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The Month of Damodar [Kartik]

Kartik month or damodar maas is starting.

The devotional service recommended for this month includes—daily reciting the Damodar Astak, reading Damodar Lila from Srimad Bhagvatam or Krsna Book, Bhagavat Gita, chanting at least few extra rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra and Tulsi seva. Here is Damodarastakam in pdf format. You must have Acrobat reader to view. If you do not have one then visit www. to obtain it. Please forward it to all your family, brothers, sisters, and friends.


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The Month of Damodar [Kartik]

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2 Responses to The Month of Damodar [Kartik]

  1. Karina Beeharry says:

    I have such a big loving adoration for Lord Damodara. Will seriously observe the kartik fast as from tomorrow. Hare Krishna!

  2. nirvasha says:

    hare krishna,please forward the exact date for karthik fast..its my 2nd year that im doing the fast and really looking forward for this year as well.thank you and kind regards

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