Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory (BBT)

We have all heard it at school in the science class… In the beginning there was nothing… and from that nothing came a big bang, caused by no one coming from nowhere… It created all the mass of the universe completely by chance [according to Einstein’s Theory]…

The mass then contracted and automatically formed all the planets and set them into motion, all orbiting around the sun [all by an impossibly unlikely coincidence!] Then some chemicals appeared from nowhere and mixed themselves together [once again all by themselves, another impossible and unlikely coincidence…] And, lo and behold, [for the first and perhaps only time :-)] Life was created by chance from matter!!!”

So there you have it… The universe according to science… We accept it of course because they have brainwashed us practically from birth… But it’s complete nonsense. A thoughtful man cannot accept such hopeful ramblings of men desperate to paint God out of the picture at any cost… Science can’t prove any of it. They can’t demonstrate it in their labs… The whole thing is totally unscientific even by their own standards. And there are very few scientists who are prepared to defend the big bang theory now… I have tested it with scientists on the internet. When I confront them they say, “Well the Big Bang theory has lots of problems, but of all the theories it’s the best one we have…”

Of course the Big Bang theory is not the best theory they have to explain the creation of the universe. But science does not want to even consider the only other very obvious theory of creation… The theory that states there is intelligence behind the creation of the universe. It’s a completely reasonable assumption to make. If we look at a very nice new building in the city and I tell you it was created by a “big bang” last night, would you believe me? No. [unless you are crazy of course]. Because the building is there we know there were engineers, buliders, plumbers, electricions, etc… We may not see them, but we know they were there. The “big bang” explanation of the creation of the building is completely unreasonable…

We sometimes experience a “big-bang” in one of our big cities (there was a big one a few years ago in Oklahoma City). But we have never seen these “big bangs” produce anything constructive or create order. They destroy, and create disorder. Quite the opposite to what the original “big bang” is claimed to have done. And when we have one of these “big bangs” in a city what is the immediate question? Everybody asks “Who planted the bomb?” and “Why did they do it?” This would seem to be the natural response. Of course the scientists could get on the television and tell people that “Nobody planted the bomb — the explosion happened all by itself.” but who would believe them?

Now science is supposed to be a process of observation and experiment. They have conjectured this “Big-Bang” theory — now let them do some experiments and prove it. They can make a “Small-Bang” with some dynamite, or even a little atomic bomb… Let them create something substantial with a “small-bang”. If the universe can be created with a “Big-Bang” then surely they can create a small town, or failing that, at least a building with a “Small-Bang”. Unless science can prove the Big Bang theory by experiments why preach it? And why not consier the most logical alternative explaination of the creation of the universe, that there is an intelligent force behind the creation?

The motivation of the scientists in preaching the Big Bang theory is NOT science, it is NOT a search for the truth. The purpose of the BBT is to construct a philosophy allowing people to live debauched hedonistic lives confident that, “There is no God, there is no life after death, the universe was created by chance. I am just a combination of chemicals and when the body is finished I’m finished — so let me party to the max now!” This is no better than the life of the animals. Science is attempting to eradicate the one thing which separates us from the animals — our ability to understand and question the spiritual, more subtle aspects of our existence.

Science attempts to explain everything in terms of chemicals but no one has ever been able to show (and no one will ever be able to show) consciousness can be created by mixing some chemicals… It’s blind faith. The brainwashed general public are prepared to believe such nonsense when presented by the scientists ONLY because it allows a godless world-view. A mindset that enables me to do anything that “feels good” without considering the consequences. If these theories had to be rigorously tested according to the scientific method no sane man could possibly accept them. There is no observation and there are no experiments. Just mental speculation and some vague notions which have been formulated into a quite detailed religious dogma by the “scientific” community.

And they can’t prove anything, they can’t logically explain it. It all comes down to blind faith…

Krishna says:

manusyanam sahasresu kascid yatati siddhaye
yatatam api siddhanam kascin mam vetti tattvatah

“Out of many thousands among men, one may endeavor for perfection, and of those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows Me in truth.”

So searching for the real meaning of life is not such a common thing… Most people are happy with chasing women, some chase fame, profit, adoration and distinction, but only a few are interested in spiritual life. There must be some thoughtful scientists who are prepared to think independently from the “accepted dogma”.

Science is [like it or not] a set of beliefs. I agree it is a constantly changing one, but at any point scientists are very energetically “preaching” their beliefs.

Their beliefs are certainly scrutinized by other scientists but there comes a time when the “beliefs” start to become “good science” and are generally accepted among scientists. When someone challenges this “good science” there is a big negative reaction. Scientists, like everyone else, have their world-view, their belief system, and when someone “rocks the boat” they don’t like it. But the important point is science is only a “temporary accepted truth”. If you read a science text-book from fifty years ago it will seem ridiculous… Similarly todays text-books will be also useless a few years down the track…

“Your points about missing the goal of life are profoundly true in my view. But this is to mistake science with materialism. Many eastern religions celebrate the awe of the universe in an incredibly beautiful way. It seems to me that this view of the world is fully compatible with science which shows us more of the universe everyday. What could be more delightful than that?”

Yes. The universe is also a form of God and real science is also a form of God realization. But many are not really interested in this. They have turned “science” into a dogma that supports the modern atheistic world-view. This is not science and it is not what real scientists are doing, but it is how the atheists are using science to destroy religious people in our society…

“I came across your post in which you said that the nature of what is behind the watch face, i.e. the supreme being responsible for setting this universe into motion, is completely unknowable to us. I realize I may be paraphrasing your actual statement, forgive me please.

Could you tell me why you believe this to be true? Thanks, Todd.”

I was referring to the scientists rather than the transcendentalists. For the scientists depend on a different process. One who believes in God can perceive His presence. God reveals Himself to His devotees. So they can see and experience the “supreme person who set this universe in motion.” They can also have some knowledge from the scriptures as to what is beyond this universe…

The scientists, however, only accept what they can see, hear, feel, touch and smell for themselves. They observe things and try to explain the observations with “scientific” theories. While this is certainly a process of acquiring knowledge, it is a very slow and imperfect one. All such “scientific” knowledge is always flawed because it is gathered by the scientists using their imperfect senses. All our senses are imperfect: we can’t see things that are very close or far away, we can only see a limited range of frequencies… But that is not all. Everyone has a tendency to cheat. If I want to prove my theory I will accept the evidence that supports it, but I may not pay too much attention to observations that contradict it… We are also illusioned… We accept so many things as facts which are not facts at all. Science is full of “initial assumptions”, and many of these may be wrong, so any theory which relies on these assumptions will also be wrong. If you are doing a big calculation and you make a mistake in the beginning, no matter how nice your calculations are after that point, the answer will be wrong… And finally we all make mistakes. So many experiments are performed but often there are mistakes and the results are not correct…

This “scientific process” is the ascending process for acquiring knowledge. It means finding out things using our own power… But it is not a very perfect method as I have described above. The other way to get knowledge is via the descending process. That means to find a perfect authority, someone who knows, and just accept the knowledge from him. It is not an unfamiliar process. If you want to become a carpenter you go to a carpenter and ask him to take you on as his apprentice… This is the best way to learn.

So we just accept the knowledge Krishna has given in the Vedic scriptures in India. There are thousands of Vedic scriptures on every topic, material and spiritual. There is the Auya-veda for medicine, the Danna-veda for the science of fighting and war, there is the Joyti-veda for astronomy and astrology, there are Vedic scriptures for everything… There are also Vedic scriptures describing the universe and what is beyond the universe, the spiritual sky.

The bona fide spiritual master simply presents this Vedic knowledge. He doesn’t inject his own ideas or philosophy. So the knowledge a bona fide spiritual master presents is perfect. He can tell you all about the supreme person who is responsible for setting this universe in motion. But such bona fide spiritual masters are rare. There are many charlatans presenting themselves as “bona fide spiritual masters” for fame, money, to attract followers, etc… So this has put a lot of people off. But still if we want to find the truth we have to find a real guru…

tad viddhi pranipatena
pariprasnena sevaya
upadeksyanti te jnanam
jnaninas tatt va-darsinah

“Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth.” (Bhagavad-gita 4.34)

There are so many things, even in this universe, that the scientists can not see so how can they ever understand them? The only way is to find an authority and get the knowledge in that way. Scientists can’t even get complete knowledge of the universe, they certainly have absolutely no ability to find out what is beyond the universe…

“Who caused the causer? That would be the next logical question.”

isvarah paramah krsnah sac-cid-ananda-vigrahah
anadir adir govindah sarva-karana-karanam

“Krishna, who is known as Govinda, is the supreme controller. He as an eternal spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin, for He is the prime cause of all causes.” (Sri Brahma Samhita 5.1)

The difficulty is we are working on a different premise. Your premise is everything can be explained by chemical reactions only. My premise is matter doesn’t move without the touch of spirit. You say “life” is a combination of chemicals. I know “life” is a spiritual force completely different from matter. There is much evidence supporting my view and I have presented some of it but because you do not accept my premise that there is a spiritual component as well as a material one you don’t accept my evidence.

I see, from my perspective, that science has failed to justify it’s claims and can not back up the notion that like comes from chemicals. We see life coming from life around us all the time… that is sufficient evidence that life comes from life. But you say, without proof, without experiments, without even any real idea of how it happens, that life comes from chemicals. This is sentiment not science.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy! All glories to Srila Prabhupada

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My first contact with a Hare Krishna was a most merciful Mataji in Oxford Street, London who sold me a "Higher Taste" cook book in 1984 while I was on holidays there. I started seriously reading Srila Prabhupada's books in Australia 1985 and by 1986 Srila Prabhupada had convinced me "Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead" and "we should surrender to Krishna." I joined the Hare Krishnas in Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Since then I have been chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, reading and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and preaching as much as I can. That's my life and full-time occupation now really. I like it more than anything I've ever experienced before. Srila Prabhupada's books are so amazing... Even after reading them all many times they're still fresh and new. They are truly transcendental! That's it really. Now I'm just hankering to once again see the world chant Hare Krishna, dance and feast and float away in the ecstasy of Lord Caitanya's Sankirtana movement as it did in Srila Prabhupada's physical presence. Let the whole world drown in the ecstatic flood of love of Krishna!

30 Responses to The Big Bang Theory (BBT)

  1. zentara says:

    Hi, I keep track of new ideas in modern subatomic physics and astrophysics, just to see how it correlates with the ancient Vedic teachings.
    Personally, I don’t believe in the Big Bang because I don’t believe that humans have any real idea how Time operates, especially on such a big scale. The BBT is only the best guess that our current scientists can make, considering our lack of Time knowledge.
    But what I really wanted to point out, is that while watching the bonus DVD, which came with the Bhagavad-gita, Srila Prabupada was asked since all souls have fallen from heaven, how many of the heavenly souls fall into the material condition? Do all fall? He said about 10% fall, and 90% remain in the heavenly realms. This is strikingly similar to what modern physicists say about our material world. That is, only 10% of what we observe is the material world, 90% is invisible to us. They refer to it as
    the Dark energy …. which sound like other dimensions to me.
    This leads me to believe that the 90% invisible world is where the quantuum parallel universe exist, and is possible where the gods control events for us.
    My view of the universe is that it is a set of interacting event sequences, giving Time priority, over 3 dimensional space. Of course, since this sounds magical, and modern scientists don’t understand Time, I’m about the only guy I know who believes this….. but believe it I do.
    In that 90% invisible world is where the demi-gods operate, controlling karmic reactions, and deciding which of the many possible parallel universes manifest at any instant.

    • Hare Krishna Zentara

      Yes and no. No in the sense that the 90% in the spiritual world that Prabhupada is speaking about refers to the spiritual world which is completely beyond this material universe. It is a completely different existence, completely different and completely separate from the material world that we live in.

      Actually the spiritual world is the true reality where we are all eternally youthful and full of ever-increasing knowledge and bliss. That is our natural position. This material world is described as a small cloud in a corner of the spiritual sky. Here in the material world spirit is covered by matter. But in the spiritual world there is no covering of matter. Because we falsely identify with the material covering here in the material world we are in the bodily concept of life and forget our original true spiritual nature. This is called maya.

      So that 90% that Srila Prabhupada is speaking of is really beyond the material world and really has nothing to do with anything in the material world. It is far, far, far away.

      Even in the material world there are unlimited universes. It is not that there is just our universe. The number is given as being like the number of mustard seeds in a big bag of mustard seeds. So there are a lot of universes. And each universe is covered by a solid shell. So there is no possibility of seeing outside of one universe. So everything that we can perceive in any way here is just like the inside of one of those mustard seeds in a big bag of mustard seeds. We can not see outside of our mustard seed like universe.

      So even this whole universe that we think is very big is actually very tiny and there are unlimited other universes like it that we can have no information whatsoever about.

      But within this universe you can find a description of it in Srimad-Bhagavatam Fifth Canto there is so much in it that we can not see. So certainly there is at least 90% of the mass that is not made up of the planets and stars that we can see. There are a lot of other heavy things in this universe that we can not see. So it is true that the scientists have not discovered at least 90% of the mass of the universe. And probably they won’t be able to discover it either, unless they read Srimad-Bhagavatam.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

    • Musafer says:

      Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala said:

      أَوَلَمْ يَرَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوٓا أَنَّ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالْأَرْضَ كَانَتَا رَتْقًا فَفَتَقْنٰهُمَا  ۖ وَجَعَلْنَا مِنَ الْمَآءِ كُلَّ شَىْءٍ حَىٍّ  ۖ أَفَلَا يُؤْمِنُونَ
      “Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?”
      (QS. Al-Anbiyaa 21: Verse 30)

      * Via Qur’an English

  2. Devesh singh says:

    in the argument J.Fichtl says:
    December 28, 2010 at 2:24 am
    and Anurag says:
    January 19, 2009 at 4:24 pm
    I taken one point to clarify the thoughts.

    argument is interesting but one thing is how i assume that 4 VALVE heart is simplest one.if human has 2 valve heart or one valve heart is more simplest.
    human has 4 valve heart and we studied it and examine them so we considered this is simplest 4 valve mechanism.
    BUT one thing is that who ??? decide and which power organize that human reacquired 4 valve.
    This is human tendency that we consider only thing which we can perform in front of eye.
    in the GITA war of kurukshetra Krishna given the arjun suksham eye(chakshu) only arjun can see the virat rupa.and
    TODAY we don’t have suksham eye(chakshu).
    so this is pretty hard to believe who don’t have faith in krishna.
    on the basis of Gita we draw the supreme god(Virat roop) poster because we can not show the infinity(real infinite not a symbol) on the paper but we believe because we have faith and thinking power to assume and consider.

    who controlled the matter of universe???. as a human we understand the theories we take the credit and dare to god you are nothing we understand the phenomena you are not beside this.
    in Science every big phenomena and theories we give small reasons and take credits
    God gives humans many theories(Gita) EX-:Cause and happening in Gita but they don”t take any credits.
    some favorable words for science
    “Science is the process to help other”s by understanding the universal phenomena” this is the real meaning of science.

  3. divyat says:

    all the people just stop fighting and stop proving or disproving bigbang theory. what i say is just chant hare krishna hare rama get freed from material life and ask authorities in spiritual world about a commpletely scientific explainantion to universe in form of theories formulaes etc. nobody in this material life can get complete knowledge as life is short and there is no gurantee. also fromthe other point i think that if science is not mixed with spiritual thoughts thenit will better as we all know science is not that developed to explain spiritual things . so we must stop writing articles which thoroughly dicriminate science but if we allknow that the level at which science can explain big things like universe etc is very far then what is the use of speaking against science which not even 1 percent developed to understand lord. so we must not include science because we know it is nothing and by stating its merits and demerits we cant get anything. so propagating spiritualism must be our task but criticising science should not our task.tell me what will you get by criticising science. no peoplewould get spiritual by this. but we should show them and let them realise the truth by reading vedas but we should not force them to see the truth because one day they will have truth in front of their eyes. if all people above know that science can never be able to explain the truth then they should tell them about the merits of vedic philosophy rather criticising sciencetific method. yes i do thinkwe must make people aware that the science is wrong but we must at the same time appreciate it also that they are making some efforts rather than sitting doing nothing and lost after material desires. so scientists are just not gross materialists and since it is also explained in bhagwad gita that by simply abstaining fromwork one can donothing so scientists if they accept vedas it will be really good for them but they dont then after realising from their useless efforts they would give up.

    so we make people accept the truth rather than force them as if they accept it it is wellandgood and if they dont they learn it one day in long future.
    so stop this fighting please please please

  4. Billy says:

    This article blew my mind. I think it’s beyond the realm of human comprehension and whatever happens, happens. We are just along for the ride as souls. Wonderful.

  5. Sunil says:

    ‘Chant Hare krishna and be happy’. Thats where the problem lies.

  6. sriram kollimarla says:

    Hai,if you a ask any genius whether he would believe in eternal spirit or evolution,he says idont know.2000 yrs back everyone believed that rain is becoz of rain god and once the people recognised the mechanism behind it its a simple science.we actually dont know what is store in for us in the future.psychologically believing in god will satisfy the ego and can attribute all our sins to karma of yesterlife,it is as simple as that.Ialways wonder where actually god came from,what is his origin,why all avatars in INDIAN continent only,whats the sin done by europe and antartica,whats the sin done by horse,zebra,deers,why dont they recieve poojas like cow.I heard that initially all of us(souls)are in golok brindavan and we wanted to enjoy like god and we were envy of him and we returned to earth(fallen souls).initially we were there means we attained moksha but we envyed him and fallen to earth.SO THIS CYCLE GOES ON.MANY OF MY COUSINS IN ISKCON COULDNT ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS.BEING GOOD AND COMPASSIONATE TO ALL LIVING BEINGS WILL MAKE A HUMANS LIFE MORE WORTHIER THAN BELIEVING IN ETERNAL SPIRIT.SARVEJANA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU.

    • Hare Krishna Sriram

      Understanding spiritual life begins with faith. If you have no faith you can not begin to understand anything about God or his creation or anything actually. So this faith is a very valuable and very important thing. If you don’t have it then you are lost.

      Your post is full of misconceptions and misunderstandings but even if I explain the correct things to you because you have no faith that God even exists then you will not be able to understand.

      The mechanism behind rain is not a simple science. There is control of the “rain god” Indra behind it. Even if the mechanism is understood to some extent by the scientists no mechanism operates automatically without someone supervising it. So that supervising person operating the mechanism of the rain is Lord Indra. It is a material mechanism certainly, how the water is evaporated from the ocean and stored in clouds and blown into the land by the wind and then the clouds are releasing the water they have stored up often on the tops of mountains and that creates rivers and the water is also stored up in glaciers that feed the rivers and the rivers flow down through the valleys to provide water for agricultural purposes all year around. It is an amazing system actually but every amazing system has a manager behind it–and there is no exception for the rain system in this universe, the manager is Lord Indra.

      You wonder where God came from, what is His origin. But this means you do not have any understanding of who God is. God did not come from anywhere. He is eternal. It means He has no birth and no death. He has always been there, He has no beginning and no end. All avataras do not appear in the Indian continent only. Krishna incarnates all over the world and all over the universe. But India is special, it is punya-bhumi, the land of pious activities. It contains many eternal dharms like Mathura, Dvarka, Vrindavan, etc. So India has a lot more avatars and holy places than other countries. But it is not true that avataras only appear in India.

      The cow is special because Krishna likes the cows best. He is a cowherd boy, so we worship the cows because they are dear to Krishna. Because the cow is special to Krishna as devotees of Krishna the cow naturally becomes special to us.

      Yes. We always have the tendency to fall. So even if one gets moksha it is still possible to fall down again. But according to Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita once one has attained the supreme destination [the spiritual world] he does not fall down again. It is up to you ultimately. You always have the free will and if you want to misuse it you can. So if you are in the spiritual world and you do become envious of Krishna and want to be Krishna you can come again to the material world and try for that. But if you have already been in the material world and tried this for many millions of lifetimes and failed and finally been able to again reinstate yourself in your eternal position as a servant of Krishna in the spiritual world then it is hardly likely that you will want to come back to the material world again. So that is why Krishna says “Once one has reached the spiritual world he does not again come back to the material world.” But that does not mean if for some reason you decide that you want to come back to the material world you can not. No. You still have your limited independence and you can still misuse it if you want to therefore you can still come back to the material world if you really want to.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      Madhudvisa dasa

  7. Ayush dube says:

    The big bang theory name was coined by fred hoyle,and he himself rejected it! He passed a statement ‘Any bang or explosion throws matter apart ,but big bang has magically clumped all matter to form so complicated galaxies’.If all the matter is thrown apart after the bang then how it formed planets rotating round the sun in so complicated orderly manner? This is only 1 example of such complicated design of universe which cannot be created by just exploding matter acording to big bang!! ALSO-the big qns are 1.From where did the particle from which explosion happened come from? 2.What caused that particle to explode with no reason behind it? 3.If anyone says that particle existed then qn is what was that particle doing the time infinite past before the bang and what caused it to explode at given time with no reason? So if these qns are put forward atheists might tell we don’t know,then why are u brainwashing innocent!! So my dear frndz please read BHAGVAD-GITA AS IT IS AND BHAGVATAM and try to find ur ans bcoz these ans are beyond the scope of materiaistic science. stephen hawkin at last told ‘The origin of universe is beyond the scope of the laws of physics’.

  8. Gabby Mulkey says:

    The Big Bang Theory is false!! It cant even be proved!! What about the bible the earth was created by the one and only GOD! How could the earth even be created by the universe spreading a part and expanding…exactly it cant!!
    The earth cant create itself! All scientists have to prove it by is educated guesses!

  9. Sunil says:

    Well, you guys really simplified the big bang theory. Obviously did not pay much attention in the science class, and probably to make it worse, did not do any follow up studies. Narrow-mindedness and blind religious fervor is the worst a human can do to him-self. Keep your mind open and LEARN.

    • Gopinath says:

      The poor uninformed public accepts the Big Bang Theory (just a theory?) hook, line & sinker. Now that is narrow mindedness & blind religious fervor in theories of science.

      • Sunil says:

        Big bang is a theory, and there are other theories floating around too. But the Big Bang is the most plausible theory at the moment, because the fact that the universe is expanding supports that theory.

        ” (just a theory?) ” – Evolution is called a theory, but its a scientific fact now. Its just called that, because more evidence keeps presenting itself.

        “poor uninformed public” – thats normally a classification for the religious kinds.

        • Big bang theory and evolution theory are just theories. Not facts. And both theories are not very good explanations of how the universe was created and populated. Although there are some elements of truth in these theories they are not very satisfying or correct theories at all.

          As far as the evolution of species it just does not happen at all. There are 8,400,000 species of life and they are fixed-up. The species are not changing, evolving from one species to another. No. All the different forms are present within the ether and when the material situation is right the same forms are manifest time and time again. So even in the previous creation of the universe and in the next creation of the universe all the same species will come out. There is no evolution at all as it is conceived by Charles Darwin for example. He postulates that single cell creatures gradually evolve by natural selection to eventually form the complex organisms that make up a human being for example. He presumes that ‘in the beginning’ there was nothing and somehow from this nothing came single-cell organisms and everything developed from simple to complex. But actually we get the information from the Vedic literature that first Lord Vishnu enters the universe and fills up the bottom half with His perspiration and lies on that ocean He has created on the bed of Sesa-Naga. A lotus stem grows from His navel and on the top of the lotus flower Lord Brahma is born. Lord Brahma is the most advanced, the most evolved living entity in the universe. And he was there right from the very beginning. So there is no evolution from the simple to the complex. The most complex, the most evolved living entity — Lord Brahma — is there right from the beginning.

          As far as the big bang theory the creating happened by Lord Visnu glancing over the pradhana, the unmanifest matter that becomes the universe, and with that glance he agitated the pradhana and impregnated the living entities within it. So I guess you might say that was the ‘big bang’, but it is a very superficial and not very correct theory actually. The universe is expanding. That information we get from the Vedas. So in that regard the scientists are correct. But it will also start contracting after some time and I don’t know if they know that.

          So the summary is that whatever so-called knowledge that modern science has has been ‘discovered’ by observation and experimentation with man’s imperfect senses and is by definition flawed and imperfect. If you want perfect knowledge you have to get it from a perfect person.

          Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

          Madhudvisa dasa

          • Michael says:

            Evolution is not a theory. Evolution does take a while to become noticeable with organisms such as humans or larger mammals so for some people it’s hard to believe, but you can watch viruses and other microscopic organisms evolve in seconds. Scientists have also been able to recreate the big bang on a small scale, you should consider looking into it.

          • Yes, I would be very interested in seeing the big bang happen on a small scale. Please demonstrate it for me. Explode a big bomb and show me how that creates order. I guarantee and explosion will never create order. But you please demonstrate it. Rather than talk all this nonsense.

        • Aditya says:

          It is not theory, it is the total Concoction of their Rascal brains. They think themselves very intelligent but they are nothing but complete Ignorant. They can’t prove it and preaching theory. Those Rascals know only one thing and that is how to cheat people and nothing else.

  10. Marko says:

    dear devotees,
    pamho, agtsp!

    HH Bhaktiswarup Damodara Maharaj wrote an extensive and detailed study of this issue in his scientific article Life and origin of the universe, in Vedanta and Science Series booklet issued by Bhaktivedanta Institute. all the key points have been dealt with and piles of references have been cited. the main objective of the article is to prove that scientific point of view is too lacking to be at all taken into consideration, but of course Maharaj wrote it very politely and elaborately.

  11. Vlad Borovac says:

    Hare Krsna , Hare Ram !!

    The argument is entertaining and the Mind has so many ways of Entertainment but i feel the Solution is through a deep contemplation wwithin the Meditative and Devotional Service in the Absolute present moment . These states of Being need to be cultivated and of course with a Spiritual Guide then some results may occur . It is a Transcendental Present Awareness and i feel the rest is Speculation …healthy to a degree … let us study the Gita and open the petals of the heart and through the Akashic Realm all truth will be revealed .. Hare Krsna , Hare Ram

  12. Anurag says:

    Hare Krishna,

    I quite agree with your comments and would rather believe that everything that we see all around us has been created by a supernatural power rather than everything coming up from somewhere by chance – even life.

    I have some queries for believers of BBT:
    1. there are so many factors that we see around us necessary for life – earth’s speed of rotation, gravity, laws of physics, constant, atmospheric layer with exact proportion of gases, ozone layer, sun, moon, water, air, etc etc etc etc etc and so many etc factors. Can we please calculate the probability by multiplying the probability of all these factors occuring by chance and see where do we get.
    2. Look at the watch on your wrist right now. Its not a complex machine but we do know that it has to be designed by engineers. So then how do we explain that the hairs below that wrist watch, the skin, the blood in the veins below the skin, heart’s design, the 4 valves, circulation & purification of the blood, respiratory system and lungs, digestion system etc came into being by chance
    3. Look at the human eye. It is an integration of many sub systems to enable us see in this world and differentiate colours with such pure image that a digital camera can not even come close to it in terms of its resolution (by the way even the digital camera is created by engineers and didnot come into being by chance)
    4. Even Charles Darwin theory is facing lots of issues – there is no proof in the fossils of gradual progress after 150 years of research. That means a dinosaur suddenly became a big bird and then a small bird and all the bees and insects that we see today. That to me is itself beyond scientific explanation.
    5. Ok assuming you answer the above 4 questions, please help us with creating love, happiness, sadness, emotions from matter since we are so technologically advanced today

    Waiting for your reply.

    Note: I have drawn information from Randall Nile’s website please visit this site and have a look at the videos and explanations.


    • J.Fichtl says:

      1. Even if the chance of that happening is slim (we can live on planet earth mainly because of its location and its orbit, wich is practically a circle) there are enough planets on the universe to make it happen. NOTE:This one above is the only query directly (but rather vaguely) adressing the big bang.
      2. It didnt came to be by chance, but rather by evolution, every organ and sistem on our body comes from a simpler one and there are even vestigial organs that are well on its way to disappearing, on the other hand, why would krishna equip us with such useless organs(vestigial ones)?
      3. That isn’t even wrong, you can’t compare a camera and a human eye in terms of resolution because the human eye doesn’t work with pixels(duh), what does it matters anyway if ours are such imperfect senses? is that even a proof of krishnas existence? (seriously, we’ve got a blind spot in each eye our brain needs to fill with whatever it thinks its there, and there’s only a certain area in our eye that receives nitid images).
      4. Right there’s a poor understanding of the theory, we can’t get a fossil of every animal that once lived on the earth, less we can get a series of fossils of the same animal through time but there’s a thing called comparative anatomy that gets the job done (roughly, classifying animals based on similar structures), if you want proof of gradual progress you should check out how vaccines work and how strains evolve (like, there wouldn’t be pig flu if there weren’t pigs around and we know pigs have NOT been around forever).
      5. That’s what hormones (yes, matter!) are for.

  13. Deva Krishna Das says:

    The Big Bang Theory cannot be proved by experiment, as it operates on too large a scale. It, like biological evolution, is something that can only be inferred by evidence and extrapolation. Also, since it is a unique event, one cannot use, for example, small chemical, nuclear, or matter/antimatter explosions as an analogy; the big bang and a bomb exploding are too different to compare; therefore one can not infer any conclusions from the other.

    Just to humor you and address one example you gave: that a small explosion cannot create a building. This is so far-fetched an analogy that don’t know where to start. A small explosion is in a controlled environment, within a gravitational field (Earth’s), its cause is the result of combining certain chemicals with a catalyst, its nature is probably that of fire (or perhaps matter) expanding outwards under pressure, the quantity and quality of matter is small and diverse, and there is less matter in the explosion than in the building.

    By contrast, the theoretical Big Bang was not in a controlled environment, it wasn’t in any gravitational field but its own, its cause is unknown, its nature is that of immeasurable amounts of energy expanding outwards and coalescing into matter, the quantity of matter is all that there theoretically is in the universe, the quality of the matter, at first, was only subatomic particles, then atoms, then Hydrogen, and so on.

    These two explosions are less similar than Webster’s Unabridged English Dictionary is similar to a hand-written post-it note in Chinese. The results of the explosions (the universe and a building) are equally dissimilar. My point here is that the example you use to discredit the Big Bang theory carries no weight at all and only diminishes the overall credibility of this essay.

    The theory is based on a very simple observation: that everything in the universe is moving away from everything else. We know this because everything we can observe in the sky is redshifted, proportional to its distance from us– i.e. their spectra are shifted towards the infrared end of the light spectrum, with farther objects shifted more. This is known as the Doppler Effect, and we can observe it any time we hear a car honking while moving away from us– the pitch goes down, because the relative motion between the car and the ear makes the sound waves seem to expand and lower the pitch. This also happens with light.

    If everything we can observe seems to be moving away from us, and objects further away are moving at an apparently faster rate, the only logical conclusion is that the universe, or at least the matter in it, is expanding. (For a good visual example, think of a balloon with a bunch of dots drawn on it, then filled with air.) One can easily extrapolate backwards in time, therefore, and conclude that all of this matter was once in the same spot.

    So, contrary to your claim, the science behind this theory, at least the bare-bones idea of it, is sound. With any theory, of course, there are kinks to be worked out, and those kinks could very well lead us to strong circumstantial evidence for Intelligent Design.

    The idea of the universe being created is not incompatible with the basic idea of the Big Bang (all matter starting at one point and expanding outward).

    However, I notice a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater, as it were, and acting as if a rejection of the materialistic view of consciousness must necessitate a rejection of the Big Bang. However, these are two separate ideas, and I believe we can tentatively embrace one while still rejecting the other.

    Really, the main argument I see in this essay is against the mechanistic view of the universe, that holds that consciousness is a product of matter, which, as we can all agree, is absurd. Like biological evolution, the Big Bang is a tenable theory as long as the idea of “soul” is present: that the conscious impulse is driving everything.

    Real science, which is unlike the science you denounce in this essay, is simply a search for truth in the observable universe. Real scientists, rather than ignoring evidence that contradicts their theories, will actually attempt to disprove their theories themselves. Real science will publish their ideas in peer-reviewed journals and ask others to contribute and test their ideas. Real scientists accept the idea that a valid theory today may be entirely obsolete tomorrow. Real scientists always remember that they may be wrong.

    Science itself does not inherently have a position on Theism; actually they are non-overlapping. Adhokshaja, a name of Krishna, literally means “that which suppresses any attempt to know him by empirical knowledge.” Therefore science, in its purest form, will never weigh in on God.

    However, it is true that many scientists take the attitude called Burden of Proof towards God, saying that God, for their purposes, does not exist until proved. While this is a healthy attitude to take towards matters physical, it clearly does not work when approaching Theism, and that is why not only are so many scientists Atheistic, but they are quite vocally so and have gotten to the point where they would disbelieve God even if they saw proof for Him. This is what you talk about when you mention scientists’ “blind faith,” and it must be avoided, both in science and in religion.

    If your intention with this article is to convince scientifically-minded Big Bang believers otherwise, this article will not do that. If you are trying to reinforce the “faith” of scientifically ignorant people who already doubt the Big Bang theory (most likely because of a lack of real information about it), then this article will do exactly that.

    If you sincerely want to address scientific issues from a spiritual perspective, as I do, I urge you to take some time to earnestly study science and the scientific method. For example, study astronomy and cosmology in-depth, with an open mind and without prejudgments, for a little while. Read up on it or take a class and don’t try to fit any of it into your world view; just learn it for what it is. This will enable you to much more authoritatively tackle the really significant issues where science and Krishna Consciousness truly differ.

    Unfortunately, this article not only sets up straw-man arguments towards science, but it betrays a lack of any deep understanding of the scientific issues dealt with, and therefore carries no credibility with the very people you are trying to convince.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu

      You have given some good points. But you have a lot of faith in the scientific process of observation and experimentation to find the truth, however the Vedic system rejects this “scientific method” as being faulty because even the instruments that we use to observe with, our senses, are themselves faulty, so we can not even observe what is actually going on.

      You say the big bang theory a valid explanation of the creation of the universe and you support this because we observe the red shift of stars which we presume are light years away. And we presume to know the relative distances of everything. We presume that this red shift means the stars are moving away from us. And then we extend this to say that must mean the universe was created by a “big bang.” We presume that we have a very complete understand of the universe and how things are working….

      This Big bang theory is only guess made by some scientist based on so many presumptions and assumptions. All this is based on our imperfect sense perception and therefore it is all faulty. It is not real knowledge at all.

      Even scientists do not agree on the big bang theory. There are also other competing theories, the plasma universe for example, that try to “explain” the creation in a completely different way.

      The big bang theory can not even be said to be a valid scientific theory because, as you point out, there is no question testing it, there is no question of proving it, there is no question of an experiment to prove or disprove it. To be accepted as a valid scientific theory one must propose and execute experiments that will prove or disprove the theory. This can not be done with the big bang theory. So it does not at all fulfill the criteria for a an actual scientific theory, even by their own rules.

      It is an interesting idea only. And even if it is true as you say they admin the cause of this “big bang” still remains completely unknown.

      And that point I have made in the article. You see the world trade center was knocked down by the planes and immediately the question people are asking is, “Who did it?” and “Why?”

      So there is no questioning like that by the proponents of the big bang theory. They will say basically it all happened by chance. Which is a very childish explanation. Means they have no idea actually how it happened.

      So this big bang theory is not at all a satisfying explanation of the creation of the universe, even from the point of science, and many scientists also feel this way, honest scientists. It is not even a valid scientific theory, because it can not be proven or disproven.

      I do not know if you have read the Srimad Bhagavatam but if you take the time to study it you will find a very complete, satisfying, scientific and correct explanation of the creation of the universe. And from the Bhagavatam we can clearly understand that the universe was not created by a “big bang.”

      Maha Visnu is lying on the causal ocean and when He breaths out all the universes come out of the pores of his body in seed form and they expand for half the life of the universe, then when Maha Visnu breathes in they again contract and enter back within His body, again in seed form, and when Maha Visnu breathes out all the universes come out again.

      Although the time is only one breath for Maha Visnu, that is the complete universal time for us. That is 100 years of Lord Brahma’s time, and Lord Brahma lives an unimaginable length of time from our perspective.

      Of course the scientists don’t know, but once we cross the 1/2 way point the universe will start to contract and everything will start to come closer together. And on the universal scale of time we are nearing that point. So if their theory about the red shift is correct they will see the red shift stop and after some time there will be a blue shift. And they will have no idea why, they will have no idea at all what is actually happening, they cannot know. It is adhoksaja. Beyond the ability of their senses to perceive and beyond the ability of their mind to imagine.

      So the scientists can never actually understand the universe through this ascending process of knowledge. Their very “scientific process” is faulty, so if you start with a faulty process you can only produce faulty “knowledge.”

      The real process of acquiring knowledge is the descending process, the process of hearing from an authority who knows. This is the only way they can understand anything factually and this is what we are presenting.

      Yes, to a certain extent this process of the scientists, if done honestly, is a sort of jnana-yoga and will ultimately lead them to the conclusion that there must be intelligent design in the universe. But no further than that. They will never be able to find out anything about the designer or the way He created the universe or even the way the universe is working. For getting any real knowledge they have to come to accepting this process of hearing the real knowledge from Krishna through the Vedic literatures and the bona fide spiritual master. There is no alternative to this.

      Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

      • Alexander Cooke says:

        Actually, you can test the predictions the Bing Bang theory creates, such as the Cosmic microwave background. (CMB)

    • आदित्य says:

      I strongly agree with you. The scientific method does not work with things on too large of a scale because we cannot perform experiments. We can, however, measure the after-effects of the Big Bang–like redshift.

      • It is only speculation that the redshift has any connection with the big bang. The redshift does not prove there was a big bang. They have no idea actually. What the redshift indicates is that the stars are accelerating away from us. Which means the universe is expanding, but the universe is not expanding because of some random big bang. That is a completely mistaken idea.

        Actually what happens is Lord Visnu is lying on Sesa-naga and when He breathes out all the universes come out from the pores of His skin in very, very tiny seed-like form. And as Lord Visnu exhales all the universes expand, but when He starts to inhale the universes then begin to contract again and srink down to the tiny seed like size and reenter into the body of Lord Visnu.

        So yes. The universes are expanding now. But that is not because of some random big bang caused by nothing as the scientists foolishly propose. No. The universes are expanding at the moment because Lord Visnu is breathing out. But as soon as He starts to breath in then there will be no more redshift… I guess it will turn into a blue shift. I do not know exactly. But it will not be a redshift any more because the universe will start contracting. And the scientists with their ‘big bang’ model can not predict this. When it happens they will be surprised and will have to scrap their incorrect big bang model…

        Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

        Madhudvisa dasa

      • Joe Milosch says:

        Hi, your comment “We can, however, measure the after-effects of the Big Bang–like redshift.” , may not be entirely true. It seems to be true in our local area of the sky, but over the great distance of the entire universe, it may not be true.
        One theory, called “tired light” says that light just degrades over long distances, it appears as a redshift, but may actually not be a true redshift.
        The result of the tired light hypothesis, is that the universe may not be as big as we think, things may be closer. The Srimad Bhagavatam says things are closer than we think.

        I was trained in school, so I like to engage in useless mental speculation of these kinds, but now I generally just rely on what the Srimad Bhagavatam says, and go with that model in my mind. It is as good as any other at explaining the truth, but dosn’t need all the mathematical jibberish.

        Modern theorists are coming closer to what the real truth is, and it completely blows away our “big bang” paradigm of thinking. I particularly
        am thinking of Gavin Whince and his theory of Existics. You can find some
        great videos of this on youtube. In essence he says that Time itself is to be considered a fully functional dimension, and the result of this well laid out theory leads to the conclusion that our Present moment, is actually the interaction of a Matter universe moving forward in Time and an anti-matter universe going backwards in Time. We are at the intersection point.

        To be honest, this is how I see the universe in my mind. The “planets going around the sun paradigm” is not true in the deepest sense, as we are really just a series of event sequences, controlled by the demi-gods and Vishnu, moving forward thru Time based on our free will choices.

        The static picture of the earth as a ball in space is just a delusion of our
        puny human minds…. we are sequences of events in spacetime. It is truly
        magic, run by Vishnu, and designed by Brahma.

        I don’t want to waste too much time on mental speculation, but I just wanted to point out that even our illustrious theories of redshift and cosmic background radiation may be just delusions of primitive minds, and that the true reality is pure magic.

        Hare Krishna, Hare Rama,
        Joe Milosch

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