKCON Bangalore’s devotees, and thus draining them of their faith and allegiance to Srila Prabhupada, and the war against untruth.

    One of the sincere devotees volunteered to risk his life and dedicated several hours of tapasya to unearth this mafia operation. His efforts resulted in revealing their strategies.

    Krishna is the Cheater of the cheaters. And He has proved so again to protect His devotees from the snares of the IBDA maya. Now they have got a taste of their own medicine.


    A devotee from Hare Krishna Hill approached the fortress of the enemies of Srila Prabhupada’s supporters and feigned that he was not satisfied with the authorities at Hare Krishna Hill. He sought an emotional shoulder with a suspicious character from that side who had penetrated the FOLK at HK Hill.
    The latter preached to him of the greener grass on the other side. Soon, he took him to Varada Krishna Dasa – who instructed him further on the “anomalies” in ISKCON, Bangalore. The tape which contains the recording of that three hour long conversation is available.
    In the course of this endeavor, information about their dirty strategies spilt out one by one.


    It was shocking to recognize these faces as the real authors of the nasty blogs filled with stinking untruth. They are all young college/ working men, trainees at HK Hill under the FOLK program, who have been simultaneously undergoing training by VKD to destroy the unity of the devotees on HK Hill.
    The names that surfaced in the confessions as being the masterminds behind the diabolic strategies did not come as a surprise, since they have been know over the years as the unscrupulous thugs who have sworn to destroy Srila Prabhupada’s mission – none other than the low-class brains of Varada Krishna Dasa and Vaikuntha Gaur Dasa under the surreptitious leadership of Doyaram Dasa.

    They are:
    1) RATHISH- THE 77 [view his photo at IBDA EXPOSED album in picassa; watch his confession at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl3Q4s7RL0I%5D
    2) SIDDHARTH- THE YAMARAJ [view his photo at IBDA EXPOSED album in picassa; watch how Rathish exposes him at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LlKJ1sxy3c%5D
    3) DILEEP [view his photo at IBDA EXPOSED album in picassa; watch how his confession at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdSc3N8sV1I%5D

    They have given an affidavit [view the affidavit at IBDA EXPOSED album in picassa] to state that they are the culprits.
    The irony is that they were so blinded and brainwashed by VKD that they dared to state emphatically, things that were totally false, things they had not even seen, and made a hue and cry about them. For instance, Rathish revealed that he had not even seen that ‘meat and wine’ were served, but simply followed VKD, to do what he had described in his blog. Later on, they admitted that they were influenced and instigated to write such demoniac untruths by VKD.


    Read his affidavit below:

    To 1st March 2009

    Sri Radha Kanta Dasa
    Security Incharge,
    ISKCON Temple,

    Dear Prabhu,

    Since you have questioned us about our involvement in the blog Madhu Bandit.info, we are voluntarily submitting our involvement before the group of devotees. I wrote several articles in the blog by false name of 77.

    I was encouraged and asked to write defamatory articles in that manner by Varada Krishna Das and Doyaram Das of ISKCON, Mumbai. I also know that my friend Siddarth Gupta wrote in the false name “Yamaraj” in the blog.

    I was made to get inside information from the temple at Rajajinagar regularly by Varada Krishna Das. I have also spoken various facts before the camera and the group of devotees. I am extremely sorry for such behaviour of ours and promise that I will never repeat such deplorable behaviour to break the faith of devotees of this ISKCON, Bangalore Temple by spreading hatred among them through defamatory statements made by me.
    Thanking You,
    Rathish Raghupathy

    1. Manoj Nagaraj
    2. Rohith Kaushik


    It is a fact that no organizational management, however sincere and committed, can satisfy every rank and file member. Despite the concern and care taken for all members, there are bound to be some negative elements.
    The sinister gang trained by the IBDA placed a Trojan horse right in the midst of the aspiring devotee community at HK Hill. These nefarious energies plotted to shake the faith of those who felt they did not get a fair deal with the authorities, at some instance or the other. Thus they attempted to fan the sparks of dissent to try and turn it into a devastating forest fire.
    They did not stop there. Everyone who was “confidentially” swept into their gang was told to remain aloof of all their “suffering god-brothers trapped on HK Hill.” Then they propagated a hyped version of their success in invading the temple. They boasted to the devotee who exposed the fraud, of a 30% success in destroying the temple from within.
    In order to build confidence in the devotee who met them, they used the tactic of dropping the name of Kumara Dasa (name changed)- a senior devotee and a sincere supporter of the temple, and said that he was supposed to meet Varada Krishna Dasa, the day the devotee met him. The only reason his name was mentioned was to destabilize the unity of the devotees and to set one devotee against the other as suspicious candidates.
    Thus Varada Krishna Dasa and Vaikuntha Gaur Dasa are systematically masterminding the plan to ruin ISKCON, Bangalore – from within.


    Varada Krishna Dasa corresponded (dated 13th Feb) with Bhima Dasa of ISKCON Mumbai that he had no part in, nor did he know, who the authors in IBDA blog were. However, the faces behind IBDA and their confessions reveal that this entire vicious, fabricated, maligning campaign is Vkd’s own dear baby.

    How crooked he is. He keeps his own close associates in the dark about his nefarious activities. A lot of sugar coated word jugglery covers up his involvement in this filth. For instance, he told Bhima Dasa that honestly he was not involved in it, but he wished he were! Who will trust this devious sadist? He subsists on wrecking the delicate bhakti creeper of sincere devotees who have surrendered their lives to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. He spends his waking and sleeping hours munching on venomous plans to bring down the sincere service of serious, dedicated devotees. He dares to cross the line of morality and decency and fabricates sensational, cheap stories about women devotees. Only a man, a pervert, driven by uncontrollable lust and insatiable carnal desires can utter such filth about devotees.

    He is nothing less than WICKEDNESS (VKD!) PERSONIFIED.

    Having fallen on his head on the way from heaven to distribute compassion to fallen mankind, this archangel of destruction is constantly inspired from Hell via his brain which relocated to his feet on his fall. Are the culprits in touch with him? Not directly, since he is the unapproachable, unseen Don who only interacts with his henchmen like VKD. It takes several “successful missions” to qualify to get a glimpse of him and be “blessed” by the recognition of this protector of the flawed guru system. DIABOLIC (DRD), the dear disciple of Jayapataka Swami, lost his sense of right and wrong when he crashed into the earth on his head, as aforementioned. So now his understanding is perverted; he talks of dharma but practices adharma. He talks of his loyalty to Srila Prabhupada but has been heard, for more than a couple of decades, to have declared his doubt even in Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswathi Thakura’s connection to the guru parampara! He is the ANTI TRUTH PERSONIFIED and his cold unscrupulousness is rivaled only by the Nazis.


    “We could perceive the hands of Lord Krishna throughout the session.”

    “How could that Wicked liar claim that he did not know who wrote in the blogs?”

    “Now our good days are ahead- we should just expose them and thus cut off their venomous fangs. Then alone can we spend our creative energy for the wonderful projects we have at hand. These projects are meant to satisfy the desires of Srila Prabhupada to extensively preach Krishna Consciousness. Unfortunately, we have to spend a lot of our time and energy to defend these negative forces which attempt to impede our services to Srila Prabhupada.”

    “They claim to be the followers of Srila Prabhupada. But these cheaters do the greatest disservice to our spiritual master.”

    “They use Srila Prabhupada’s name, property etc. to pursue their personal agendas.”

    Woe to the vicious rogues who disguise themselves as devotees and spend their days meditating on means, however low and devious, to break the service to Srila Prabhupada, that the devotees on Hare Krishna Hill toil day and night to perform. Shame on them.

    Also I added an article of my own. Its an answer to a S.Sun article, attacking ISKCON Bangalore. Rocan seems biased against ritviks, and he wont post my articles, even in defense. There is a nice juxtpositon of SP quotes with GBC resolutions in the main body of the article. Please, if possible let me know your thought. Hare Krishna


    A Reply to SyamKrsna (alias Varada Krishna) Dasa
    In BDA, ISKCON Bangalore, madhu pandit on March 1, 2009 at 10:56 am

    By Maha Purusha dasa

    Hare Krishna Syamakrsna dasa, pamho, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Your recent article about H.G. Madhu Pandit dasa, found on your master’s tabloid website, has cemented your position in history as an authentic supporter of the ‘copy and paste’ guru lineage, which downloaded its connection to the paramapara via their envy for the bona-fide diksa guru, Srila Prabhupada. Unfortunately it came with a mayaic virus. Congratulations, you just won a vacation to the darkest place in the corner of the universe-pack lightly.

    In your tabloid article, you ask why H.G. Madhu Pandit Dasa(MPD), didn’t make his ‘Peace proposal’ 10 years back. There are several reasons why, here are few:

    In the beginning MPD was legitimately trying to work out the philosophical differences with the ‘GBC/gurus’. He was approaching the situation as a gentleman, something you and your master’s should try sometime.

    1. After it was apparent that the‘Xerox guru lineage’ wasn’t going to obey Srila Prabhupada’s directives, MPD did his best to keep the name of Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON in a good light. Bringing this entire ‘struggle for truth’ to the public did not seem like the best thing for the ‘face’ of ISKCON.
    2. If you carefully read MPD proposal you will see his ‘peace proposal’ extends past the court judgment date (February 28, 1009), by 24 days. That means win or lose his proposal is open for acceptance.

    From MPP peace proposal:

    “This offer is made whether we win or loose in the current court battle for control of Bangalore temple lest it be thought that this offer is made under pressure of losing and is open for minimum 45 days (only 24 days left for court verdict to come) and maximum as much as and if extended by us at the end of 45 days.”

    The next thing Syamakrsna dasa conjures up from his one-sided and ill-motivated perspective, is that MPD beat up Varada Krsna dasa for ‘just’ coming to the temple for darshan, and that he had filed a false case against him. Actually what happened was VKD was regularly coming to the Bangalore temple to poison the devotees there, with lies about MPD. VKD had a falling out with MPD after the temple was built. VKD wanted a higher position in the management, when he didn’t get it, his lust for position, notoriety and power, turned into anger against MPD. This of course created many problems, eventually forcing MPD to expel him from the temple. Ever since then, VKD has had a vendetta against MPD. He will stop at nothing to get his revenge, as has been the apparent case over the last ten years. After VKD was expelled from ISKCON Bangalore, he would make regular visits to the temple to talk with devotees on an individual basis. In those conversations VKD would plant so many seeds of lies, distrust and envy about MPD. Unfortunately he is very good at spreading lies and envy, about 30 devotees ended up leaving the temple due to his insidious, dishonest and envious nature. Once the word got out about what VKD was doing, the management banned him from coming onto the temple premises. After this resolution was made, VKD came to the temple one day, but was denied access. He pleaded he had a right to take darshan, but his pleas were denied. Instead of accepting the ban, VKD laid down in front of one of the gates, blocking vehicles from exiting/entering. Security tried to verbally subdue him, but it was to no avail. Eventually security had to physically remove him, literally picking him up by his limbs and carrying him off. He was not beaten, many witnesses can attest to this fact. This event is Syamakrsna dasa idea of a beating. We can only imagine how he has manipulated his others claims of a false case against VKD and supposed threats towards Ananda Tirtha dasa. Why do people make all this gossip without actually substantiating their claims?

    Syamakrsna dasa continues in his next paragraph to say that MPD ‘minions’ are behind a plot to “taking out the GBC and killing Jayapataka Svami and Radhanatha Svami.” He tries to substantiate this preposterous accusation by, again, another unsubstantiated claim. This time from a Sampradaya Sun article, by an ‘anonymous author’ who calls himself Yamuna Sunrise. What SyamaKrsna dasa fails to realize is that this so called-‘anonymous author’ is a convicted felon with a history of mental problems. I personally know ‘Yamuna Sunrise’, and to take his word on anything is like trusting a pedophile to baby-sit your kids. Jivahimsa.com has a nice article to substantiate what I’m saying.

    SyamaKrsna dasa goes on to state that MPD should surrender in a humble way. Surrender to who? The ‘GBC’? The trail-mix of voted in Gurus? Why should anyone surrender to someone who isnt’ bona-fide? Does SyamaKrsna dasa read Srila Prabhupada’s books? Does he know what a bona fide spiritual master is? Does he know the checkered history of the personalities in ISKCON? Has he ever read the GBC resolutions? Obviously not, otherwise how can he support these people who are actually envious of Srila Prabhupada, while fighting against someone who is actually following HDG? Below are some quotes from Srila Prabhupada juxtaposed to the GBC resolutions. Take some time to anaylze, and see if you can make some sense of it:

    Unfortunately, when the äcärya disappears, rogues and non-devotees take advantage and immediately begin to introduce unauthorized principles in the name of so-called svämés, yogés, philanthropists, welfare workers and so on. […]The äcärya, the authorized representative of the Supreme Lord, establishes these principles, but when he disappears, things once again become disordered. The perfect disciples of the äcärya try to relieve the situation by sincerely following the instructions of the spiritual master. (SB, 4.28.48, purport)

    -1978, MARCH 19, 9:30 am: [GBC resolutions]The GBC will consider each year at Gour Pornima the appointment of new Spiritual Masters to be approved by a 3/4 vote. However, for 1978, no new Spiritual Masters shall be appointed other than the 11 selected by Srila Prabhupada.

    One cannot be stamped mahätmä by votes. The standard for mahätmä is given in Bhagavad-gétä: the mahätmä is he who has taken shelter of the superior energy of the Lord. (Rajya-Vidya chp4. Knowledge by way of the Mahatmas, great Souls)

    Don’t misunderstand. “I stamp you mahätmä by votes, and you become God. You become mahätmä.” These are not accepted in Bhagavad-gétä. (BG lecture 9.11-14 NY, Nov. 27th, 1966)

    -1981, March 6th : [GBC resolutions]ISKCON Law (amendment to):[to law #1, meeting #7 of 27.3.78]11. That a GBC committee will be formed, consisting of the GBC members who are initiating Gurus. They have the power to nominate new initiating gurus, by consensus. Any nomination shall be forwarded to the governing body commission for their confirmation.

    But if the people are given for nomination, as it is the practice now, by vote, then ordinary people, they are all rascals What is the value of their vote? Therefore another rascal is selected. Because one who is voting, he is a rascal. He does not know whom to give vote.(SB1.16.11 lecture, Los angeles, Jan. 8, 1974)

    “So cats and dogs, they’re voting. So what they will vote, cats and dogs? They will vote another big cat, big dog, that’s all. So what the big dog, big cat can do? That is described in the Çrémad-Bhägavatam”. (SB lecture, Sep. 15 1972)

    -1981, March 6th: [GBC resolutions] BC Rule. (Amendment) 40. The governing body commission shall appoint GBC members or change members (in extreme circumstances) .Apart from the governing body commission’s own members, no one shall nominate or select. The governing body commission members are permanent.

    Note what Srila Prabhupada writes in the Direction of Management(DOM,) it says:

    2. His Divine Grace will select the initial 12 members of the GBC. In the succeeding years the GBC will be elected by a vote of all Temple presidents who will vote for 8 from a ballot of all Temple presidents, which may also include any secretary who is in charge of a Temple. Those 8 with the greatest number of votes will be members for the next term of GBC. Çréla Prabhupäda will choose to retain four commissioners. In the event of Çréla Prabhupäda’s absence, the retiring members will decide which four will remain.

    3. The (GBC)commissioners will serve for a period of 3 years, and they may be re-elected at the end of this period.


    The GBC have never allowed an election to take place, ever. In fact the DOM was never implemented by the GBC, to the dissatisfaction of Srila Prabhupada. However, ISKCON Bangalore implemented the DOM in October of 2008, I know because I was witness to it.

    -1982, FEBRUARY 27: [GBC resolutions] 1. That all GBC be nominated as candidates to become initiating Gurus with the requirement that they receive the blessings of 3/4 (three fourths vote) of the GBC members present to begin their initiating role. There after the individual GBC men who are initiating will be responsible for recommending new candidates for initiating Guru from the godbrothers within their zone. These names must then receive the blessings of 3/4 (three fourths) of the majority of the GBC present at the annual meeting for them to begin their initiating roles.

    Mundane votes have no jurisdiction to elect a Vaiñëava äcärya. A Vaiñëava äcärya is self-effulgent, and there is no need for any court judgment. (CC Madhya-lila, 1.221)

    -1987, March 16th: [GBC resolutions] That ISKCON guru daksine is the property of ISKCON to be used for the benefit of the Krsna Consciousness Movement. Therefore such daksine is to be kept in a special account, preferably an ISKCON account, with at least two signatures Account records are to be kept. (P/O)


    Do they keep accounting records for the guru daksine? Really? Can anyone request to see them? Shouldn’t guru daksine be transparent for all to see? They have nothing to hide, right? Why wouldn’t it be in an ISKCON account? Gurus (mostly sannyasis) shouldn’t have a personal account, so where is all the guru daksine being kept. How is it being spent? You fanatic followers of the Guru Business Corporation should actually inquire, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

    When Srila Prabhupada was still manifest on the planet, 90-plus percent of his disciples where temple residents, without jobs. Compare that to the current plethora of ISKCON Guru and their disciples, in which over 90+ percent of the guru’s disciples live outside of the temple, working mundane jobs. This brings a whole new light to the meaning of the acronym G.B.C. It no longer means Governing Body commission, but instead means: Guru Business Corporation. Let’s make a quick case study of one of the prominent ISKCON guru’s, Radhanatha Swami. Radhanatha Swami has at least 5,000 disciples, the majority of them working outside of the temple. On the conservative side let’s say the average guru daksine(donation) over a year, totals to 500 U.S. dollars. Multiply that by 5,000 disciples, and you get: 2.5 million U.S dollars, and that’s a conservative figure. Recently, one of Radhanatha Swami’s disciples donated to him 108 crowes of rupees, which is about 22 million U.S dollars! Taking into account the large amounts of money these Gurus are racking in, why is ISKCON struggling to maintain its properties-selling this farm, and that farm, closing down this temple or that one(Costa Rica farm, Spain’s farm, Germany temples, etc) Why aren’t there world-wide prasadam programs going on? Why aren’t the books being flooded into every town and village if these gurus are getting that much ‘guru ‘daksine!??! Where is the growth of ISKCON, if these gurus are getting so much money!?!? Can we see the accounts? Why do ‘gurus’ and sanyasis have private bank accounts!?!?

    Such a pseudoVaiñëava associates with money and women and is jealous of successful Vaiñëavas. Although passing for a Vaiñëava, his only business is earning money in the dress of a Vaiñëava. Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura therefore says that such a pseudoVaiñëava is not a Vaiñëava at all but a disciple of Kali-yuga. A disciple of Kali cannot become an äcärya by the decision of some high court. Mundane votes have no jurisdiction to elect a Vaiñëava äcärya. A Vaiñëava äcärya is self-effulgent, and there is no need for any court judgment. A false äcärya may try to override a Vaiñëava by a high-court decision, but Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura says that he is nothing but a disciple of Kali-yuga. (CC Madhya-lila, 1.221)

    -1982, FEBRUARY 27: II) Qualifications of an acarya in ISKCON according to 1982 GBC resolutions: He recognizes the GBC as the ultimate managing authority in ISKCON

    Since when does an actual acarya have to acknowledge a governing body to validate his status as a self-realized soul, free from envy, lust and anger and the four human defects?

    -1983, March 16th: [GBC resolution]-That at every ISKCON temple there must be a Vyasa asana for the temple’s initiating Guru(s) and their pictures must be displayed, [on vyasasana and alter] and regularly offered Guru-Puja.

    I wish that each and every Branch shall keep their independent identity and cooperate keeping the Acarya in the centre. On this principle we can open any number of Branches all over the world. The Ramakrishna mission works on this principle and thus as organization they have done wonderfully. (SPL to Kirtanananda-Feb. 11th, 1967)

    1985, February 27: [GBC resolution]- A GBC vote on adding an initiating guru requires a quorum of 3/4 months of the GBC Body to be present. To be approved, a candidate must receive a vote of 2/3rds of the (members present at that meeting).

    Guru means who follows the predecessor, authorized predecessor. He is guru. Not that everyone is guru. So therefore we have to follow the superior order. Then we become guru, not that by cheating others we become guru. No. That is cheater. That is not teacher. Guru means who is following the superior order. The superior order is Kåñëa or His representative. (SP lecture SB 3.25.32-Bombay, Dec. 2,1974)

    Prabhupäda: Yes. What can be done? Cheaters there are. If you want to be cheated, who can save you? He has made guru without asking his guru. He submits to others. Then how we can save him?

    Tamäla Kåñëa: What does that do to his relationship with his own spiritual master?

    Prabhupäda: Eh?

    Tamäla Kåñëa: How does this affect his relationship with his…?

    Prabhupäda: They don’t care for his own spiritual master.

    Tamäla Kåñëa: But what…? That means their relationship is spoiled.

    Prabhupäda: Yes. Guror avajïä, aparädha.

    Tamäla Kåñëa: Aparädha.

    Prabhupäda: And Caitanya Mahäprabhu has advised, “Save yourself from aparädha.” Some aparädha, and they are going away, just like Nitäi. Guror avajïä. (Conversation: Bogus Gurus—4/25/77, Bombay)

    -1985, March 1st : [GBC resolutions]: for initiating gurus: In general anyone who is recommended to the GBC Body to become initiating guru shall have worked in an area for at least 3 years, and have the recommendation of the local GBC Zonal Secretary, National Secretary, Regional or State Secretary, local Presidents or Temple leaders, as applicable. The recommendations of the Zonal leaders should be submitted in confidential letters to the GBC officers.

    Prabhupäda: That is the difficulty. Everyone sees that “Some way or other, I become guru. Then so many persons will offer me respect. Somehow or other, create some situation. Then I become guru.” This is going on. Not bona fide guru.(Room conversation—May 2, 1976, Fiji)

    -1985, March 1st : [GBC resolutions] When the GBC Body gives their blessings to a candidate to initiate, it is for a particular guru-datta-desa. If the candidate wants to later change his area, his initiating functions shall again be reviewed and considered by the GBC Body under the conditions set down in the previous resolution. This establishes the GBC Body in in its position as the ultimate managing authority of Iskcon.

    How does creating a system of voting in someone to be guru, establish the ‘GBC Body’ as the ultimate managing authority? Actually in truth, it establishes the ‘GBC Body’ as the ultimate deviation of ISKCON!

    Prabhupäda: Yes. You are not guru, you are goru. Goru means cow. Sa eva go-kharaù. You are not guru. You are speaking against Kåñëa so you are not guru. Guru is Arjuna. Because a confidential instruction is given to Arjuna, so we accept Arjuna as guru. Or one who is following Arjuna, he is guru. Arjuna has accepted Kåñëa, paraà brahma paraà dhäma pavitraà paramaà bhavän [Bg. 10.12]. You accept Kåñëa as paraà brahma. You want to become paraà brahma. You are cheating people. You do not say Kåñëa is paraà brahma, but you are replacing Him. Then you are cheater, you are not guru. (Room conversation—12/26/76, Bombay)

    -1985, March 1st : [GBC resolutions] All disciples must offer Gurupuja daily to their spiritual master.

    -1987, March 16th: [GBC resolutions] That the GBC recommend that Srila Prabhupada be glorified in kirtan only by the words, “Jaya Prabhupada” and not “Jaya Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupada” or “Jaya Gurudeva.” (Law of ISKCON)

    [A.{90} Prohibition Order Against the Posthumous Ritvik Theory]

    Whereas the posthumous ritvik theory (a concocted system by which a spiritual master allegedly acts as diksa guru after his departure through the agency of ritviks or officiating ìpriests) has never been sanctioned by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada;

    How has it never been sanctioned by Srila Prabhupada? He sanctioned the system while he was on the planet, and he sanctioned it with the July 9th letter, by signing it. He states in the letter: “Temple Presidents may henceforward (the dictionary definition: from now on; from this point forward) send recommendation for first and second initiation to whichever of these eleven representatives (not acaryas, or diksa gurus) are nearest their temple. July 9th letter signed by HDG Srila Prabhupada

    If one always follows the orders of the spiritual master, there is no question of falling down. As soon as a foolish disciple tries to overtake his spiritual master and becomes ambitious to occupy his post, he immediately falls down. Yasya prasädäd bhagavat-prasädo yasyäprasädän na gatiù kuto ‘pi **. If the spiritual master is considered an ordinary man, the disciple surely loses his chance to advance further. (SB 5.12.14 purport)

    -1987, March 16th: [GBC resolutions} That the following devotees are authorized by the GBC body to initiate disciples: Bhakti Caru Swami, Kavicandra Swami, Trivikrama Swami, Prabavishnu Swami, Shivaram Swami. Bhaktibusana Swami, Smita Krsna Swami, Rohini Suta das, Sacinandana das, Krsna Ksetra das, Avinas Candra das, Astaratha das, Prahaladananda Swami

    The first thing, I warn Acyutananda, do not try to initiate. You are not in a proper position now to initiate anyone. Besides that, the etiquette is that so long the Spiritual Master is present, all prospective disciples should be brought to him.[…} Don’t be allured by such maya. I am training you all to become future Spiritual Masters, but do not be in a hurry.{…} So for the time being, hold Kirtana. as I have advised above, and speak from Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, and try to serve the cause of the Krishna Consciousness society. You don’t be attracted by such cheap disciples immediately. One has to rise gradually by service. (SPL to Acyutananda, Jaya Govinda, 8/21/68)

    Those possessing the title of Bhaktivedanta will be allowed to initiate disciples. Maybe by 1975, all of my disciples will be allowed to initiate and increase the numbers of the generations. That is my program. (SPL to Hamsaduta, Jan. 3, 1969)


    This was a hopeful aspiration of Srila Prabupada, but we know that within a few years he knew know one was qualified to succeed him. In the conversation below TGK, admits that none of HDG’s disciples are qualified to be guru. Srila Prabhupada makes VERY important statements, saying you become Guru when you become qualified and when he (SP) authorizes.

    Prabhupäda: No, you become guru, but you must be qualified first of all. Then you become.

    Tamäla Kåñëa: Oh, that kind of complaint was there.

    Prabhupäda: Did you know that?

    Tamäla Kåñëa: Yeah, I heard that, yeah.

    Prabhupäda: What is the use of producing some rascal guru?

    Tamäla Kåñëa: Well, I have studied myself and all of your disciples, and it’s clear fact that we are all conditioned souls, so we cannot be guru. Maybe one day it may be possible…

    Prabhupäda: Hm.

    Tamäla Kåñëa: …but not now.

    Prabhupäda: Yes. I shall choose some guru. I shall say, “Now you become äcärya. You become authorized.” I am waiting for that. You become all äcärya. I retire completely. But the training must be complete.

    Tamäla Kåñëa: The process of purification must be there.

    Prabhupäda: Oh, yes, must be there. Caitanya Mahäprabhu wants that. Ämära äjïäya guru haïä [Cc. Madhya 7.128]. “You become guru.” (laughs) But be qualified. Little thing, strictly follower…

    Tamäla Kåñëa: Not rubber stamp.

    Prabhupäda: Then you’ll not be effective. You can cheat, but it will not be effective. Just see our Gauòéya Maöha. Everyone wanted to become guru, and a small temple and “guru.” What kind of guru? No publication, no preaching, simply bring some foodstuff… My Guru Mahäräja used to say, “Joint mess,” a place for eating and sleeping. Amar amar ara takana (?)(Bengali): “Joint mess.” He said this.

    I hope this exercise of comparing and contrasting has cleared up Syamakrsna dasa’s misconceptions about who these people are; parading themselves as followers of HDG Srila Prabhupada, while misleading people to surrender to them, under the self-imposed authority of the ‘GBC’. These GBC’s and ‘gurus’ have artificially put themselves between you and Srila Prabhupada. If you care to recognize, everyday HDG’s sabda is feeding us, yet the ‘GBC’ tells us to worship someone else! We are under Srila Prabhupada’s authority; he is a perfectly realized soul-Jagat guru, let us surrender to him, as MPD and many others have done.

    Syamakrsna dasa writes in his article: “Oh so Madhu Pandit Dasa says he is ready to serve under the GBC and obey all their commands, really? The GBC’s first command is that Madhu Pandit Dasa and his gang pack their bags and leave HKH with nothing more than their declared possessions as mentioned on Madhu Pandit’s site Struggle for Truth. Madhu Pandit Dasa can then practice whatever philosophy he wants to anywhere in the world. When I see Madhu Pandit Dasa leave I will believe you, until then I don’t.”

    Syamakrsna dasa, where have you left your brain? Did you even read MPD’s peace proposal, or did you just fail to actually understand it? MPD is willing to follow the GBC if they agree to the terms he has proposed, not that he will foolishly accept a post-dated check. Only an ignorant person will blindly follow; so when your ready Syamakrsna dasa, we will be more then happy to lend you a hand, to pull you out of the ditch you have been blindly led into. Try reading this article, it might help clear up your misunderstanding if the above compare and contrast ‘life-line’ didn’t penetrate into your consciousness.

    Syamakrsna dasa tries to leave the impression that MPP is trying to further delay a 10 year on-going court case that is costing thousand upon thousands of dollars. If Syamakrsna dasa hasn’t noticed, MPP has been helping to feed prasdam to 1,000,000 children a day, and implementing various other preaching programs, according to Srila Prabhupada’s desires. Aksaya Patra’s output tripled from 2004 to present!

    Prabhupäda: Yes. That will depend on your purified preaching activities. If you again become materially victimized, then you cannot do it. If you remain on the spiritual platform, if you try, then it will increase. Änandämbudhi-vardhanam. It will increase. As soon as there is any contemplation of sense gratification, then the spirit will be lost.

    . Why would someone dedicated to serving Srila Prabhupada’s preaching mission want to waste his time and Srila Prabhupada’s resources on a court case? Why should we take you or anyone else’s envious words to heart? What have you sajiya disciples produced in the terms of successful preaching? Have you accounted where all the guru daksine has gone? Have ever bothered to ask your ‘GBC/Guru’ masters to show you any accounting for that money? Do you think you can learn to feed yourself, instead of always consuming the spoon fed fast-food, of the Guru Business Corporation? Can you and VardaKrsna dasa stop spending time and resources on trying to stop the successful preaching of MPP and ISKCON Bangalore? If you don’t believe that Srila Prabhupada left a ritivk order so that anyone who comes into ISKCON can have the mercy of an actual pure devotee, fine, go and continue your worship of the GBC’s 2/3 voted in guru lineage. But please stop attacking ISKCON Bangalore preachers!

    Read the following quotes and then take a moment to reflect on what your doing Syamakrsna dasa, and anyone else attacking the preaching efforts of ISKCON Bangalore. You then might have an actual realization of what you’re doing, so help you God!

    So far the Christian preachers are concerned you may ask them to leave the Temple and address them like this – If you have to preach your Christian philosophy, why don’t you ask people to come to your place? Why do you come here and disturb? Our Temple is especially meant for preaching Krishna Consciousness. In the world there are different philosophies and they have got their own temples also, long before our Temple was opened. There are places of worship of the Jews, of the Christians and of many other sects. They have got their different camps. Why do you come here and create disturbance? (SPL to Madhudvisa, 1/26/70)

    “So demons are always disturbing. They’ll create disturbance. That is… Their business is to create disturbance in the creation of the Supreme Lord. So this Hiraëyäkña and Hiraëyakaçipu, two brothers, they were creating so much disturbances. The whole world is disturbed only for the existence of the demons, asuri. At the present moment also, the world is full of demons. The devotees, their number is very, very small. Just like our Krsna consciousness movement. We can count within the finger how many we have got, Krsna conscious; but demons, non-Krsna conscious, nondevotees, there is no limit…”

    (Çrémad-Bhägavatam 1.3.7 Los Angeles, September 13, 1972)

    Just like Lord Jesus Christ. He was crucified by the demons. The only fault was that he was God conscious. Just see; such innocent person. The world is like that. So these dangers are there, but don’t be afraid of. Krsna will save you. And tolerate. If there are disturbances… Because it is the nature of this material world, as soon as there will be devotee, God conscious person, there will be so many enemies from the side of the demons. So we have to tolerate. (Çrémad-Bhägavatam 1.3.7 Los Angeles, September 13, 1972)

    -Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare-

    • Hare Krishna Maha Purusha Prabhu

      Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      I am really not very interested in all this politics and fighting and name calling between different branches of ISKCON. I do not believe it is productive on either side. Both sides should stop it and just concentrate on the real preaching work of distributing Srila Prabhuapda’s books and preaching Krishna consciousness all over the world.

      So we are really not publishing articles like this on http://www.Krishna.org

      Krishna.org is for articles which would inspire some new person to take to Krishna consciousness. It is the “Hare Krishna Community,” a place were devotees can come together and talk about Krishna and ask questions on the philosophy of Krishna consciousness and get answers.

      All of this camp consciousness and the fighting between the camps is not at all good for the preaching.

      I know it is very difficult for ISKCON Bangalore as ISKCON are viciously attacking them. But I strongly believe the solution to this is sankirtan, preaching. And if all these attacks by ISKCON succeed in distracting ISKCON Bangalore from the preaching and instead spending their energy writing articles like this and fighting with ISKCON and getting involved in all this politics, then ISKCON will have succeeded.

      It is a great danger and easy to get into the politics and fighting with ISKCON and criticizing ISKCON and think that this is preaching. But it is not preaching Prabhu.

      We have to take the example from Srila Prabhupada’s life. Gaudiya Math was as bogus then as ISKCON is today. And Srila Prabhuapda mentioned this for sure. He has written some very strong criticizms of the Gaudiya Matha, even writing in the purports of his Sri Caitanya-caritamrta that the Gaudiya Matha, because they did not follow the desire of Srila Bhaktsiddhanta to appoint a GBC to manage the Gaudiya Math after his disappearance, rather they unauthorisedly appointed an “acharya” who turned out to be bogus… Prabhupada has gone to the extent of saying that the Gaudiya Matha is now a disconnected branch of the Caitanya Tree and as such it is completely useless and unable to connect anyone to the disciplic succession at all. So the same thing has happened with ISKCON. They have rejected so many of Srila Prabhuapda’s orders and instructions, they are now disconnected from the Caitanya Tree, and they are also asara, useless.

      So we should say all these things and make it very clear that this is the position so everyone knows it. But there is no point in fighting with them or in trying to become part of their organization.

      I guess that is where I do not understand the ISKCON Bangalore presentation. There is no point in becoming a part of an organization that is disconnected from the disciplic succession, asara, useless. But ISKCON Bangalore, after separating themselves from this nonsense, now seem to be trying to again merge with the nonsense that is today’s ISKCON.

      So I think that you ISKCON Bangalore boys should very seriously think about this and reconsider this idea of joining up with ISKCON.

      The name is not important. It is what you do that is important. Prabhuapda was not attached to the name “Gaudiya Matha” nor was he attached to the buildings and assets of the Gaudiya Matha. He was simply attached to the orders of his spiritual master, Srila Bhaktsiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, and we should take note of this. It is important to to imbibe the order of the spiritual master and make that order one’s mission in life. That is the secret to success.

      Anyhow, I will not be publishing articles like this on http://www.Krishna.org. If you can actually present some nice article that explains the teachings of Krishna consciousness as they are presented by Srila Prabhuapda, explaining them in a nice way so the general public can understand, O I will be so happy to publish those articles.

      So please think about it Prabhus at ISKCON Bangalore. Just turn your back on the bogus so-called ISKCON, completely neglect them, and move forward with your preaching to the general public, not preaching to them that “ISKCON is bad…” but preaching to them that “Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, please surrender to Krishna…”

      This is the way to defeat them. Completely neglect them. Completely ignore them. And get on with the preaching, don’t let them distract you from this.


      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Your servant

      Madhudvisa dasa

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