Krishna Temple Opens in Utah

June 29th, 2001 | by janis-neilson-spanish-fork-press

The opening of the new Radha Krishna temple in Utah was covered by all five Salt Lake City television stations and the three major newspapers.

First Annunal Prabhuapda Sanga Mela

June 29th, 2001 | by narasimha-das

The First Annual Prabhupada Sanga Mela, a festival in honor of Srila Prabhupada and his legacy, will be held on July 20th (amavasya) through July 23rd.

A Global Sanga of Prabhupada Disciples

June 25th, 2001 | by narasimha-das

I have been discussing about starting a global sanga. A loose confederation of independent groups or preaching centers and temples whose leaders all agree

Devotees Working Together in ISKCON?

June 19th, 2001 | by locanananda-das

For devotees to achieve something wonderful, they must cooperate and work together under the direction of the acarya. Our leader is Srila Prabhupada.

Seattle Festival Update

June 11th, 2001 | by damaghosa-das

On Janmastami day, I met a young Indian lady and I asked here if she knew what this day was and she said promptly, it's Janmastami!!

San Diego GBC Attacks Devotee

June 7th, 2001 | by Gauridas Pandit dasa

I moved to San Diego a few months ago and have been attending the Temple programs. On Nirjala Ekadasi, I was assaulted by the GBC, Badrinarayana Prabhu

The Vaisnava Council Cyber-Istagosthi

May 30th, 2001 | by locanananda-das

We have formed a cyber-istagosthi and the exchange of realizations taking place is inspiring. You might want to post some letters devotees are submitting

Letter to A Catholic Monk

May 26th, 2001 | by madhavananda-dasa

The genuine teachings of Lord Jesus are perfect and beautiful. No matter how much man may misrepresent these teachings the Truth itself cannot be changed

The Hare Krishna Youth–Future Preachers

May 13th, 2001 | by vishwambhara-das

Hare Krishna Youth are a group of Vaishnava youth, gurukulis, and other young devotees trying to fulfill the wishes of our spiritual father Srila Prabhupada

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