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Dancing for Krishna on Independence Day!

July 7th, 2002 | by hare-krishna-youth

This year on the 4th of July the Hare Krishna Youth sung the Maha-Mantra down a mile stretch where a few thousand people walked towards the Berkeley marina

Fireworks of Divine Love

July 7th, 2002 | by bhakta-jerry

When the fireworks finished, we resumed the kirtan, and much of the crowd again tirelessly danced away as the Dasis sang with their usual fired-up devotion


May 11th, 2002 | by hansadutta-dasa

Hansadutta Prabhu wrote the following paper, Gopimaini in response to reports of an attempt by Narayan Maharaja to win over ISKCON in

No More Kirtan

April 17th, 2002 | by krishna-das

My name is Krishna-das. I went to several gurukulas. I went through the same torture, neglect and abuse as the gurukulis who've taken suit against

Do We Have any Answers [Please comment]

April 5th, 2002 | by krishna-bhakt

I grew up at the backyard of ISCKON mandir at my home town in India and instead of an Alarm clock it was the sweet Sankirtan that woke me up in the morning

The Preaching Spirit and the Institution

April 4th, 2002 | by hansadutta-dasa

Srila Prabhupada did not want to create another society of love friendship and socializing. A free hotel, a society of mutual admiration full of bureaucrats

Remembering Tamal Krishna Gosvami

March 18th, 2002 | by Madhudvisa dasa

Srila Prabhupada was able to engage Tamal Krishna Goswami in so much service to Krishna and we remember him for that service.

Sadhu Sanga… A Letter from Norway

February 17th, 2002 | by peter

When I read Prabhupada's books in the morning he says it is good for my spiritual development to associate with devotees but living in Oslo it's hard


February 7th, 2002 | by anuttama-dasa

Rather than wasting millions to fight this Chapter 11 reorganization will help ISKCON establish a fund to help any young people who have been abused

On Parampara

January 16th, 2002 | by jagat-candra-das

The Parampara is a basically a preservation technique that ensures an efficient transfer of knowledge without adulteration

ISKCON Hawaii Temple Update

November 26th, 2001 | by sudama-das

We had to leave the temple. The GBC, Sruta Kirti, made everyone sign an oath of allegiance to the GBC and promise not to promote ritvik philosophy.

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