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O! my Lord in this dark era me you created
bestow me transcendental devotion at your lotus feet,
Nay not I know the Vedic knowledge, nor spiritual masters,
Nor I know the Vedic mores and customs,
O my lord Krishna show me the light on my path.

Deliberately or naively I might have done sins,
In my heart they have accumulated like hill,
With your sturdy feet crush it into pieces,
So I can reach thy lotus feet,
O! my Lord Krishna show me the light on my path.

In this distressed and wicked materialistic ocean,
The ship of Thy name ,to cross this, I have taken,
Please O! my Lord Krishna, never disregard me,
And please lead my ship to reach the other side,
O! my Lord Krishna show me the light on my path.

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16 Responses to MY LORD KRISHNA [a poem]

  1. Sundarrajan says:

    Nice & sincere prayer.Good..
    Lord Krishna will Bless .!!!

  2. Rayudu.vakkalanka says:

    Excellent composure. It depicts the humilitu and absolute surrender to the lotus feet of Lord KRISHNA

  3. Rayudu Vakkalanka says:

    Excellent composure. With deep sense of humility and total surrender

  4. Durgadevi says:

    Jai Srila Prabhupada and pamho to all the devoties who encouraged me to stay in Krishna consciousness.pamho to all and Thank you all.
    Servant of servants

  5. Aanya says:

    Excellent poems…It is a joy to read such beautiful poems…Jai Shri Krishna

  6. jahnavi says:

    a good poem is it,tat poem makes me to attract towards the krishna

  7. sparkle says:

    I am a big big devotee of shree shree krishna ji and loved this quiet moral poem.loved this.

  8. Nishi says:

    This is a beautiful shows the right intention in my life

  9. Reghukumar.K.S says:

    this is very nice and divotional

  10. Bharati Kavita says:

    Whenever my mind is free, I cannot miss to think about my Lord Krishna. am i wasting my time thinking about Him? I don’t know. But I want to know more and more about his stories, about Him. He is surrounded just in my mind. Even in difficulties as well as in happiness I just pray to him, but sometimes I am angry with him, the world is so painful. O KRISHNA have mercy on me, because I am conscious that i have never done wrong to anyone, but why I am unhappy?. I am restless.

    • rajdey says:

      Almighty lord said, he/she is so fortunate who can remember, pray and think of Him, you know. These devotees are rare. Hope you will be elated one day and will have actual peace. We should do our service to Lord Krsna. Namoste. Hari bol.

  11. Ammu says:

    Very devotional indeed…
    Jai Shri Krishna..
    Om Nama Shivaya……


  12. nikhil says:

    really a nice poem. plz write some more..

  13. Arpana Karangutkar says:

    “Whom Krishna saves, who can destroy…?”
    “Whom Krishna destroys, who can save…?”

  14. Arpana Karangutkar says:

    I always admire Lord Krishna..
    its to beautiful poem n thats the reason i like to read some more nice poem abt Lord Krishna…
    thank you…

  15. Thilaga.I says:

    This poem is very nice.. You are a great devotee to Lord Krishna..

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