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Will God Save America This Time?

The United States is now dominating and controlling the new capitalist world order that has emerged. They have created a vast empire from one end of the earth to the other…

Human beings were not made to be forced, but have God given free moral agency. Pushing people into a corner and trying to ram something down their throats won’t work. This just breeds rebellion and resistance.

A quote from Henry David Thoreau (from Civil Disobedience) “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest. What force has a multitude? They can only force me to obey a higher law than I. They force me to become like themselves. I do not hear of men being forced to live this way or that by masses of men.”

Humiliating and bullying people doesn’t work, because it sets up resistance within them. The United States of America is bullying, pushing and humiliating people and nations all around the world.

The United States (as of the present Dec.29,2002) is now dominating and controlling the new capitalist world order that has emerged. They have created a vast empire from one end of the earth to the other. They dominate the Middle East, and are poised to conquer Iraq. They control Russia through bribery. They are military, economic and cultural imperialists, who have created a vast empire around the world. NATO is controlled by them, as is the United Nations. Canada is bullied, and is a virtual US colony.

The United States of America is now at the height of its power and influence, but the God of heaven is not pleased with them.

God is the one who builds up and tears down nations. God is the one who has given the USA so much power, strength and riches, but this power has not been used correctly.

The USA claims to be the champion of freedom and democracy, yet over 2,000,000 of its own citizens are imprisoned. The majority of voters do not vote in elections. George Bush didn’t win the majority of votes in the last Presidential elections, yet he is President.

Over forty million (40,000,000) unborn children have been murdered through abortions in the United States, since the Roe versus Wade court decision on January 22, 1973.

The United States is the hot bed of every sort of sin and excess.

The Sins of the USA that God is so Angry About.

  1. Feminist ideology began in the United States, and they have spread this poison all around the world.
  2. Divorce rates are sky high (about 50 % of marriages fail).
  3. Around 52 % of black American families are headed by a single mother. Where are the men? Are many of them out fooling around making more children, that they have no intentions of helping and supporting?The late, black professional basketball star, Wilt Chamberlain, boasted in his book about having sex with over 20,000 women! Was he condemned for this? No! He was a cultural hero! “He lived life to the full,” his friends and supporters smirked and chuckled. Yet over 50% of black American children do not have a full time father to support and help them.
  4. There are around 1,350,000 abortions in the United States each year – about 4,000 per day. Since 1973 there have been about 40 million abortions!
  5. The USA has over 15,000 murders each year, and had 2,026,596 people incarcerated at the end 1999.
  6. Much of the USA business world is extremely corrupt.

    The recent Enron collapse is an example.

  7. A lot of USA business seeks protection from international competition by lobbying governments for subsidies. Yet they claim to be such an entrepaneurial and free trading nation.
  8. The amount of money wasted on excess military spending is staggering. Much of this reeks of corruption. The Bush Administration is spending $343.2 billion this year on the Department of Defense and nuclear weapons. The combined military budgets of the countries of Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Cuba, Sudan and Syria and China and Russia are equal to about 1/3 the US military budget.The United States remains the world’s largest supplier of arms.
  9. Pornography is very widespread, as is prostitution. In some places like Las Vegas there are legalized brothels operating. Nationwide in the USA around 1 million girls and women work as prostitutes. There are about 100,000 arrests for prostitution annually. 500,000 to 1.2 million children are involved in child prostitution in the USA. There are at least 300,000 male prostitutes under age 16.
  10. The gap between rich and poor in the USA is enormous, and growing. Yet the Bill Gates type people are looked up to and viewed as someone to emulate. Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has more wealth than the bottom 45 percent of American households combined.As of 1995, Federal Reserve research found that the wealth of the top one percent of Americans is greater than that of the bottom 95 percent. Three years earlier, the Fed’s Survey of Consumer Finance found that the top one percent had wealth greater than the bottom 90 percent.

    In 1996, the Census Bureau reported record-level inequality, with the top fifth of U.S. households claiming 48.2 percent of national income while the bottom fifth gets by on 3.6 percent.

    In 1973, the income of the top 20 percent of American families was 7.5 times that of the bottom 20 percent. By 1996, it was 13 times.

    Business Week reports that in 1999 top executives earned 419 times the average wage of a blue-collar worker, up from 326:1 in 1998. In 1980, the ratio was 42:1.

    Adjusting for inflation, the net worth of the median American household fell 10 percent between 1989 and 1997, declining from $54,600 to $49,900. The net worth of the top one percent is now 2.4 times the combined wealth of the poorest 80 percent.

  11. Illegal criminal gangs and the drug trade proliferate – along with prostitution and all it’s various vices.Gambling is an American way of life, but nothing good has come out of it. Gambling is big business in America earning the gaming industry around 50.9 billion dollars in net revenue annually. The real odds of winning a state lottery are approximately fourteen million to one, the same odds as being hit by lightening seven times while waiting in the lottery line.

    Seventy years ago it was illegal to gamble anywhere in the United States. American parents grew up thinking that gambling was morally wrong, but now their children are growing up thinking that gambling is as easy as going to the store. Today, all but three states permit gaming, and it’s getting bigger all the time. For the first time in history, gambling is available close to home. People can walk to and from work and gamble.

    State governments actually encourage their citizens to gamble.

    Just a few days back here at the end of Dec. 2002, a Mr. Andrew Whittaker Jr. from Scott Depot, West Virginia won an astonishing $113.4-million dollar Powerball payout from the Multi-State Lottery Association. This is history’s largest single lottery ticket.

    So God has decided to tear down the United States, because the sins of most of the people have increased. God is fed up with all the corruption He sees constantly. He will now start to diminish the USA and tear it apart…

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