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The Richest Frog in the World

There was once a frog that lived in a lake.

One day in the morning the frog left the water and he found a 50-cent coin. He exclaimed, I am rich! I am rich! I have 50 cents! In the whole world which other frog has as much money as I do. Have you ever seen a frog with money? He was probably the richest frog in the whole world.

He thought of the most important problems the frogs were facing, “Every morning the elephant comes here and bathes in the lake and he disturbs the frogs.

I will not tolerate this anymore! Now I am rich! The richest frog in the world will not tolerate this injustice from the elephant!” Just then the king’s elephant was being brought down by his mahout. So the frog confronted the elephant turned his head to see who was making this noise. The frog cried out, “Elephant! Stop! It’s me! It’s me! The richest frog in the world! Stop!” But the elephant did not hear the frog. Then the frog jumped from his 50-cent coin before the elephant to stop him from going to the lake. But he was so small that the elephant stepped on him, and the richest frog in the world was killed.

This story was told by Srila Bhakti Siddanta Saraswati Thakur, to illustrate how a person can become very proud of a little material opulence and in his pride, he can lose perspective of the reality of life. We can falsely start thinking that our bank balances, our material assets and advancement of science and technology will help me overcome the stringent laws of material nature, solve all my problems and make me permanently happy. Then why surrender to God?

We may not surrender willingly but eventually all of us, big or small, rich or poor have to surrender to Supreme Lord in His form as DEATH.

This is the end of the story,

All Glories to Sri Hari!

Yours Krishna Consciously,,

Madhusudhan R.S.

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