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Hubble’s Closer look at a Alien “Space Station”?

This strange “Space Photograph” comes from the Hubble Space Telescope and the University of Hawaii. We are told by the Astronomers that these photographs are of a new star forming with possible “planets” in early formation…

You may note that the ground photo from the University clearly shows a “black disk” in the center over the “bright light”.

This “area” around the central disk has actual “rays” streaming from behind! It looks very much like the sun behind clouds creating “rays” by the eclipse of the clouds. (as seen in the Hubble Picture)

Why is the “disk” and greater “central area” missing from the Hubble Photo? (which is in four pieces) We see that the clouds and dust appear to be tunneling behind the structure (disk and four arms)

Could it be a “worm hole” with some huge Space Station like Structure that seems to be so large as to contain room for millions millions of people and who knows what more?

It would seem that the structure whatever it is is very huge. They note that the “arms” are the distance of the Planet Pluto’s Orbit!

I doubt that it is that far across one of the “arms” but it appears be very very far indeed!

These pictures are very significant due to technology used to take them. Many photos taken of Space Phenomenon and possible UFO like things lack in detail. These pictures have been produced by the “experts”.

What the experts tell us about these pictures is another thing.

Just look at the pictures yourselves and see if they do not clearly resemble some “artificial structure”.

Ask why the Hubble Pictures are “cut up”. Is it because the detail on the central object was too great?

When this central disk was (is) seen (with the superior Hubble) complete and attached as the central point to the four “articulate looking” arms it obviously became something the experts did not wish to share with us in this “public” photo.

You look and see what you think!

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5 Responses to Hubble’s Closer look at a Alien “Space Station”?

  1. koushalya says:

    what mantra would happiness in life when thinking of sri krishna

  2. Randy says:

    We’ve been observed for many years by other worlds that have been around millions of years longer then we have. If you think how far we’ve gone with our own technogy in a short amount of time, can you imagine what they have.
    These people know we don’t have much longer on this planet and they are preparing for a mass evacuation in the very near future. Only the ones who truly believe in them will be evacuated from here. Just get your own mind
    prepared when the time comes and don’t change what you’re doing now. Live everyday like you do and love the ones you’re with like it’s the last time
    you’ll see them.

  3. maryann says:

    hi is an alienspaceship a structure or an object?

  4. Vladimir F. Medina says:

    Of course astronomers will not tell the truth because its a top secret. Maybe they already knew it. Just think about it.

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